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Part I. — A to D. 

li O N D O N : 













-• * - * o '^* -• ; , -• - ; : »:•-'-<..• ^ - • 

Part L— A to D. 





« ■ ' 

i 53110 

• • • 

•« •• 

• c 


^resent list of words (A — D) constitutes the First Pwt of tin; Basis 
of Comparison for the Third Period. Its ajipearante in this form will 
make it requieito fur each coBtrihutor to adopt in his reading the 

fathod I am about to ex]jlain, which will be found to have the advan- 
ge of very considerably diminishing the toilsomeness of the tiisk he hae 
Each contributor shoidd peruse his book rapidly from beginning to end, 
noting down aahc goes along all such words, phrneeB, &c.,aahomayjudge 
likely to be required, on a separate paper, with a eimple page-reference 
to each, bo as to enable him at once to turn to the places where they 
occur. Then, after making the proper expurgations by the aid of this 
list, he should transcribe all words compriaed under the initial letters 
A, U, C, D, according to the rules given in onr Proapeetua, pp. 10, 11, 
special attention being paid to those numbered 1, 4 and 7; and should 
then send his work to the Editor. Whenthe publication of the Dictionary 
haa made progresa, another portion of the Basis, of equal magnitude, wiU 
be issued, and each contributor will then be requested to expurgate and 
transcribe so many of the words on hia original list aa fall within the 
compaaaof Part II., andao on, toft'e* quoHes. It is almost needlesa to add, 
that the lists should be carofclly preserved ; and if, after completion, each 
were rearraaged in alphabetical order, ita value would be much increased, 
and much time saved in fixture operations. 

It wiU be seen that, by this device, no contributor can ever be called on 
to furnish at any one period more than about one-sisth of the whole amount 
of his extracts; and that, by thus spreading the work over a longer space, 
many whose time is limited will be enabled to take part aa eaaily as 
others who have more leisure at command. In the case, however, of very 
short books, or of very rare books, the iiae of which can only be had for 
a limited time, it would he better not to adopt the plan here detailed, but 
to complete the whole tranaeription at om* ; and in these cases Ouden's 
Concordance will be a suflicient substitul© for the unpublished portions 
of thia Indes. 

The Editor takea this opportunity of adding a couple of Rules, relating 
to tranaeription, to those contained in the Prospectua, the necessity of 
which has been demonstrated by experience ; — 

1. The calchimrd, i.e. that placed in the upper left-hand comer of the 
half-aheet (e.y. "Feral, adj.," in the fec-aimile facing p. 34 of Prospectua), 
ehould always exhibit the word in its uninjlected form ; or, in other words, 

Ethat form under which it would be naturally sought for in a di«Uovai3^ . 
ua, plurals of nouns, past tenses and partid^lea o5 ■vet'oa, Mvi.isi'gcssea tS 
I I I 


comparison of adjectives,, should be reduced to the forms of the singxilar 
number, the present tense, and the positive degree, respectively. And the 
catchword should always exhibit the modem orthography. 

Ex. For " smoaking " (the participle), the catchword should be 
** smoke, v. n.; " for " spake " " speak, v. a. or v. n." 

2. In transcribing Phrases, whether grammatical' or proverbial, the 
catchword should always be the important word of the phrase, or that on 
which the phrase's peculiarity turns. If, as sometimes is the case in 
proverbs and proverbial phrases, two or more words seem equally entitled 
to the post, that should be selected which comes first in alphabetical order. 

One thing more remains to be mentioned. In the Prospectus, pp. 6, 8, 
it is announced that the Basis for Comparison for this Third Period would 
consist of an index to Burke's entire w;orks. It has, however, been found 
advisable to abandon this plan, and the list now issued has been formed 
by extracting for each letter a number of words large enough to serve as 
a foundation, from the writings of Dryden, Wordsworth, and Tennyson, 
and then adding to this substratiun all, or nearly all the contributions 
for this Period already in the Editor's hands. The result in conse- 
quence presents a somewhat imeven and heterogeneous appearance ; but 
to fill up all the interstices would have required some time, and would 
not have compensated us for the great disadvantages which would have 
arisen from a further postponement of publication. 


10, Chester Place, 

Regent's Park, N.W. 


M — ^MacatQay 

B— Burke 

S T C— Coleridge, S. T. 

D — ^Dryden 

Q. Rev.— ^Quarterly Review 


S or Sat. 
N or Nat. 
W' or 

Edinburgh " 
Rev. National 

- Review. 

Bent.Q.R.^Bentley's Quarterly 
Brooke, F. Q.— The Fool of Quality 
Ed. N. D. — ^Edinburgh New Dispensatory 
S— Scott 
T — ^Tennyson 
W — ^Wordsworth 
Schimm. — Mme. Schimmelpenninck 

Irving — denotes Washington Irring 

De Q — ^De Quincey 

Vest. Cr. — ^Vestiges of Creation 

Taylor, denotes T. Taylor, the translator 

of Apuleius, Aristotle's Metaph., &c. 
Comh. \ vr«~g f Cornhill Magazine 
Macm. J ™' \ Macmillan's Magazine 
a^. — adjective 

V. a., V. n. — verb active, verb neuter 
part. — ^participle 
adv. — adverb 
pi. — ^plural 
sing. — singular 
met. — metaphorical 
lit. — literal 

• •• • • • • 

• • • • • • 


• • 




At. S T C. 

I, V. a. D, B. 

I, sb. (French) Ruskin 

led, adj. wicked, S T C. 

ledly, adv. wickedly, 

iment, sb. B. 

.a. B. 

\ a. T, S. 

7. a. put down, (as a 

ce) B. 

n. cease, Carlyle 

nt,sb. a putting down, 

sb. W. H. Russell 

sb. Masson 

3b. D, S T C. 

b. B. 

t). S. 

ite, V. a. Southey 

btiiMifBb. a ahotrtening, 

, v.a. (a trust), B. 
n. (of a king) , Carlyle 
3n, sb. a giving up, B. 
1, sb. Jones 
lal, adj. S T C. 
V. a. Carlyle 
V. D, H Miller 
, adj. Owen 
)n, sb. Mill 

(of light) Lardner 
I. B. 
t, sb. S. 
3b. D, B. 
;, sb. B. 

a. hate, D, B. 
ice, sb. hatred, B. 
t, adj. (from), opposed 

, sb. name of a sect, 

n. dwell, D. 
y, stay, S T C. 
h * by') trust, T. 
. wait for, T. 
endure, T S. 
b. dweller, S. 


Abiding, adj. enduring, last- 
ing, Maurice, Maury 

Abidingly, adv. constantly^ 

Ability, sb. means, B. 
„ mental power, B. 

Abject, adj. B. 

Abjection, sb. abject state,. 

Abjectly, adv. Carlyle 

Abjectness, sb. B. 

Abjure, v. a. Southey 

Abjurer, sb. Sheridan 

Ablaze, adv. Southey 

Able, adj. D. 
„ clever, D, B. 

Ablebodied, adj. Q. Rev. 

Ablution, sb. B. 

Ably, adv. E. Rev. 

Abnegate, v. a. Mill 

Abnegation, sb. Southey 

Abnormal, adj. H. Spencer 

Abnormally, adv. Dumin 

Abnormity, sb. W' Rev. 

Abode, sb. D, Gray 

Abolish, V. a. destroy, Carlyle 

Abolition, sb. B. 

Abolitionism, sb. S. Rev. 

Abolitionist, sb. Times, S. Rev. 
„ adj. Times 

Abominable, adj. Mill 

Abominably, adv. B. 

Abominate, adj. Kingsley 
„ V. a. Mill 

Abominated, adj. Aubrey 

Abomination, sb. foul thing, B. 

Abominator, sb. S. 

Aboriginal, adj. B. 

Aboriginally, adv. Darwin 

Aborigines, sb. H. Miller, H. 

Aborted, adj. Darwin 

Abortion, sb. a stunted thing, 

Abortive, adj. vain, S, M. 
„ sb. Aubrey 

Abortively, adv. Carlyle 

Abound, v. n. D, B. 


About, prep, around, as * about 
a fire,' D. 
„ concerning, Kingsley 
„ adv. (of time), B. 

Above, prep. D, B. 

Above-board, . adj. open, ho- 
nest, B. 

Abrade, v. a.Wiseman, Darwin 

Abrasion, sb. H. Miller 

Abreast, adv. Southey 

Abridge, v. a. B. 

Abridgment, sb. a shortened 
work, Macintosh 

Abroad, adv. D, B. 

Abrogate, v. a. B. 

Abrogation sb. S T C. 

Abrupt, a^*. B. 

Abruptly, adv. B. 

Abruptness, sb. Johnson 

Abscess, sb. Wiseman 

Abscond, v. n. M. 

Absence, sb. D, S T C. 
„ (of mindj Carlyle 

Absent, adj. D. B. 

V. n. to be absent or 
away. Ant. Vulg. 
v.a. M. 

Absentee, sb. Hume, S T C. 

Absenteeism, sb. S T C. 

Absolute, adj. final, D. 
entire, D. 
(met.) Mansel 

Absolutely, adv. (of a king) D. 
„ entirely, B. 

Absoluteness, sb. (of laws) 
S T C, Kingsley 

Absolutism, sb. Q.Rev, Masson 

Absolve, v.a. forgive, D. 

Absolvent, adj. Carlyle 

Absorb, v. a. S T C. 

Absorbent, adj. Whewell 

Absorption, sb. B. 

Abstain, v. n. B. 

Abstemious, adj. S., Gibbon 

Abstemiousness, sb. Burton 

Abstersioii.., ^\i. ^. 





• • • 

•- • • • 

■ • 

•458..: : 



Abdtrfuift, Bb. ftnUbrid^nfetft, B. 

Abstract, adj. S T C, B. 

Abstracted, adj. B. 

Abstractedly, adv. D, B. 

Abstruse, adj. B. 

Abstruseness, sb. S T C. 

Absurd, adj. B. 

Absurdity, sb. B. . 

Absurdly, adv. B. 

Abundance, sb. D. 

Abundant, adj. D, B. 

Abundantly, adv. S T C, B. 

Abuse, sb. wrong-doing, B. 
misuse, B. 
V. a. call names, D, B.J 
,, misuse, B. 

Abusive, adj. D. 

„ full of abuses, B. 

Abut, V. n. Carlyle 

Abutment, sb. £ B Denison 

Abysm, sb. S T C. 

Abysmal, adj. Mrs. Browning 

Abyss, sb. D. 

Acacia, sb. the tree, W. 
„ a kind of gum, Ed. N. D. 

Academe, sb. T. 

Academic, adj. B. 

Academical, a^. M, Mill 

Accelerate, v. a. B. 

Acceleration, sb. Whewell 

Accent, sb. speech, D. 

„ stress of voice, S T C. 
„ V. a. speak, S. 

Accented, a^*. Hall am 

Accentual, adj. Hallam 

Accentuation, sb. S, De Q. 

Accept, V. a. Shelley, B. 

Acceptableness, sb. Pusey 

Acceptance, sb. a receiving 
favourably, B. 

Acceptant, aidj. Buskin 

Acceptation, sb. meaning, B. 

Acceptive, adj. Mrs. Browning 

Access, sb. (to a great man) D. 

Accessibility, sb. Merivale 

Accessible, adj. easily pro- 
cured, Macintosh 
„ approachable (of a place), 
approachable (of a man), S. 




Accession, sb. ^of a king) B. 
Accessory, sb. S. 

adj. additional, Kingsle^ 
lending aid to, S. 
Accidence, sb. (gramm.) Carlyle 
Accident, sb., misfortune, D. 

„ chance, B. 
Accidental, adj. B. 
Accidentalism, sb. Ruskin 
Accidentality, sb. S T C. 
Accidentally, adv. B. 
Acclaim, sb. S, T. 
Acclimatation, sb. S. Eev. 
Acclamation, sb. D. 
Acclimate, v. a. S. Bev. 
Acclimatement, sb. S T C. 
Acclimatize, v.a.W. H. Russell 
Acclivity, sb. Wiseman 
Accolade, sb. Wiseman 

• • •^^^ * r ■•♦'^j^ 

2^c(5b&mtKlatc,* V. h.* oolncT to* 
terms with, D. of Buckingham 
„ V. a. adjust, Whewell 

Accommodating, adj. B. 

Accommodation, sb. fitting, B. 
„ lodging, H. N. Coleridge 

Accompaniment, sb. (in music) 
S. Rev. 
thing accompanying, Sonthey 

Abcompany, v. a. D, B. 

Accomplice, sb. B, B. 

Accomplish, v. a. D, B. 

„ perform, Q. Kev. 

Accomplished, adj. higUy edu- 
cated, Macintosh 

Accomplishment, sb. a thing 
learnt, S T C. 

Accord, V. n. agree, Shelley, 

„ V. a. grant, W. 
„ sb. agreement, W. 
„ will, disposition, Hallam 

Accordance, sb. agreement, M. 

Accordant, adj. agreeing, W. 

Accorded, adj. granted, w". 

According, adj. (to) B. 

Accordingly, adv. B. 

Accordion, sb. M^Clintock 

Accost, V. a. D, Wiseman 

Accoucheur, sb. E. Kev. 

Account, V. a. consider, D. 
„ v.n. render an account, B. 
„ sb. relation, D. 
„ estimation, D. 
„ reckoning, D. 

Accountability, sb. Mill 

Accountable, adj. D, B. 

Accountableness, sb. Foster 

Accoutre, v. a. S, Merivale 

Accoutrement, sb. 6, Merivale 

Accredit, v. a. Merivale 

Accredited, ac^. Southey, 

Accretion, sb. Merivale, Helps 

Accrue, v. n. D, B. 

Accumulate, v. a. M, B. 
„ V. n. Carlyle 

Accumulated, adj. H. Spencer 

Accumulating, adj. Southey 

Accumulation, sb. Ruskin 

Accumulative, adj. Ruskin 

Accuracy, sb. Hume 

Accurate, adj. B. 

Accurately, adv. B. 

Accurse, v. a. D. 

Accursed, adj. Gray 

Accusation, sb. B. 

Accuse, V. a. D. 

Accuser, sb. D. 

Accusingly, adv. M Cummins 

Accustom, V. a. Ruskin 

Accustomed, adj. Q. Rev. 

Ace, sb. Hook, Jones 

Aceldama, sb. (met.) B. 

Acerbity, sb. D. of Buckingham 

Acetous, adj. Carlyle 

Ache, V. n. Keats 
„ sb. Keats, D. 

Achievable, adj. H. Spencer 


"Achieve, v. a. D, B. 

Achievement, sb. D. 

Achromatic, adj. Herschel, 

Achromatism, sb. Lardner 
Acid, adj. Berkeley, Boswell 
„ sb. Berkeley, Whewell 
Acidify, v. a. Carlyle 
Acidity, sb. Hallam 
Acidulate, v. a. M. 
Acknowledge, v. a. D, B. 
Acknowledgeable, adj. Raskin 
Acknowledgment, sb. confes- 
sion, D, B. 
Acme, sb. S T C. 
Acold, adv. Keats 
Acolyte, sb. Southey 
Aconite, sb. Gray 
Acorn, sb. Keats 
Acoustical, adj. Dickens 
Acoustics, sb. S T C. 
Acquaint, v. a. inform, S, B. 
Acquaintance, sb. a friend, D. 

„ knowledge, B. 
Acquaintanceship, sb. Masson 
Acquiesce, v.n. B. 
Acquiescence, sb. B. 
Acquiescent, adj. H. Walpole 
Acquirable, adj. S T C. 
Acquire, v. a. L, B. 
Acquirement, sb. thing 
acquired. Mill 
„ gain, B. 

Acquisitive, adj. Ruskin 
Acquisitiveness, sb. H. Spencer 
Acquit, V. a. D, B. 
Acquittal, sb. B. 
Acquitter, sb. Times 
Acre, sb. D, B. 
Acreage, sb. Times, Tennent 
Acrid, adj. Merivale 
Acrimonious, adj. S T C. 

„ (met.) B. 
Acrimony, sb. (lit.), Berkeley 
Acrobat, sb. Cornh. Mag. 
Acropolis, sb. E. Rev. 
Across, prep. Thomson 

„ adv. S, W. 
Acrostic, sb. M. 
„ adj. D. 
Act, sb. deed, Hume, Macintosh 

„ action (opp. to suflfering) , W. 

„ (of a play), D. 

„ (of Parliament), D. 

„ V. n. B. 

„ V. a, (a play) D. 

„ perform, D. 

Actinic, adj. Bent. Q. R. 
Action, sb. act, D. 
gestures, D. 
acting, B. 
(at law). Gibbon 
Actionable, adj. Swift, 
Active, adj. fond of action, D, Bt 
Actively, adv. S. 
Activity, sb. Mill, B. 
Actor, sb. (theatrical) D, B. 
Actress, sb. I). 
Actual, adj. D, B. 




ActuDlily, bI). S T C. 
ActuftUze, V, a.STC. 
Actually, adv. B. 
Actnar]', Bb. Q. Rev., M. 
AotD>l«, T. a. B. 
Actuation, fb Foster 
Acuman, sli. S T C. 
Aciite,Biy, (ofdiHeosc] BockniU 

„ clever, M. 
Acntelj, adv. deeply, M. 
Acatenesa, ab. B. 
Ai]aiaanC. sb. D, B, 
AdaiDBnllne, adj. Byron 
Adapt, V. a. B. 
Adaptability, ab. Rnnkin 
Adafitation, ab. Whcirell 
AdaptedcesB, ab. ThomaH 

„ (of a play) S. Hav. 
Adaptive, adj. I), of Bnck" 
Adaya, ailv. E B Deniaon 
Add, V. a. D, B. 
Adder, Bb. B, Kiogsley 
Addict. V. a. B. 
Addiction, sb. Mill 
Addilameot, sb. S T C. 
Addition, ah. tiilne added, D,B. 
Additional, adj. B. 
Additionally, adv. Motley 
Addle, adj. D. 
AddrcBS, y. a. diroot to. Sbelley 

„. Bb. a rormal npeecb, Hume 

,, external manner, M, 

„ Bkill. B. 

dcBcrlptlon of reaiilence, 
Vest. Cr. 
Addressing, a^i. B. 
Adduce, T. a. B. 
Addueer, eb. S T C. 
AddHcible, adj. S T C. 
Adept, ab. Sheltcy 
Adeqnacy, sb. Xiord Temple 
Adequate, adj. B. 
Adhere, v.n. D, 
Adherence, ib. B. 
Adberenl, Bb. Gibbon, M. 

„ adj. 8 TO. 
Adhesion, sb. S T C. 
. Adheaive.adj. H.Miller, Maury 
Adieu, Bb. D. 
Adipooire, sb. 8 T C. 
Adit, sb. Hetptf. T. 
Adjacent, adj. B. 
Adjective, sb. (grMO.)Oladsloije 
., adjaddedon, Scbim. 
Ai^ioin. V. n. D. 
A^joiniuK, a^j. B. 
Adjourn, v. a. D. 
Adjournment, sb. B. 
Adjudge, V. a. D, B. 
Adjudicate, y. a. H. Spencer 
Ai^adication, sb. B, 
Adjnnct, Bb. Gladstone 
Adjunction, sb. Harris 
Adjunctive, adj. Schim. 
Abjure, T, a. B. 
Adjust, y. a. H. 
Adjustment, ab. Wheweil 
Adintant-gsnerai, ab. Junius, 

Adineaaurement, Kb. E. B^v. 
Administer, y. a. B. 
Admioiatration, sb. govem- 

ment, B. 

„ direction, M. 
AdmioiBtrative, adj. that which 

acts and administera, Spencer 

„ belonging to ihs Oorem- 

ment, Carlyle, S. Key. 
Adininistratorship, ab. W' Kev . 
Admirable, adj. 1>, B. 
AdrairablenesB, sb. Ruakin 
Admirably, ady. B, M, Hftllam 
Admiral, ab. (man) Sonthey 

„ (lliip of admiral) D. 
Admiralty, ab. B. 
Admii'Btion, sb. B. 
Admire, y. n. wonder, Carlyle 
„ V. a. wonder at, I), B. 
Admirer, sb. B, 
Admissibility, sb. Hallam 
Admissible, adj. B. 
Admit, v.a. receive, contain, D. 
„ allow, concede, B. 

Admitliancc, sb. Home, S. 
Admitted, aidj. allowed, H. 

Admittedly, adv. Vest. Cr. 
Admixture, ab. Madntnsh 
Admoniah, v. a. Gibbon 
Admonttory. ac^. S. 
Adnoun, sb. STC. 
Ado, Bb. T, Hook 
Adolescence, ab. Mill 
Adolettcent, adj. Cowper 

„ Bb. G. Brinaly 
Adopt, v. a. D. B, 
Adopted, adj. Merivale, P. 
Adopter, sb. Cole 
Adoption, ab. D, B. 
Adorable, a^, B. 
Adoration, eb. B. 
Adore, v. a. D, B. 
Adorer, sb. MerivHla 
Adoringly, adv. Masson 
Adorn, V a. D, B. 
Adornment, ab. H, Miller 
Adown, prep. W, Sonthey 
Adrift, adv. Southey 
Adroit, ai^j. S T C. 
Adroitly, ady. Meriyale 
Adroitnees, sb. Meriraie 
Adulate, V. a. Times 
Adulation, sb. B. 
Adult, b!i. H. Spencer 

„ adj. Macintonh, Owen 
Adnlteratfl, adj. D. 
Adnllfrntiou, sli. Mill, B. 
Adulterer, eb. D. 
Adulteress, ab. Wheweil 
Adulterous, adj. adulterated, 

Adumbrate, y. a. Stephen 
Adumbratiou, sb. Carlyle 
Aduat, adj. Swift 
Advance, v. n. Gray, B. 
„ V. a. promote, D. 
Bb. T. B. 
Advanced, adj. EoweVl 

Advancement, ab. promotioa 

M, Thackeray 
Advsatage, v. a. RuaWn 

Bb. D. B, 
Advantageous, ai^. B. 
Advantageouaiy, adv. Smith , 
Advent, ab. approach, T. 
Adventitious, adj. B. 
Adventure, v. a. try, risk, 8. 

!, Bb. luck, D. 
„ exploit, D,B. 
Adventurer, sb. B. 
Adventuresome, adj. Keats 
Adventurous, adj. B. 
Adverb, sb. STC. 
Adversarioua, adj. Southey 
Adversary, sb, D, B. 
Adverse, adj. hostile. D, B. 
„ oppoBile, D. 

AdverBity, ab. D, B. 
Advert, v. n. B. 
Adverlise, v.a. B. 
Advice, sb. D, B. 
AdviBable, adj. Saathey, B. 
Advise, y. a. I), B, 

„ y. n.cotisult with, Anbrej' 1 
Adviser, sb. Goldsmith, B. 
Advocacy, sb. Mill 
Advocate, ab. Gibbon, S, M. 
„ lawyer, M. 

„ y. a, Carlyle, Merivale I 
Advocateship, ab. Carlyle 
AdvoWBon, ab. B, M. 
Adytum, sb, STC. 
Adze, eb, H. Miller 
..fidile, sb. Merivale 
.Slgis, Bb. Byron 
Aeralj), v. a. Lewes 
Aeration, sb. Hallam, Jones < 
Aerial, adj. Ruakin, B. 
Aeriality, ab. De Q. 
Aeriform, adj. Carlyle 
Aerolite, sb. Powell 
.^thesis, sb. Ruskin 
-*:sthetic, adj. Mill 
.^thetically, adv. Q. Rev. 
.-Estivation, sb. S. Rev. 
.aither, sb. Dryden, B. 
.ffiherialized, adj. RuBkin 
Afer, adv. Gray . 

Afiiibility, sb. B. 
AO^ble, ai^. Wiseman, D. 
Affably, adv. De Q. 
Affair, sb. matter, busineBS, Bil 
AB^irs, sb. Mill 
AiTBttr, v. a. D. 
Affect, y. a. act upon, Swift, HI 1 

„ attempt, D. 

„ pretend, S. 

., V. n. pretend. Gibbon 
Affectation, sb. Carlyle, Ruskin 
AfTecled, adj. put on, unreal, B.: 
Affectedly, adv. M. 
AfTecter. sb. admirer, STC. 
Affecting, adj. B, Helps. 
Atfect.vTi^ , Bfc' ,\j«S. °-* 




Amplify, V. a. D, Torner 

„ v.n. D. 
Amplitude, sb. M. 
Amputate, v. a. A. Butler 
Amputation, sb. Southey 
Amusement, sb. Mill, S T C. 
Amusing, adj. S T C. 
Amusingly, adv. Kingaley 
Amusive, adj. Thomson 
Amygdaloid, sb. H. Miller, T. 
Amygdaloidal, adj. H. Miller 
Amylaceous, adj. Ed. N. D. 
Anachoret, sb. Gibbon 
Anachronic, a^. S T C. 
Anachronism, sb. Hi Coleridge 
Anacoluthon, sb. Jowett 
Anacreontic, sb. Hi Coleridge 
Anadem, sb. B. 
Anagram, sb. D, Carlyle 
Anagrammatical, a^. Swift 
Anagrammatist, sb. Southey 
Anagrammatize, v. a. Southey 
Anal, adj. Tennent 
Analogically, adv.Uy Coleridge 
Analogon, sb. S T C. 
Analogous, adj. B. 
Analogously, adv. Hopkins 
Analogue, sb. Spencer 
Analogy, sb. D. 
Analysis, sb. M. 
Analyst, sb. Hallam 
Analytical, adj. Macintosh 
Analytics, sb. Stephen 
Analyzable, adj. H. Spencer 
Analvze, v. a. H. Spencer 
Ananas, sb. Thomson 
Anapeest, sb. H^ Coleridge 
Anapeestica^. H^ Coleridge 
Anarch, sb. Shelley 

„ adj. Shelley 
Anarchic, adj. Carlyle, B. 
Anarchical, acy. W Burke 
Anarchist, sb. S T C. 
Anarchize, v. a. S T C. 
Anarchy, sb. D, B. 
Anastomose, v. n. Lewei 
Anathema, sb. B. 
Anathematize, v. a. S T C. 
Anatomical, adij. Whewell 
Anatomically, adv. Carlyle 
Anatomize, v. a. Orme 
Anatomy, sb. B. 

„ a dissection, Addison 
Ancestor, sb.D. 
Ancestral, acy. 8 T C. 
Ancestress, sb. Mrs. Gaskell 
Ancestry, sb. D. 
Anchor, v. a. Southey 

„ v.n. Southey 

„ sb. B. 
Anchoress, sb.W. 
' Anchorite, sb. B. 
Anchovy, sb. Goldsmith 
Ancient, adj. old, B, T. 
Anciently, adv. of old, B. 
Ancientness, sb. Shelley 
Ancillary, a^. Lewes 
Andiron, sb. Aubrey 
Androgyne, sb. Whewell 

Androgynous, adj. Whewell 
Anear, adv. S T C. 
Anecdotage, sb. Be Q. 
Anecdote, sb. B. 
Anecdotical, a^. Merivale 
Anecdotist, sb. Kingsley 
Anemone, sb. Jones, T. 
Aneroid, a^. Oliphant 
Anew, adv. B. 
Anifactuosity, sb. Boswell 
Angel, sb. B, T. 
Angelic adj. S T C. 
Angelical, a^i. S T C. 
Anger, v. a. Kingsley, Southey 

„ sb. B, T. 
Angle, sb. (math.) M, B. 
Angler, sb. B. 
Angling, sb. Byron 
Angrily, adv. Brooke, F. Q. 
Angry, a^*. T. 
Anguish, sb. B. 
Angular, adj. Ruskin, B. 
Angularity, sb. Owen 
Anile, adj. S T C. 
Animadverter, sb. Nelson 
Animal, sb. B, Owen 

Animalcular, adj. S T C. 
Animalcule, sb. Whewell 
Animalism, sb. Gladstone 
Animality, sb. Stephen 
Animalize, v. a. Harris 
Animalizing, adj. S T C. 
Animate, v. a. Gibbon, S, W. 
Animated, adj. endued with 

life, B. 
Animating, a^*. Mill 
Animation, sb. excitement, S. 
Anise, sb. Harris 
Anker, sb. H. Miller 
Ankle, sb. Keats 
Anklet, sb. Tennent 
Anlace, sb. Byron 
Annalist, sb. Byron 
Annalistic, a^. Merivale 
Annals, sb. B. 
Anneal, v. a. S. 
Annex, v. a. M, Hume 
Annexation, sb. Merivale, 
Annexed, adj. B. 
Anniversary, a^'. Aubrey, 


„ sb. S. Rev. 

Anniverse, sb. B. 
Annotate, v. a. Masson 
Annotation, sb. Southey 
Annotator, sb. Hy Coleridge 
Announce, v. a. Gibbon, S. 
Announcement, sb. Masson, 

Annoy, sb. B. 

„ V. a. B. 
Annoyance, sb. Merivale, H. 

Annoyer, sb. Be Q. 
Annoying, a^. Hervey 
Annoyingly, adv. H. Spencer 
AnnuAl, sb. a book, Lewin 

„ a4j. B. 




Annualiit, sb. Hi Colwidge 
Annuitant, sb. Q. Rev. , 
Annuity, sb. M. 
Annul, V. a. A. Butler 
Annular, a^j. Owen 
Annulet, sb. T. 
Annullable, adj. 8 T C. 
Annuloee, adj. Huxley 
Annunciation, sb. Ruakim 
Anodyne, sb. W. 
Anoint, v. a. Gibbon 
Anointed, adj. as sb. D. 
Anomaly, sb. Mill, Whewell 
Anon, adv. Southey 
Anonymous, B. 
Anonymously, adv. W. 
Anonymousness, sb. Mill 
Another, pron. abs. D. 
Answer, v. a. B. 

V. n. M. 

correspond, D. 

sb. B. 
AnswerlesB, adj. Byron 
Ant, sb. S T C. 
Antagonism, sb. Mill 
Antagonist, S T C. 
Antagonistic, adj. Mill 
Antagonize, v. a. Lewes 
Antagonizing, adj. Schim. 
Antarctic, adj. Shelley 
Antecedent, adj. S T C. 
Antecedents, sb. Be Q. 
Antecessor, sb. Carlyle 
Antechamber, sb. M. 
Antechapel, sb. W. 
Antedate, v. a. Mrs. Browning 
Antediluvian,adj.H7 Coleridge 
Antelope, sb. Shelley 
Antennular, adj. T R Jones 
Antepast, sb.Walpole 
Antepenultima, sb. S T C. 
Anteprandial, adj. Q. Rev. 
Anterior, adj. Paley 
Anteriorly, adv. T R Jones 
Anteroom, sb. Wiseman 
Anthem, v. a. Keats 

„ sb. Keats, T. 
Anther, sb. Whewell 
Anthology, sb. M. 
Anthracite, adj. Motley, E.Rev. 

„ sb. E. Rev. 
Anthracitic, a^j. E. Rev. 
Anthracitous, a^j. E. Rev. 
Anthropic, ad(j. Owen 
Anthropoid, adj. Owen 
Anthropology, sb. S TC. 
Anthropomorphic, adj. 

Guardian, Lewes 
Anthropomorphism, sb. S T C. 
Anthropomorphize, v.n. Lewes 
Anthropopathy, sb. Mansel 
Antibilious,-adj. Walker 
Antic, sb. Pope 

„ ady. B. 
Antichrist, sb. B. 
Anticipate, v. a. B. 
Anticipation, sb. S T C. 
Anticipator, sb. ST C. 


Antidpiitorj, M. Powell 

AnticllmiQ, Bb. Lewes 

Anttlogical, adj. S T C. 

Antimoraliam, nb. S T C. 

Anti national, ac^. Merivale 

Aminomianiflin, ab. STC. 

Antipapisticai, adj. STC. 

Auiipatbetic, adj. Mrs. Gaaliell 

Antipathy, xb. D. 

Antipalriotiem, ab. Carljle 

Antipbonal, adj. S. Hev. 

Antiphaaioally, adv. Q,. Rev, 

Antipope, ab. B. 

Antlpreltttic adj. STC. 

AntiprioBtcroft, ab. B. 

Anti-Pro lealant, adj. Cariyle 

" itii|uarian, Bb. Gladshine 
itdguaiianiam, sb. Cariyle 
'^tiquated, a4j. obsolete, D. 
„ ■ old,lJ. 

Antique, adj. D. 

Anliquity, sb. old tiroes, D. 

Antiroyfj, ai^j. Cariyle 

Antischolastic, adj. STC. 
Antiacorbatic, sb. Berkeley 
Antiseptic, odj. Soulhey 

Antiaocial, adj. Mill 

AntitheaiB. ab. STC. 
AntitheEizer, ab. Sonthey 

Antithetic, aiy. STC. 
Antithetically, adv. Byron 
Antitype, Bb. SouHiey 
Aotlered, adj. S. 
Antlera, ab. Mrs. Browning 
Antre, sb. Eeala 
AnTJety, ab. WiBeman 
Anxiooa, adj. D. 
AnxioQBly, adv. D. 
An^ise, Ruakin 
Aoriat, ah. Jowett 
Apaee, adv. D. 
Apartment, sb. Crabba 
Apathetic, a^j- MasBoo 
ApBthiat,gb, STC. 
Apathy, eh. Haakin 
Ape, ab. Shelly 
„ r. a. Bnakin 
Apelike, adj. Mill 
Aperient, adj. Ed. N. D. 
Apertnro, ab. Whewell 
Apex, Bb. Tennent 
AphiB, 8b. Helps 
Aphorism, ab. STC. 
Aphoriamic, adj. STC. 
Aphodatic, B4i. Masson - 
Aphrodieiac, sb. STC, 
Apiarist, sb, Samaelson 
Apiary, sb. Samuelson 
Apiece, adv. Merivala 
Apish, adj. Byron 
Apocalypfle, sb. revelation, 

Mrs. Browning 
Apocalyjitic, ai^j. Masson 
Apocalyjitically, adv. STC. 
Apocrypha, ab. Pope 
Apocryphal, adj. D, S. Rev. 
Apogee, ab. Motley 
Apollonicon, sb. Hr Coleridge 
Apologetic, a<lj, M. 

Apologetical, adj. Jowett 
Apologetically, adv. Masson 
ApDliigist, sb. B. 
Apologize, v.D. Comh. Mag. 
Apologae, sb. B, Whewell 
Apology, Bb. D. 
Apophmegm, eb. BInnt 
Apophthegmatic, at^. Cariyle 
Apoplectic, adj. M. 
Apoplex, Bb. D. t 

Aposiopeeis, sb. Guardian 
Apostate, adj. Merivale 

„ sb. B. 
Apostatize, v. n. M. 
Apostille, sb. Motley 
Apostle, ab. D. 
ApoBtleship, sb. Temple (F.) 
AiHiatolale, ab. STC. 
Apostolic, adj. U. 
ApoBtoIicity, sb. Alford 
Apostrophe, sb. STC. 
Apostrophic, adj. N, Rev. 
Apostrophize, v. a. Saathey 
Apotheosiac, v. a. U. Spencer 
Appal, V, a. Keiiie 
Appalling, adj. W H Rusaell 
Appanage, sb. B, Gibbon, W. 
Apparatus, sb. Mill 
Apparel, v. a. Q. Rev. 

„ sb. T. 
Apparent, adj. not real, Lewes 
„ obvious, S. Rev. 

Apparently, adv. Merlvale 
Apparitor, ab. B. 
Appeach, v. a. D. 
Appeal, ab. STC. 

„ V. n. D. 
Appear, v. n. 1). 
Appearance, sb, D. 

., show (opposed to reality) , 

Appease, v. a. D. 

Appeasement, sb, R. Williams 

Appellant, sb. Campbell 

Appoltative, adj. Berkeley 

Append, T. a. S. Rev., Masson 

Appendage, ab. Whewell 

Appendix, sb. D. 

Apperception, sb. STC. 

Appetency, ab. Merivale 

Appetite, eb.W. 

Applaud, V. a. Merivale 

Applauder, sb. Cariyle 

Applause, sb. D. 

Applauaively, adv. Cariyle 

Applepie,Bb. STC. 

Appliance, sb. ioBtrument, 

Applicability, sb, STC. 

Applicable, adj. B. 

AppUcablenesB, ab. Foster 

Applicant, sb. Merivale 

Application, sb. applying. Mill 
study, Steele, B. 

Apply, V. a. 8, 

„ V. D. refer to, Maurice 
„ go to a perwn, Merivale 

Appoggiatora. ab. STC, 

Appoint, v.B. D. 


iiipped, D, b! 

Apportion, v. a. H. SpeiiMIi._ 
Merivale M 

Apportionment, sb. H.Speno€&^ 
Motley ■ 

A|ipoaite, a^. Boswelt 

Appoailely, adv. W. 

Appoaileness, a' " " 


Appraise, v 

Appraiser, Bb. Sheridan 

Appreciable, adj. H. Spenoer 

Appreciate, v. a. Comb. Mag. 

Appreciation, sb. Merivale 

Appreciator, sb. Mill 

Apprehend, v. a. understand^ J 
GlaclBlone ' 

fear, D. 

Apprehensibility, sb. De Q. 

Apprehensible, adj. Cariyle 

Appreteuaion, bIj. mental, " 

Apprentice, ab, Frouiie 

Apprenticeship, sb. B 
Apprize, v.a. Hume 
Approach, v.a. D. 

Bb. D, T. 
Approachable, adj. Cariyle 
Approbation, sb. D, B. 
Appropriate, v. a. S T C. 
adj. STC. 
Appropriately, adv. STC. 
Approprialeness, sb. S T C. J 
Appropriation, sb. Burton 
Appropriator, ab. Q. Rev. 


I. D. Carlyle,Time8 
Approximate, v. n, Stephen 

„ adj. C.W.Goodwin 
Approximately, adr. Buskin 
Approiimatiou, sb. Ruskin 
Approxiroalive, adj. E. Rev. 
Approximator, sb. Wisemaa 
Appurtenance, sb. Cariyle 
ApricoE, ab. M. 
Apron, ab. De Q, 
Ajironed, adj. Cariyle 
Apropos, sb. E. Rev. 
Apse, sb. Q. Rev. 
Apt, acy.flt, W. 
Aptitude, sb. While 



Aquamarine, adj. Ruakin 

„ Bb. a gem. T. R. Jones 
Aquarium, ab. Kingsle; 
Aquatic, adj. Lewis 
Aqueduct, sb. Merivale 
Aqueous, adj. Whewell 
Aquiferous, ai^j, Lewes 
AfiiiiVvQe, ■»6i,t . 



Arable, acy. Ruskin 
Arbalast, sb. Southey 
Arbiter, sb. D. 
Arbitrarily, adv. B. 
Arbitrariness, sb. Ruskiii 
Arbitrary, adj. 1). 
Arbitration, sb. Hume 
Arbitrator, sb. B. 
Arbitrement, sb. Raskin 
Arbitreps, sb. W, S. Rev. 
Arborescence, sb. T R Jones 
Arborescent, adj. £. Rev., 

Arbour, sb. D, W. 
Arcade, sb. S. 
Arch, a^j' Crabbe 

„ V. a. Ruskin 

„ sb. Ruskin 
ArchsBologian, sb. E. Rev. 
Archeeologioal, a^*. Powell 
ArchsBologist, sb. Q. Rev. 
Archseology, sb. Whewell 
Archaic, adj. Gladstone 
Archbishop, sb. D. 
Archbishopric, sb. M. 
Arcl^deacon, sb. H.N.Coleridge 
Archdeaconry, sb. Johnson 
Archduchess, sb. Carlyle 
Archduke, sb. S T C. 
Archdukedom, sb. Carlyle 
Arched, a^. Keble 
Archer, sb. S. 

Archery, sb. act of shooting, S. 
„ body of archers, S. 

Archetype, sb. M. 
Archiepiflcopal, adj. Hume, 

Arching, a^. S. 

„ sb. Keats 
Archipelago, sb. H. Miller 
Architect, sb. D. 
Architectonic, adj. Q. Rev. 
Architectonical, a^j. Kingsley 
Architectural,adj.Hy Coleridge 
Architecturally, adv. Times 
Architecture, sb. Ruskin 
Architrave, sb. B. 
Archivist, sb. Carlyle 
Archly, adv. Boswell 
Archpriest, sb. Wiseman 
Arctic, adj. D. 
Arcuation, sb. Benison 
Ardent, adj. D. 
Ardour, sb. D. 
Arduous, aclj. M, B. 
Arduousness, sb. GrenvUle, 

Area, sb. Q. Rev. 
Arena, sb. Byron 
Arenaceous, a^. T R Jones 
Argent, adj. D. 
„ sb. T! 
Argillaceous, adj. T R Jones 
Argosy, sb. Marsh 
Argue, V. a. infer, D. 

„ V. n. debate, D. B. 
Argument, sb. D, B. 
Argumentation, sb. S T C. 
Argumentative, adj. D. 


Arid, a4j. W H RuBseU 
Aridity, sb. Lardner 
Aright, adv. D. 
Aristocracy, sb. M. 
Aristocrat, sb. S T C, T. 
Aristocratic, a^. Hy Coleridge 
Aristocratical, adj. Grenville 
Aristocraticism, sb. S. Rev. 
Aristocratism, sb. Carlyle 
Arithmetic, sb. M. 
Arithmetical, adj. M. 
Arithmetically, a^*. Gladstone 
Ark, sb. D. 
Arm, sb. limb, Ruskin 

„ V. a. Keats 

„ (a magnet) Whewell 
Armada, sb. Byron 
Armadillo, sb. Q. Rev. 
Armado, sb. D. 
Arm>chair, sb. S. 
Armed, adj. S T C. 
Armil, sb. Whewell 
Armipotent, adj. D. 
Armistice, sb. Southey 
Armless, adj. Lewea 
Armlet, sb. T. 
Armorial, adj. S. 
Armour, sb. B. 
Armourer, sb. T. 
Armoury, sb. S T C, W. 
Armpit, sb. Gary 
Arms, sb. T. 
Armslength, sb. Cary 
Army, sb. D, T. 
Aroma, sb. S T C. 
Aromatic, sb. Gibbon 

„ adj. Goldsmith 
Around, prep. Keats 

„ adv. D. 
Arouse, v. a. Merivale 
Arow, adv. D. 
Arquebusier, sb. Motley 
Arquebnss, sb. Byron 
Arrack, sb. Tennent 
Arraign, v. a. S T C, Herschel 
Arraigner, sb. S. Rev. 
Arraignment, sb. S. 
Arrange, v. a. M, W. 
Arrangement, sb. settlement, 

plan, Massey 
Arras, sb. M. 
Array, v. a. dress, Byron 

„ e^b. dress. Helps 

„ order of troops. Gibbon 
Arrear, sb. Cowper 

„ (in plur.) D, Pope 
Arrest, V. a. Cowper 

„ (in legal sense) Southey 

„ sb. D. 
Arrestable, a^j. Carlyle 
Arrester, sb. De Q. 
Arrestment, sb. Vest. Cr. 
Arrival, sb. D, Horsley 
Ar|ive, v. n. D. 
Arriver, sb. Comh. Mag, 
Arrogance, sb. Johnson 
Arrogant, adj. B. 
Arrogantly, adv. D. 
Arrogate, v. a. D. 







Arrow, sb. Pope 
Arrowhead, sb. H. Miller 
Arrowheaded, acy. Q. Rer. 
Arrowroot, sb. W H Ruosdl 

Arrowy, adj. Ruskiii 

Arse, sb. D. 

Arsenal, sb. B. 

Arsenic, sb. D. 

Art, sb. Ruskin 
„ fine art, Ruskin 
„ trade, D. 

Arterial, adj. Lewes 

Arterialization, sb. Lewes 

Artery, sb. Whewell 

Artesian, adj. £. Rev. 

Artful, adj. made with art, W. 

Artfulness, sb. Carlyle 

Arthritic, adj. Cowper 

Artichoke, sb. Darwin, Herv«j 

Article, sb. thing, Lewes 

sb. (in a review) Byron 
v.a. stipulate with, Lyttltn 

Articulate, v. a. (words) S T C. 
V. n. M. 

adj. (of words) S. 
Carlyle, Gibbon 
V. a. be connected by a 
joint, Samuelson 

Articulated, a^j. jointed, 

Articulately, adv. Carlyle 

Articulation, sb. speaking, 
„ sb. (a joint) Samuelson 

Articulatory, adj. H. Spencer 

Artifice, sb. C Reade 

Artificer, sb. D. 

Artificial,, adj. B. 

Artificiality, sb. Vest. Or. 

Artificialness, sb. Ruskin 

Artillerist, sb. S. Rev. 

Artillery, sb. D. 

Artilleryman, W H Rassell 

Artisan, adj. Mill 
„ sb. B. 

Artist, sb. Ruskin 

Artistic, adj. Ruskin 

Artistical,adj. Ruskin 

Artistically, adv. E. Rev. 

Artistlike, adj. Whewell 

Artless, adj. simple, B. 
„ without art, Ruskin 

Artlessly, adv. Q. ReV. 

Artlessness, sb. H.N. Coleridge 

Arum, sb. the plant, Lindley 

Asbestos, sb. S T C. 

Ascend, v. a. D. 

Ascendant, sb. ascendency, 

Ascendency, sb. M. 

Ascending, adj.B. 

Ascension,8b. (astron.) Whewell 

Ascent, sb. Keats 

Ascertain, v.a. make certain. 

Ascertainably, adj. Ruskin 

Ascertainment, sb. Carlyle 

Ascetic, adj. Byron, B. 

Asceticism, sb. M. 

Ascidlan, eb. Elngslf; 
Aflcribable, adj. Soatbc; 
Aacribe, v. a. Merivalo 
* Asexual, adj. Leweg 

Ash, adj. ashen, H. Miller 

„ Bb. the tree, D. 
Ashamed v. a. D. 
Ashamed, part. Gibbon 
Aahen, adj.T. 
Aahea, sb. T. 

Ashlar, Bb, Times, H. Millet 
Aabere, adv. H. Miller 
Ashy, ai^. Crabbe 

Asiilfl,'a(lT. T," 
T AbIuo, ab, Hhe-ans, S. Kev. 

Asinine, adj. Motley 

Ask, T.».D. 
■ Askingly, adv. S T C. 

Aslant, prep. H. Miller 
e Asleep, adv. B'. 
k Asp, Bb. Merirale 
E Aaparagos, ab. White 

Aspact, sb. (of a stur), D. 

Aspechtble, adj . fail' to look 
Mrs, Bromung 

Aspen, sb. S. 

Asphalt, Bb. Times 

Asphaltiu, adj. MeriTale 

Asphyxia, sb. Ijowea 

Aspirant, sb. Byron 

Aepirate, sb. Schlnl. 

AHpiratioB, sb. dealgn, 

Aspire, v.n.W. 

AaquaC, adv. Bolliad 

Abs, sb. D. 

Asaaii, v. a. D. 

Ax9ailable, at^, Mmralo 

Aseailnnt, sb. Gibbon 

AsHisam.Bb. Carlyle 

ABaaseiiiate, v.a. Southey, B. 

AiBauIt, sb. D. 

„ V. a. Fronde 

Asaaulter, sb. Carlyle 

Assay, sb. attempt, S TC. 
„ try.D. 

Assnyable, ai^. Lewes 
y. n. S. Rev. 

Asaayer, sb. Wbile 

Assemble, v. a. D. 

„ V. n. MasBey 

Assembled, adj. Carlyle 

Assembly, sb. D. 
a Assent,, Bb. D. 

„ V. n. 8. Rb». 
I Asaert, V. a. D, T, 

Assignat, ab, Carlyle 
Asdgner, ab. Merivale 
Assimilable, a^. Lewes 
Assimilate, T. a. Ruakin 
Assimilative, adj. ST C. 
Assist, V. a. I). 

„ T.n.Froade 
Assistance, ab. D, B. 
Assistant, sb. H. Spencer 
Assiita-uourt, sb. Thackeray 
A^xes, Bb. D. 
Aasoaiale, v. a, Powell 

„ T. n. Thomson, B. 

„ eb, Massey 

„ adj. Southey 
AsBociatiou, sb. act of assod- 
atiDg, Kuskin 

„ a company of men. I 
Associative, adj. Rnskin, 8 TC. 

l>. D. 

Assoil, v.a. absolve, Snutbej 
Assonance, ab. Hr Coleridge 
Assonant, adj. Marsh 
Assort, V. a. Carlyle, B. 

„ y.n. Southey 
Assortment, sb. Southey 


Asseverate, v.n.Powell 
Assiduity, sb. Spectator 
AsBiduooa, adj. Southey 
AssidQOusiy, adv. M. 
Assign, sb, (in law) '^ 

.. V. a. D. 
Assignable, adj, S. Gov,, Mill 

V. n. Motley 

Assume, V, n, pretend, Gibbon 

„ V. a. lake upon oneself, 1). 

Assumed, adj. supposed, Hume 

„ pretended, S. 

Aasorance, ab. (in law) Blackat. 

„ (ofliveaj Q.Rev. 

„ boldness, Unme 

„ conHdence, D. 

Assure, v, a, make sure. D. 
Assuredly, adv. Hj Coleridge 
Assuredness, sb. Rnskin 
Asterisin, sb. asterisk, Aubrey 
Astern, adv. Southey 
Asteroid, sb, De Q. 
Asthma, ab. Berkeley 
Asthmatic, ab. Walpole 
Astir, adv. Carlyle 
Astonishing, adj. Addison 
Astonishingly, adv.S. Rev. 
Aatonishment, sb. Addison 
Astonnd, adj. S. 

„ V. a. H. Spencer 
Astounding, adj. W. 
Asti'al, adj. Vest. Cr. 
Astrand, adv. S. 
Astr^, adv. D. 
Astringency, sb. Masson 
Astringent, adj. ST C, 
Aflirolahe, sb. Whewell 
Astrologer, sb. W, 
Astrologically, adv, De Q. 
Astrology, sb, Southi^ 
Astronomer, sb. Whewell 
Astronomical, adj, Wbewell 
Astronomically, adv, Q, Rev. 
AatroDomy, sb. Gibbon 
Astutity, sb. Carlyle 
Astute, adj, W H Bneaoll 
Astuteness. Eb. Merivale 
Asunder, adv. ST C. 
Aswoon, adv, Carlyle 

Atavism, sb.Pritchard, L_ . 
Atheism, sb. Shaftesborr 
Atheist, sb. Mill 
Atheistic, adj. Mansel 
Atheistical, adj, Berkeley 
Atheistically. adv, STC. 
Athirst, adj, Southey 
Athlete, ab, Carlyle 
Athletic, adj. Mill 
Athwart, prep. S T C, T, 
Alh wart-hawse, adv, Southi 
Atmoaphere, sb. Mill 
Atmospheric, adj, S.Re 
AtmoBpberical, adj. Maury 
Atom, sb. D. 
Atomic, adj. Daubeny 
Atomleal, adj. Bent, Q,R. 
Atomist, adj. Southey 
Atomistic, adj, STC. 
Atomy, Bb. Kiugsle^ 
Atone, V, a. D, 
Atonement, sb. D. 
Atotier, sb. A Butler 
Atop. adv. H. Miller 
Atrabiliar, adj. Carlyle 
Atrabilious, adj. Cai'lyle 
Atrocious, ar(j. B. 
Atrooioosly, adv. Trollopo 
Atrophy, v. a. Darwin 

sb. OnceaWeek 
Attach, V. a. render fond oi. 

„ fasten to, M. 

.. v. n. S. Rev. 
Attachable, adj. Kuskin 
Attach^, sb. Masson 
Attached, adj. Fronde 
AtiMCh&hip, sb. Thackeray ' 
Attachment, sb. love. Mill 
„ thst«mn(;, Lewea 
Attack, ab. Southey 
„ V. a. Gibbon 
Attain, v. a. Merivale 
Attainable, adj. Bent. Q.B. 
Attainder, sb, Hume 
Attainment, ab. STC. 
Attaint, sb. (legal) BlackstonS 'I 
„ adj, (legal) Blackstonft 1 
„ O^E*') Froude 

„ r.a. taint, D, 
Attainted, adj, Blackstone 
Attemper, v, a. Gray 
Attempered, adj. Thomson, T.J 
Attempt, V. a. Hume 
sb, a. 
V. n. D. 
Attend, v. a. wait upon, B, 
wait for, D. 
„ V. D. wait, remain, TiM 
., listen, D. 

Attendance, sb. Dk 
Attendant, sb. Bjron 
Attent. adj. D. 
Attention, sb. (military li 

(mental) STC. 
Attentive, adj, D. 

A>2.\ ,■ 


Attenuated, adj. Lewes 
Attest, v.a.prove,Gibbon,S,W. 

„ 8b. W. 
Attestor, sb. D. 
Attic, sb. White 
Attire, sb. ST C. 

„ V. a. D. 
Attitude, sb. Carlyle, Q. Rer. 
Attitudinize, v. n. Tennent 
Attornment, sb. Blackstone 
Attract, y. a. D. 
Attraction, sb. B. 
Attractive, adj. M, S. 

„ sb. Hervey 

Attractiveness, sb. Merivale 
Attributable, adj. Southey 
Attribute, sb. B. 

„ V. a. Kingsley, Mill 
Attribution, sb. Whewell 

„ arrangement, Mg. Herald 
Attrition, sb. S, Jones 
Attritive, adj. H. Miller 
Attune, V. a. STC. 
Auburn, adj. Masson, Cowper 
Auctioneer, v. a. Cowper 
„ sb. Boswell 

Auctioneering, sb. Thackeray 

„ adj. Thackeray 

Audacious, sb. D,. 
Audaciously, adv. Mill, Meriv. 
Audacity, sb. Buskin 
Audience,sb.persons listeningD 
Audit, V. a. Carlyle 

„ sb. Froude 
Auditorship, sb. Johnson 
Auditory, sb. B. 

„ adj. Darwin 
Auger, sb. De Q. 
Aught, pron. D, T. 
Augment, v. a. S. 

„ V. n. E. Rev. 

Augmentative, a^. Marsh 
Augmented, adj. Mill 
Augur, v. a. Carlyle 
„ V. n. Hy Coleridge 
„ sb. S. Rev. 
Augural, adj. Merivale 
Augury, sb. D. 
Auk, sb. Darwin 
Aulnager, sb. B. 
Aunt, sb. T. 
Aural, adj. pertaining to the 

ear, S. Rev. 
Aureole, sb. Mrs. Browning 
Auricle, sb. Vest. Cr. 
Auricula, sb. Thomson 
Auricular, adj. Hume 
Auriferous, adj. Times 
Aurist, sb. Pycroft 
Aurora, sb. De Q. 
Auroral, adj. Carlyle 
Auspice, sb. D. 
Auspicious, adj. D. 
Auspiciously, adv. W. 
Austere, adj. M. 
Austerely, adv. Carlyle 
Austerity, sb. Stephen 

(in pU B. 
Authentic, a(^*. D, B 


Authentical, a^. Gary 

Authentically, adv. B. 

Authentication, sb. Harris 

Authenticity, sb. Boswell 

Author, sb. writer, D. 

Authoress, sb. S, Rogers 

Authority,sb. govemor,rulerB 
„ a writer, R.Williams 
„ weigh tiness, D. 

Authorization, sb. Merivale 

Authorize, v. a. D. 

Authorized, a^. H N Coleridge 

Authorless, adj. Guardian 

Authorship, sb. STC. 


Autobiography, sb. Powell, 

Autochthonism, sb. Gladstone 

Autochthonous, advl S. Rev. 

Autocracy, sb. MeriviJe 

Autocrat, sb. Byron 

Autocratic, adj. Mrs. Browning 

Autograph, sb. S T C. 
adj. STC. 

Autographical, adj. Whewell 

Automatic, a^j. Lewes 

Automatically, adv. Lewes 

Automaton, sb. Mill, B. 

Autonomous, adj. Merivale 

Autonomy, sb. S T C 

Autotheism, sb. Kingsley, 
Bent. Q. R. 

Autumnal, adj. W. 

Auxiliar, adj.HV. 

Auxiliary, adj. W. 

„ (gramm.) Hallam 
„ sb. Merivale, M. 

Avail, sb. S. Rev. 

V. a. (ab8.)beofu8e,D. 
v.n. STC. 

Avalanche, sb. Ruskin 

Avant-courier, sb. Froude 

Avarice, sb. D, T. 

Avaricious, a^. B. 

Avariciously, adv. De Q. 

Avatar, sb. Masson, Vesey 

A vaunt, D. 

Avenge, v. a. Massey 

Avenger, sb. Byron 

Avenging, adj. D. 

Avens, sb. (plant) Kingsley 

Avenue, sb. B. 

Aver, V. a. STC. 
„ V. n. S. 

Average, v. a. Owen, Masson 
„ sb. Hopkins, Mill 
„ adj. Mill 

Averagely, adv. Vest. Cr. 

Averment, sb. B. 

Averse, adj. D. 

Aversion, sb. D. 

Avert, V. a. D. 

Aviary, sb. Shelley 

Avid, adj. S. Rev. 

Avidly, adv. TroUope, S. Rev. 

Avocation, sb. Merivale 

Avoid,v.a. make void,Grenville 
„ shun, D. 

Avoidable, a^. Mill 




Avoidance, sb. Marsh 
Avow, T. a. D. 
Avowal, sb. STC. 
Avower, sb. D. 
Await, V. a. Byron 

„ V. n. Southey 
Awake, v. n. Byron 

„ adv. D. 
Awaken, v. a. S T C. 

„ V. n. Carlyle, S. 
Awakened, adj. B. 
Awakener, sb. Bent. Q. R. 
Awakening, adj. Thomson 
Award, sb. Keats 

„ V. a. D. 
Away, adv. D. 
Awe, sb. Ruskin 

„ y. a. Whitehead, B. 
Aweary, adj. T. 
Awful, adj. feeling awe, D. 

„ causing awe, D. 
Awfiilly, adv. in awe, D. 

„ terribly, D, Harrii 
„ soa8tocauseawe,Thom80i 
Awfulness, sb. W, Robertson 
Awhile, adv. D. 
Awing, adj. Turner 
Awk, adj. L'Estrange 
Awkward, adj. D. 
Awkwardly, adv. S. 
Awkwardness, sb. STC. 
Awl, sb. Paley 
Awmry, sb. dresser, Mrs. Gas- 

Awning, sb. H. N. Coleridge 
Awsome, adj. H. N. Coleridgf 
Axe, sb. Gibbon, S. 
Axe-like, a^. S. 
Axial, adj. Faraday, Powell 
Axially, adv. E. Rev. 

Axiomatic, adj. H. Spencer 
Axis, sb. (a kind of elk) ,Tennenl 

„ sb. (geom.) Whewell 
Axle, sb. Carlyle, Cowper 
Axletree, sb. M. 
Ay, alas, (ay me,J T. 
Aye, adv. ever, (ror aye,) T. 
Azimuth, sb. E. Rev. 
Azoic, a^j. Darwin 
Azote, sb. STC. 
Azure, adj. T, Carlyle, Gray 

„ sb. D, T. 

Babble, sb. T. 

„ V. n. T. 
Babblement, sb. Carlyle 
Babbler, sb. T. 
Babbling, adj. W. 
Babe, sb. B, T. 
Bacchanal, sb. a riot, B. 
Bachelorship, sb. Masson 
Back, adv. B, T. 

„ v.a. smpport, back up, B. 

„ (water) , row forward, 

Back, sb. D, B. 
Backbone, sb. W. Irving 
Backboned, adj. Lewes 

r „ 


'" 1 

if Backward, adv. B, D. 

Barbarize, v. a. B, 

Beard, ab. T. ^^M 

adj. S, Taylor 

Barbarous, adj. B. 

Bearded, adj. D. ^^H 

BackwariUy, adt. KawliuBon 

Barbed, adj. (ofabor>e)D. 

Bearilless. adj. D. ;^H 

BackwardaeBS, eb. B. 

.Bard, ab. T. 

Bearing. sb.behaylour.T.W. ^H 

BacoQ, bT>. B. 

Bare, adj. D, B. 

Beast, sb. D. ^H 

Bad, adj. D. 

Barefaced, a(|j. B, 

Beat, v. a. D. ^M 

Badge, ab. B, M. 

Barely, adv. B. 

„ v.n. (of the heart) T. ^H 

Barge, sb. T. 

Baffle. V. a. B. 

Bai'gee, sb. S, Rev, 

Baggage, ab. B. 

Barish, adj. Carlyle 

Beau, Bb. D. ^H 

Baggy, adj. W. H. RuhmII 

Bark. Eb. abip,D. 

Beauteous, adj. D, W. ^H 

Bagpiper, ab. W. 

„ Bb. (of tree) Buskin 

Beautiful, adj. D. ^^M 

B^l, Bb. B. 

„ v.a.DeQ. 

Beautifully, adv. T. ^^M 

, Bwlable, adj. Mrs. Gaakell 

Barleywater.ab. D. 

Beauty, sb. T, Uare ^^H 

a B^liff. Bb. B. 

Bam. Bb, W, B. 

abeautiful pereon, B, .^^H 

K^allliage, Bb. 8, S. Rev. 

Baron. Bb. B. 

Becalm, y. a. D. ^^M 

■Pait, Bb. (for Ml) B. 

Baronet, nb. B. 

Because, adv. D. ^^H 

Barrator, ab. M. 

Become, y. D. D. ^H 

Barratfona, adj. Park 

„ v.a.W. ^H 

Barratry, ab. Park 

Becoming, adj. Froude ^^M 

■ „ 8b. (tbeinitnimenl) Fronde 

Barrier, ab. Pope. B. 

Bed, ah. T. ^M 

■ „ equilibrium, Lewes 

Barring, part, except, De Q. 

Bedchamber-woman, sb. iS. ^H 

■ .Bald, adj. blank, dull, T. 

Barrister, ab. B. 

Bedded, part. Eingsley ^^1 

1^ Baldaquin, ab. a canopy, Mrs. 

Barrow, ab. grave, T, 

Bedew, y. a. W. ^M 


Barter, sb. B. 

Bedim, y. a. W. 

BaldaeBs, sb. B. 

„ V. a. D. 

Bedizen, v.a. Kingxley 

Baldric, Bb. Pope 

Bass, Bb. (the game) M. 
„ ab.t. [Macdonald 

Bale, Bb. (of giHidl), T. 

„ Bb. WOE, Mra. Browning 

„ V. a. form the base of, (i. 

Bedro^:v.a.W. ^ 


., adj.B,T. 

Bee, sb. T. _H 

Balk. T. a. W. 

Baaelesa, adj. W. 

Beechea,adj.W. ^H 

Ball, ab, the toy. D. 

Beef. Bb. D. ^M 

,. (cannon), B. 

Baseneas. sb. T, B. 
Basin, sh. W. • 

Beefeater, sb. M, ^H 

Ballai. Bb. T. 

Ballast, Bb. B. 

Eaaia, ab. B. 

Beer, sb, Froude ^H 

Ballium, Bb. Eingaley 

Bosk, T. n, D, W, B. 

Beeswax, sh. Oliphant ^H 

Ballot. Bb. B. 

Bas-relief, sb.M. 

Beetle, sb. heavy rammer, DeQ.: ^H 

., v.n, B. 

Bassoon, sb. T. 

T,a. beat with Bmallet.E, Rer. ^M 

Balm, Bb. B. 

Baatard, sb. B. 

„ Bb, the insect, Darwin ^H 

Balmy, adj. B. T. 

Bastardize, V, a. B. 

Beeve, sb, T. ^H 

Bftin, V. n. Bpcak folsely, Maaaey 

Baalile, sb.B. 

Before, adv. D, ^H 

Ban, Bb. a curae, B. 

Bastinado, v. a. Oliphant 

Befoul, y. a. M. ^M 

Band. Bb. (of men) D. 

Bat, sb. T. 

Befriend, y. a. D,W. ^^H 

(of music) D. 
a chain. D. 

Bathe, y. n. D. 

Beg, v.a. D. ^H 

Battery, sh. aasault, D, 

Beget, V. a. D, ^^M 

Banding, sb. a (of men). B. 

Battle, 8b, T. [Rawlinion 

. Beggar, Bb. Eingsle; ^^M 

Bandit, adj. T. 

„ an army drawn up, 

v.a. D. ^H 

Banditti, sb, B. 

„ V. n. fight, Whil«aide 

Begin, V. a. D. ^H 

Bane. sh. T. 

Battlemented, adj. W H Rua- 

., v.n.D. ^H 

Bang,Bb, (theairfrit).Dea 


BegiDDing, sb, T. ^H 

Banish, y. a. D. 

Bay.Bb. (plant) D,W. 
gulf, BUBkin 

Begir<lle,y, a. Carlyle ^M 

Begowned,adj.I/]ndonBev. ^H 

Bank, sb. (of earth) D. 

ab. (at bay) Home 

Behang, y. a. Cariyle ^H 

Banker, sb. B. 

Bayonet, sh. M. 

Behest, sh, T. Herachel ^H 

Banner, sb. B, D, 

Beach, Bb.T. 

Behinii, adv. T. ^M 

Banquet, sb. D. 

Beacon, sb. T. 

Bebnid, v,a, D. ^H 

Banahee, sb. M. 

Bead, sb. D. 

Beboldeo, a^j- (to) T. ^^M 

Bantling, sb. B. 

Beadle, sb. Bum E, L. 

Behoyefol, adj. Carlyle ^^M 

Baptism, Bb. B. 

Beagle, Bb. D. 

Behowl, y, a, Kingsley ^^H 

Baptize, y. a. JowBtt 

Beam, ab. (of wood) RuBkIn 

Belaying-pin, sb. Maury ^^H 

Bar, V. a. Fronde, DeQ. 

(of light). T. 

Belief, sb. T, W. ^H 

., Bb. (of a tayem) D. 

Bean. sb. Lewes 

Believe, y, a. B. ^H 

a stop, B. 

Bean-Sftter, sb. E, Rev. 

v.n.(wlthin)DeQ. <^^H 


Bear, sb. barley. Orig. Scot. 

Belike, adv. W. ^H 

Barb,Bb(kindt.rpigeon) Darwin 

„ ab.theaniiiial,S.Rey.,D 

. Bell, sb. Ruakin, Froude ^^H 

Barbaresque, adj. Ilea 

„ y.n.bearup,W. 

Bellman, Bb. M. ^^M 

Barbarian, sb. Hare 

„ bear (lown upon, T. 

BeUringer, sh. Times ^^M 

Barbarism, ab. B. 

„ v.a. carry, D. 

Barbarity, eb. B. 

„ btlngforttiT. 

"Ba\avwi,»ii:i.Y)- ,-^jrv^^H 






Below, prep. T. 
„ adv. D. 

„ V. a. encircle, W. 
Bemock, v. a. W. 
Bench, sb. D. 
Bend, v. n. D. 

„ V. a. Ruskin 
Beneath, prep. D. 
Beneficent, aidj. D. 
Benefit, sb. D. 
Bent, part, (with »on*) W,De Q. 

„ sb. inclination, W. 

„ turn, direction, W. 
Bepainted, adj. Carlyle 
Beplaided, adj. H. Miller 
Bepommel, v. a. Thackeray 
Bepraise, v. a. Kingsley 
Bequeath, v. a. D. 
Beribanded, adj. Carlvle 
Benn, sb. (in fortif.) Times 
Beryl, sb. Aubrey, I*ope 
Beseech, v. a. T. 
Beseem, v. a. W. 
Beseen, part, of a certain ap- 
pearance, W. 
Besetment, sb. G. Eliot 
Beshrew, v. a. W. 
Beside, prep, (of place) T. 
Besides, adv. D. 
Besiege, v. a. D. 
Bespeak, v. a. address, W. 
Bespot, V. a. W. 
Besprent, adj. W. 
Best, adv. T. 

„ adj. D. 
Bestayed, adj. cramped with 

stays, Evg. Star 
Bestow, V. a. Froude 
Bestowable, adj.. Ruskin 
Bestrew, v. a. W. 
Bestud, V. a. T R Jones 
Bethink, v. a. W. 
Betitled, adj. Carlyle 
Betowelled, adj. covered with a 

towel, H. Miller 
Betray, v. a. D. 
Better, adj. more good, D. 

„ more, in number, De Q. 

„ V. a. W. 
Beware, v. a. D. 
Bewept,'adj. Carlyle 
Bewildering, adj. W. 
Bewitch, v. a. D. 
Bewitching, adj. W. 
Bewray, v. a. M. 
Beyond, prep. W. 
Bibliomane, sb. De Q. 
Bicker, v. n. quiver, gleam, T. 
Bickering, sb. quarrel, M. 
Bide, V. n. remain, T. 

„ V. a. await, T. 
Bier, sb. T, Mrs. Browning 
Bifurcation, sb. Jones 
Bight, sb. Comh. Mag. 
Bilingual, adj. Whiteside 
Billet, V. a. quarter soldiers, M. 
Billet-doux, sb. Comh. Mag. 
Biloquist, sb. Times 


Bind, T. a. D. 

Binding, sb. engagement tat 

service, H. Miller 
Bindweed, sb. T, W. 
Biographizing, sb. Carlyle 
BiographresB, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Biography, sb. Carlyle 
Biology, sb. Lewes 
Bird, sb. D. 

Bireme, sb. G. Rawlinson 
Birth, sb. D. 
Bishop, sb. D. 

Bite, V. a. T. [S. Rev. 

„ sb. a disappointment. 
Bitter, adj. T. 
Bivalve, sb. Jones 
Black, adj. T. 
Blackguard, sb. Defoe, M. 

„ acy* Mackehzie 
Blade, sb. (of corn), D. 
Bladed, adj. W. 
Blame, v. a. D. 
Blameless, adj . T. 
Blameworthy, adj. Kingsley 
Blank,adj .vacant (of theface) ,T. 
Blankly, adv. T 

flatly, De Q. 
Blare, v. a. T. 

sb. T. 
Blas^, adj. De Q. 
Blaspheme, v. a. Jow^tt 
Blasphemer, sb. D. 
Blast, V. a. D. 

„ sb. (of ^«lnd) D, W. 
Blatant, adj. T. 
Blaze, sb. a mark on trees, De Q. 

„ V. n. T. 
Blazon, v. a. T. 
„ sb. W. 
Blazoned, adj. T. 
Blazoning, sb. T. 
Blee, sb. Mrs. Browning 
Bleed, v. n. T. 
Blemish, sb. T. 
Blend, v. n. and v. a. W. 
Blending, sb. W. 
Bless, v. a. T. 
Blessed, adj. D. 
Blessing, sb. T. 
Blind, adj. D. Masson 

„ V. a. D. 
Blindage, sb. E Rev. 
Blindfold, adj. E. Rev. 

„ adj. D. 
Blindly, adv. T. 
Blindness, sb. Masson 
Bliss, sb. D. 
Blissful, adj. W. 
Blockhead, sb. De Q. 
Blockheadism, sb. Carlyle 
Blood, sb. D, Lewes 
Bloodless, adj. T. 
Blood-red, adij. T. 
Bloody, a^. D. 
Bloom, V. n. D. . 

„ sb. Dr. Temple 
Blossom, sb. D. 
Blossomy, sb. Carlyle 
Blot, sb. D. 

Blow, sb. D. 

„ Bb. bloom W. 

„ V. a. (out) D. 

„ V. n. (of a h<Mm) T. 
Blow-fly, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Blown, adj. (of flowers) W. 
Blucher, sb. (a kind of Bhari 

boot) Sat. Rev. 
Blue, adj. T. 

Blue-jacket, sb. Oliphant 
Blue-stocking, sb. M. 
Blunder, v. n. T. 
Blunt, aiy. T. 

Bluntly, adv. Mrs. drowning 
Blush, sb. T. 

„ V. n. D. 
Bluster, v. n. D. 
Blustery, adj. Carlyle 
Boat, sb. T. 
Boatman, sb. T. 
Bob, V. n. Sat. Rev. 
Bodily, adj. T. 
Body, sb. D. 

„ V. a. embody, Carlyle 
(forth), W. 
Bog, sb. Froude 
Bohea, sb. M. 
Boil, V. a. T. 
Bold, adj. D, T. 
Boldly, adv. D,T. 
Boldness, sb. D. 
Bole, sb. trunk of a tree, B, T. 
Bolt, V. a. (food) Darwin 
Bond, sb. engagement, T. 

„ chain, D. 
Bondage, sb. D. 
Bond-Mend, sb. G. Hawlinaoa 
Bone, sb. Froude, Goodvnn 

„ phr. (make no bones) 
Hist, of Sir T. Hawkwood 
Bonnet, sb. De Q. 
Bonny-clabber, sb. thick sour 

milk. Swift 
Book, sb. D, Masson, W. 
Bookish, adj. peculiar to books, 

Bookishness, sb. a quality in- 
herent in books, De Q. 
Booklet, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Boon, sb. T. 

„ adj.T,W. 
Boot, sb. help, remedy, W. 
Booty, sb. T. 
Border, sb. D. 
Borderless, adj. without a 

border or edging, G. Eliot 
Bore, sb. a tiresome person, 

Borrow, v. a. D. 
Borrowed, adj. D. 
Boscage, sb. Carlyle, T. 
Bosket, sb. Oliphant 
Bosom, sb. T. 
Bosomed, adj.W. 
Bottom, sb. low vale, W. 

„ lowest point of a thing, D. 
Bottomed, part. Sat. Rev. 
Bottomry, sb. Park 
Bough, sb. D. 


1 „, 



f», Bb. Lewee 

Bridge, sb.T. 

Burr. v.n. make a murmuring 

ee, Bb. esplOBJon, Times 

Bridle, sb. D. 

ngiae, W. 

<1, V. n. leap. I). 

Brief, adj. T. 

Bl>. leap. T. 

Brigandage, ab. H. Spencer 

in a speech. Times 

limit, D. 

Bright, adj. D. 

,. V.n. Southey 

ding, adj. limiting, T. 

Brighten, v.D.T. 

Bury, v.a. T. 

liful, adj. W. 

Brill, 8b. (the flah) Lewes 
Bi'im, Bb. b. 

Bosh, Bb. Southey 

Bl).iitnrD in drliildng.Piu-k 

Bilshlesa, adj. T. 

V. a. bend. T. 


Businesfl, sb.D. 

T. n. incline the head, T 

Briue, sb. T. 

Buskin, v. a. D. 

8b. (arcuB) D, 

Bring, v. a. (out] D. 

Bustard, Bb.W. 

tr. Bb.T. 


Bustler, ab. Maurice 

, ab. (of a ship) Sat. Rev. 

Brionj, ab. Shelley 

Bulcher, ab. U. 

Bb. (of wood) Proude 

Broad, adj. D. 

Bb. (iu a theatre) D. 

Brocade, sb. T. 

Butt, V. n. T. 

(ina taveru), Lewes 

Broider, v. a. T. 

„ Bb. object of ridieole,M:. 

(a small bouse), S. 

Broil, ab. quarrel, D. 

Butterleaa, adj. Mra. Gaskell 

rii. ab. Times 

Broken,, adj. Ruakin 

Butterwoit, ab. Kiogslej 
Butta, sb. in archery, Kingsley 

l)le. ab. Carlyle 

aling, ab. Carljle 

BrlMMl, Bb. D. 

Busom,adj -plump, Ld.D ufferin 

i, v.a. W. 

., v.D.T. 

Buy, V. a. T. 

{art, adj. Tliackeiay 

Brooklet, ab. G. Eliot 

Buzz, V. n. T. 

Bb. Arnold 

Brother, ah. T. 

Buzzard, ab. D, W. 

ed, a(U. D. 

Brotherbood, sb. D. 

Buzzer, sb. Times 

a, Bb. n. 

Brow, Bb. 

By, prep. {In au oath) T. 

bly, adj. T. 

Browbeat, V. a. M. 

„ (ln8trum.),T. 

:h, sb. RuBkin 

Brown, v.n. become brown, 

„ (with 'much'), in a great 

v.n. Darwin ■ 


degree, De Q. 

shy, a<lj. T. 

Browse, v.a. Mrs. Browning 

„away,orpiiat(goneby), T. 

i, Bb. (Bword),T. 

,. V. n. W. 

By-end, Bb.D, 

BrumoiiH, adj. wintry, MaiBon 

By-law, sb. Shafleabnry, Craik 

ier. Bb. a man wlio brands 

Brutalize, v. n. become brutal 

Byre, Bb. W. 


Byasaa, sb. Lewes, De Q. 

Brute, adj. T. 

J-new. atlj. Carlyle 

„ Bb. D. 

Cabal. Bb. M. 

{!e, ab. Swift 

Bubble, Bb.deluaion, Bat. Hev 

Cabbaliam. ab. Kingsley 

, v.a. (met.) harden.Times 

„ (of water), Soiilbey 
Buccaneer, ab. All the Year 

Cabinet, sb. T. 

le, V. n. make a low noise 

Cadence, sb. D. 

aa a brook), Mrs. Qaskel 


Caducary, adj. F. Vesey 


Buck, Bb. (animal) D. 

Cscal, adj. Lewes 

adj. D. 

Buckle, T, a. and Bb. Souths 

Cvaura, sb. De Q. 

•ry. ab. courage, T. 

Buckler, sb. D. 

Cairn, ab. S. 

ling, adj. T. 

Bud, sb. Southey 

Calculate, v.n.D. Frouda 

h, v.a. 'Trench 

„ v.n.T. 

V. ft. Froude 


Budded, adj. W. 

CaleulOTW, adj. connected wiUi 

^v.a. D. 

Budge, v.n, stir, move, DeQ. 

stone. Lend. Rev. 

v. n, come to a disogree- 

Buff, a^. D. 

Calendar, ab. Gibbon 

metit with. Maason 

Bugaboo, ab. Carlyle 

„ V. a. Riley 

(off), Btop, W. 

Bugbear, v.a. Hist, of Sir J 

Caliphate, Bb.M. 

t, Bb. I). 


tall, T. a. Dame, T. 

twofk. fib. M. 

Build, v.a. D.T.W. 

(for), T. 

b, sb. D. 

Building, ab. Sou (Ley 

„ Bb.D. 

be, V. D. Herscbel 

Bulk, «b. Southey 

Caller, ab. viBitor, Lewes 

V. a. (upon) aoil, T. 

Bulky, adj. T. 
Boll, ab. U. 

Calm, adj. W, T. 
„ sb.T. 

hlesB, adj. W. 

Bullet, Bb. D. 

Calmneaa, ab. D. 

, ab. D. 

Bumboat. Bb. Oliphant 

Campaign, sb. D. 


Buinper. Bb. D. 

Campanula, ab. Kingaley 

e, ab. W. 

Bungalow, ab. Tennant 


V. a. D. 

Burden, ab. D. 

Canal, sb. Lewes, Sontbey 


„ sb. (of a song) Mrs. 

Canal izatiou. sb. Times 



Canalized, ai^j. Times 

ible, adj. Carlyle 

Burgeon, v. u. Christian Rem. 

Canaaler, ab. tobacco. 


BurglariouB, adj. Tbockemy 


M, Bb. M. 

Burglary, sb. Southey 

Canker, V.a. Sonthej 

. Bb. T. 

Burial, Bb. T. 

Cankered, a.y. D. 


Burn, V. a. T. 

Cannibal, wli.S. 

jroooi. sjt. T. 

„ Bb. brook, Orig. Scot. 


iMp, Hb. Carlyle 


c>^.a..i!- ^^.,^ J 


Canon, nb. D, Jowett, Darwin 

„ adj. (c. law) Froude 
Canonicals, sb^ M. 
Canopy, sb. T. 
Cant, a^. De Q. 

„ sb. D. 

„ V. n. swing or tilt oyer, 

Blackw. Mag. 
Canting, a^. D. 

„ sb. quick turn, Carlyle 
Cantonize, v. a. form cantons, 

Caper, v. n. T. 
Capercailzie, sb. H. Miller 
Captain, sb. D. 
Captive, adj. D. 
„ sb. D. 
„ V. a. D. 
Captivity, sb. D. [Thackeray 
Capuchin, sb. a hood. 
Car, sb. D. 
Carapace, sb. body shell of a 

crustacean animal, Jones 
Cu^iiac, a^'. Lewes 
Cardinal, sb. Masson, D. 
Care, v. n. T. 

„ V. a. (for) T. 

„ sb. anxiety, T. 
Career, sb. D. 
Careering, a^'.De Q. 
Careless, adj. W. 
Carelessness, sb. M. 
Caress, sb. G. Eliot 
Carillon, sb. peal of bells, 

Carmelite, sb. a dress stuff. 

Lady's Journal 
Carnation, sb. W. 
Carnival, sb. T. 
Carol, sb. D, Ant. Vulg. 

„ v.a. W. 
Carp, sb. fish, T. 
Carry, v. a. (out) D. 

„ bear, Froude 

Cart, sb. D. 
Carve, v. a. Southey 
Carven, a^j. T. 
Carver, sb. D. 
Cascade, sb. W. 
Case, sb. a covering, T. 

„ sb. position of affairs, 

De Q, Powell 
Caseharden, v. a. Times 
Casement, sb. T. 
Cash, sb. a Chinese coin, 


„ money, Cowper 

Cashless, acy. Carlyle 
Cass,v. a.make void, Orig.Scot. 
Cast, V. a. throw, T. 
Caste, sb. Times, M. 
Castellation, sb. Lond. Rev. 
Castle, sb. T. 
Castrametation, sb. Be Q. 
Castrensian, adj. De Q. 
Casual, adj. W. 
Casually, adj. D. 
Casuistry, sb. De Q, Jowett 
Cat, sb.D. 




Cataclysm, sb. Lewes 
Catamaran, sb. Tennent 
Catch, sb. (musical), M. 

„ v.a. (at) T. 
Category, sb. Mansel 
Caterpillar, sb. T. 
Cates, sb. D. 
Catgut, sb. Thackeray 
Catbarpings, sb. James 
Catholicon, sb. Jowett 
Causal, adj. Mansel 
Causation, sb. Mansel 
Cause, sb. Harris, T. 

(First Cause), Mansel 
V. a. D. 
Caustic, sb. (a math, curve) 

De Morgan 
Caution, sb. D, Times 
Cavalier, sb. Blackw. Mag. 
„ (in fortification), a 

raised platform. Times 
Cavalry, sb. Arnold 
Cave, sb. T. 
Cavern, sb. Southey 
Caverned, adj. W. 
Cease, v. a. D. 

„ V. n. T. 
Ceaseless, adj. Arnold 
Cedar, sb. D. 
Cedam, a^j. T. 
Ceiling, sb. Southey 
Ceilinged, adj. W. 
Celandine, sb. W. 
Celestial, adj. D. 
Cell, sb. T. 
Cellar, sb. T. 
Censor, sb. De Q. 
Censure, sb. D. 
Centaur, sb. D. 
Centinel, sb. W. 
Centralization, sb. Mill 
Centre, sb. C. W. Goodwin 

„ V. n. Jowett 
Century, sb. T. 
Ceremonialism, sb. Kingsley 
Ceremony, sb. T. 
Cerise, sb. cherry colour. Times 
Certain, a^. a certain person, 


„ sure, Froude 

Certes, adv. W. 
Certitude, sb. D. 
Cerulean, a^j. W. 
Ceruse, sb. M. 
Chafe, V. a. warm, T. 
Chaff, sb. banter. Sat. Rev. 
Chain, sb. D. 
Chair, sb. T. 
Chalk, sb. Kingsley 
Challenge, v. a. B, Powell, 

„ sb. Southey 

Challenger, sb. D. . 
Chamber, sb. T. 
Chance, sb. ah accident, T. 

„ V. n. happen, T. 
Chancel, sb. D. • . 
Chancery, sb. D. 
Chandlering; acy. G. Eliot 


Change, y. a. T. 
„ y. n. D. 
„ sb. D, Froude 

Chant, V. a. T. 
Chapel, sb. T. 
Chapelry, sb. W. 
Chapman, sb. dealer, TIsei 
Character, sb. (moral) MiO 
„ (person in a play). 
Charactered, a^. poeseBsi]^ 

character, W. 
Characterism, sb. Boitlej 
Characteristic, a^j. De Q. 
Characterizing, a^j. De Q. 
Charactermonger, sb. M. 
Chare, sb. job, office, De Q. 
Charge, v. a. order, T. 
„ V. n. rush oh, D,S» 
„ sb. (in charge) T. 
Charger, sb. horse, T. 
Chariot, sb. D. 

„ V. n. Trench 
Charity, sb. D, W. 
Charlatan, sb. De Q. 
(^harm, sb. T. 

„ amulet, Olipbaat 

Charming, adj. D. 
Charter, sb. D. 
Charwoman, sb. E. Rey. 
Charwork, sb. We£tm» Ber. 
Chase, sb. in a wood, Ibi 


„ V. a. drive away, D. 
Chasm, sb. T. 
Chaste, adj. D. 
Chastity, sb. T. 
Chatelaine, sb. Oliphant 
Cheap, adj. D. 
Cheat, V. a. Southey 

„ sb. a rogue, Southflgr 

„ V. n. D. 
Clieck, V. a. T. 
Cheek, sb. T. 
Cheer, sb. countenance, D. 

„ V. a. comfort, D. 

„ sb. a kind of pheasa4 

Sat. Rev. 
Cheerftil, a^*. D. 
Cheeringly, adv. "W. 
Cheerless, adj. D. 
Chcmic, adj. W. 
Chemical, adj. Lewes 
Chemistry, sb. Lewes 
Cherub, sb. D. 
Chicane, v. n. B. 
Chicaner, sb. B. 
Chicaning, sb. Carlyle 
Chick, sb. D. 
Chief, sb. D. 
Chiefly, adv. D. 
Child, sb. W. 
Childhood, sb. W. 
Chiliasm, sb. a theory of tfii 

Millennium, Lond. Rev. 
Chill, V. a. T. 

„ adj. T. 

„ sb. Southey 
Chillness, sb. D. 
Chilly, adv. E. Bronte 




B, V. a. Kingsley, Southej 
Dey, sb. Southey 
Qey-board, sb. M. 
Qey-corner, adj. De Q. 

sb. Southey 
hilla, sb. Sir W. Parish 
:, sb. a burst of laughter, 
>oke, F. Q. 
e, a^j. D. 

sb. bevy of girls, D. 
, sb. D. 
J, V. a. T. 

V. n. T. 
ric, adj. D. 

e, V. n. prefer, W. 
v.a. T. 

)ing, adj . lumbering, awk- 

d, B. 

)y, a4|. Carlyle 

tick, sb. Oliphant 

jh, sb. (bird) Robertson, 


-cross, adj. W. 

endom, sb. De Q. 

icle, sb. B. Powell 

icier, sb. D. 

ologic, adj. De Q. 

osticon, sb. a line in 

;ry, marking a date by its 

irs, N and Q. 

3lite, sb. De Q. 

3m, sb. De Q. 

sb. Pycroft 

•ed, adj. chubby, Brooke, 


:, sb. a lump, Times 

d, sb. D. 
3-yard, sb. W. 

sb. D. 

V. a. grudge, Aubrey 
shness, sb. De Q. 
N sb. Lewes 

fieation, sb. the first pro- 
of digestion, Lewes 
ne, sb. Oliphant 
sb. Lewes 

r, adj. like an eyelash, 
'.. Jones 
id, adj. T. R. Jones 

sb. D. 

V. n. D. 
ir, adj. Ruskin 

sb. Froude 
itor, sb. Mill 
ifluent, adj. Macdonald 
ifuse, V. a. W. 
ipolar, adj. Darwin 
istantiality,sb. Nat.Rev. 
, sb. W. 
I, sb. D. 
b. T. 

adj. (war) D. 
jivilized, Southey 

f, sb. politeness, D. 
civilization, Ray 

ade, sb. a crusade to 
Eld civilization, Mill 
ation, sb. Sat. Rev. 

e, V. a. D. 

Civilly, a^. politely, Southey 
Civism, sb. Westm. Rev, De Q. 
Clad, part, D. 
Claim, V. a. T. 

„ sb. D. 
Clan, sb. D. 
Clangor, sb. D. 
Clangorous, adj. Carlyle 
Clangorously, adv. Carlyle 
Clap, V. n. applaud, D. 

„ make a sharp noise, 


„ V. a. praise, D. 

„ strike together,D.Southey 

„ sb. (of thunder) Southey 
Claret, sb. D. 
Class, adj. Nat. Rev. 
Classics, sb. the classic authors, 

Classificatory, adj. Darwin 
ClaWy sb. D. 
Clear, adj. T. 
Clearness, sb. D. 
Clearstarcher, sb. E. Rev. 
Cleave, v. n. T. 

„ split, burst, W. 
Cleft, sb. T. 
Clemency, sb. D. 
Clench, v. a. T. 
Clergy, sb. D. 

„ clerical profession. Mill 
Clerical, adj. Froude 
Clerisy, sb. profession of orders. 

Clerk, sb. D. 
Client, sb. D. 
Clientship, sb. Carlyle 
Cliff, sb. W. 
Climatal, adj. Darwin 
Climate, sb. D, Cornh. Mag. 
Climatic, adj. Maury 
Climb, v.n.T. 

,, V. a. X . 
Clime, sb. D. 
Cling, V. n. W. 
Cliqueish, adj. Times 
Clod, sb. (of earth) Southey 

„ country bumpkin, 

Clodhopper, sb. Oliphant. 
Cloister, sb. T. 
Cloistral, adj.W. 
Close, adj. near, T. 

„ V. a. Froude 

„ V. n. R. Williams 

„ • sb. end, T. 
Closure, sb. H. Spencer 
Clotjie, V. a. T. 
Clothes, sb. D. T. 
Cloud, sb. T, W. 

„ V. a. De Q. . 
Cloudy, adj. T. 
Clout, V. a. patch up, Carlyle 
Clown, sb. D. 
Club, sb. (of men) Carlyle 

„ V. a. contribute together, 


„ sb. thick stick, Soutlic^ 
Club-men, sb. H. Miller 



Clunk, sb. a sound so expressed 

H. Miller 
Cluster, a^. clustered, Mrs. 

V. n. W. 
V.a. (with ' over*) Masson 

Coadjutrix, sb. Thackeray 

Coadunate, v. a. De Q. 

Coal, sb. Southey 

Coalescence, sb. Sir W. Young 

Coalpit, sb. E. Rev. 

Coarse, adj. D. 

Coast, sb. T. 

Cob, sb. (of maize) Lindley 

Coble, sb. a small fishing boat, 

Cobweb, sb. T. 

Cobwebby, adj. Times 

Cock, sb. (the bird) D. 

Cocket, sb. Park 

Cocking, sb. woodcock shoot- 
ing, Aubrey 

Cockloft, sb. Times 

Cockney, sb. M. 

Coddle, V. a. M. 

Coffee, sb. Tennent 

Coffeehouse, sb. D. 

Coiled, adj. W. 

Coin, sb. D. 

Coinage, sb. money, T. 

Cold, adj. T. 
„ sb. Ruskin 

Colewort, sb. T. 

Colic, sb. Blunt 

Collateral, adj. D. 

Colleague, v. n. act in concert 
with, Carlyle 

Collect, V. a. and v. n. Froude 

Collective, adj. Mill 

Colloped, adj. Times 

Colloquial, adj. De Q. 

Colloquialism, sb. De Q. 

Collusive, adj. De Q. 

CoUusively, adv. Halliwell 

Colonizing, adj. De Q. 

Colonnaded, adj. T. 

Colony, sb. B. 

Colossean, adj. D. Thomas 

Colour, sb. T, Ruskin 

(in plur.), flags, D. 
V. a. paint, D. 

Coloured, adj. Ruskin 

Column, sb. D. 

Columniation, sb. Sat. Rev. 

Comb, sb. a measure. Times 
„ V. a. D. 

Combat, sb. D. 

Combatant, sb. D. 

Combine, v. a. De -Q. 

Combings, sb. or Coomings 
(naut.), James 

Come, V. n. T. 

Comedy, sb. D. 

Comely, adj. T. 

Come-off, sb. excuse, Ruskin 

Comer, sb. D. 

Comet, sb. D. 




Comfbrt, tb. T. 
Comfortleex, tOj. W. 
Comic, ftdj. D. 
Coming. Bb. T. 
Command, sb. T. 


Commntidery. bTi. (» miliUr; 

order) Sal, Rev. 
Commaniimcnl, sb, BtwkJn 
Commence, v.n. C.W. Goodwin, 

„ T.a. Souther 
Commencemeol, bIi. w the 
Univ. of Cambridge} Masson 
., beginning, C, W.Goodwin 
Commend, v.4v, D, 
Oomment, «b. T. 
Commentation, fh. Eingalef 
Commentator, ab. Hare 
Comminuleil, at^j. TR Jonoe 
CommiwionerHtiip, «b. M. 
Commit, v. a. put, (ilace. D. 
Commitment, »h. legal, De Q. 
CommodiouBly, adv D 
Common, mU< usobI, T. 

„ uni verbal, D. 

„ ordinary, vile, D. Froade 

„ 8b. open land, Frouile 
CnmmoQplara, v, a. Lomidet 
Common-seuBe, sb. Kingnlef 
CommoDwealtli, sb. D. 
Commune, v. n. T. 
Communion, sb. W. 
Commimiam, nb. Ludloiv 
Commutative, mlj. Turk 
Compact, T. a. compose, 

„ adj. Mrs. Browning 
Companion, eh. B. 
Companionleas, a^j. W. 
Company, <ib. (of persons) T. 
Compare, t. n. W. 

„ v.a.D, DeQ. 
Compass, y. a. win, oblt^n, T. 

„ Bb. range, Blunt 
Com passion, Hb, D. 
Compear, v. n. appear, Aubrey 
Coin|)endi/.c, v, a. iibridge, 

Competitive, adj. Sat. Rev. 
Compilation, sb, Haliam 
Compile, v. a. Dr, Temple 
Complacency, sb. W, 
Complacent, adj. Soiitliey 
Camplacential, a^. Howe 
Complain, v. n. D. 
Complete, adj. T. 
r.a. W 
Complex, Bb. Trench 
Complexion, sb. D. 
Complicacy, sb, Carlyle 
Complicate, v. a, Howe 
Complicated, adj. Fronde 
Component, adj. Soatbey 
Compos, adj. Lever 
CDmpo8e,v.B. (verses) Fro ude 
calm. Sonthey 
-,-, J decently. " 
Composed, adj. Souths 

Compodte, adj. Sonttiey 
Compoeure, «b. Soatbej 
Comprehend, t. a. MaoMl 
Comrade. Bb. T. 

C.iijiii,.|.'-l,i|,, Oi. Carlyle 

invent, W. 

„ imagine, De Q. 

T. n. think, De Q. 
CoDcdvalHlitv, Bb. Mansel, 

Conceivable, adj. Mnnnel 
Conceive, v. a. Imenlall Hansel 
Concfption.flb. (mental) Mansel 
Concern, sb. D. 
Concetti, sb, Kingslej 
Concctlism, sb. KInfcnIey 
Conciiuon, sb. conciseness, 

Concoctive, ailj. Chejne 
Concord, ob. W, 
Coneoiirw, bIi. T. 
Concurrenlly, adv. De Q. 
Concurring, adj. I>e. Q. 
Condemn, v, a. D. 
Condescend, V, n. cometopar- 

ticiliars, Aubrey 
Condescender, Bb, De Q. 
Condition, T, a. Hasson 

„ Bb, Froude 
Cnndllioneci. udj. Times 
rnnrtonalion, Bb, Times, De ft. 
Conduction, Bb. Maury 
Condoit, Bb. D. 
Confer, T, a, D.W. 
Confess, v, a. D. 
ConSdant, sb. D. 
Confidence, sb, D. 
Confident, adj. fYonds 
Confine, sb,]), 

V n.tmmdupon.DeQ. 
Confirm, v. a. D, 
CoQlirmation, Eb, Fronde 
Confllent, sb. Sat, Rev. 
Confi'oataiion, sb. Lewes 
Cool^ioQ, sb. T, 
Confutntnr, sb. H, Miller 
Congeries, ah, T R Jones 
Conglobated, adj. W. 
Conjecture, v. a. T, 
Conjunction, bIi, D. 
Connate, adj. Owen 
Conquer, v. a, D. 
Conquest, sb, thing won, D. 

„ victory, D, 
Conscience, sb. Carlyle, W. 
Conscioua, adj, W. 
ConaciouancaB, sb, Manset 
Conaent, ab. D, 

Consequence, ab, resnit. Im- 
portance. Froude 
Consequently, ndv, D. 
Conaiderahle, lui], F. Vesey 
Constancy, ab, D, 
Conslnnt, adj, Froude 
Constellated, i^j, RusMn 

ContUtntionaU^, lb. Sat. Bi 
Constitution, sb. (oftbelM^ 

„ (polit,), Fr'>ad« 
ConstitutlTe, adj. Nai. Bev. 

Conslraotive, adj. Mill 
Construe, r.a. D. 
Consuetudina^. adj. Butn 
Consult, v.a. Froude 
ConsulioiT, B^i. Mill 
^•on-ume, v a. D. 
Consumtnate, adj. W, 
CojisamptioD, sb. Mill 
Contact, sb. D. 
Conlagion. sb. De Q. 
Contagiously, adv. De Q. 
Coniominat*, adj, SirW. You 
Contemplate, v. a. Mansel 
Contemplative, attj, Massmi 
Contemplatlveneiis. sb. M*ta 
Contemplator, ab. Trench 
Contemporary, sb. D. 
Contempt, sb. W. 
Content, sb. conteutment, D 

„ ailj, T. 
Content^ness. itb, "W. 
Continuator, sb. H, HbIIbdi 
Continue, T.a. & v, n. Froud 
Contractility, sb. Q. B. Lsi 
Contradict, v. a. Goodwin 
Contradiction, sb. Mausel 
Contradictor, sb. De Q, 
Contradictory, sli, Robertsoi 
Contrariwise.adv.G. Rawl im 
('ontrarj, ab, W, 
Cotilrivable, adj. Ruakin 
Contrive, v. a, II. 
Control, V fl, B 

„ ab, Snutliey LeWH 
Conventicle, hli. D 
Conversancy, sb. Nat. Hev. 
Conversation, sb. D, DeQ. 
Convert, v.a, STC. 
Convertible, adj, Rolliad 
Conviction, sb, Carlyle 
Convolution, ab. W, 
Coo, V, n. W. 
Cook, 8b. D. 

„ V, a. Times 
Cool, y.a. D, 
Coolie, ab, Tennent 
Co-oidiiiate, v, a, Mauty 
Co-ordination, ab, Masson 
Coot, sb. Hiitory of Sir Jo 

Copartnery, sb. Carlyle 
Cope, Bb, W, 
Ccpplce, sb. T, 
Cnprology, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Copy, V, a. D. 

„ sb. Kusfcin 
Cw-BUsbH. Miller 
Cord, sb. D. 
Cordial, sb. a drink, D. 
Coriaceons, adj. Jones 
Combrash, sb. (geoU l^me» 
• Cornel-wood, Hb. G. Rawlin* 
Comeoos, adj, homy, Jones 


Comer, Bb. Froude 
Cornered, adj. Times 
Coronal, ab. Southey 
' Coronet, sb. D. 
Coroneted, adj. M. 
Corpse, sb. D. 

Corpuscle, sb. Daubeny, Lewes 
Corpuscular, adj. Lewes 
Corpusculated, Lewes 
Correct, adj. D. 

„ V. a. R. Williams 
Correlate, v. a. Darwin 

„ sb. De Q. 
Correlation, sb. Kingsley 
Correspond, v. n. Dr. Temple 
Correspondence, sb. Schim. 
Correspondent, adj. W. 
I Corrigibly, adv. De Q.. 
I Corroborant, adj. D. of Buckni. 
I Corrugated, adj. H. Miller 
I Corrugation, sb. H. Miller 
3 Cortege, sb. Oliphant 
Cosmic, adj. Carlyle 
Cosmopolitical, adj. Masson 
I Cost, sb. D, T, Southey 
„ V. a. Southey 
Costly, adj. T, Southey 
Coterie, sb. M. 
Cotillon, sb. Beckwith 
Cottage, sb. D. 
Cottaged, ai^. W. 
Couch, V. n. T. 

„ V. a. make to lie down, W. 
„ conceal, hide, De Q. 
„ sb. (a spear) T. 
Couchant, a^*. T. 
Council, sb. D. 

Count, sb. (title of honour) T. 
„ V. a. reckon, Ruskin 
„ consider, T. 
Countable, adj. Carlyle 
Countenanced, adj. havihg a 

countenance or face, W. 
Counter, adj. W. 
Counteractive, adj.-Lond. Rev. 
Counter-irritant, sb. M. 
Counterpart, sb. De Q. 
Counterplotting, sb. Times 
Counterpoint, sb. De Q, 
Counterturn, sb. W. 
Countervail, v. a.- Kingsley 
Country, adj. rural, D. 
„ sb. a land, D. 
„ (opp. to town) D. 
Countryman, sb. (fellow-c.) D. 
County-court, v. a. Times 
Couple, V. a. W, Southey 

„ sb. Darwin, Southey 
Courier, sb. T 
Course, v. a. chase, D, W. 

„ sb. Froude 
Courser, sb. horse, D. 
Court, sb. wooing, D. 
„ (of a king), T. 
„ the courtiers, T. 
courtyard, T. 
(of law), D. 
V. a. D. , 

Courteous, adj. T. 





Courtesy, sb. T. 
Courtliness, sb. T. 
Courtly, adj. T. 
Cousin, sb. T. 
Cousinhood, sb. M. 
Cousinry, sb. Carlyle 
Cousinship, sb. Carlyle 
Cove, sb. T. 
Covenant, sb. M. 
Cover, V. a.Wilson, Southey, 

„ sb. Froude, Livingstone 

„ (of a book), Southey 
• „ hiding-place, Southey 
Coverlet, sb. T. 
Covert, sb. covering, D. 

„ a den, D, Southey 

Coverture, sb. covering, G. 

Covet, V. a. Southey 
Covetable, adj. Ruskin 
Covetous, adj. Southey 
Coward, sb. D. 
Cowardice, sb. T. 
Cowry, sb. Tennent 
Coxcomb, sb. D. 
Coxcombry, sb, De Q. 
Crab, sb. (animal) Lond. Rev. 
Crack, sb. cracking sound, 


„ V. a. split, Southey 
„' V. n. split, Southey 
Cracker, sb. (the firework) D. 
Cradle, sb. D. 
Craft, sb.T. 
Crafty, adj. T. 
Crag, sb. T. 
Crammer, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Crampedness, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Cran, sb. E. Rev. 
Crasis, sb. Howe 
Crass, adj. (dense) Times 
Cravat, sb. D. 
Crayon, sb. Oliphant 
Creak, v. n. W. 
Create, v. a. D. 
Creation, sb. Mansel 
Creator, sb, D. 
Creature, sb. a man, T. 

„ animated being, Bagshot 

„ a follower, T. 

Credential, adj. 
Credulity, sb. D. 
Credulous, adj. D. 
Creed, sb. D. 
Creep, sb. W. 

„ V. n. T. 
Cremation, sb. Times 
C;*enellated, adj. Russell 
Crescent, adj. T. 
Cressy, adj. Ruskin, T. 
Crest, sb. T. 
Crevasse, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Crew, sb. D. 

Crib, V. a. confine, De Q. 
Crime, sb. T, Sat. Rev. 
Crimp, V. a. reduce in size, 

„ V. a. to carry oft mwiXi^ 

force, Thackeray^ M, 




Crimson, sb. T. 
Cringe, V. n. D. 
Cripple, V. a. Froude, Southey 

„ sb. Southey 
Crippled, adj. D. 
Crippling, adj.W. 
Crisp, V. a. Kingsley 
Critic, sb. D. 

Criticism, sb. a critique, Mansel 
Croak, v. n. T. 
Croakily, adv. Carlylfe 
Croft, sb. plot of land, W. 
Croodle, v. n. Kingsley 
Crop, sb. a large number (of 


„ V. a. W. 
Crosier, sb. D. 
Cross, V. a. thwart, T. 
Cross-hatch, sb. Cornhill Mag. 
Crowd, sb. T. 
V. a. D. 
V. n. D. 
Crowded, adj. D. 
Crown, sb. T. 

,, V. a. X • 
Cruel, adj. D. 
Cruelty, sb. D. 
Crusade, v. n. Carlyle 
Crust, V. a. pelt with crusts, 


„ sb. C. W. Goodwin 
Crustacean, sb. & adj. Jones 
Cry, V. n. T. 
„ sb. T. 
Cryptosplenetic, adj. Carlyle 
Crystal, adj. D. 

„ sb. Ruskin 
Cuckold, sb. D. 
Cudgel, sb. De Q. 
Cuirass, sb. T. 
Cuirassier, sb. M. 
Cull, v.a.W. 
Cully, sb. History of Sir J. 

Cult, sb. worship. Sat. Rev. 
Culte, sb. worship, Oliphant 
Cultivate, v. a. Darwin 
Cultivator, sb. Mill 
Cultus, sb. De Q. 
Culverin, sb. D. 
Cumber, v. a. Southey 
Cumberer, sb. Mi*s. Gaskell 
Cumulatively, adv. De Q. 
Cunctation, sb. Carlyle 
Cunning, adj.D. 
Cur, sb. D. 
Curable, adj. Aubrey 
Curate, sb. Froude 
Curb, V. a. D. • 

„ sb. remedy, Southey 
Curd, sb. a clotted lump,Maury 
Curdle, sb. ditto, Maury 
Cure, V. a. D, Southey 
Cureless, adj. D, Bent. Q. Rev. 
Curious, adj. careful. Times 
Curl, sb. Southey, Darwin 
„ V. a. & V . \x.. ^wi.N2ckSs^ ..^x^NiSift 


Curr, V. n. make the sound of 

an owlet, W. 
Current, adj. D. 
Curry, sb. Tennent 

„ V. a. (favour) Oliphant 
Curse, V. a. T. 
„ sb. T. 
Cursed, adj. D. 
Curser, sb. Motley 
Curtain, sb. D. 
Curule, adj. Sat. Rev. 
Curvet, V. u. T. * 

Custom, sb. Mill 
Customary, a^j- T. 
Cut, V. a. T. 
„ sb. T. 
Cycle, V. n. Darwin 
Cyclone, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Cyst, sb. a membranous bag, 

T. R. Jones 

Dabble, v. n. W. 
Dactyl, sb. M. 
Dad, sb. father, M. 
Dagger, sb. T. 
Daily, adj. and adv. W. 

„ sb. a daily journal, Times 
Daintily, adv. T. 
Dainty, sb. and adj. Southey 
Daisy, sb. (zoophyte) Lewes 
Dale, sb. W . 
Dalesman, sb. W. 
Dam, sb. T. 
Damascening, sb. chasing on 

steel, Cornh. Mag. 
Dame, sb. T. 
Damp, V. a. W. 

„ adj. and sb. Southey 
Damply, adv. Tour in Ireland 
Damsel, sb. T. 
Dance, sb. T. 

„ V. n. T. 
Dandelion, sb. W. 
Dandle, v. a. T. 
Danger, sb. T.^ 
Dangerous, adj. Froude 
Dapple, V. a. W. 
Dappling, adj. W. 
Dare, v. n. T. 
Dark, adj. T. 
Darken, v. n. T. 
,, V. a. X . 
Dark-eyed, adj. Home 
Darkness, sb. T. 
Darling, adj. W. 
Dart, V. n. spring forward, W. 

„ V. a. Southey 

„ sb. Southey 
Dash, V. a. T. 

„ sb. sudden rush,WHRussell 
Date, sb. Southey 

„ sb. (the fruit) Southey 
Dateless, adj. W. 
Daughter, sb. (T. 
Daughterkin, sb. Carlyle 
Daunt, v.a.W. 
Dawn, sb. W. 

„ V. n. W. 
'Owning, sb. T. 




Dav, sb. T. 
Daylight, sb. W. 
Day-star, sb. W. 
Daze, V. a. T. 
Dazzle, v. a. T. 
Dead, adj. T. 

„ (reckoning, naut.) Times 
Deaf, adj. T. 
Deal, sb. ^the wood) W. 

„ portion, Southey 

„ V. n. treat with, T. 

meddle with, Southey 
V. a. distribute, Southey • 
Dean, sb. T. 
Dear, adj. T. 
DjBaih,sb. T. 
Deathly, adv. T. 
Death's-head, sb. T. 
Debar, v. a. W. 
Debarras, v. a. disembarrass, 

C, Reade 
Debase, v. a. W. 
Debate, v. a. T. 

„ sb. (Pari.) Froude 
Deboshed, adj. Kmgsley 
Debouche, v. n. Oliphant 
Debris, sb. Oliphant 
Debt, 3b. T. 
Debtor, sb. T. 
Decadescent, adj. Nat. Rev. 
Decanter, sb. W. 
Decay, sb. W. 

„ V. n. Southey 
Decency, sb. W. 
Decent, adj. Ruskin, Southey 
Decide, v. a. T! 
Decision, sb. final resolve, T. 
Decisive, a^j. W. 
Deck, sb. (of ship) Southey 

„ V, a. W. 
Declare, v. a. W. 
„ V. n. W. 
Declension, sb. a falling off 

from a thing, Blunt 
Decline, v. n. sink, W. 
Decollate, v. a. Gibbon 
Decoration, sb. that which 

decorates, W. 
Decree, sb. W. 
Decry, v. a. W. 
Dedicate, v. a. Southey 
Dedicated, adj. W. > 
Deed, sb. T, Ruskin 
Deem, v. n. (believe) T. 
Deep, adj. W, Maury 

„ V. n. Kingsley 
Deepen, v. n. Kingsley 

,, V. a. X . 
Deeply, adv. W. 
Deer, sb. Home 
Default, V. n. Carlyle 

„ sb. Southey 
Defeat, v. a. W. 

„ sb. loss, destrnction, T. 
„ (in war), Froude 

Defence, sb. W. 
Defend, v. a. Froude 
Defender, sb. W. 
Defiance, sb. W. 

Define, v. a. Froude 
Defined, a^j. Darwin 
Definition, sb. A. de Morgan 
Deformity, sb. Schim. 
Defraud, v. a. W. 
Defray, v. a. Carlyle • 
Deft, adj. G. Eliot 
Deftly, adv. W. 
Defy, V. a. S. 

Degree,sb. (certain amount) W. 
Dehor t, v. a. Aubrey 
Dehumanize, v. a. Kingsley 
Delay, v. n. T, Southey 

„ V. a. Southey 

„ sb. Southey 
Delegate, sb. Southey 
Delegated, adj. T. 
]>elf, sb. Ray 
Deliberate, adj. W. 
Delicate, adj. W. 
Delicately, adv. T. 
Delicious, adj. T. 
Delight, sb. B. 

V. a. W. 
Delightful! adj. W. 
Delirium, sb. T. 
Delitescency, sb. Aubrey 
Deliver, v. a. T. 
Deliverance, sb. W. 
Dell, sb. W. 
Delve, V. a. Southey 
Delver, sb. T. 
Demagogue, sb. Times 
Demand, v. a. W. 
Demarcate, v. a. Lewes 
Democracy, sb. Robertson 
Democratic, adj. Southey 
Democratize, v. a. Sat. Rev. 
Democratometer, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Demon, sb. Home 
Demonism, sb. Brooke, F. Q. 
Demonstrate, v. a. Ruskin 
Demonstration, sb. T. 
Demur, sb. T. 
Demure, adj. W. 
Den, sb. W. 
Denounce, v. a. T. 
Depart, v. n. W. 
Depasture, v. a. Carlyle 
Depasturing, adj. Carlyle 
Depend, v.n. W. 
Depict, V. a. W. 
Depicture, v. a. Harris 
Deplore, v. a. T. 
Deportation, sb. Masson 
Depress, v. a. Ruskin 
Depressed, adj. sad, W. 
Depth, sb.W. 
Dereliction, sb. B. 
Derive, v. a. W. 
Descend, v. n. T. 
Descent, sb. Ruskin 
Describe, v. a. Lewes, Hare 
Describer, sb. Masson 
Desert, v. a. W. 

„ sb. waste place, R\iskin, 
Deserted, adj. W. 
3>eserve, v. a. W. 

Deaign, sb. a Hketob, T. 

„ a plnD.FroudfliSootbey 

„ faculty of dedgning, 


„ T. n. Bketci, Ruskiii 

„ V. a, intend, SoulUey 

„ designate, Soulliey 

Deaire, sli. T. 

„ V.B..T. 

,. Y. a. W. 
Desolate, adj. Ruskin 
Ilosolation, sb. T. 
Despair, ab. T. 
1. W, 

Diffuse, V. a. W. 
Digeat, t. a. tboroughly con- 
eider. Blunt 
Digestion, sb. Lewes 
Dight, part. W. 
Dignined, adj. W. 
Dignify. T.B.W. 
Dignity, ab. W. 
Di]ate.T.Q. W. 
Dilation, sb. T. 
Dilatory, adj. W. 
Dim, adj. T. 
I, W. 

Deeperatfta^. W. 
Despte, ab. W. 
Despiteful, a^. Homa 
Despoil, sb. W. 
Despot, sb. Lewes, Southcy, 

Spencer, B, 
DeapotiHm. ab. Alill, H. 
Destination,' sb. Mill 
Destine, v. a. W. 
Destiny, ab. W, 
Destitute, adj. W. 
Detail, ab. T. 
Deteniiine, v. a. B. Powell 

„ T.n. Fronde 

Determined, adj. resolnte, 

Determioiam, eb, Tbomaon 
Deterrent, sb. Times 
Detest, T. a. Fronde 
Deteetable, adj. T. 
Develope, r. a. Hora 
Deviate, v.n.W. 
Devious, a4i- W. 
Devotion, sb. W. 
Devour, v. a. W. 
Devout, a<li. W. 
Dow, ab, SoutlioT 
Dewdrop, sb. W. 
Dewy, a!dj. T, Boutliey 
Diagram, ab. W. 
Dialoguing, ab. Carlyle 
Diamond, sb. T, Ruakin 
,. at cards, W. 

Diapbanoaa, adj. W. 
Diastole, sb. B. 
Dicast. ab. Nat. Eev. 
Dichotomousl7,adv.T. R. Jones 
Dii^kej', ab. a half-ahirt. Bat. 

D'daclyloafl, adj. T. R. Jones 
Die, v.n. T, 
Differ, T.n. RuBkin 
Difference, 8b. T. W, Trench 
„ T.a, make different, Nat. Re v. 

Trench, Maason 
Different, adj. W, 
Differentia, nb. Kingsley 
Differentiation, sb. Maason, 

Differently, adv. T. 
Difficult, adj. W. 
Difficully, sb. Froude 
Diffidence, ah, W. 
Diffident, adj. Soulliey 
Diffluence, i<b. C. Reade 

Dimple, v.n. Kingsley, W. 
Din, sb. T. 

„ T.n.W. 
Dip, V. n. bovf oneself, T. 

„ V. a. immerse, W. 
Dire, a<j. W. 

Direct, v. a. Levras, Soutbey 
„ V. n. Soutbey 
„ a4J. Fusey, Suuthey 
Directly, ady. W. 
Disabuse, r. "' 
Disafforest, ■ 
Disaggregntioti, sb. Sat. Rev. 
Diaagrecable, adj. Howe 
Disappointed, adj. W. 
Disappointment, sb. W. 
Diaapprover, sb, Poster 
Disarm, T.a. W. 
Disarray, sb. G. RawlinBon 
Discern, y. a. W, 
Discharge, ab. pertbrmance (of 
duty), Soutbey 
„ T.a. send awny, W. 

„ shoot Ibrth. Saulhey 
DiacipJe, sb. B, Powell 
Discipline, ab. W. 
DiscipuJar, adj. Sa^ ReT. 
Disdaim, t. a. T. 
Discomfit, T. a. W. 
Diacomfort, ab. T. 
Disconnexion, sb, B. 
Disconsolate, adj. W. 
Discontented, ailj. W. 
Diacordanl, adj. W. 
Discolmtenance, v. a. B. 
Discourse, ab. W, Soutbey 

„ T.n, Soutbey 
Diacoortesy, ab. T. 
Dlacriminate, t. a. B. Powell 

Discrim inatingly.adv , Kingsley 
Discrown, T.a, W. 
Discursire, adj. W. 
Disdain, ab. T. 

„ T.a. Ruskiii 
DisencbniD. v. a. Masaon 
Diaenchant, v, a, W, 
Disestablish, t, a. H. Miller 
Diseateem, sb. W. 
Disflimished adj, H. Miller 
Disgust, sb. Dr. Temple 

„ t, a. Soutbey 
DisgUBtful, adj. Bnmke, F. Q, 
DiBgnBtingncBS. ab, KilvgeVEj 
Disbarmonj, st), Trencli 

Disbdm, v.a, T, 
Dishevel led, a^j. W. 
Diahoueat, adj. Home 
Disbooour, sb, T. 
Disimprison, v.a. Carljle 
Disinberison, sb, H. \t nlpd 
Diainhume, v.a, W. 
Di^oiu, v.a, W. 
DisUuin, V, n. Trench 
Dislink, V, a, T. 
Dislodge, v. a. W. 
Mfiloyal, adj. T, 
Diamal, adj, Soothey 
Dismally, ady. W. 
Dismantle, v. a. W. 
Dismay, sb. W. 
Dismias, v. a, T. 
Diamissal, sb, T, 
Diaorder, ab. Fronde 
Diaorderly, a^j. T. 
Diaown, v. a. w. 
Diai)arage, v. a. B. Powe!! ^ 
Disparager, sb. Mill 
Diejiarale, ai^. Beutley 
Diajiart, v. a. sepai'ate, W. 
Dispense, », a, T, Soutbey 

„ ¥,n. (with) Pusey, U. 

Disperse, v. a. T, Froude, 


T.n, Sontbe 
Disperscdly, adv. T. 
Display, T. a. W. 
Diapoaable, adj. Masson . I 
Dispraise, T. a. Robertson, 1 
Diaprincti, v, a. T, 
D'spiitable, adj. Mill 
Dispute, sb. T. 

Diaquiet, sb. W. 
Dinquj etude, eb, W. 
DiBqnisitional, adj. Masso: 
Disrelish, i "" ' ' ' 
Disrobe, v. 
Disroot, V. a, T. 
Disruption, sb. T. 
Disrupture, ab. Calhoun 
Diasertative, adj. H. MUlO! 
Disaever, v. a. W. 
Dissolute, adj. Carlylo 
Disaolve, v. n. W. 

T. a. Froude 
Diasuaaive, ab. Kingsley 
Distance, ab. W. 
Diatant, adj, T. 
Distempered, adj. Froud» I 
Diatinct, adj, "W. 
Distinctire, adj. T. 
Diatinctiy, adv. W. 
Distinguish, v. a. Fronde 
Distingoishable, a:lj. W. 
Distract, v, a. Rualaii 
Distraction, sb. W, 
Distress, ab, W. 

„ T, K. Southej 
Distressful, adj. Grenville 1 
District, ab. W, 
Disturb, V. a., "V. 

.. WWteaide J 


Divers, adj. Trench 
Diverse, adj. T. 
Diversely, adv. W, Hare 
Diversify, v. a. W. 
Divertize, v. a. divert, Aubrey 
Divest, V. a. W. 
Divide, v. a. W. 
Dividual, adj. W. 
Dividual ly, adv. W. 
Divine, adj. T. 

„ sb. theologian, K. Burton 
Divinity, sb. godship, Southey 

„ a god, Southey 
Division, sb. W. 
Di\'iilge, V. a. W. 
Dizzy, adj. W. 
Do, V. a. perform, T. 
Docetic, adj. Trench 
Doctor, sb. (title) W. 
Doctress, sb. female physician, 

E. Rev. 
Doctrine, sb. Robertson 
Document, sb. Froude 
Documentarily, adv. Ruskin 
Doddered, adj. Mrs. Gaskell 
Dodge, sb. Sat. Rev., Times 
Doe, sb. T. 

Doer, sb. Macdonald, Ruskin 
Doff, V. a. T. 
Dog, sb. T. 
Dog-eared, M. 
Dog-fox, sb. Mrs. Gaskell 
Dogged, adj. Kingsley 
Doggrel, V. n. write doggrel 

verses, C. Reade 
Dogma, sb. B. Powell 
Dogmatic, ad. B. Powell 

„ sb. London Rev. 
Dogmaticalness, sb. Shaftes- 
Dogmatism, sb. Mansel 
Dogmatist, sb. Kingsley 
Doldrums, sb. (naut.) Maury 
Dolomitic,. adj. Sat. Rev. 
Dolorous, adj. T. 
Doltishness, sb. G. Rawlinson 
Domain, sb. W. 
Dome, sb. T. 
Domestic, adj. W. 
Domineer, v. n. W. 
Dooker, sb. kind of gull, A. 

Doom, sb. T. 

„ V. a. Southey 
Door, sb. T. 

Doorsman, sb. Evening Star 
Dorekie, sb. (bird) Cornh. Mag. 
Dorhawk, sb. w . 
Dotard, sb. W. 
Dotardage, sb. Times 
Double, adj. T. 


Doubt, V. a. T. 

„ sb. T. 
V. n. T. 
Doubtful, adj. T. 
Doubtfully, adv. W. 
Dove, sb. T. 
Dowager, si). T. 
Down, prep. T. 

„ adv, T. 

„ sb. sloping plain, T. 
Downright, adj. T. 
Doxy, sb. Thackeray 
Doze, V. n.T. 

„ sb. T. 
Dozen, adj. T. 
Drag, v.a. T. 
Dragon, sb. T, Kingsley 
Dragoon, sb. Times 
Drain, v. a. empty, T. 

„ sb. (metaph. ♦ of money*) 

Drama, sb. Hallam, Kingsley 
Dramatic, adj. Kingsley 
Draperied, adj. Macdonald 
Drapery, sb. T, Mrs. Gaskell 
Dratchell, sb. bad woman, 

G. Eliot 
Draught, sb. potion, T. 
Draw, V. a. T. 

„ delineate, Southey 
Drawl, V. n. and sb. Cowper 
Drawlingly, adv. Loud. Rev. 
Dread, v. a. T. 

adj.W. • 
sb. Livingstone 
Dreadful, adj. T. 
Dream, v. a. T. 
v.n. T. 
sb. T. 
Dreamer, ab. W. 
Dreamful, adj. Macdonald 
Dreamless, adj. W. 
Dreary, adj.W. 
Drjedge, v. a. T R Jones 
Drench, v. a. T. 
Dress, v. a. T. 

„ sb. W. 
Dressing-gown, sb. Oliphaitt 
Drill, v.a. drive, goad onwards, 


„ exercise soldiers, Southey 
Drink, v. n. W. 
Drive, v. a. T. 

V. n. (as a ship) W, 
(horses), Thackeray 
Drizzling, adj.W. 
Droll, V. n. talk jestingly, 


„ sb. a puppet, Shaftesbury 
Drollery, sb. Carlyle 
Dromedary, sb. W. 








Droop, V.a. T. 
„ V. n. W. 

Drop, V. a. T. 
„ V. n. W. 
„ sb. T. 

Drought, sb. Pusey, Southey 

Droughty, adj. W. 

Drovery,sb. idling place,Timei 

Drowse, v. n. T. 

Druid, sb. W. 

Drum, sb. Southey 
„ V. n. murmur, make a 
drumming sound, T. 

Drunkard, sb. T. 

Drunken, adj. Southey 

Drunkenness, sb. Pusey, John- 

Drunkish, adj. Carlyle 

Drv, adj. T. 

Dual, adj. W. 

Dubiety, sb. Carlyle 

Dubious, adj. W. • 

Dubitatively, adv. Carlyle 

Ducat, sb. Carlyle 

Duck (* ducks and drakes'), 
Brooke, F. Q. 
„ (bird), Darwin, Cowper 

Dudeen, sb. Irish pipe, 

Due, sb. T. 
„ adj. T. 

Duffil, sb. W. 

Dugong, sb. (animal) Darwin 

Duke, sb. Froude 

Dukery, sb. Carlyle 

Dull, adj^ T. 

Dulse, sb. a sea plant, A.Smitl 

Duly, adv. W. 

Dumb, adj. T. 

Dumbfounder, v. a. G. Raw- 

Dumbly, adv. T. 

Dunghill, sb. Home 

Dunnage, sb. Lindley 

Dupe, sb. W. 
. „ V. a. W. 

Dusk, adj. T. 

Dusky, adj. T. 

Dust, sb. T. 

Dusty, adj. T. 

Duteous, adj. W. 

Duty, sb. T, W, Hare 

Dwarf, V. a. J. S. Mill 
„ sb. T. 

Dwell, V. n. (with ' on*) T. 
„ (live), T. 

Dweller, sb.W. 

Dwelling, sb. 

Dwindle, v. n. W. 

Dyke, sb. Home 




COUNCIL, 1860-61 

* .-W* " --^--N X,-^ 





EDWIN GUEST, ESQ., LL.D., Master of Caius College, Carabridgo. 

Ordinary Members of Council. 




Honorary Secretariet. 

Extracts from the Philological Society's Rules, 

" The Philological Society is formed for the inyestigation of the Structure, the 
Affinities, and the History of Languages ; and the Philological Illustration of 
the Classical Writers of Greece and Rome. 

^' Each Member shall pay two guineas on his election, one guinea as entrance- 
fee and one guinea for his first year's contribution. Q^e Annual Subscription 
shall become due on the Ist of January^ each year. Any Member may com- 
pound for his contributions by the payinent of Ten Guineas, exclusive of his 
entrance-fee.** •? 


Members are entitled to two copies of^all Papers issued by the Society, and to 

attend, and introduce a friend to, the M^tings of the Society on the second and 

fourth Thursdays in eyery month, fh>ii Noyember to Jane. Applications for 

admission should be made to either of %m Honorary Secretaries (Professor Key, 

48, Camden Street, N.W., F. J. Fumiyill, Esq., 3, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, 

W.C), or to the Assistant-Secretary, John Williams, Esq., at the Royal 

Astronomical Society, Somerset House, London, to whom Subscriptions should 

be paid. 







Paet II.— E to L. 



I _____ 




by RicLard Cheneyix Trench, D.D., Deiin of Westminster, '2od 
Edition, revised and enlarged. To which is added a Letter to the Author 
from Herbert Coleridge, Esq., on the Progress and Pro§pect« of the 
Society's New English Dictionary. J. W. Parker nod Son, I860. 3*. 

PROPOSAL for the Publieation of a New English Dictionary by the 
Philolopoal Society. Triibner and Co., 1859. 6i. 

ridge. Triibner and Co., 1869, 6», (Being the Basis of Compariaon 
for the First Period, 1250—1526.) 

BASIS OF COMPARISON. Third Period. Part I., A to D. Part 
IL, E to L. 

[The next Part will be iesued early in 1862.] 

CAN0NE8 LEXICOGRAPHICI ; or. Rules to be observed in Editing 
the New English Dictionary of the Philological Society. 











Part IL— E to L 





A & C— Artist and Craftsman. Mr. Fumivall 

Addison. Key. J. P. Hopps 
Ann Rc^ — Annual Register. Mr. Bacon, U.S. 
B —Burke. Mr. Rossitcr and Mr. F. 

Bcntlcy, 1C92. Dr. Stocker 

Brooke's Fool of Qnalitr 
Bp B— Bp. Burnet, 1716. Mr. C. Danbeny 
Ld B— Lord Broughton. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
Mrs B — Mra. Barrett Browning. Mr. Fur- 

T B->Thomas Burnet, 1684. Dr. Stocker 
Sir T B— Sir Thomas Browne, 1682. Dr. 

Br— Charlotte Bront6 

R Burton. Mr. W. Sargeant, U.S. 

Byron. Miss Martin 

Calhoun. Mr. Johnson, U.S. 
Carl— Carlyle. Miss Eisdell 
Col or S T C— S. T. Coleridge. A friend 

Cowper. Mr. E. S. Jackson 
D — Dryden. Mr. H. Coleridge 
De Q — De Qnincey. Miss Eisdell 
E E or Ed Rev— Edinburgh Review 
Fr— J. A. Froude. Mr. fi. H. Gibbs 
Gib— Gibbon. Mr. E. S. Jackson 

W. H. Gregory. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
L H — Leigh Hunt 

Hare, J. W. Miss Eisdell 

Heath. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

Hobbes, 1675. Dr. Stocker 

Holmes, 0. W. Mr. W. Sargeant, U.S. 

Home, 1722-1808. Mr. W. Sargeant, 

G. Hnddesford. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

T. Hughes. Mr. Frumivall 

Irving, Washington. Mr. W. Sargeant, 

Eingsley, C. Miss Eisdell 


Lamb, Charles. Mr. E. Dowden 

Lewes, G. H. Mr. H. H. Gibbe 
M— Macanlay. Miss Conrtenay 
Macm— Macmillan's Magazine. Mr. Fur- 

Maury. Miss Eisdell 

Moir, D. M. (A). Miss Eisdell 

Motley. Miss Martin 
Muse in ]Min— Muse in Miniature. Mr. W. 

Sargeant, U.S. 
N — Florence Nightingale. Miss Dabdel 

Oliphant. liiss Eisdell 

Palmer, 1710. Dr. Stocker 

Powell, Baden. Mr. H. Colerid^ 
Q Rev— Quarterly Review 
Rus — Ruskin. Miss Eisdell 
R or WHR—W. H.Russell. Mr.FunuYall 
Rawl— Rawlinson 
Sat Rev— Saturday Review. Mr. FanuyaU 

N. W. Senior 
Sou — Southey. Mr. E. S. Jackson 
Spec — Spectator. Rev. J. P. Hop^ 
St — ^Mrs. H. B. Stowe. Miss DaizieL 

Swift. Mr. W. A. Dalzid 
T — Tennyson. Mr. H. Coleridge, Misa £. 

T. Taylor. Mr. W. Sai^^eant, U.S. 

Tom Taylor. Mr. Furmvall 
Ti— The Times. Mr. Fumivall 

Tooke, Home. Mr. J. Butler 
Tra— Traherae, 1676. Dr. Stocker 

Tucker, A., 1765. Dr. Stocker 

Wade, T. Mr. Fumivall 
Warb— Bp. Warburton 
Wh—G. Whiteside. J. Whyte 
W— Wordsworth. Miss Eisdell, Mr. H. 


Since the publication of tlio First Part of thia Basis, oar propoBsd DistionEiry 
Ems received a severe blow by the death of its first Editor, tlio able and 
aueomjilishcd Hei'bort Colui'idge. In its service he caught the cold which 
resulted in his duath. All through hia illuuaa lie worked for it whenever 
leisure and atrongth allowed ; and his last attempt at work — two days before 
he died — was to arrange some of its papers. He had hoped to live to seo 
tlio First Part of it through tho press, but the 'hand that guides' had 
directed otherwise : he followed the guidance, and was content, leaving us 
behind to carry out alone the work which ho had till then conducted with 
such energy and skill. May oui' regard for him bo an additional pledge to 
Olio anotiier tliat we will not let that for which he cared so greatly, fail. 
Our friend had prepared a few of the A words for printing, so far as the 
materials sent in to him allowed. Though the hopo that sometimes inspires 
the last stage of consumption, led him to believe tliat he might be able soon 
to fill up tlio many gaps in the quotations and words he wanted, I was (and 
am) convinced that nothing would supply the deficiencies but the work of 
our contributors for two yeai's on dcw and revised Eases of Comparison for tho 
first Two Periods at least, and the having in liaud some material for our 
Etymological Committee to get into finished shape. With this conviction 
I have determined to put aside all idea of printing the First Part of the 
Dictionary for four or five years unless some great unexpected help is forth- 
coming ; and I propose, if all go well, to finish this Third-Period Basis early 
next year ; then to compile Two Concise Dictionaries of Early and l^iddle 
English,* which shall include severally all the materials sent in for the First 
and Second Periods, and serve as new Bases of Comparison for those Periods, 
BO that contributors may read by them the remaining books of the respective 
Periods (or such of them aa they will), and revise the books they have already 
read. Meantime the Etymological material will, I trust, be ready. Dr. Carl 
Ijottner, whose able papers in Knhn's Zeitschnft, the Philological Society's 
Transactions, Froier'a Magazine, and the Saturday Beview, show his fitness 
for the task, was some months ago commissioned by me to prepare an Ety- 
mological Analysis of all the words in the latest English Dictionary — 
Worcester's — separating every word into its several prefixes, suffixes, 
and root, and he has now nearly finished the C words. His work will be 
submitted to the Etymological Committee, perhaps before it is printed. When 
these trial books have l)een in the hands of our fellow- workers for two year 
or BO, and their revisions of them, and additions to them have come in, th 
Editor whoever ho may then be, wi!l bo in a somewhat fitting position fn 
producing a work worthy of tho Society, and of the band of tried and ablo 



puLncniJLiT vonci. 

coadjuton who hare helped him, and for whoee geDeroaa aid neither he Bor 
the Society can be BdAdentl^ grateftil. 

To the Knt Part of this Bans, one objection only, ICr. Ckderidge ntH 
was made to him — 'Why have you quoted a newspaper as the authority ftr 
a word when you might have quoted Tennyson ?' His answer was, * Became 
some contributor had sent me a quotation fbr the word from a new sp a p eii 
and nobody had sent me one from Tennyson. If you will send me fte 
Tennyson one, I will use it in the Dictionary/ Many of the inibrior antto- 
rities cited in the Parts of this Basis will, I trust, be displaced by superior 
ones furnished afterwards by contributors; many a late authority for woidi 
bom in the Third Period will, I hope, be superseded by the record of their 
first appearance. Many of the extracts now in hand do not, of course, con- 
tain apt instances of the use of their catchword ; do not bring out its power, 
history, or individuality, but only mark its occurrence. Apt passages shodd 
always be sent in, whatcyer number of authorities arc cited for the oateb^ 
word in the Basis. And I ask contributors to add definitions to Uie catA- 
words whereyer they can, as with the whole context before them, they mmt 
be better placed for defining the words than I am ; and even if they are 
wrong, their mistakes will help me. Other points hardly enough attended 
to (so far as I have seen) are, the construction of yerbs, etc., witti tiieir 
speoal prq)osition8, the change in the use of auxiliaries, as have and he, iriA 
yerbs; and other changes, as fVt>m * such.,. tcho/ to 'such.. .at,' 'as iB..Muh 
are,' to 'as are,' etc. 

For this present Fart II. Mr. Coleridge left lists of a third, or a quarter 
at the words now in it, but the references only to Dryden, Wordswortti 
and Tennyson had been registered; the extracts he had not been able to 
copy. To these lists have been added the words since furnished by eon- 
tributors (the principal are mentioned on the back of the Title-page), and by 
Mr. Rossiter's Index to Burke's Works. My special thanks are due to Mr. 
William and Miss Eleanor Dalziel, Mr. Wilkins, Mr. Tansley, and Miss 
Martin, for their help in compiling this Part; and to the Editor of Tie 
Athenaum for his repeated appeals to the rea^g public to join our Dio- 
tionary Volunteers. 


8, Old Square, linooln's Iim, London, W.C., 
September 25, 1861. 

sdj. TennTEon 
, adj. Palmer, D 
ly, udv. Burke 
leiiB, sb. D, B 

Bb. T 

adj. B 

-:, ab. D, Soutiiej 
man, ab. B 
b, (bodny) T 
andle, Hobbes 
, n. form ears, Sou 
St the wrong sow by, De 

9, adj. Wordsworth 
i. fib. Irvine 
im,Bb. B 
ib. G 
m, sb. B 

It, ab, B 


it, Bb. a pledge, W 
■; 'f, Ed Eev 
rtness, ab. B, Stowa 
W, sb. B. (a. aud pi.) 
,ab. the substance BO ctilled, 
the world, W 
S planets, T Bnntct 
im, ndj. Swift 
J, adj. Dryden 
juake, sb. 0, T Burnet, 

ffani, adj. Sou 
sb. Smti T 
)b. facility, Hub 
T.a. D 
am, ab. Sala 
ent, ab. B 
, adT. T 
3S, eb. B 
lb. Iho wind, T 
™a, T 

Ebb, sb. W, Soutbey 

„ T. n. D 
£bbed, adj. thnt from which 

the sen bos withdrawn, Mux. 

Ebblia, sb. Sou 
Ebony, adj. ^on 
Ebony, ab. Tcnncnt 

„ adj. Stowe, B 
Ebullient, adj. Son 
Ebullition, sb. T Burnet 
Eocantric, adj. (of character) 

„ (ofellipaes) Bentley 
.. sb. B 

ty, eb. (of character) 

Eceleaiaatic ab. and adj. B 
Ecclcaiaatical, adj, B 
Echo, Bb. W, Add 

,, T. n. W, Sou 
Ecloirciaaement, Folmei, 1710, 

Eclat, ab. Burke 
Eclectic, ab. Kingsley, Hare 
Eclectically, adv. Kingaley 
Eclecticism, ab. Eingduy 
Eclipae, ab. D, B 

„ V. a. D, Tra 
Ecliptiuk, sb. Bentiey 
Economical, adj. Jowett 
(Ecoaomift, sb. manager. Add 

" i Mill 

Ecrinese, Bb. De Q 
Efface, T. a. B 
Effect, T. a. T 

„ ab. influence, T 

„ Bb. D 
Effective adj. B 
Effuctivoly, ndv. B 
EffcctbMS, adj. Hub 
Effectual, odj. Pusey, Sou 
EfffctnaUy, adv. B; in uB 

Effectuate, t. a. Maurice 
Effeminate, adj. Tiahcmo 
Effeminately, adv. W 
EffBranl, adj. II Spencer 
EfferTeacence, ab. ^ 
Efferveacent, adj. Carl 
Effete, ajjj. B 
EfflcnciouB, adj. W 
ESicucy, sb. B 
Efficiency, ab. B 
Efficient, adj. Sou, Stowe 
Effigy, sb. likeness of a n 

Economy, sb. art of managing 
labour, RnsMn 
„ bousebold manage- 
ment. Swift . 
Ecstasy, sb. strong emodon, 
D'Isr, Sou 

3, W 

most, adi. B Barton 
0, adj. D, Sou 
orth-eaat, W" Irvine 
ird, odT. ^ "— 

Edacity, *ab. Carlyle 
Eddy, eb. T, Home 

„ V. n. T 
Eddying, adj. T 
Eden sb. T Burnet 
Edge, sb. T, (keenneas) of eye, 

Edge to, T. a. draw neac, Oab 
Edgeless, adj. Ruskin 
Edge-tool, Bb. T 
idj-yieldingindispoeition, Edgy, adj, Ruskin 
W, Sou Edict, sb. 8outhey_ 

Edification, sb. building-np. Bos 
„ enlightenment, De Q 
Edifice, sb. Add, W 
Edify, V, a. biuM, Bob, Son 

.. instruct, Cowpor, B 
Edition, sb. (of a book) D 
Edoe, ab. an edible root, B 
1 Burton 
Educate and inatmct, r. a. 

Education, sb. Jowett 
Educative, adj. SatBev 
Educadonist, sb. Sat Bar 
Eelakin, adj, Irving 
Eerie, adj. fearsome, Br. Hoir 
Eerily, adv. Broat6 

_ , .. n. CarL Bereley 

Effluence, sb. W 

Effluvia, sb. Bentiey, 1692, 
Shaftesbury, 1 703 ; Effia- 
Tiura's, T Burnet, 188* 

Efflux, sb. T Burnet 

Effort, sb, exertion, Carl 
„ an attempt, W 

Effortless, adj. Sou 

Effrontery, sb. Sou 

Etfulge, V. n. Moit 

Effulgence, sb. B 

EH'usion, eb. Sir T Brown 

Effusions, praises, Tra 

Effuse, T. a. Southoy 

Eftsoons, adr. W, Col 

£^ad, interj. Irving 

Egg, sb. Stowe 

Egii-Qin, ab. Ft. Nightingale 

Eglantine, sb, W, Moir 

Egoism, sb. Boberlaun 

Eristic, adj. Robcrtaoi> 

Egotism, sb. D of Buck<a 

^otist, sb. BabcrtEon 

Egregiuua, adj . B 

Egret, sb, (bird) Tennent 

Egvptolomt, ab, Gregory 

Elder-duck, sb. Moir 

Eidotoclost, sb. De Q 

Eight, adj. T 

Eighteen, adj. B 

Eighteenth, adj. B 

Eighth, adj. (iibboii 

Eighty, a4i. Erouda 

Either, adj. I 

Ejaculatiou, sb. B 
Eject, v. a. D, Bentiey 
Eke, adv. W 

„ conj. Tooke 
Ekborato, adj. W, Tra 
Ebiborately, adv. T 
(E)laboratiiry, n. M Henry 


Elasticity, sb. B 

Elastick, adj. Bcntlcj 

Elate, adj. Sou 

Elated, adj. B 

ElaUT, sb. liftcr-up, Sir T B 

Elbow, sb. T 

„ 0110*8 way, Stowo 
Elbow-chair, sb. Inring 
Elbow-room, sb. Shaftesbury 
Eld, sb. old age, Sou 
Elder, adj. Sou 
Elderlike, lustful, Son 
Elders, sb. old men, D 
Eldest, adj. D, Sou 
Eldritch, adi. i^ & C, Moir 
Elect, V. a. T 

Election, sb. choice, B Powell 
Election, sb. (public) D, Froude 
Electioneering sb. Calhoun 

„ adj. De Q 

Elective (attraction) adj. De Q 
' „ adj. electric (flash), B 
„ ad^. chosen by elec- 

tlOD, B 

£lectiYeness,sb.practiceof always 
electing people, L Hunt 

Electoral, adj. M 

„ belonging to the Elector, B 

Elector, sb. B 

Electorate, sb. B 

Electorial (college) adj. B 

Electric, adj. Byron, T 

Electricity sb. Kuskin 

Electrifier, sb. W H Bussell 

Electrify, y. a. M 

Electrotype, v. a. Holmes 

Elegancy, sb. A Calcott 

Elegant, adj. Bus. Darwin 

Elegantly, adv. Stowe 

Elegise, y. a. Carlyle 

Elegit, n. Burke 

Elegy, sb. Swift, Kingsley, D 

Elepnant, sb. Home, Tennent 

Elephantine, adj. Hobbes 

Element, sb. T, B, Burton 

Elemental, adj. of the elements, T 
„ simple, B 

Elemented (fray), adj. Muse 

Eleutheromania, Carl 

Eleutheromaniac, adj. Carl 

Eleutherian (Jove) Sou 

Elevatory, adj. Bus 

Eleyate, y. a. D, B, raise 
morally, S 
„ adj. Sou 

Elevated, adj. D 

Elevation, so. high position (in 
the State), B 

Elevation, sb. W 

Eleven, adj. B 

Eleventh, adj. B 

Elf, sb. D 

Elfhood, sb. Carl 

Elfin, adj. W 

Elicit, V. a. B 

Eli^bility, sb. fitness for elec- 
tion, B 

Eligible, adj. advantageous, Tra- 
heme, B 


Eliminativc, adj. Sat Bey 
Elision, sb. Adoison 
Elixir, sb. Trahcruo 
Elk, sb. Irving 
Elm, sb. T 
Elmen-trecs, Hobbes 
Elmy (vale), adj. Sou 
Elocution, sb. uttering, Rub; 

way of speakinF, B 
EloG^um, sb. Add, Do Q 
Elohim, sb. governor. Sir T B 
Elope, V. n. B, Mackenzie 
Eloquent, adj. Carlyle, Cowper 
Eloquence, sb. D, Wli, Hare 

„ and Rhetoric, De Q 
Else, adv. W, Mackenzie 
Elsewhere, adv. D 
Elsewhither, adv. Carlyle 
Elucidation, sb. B, Stowo 
Elude, V. a. T Burnet 
Elysium, sb. Sir T B, B 
Emaciate, adj. Son 
Emanate from, v. a. B 
Emanation, sb. Tra; (from 

man's body), Nightingale 
Emancipate, v. a. T B, Cowper 
Emancipated, adj. W 
Emancipation, so. T, Stowo 
Emancipator, sb. Stowe 
Emasculate, v. a. Tra, De Q 
Emasculating, adj. W 
Emazement, sb. Tra 
Embaffled, adj. Sou, T 
Embalm, v. a Traheme 
Embankment,, sb. B 
Embay, v. a. Ruskin 
Embargo, sb. M, Ti 
Embarrass, sb. -ment, Warb 

„ y. a. B 
Embarrassment, sb. Stowe, B 
Embark, v. a. Sou 

,, V. n. B 
Embarcation, sb. B 
Embasement, sb. Sir T B 
Embassy, sb. B 
Embattle, v. n. B 
Embattled, adj. Sou, T 
Embellishment, sb. Add 
Ember, sb. Sou. B 
Embezzle, v. a. B, M 
Embind, v. a. W 
Embitter, y. a. B 
Embittered, adj. J S Mill 
Emblazonry, so. "W 
Emblem, sb. T, Harris 
Emblematic, adj. T 
Embodied, adj. T 
Embodiment, sb. Stowe 
Embody, v. a. W, Sou 
Embolden, v. a. B 
Embonpoint, sb. Oliphant 
Emboss, V. a. W 
Embossed, adj. B 
Embowed, adj. "W 
Embower, v. a. T 
Embowel, v. a. gut, B, R Burton 
Embrace, v. a. T 

„ sb. D. Sou 
Embranglement, sb. Times 

Embraffore, sb. Oliphant 
Embroider, t. a. R Burtoa 
Embroidery, sb. Tra, Add 

„ n. factory of «., I 

Embroil, v. a. D, B 
Embroilment, sb. Cari, Ti 
Embrutcd, adi . Stowe 
Embryo, sb. B, Darwin 

„ adj.SirTB,Ti 
Embiyological, adj. limm 
Embryologist, sib.ljeww 
Embryon, adj. Snr T B 
Embryonal, i^ 

Embryonic, adi. Lewei 
Emerald, sb. T 
Emerald, adj. T 
Emerge, v. n. Bentley, Fr. B 
Emergence, sb. Tra., De Q 
Emergency, sb. B 
Emer^nt, adj. B, Carl 
Emeritus, adj. De Q 
Emigrate, v. n. Wade 
Emigration, sb. and a^.Wdi 
Emigrant, sb. Wade 
Eminence, sb. a high pliOB^V 
Eminent, adj. B Powell 
Eminently, ady. B 
Emissary, sb. (man) D, B 

„ sb. jtnnnel) Ld B 
Emission, sb. Traheme, B 
Emit, V. a. Bentley, Son 
Emollient, adj. and sb. B 
Emotion, sb. B, W 
Emmarbled, adj. Mrs Brownil 
Emolument, n. B 
Empale, v. a. Traheme 
Empanoplied, adj. T 
Emperil, v. a. Fronde 
Emperor, sb. De Q 
Emphasis, sb. Masson 
Emphasize, v. a. Thaokeraj 
Emphatic, adj. B Powell 
Emphatical, adj. B 
Emphatically, adv. B, Mawn 
Empire, sb. B 
Empire, adj. D 
Empiricj v. Burke 
Empiricism, sb. B, Times 
Employ, V. a. T 

„ y. a. use as an instil 
ment, Bus 

,, e-ment, sb. Swift 
Employment, sb. D, occapatifli^ 

Emporium, sb. D, Oliphant 
„ ranffe of traffic B 

Empower, v. a. jBnrke, Swift 

Empress, sb. D, Burke 

Emprise, sb. D'lsr, Son 

Emptiness, sb. W 

Emption, sb. Burke 

Empty-handed, adj. Iiring 

Empty, adj. T, Stowe 
„ y. a. Pnsey 

Empurple, v. a. T 

Empyrean, adj. Sir T B 
„ sb. Southey 

Emulate, v. a. B 

Emulation, sb. D, B 


latiTe, adj. Hudderford 

Enduro, y. n. T 

Enkindle, y. a. Traheme 

lc(.at*i) V. a. Sou 

,, y. a. W, Sou 

!iilace, r. a. Tcnneot 

ious, adj. D, B 

Endurance, sb. duration, Danrii 

nlarge, y. a. D, Robertson 

louBlf , adv. B 

„ Bufiering, BoEkiu 
Enduring, adj. W, Sou 
Enemy, sb, T 

iolargcr, sb. Trench 

.le, V. a. W 

Enlighten, t. a. Sou 

t, V. a. personate, De Q 

rJightened, adj. Son 

(laws), T. a. Buike 

Energetic, adj. B 

EnlLnk, y. a. De U 

ler, flb. Bp Patrick 

Energetically, ady. B 

taliat, T. n. B 

ting, adj. and Bb.B 

Energic, adj. Blackv. Mag 

nlivening, adj. Sou 
Enmarbled, adj. Mrs B B 
ameah, y. a. Hughes 

lel and ) Boakin's Com 

Energize, y. n. T Taylor 
Energy, sb. D, Bus, Sou 

lelled J [nenton,M.P.iii 

loured, adj. T 

Enmity, sb. D, Sou 
nnoble, y. a. D, Eua 

„ A\ B 

Enfeoff, i. a. B 

ge, T. a. Soathay 

Enfield, adj. (rifle) Ti 

nnobled, adj. Son 

maU^e, T. a. T 

Enfilade, v. a. HuTria 

Ennobling, adj. W 

UBtic, adj. Da Q 

Enfile, T. a. Hobbea 
Enfold, Y. a. Stove 

ant, s. a. D, Sou 

anted, adj. Moir, B 

Enforce, y. a. Sou 

Enonn, adj. Col 

anter, sb. B, Sou 

Enforcement, sb. B 

Enorzaity, ab. Stowe, De Q 

anlmeut, ab. W, B 

Enform, t. n. Muae 

Enormous, adj. De Q 

an tress, sb. Sou 

Enfrancbiaemcnt, sb. Stowe 

Enough, interj.T 
„ adv.B, Toote 

luture, sb W 

Engage, v. a. unite, oonnoot to- 

I'le, >. a. Sou 

gether, D 

„ sb. Stowe 

isp, y. a. W 

„ T. n. (with an enemy) 

Enounce, y. a. Sou, Times . 

™, Y. a. D 

Bp Burnet 

Enow, adj. W; ady. Sou 

laure, sb. endowng waU, B 

„ upon the atage. Son 

Enquire, y, n. Sou ' 

[uiast, sb. Do Q. 

bo ougagiid, (drawn) into, Bp B 

Enrage, y. a. D 


,, obligation, Cowper 

Enrued, adj. Burke 
Enrich, y. a. D, W, Son 

re [ancora] Spec. March 11 

„ in serviee, B 

Enroll, y. a. T 


inter, t. a. to oppoae, and 

„ battle. Gibbon 

dispute, B, W 

Energize, v. n. T Taylor 

Enshrine, y. a. Tra, W 

irago, T. a. D, B 

Energy, ab. BtoWB 

Enalave, y. a. Cowper 

Eneryate, adj. W 

Enslaved, adj. B 

iraging, adj. B 
irflfier, sb. D 
lacE, I «. B 

„ y. a. nerye, cut the 

Enslaver, sb. B 

rervea of, Bp Patrick 

Enahrond, v. a. Kingsley 

„ y. a. weaken, B 

Ensign, sb. flag, T 

«ohing, adj. Sou, B 
«oha^t, si B^ 

Engandai', y. a. D 

Ensigns, sb. armorial bearings, B 

Enginery, ab. W 

Enslavement, sb. Times 

irting. adj. Dickens 

Engine, ab. (flro-e), D 

Ensphering, adj. Maason 

mber, t. a. B 

,, machina, D, met. B 

Ensnare, y. a. D 

mbenng, adj. Sou 

Engineer, sb. Swift 

Ensnaring, adj. B 
Ensue, y. n. *, Sou 

mbrance, sb. B 

„ (military) B 

jlop«.dla, sb. B, Hara 

Engineering part, ^j.B, J Watt 

Enswathe, y. a. De Q 

rt, T. n, to roU up liie ft 

Engird, y. a. W, T ' 

Fat, is not. Palmer 

1, G H Lewea 

Engirding, adj. Moir 
Engirdling, aclj. De Q 

Entail, y. a. D, Swift, 8 

sb. object, D, finish, Btowe 
7. n. t Soulbey 

Entailed, adj, B 

Englishry, ab. B, M 

Entangle, y. a. B 

r. a. Eufikia, Sou 

Engraft, v. a. B 


Engrafted, adj. B 

Entanglement, sb. Sir T B 

«, r. a. D, B 

Engraftment, ab. Sat Hay 

Enlempeat, y. a. Col 
Entendre, ab. meaning. Swift 

mng, adj. Sou 

EngrayB,y. a. B 

ironr, sb. D, Ens, W 

Engroaa, t. a. monopoUae, B 

Enter y. n. T 

after, Add 

Engrosser, n. monopoliier, B 

„ y.a.Sou 

V. a. attempt, Bp Engulfing, adj. Mofr 

being (for haying) entered, 16B4, 


Engulfmont, sb. De Q 


weal, adj. B 

ISe! I: a! W^B 

Entoring, adj. and sb. Sou 
Enterpti;^ sb. (spirit of) B 

itmeat, sb. B 

«a, adj. D, T 

Eateiprize y. a. Sou 

ing, adv. Son 

Enhaneement, ab. Tra 

undertake, B 

me, V. a. cover in, Mrs. B 

Enhanuonie, adj. Swift 

Entertain, y. 1. D, Tooko 

rse.T. a. (abDnd),B 

Enigma, ab. B 

„ y. a. interchange (dis- 

rsenient, sb. (on do.), B 

Enigmatical, adj. B 

course) Sou 

-r, y. a. W, B 

Enjoin, y. a, D, Stowe 

„ y. a. 1, keep as a mis- 

«ment. sb. W, B 

Enjoy, y. a. D 

tress; 2, enconiage, 

e, y. a. D, B 

Enjoyer, ab. Traherae 

Bp Bumet 

rabililj, ab. Carl 

Enjoying, adj. De Q 

rable, adj. W 

Enjoyment, ab. Bon 

„ ■'.'..^^^^ 

Entertainment, sb. a Bhow, Sat 

Enthral, t. a. Moir 
Enthralled, adj. B 
Enthrone, v. a. T 
Enthronization, Langley 
Enthusiasm, sb. T B, Add, Sou 

Bus, STC 
Enthusiast; sb. W 
Enthusiastic, adj^* B 
Enthymem, sb. Windsor 
Enthymeme, sb. (rhet.) De Q 
Entice, t. a. Tooke 
Enticing, a^j. B 
Entire, adj. pure in heart, D 
„ complete, Add, Arnold 
„ sb. Sat Bey 
Entitle, t. a. D, B 
Entomb, v. a. Bentley, W 
Entourage, sb. De Q 
Entrails, sb. B 
Entrance, sb. doorway, Sou 
„ act of entering, S 

„ y. a. exalt, Tra 

Entranced^ adj. D 
Entrancement, sb. "W 
Entrancingly, ady. Buskin 
Entrant, sb. person entering, H 

Entrap, y. a. B 
Entreat, y. a. "W 
Entrench, y. a. D, B 
Entrenched, adj. Ti 
Entrep6t, sb. Tennent 
Entrust, y. a. B 

Entry, sb. place of entrance, T, 
Holmes, Stowe 
„ (in accounts^ B, doable 
entry, Ti 
Entwine, y. a. Sou 
Enucleate, y. a. Sat Bey 
Enumerate, y. a. Stowe 
Enunciatiye, adj. Carl 
Enure, y. a. Hobbes, Hare 
Envelope, y. a. Stowe 
Envenom, v. a. Tra, Sou ^ 
Envenomed, adj. Sou, Swift 
Envious, adj. l5, Bus 
Environ, v. a. Tra 
Environment, sb. G P Marsh 
Envoy, sb. D 

„ sb. mission, Sou 
Envy, y. a. T 

„ sb. B 
Enwrap, v. a. Howe 
Enwrought, part. W 
Epaulet, sb. d 
Epaulettcd, adj. Carl 
Ephemeris, sb. Sir T B 
Ephemerides rpoliticians) B 

„ flysheets, B 
Ephemerous, adj. B 
Ephod, sb. D 
Epic, sb. T 

„ adj.D,B 
•Epical, adj. Hare 
Epichristian, adj. De Q 
Epicist, sb. Kingsley 
Epick, sb. D'Isr 


Epicure, sb. Tra 
Epicurean, adj. B 
Epicureans, sb. B 
Epicureanize, v. a. Hare 
Epicurisme, sb. Tra 
Epicycle, sb. Sir T B 
Epidemic, sb. N 

„ adj. Swift 
Epidemical, adj. B 
Epigenesis, sb. De Q 
Epigram, sb. B 
Epigrammatick, a^. B 
Epilepsy, sb. B 
Epiloeue, sb. B 
Epilooium, sb. Barnes 
Epiphany, sb. manifestation, De 


Epiphytical, adj. Seemann 
Episcopacy, sb. D, B 
Episcopal, adj. B 
Episcopization, sb. Sat Bey 
Episod^, sb. C Reade 
Episodic, adj. Masson 
Episodical, adj. De Q 
Epistle, sb. D 
Epistolary, adj. D 
Epitaph, sb. T 
Epithalamium, T Burnet 
Epithelium, sb. Lewes 
Epithemetic, adj. Taylor 
Epithet, n. B. 
Epitomator, sb. Guardian 
Epitome, sb. Sir T B 


sb. D^ Add 

Epitomised, adj. Carl 
Epizootic, sb. De Q 
Epoch, sb. Wm. B, 1794, Page 
Epocha, sb. T Burnet 1684, Ann 

Beg 1789, Burke 1791 
Epochal, adj. Hare 
Epopee, sb. Chesterfield 
Epurated, part. Ann Beg, 1799 
Equable, adi. W 
Equal, adj. T, Stowe 

„ sb. B 
Equalise, v. a. B 
Equality, sb. Froude 
Equalizmg, adj. B 
Equally, adv. D, Bus, De Q 
Equate, v. a. Buskin 
Equestrian, adj. knightly, B 
Equidistant, adj. T Sumet 
Equilibrating, adj. Maury 
Equilibration, sb. De Q 
Equilibrium, sb. Bentley, B 

Equinoctial, sb. B 
Equinox, sb. Lewin 
Equinoxes, sb. pi. B * 
Equip, V. a. W 
Equipage, sb. Palmer 
Equipment, sb. W 
Equipollent, adj. T Taylor 
Equiponderant, adj. Taylor, De 

Equiponderate, v. a. De Q 
Equitable, adj. B 
Equitably, adv. B 
Equivalently, adv. Tooke 


Equivocal, adj. aiupieioiii^ B 
Equivocate, y. n. D 
Equivocating, adj. B 
Equivocation, sb. B 
Era, sb. Mackenzie 
Eradicate, y. a. B 
Erase, v. n. Carl 
Ere, adv. and conj. T 
Erect, adj. T 

„ V. a.D,8etap (itsemt)! 
Erection, sb. settinfi^-ap, B 
Erectly, adv. Sir T Brown 
Erethism, sb. Bucknill 
Erewhile, adv. W, Bawl 
Ermine (animal) Sou 
Erosion, sb. Bub 
Err, v. n. T, W, Sou 
Errability, sb. D Thomas 
Errand, sb. Stowe 
Errandry, sb. D'Isr 
Errant, adj. wandeiing, W 
Erratas, sb. pi. Traheme 
Erratical, a^. Rusldn 
Erratick, adj. wandering, B 
Erring, adj. Sou, T 
Erringly, adv. W 
Erroneous, adj. Traheme 
Erroneously, ady. B 
Error, sb. Harris 
Erroiless, adj. Raskin 
Erst, adv. W, Sou 
Eructation, sb. T Burnet 
Erudition, sb. B 
Eruption, sb. (volcanic), B 
Eruptive, adj. B 
Escape, v. a. D 

„ v. n. Sou 

„ sb. Piisey, Sou 
Escapoless, adj. Kasldn 
Escape-valve, sb. Stowe 
Escharotic, sb. Sat Rey 
Escheat, v. n. B 
Eschew, y. a. W 
Esemplastic, a^. Col, Hare 
Escritoire, sb. M 
Espaliered, adj. Rus 
Especially, adv. B 
Espouse, V. a. D, Swift 
Esprin^al, sb. military engiiM 

Espy, V. a. "W 
Esquire, sb. B 

Ess (S), sb. Family Herald, 
Essart, v. a. Sat. Rey 
Essay, sb. attempt, D 

„ a writing, Helpe 

„ V. n. try, D^ T 
Essaying, sb. writing of eosay) 

Essayer, sb. writer of eflsajt 

Essayist, sb. trier, Wm. Burks 
Essence, sb. D, Son 

„ sb. being, B 
Essenced, adj. scented, Eingsl^ 
Essential, adj. Rus, Sou 

„ sb. N 
Essentially, adv. B 
Essentiality, sb. Carl 




Jliflh, T. a. Lewes 

Eve, sb. ■W, Sou 

Example, V. a. do as an example, 


Even, adj. T 


lUshment, sb. fliinp, B 

„ amootb, Bentley 

Exangnioas, adj, T Taylor 

ilishraents, houMS, sb. B 

„ adv. W,T • 

Exasperate, v. a. B 

e, sb, state, condition, D 

Evcnfall, ab. fall of erening 

adj. Son 

poBsesaiona, D 

Sou. Gregory 

Exasperated, adj, Bp B 
Esaaperative, adj. Carl 
Eiaaperator, n. Carl 

«d, adj. Swift 

Eyening, ab. T 

iia, sb. estimoto, Tta, Add Evenntis, sb. B 

ab. opinion, W 

Event, ab. D, Junina, Hare, Car 

Excavate, v. a. Bentley 


Eventftil, adj. Sou 
Eventual, adj. B 

Exceed, v. n. D 

nable, adj. B 

„ ' V. a. B 

aate, t. a. appraise, B 
T. n. caieuktB, B 

Exceeding, adj. D 

events, B 

sb. B 

lates, Bb. (of income an 

Ever, adv. T, Rua 

Exceedingly, adv. B 

tgo), B 

for ever, Stowe 

Excel, V. a. D 

lation, Bb. eood opinion, I 
inga, T. a. D, Sou 

Everduring, adj. W 

„ at (wrestling), Hobbea 

EvErlOBting, adj. D, Sou 

„ in, Buatin 

mgemenl, Bb. B 

Evermore, advW, Sou 

Excellence, sb. Ens 

ition, Bb. T Burnet 

for evermore, T 

Excellency, eb. abstr, Tra 

lent, adj. Carljle 

Every, adj. T 

Excellent, adj. W,Eua 

tera, sb. G BrimJej 

Everyday, adj. N 

Except, prep. B 

ial,adj.Tra, D, St,T 

Everywhere, adv. Ros, T 

„ V. a. Cowpcr 
„ V. n. Swift 

Bb. Be Q 

Evidence, ab. D 

mliso, T Burnet 

V. a. D, Halliwell 

Excepting, part. D 

litv, flb. Tra, W, Son 

Evident, adj. Dr. Teznple 

Exception, ab. D 

linos, Stowe 

Evidential, adj. DeQ 

„ Bndingfaultwitlia 

lize, T. a. B 

Evidentiary, adj. J S Mill, E H, 

thing, Bp B, Aim Reg 
Exceptionable, adj. B 

r, ab. all, Sou 

West, Kev 

real, adj. D, Bus 

Evidently, adv. B 

ExcoptionksB, adj. B 
Exceptiona, adj. (humor), Tra, B 

rial, adj. Son 

Evil, adj. D, Rna 

„ sb. D, W 

Exceptlaaa, adj. B 

ska, »b. (ofTanity)B 
ip, flb. Son 

,, (an evil), Stowa 

Excerpt, V. a. Carl 

Evmoe, v. a. infer, Bcntle 

Eiceas, ab, wild action, debau- 

lette, Bb, T 

„ sbow, proTe, B 

chery, W 

ited, adj, Kingslej- 

Eviscerate, v. a. Carl 

sb. neodte-oaaa , Swift 

Evocnte, v. a, T Taylor 
Evoeatrii, ab. De Q 

Exceesive, adj, W 

ologi-, sb. D 

Excessively, adv, B 

re, or cuker, ab. an Amen. 

Evoke, v7a, B 

Exchequer, n. purse, Tra 

1 game, R 

Evoker, sb, De Q 

(public) B 

reiM, sb, RosseU 

Evolution, of life. Page 

Exchange, r. a. Sou 

•y. Bb, B 

A, 8b. B 

Evolntions, (gymnastic), St 

Exchanges sb. B 

Ewe, Bb, T 

Eiciae, sb, B 

adj. D 

Ewer, sb. Hobbea 

Exciseman, ab, B 

ptic, adj. Carl 

Ex- (prelii), former, B 

Excitability, sb. Carl 

erooiiB, adj. Ti 

lasj, ab. (H plant), Son 
uisto, ab. Irring 

Eiflcerbflte, v. n. Cad 

Eieiution, sb, T B, W, Carl 

Eiaoerbalion, ab. B 

Excite, V, ft. D, B 

Eiaet, adj. N 

Excitement, ah. De Q 

„ 'v.a.D 

Exclaim, v. o. Sou 

uuuiitt, sb. sing. B, Carl 
inaay, ab. Do & 

Exacter, sb. B 

Exclamation, sb, Stowa 

EiBctien, ab. B 

Exclude, V. a. D 

late, T. a. make Toid, Sir 

Eiaotly, adv. B 

Exclusion, sb. D, Bentley 

B ; lea™, B 

Exactnesa, sb. B 

Exclusive, adj, B 

iation,sb. emptying, drain, 

Esaggerate, v. a. Darwin 

Exclusively, adv, B 

Eia^eratedly, adv. KingsleT 

ExcloeivcncsB, sb. Hare 

I, T. a. Bentley 

EiBggeration, ab. J 8 Mill, 

Eicommunicating, adj. Carl 
Excrescence, sb. B 

ition, sb. Hay 

Eialt, V. a. D 

5606, T. n. Db Q 

Eialtatioa, ab. B 

Moent, adj. B 

Eiamen, ab. trial, B 

ExcrncJale, v. a, B 

jel, Bb. Slows 

Eiaminant, sb, eiaminee, Swift 

Exculpate, v. a. and n. B 

reliok. (Reformed and Ca- 

Exculpation, ab. B 

lic relipons in Germany), B 
[elist, S. preacher, B 

Examine, sb. Palmer 

Eionreion, sb. Add, Swift 

V, a, B 

Eicuraionial, ab. Ti 

felizer, sb. De Q 

Examiner, ah. Times 

Excuraivencaa, sb. De fl 


Excuse, ab. D 

irate, v. a. Griffin 

Example, sb. Hare, example asd 

„ V. a. Fronde 

T. n, eibale, T B 

model, Bobertson 



„ make an example of it, 

Excnselesa, adj, Hobbes 

,e, adj. B 


Execrate, v, a. B 

Sxeoratioii, tb. B 
EzecratiTe, adj. Carl 
ExeoratiTely, ady. Carl 
Execute, t. a. do, R Barton, Bnf 
Executancy, sb. (in music), Ti 
Execution (in art), Raakin 
Executioner, sb. Oliphani 
Executive, adj. and sb. B 
Executor (of a will), B 
ExecutoiT, adj. that needs to be 

done, Fark, B 
Exemplar, sb. Trabeme 
Exemplary, adj. Ann Beff, B 
£xemplifi^tio£, n. Mi^ B 
Exemplify, t. a. B 
Exempt, adj. W 
Exemption, sb. B 
Exenterated, adj. Hare 
Exercise, sb. T 
„ T. a. D 
,) y. a. to try, tempt, Bp 

„ sb. bodily exertion, W ; 
spiritual „ 8 
Exertion, sb. working^ out (by 
God), SirT B 
), sb. effort, St 
Exerciseable, adj. Stat. 20 Viet. 

c. 85 
Exert, Y. a. put forth, Add 
Exhale, v. a. T B, W, Carl, Lewes 
Exhalation, sb. D, B 
Exhaust, Y. a. D, Sou 
Exhausted, adj. I), N 

„ emptied, Sou 
Exhaustless, adj. B 
Exhibit, y. a. B 
Exhilarate, t. n. B 
Exhortations, sb. Stowe 
Exigence, sb. a need, Add, B 
Exigency, do. Traheme 
Exigent, adj. of need, B 

„ compulsory, B 

Exile, sb. banishment, D 

„ banished man, D 

„ y. a. D 
Exiled, adj. Soa 
Eximious, adj. Bp Patrick 
Exist, y. n. W, e. and labsist. 

Existence, sb. D 
Existing, adj. Sou 
Existent, adj. B 
Exit, sb. Sir T Brown 
Exodus, sb. Maury 
Exon, sb. M 

Exoner, y. a. (-ate) Aubrey 
Exonerate, y. a. umoad, lighten, 

Exoneration, sb. B. 
Exorbitance, sb. spreading, De Q 
Exorbitance, sb. extrayagance, 

Sir T Brown, B 
Exorbitancy, rapacity, B 
Exorbitant, adj. too great, B 
Exorbitation, sb. De Q 
Exorcise, y. a. Addison 
Exorcism, sb. B 
Exordium, sb* B 

Exotic, sb. If acanlay 

„ adj. Stowe 
Exoticism, sb. Hare 
Expand, %. a. Sou 
Expanded, adj. outspread, 8<m 
Expanse, sb. B 
Expansions, sb. pL Sir T B 
Expansive, sb. B 
Expatiate, y. n. Traheme 
Expatiate over, Traheme 
Expatiate on, Stowe 
Expatriated, adj. B 
Expect, y. n. D, Janiu 

„ y. a. Soa 
Expectance, sb. B 
Expectancy, sb. B 
Expectant, adj. Soa. 

„ sb. B. 
Expectation, sb. T, Sou. 
Expecter, sb. Swift 
Expectoration, sb. N 
Expedience, sb. B 
Expediency, sb. B 
Expedient, sb. D 

„ sb. remedy, Tra 
ExpedientiaL adj. Kingsley 
Expedite, Ta. fi ^^ ' 

„ adj. (-ious) B 
Expedition, adj. for makiiig 

haste, B. 
Expeditionary, adj. Russell 
Expeditiously, adv. B 
Expel, y. a. B 
Expend, y. a. B 
Expenditure, sb. B 
Expense, sb. D 
Expensive, adj. D 
Experience, sb. T 
Experienced, adj. D 
Experiment, sb. T 

„ y. a. tr^, Aubrey 
„ V. n. Eingsley 

En>erimental (philosophy), B, 

(school) Napier 
Experimenter, sb. Burke 
Expert, adj. T 
Expiate, v. a. D, Son 
Expiation, sb. D 
Expiatory, adj. B 
Expire, y. n. die, D 

,j v. a. breathe out, Lewes 
Expiration, sb. (of prophecy), 

T Burnet 
Explain, y. a. B, St, Tocke 
Explain upoiL y. a. infbrai 

aeainst, Add 
Explanation, sb. Ruskin 
Explanatoiy, adj. B 
Explicable, adj. Ituskia 
Explicate, v. a. D 
Explication, sb. Bentley, Swift 
Explicit, adj. B 
Explicitly, adv. B 
Explode, V. a. hiss out of, B 

„ set aside. Add, B 
Eiiploit, sb. B 
Exploratively, ady. Carl 
E^qdoratory, adj. S, Carl 
Explore, y. a. D, Sou 

Ex^oeion,d». B 
Explosive, ad|. St 
Exponent, sb. Oarljle 
ExportatioB, sb. Aba Be^ 
Exporter, sb. B 
Expose, V. a. D, 8o« 
Exposition, sb. D 
Expoetolate, t. a. T Bomi 
Expostulation, sb. B 
Expoetolatiye, adj. Oozi 
Exposure, sb. B 
Expound, T. a. D 
Expounder, sb. T 
Sii^resB, T. a. iqo eeio oa^ ¥ 
„ T. a. D, Sou 
„ adj. B Powdl 
Expresser, sb. sayer. 
Expressible, adj. Ruakiii 
Expression, A, saying, 

„ (of a face), GBafla^ 

*., squeezing ofat, Tea* 
ExpressionaL adj. Baflld& 
Expressly, aav. a 
Expressive, adj. Buskin 
Expugnation, sb. Bp ~ 
Expubion, sb. B 
Expunge, v. a. B 
Expnr^tory. adi. B 
Exquisite, adj. Darwin 
Exquisitely, adv. W 
Exsufflation, sb. Sat Kerr 
Exsibilation, sb. De Q 
Exsiccation, sb. B«atlej 
Extant, adj. B 
Extasy, sb. Aubrey 
Extemporal, adj. De Q 
Extemporaneousness, aV. De U 
Extemporized, adj. Ftoode 
Exten^.y. a. D 

„ y. n. Sou 
Extensile, adj. T R Jones 
Extension, so. D WilUsoMi 
Extensive, adj. B 
to an extent, Stowe 
Extenuate, v. a. Ad&on 
Exterior, sb. B 

„ adj. B 
Exterminatory, adj. B 
External, adj. W. 
Externality, sb. Nat BeT, Halt 
Externally, adv. B 
Extinctj adj. B 
Extinction, sb. B 
Extinctive, adj. Caxl 
Extinguish, v. a. D « 

„ V. n. Carlyle 

Extinguisher, sb. D 
Extinguishment, sb. L Hoot 
Extirpate, v. a. Add 
Extirpation, sb. Traheme 
Extol, V. a. B 
Extort, V. a. D 
Extortion, sb. B, Middlstoa 
Extra, adv. Stowe 

„ sb. B 
Extract, sb. B 


Kt. y. B. D 

Face, sb. (haman), T, Ruskin 

Faithfully, adv. B 

ab. Hare 

„ to make faces, Lamb 

Faithruln'oaa, ab. W 

icrion, sb. descent, Gibbon 

„ y. n. Hobbea 

Fttithleaa, adj.T 

idition, ab. Do a, Fr 

„ V. a. confront, W 

Faithleaaly, ady B 

iforaOEous, adj. Cowpet 

Face-bone, ab. Sou 

FakaeriBm, ab. Kingaley 

liudiciBl, adj. B 

Face-Cloth, sb. T 

Falcon, ab. T 

Ijudiqiflllj, adv. B 

Facet, sb. T 

Fall, y. n. T, De Q, Stowe 

imlsaiDti, adj. Sit T B 

Facetions, adj. StowB 

„ down to, y. n. E Burton 

maiUB, adj. B 

1, ab. Hobbes, Stowe, Bp 

iOrdinary, adj. B 
lordinanea, ab. B 

PacililafB, y. a. Traherne 

Bumet, T 

Facilitation, ab. Lamb 

„ foftheleaf), T 
„ of water), V 

lordioarioeBa, ab. Hare 

FaciUty, sb. Junius 
Fact, sb. D, Hare 

LVUgBQCe, sb. B 

Fallei adj. Sou 

iTSgant, adj. (the means 

Paction, eb. B 

Fallaciona, adj. B 

are ei.), TraUarna 

Factioner, sb. Swift 


Factions, adj. D, B 

Fallacy, sb. B 
Fallible, adj. B 

iTagantlj, adv. B 

Factiously, ady. B 


Factitiona, adj. T Burnet 

Fallibility, sb, B 

jme, ab. Burte 

Factor, ab. merchant, B 

Fallow, ab. B 

, adj. Dryden 

Factory, sb. B 

False, adj. T, Kua, Swift, War- 

aii?. Bn, Bumet 
imcBt, adj. Trahenie 

Factotum, sb. Irying 


Faclotnm, sb. Stowe 

Falsehood, sb. W, Huskin 

tmitj, ab. D 

Factual, adj. Do Q, Qiristian 

cate, Y. a. eiplain, Bentley 


Falsely, ady. T ■ 

get out, B 
ime, adj, * 

Faculty, eb. organ of sonae 

Falseness, sb, B 

power, W, Sou, H Spencor 

FaOsetto, sb. B 

nsical, adj. BpWllkinB.B 
ide, T. a. Tennant, Gail 

Fa^e, T. n. W, Sou 

Fade, adj. De Q 

Falsifier, sb. Brown 

erance, eb. B 

Faded, adj. T 

Falsily, y. a. B 

eraat, adj. Add, Sou 

Fadeless, adj. Lamb, Moir 

Falsity, sb. B 

erate, v. u. Thackerar 

Faery, adj. V 

Falter y. n. T 

atioD, sb. T Bumet 

Fag-end, sb. Swift 

Paltenng, adj. Sontbaj 
Fame, ab. T, Swift 

I, T. n. W, SoQ 

Faggery, ab. Do Q 

batioi;, sb. W, Sou 

Faggol, sb Son 

Famed, adj. Swift 

tinglj-, adT, B 

Fahm, ab. D M Moir 

Familiar, adj. D, I 

flranoo, ab. Sir T Brown 

Fail, V. n, T. 

Familiarity, ab. B 


„ with 'of Hare 

Familiary, adj. Traherne 
Familiarly, ady. D, Hobhcs 

in the twinkUng of an. 

„ y.a.Soii 


Failing, ah. weakness, B 

Family, sb. Wi a household. 

Y. «. Sir T Brown 

Failure, sb. W 


aU, ab. D 

Fain, ady. T, Sou, Swift 

row, Bb. Addison 

„ adj. G Eawlinaon, W 

Family piece, sb. W Scott 

, adj. Soother 


Famine, ab.D, (personified) Sou 

lass, ab. Holmes 

„ obligod, E Burton 

Famiah, y. a. B 

iBh, sb. T 

Fiunneaa, sb. CarWo 
Faint, adj. weak, T, Tooke 

Famiahed, adj. D, Tooka 

Famous, adj^ T 

Fan, y. a. W; fan the air, Sou 


d, tb, T 

dim, W; fainter 

lark, sb. Be Q. 


„ sb. Mrs, Browning 

ierrant, sb. B 

„ y. u. W 

Fanatic, sb. Kingaley 
„ adj. D,¥ 

ight, ab. B 

Faintnaas, sb. B 

jrrow, ab. Carl 

pot, sb. a iinwer, Sou 

Faintly, adv. dimly, W 

weakly, Athenfeum 

Fanatical, adj. B 

FanatieaUy, ady. B 

mtneaa, sb. B 
Mng, sb. Hobbea 

Faint-heartedjicas, eb. M 

Fanoticise, y. n. Carlyls 

Faint-hned, a^. Brown 
Fainting, ah. Stowe 

Fanaticism, sb. Shafteabnry, B 


Fancied, adj. T,Sonthey 
Fanciful, adj. Stowo 
Fancy, sb. % Lamb, De Q 

>,>b, D 

Fail, adj. beautiful, W 


wKm, Higbtingale, 

" kind, T 


?, ab. D, Sou 

Fair, sb- Norria 

„ and imagination, Buskin 

v.n. to apeal falsely, Sou 

Fair-aei, sb. Palmer 

„ y.n. T 

rf, adj. W 

ng, adj. De Quincej 

Fairly, adv. W, Stowe 

„ y. a. Southev 
Fancy-struck, adj. Home 

Fairness, sb. beauty, Kuikin 

Bb. Lamb 

Fairy, adj. T, B 

Fane, sb. D, Pope, T 

io, ab. W, a building, Sou 

„ sb. Trying, De Q 

Fanfaronade, sb. B, Carlyls 

ioale, y. a. B 

Fairydom, ah. Windsor 
Faith, ab. T, W, Mai Mullei: 

icatioii,sb. B 

Fang, sb. B 

icator, >b. B 

De Q. Tra 

Fan-Ugbt, sb. Stowe 

Ion., tdj. De Quiocey 

FaUbful, B^, T, Stowa 



Fanninff, tdj. Home 
Fantas^c, adj. W, T, De Q 
Fantastical, adj. B, T, Home 
Fantasticalneas, sb. De Q 
Fantasticality, sb. Carl 
Fantastically, adv. B 
Fantasticism, sb. Ruskin 
Fantasy, sb. T 

„ V. n. Carlyle 
Far, ady. very (intensifying), T 
y, adj. distant, T, Bp Bumet 
„ ady. far off, W 
Far-come, adj. Hobbes 
Faroe, sb. D, Hallam 
Fare, sb. food, T, fitowe 
„ y. n. happen, T, Carl 
„ sb. mode of liying, T 
Farina, sb. Sat Key 
Faring, sb. Carl 
Farewell, adj. W 

as yerb and ady. T 
interj. B 
sb. T 
„ ady. Tooke 
Farm, sb. W 
„ y. a. B 

„ produce of a tax, Borke 
Farmer, sb. D 
Farmery, sb. Times 
Farmyiurd, sb. B 
Far-stretching, adj. Hare 
Farrago, sb. B 
Fart, sb. Tooke 
Farther, adj. and ady. Sou 
Farthing, sb. Stowe, Tra, Tooke 
Fascicle, sb. Carlyle 
Fasciculus, sb. De Q 
Fascination, sb. Masson, Stowe 
Fascinated, adj. Sou 
Fascine, adj. Sherard Osbom 
Fashion, sb. T 

„ (people of). Fielding 
„ y. a. W 
Fashions, sb. pi. (manners) Stowe 
Fashionably, aby. Trying 
Fast, ady. swiftly, D, Ruskin 
„ close, with * beside' 

and ^by* W, Home 
„ adj. swift, D 
„ firm (of dyed colours) , T 
„ y. n. to abstain from fooa, T. 
„ sb. an abstinence firom 
food, T, Hood 
Fasten, y. n. (on)^ D, B 

„ y. a. Sou 
Fastening, eA). Sou 
Fastidious, adj. B 
FaatidiouiAy, ady. B 
Fasting, sb. B 
Fastness, sb. fort, B, Times 
Fat, adj. D 
,, rich (metaph.), D 

„ sb. Kightingale 
„ y. a. B 

Fatable, adj. Kingsley 
Fattd, adj. fated, Bentley 
deadly, T 
dangerous, Stowe 
^ Swift 


Fatally, ady. B 
Fat-earth, adj. R Burton 
Fate, sb. T 

Fate-fencedness, sb. Hare 
Fated, adj. Sou 
Fateful, adj. Inring, Carl 
Fat-headea, adj. Inring 
Father, sb. T, Traheme 

„ y. a. Swift 
Fatherless, adj. Sou 
Fatherhood, sb. T 
Fatherly, ady. Mrs. Browning 

„ adj. Sou 
Fathom, y. a. W, T 

„ sb. Sou 
Fathomless, adj. Sou 
Fatiguableness, sb. Ruskin 
Fatigue, sb. D, K 

„ y. a. Cowper 

„ y. n. Stowe 
Fatten, y. n. D, Stowe 
Fatuous, adj. Carlyle 
Fauchion, sb. Qsy 
Fauk, sb. fold for sheep, A 

Faulkner, sb. Suckling 
Fault, sb. T 
Faulty, adj. B 
Faulter, y. n. W 
Fault-finding, sb. Ti 
Faultily, ady. T 
Faultful, adj. Ruskin 
Faultfully, ady. Ruskin 
Faultless, adj. D, Sou 
Faultlessness, sb. Robertson 
Fautor, sb. Tooke 
Fayour, sb. a request, T 

„ a badge or token, T 

„ y. a. "W 
Fayourable, adj. Sou 
Fayourabiy, aciv. T 
Fayourer, sb. B 
Fayourite, adj. "W 

„ sb. Helps, Gibbon 
Fayouritism, sb. B 
Fawn, y. n. Hobbes, D, Sou 

„ sb. Swift, Mrs. Browning 
Fawningness, sb. De Q 
Fayettism, sb. B 
Fealty, sb. T, De Q 
Fear, sb. T, Ruskin, Times 
„ y. n. T 
„ y. a. T 
Fearful, adj. timid, W. Sou 

„ terrible, Sou 

Fearfully, adv. timidly, "W, Sou 
Fearless, adj. Sou 
Fearlessness, sb. Sou, W 
Feasible, adj. Swift, Traheme, 

T Burnet. Stowe 
Feast, sb. T 
„ y. n. T 


y. &.W 


Feastful, adj. Lamb 

Feat, sb. T 

Feather, sb. Tra, Stowe, Dar- 
win, Sou 
y. a. Sir T Brown 
y. n. Sherard Osbom 

Featherbed, sb. Irriar 
Feathered, adj. W^ AU tha Tsu 

Featherhead, sb. Carl 
Featherheaded, adj. Gail 
Feathery, adj. W, Soa 
Featly, adj. D 
Feature, sb. D, T 

„ y. a. resemble, 'Enm, 
Feculence, sb. Sat Ber 
Fecundity, sb. Bentley 
Federal, adj. Calhoun 
Federalist, sb. B 
Federate, y. n. Carl 
Federatiye, adj. B 
Fee, sb. payment, D 
„ nr^hold tenure, T 

Feeble, adj. T, Hobbes, Stowe 
Feeble-bodied, adj. "W 
Feebly, ady. W, Sou 
Feed, y. a. W, Sou 
„ y. n. eat, T, Chesterfield 
„ sb. De Q. 
at feed, feeding. Lamb 
Feel, y. a. Bp Buraet, T 
„ y. n. CTope, T 
„ naye sensation mat' 

tally. Sou 
Feeling, sb. W, Ruskin, Stowe 
„ adj. conopassionate, "W 
Feelingless, adj Ruskin 
Feelinglessly, ady. Ruskin 
Feelingly, ady. W 
Feign, y. a. T 
Fehcity, sb. W 
Fell, y. a. T 

„ sb. shock of hair, A Smidi 
Fellow, sb. match, "W 

„ mate, comrade, T 

„ adj. T Burnet 
Fellowship, sb. W, Swift 
Felon, sb. D 
Felony, sb. M 
Female, adj. "W, Times, Stowe 

„ sb. D, Sou 
Feminine, adj. Ruskin 
Femininely, ady. T 
Feminineness, sb. Times 
Fen, sb. D, Tooke 
Fence, y. a. to defend oneself, 
Spectator, Swift 
y. n. Palmer 
sb. W, Stowe 

art of defending one* 
self, M, Sw3t 
Fenceless, adj. Inring, Home 
Fencelessness, A, Rus 
Fencible, adj. Carl 
Fencing, sb. M 

Fend, y. a. (fend off), Mamj, 
„ y. n.^ provide by woix, 
Miss M Evans 
Fenocchio, sb. Swift 
Feracious, adj. Carlyle 
Ferine, adj. T Taylor 
Ferment, y. n. Sou 

„ sb. T Bumet, Gibbos 
Fermentable, adj. J S Mill 


Fermentitioue, adj. GhriEtEan 

Fern, sb. H Millei, W, T 
Ferocity, sb. Huekin 
Ferret out, t. a. GiiFord, Bp 
Patrick, Stowe, Tatler 
„ V. n. worry. Lamb 
Fertile, adj. W, Son 
Ferrent, adj. W, Stowa 
Fervour, eb. "W 
Fescne, sb. Swift 
Festal, adj. Sou, De Q 
Festination, sb. T Taylor 
FestiTal, eb. Sou 
Festive, adj. Sou 
Festively, adj. W 
Festivity, sb. Sou 
Festooning, adj, "W 
Fetch, V. a. T ; to leach, Lady 

„ (a circuit), Tennent 

„ T. n. (away), roll off and 
fall (naut,), Olipbant 

„ Bb. Bp Patrick 
Fetcher, ib. CarWle 
FeticMstic, adj. Maison 
Fetlock, Bb. Sou 
Fetter, Bb. D, B, Stowe 

„ T. a. Sou 
Fettle, T. n. fuBi, Garlyle 
Feu, 6b. Sir "W Scott 
Feud, Bb. T 
Feudal, adj. Gibbon 
Feudalroo, ab. J S Mill 
Feudality, sb. J 8 Mill 
FeuiUttgD, sb. Swift 
Fever, sb. D, Son 

„ adj. Stowo 
Fevered, adi. Sou 
Feverish, adj. D, Swift 
Feyerishly, adv. Stowe, Carl 
Feverishnesi, ab. Stowe 
Feverite, sb. Lamb 
Few, adj. Bp Burnet, "W, Kub 
sb. p- 

Fifll, ab. Bantloy 
Fib, V. n. lie, Swift, H 
1- bit De Q 

Fibre, sb. Soa 
Fibula, sb. W 
Fickle, adj. Traheme, "W 
Fiction, sb. Ihini feipnedj W 
,j falsehood. Miss N 

Fictitious, adj. B, Hare, Thao- 

Fictile, adj. Carlylo, Muagrave 
Fiddle, sb. Cowppr, Hobbes 
Fiddlefaddle, ab. Spectator 

„ adj. Swift 

Fiddler, sb. D 
Fiddling, adj. petty. Swift 
Fiddlestick, interj. Stowe 
Fidget, sb, rustle (of silk), N 

„ T. n, Stowe 

„ about, V. n. N 

FidgctinesB, eb. N 
Fidgety, adj. Sou 
Fidueiarj, adj . Ld. Bnltolcy 
Fie, iutcri. Tooko 
Fie-fie, adj. scLindaloua, Sou 
Fief, Bb. S, M 
Field, sb, T, Kuskin, Tooko 
Field-Offloerism, sb. Carlj-Ie 
Field-piece, sb. Irving 
Fieldfare, sb. W 
Fiend, sb, T 
Fiendish, adj. Son 
Fiendishness, sb. Son 
Fiendly, adj. Seu 
Fierce, adj. T 

„ (applied to wine, strong) T 
Fiercely, adv. Sou 
Fiery, adj. D. Soa 
Fifth, adj. D 
Fitly, adj. T 
Fig, Bb. Sou 
„ care one for. Lamb 
fa) fig for ! Oflborn 
Fig, sb. dress, De Q 
Fight, V. n. T 

„ V. a. T 

„ with 'off,' decline, G 

„ sby, Osbom 

„ ab. T 
Fighter, sb. T 

Pigurate (number), adj. Hutton 
„ adj. figurative, T Bur- 
Figuration, St. De Q 
Figure, sh. image, W, Son 
„ cut a figura. Lamb 
„ make a good, Swift 
„ V. a. D, Sou 
„ sb. trope, metaphor, 
Filament, sb. Sou, Lewes 
Filamentary, adj. T B Jones 
File, sb. a rank, Home.'W, Carl 

„ a rasp, Sou 

„ a wire for papers, D 

„ man (of Horace and 
Lucretius), Do Q 

„ T. a. polish with a file, T,D 

„ march in file, Carl 

„ defile, daub, Sou 

File-leader, sb. Irving 
Filemot, sb. (a eolou^, Swift 
Filial, adj. T 

Filibuster, sb. De Q, WH Bussell 
Filiferous adj . Lewes 
Filiform, adj. T H Jones 
Fill, V. s. T 
Fillet, sb. Carl 
Fillip, sb. Stowe 
Filly, sb. Times 

Filot, sb. fillet, Aobrey 
Filth, ab. T 
Filthy, adj. T 
Fin, sb. T 
Final, adj . D, Soa 
Finance, sb, M 
Find, V. a. T 

Fine, v. a, refine, E Burton « 
„ adj. splendid, T 
„ beautiful, Sou 

„ clever, sabUe, T 

delicate, T, Son 
„ sb. fine weather. Lamb < 

Pine-arts, De Q. 

Fiae-brfld, adj . Palmer 

Pinery, sb. Schimmelpen.- 

Finesse, sb. Hoskin 

Pine-spun, adj. Irving 

Prngent, adi, Carl 

Pinter, sb. T.N 
with a. wet finger, eaaily, B'l 

Pinger-glass, sb. Olipbant 

Finical, adj. Swift 

Finish, v. a. D, Son 
„ sb. 

worts c 

Finished, ai 

Finite, adj. W 

Finnickiug, adj. J G Wood 

Pioritnre, sb. (la music), De Q, 

Fir, sb. "W, Home, Sou 

Fire, sb. T 
„ strong desire, T 

„ (bang fire). Lamb 

„ V. a. set on fire (met.), D 

", T.n, fiut), burn out. Swift 

Fira-ball, sb. Traberae 
Fire-bird, ab. Irving 
Fire-brand, sb, R Burton 
Firelock, sb. gun, M 
Firefly, fib. Tonnent 
Firestone, sb. T Burnet 
Fire-maker, sh, (maid). Palmer 
Fireman, Bb, Holmes 
Firk, V. a. drain (an ale barrel), 

Firlot, Bb. the fourth of a boll, 

Orig Scot 
Firm, odj, T 

Pinnament, sb. W, Ruskin 
Firmamenlal, adj, Ruakia 
First, adv, W, T, De Q, 

„ adj, W 
Firatfruita, ab. Swift 
FiralUng, adj. D, T 
Fiao, ab. treaaury. Lamb 
Piacal, adj. M 
Fish, ab. t 

(an odd &i 

Fiaber, ab. D 

Fisbf^, ab, 1 

Fishf^il, adj . All the Teat Ronni 

Fishing, adj. (met.), DeQ 

„ ab. catching flab. Sou 
Fish-hook, sb. Irving 
Fishing-tackle, sb. Irving 
Fiahwoman, sb. Palmer 
Fishy, adi, of many fish, Sou 
Fissile, aoj, Caleott 
Fissiparous, adj, Lewes 
Fist, sb, Hobbes, Stowe 
„ blow with the, Broaka'* 






Fist -law, lb. Motley 
Fiatulous, ftdj. S G OilxNne 
Fit, sb. mood, T 

short bunt. Hobbet, 

a rapid motion (fits and 
spasms), B 
„ T. a. T 
,» adj.T 

Fitful, adj. Buskin, Puaey 
Fitfully, ady. W 
Fitly, ady. T 
Fittedness, sb. Pool 
Fitting, adj. proper, Son 
Five, adj. T 

Fives, 8D. (the game), Irving 
Fix, V. a. W 
„ T. n. Sou 
,. sb. scrape, Stowe 
Fixable, adj. Carl 
Fixed, adj. coinposed. Sou 
Fixedly, adv. 6p Burnet, Garl 
Fixedness, sb. Carl 
Fixity, sb. Carl 
Fixt, adj. T 
Fixture, sb. 1. said of a man, 2. 

unmoving figure, C Bronte 
Fiz, sb. hiss of a cat. Holmes 
Fizz, V. n. Oliphant 
Fizzle, sb. Stowe 
Flaccid, adj. T 
Flag, V. n. fly slowly, Eingdey 

„ become weary, W 

„ sb. (the flower), Son 

„ banner, B 
Flagellant^ sb. B 
Fli^ellantism, sb. Eingsley 
Flagellation, sb. B 
FlageUator, sb. De Q 
Flag^ng, adj. feeble, Maorioe 
flagitious, adj. Pope 
Flagitiously, adv. B 
Flagon, sb. Stowe 
Flagrancy, sb. T Taylor 
Fli^rant, adj. B 
Flake, v. n. D M Moir 
Flam, sb. Swift 
Flambeau, sb. B 
Flame, sb. T, Hobbes, G Ba- 

„ V. n. T 
Fluneless, adj. Carlyle 
Flamingo, sb. Irving 
Flamy, adj. Southey 
Flanges, sb. Times 
Flank, sb. T, Sou 
Flanking, adj. W H Russell, Ti 
Flannel-weaver, sb. Suckling 
Flap, V. a. Son 

„ V. n. N 
Flapping, adj. WHB,Night. 

Flare, v. a. (with out), Maury, 
Carl, Sou 

„ v. n. incline, Irving, 
Flash, sb. T, Bp Burnet Stowe 

„ V. n. burst forth, De Q, 

,, V. a. D, Sou 

Flash, adj. De Q, Stowe 

Flashing, adj. W H RusmU 

Flashy, adj. B 

Flat, adj. T, Nightinnle 
„ sb. tract of land. Home, T 
„ raft, W H Russell 

„ a fool, Holmes 

„ V. a. flatten. Lamb 

Flatly, adv. B 

Flatter, v. a. T, Bp Buinet 
„ V. n. Home 

Flatterer, sb. D 

Flattering, adj. Lamb, Stowe 

Flattery, sb. T 

Flattish, adj. Ruskin 

Flaunt, V. a. Times 

Flavour, sb. B 

Flaw, sb. (of wind), T 
„ fault, defect, Thack« 

eray, Stowe 

Flawless, adj. Rus 

Flax, sb. B 

Flay, V. a. Swift 

Flea, sb. Tour in Ireland, Swift 
,, V. a. flay, R Burton 

Fleak, v. a. fleck, darken, H 

Fleck, sb. dark n>ot, T 

Flectional, adj. G P Marsh 

Flee, V. n. W 
„ V. a. and v. n. Son 

Fleer, v. n. Carl 

Fleering, adj. Carl 

Fleece, sb. T 

„ V. a. W, De Q 

Fleecy, adj. Ruskin 

Fleet, sb. (of ship^T 
„ adj. Swift, W, Stowe 
„ V. a. pass or spend, Lewes 
„ V. n. Stowe 

Fleeting, adj. W, B 

Flemish, adi. B 

Flesh, sb. T, Swift 
„ adj. of meaty B 
„ V. a. D, B 

Flesh-fly, sb. M 

Flesh-eater, sb. M 

Fleshed, adj. Ruskin 

Fleshless, adj. S, Brown 

Fleshly, adj. Son 

Flesh-pie, sb. Holyday 

Flesh-po^ sb. Swift 

Flesh-worm, sb. Sou 

Fletcher, sb. Hobbes 

Flexibility, sb. B 

Flexile, adj. Mrs. Gaskell, W 

Flexuous, adj. T Taylor 

Flexure, sb. I)enis(Ni 

Flibustier, sb. B, De Q 

Flicker, v. d. move about un- 
steadily, D, Stowe 

Flickeriiur, adj. CReade, Stowe 

Flight, sb. T 

Flimsy, adj. B, N 

Flinch, V. n. Stowe 

Fling, V. a. T 
J, V. n. and v. a. Stowe 

Flint-napper, sb. Johnson 

Flinty, ^y B 

Flippancy, sb. B 

Flippant, sb. B 

Flirt, sb. repartee, Swift 

„ V. a. sprinkle, T 

., sb. asudden twisty Hn^ 
Flit, V. n. T, Stowe 
Flitting, sb. De Q 
Flitter, sb. fragment, Anlnrej 

„ about, V. a. JLunb 
Float, V. n. W 

„ V, a. Sou 

Floatage, sb. Walter White 
Floati^, a^j. W, Sou 

„ sb. Son 
Flocculent, adj. T R Jmrn. W 

H Russell 
Flock, sb. W, Son 
„ V. n. Swift 
Floe, sb. Parry 
Flogving, sb. Stowe 
Flood, V. a. overflow, T, Tooke 

„ sb. stream of a river, T 

„ deluge of water, B 

Flood-gate, sb. JSome, T Bv' 

net. Aussell 
Flood-tide, sb. B 
Floor, sb. T 

Flop, V. a. flap heaiiljyTeBiiflil 
Floret, sb. Rus 
Floretted, adj. Rna 
Flota, sb. fleet, B 
Flotilla, sb. W H R, Ti 
Flotson, sb. (and Jetson), AUtbi 

Year Round 
Flounced^ v. n. Stowe 
Floundenng, adj. Stowe 
Flour, sb. o 
Flourish, V. n. W 

„ V. a. and sb. 8oatiM|r 
Flourished, in flonriahed Mfr 

tences, adj« Sou 
Flourishing, adj. B 
Floutj sb. T 
Floutingly, adv. Cail 
Flow, V. n. W 

„ sb. (of a tide), W 
Flower, sb. T, W, Carl, Hoae 

„ £™^® ^ bloom di 

anything, X 
Floweraffe, sb. Carl 
Flower-ae-lnce, ab. B 
Flowered, adj. T 
Floweret, sb. W 
Flowery, adj. W 
Flowering, sb. Sou 
Flowing, adj. W 
Flown, part, overflowed. Bay 
Fluctuate, v. n. B. T Bunut 
Fluctuating, adj. W, B 
Fluctuation, sb. T Bume^ V 
Fluency, sb. Burke 
Fluent^ adj. trauaitorT, W 

„ ready of apeeoLB 

Fluidity, sb. B *^^ 

Flunkey, sb. J H Burton 
Fluor, sb. T Burnet 
Flurry, sb. Palmer 
Flush, V. n. ffrowB red, T, 8^ 

,1 8b.ablmli,T>atowe 

Flush, adj. foil of, Irrme 

Flashed, adj. red, eiciCed, T 

Flosbing, adj. Son 

Fluster, t. a. T 

Flats, sb. D 

Fluted, adj. gtoovfd, H Millar, 

Fluter, sb. Uassou 

Fluting, sb. playing the flute, 

Flutter, T.n. mqve with hurried 
tCepa, T 
„ ab. aHi, fientlejr 
„ V. a. caiua trepidation, 
Flui, sb. Ben tie jr 
Fluxion, Bb. step, Be Q 
Fluiionary, adj , Co Q 
Fly, T. n. run away, T 
„ T. a. aToid, G BabinrUm 
, „ T. n. (a* a bird), T 
, „ run foat, Stowe 

■ „ in one's lave, Traheme 
„ Bb. (the insect), TW, Sou, 
Flyblow, T. a. Son 
Flyer, sb. one who runs anay, T 
Foam, Bb. W. Suskin 

„ y. n. Froude, Son 
Foaming, adj. Stone 
Foamingbf, adv. Son 
Fob, sb. SpeotatoT 
Focal, adj. Coreatry Patmore 
' Focalise, t. a. Do Q, 

FocuE, sb. centre, the midst of a, 
thine, ^'i Irring 
„ T. a. ituskin 
Fodder, sb. R Burton 
Foe, eh. T, Tooka 

FoUow, T. a, T 

„ y. n. T, Euakin 
FoUower, sb. T 
Folly, Bb. De Q 
Foment, v. a. eneoursve, B 
Fomentation, Bb. eicitmg. Times 
Fomenter, sb, Palgrave 
Fomite, sb. Sat Key 
Fond, adj . foolish, W, Warburton 

„ afTectionale, Sou 

Fondle, y, a. T 
Fondling, adj. D M Moir 
Fondly, ady. affectionately, W 
Fondness, sb. foUy, D 

„ affectioD, Hare 

Foutel, adj. of a fountain, T 

Taylor, De Q. 
Fontanel, sb. Landor 
Fontlet, sb.'Lamb 
Food, sb. T, Ni ' ' 

Forbidden, adj, B ^H 

Forbode, t. a. Sou ^^ 

Force, ah. principle of action, T 

„ power, strength, T 

„ y. a. W, Sou 
ForceB, sb, army, B 
Forceful, adj. Pope, Macdonald, 

Forcible, adj. B 
Forcibly, ady. B 
Ford, Bb, Tooke 

„ y. a. T 
Fordable^ adj. Home, B 
Fore, adj. Stowe 

„ to the, Bb. Erskino 
Foreajtenst, prep. (Yorkal. 
Foreanawer, v. a. Bentley 
Forchid, y. a. ° 
Forebodor, ab 
Foreborc, y. n.perf. t. Stowe 



mystify, Swift 
'-t Sou 
ab. Comb. Uag 

■, sb. fi 
T Hughes 

Fob, inter). Tooke 

Foil, sb. a fencer's sword, Home 
„ a aeC-off, contrast, D 
„ T. a. disappoint, Uving- 

„ proyide with a con- 

trast. Buskin 
Foiled, adj. disappointed, D 
Foison, ab. Lamb 
Poisonlcsa, adj. Carlyle 
Fold, v. a, emhraee. Sou, T 

„ double np, T 

„ ab. fqf a dieas), T, H(4bes 
of sheep), Keble 
Folded, adj. put into a fold, D, 

Fotdingi adj. bringing sheep 

home to the fold, W 
Foldnrc, sb. Lamb 
Foliage, ab. Rub 
Foliflged, adj, W, Moir 
Foliosity, sh, De Q 
Folkland. ab. B 
JPolk -leasing, ab. libel, B 

„ to the top of 

bt-ut, I^mb 
„ 8b, T, Ruskin 

Fool-bom, adj. Guardian 

Fooling, sb. Palmei; 

Foolery, eb. T 

Foolish, adj. T 

FooIiahncBS, ab. Sou 

Foolishly adv. E 

Foolscap, sb. paper, B 

Foot^ Bb. T 
„ (in metre], Oheaterfield 
„ footing. Swift 
„ y. a. Muse in MiB 
„ up, y, a. add Up, fitowe 

Football, sb, Irving 

Footfall, sb. T 

Footroundered.adj. B E Gioome 

Foolhot, ady. Tonka 

Footing, sb. Burton 

Footless, adi, Hobbes 

Footlight, sb. Holmes 

Footlock, sb, Bobbes 

Footman, sb, sol<lier, B 

„ onewbogoesafoot, 

H Eingaley 

Footstep, Bb, "W, Burnet 

Footslone, sb. W 

Foolslool, sb. Qobbes 

Foot'Warmer, sb, Nightingale 

Fop, sb. B, Palmer 

Foppish QGBS, sb, Kingaley 

For, ady, T 

„ prep. T, Swift, Bnrost, 

ForssB, ah, T 

„ y. n, D 
Forager, sb. T, Homa 
Foiaminiferoua, adj. Sat Ber 
Foraj, ab, T, Sit W Scott 
Forbear, y. a. refrain from a 
thing. Sou 
y. n. T 
Forbearance, ab. W 
Forbid, T. a. W, Bentley 
Forbidding, adj . W 

(a mortgage). 

Foredono, adI. Carl 

Forefather, sb. Kingsley 

Forcfetling, sb. Sheflcsbury 

Foroflow, V. a. D 

Forego, y. a. W, Uih. Browning 

Foregoing, adj. B 

Foregone, adj. B, Times 

Forehead, sb. D, Pope ^^ 

PorDhotae, ah. Hobbes ^| 

Foreground, ah. M ^| 

Foreign, adj. T 

Foreigner, sb. Traheme, FtuaSa 

Foreignnees, sb. Carlyle 

Forelay, y, a. D 

Foremast, sb. Irying 

Foremost, adj. T 

Foremother, sb. female ancestor, 

Forenoon, sb. B 
Foreordinatian, ab. Timet 
Foreright, ady. Hobbea ^_ 

Forerun, t. a. T ^M 

Forerunner, sb, B ^^M 

Forerunning, adj. De Q, ^^M 
Foresaid, a^. Swift ^^M 

Foresail, sb. Holmes 
Foresee, v. a. B 
Foreshorten, v. a. Buskin, T 
Foreshow, T. a. D 
Foresight, sb. foreseeine;, B 

„ (ofa ride). Bed Book 
Forest, ab. T 

Forestall, y. a. Tooke, Spectator 
Fareatal, adj. Levin 
Forester, sb. T, Sou 
ForestiT.Bb. Tennent,TheM<ini- 

inf Star 
Foretaste, v. a. W 

„ sb. Trying, Soa 
ForeteU, y. a. W 
Forelhongbl, eb. an idea, T 

„ deliberate pnr- 

Foretrace, y. a. W 
Ferewamer, ab. Burnet 

net ^H 



Forewind, sb. Hobbes 
Foreworker, sb. Rev W Barnes 
Foreworld, sb. Soa 
Forfeit, sb. D 

„ T. a. Stowe 
Foneitable, adj. B 
Forfeiture, sb. B 
Forfend, v. a. D 
Foivather, t. n. associate with, 

Forge, sb. B 
ff V, a. T, B 
„ Y. n. De Q 
Forger^ sb. B 
Forgeries, B 
Forget, T. n. D 
„ T, a. W 
Forgetful, adj. T 
Forgetfully, adv. W 
Forgetfulness, sb. T 
Forgettable, adj. Carl 
Forgetter, sb. Lamb 
Forgetting, sb. "W 
Forgive, v. a. T 
Forgiveness, sb. D, Sou ^ 
Forgo, V. a. Mrs. Browning 
Foxgotten, adj. D 
Fori, sb. division (in a river], 
(of wood), T 
(of Uffbtning), T 
„ V. n. Ruskin 
Forked, adj. W 

Forky, ad. Moir, Swift, Buskin 
Forlorn, part. W, S 

„ adj. Stowe, W, T 
Forlom-bope, sb. Sir W Scott 
Form, sb. T, Trencb, Bus, N 
„ formality, D, Hare 

„ V. a. B Powell, Sou 
„ V. n. Sou 
Formal, adj. W. Traheme 
Formalise, v. a. Ruskin 
Formality, sb. B 
Formally, sb. B 
Formation, sb. B 
Former, adj. D, Stowe 
Formerly, adv. B 
Formidable, adj. B 
Formless, adj. T, Ruskin, 

Formlessness, sb. Ruskin 
Formula, sb. Carl, Swift 
Formulate, v. a. Marsh 
Fornicated, adj. Ld. Brougbton 
Fornication, sb. D, B 
Forsake, v. a. D, Son 
Forsaken, sjdj, W 
Forsooth, adv. B 
Forswear, v. a. J), B 
Fort, sb. T 

„ adj. B 
Forte, so. De Q, Stowe 
Forte-piano, sb. Mrs. Thrale 
Fortfiilness, sb. MWWGren- 

Forth, adv. W, Sou 
Forthcome, adj. Lamb, Tooke 
Forthcoming, part. Times 


Forthwith, adv. B 

Fortify, V. a. Tra, W, Sou 
„ one's soul, Sou 

Fortified, adj. B 

Fortitude, sb. "W 


Fortnight, sb. Swift 

Fortnightly, adv. Lamb 

Fortros, sb. T 

Fortuity, sb. Miss M Evans 

Fortuitous, adj. Rns, Bentley 

Fortuitously adv. Bentley 

Fortunate, adj. B, D 

Fortunatelv, adv. "W 

Fortune, so. the goddess, T 
„ lot m life, T 

Fortunehunter, sb. B 

Fortuneteller, sb. Bentley 

Forty, adi. Carl 

Forum, sb. B 

Forward, adv. T 
„ adj. Times 
„ V. a. to put forward, 
help on, B 

Forwarder, sb. B 

Forwardness, sb. preparation, B 

Foss, sb. Warburton 

Fossilj sb. W, T Burnet 

Fossiliferous, adj. Fairbaim 

Fossilist, sb. Calcott 

Foster, v. a. T 

Foster-child, sb. W 

Foster-mother, sb. "W 

Fosterer, sb. Trench 

Fother, sb. R Burton 

Foudroyant, adj. De Q 

Foughten, part. Hobbes 

Fod^ V. a. Swift 

Foul, adj. T, Nightingale, Swift 

Foully, adv. T 
Foul-mindedness, sb. Eingsley 

Foul-mouthed, adj. M 
Foulness, sb. T 
Found, V. n. Carl 
Foundation, sb. W, B 
Founder, v. n. sink, D 

„ sb. D, Sou 
Foundered, adj. Swift 
Founderous, adj. B 
Founding, sb. institution, T 
Foundling, sb. B 
Foundress, sb. D 
Foundrous, adj. "W, B 
Fount, sb. W 
Fountain, sb. W 
Fountain-head, sb. T Burnet 
Fountainless, adj. De Q 
Four, adj. T 

„ sb.creworboat, C Dickens 
Fourfold, adv. B 
Four-footed, adj. Brown 
Fourscore, adj. B 
Fourteen, adj. B 
Fourteener, sb. sonnet. Lamb 
Fourth, adj. T 
Fourthly, adv. B 
Fowl, sb. W 

Fowling, sb. catching birds, 
R Bmlon 


Fowling-pieoe, sb. 
Fox, sb. D 
Foxelove, sb. T 
Foxhunter, sb. ChMterfleild 
Foxhound, sb. B, Kiagakj 
Foxt, adj. (books). Haze 
Foxy, adj. T 
Fraction, sb. T Bnmet 
Frae, prep, from, W 
Fragment sb. T, Stowe 
Fragility, sb. B 
Fragmentally, adv. I^unb 
Fragmentitious, adj. Hazris. 
Fragrance, sb. B, 6oa 
Fragrant, adj. W 
Frail, adj. W. Stowe 
Frail-floretted, adj. Bxmkm 
Frailty, sb. W; frailtiea, B 
Frame, sb. body, W 

(of wood), D 
V. a. form, w, B 
put in a, Stowe, 
Framer, sb. (of a conatitatioii), 1 
Framework, sb. T 
Franchise, sb. B 
Franion, sb. Lamb 
Frank, adj. B 

„ V. a. Hobbes 

„ sb. Swift 
Frankish, adj. (nation), B 
Frankly, adv. T 
Frankpledge, sb. B 
Frantic, adj. D, B 
Frapp, V. a. Sherard Osbom 
Frass, sb. Dr. £. AAsum^ 
Fraternising, adj. B 
Fraternity, sb. oody of persoBi) 

„ (principles of), 5 

Fraternization, sb. B 
Fran, sb. Burton 
Fraud, sb. B, Son 
Fraudful, adj. Pope 
Fraudulent, adj. a 
Fraudulently, adv. B 
Fraught, sb. Hobbes 

„ adj. W, Son 
Fray, v. a. Ruskin 
Frayed, adj. worn, T ■ 
Freak, sb. Cowper 
Freakish, adj. Cowper 
Freakishness, sb. W 
Freckle, v. n. Son 
Free, adj. Robertson, W, Stoic^ 
licentioiis, T 
V. a. W 

get free from, iin 
Free-agency, sb. B 
Free-bom, adj. D, B 
Free-bootery, sb. Falmnre 
Freedom, sb. W, Cm, Stowe 

„ sb. familiaii^, Banit 
Free-garmented, adj. Haie 
Freehold, sb. pieoe of land, di 

holding of a freehold, B 
Freeholder, sb. B 
Free-liver, sb, Irving . 


Fceely, adv. easily, with froadoni, 
„ nilHngly, Stowa 

„ (love freely), Mrs. 

in, eb, [of a corporation), 


Freemason, sb. and adj. B 

Freemasonry, eb. M 
) Free-spoken, adj. Times 
3 Freestone, sb. Ining- 

Preelliinkflc, sb. B, M 

Free-trade, sb. Cobdcn 

Freeze, v. n. D 
I Freezes, sb. Pope 
1 Freight, sb. W 

Freighted, adj. Stowe 

Freighter, sb. B 
I Freighting, adj. B 
g Fremescence, sb. Carl 
I Fremescent, adj. Carl^la 

Frencbifled, a^. B 

FreacMTj, t. a. Ltunb 

Frenetic, sb. Carl 

FresetieoUy, adv. Carl 

FroDz;^, sb. B, Stoire 
„ adj. Sou 

Prenzying, adj. Sou 

Frequency, ab. B 

Frequeat, adj. T 

Frequenclj, adv. B 
^ Frere, sb. D M Moii 

Fresoo, ab. Q Rbt 

Fresh, adj.T 
„ adv. Bnrnet, Shiwe 
„ sb. a sudden flood of 
water ia a river, Ti, 
K. Burton 

Freshen, i. a. W, Hightingala 

Freshet, sb. Blackwood's Mag 

Fresbuian, sb. Aubrey, Holmea 

Freabneaa, sb. Sou 

Fret, T. n. B 

„ nilllB(lit!)W, Euakin 

(met.) worry, B 
„ on the, adj. W, De Q 
Tree (and fever), sb. Carl, Tatlec 
Fretful, adj. W 
Fretfulncas, sb. Grenville 
Fretting, sb. raised ornamental 

work, W, Sou, Macdonald 
Friar, sb, B 

Fribble, sb. effeminate person, 
„ V. a. dross, Lamb 
Fricative, adj. Marsh 

Friend, sb. T, Tooke 
Friendism, sb. S T C 
Friendless, adj. B 
Friendlv.adj. W 
Friendship, sb. T, SaiEi Stowe, 

Frieze, eb. D, Pope 
Fright, lb, T 

„ T. a. W, Law 

Fnghtcu, V. s. Nig] 

FrightfoL adj. B 

Frigid, adj, Stowe 

Fringe, v. a. Sou 

Frippery, sb. B 

Frisian, adj. B 

Frisk, sb. D, Aubrey 

Frisking, ab. Lamb 

Frith, sb. B 

Fritter, V. a. wear sway, spend 

in trivialities, Hobertson 
Fritter away aad down, v. a. 

„ V, n. Hobbes, T Bomet 
Fuddled, adj. Swift, A 8 Wind- 

Bor, Times 
Fuel, ab. D, Sou 



Fiivolily, sb. B 

Frivolized, adj. Robertson Fulfllli 

Frivolous, adj. Bp Patrick, Tra- ~ 

Frizz, V, a. (hair). Lamb, Iry. 

5, sb. Carl 

Frizzling adj Stowe 

Pro adv B 

Frock sb W 

Frog ab (of a horse's hoof), 

Froh V n W 

sb B 
From prep T, Tooke, Bp Bui- 

From Ety sb G Eliot 
Frond sb leaf, T E Jones 
Frondagp sb Schimm, Times 
Prondcnt adj. Cailyle 
Front v a meet, T, Sou, Carl 
sb brow, T 

boldness. Do Q 

f adj B 

, Front r ab B 

Front sp ece sb. Lamb 
Frontle s adj. barefaced, B 
Frontl I sb (of Scripture, on a 

bookl Swift 
Frost Bb W Home 
Frostbitten, adj. B, Irving 
Frosty, adj . W 
Froth, V. a. T 
Frolh-clad, ndj. Home 

Froward, adj. Cowper 
Frowardness, sb. W 
Frown, v. n. T 

„ sb, D, Sou 
Frowsy, adj, Stowe 
Frozen, adj. T 
Fructify, v. a. B 
Frugal, adj . B 
Frugality, sb. B 
Fragally, adv. B 
Fruit, sb. T, Ruakm 
Fruitage, ab, W 
Fruitful, adj. D, B 
Fruition, sb. Addison 
Fruitless, adj. T 
Fruitlessly, adv. "W 
Frustrato, adj. Sou, Traherne, 
„ V. a. W 
Frustration, ab. Trttheme, B 

sb. W. Law 
Fulfllling, eb. B 
Fuiaiment, sb. W 
Fulgent, adj. W 
Fulgid, Hdj. T Tayli 
Fulgor, sb. Carl 
Faleuration, sb. T Burnet 
Fuliginous, adj. Carl, De Q, 

Ant. TroUope 
FuU, adj. T 

„ adv. W, B 

„ to the full, adv. J S Calioun 
Full in hia face. Sou 
Fully, adv. T 
Fulminate, v. a. (met.) dart ; and 

terrify, B 
Fuiminating, adj. (met.), B 
Fulraination, sb. Times 
Fulminatory, adj. Carlyla 
Fulness, sb, B 
Fulsome, adj. D 
Fulvous, adj. W H OtegaTf 
Fumble, Y. n, D, Stowe 
Fume, sb. D, Hobbca, Swift 
Fumitory, sb. (the plant), D 
Fun, sb. Whitehead, Brooke's 

F Q, Stowe, De Q 
Funambulism, sb, De Q 
Funambulist, sb. Do Q 
Function, sb. W, Rustin 

„ office (of State), B 
Functionary, sb. B 
Fund, sb. D, Sou 
Fundament, sb. Swift 
Fundamental, adj. (met.) Harris 
„ lying at the bottom, 
Fundamentally, adv. B 
Funeral, sb. Sou, W, Swift 

„ adj. W 
Funereal, adj. B 
Fungous, adj. Holmes 
Funnel, sb. Irving 
Funk, T. A. De Q 

„ to smoke, Huddafoc^ 
Funny, adj. Stowe 
Fur, sb. Darwin 
Furncious, adj. De Q 
Furbish up, v. a. B 
Furbishing, sb. Slowo 
Furbelow, v. a. Tatler 




Fori, Y. a. Son 

Farmenty, sb. a kind of pudding, 

Mrs. Gaskell 
Fornace, sb. B 

fy T. a. Lamb 
Furnisb, y. a. afford, B, W 
Furniture (of a houie), sb. B 
Furor, sb. Carl 
Furrier, sb. D, Irring, Times 
Furrow, v. a. T 
Furrowed, part. T Taylor 
Further, ady. T 

„ adj. T, Swift 
Furtherance, sb. Sou. 
Furtherer, sb. Trench 
Furthermost, adj. B 
Furthersome, aqj. Carl 
Fury, sb. W 
Funes, sb. B 
Fuse, a^j* Lamb 
Fuscous, adj. B 
Fuse, sb. W H Bussell 

„ V. a. T 
Fusee, sb. Lrving 
Fusillade, sb. Ikf 
Fuss, sb. Btowe 
Fustian, a^j. D 

„ sb. De Q, W H Bussell 
Fustigate, v. a. Carl 
Fustigation, sb. Carl 
Futile, adj. B 
Futilely, adv. B 
FutiUty, ady. Carl 

J, sb. Carl 
Futilous, adj. Bp Patrick 
Future, adj. W, D Page 
Futurition, sb. T Burnet 
Futurity, sb. W, B 
Fuzz-baUs, sb. T Burnet 


Oabble, y. n. N 
Gabblement, sb. Carl 
Gabelle, sb. B 
Gadfly, sb. Hobbes, T 
Gadso, inteii. Tooke 
Ckiffer, sb. (Yorkshire) 
Ga^elike, adi. T 
Gaiety, sb. B 
Gaily, ady. W, Thackeray 
Gain, sb. adyantage, W 

„ riches, W 

„ profit, B 

„ y. a. acquire, W 

„ reach, T 
Gamable, adj. Bus. Carl 
Gainer, sb. B 
Gainful, adj. Swift, W 
Gainsay, y. a. W 
Gairish, adj . Lrying 
Gala, sb. M 

„ adj. Stowe 
Galayant, y. n. De Q 
Galaxy, sb. T B, W 
Gale, sb. Swift, W 
Galenic, adj. Muse in Min 
Gall,8b. D 

„ y. a. Swift, Muse in Min 


Gallant, adj. braye, W 

„ sb. eay mui, D, B 
Gallantry, so. braye and noble 

spirit, B, H Hallam 
Galleon, sb. Swift, M 
Gallery, sb. W 
Galley, sb. Gibbon 
Galley-slaye, sb. D 
Galliard, adi. Lrying 
Gallican,^ adj. B 
GallicanisoL Wett Ber 
GaUicism, so. M 
GaUick, adj. B 
GaUies (prison), sb. Palmer 
Gallist, sb. Tom Taylor 
Gallop, y. n. T 
Galloway, sb. Lrying 
Gallows, sb. Palmer 
Gallows-looking, adj. Irring 
Gamaliel, sb. teacher, B 
Gambit, sb. (in chess), Duke of 


Gambling, adj. Stowe 
Gambcgium, sb. Lamb 
Gambo^ sb. T 

„ y. n. T, D 
Gkunbrel, sb. Holmes 
Gkunbrel-roof, sb. Holmes 
Game, adj. (courageous), Lrying 

„ sb. (birds so called), Dar- 

„ play, W 

„ play for stakes, B 
Game-cock, sb. lrying 
Game-law, sb. Lrying 
Gamester, sb. B 
Gamesome, adi. Moir, W 
Gaming, sb. pmying for stakes, 

Gaming-house, sb. B 
Gammon (of bacon), sb. Swift 
Gander, so. C Anstey 
Gang (batch), sb. Iryins; 
Ganger, sb. B, A. and C 
Ganglion, sb. Lewes 
Ganglionic, adj. Sat Bey 
G^grene, y. n. and sb. B 

,• sb. Swift 
Ganoidal, adj. Geikie 
Gaol, adj. B 
Gaoler, sb. B 
Gap, sb. Add, Stowe 
Gape, y. n. D 
Grap-toothed, adj. Lamb 
Gaping, sb. T Burnet 
„ adj. D, Swift 
Gapway, so. Osbom 
Garb, sb. Swift 

„ y. a. Moir 
Garbellage, sb. Heath 
Garbeller, sb. Heath 
Garble, y. a. sift, sort, Heath 

„ sb. Heath 
Garbleable,adi. Heath 
Garbled, adj. Scott 
Garden, sb. W 
Gardener, sb. Bentley 
Garibaldini, sb. Times 
Garish, adj. Tra 

Gtriand, sb. of flowos, W 
„ inaigniflcant pobili- 

cation, Taflet 

Garlic, sb. Sou 

Garlicky, adj. Sat Ber 

Garment, sb..W 
„ y. a. Moir 

Garmented, adj. Soa 

Gamer, y. a. T, Carl 

Garnish, y. a. Stows 

Garnet, sb. lrying 

Garniture, sb. T Bomet 

Garret, y. a. "W 
„ sb. M 

Garreteer, sb. M, Anatej 

Garrison, sb. and y.a. BesiL Q I 

„ adi. Moliey 
Garrulity, sb. T 
Garrulous, adj. T, W 
Garrulously, ady. T 
Garter-snake, sb. LrriB^ 
Garth, sb. a gardes, T 
Gas, (a), sb. B 
Gasconade, y. n. Thackm^ 

„ sb. Swift 
Gasb, sb. cut, B 

„ (mouth), Stowe 

Gasher, sb. B 
Gasp, y. n. D 

„ sb. Gay 
Gastritis, sb. AthensBitnt 
Gastronome, sb. IrriD^ 
Gate, sb. W 
Gatehouse, sb. AB. tiie Tm 

Gateway, sb. T 
Gather, y, a. "W 

., y. n. oolleet together, u 

clouds, D 
Gathering, sb. do. B 
Gaucherie, sb. Kinffsler 
Gaudery, sb. Carl, TnuieEBe 
Gaudy, adj. D, B 
Gaud, sb. V 
Gauge, sb. Fairbeim 
Graub, sb. pL B 
Gaulish, aoj. B 
Gaunt, adj. T 
Gauntlet, sb. T 
Gauze, sb. T 
Gauzy, adj. Son 
GayelkincI, sb. Burke 
Gay, adj. licentious^ B 

„ liyely. Sou 

„ sb. Lamb 
Gaysome, adj. Moir 
Grawky, adj. Holmes 
Gaze, y. n. "W 

„ y. a. S T 0, Hoir 

„ sb. Bp Burnet 
Gazee, sb. De Q 
. Gazette, sb. B. Call 
Gazetteer, sb. B, Carl, If 
Gkizetteership, sb. WindatKt 
Gear, sb. dress, T, CaH 
Geer, sb. tackle, B Burton 

„ dress. Muse 

Gelatine, sb. Lewes, K 
Gelatinous, acfj* T B Jones 

GoHd, odi, Carl 
Gem, ah. W 

„ r. B. W, Tennent 
Geminalation, sb. Bp Patrick 
Gemlita, ftdj. T 

Gemmutiaii, sb. Lewes, T E Jones 
QEMnmipsrous, adj. Lewes 
Oemmuk, eb. T R Jouea 
QeiiEalogiuilly, adr. (Jail 
GGnealogist, sb. B 
Qcncalogv, ell. Joirett 
Goneia, bIi. pi. B 
General, adj. W 

„ sb. a leader, D, B 

„ a general lemack, 

R C Trench 
QencraleeB, sb. fem. Carl 
GeBoraliBsimo, sb. B, Irving 
Gcnerslity, sb. general ^air, 

gcnom gtatement, B 
Genorilization, sb. M, S, 
Generalize, ?. n. Dr. Temple 

Generally, adv. B 

Generate, y. a. B 

Generation, sb. age, T 

„ begetting children, B 
„ ab. deti^lupment, 

Generosity, ab. W, S T C 

Generiok, aA\. Burke 

Generous, ai^, W 

GenerouslT, adr. D 

Genesis, sb, Maury 

Genet, sb. Tetineitt 

Genethliacon, sb. B 

Genetic, adj. Marsh 

Genette, sb. Tennent 

Genial, adj. W, B 

Genially, adv. De 3 

Genialize, t. a. D Thomas 

Genii, ab. B, Irving 

Genitute, eb. D 

Geniua (of an event), B 
„ Bb. a spirit, W 
„ and talent, sb. De ft 
„ (mmtal), W, Catl 

Cennet, sb. Burke 

Genoese, adj. B 

Gens de plume, eb. De Q, 

Gentile, eb. Times 

Gentileee, eb. eentleness, W 

Gentian, sb. Son 

Genteel, adj. Chesterfield 

Genteelly, adv. Cbester&eld 

Gentililial, adj. Warb 

Gentility, sb. B 

Gentle, adj. "W", T 

Gentlehood, sb. Lamb 

Gentleman, sb T, Hflre, Hua 

Genllcmanlike, adj. Tatler 

Gcntlemanbood, sb. Thackeray 

Gentlemanliness, sb. Raskin 

Gentlemanly, adj. Bnrke 

Gentleness, ab. W 

Gentlewoman, sb. T 

Gently, ndv. "W, Stowe 

Oontoo, sb. and adj. Burke 

Gentry, sb, Burke 

Genuine, odj . W, B 
Genus, sb. Burke 
Geocentric, adj. J 8 Mill, Da Q 
Gcodcsical, adi. De Q 
Geographer, Bb, B 
Geographic, adj. W 
Gcograpliical, adj. B, Stowe 
Geography, sh, B, Sat HflV 
Onomantic, adj . D 
Geometric, adj. W 
Oeometrical, adj. B 
Goometrician, sb. Bnrke 
Geometrize, v. n. De Q 
Geometry, sb. Burke 
Georges, sb. pi. Burke 
Geranium, sb. Sou 
Gerialcon, Macaulay 
Germ, sb. B, Tom Taylor 

Germander, ab. T 
Germanic, adj. B 
Germinal, adj. London Hev 
Gestationa, sb. Bentley 
Geato, ab.SatHev 
Qeaticulating, adj. De Q 
Gesticulation, sb. De Q 
Gestare, sb. "W", Stowe 

„ V. n. Carl 
Get, V. a. obtain, D, StcvFc 

„ acquire money, W 

„ at, reach, De Q 

„ V. n. (with 'up') asoend, D 

„ V. n. come, become, Buskin 
Getting, sb. Swift 

„ about, sb. torn, Bnsbia 
Ghastly adj. TB, W, T 
Ghee, sb. Sou 
Ghost, sb. T, Stowe 
Ghostly, adj. Rviskin 
GhyE, sb. W 
Giant, sb. W 

„ adj. D 
Gianfry, ab. Sou 
Gibber, sb. Kingaley 
Gibbering, adj. Sat Ser 
Gibberish, ab. B, H 
Gibbet, ah. Burke 
Gibe, sb. W 
Giddily, adv. Sou 
Giddiness, sh. Son 

„ talent, Swift 
„ V. a. Antiq. Vnlg 

Gifted, adi. Palmer, T 

Gig, sb. Olipbnnt 

Gigantesque, adj. De Q, 

Gigantic, adj. D, B 

Giggle, sb. Carl 

Gigot, adj. Tennent 

Gild, V. a. W 

Gilded, adj. T 

Gilder, sb. Hobbee 

Gilding, sb. B 

Gilinot, sb. Moir 

Gill, eb. Palmer, Lamb 

GiUyflower, sb. Moir 

Gilt. adj. B 

Gimbals, sb. T R Jones 

list, Aubrey 

Gimcrack, sb. Swift 
Gimcrackery, G G Soott 
Gin, sb. (the macbineV Ray 
(the spirit), Burka 
Gingal, adj. S, Osbom 
Ginger-beer, sb. Thackeray 
Gingerly, adv. Stowe 
Gingham, sb, Chambers's Journal 
Gin-home, sb. Stowe 
Gipsey, adj. cant, B 

,, sb. Burke ■] 

Gird, V. a. W, Lamb ^ 

sb. Lamb fl 

Girdle, v. a. T M 

„ sb. Palmer I 

Giidle-stead, sb. wi 
Girdling, adj. Carl 
Girl, sb. W 
Girlery, sb. Lamb 
Girlie, eb. Artist and Craftsman 
Girondist, sb. B 
Girth, sb. circumferenee, size, T 
Gist, sb. B 

Gittem, sb. Into, Mra Browning 
Give, T. a. W, H 

„ v. a. represent, T 

„ up, T. a. to break with, 
Bp Burnet 

„ V. n. yield, Stowe 

„ out, for up, f. n. Palmer 

„ awav a hndc, v. a. Lamb 
Given, adj. inclined, De Q, 
Giver, ab, B 
Glacier, sb. T, E 
Glatis, lb. B _ 

Glad, adj. W 

„ T. a. D, Moir 
Gkdden, v. a. 'W 
T. n. W 
Glade, sb. W, E 
Gladiator, nb. Byron, Homa - 
Glndiatrix, sb. De Q 
Gladly, adv. W 
Gladness, si "' 
Gladsome, i 
Glairy, adj. E _ _ 
Glance, t. n. shine, W 
look, T 
„ gleam, Stowe 

„ V. a. dart. Sou 
„ sb. a look, T 
Glandule, sb. T Burnet 
Glare, ~ 


„ adj. Bnrke 

„ y. a. W 
Glasses, sb. spectacles, BW 
Glasslike, adj. D 
Glassy, adj. W 
Glaucous, adj. Sou 
Gleam, sb. W, Stowe 

Qnams, ib, Q 

Go. V.,w,l, fl 
Gi-i-lttlwoeri. ^b. B 
Go down, J,iiTi.h 
Go-in, lb. T HnghM 

Oo into, Bp Bnniet 

Oo thronf D with, Bp onni 

Qo the whole hog, De d 

Qlevny, sdj. W 
Qleen, t. a. T 

Glebe, ah. soil, T 
Glebous, kdj. Tom Tafloi 
Glee, sb. joy, W 
Glen, lb. W, Home 
GUb, sdj. Cul 
GUde, T. n. W, Stows, Lamb 
Glimmer, t. d. W, Btowe 
lb. Byron 
-Rib. W 
adj. T, W 
GlimmenDglv, oil*. T 
OUmpsc, lb. 'Swift, W, Stows 

Glint, T. a. iparkle, ^eun, L«wet 
Gliilen, v. a. W 
Glitter, t. n. T 

„ Bb. Stowe 
Glitteranoe, «b. Son 
Guttering, adj. W 
Globe, lb. tbe world, Bou 
bBU{iiffire), D 
Globular, aJj. Aid 
Glomemtioii, ab. De U 
Gloom, ab. W, W H Gregory 

„ T.n, Curl; hung <mrli,B 
Glooms, tit of tbe, ab. Lamb 
Gloomiueiu, sb. B 
Gloomy, Biij.W, Stowe 
Qlerify, t. a. W 
Qlorioiu, adj. W, Stowe 
Qlory, lb. hanant, Smollett Oodleu, adj. D 

' "or m—l — — '- *"' * — 


„ T.I1.T(P, E 

Goad, T. a. Son 

Goaditer, ab. Carl 
Goat, *b. T 

„ lecher, Traheine 

„ adj. Hob1>e« 
Goatherd, ab. Bnrke 
Gobbet, ab. B Barton 
Goblin, ab. B, T 

God, ab. W, Hawin 
Oodden, ab. "W 
Goddite, ab. Lamb 
QodMher, *b. Johnaon 

GodfatbcrlsEs, adj. Mra. QaakeU 
Godfolhership. ali. Sou 
Godfod, ndj, llobbcs 
Godhoiid, sb. W 
Godlmod, ab, Carl, Haro 
Godkin, ab. Mosaon 

Goodnatnied, a^. B. 
GoDdneoa, ib. W. 

GaodNnan, ib. W H BnMtO 
Goodwill, ab. kind wiiliM, T, 

QnoK, ib. D, Tenntnt 
Gooflio, Bb. Stows 
Uordian, adj. Irring 
Gore,Bb. W 

„ ab. croor, Son 

„ T.a-HobbM 

Gore-bluod, sL. Hobbea 
Gorge, T. a. T 

„ sb. throat, T 
Gorgeous, adj. W 
Goi^eously. adv. B 
Gorget, ab. Son 
Gorgiog, sb. B 
Gorgon, sb. B 
GorUlu, sb. Du Cltailla 
Gospel, ab. (Uhrtrtus), B 

„ aootrine, B 


i DbQ 


Go^!,ii„-ry, Mlj, I 
Gossip, sb. tulk, 1 

„ intimate, ICotkjt 

„ T. a. Tooke 

Goiiiping, adj. Stowe 

„ sb. Lamb 



It. Tra 

„ heaTen, Stowe 

„ r. n. W, B 

Qloai, T. a. Son 
„ ib. Donunent, D, Haie 
„ ab. polish, Stowe 

«r, ab. Tom Taylor 
Gloninesi, ab. B 
Gloaay, adj. D 
QloTe, ib, D 

„ hMidBnd,widione,Lanib 
Glow, ib. T 

„ T. n. T, Hare 

,, adj. W 

Glonng , ab. "W 
Okiey, adj. D 

Glum, adj. Mn. Oaikell, Stowe 
Glut, T. n. feed, T 

„ T.B.f^8wift 

„ itoS with fbod, D, B 

,, ib. Bentley 
Glntton, eb. D 
Olattonum, sb. De ft 
Gluttonous, ai^, B 
GlotlouT, sb. fl 
Gnarl, ab, fleiun. 
Gnarly, adj. Moir 
Gnaw, T, a. W, Ruakin 
Gnavring, ah. Sou 
Gnawn, jiost part. Sou 
Gneiasitio, adj. BusMn 

Oodly, adj. D, Hirtt. Tra 
Godmother, ab. Joiinsou 
Gndaond, sb. Lamb, Da Q, 
Godwiird,aaT, Swift 
GodwLirJ, ndj. W' Iter 
Qo^le, T. u. anoTt, L Hunt 

„ sb. smctame, Holmoi 
Qoings-on, ab. De Q 
Goitre, ab. B 
Gold, ab. Buskin 

„ adj. Son 
Qelden, adj. goldcolonred, Btflwe 
ofgi>ld,a4J. W, DeQ 
happy, Stowe 

Ooldfleld, at 
Goldfinch, s 
Goldsmith, sb. B 
Gone, purl, W 
gone ciifie, Stowe 

Gotha, ab, pi. (the nation), B 

Golteu, purt. B 
Goul, ab. Bou 
Gourd, sb. T, Petherick 
Gout, ab. D, B 

Gouty, adj. I 

drop, I 

B, lib. I 

Gong, sb. } 

Good, adj. W, Stowe 

Good, comp. better. Lamb 

„ adj. Bnp. the beet, 

„ ab. W, Stowe 
Goodhnmonr, ab. B 
GondhuniuurL'dlj', adr. Han 
Goodinli, adj. Times 
Goodly, adj. W 
„ adT. W 
Goodman, ib. T 
OoodQatnra, ib. D, B 

GoTemmen^ sb. the mliiuF bodi, 
„ rale, D 

GoTernot, ib. T 
Gotomor-GeoBral, [of India), I 
Gowan, sb. W 
Gowu, sb. W, T 
» ». »■ ^y 

Oownman, ab. [iud of Beckat), 

Grab, ib. De Q. 

„ T. a. Stowe 
QiMe, to tay, ib. Adttiaon 

„ ab. fiiToar, W 
„ look, Bp Bnmet 

„ beauty, vV 

I „ thanksgiring, T 

Graceful, adj. D 
Gracefulness, sb. Buskiii 
Gracile, adj. De Q. 
GrttciosiCy, ab. Carl 
Gradoni, adj. W i 

Qracioiuneia, ib. F Fafanm 

Qradation, lb. Ruslcin 

OradBtional, adj, Du Q 

Grade, r. n. take gradianta, Timca 

Gradient, adj, alopjiing, Tom T 

Gradual, ndj. Darwin, Sou 

Gradually, ady. T 

Graduate, y, n. pass by degrees, 

„ (of a imiyereity), eb. 

Graduated, ndi. R 
Gradoation, eb. taking a degree, 

Graft, v. a. T, Kuse in Min 
Grain, (Ticicma stains), y. a. 

„ ab. (ofoorn), W 

„ seed,! 

„ small quantity, D 

„ in gntiu, in reality, T 

Graith, sb. Hoir 
Gromcrcy, inter. D 
Grammar, sb. B 
Granunar-BcboDl, sb. De Q 
Grammarian, ab, Tookc 
Grammatical, adj. Huskin 
GrammatiBt, sb. Tooke 
Granada, ab. T, Burnet 
Granary, sb. B 
Grand, adj. Sat lUr 
Grandest, adj. B 
Grandame, sb. W 
Grandchild, sb. B 
Grandw, sb. B, M 
Grandeur, sb, W, Tea 
Grandfather, sb. B. Lowui 
Grandiloquent, adj. Hnro 
Grandmama, eb. Holmes 
Grandmother, sb. Lewes, N 
Gmndmotherhood, sb. Do Q 
Grandsire, sb. D 
Grandson, sb, Burke 
Grange, sb. W, Irring 
Granite, ab. B 
Granitic, adj. Irring 
Orannamy, sb. gTaDdmolhoT, 

Grant, ib. D 

Granule, sb. Catlcott, Lewesi 
Granular, adj. Lewes 
Grape, sb. (the fraitl, Soa 
Grape-shot, Home, 6ou 
Graphic, adj. Stowa 
Grapple, y. n. Sou 
Grasp, y. a. W 

„ sb, ItoB, Sou 
Graaping. adj. ayaricious, B 
Grass, sb. W, Eus 

„ a species of grass, T 

Grassland, sb. B 
p Grassplot, sb. Irying 
Graaabapper, sb. I) 
Grasey, Mj. D 

Grat (perf, of greet, Scotch), v. n. 

Grate, t. n. sound haralily, T, 

„ y. a. T 

„ make to grate, B 

„ sb, iron cage, Brown 
Grated, adr. Stown 
Grateful, adj. W 
Gratefully, ady. B 
Gratificanon, sb. B 
Gratiiy, v. a. T 
Grating, sb. Bound, Sou 
Gratis, ady. Addison, Palmer 

„ adj. B 
Gratitude, ab. W, T 
Gratitudes, sb. pi. Brown 
Gratuities, ab. li, Times 
Gratuitous, adj. B 
Gratuitoualy, adr. B 
Gratulant, adj. "W 
Gratnlate,r. a.W 
Gratulating, adj. Hnddsaford, 

Gratnlation, sb. "W 
Graye, v, a. engrave, "W 

„ adj. serious, W 

„ sb. W, Stowo 
Grave-clad, adj. Home 
Grayel, sb, D 

„ .idj. T, Burnet 

„ 1. a. Tooke 
GratcUy, adj. Irving 

Oraycly, ady. D 
Graver, sb. D 

Graying, ; 

. iascribcd eharoc- 

Gravitate, y. n. (of planets), 

Bentley, (met.) B 
Gravitating, adj. Bentley 
Gravitation, sb, attraction, Bant- 

Qravity, sb. fthe foroe), Bentley 
„ (of dcmeanoar), B 

Gray, adj, W 
Graybeord, ab. D 
Gray- haired, adj. W 
Grayhound, sb. D 
Grayness, sb. Buskin 
Grazing, sb. B 
Grease, sb. B 

Groat, adj. W, Carl, Huskiu 
Greater, grealiist, B 
Great Seal, B 
Greatly, adv. Warburton 
Greatness, sb. B, Buskin 
Greaves, sb. Pope 
Grebe, ab. Gregotr 
Grecian, ab (bead hlae-coat boy) 

Greed, sb. Brimley, Freer 
Greedily, adv. B 
Greedy, adj. D 
Greek, adj. Burko 
Greek, eb. a cbeitt at cards, All 
the Tear Bound 

Grcckdom, sb. a card-cheating 

E>pulation, All the Tear 
Greekcry, sb. cheating at cards. 

All the Tear Round 
Greeks, ab. Burke .^ 

Green, adj. W, greenest, B ^H 
„ in the, wliile fresh, X>^H 
„ fresh, new, D, Eoms ^^^| 
„ V. a, Moir ^M 

„ V, n, T, Eobottaon, Mo!^ 
„ sb. D, Add 
Greon-eloth, board of, Biirke 
Greenery, sh.G MacdonaldjSTC, 

Greeneyed, adi. jealous, B 
Greenhouse, so. W 
Green-horn, sb. Irving 
Greening, adj. Moir 
Greenish, adj. Stows 
Greenly, adr. Gregory 
Groenntse, sb. (of colour)] 
„ iaeiperiencc, D( 
Greenroom, sb. M, Home 
Grecnth, sb. Masson 
Greet, v. a. Sou 
Greeting, sb. T 
Gregorioua, adj . B 
Gregorionsness, ab, De Q 
Grenadier, sb. Burke 
Grcut, adj. Lady Russell 
Grow, perf. of grow, B 
Qrowaome, adj. L Kov 
Grey, ib. Sou 
„ adj. Sou 
Greyly, adv. Moir 
GreThound, ab. B 
Gnddle, sb. Stowe 
Griddle-cake, sb. Stowe 
Griddle-full, sb. Stovro 
Qridelin, sb. D 
Oriding, adj. R 
Grief, sb. W, T 
Grievance, sb. D, Stowo 
Grieve, v. n. W 

„ y. a, Stowo 
Grievous, adj. B 
Grievously, adv. B 
Griffin, sb. B 
Griffinisni, sh. 3, 
Grim, adj. W, Tra, Hobbei * 

„ ..LCarl 

,, adv. T, De ft 
Grimace, v. n, Carl 
„ eb. Stowe 
Grimalkin, sb. Irving 
Grime, sb. Ormsby 
Grimed| adj. All the Tear Bound 
Grimgnhber, ab, Tooke 
Grimly, adv. T, De ft 
Grimness, sb, Oarl 
Grin, T. D. D ^ 

,j sb. Add, Stowo ^H 

Gnnd, v. a. Nightingale ^^| 

Grinder, sb. tooth, ^rift, ^H 

Stowe fl 

Grinner, sb, Durko 





Oripiiig, adj. Swift 

Gruotto, sb. Holmei 

OriBkin, sb. Huddesford 

Grisly, adj. T, W 

Gristle, sb. B 

Grit, Y. n. mte, sound hanhly, 

Mrs. Gai&ell 
Griuled, adj. Seott 
Groan, t. n. W 

„ sb. W 
Groat, sb. D, Chron. Preoiosum, 

Groceries, sb. B 
Grog, sb. Inrinff, Soa 
Grogram. sb. Add 
Groom, so. Palmer, W 

II bridegroom, T 
Groove, V. a. De Q 
Gfrope, y. a. Eeigwin 

,, T. n. Hobbes, T 
Grosn, sb. Times 
Gross, adj. Bp. Patrick, W 
grosser, grossest, B 
great, T 

palpable, Bp. Burnet 
sb. majority, Bp Burnet, B 
a large quantity or 
space, D, T. Burnet 
Grossly, adv. Brerewooa, D, B 
Grossnoss, sb. vice, B 
Grot, sb. W 

Grotesque, sb. B, Buskin 
„ adj. By Stowo 
Grotto, sb. W 
Ground, sb. W, R 

„ T. a. Geneva Bible 
„ part, of grind, B 
Groundless, adj. W 
Groundlessly, adv. B. B 
Groundling, sb. Lamo 
Groundrent sb. B 
GroundworK, sb. B 
Group, sb. T 
„ V. n. Sou 
„ V. a. T 
Grouplet, sb. Oarlyle 
Grouse, sb. Sou 
Grove, sb. W 
Grovel, v. n. T 
GroveUing, sb. B 

„ a^. Swift 
Grow, V. a. to become, Bp Burnet 
„ V. n. become, B 
„ V. a. cause to grow, G. 

„ V. n. W, Carlyle 
Growl, V. n. W 
„ sb. Gay 
Grown-up. adi. Irving 
Growth, sb, W 
Groyne, sbi Blakesley 
Grub^ Vi n. hunt, rummage, M 

„ sb. larva, Cowper 
Grub-street, adj. B 
Grubbin, sb. Swift 
Grudge, v. n. W 
„ V. a. B 
,, sb. Cowper, Swift 
Gradging', ah. J>, B 


Gmf^ a^j. Beattie 
Gruffly, adv. B 
Grumble, v. a. Stowe 
Grumbly, adj. Carl 
Grunsel, sb. Carl 
Grunt, sb. B 

„ V. n. Beattie 
Grunting, adj. Stowe 
Grunter, sb. a pig^ T 
Gmntle, v. n. Swift 
Guage, V. a. Barwin 
Guano, sb. Voyages 1767f T W 

Guarantee, v. a. Calhoun 

„ sb. B 
Guaranty, sb. Calhoun 
Guard, sb. period of watching 
(military) B 
(of a fender) Be Q 
caution^ B 
protection, B 
V. a. W 
Guardant, adj. Sou 
Guardian, sb. W, T 

,. adj. W 
Guaidianship, sb. Sou 
Guardroom, sb. B, Irving 
Guerdon, sb. W, T 

„ V. a. T 
Guess, sb. Goodwin 

„ adj. Smollett 

„ V. a. W 
Guessablc, adj. Carl 
Guesscr, so. Bentley, Swift 
Guest, sb. W 

Guestlinff, sb. Artist and C 
Gueux, SD. B 
Guffaw, sb. Stowe 
Gu{;ffling, adj. Carl 
Gumnce, sb. Sou 
Guideless, adj. Hare, R 
Guiding, sb. Sou 
Guide, sb. W 

„ V. a. "W 

,2 V. n. T 
Guidepost, sb. B 
Guile, sb. W 
Guillemot, sb. Kingsley, W 

Guillotinade. Bb. M 
Guillotine, so. B, Carl 
„ V. a. Carl 
GuiUotinement, sb. Carl 
GuiUotinist, sb. B 
GuUt, sb. W 

,. sin. Be Q 

Guiltless, adj. W 
Guilty, adj. W 

,j sb. Sou 
Guinea, sb. Sou 
Guinea-dropper, sb. Palmer 
Guinea-fowl, sb. B 
Guise, sb. W 
Guising, sb. Carl 
Gul^ sb. W 
Gulfy, adj. W 

Gull, V. a. deceive, T, Times 
Gully^ sb» a ravine, Home^ 


GuUy-grate, ib. V^gk^amfBik 
Gulonty, sb. Call 
Gulp, sb. Carl 

,, V. a. Stowe 
Gnlph, sb. B 
Gum, sb. B 

Gums (resinott^, sb. ^ B 
Gumption, ri>. Ljtton, Lamb 
Gum-ditiis, sb. G MacdonaJd 
Gun,sb. T 

Gunarchy, sb. OhMterfield 
Gun-flint, sb. Sou 
Gunge, sb. (? fiur in Indaa), B 
Gunnel, sb. B 
Gunner, sb. B 
Gunneress, sb. Carl 
Gunpowder, sb. Bentley 
Gunshot, sb. Irvine 
Gunwale, sb. (of e oeat), Irving 
Gurgle, V. n. T, W 
Gumanl, sb. (fijBh), IBngdey 
Gushj V. n. Sou 
Gushing, sb. W 
Gushiimiess. sb. Sat Ber 
Gust, sb. (of wind), T 

„ taste, D 

„ (? rush), Pope 
Gusto, sb. Palmer 
Gusty, adj. Sou, Lamb 
Gut, sb. fiobbet. Swift 
Gutta-percha, sb. Oliphant 
Guttlesome, adj. Sat Eer 
Guy, V. n. to steady by aide ropes, 

Advt of Blondin 
Gyle, sb. wort, Comh _ 
Gymnasium, sb. Timei 
Gymnast, sb. Be Q 
Gynocracy, sb. Swift 
Gyrating so. Carl 
Gyre, sb. T 
Gyve, V. a. Carl 

Haberdashery, ab. B 

Habeas-oorpus, sb. B 

Habilatory, adj. Carl 

Habit, sb. custom, T. W, Stonis 
,. garment, Trabeme 

Habitable, adj. B 

Habitacle, sb. R Burton 

Habitancy,sb. inhabitants, Be (I 

Habitatj sb. residence, Cvl 

Habitation, sb. dweOuuN W 

Habited, part. dresae^B 

Habitual; adj. W 

Habituality, sb. Carl 

Habitually, adv. B 

Habituate, v. a. B 

Habituation, sb. Be Q 

Habitude, sb. B, T Taylor, Swift 

Hack, V. a. to use as a hack* 
„ to cut. De Q, B 

„ sb. street cab, Stowe 
„ horse, Times 

Hack-man, sb. hackney ooa^ 
man, Stowe 

Hackle, v. a. hack ta piecxm ^ 

nackney, adj. Swift, commou, B 
Hackneyed, adj. W 
HaclmBV-wench, sb. Stnpvltoii 
Hnft, sb. hnndle, Hobbw, Stn- 

Hag, sb, D 

„ nigbtmaro, Aubrey 

Hoggnrd, nai. T ; hagard, fl 
SaggBS, eh. Jlobbcs 
Hugged, adj. (baggard), T 

Heggiflb, adj, Ilobboa 
Haggle, Bb. Cur! 
„ V. n, B, M 

Hag-ridden, adj. W Irving 
Hagne-but, sb. (Imck-but), 

Sporting Annda 
Hni], r. a. wU to, T 

„ Eb, a call, W 

Hair-bell, >b. N Temple 
Hair-bieadlh, adj. W, Irving 
Hnir-dresaer, lib. B 
Hairless, adj. T 
Hair- splitting, sb, Times 
Hnlherdior, Bb. M 
Hnlbott, sb. Cowper 
Halcyon, sb. D 

„ adj. Ajtoim, BcQtley 
Halo, ndj. T 

„ T. a. Carl. R Burton 
Half, adj. T, Brown, Burnet 

„ sb'. T 
nalf-brod, adj. B 
lliilf-brceJ, ndj, W Irving 
Ilalf-enckcd, adj. W Irving 
Half-dead, ndj. B 
Half-pay, adj. W Irving 
Half-pence, sb. pi. W Irving 
Half-seni-over, gb. W Irving 
Half-way, sb. Lamb 
HaUhess, sb, Carlyle 
Half-witted, adj. Trabcme 
Haliee, sb, Carl 
Haliobore, sb. B 
Hall, flb. T, Hobbca 
Hollobv^er, sb. hlDtley 
HaUaliijab, eb. T Bamet 
Hallmote, sb. B 
HaUoo, T. n. B 
Halo, sb. Comb Hag 
HaUow, T. a. D 
Haloed, adj. J Robertson 
Halt, adj. hme,T 

., V. n. be lame, T 

„ stop, Sou, De Q, 


„ V, a. stop, De Q 

„ sb. a atop, W 
Iliitter, T. a. Carl 
Halve, V. a, Mrs, Browning 
Hnm, sh, Hobbes 
Hamae, sb, 'W Irving 
Hiunadijad, sb. W 

Hamlet, sb. W 

Hammer, sb. T 

Hammer, v. a. Bentlay 

Hamraennan, sb. Cad 

Hammoeli, sb. T 

Hamper, v. a. Swift, Har 

Hamatrnng, adj. Swift 
Hand, sb. 'f, SWwe 

I, fo stand on bnnii, to 

behove, Hobbra 
; Hand-aiid-gluvc, adj. Carl 
Handbill, sb. B 
Handcuff, ab, Stowe 
Handfiistiag, eb. Sir TV Soott 
, Handful, sb. measure of length, 
„ B 

Haud-greiinde, sb. W Irving 
Handicrall, (praetical), joke, 
sb. B 
Handicraftsman, eb. Sherard 

Hand-in-liaiid. T ' 
Hmudle, V. a. tfoat, D, B, De Q 
„ give a handle against 

myself, Inmli 
Handling, sb, treating, D, B 
Haniimaid, ab. Swift, D, B 
Handsel, v, a. Lamb 
Handsome, adj, B, Stowe 
Handsomely, adv, SwiR 
HnndsomcneES, sb, Haro 
Hand-turn, sb, Bcntley Q. Hev 
Handwriting, sb. B 
Handy, adj. Stowe, Da Q 
Handycraft, ' " 

Harass, v, a. B 
Harassed, ndj. B 
Harbinger, sb, W _ 

Harbour, ab. W 
V. a. B 
Harboaraae, sb, T 
Harbonrta, adj, W 
Harbourei', ab. De Q 
Hard, adv. eloao, Swifl 
Hard (to the toneh) adj. T, 

difficult, Stowe, Swift4 


, adj. D 
f, adj. Sto 

Hard-reatnredneBB, sb. En* < 
K ard-beartcdneas, sb. Bro' 
Hardihood, sb. W 
Hardily, adv. "W 
Hardily, adv, boldly, I 
HardimenI, sb. W 
Hardinesss, sb. B 
Haidlj, ntiv. not quite, T 
,1 with difacnlty, T 
acarcfily, K, De Q, 


. T 

Hurdabip, sb. D, B 
Hard-up, be, V. n, De Q 
Hardy, adj, B 
Hardy, v. n. Lamb 
Hare, sb. D 
ndorn by hanging tbingi Hare-brained, adj, W IcviMj 
'"* Hart, T,_ a. T ^ 

Harlequinade, sb, M 

Harlot, ab, T, Tooke 

„ sb. male prostitute. Add 
Harm, ab. D 

ndorn by h 
eu, W 

„ sb, (droop) Leigh Hunt 
Haug en band, Bp, Patriek 
Hanger, ab. short aword, Hobbes 

ing, Lamb 
Hanger-on, ab, w Irving 
Hangibility, sb. Lainb 
Hanging, sb. drapery, B 
Hangmuu, ab. B 
Hank, ab, bold, "pall," Swift 
Hanker, v, a, De Q, Bp Patriefc 
Hankering, sb, Bp, Patriek 
Hansom, sb, street cab, Olipbant 
Han't, V. a. & adr. Have not, 

Hap, ab. W, Benlley 1682 

„ V. a. to wrap, and fold, 

Alex. Smith in Ed. Essays 
Hap-hazard, adj. W Ining 
Happen, v. n, '1 

„ V, a. (withont to) Carl 
Happily, ndv, T 
Happificd, adj, F W Ilobortsoii 
Happiness, 6b,D,Harrifl,Sponcor, 

I'opc, S T C, Ruakin 
Happy, adj, Lewes, ato-BO 

Harmleaa, adj, D 
Harmonically, adv. Barnes 
Harmonious, adj, D, Hnskin 
Harmonist, sb.W, G Huddesford 
Harmonize, v, a. B 
Harmony, sb. W 
Harness, sb. D, Stowe 
Harp, sb. T 
Harpoon, ab. B 
Harrier, sb. B 
Harpy, sb. "W 
Earquebusa, sb. SpoTtinsr Annali 


„ T. n. Carl -^ 

Harsh, adj. T ^M 

Harsbnesa, ab. B .S 

Hart, sb. T ^ 
Harvest, sb, D 


Haste, sb. D, T 
T. t. D 


Hasten, y. a. W 
Hastily, ady. B 
Hasty, adi.T 
Hat, sb. B, Tooke 
Hatch, T. a. B 
Hate, sb. T 

„ T. a. T, Stowe 
HateM, adj. W 
Hatless, adj. De Q 
Hatred, sb. B 
Hatted, adj. Carl 
Haughtily, adv. B 
Haughtiness, sb. B 
Haughty, adj. T 
Han^ Y. a. Reade, Swift 
Haulin, sb. B 
Haunt, y. a. D, W 

„ sb. D, B 
Haonted, adj. T 
Haunter, sb. Buskin 
Haunting, adj. T 
Have, Y. a. T 
Have-up, y. a. Burnet 
Haven, so. W, Tooke 
Having, sb. possession. Buskin 
Havoc, sb. W, K, Burnet 
Hawbuck, sb. rustic, lout, Leeds 

Hawk, sb. B 

„ v. n. snap, D 
Hawker, sb. huckster, T 
Hawks-bell, sb. W Irving 
Hawkweed, sb. Kingsley 
Hawthorn, sb. W 
Hay, sb. S Bishop, Swift 
Hays, sb. (a dance) M Lewis 
Hay-cock, sb. T Burnet, Swift 
Haymaker, sb. Swift 
Hazard, sb. D, Bentlcy 

„ Y. a. B 
Hazardous, adj. B 
Haze, sb. B 
Hazy, adj. W 
Hazel, sb. Home 
Hazelly, adj. Moir 
Head, sb. (of body), T, Tooke 
„ front, T 

Headship, sb. B 
Headstate, sb. W Irving 
Headway, sb. W Irving 
Heady, adj. (headstrong), I^Isr 
Heal, v. a. T 

„ v. n. recover, T 
Heald, sb. Times 
Health, sb. D 
HealthM. adj. D 
Healthfully, adv. D 
Healthy, adj. B 
Heap, sb. T 

„ (a great deal), Stowe 

„ v. a.^ 
Heaped, adj. W 
Hear, v. a.T 
Hearer, sb. B 
Hearing, sb. T 
Hearken, v. n. D^e Q 
Hearsay, adj. T, W Law 
„ sb. "W Irving 
„ v. n. Carl 
Hearse, sb. D 
Heart, sb. T, Buskin 

(to get by), Bp Patrick 
sb. (to take to), De Q, 



(of a lance),_T 

„ i^uxalake), De Q 
„ adj. chief, otowe 
„ v. a. D 

„ or tail, to make, De Q 
„ against, to make, De Q 

Headache, sb. D 

Headachey, adj. Lamb 

Headed, aaj. Stowe 

Header, so. plunge, W H 

Head-gear, sb. Hobbes 

Headland, sb. T, W 

Headlands, sb. (of a field), Ti 

Headlong, adj. B, Stowe 
., adv. T 

Headman, sb. Tennent 

Headmost, adj. foremost. Home 

Headpost, chiefoost, Ann Beg 

Haadouartera, so. B 

Heartbreaking, acy. B 
Heart-broken, adj. W 
Hearted, adj. T, Talfourd 
Hearten, v. a. B 
Heart-fdt, adj. W Irving 
Hearth, sb. T 
Hearth-holder, sb. Carl 
Heartily, adv. B 
Heartiness, sb. B 
Heartless, adj. (lit) Bussell; 

(met.) B. 
Heartsome, acU* W 
Heartstrings, so. Stowe 
Hearty, am. B 
Heat, sb. T, Stowe 

„ to be in (angry), W Irving 

„ V. a. T 
Heath, sb. D 
Heathen, sb. T 

„ sing, and pi. Stowe 

„ adj. T, B 
Heathenism, sb. Stowe 
Heathenize, y. a. Hare 
Heathenry, sb. T A TroUope 
Heathy, adj. W 
Heave, v. n. T 

V. a. Home 
sb. T Burnet 



Heaven, sb. (God), W 

„ the sky, T, Bus, and 

in plural. Bus 
Heavenly, adj. D 
Heavenward, adv. W 
„ a4j. T 

Heavily, adv. B 
Heaving, sb. D 
Heavy, sb. coaclu De Q 

„ adj. pon^lerous, D 

,, sad, T 

Hebdomadal, adj. transitory, B 
HebraicallV; adv. Swift 
Hebrew, adj. B 

Heetiomb, sb. Swift 
Hector, sb. braner* ' 

„ y. a. toralbrf •■- « 
Hedaya, sb. (ctf InduO, B 
Hedge. sb.D 

Hedgehog, sb. Sir T Bkowm 
Hedgefire, sb. Temieiit 
Hedgeless, adj. W H Bnwll 
Hedgerow, sb. W 
Hedonist, sb. yotaxr of pleum, 

Heed, v. a. W 

„ sb. W 
Heedless, adj. D 
Heedlessness, sb. T 
Heel, sb. T. St ; eod^ Swift 

„ adj. danciiur, FieAdiiig 

„ lean over, Gail 

., v. a. make to heel, Ti 
take their heels, flee, Hobbes 
Heeltaps, sb. B, Oli^liaiit 
Heft, sb. Tooke 
Hei^t, sb. an eminence, W 

J, tallneai^ B 

Heighten, v. a. B 
Heinous, adj. W 
Heinousness, sb. B 
Heir, sb. T 

„ V. a. inherit, D 
Heirdom, sb. B 
Heiress, sb. B 
Heirless, adj. T. 
Heliacally, adv. De Q 
Heliocentric, adj. De Q 
Hell, sb. D 
Hellebore, sb. De Q 
Hellenize, v. a. Sat. Ber 
Hellhound, sb. (met.), B 
Helluo, sb. T Taylor, Sir T B 
Helm, sb. helme^ T 

,. y. a. steer, T, Baridit 
Helmed, adj. helmeted, BoAid 
Helmet, sb. T 

„ y. a. W 
Helminthologist, sb. Ccnh 

Helmless, adj. without a mddcr, 

T, Cidi 
Helot, sb. D, Swift 
Helotry, sb. slaves, RuMdl 
Help, sb. T 

,. v.a.T 
Helper, sb. B 
Helpful, adj. Euakin 
Helpless, adj. T 
Helplessness sb. T 
Helpmate, sb. T 
Helter-skelter, ady. De Q 
Helve, sb. handle. Bp Patrick 
Hem, v. a. (round) w 

„ y. n. to cough aUghtb, 

Hematite, adj. Lond. Bey 
Hemisphere, sb. D 
Hemispheric, adj. T R Jonea 
Hemp, sb. B i 

Hemstitched, adj. Stowe 
Hen, sb. B 
Henimne, sb. D 


Hence, Rdr. T 
Hencefortb, adv. T 
Henceforward, adv. T 
Hencoop, sb. B 
Hon-pected, adj. (hiiabnnd) W. 

Hepatic, adj. Lewia 
Heptarchy, sb. B 
Herald, sb. and adj. T 
Herb, sb, Sastiio 
Herbage, sb. D, Ruakio 
HerblesB, adj. Shelley, Moir 
HerculEan, adj , E 
Herd, ab. Hobbea, D 
Herdsman, sb. W 
Here, adt. T 
Hereafter, adv. T 
Hereat, adv. G JUvlioBon 
Uereditamenta, eh. B 
Hareditarjr, sb. B 
Heraditanly, adv. Swift 
Herein, adr. B 
Heroinbeforc, adv. B 
Horcsiarch, sb. Holmea 
Hcreaj-, eb. D, 8 T C 

,, heieCical sect, Switl 
Heretic, sb. D 
„ adj. D 
Heretical, adj. B 
Heretobefore, adr. B 
Hermnphtodlte, ab. and adj, 

Hemiaphroditish, adj. Carl 
Herniotick, adj. B 
Hermit, sb. T 
Eemiita^, ab. W 
Eormilcss, sb. W 
Hera, ab. (bird) T 
Hero, sb. T Boniet, B, S 
Heroic, adj. D 

„ (poetry) D 
Heroically, adv. D 
Berome, sb. B, Hasson 
Herobm, ab. Hare ' 
Hcroizing, ab. Windsor, 


[, sb. C B 


Eesitnncy, ab. T Burnet 

Hedtate, v. a. Sat Rev 

„ V. n. B, T 
Heaitation, sb. B 
IIcBsiane (boot) sb. Lamb 
Heat, ab, command, Carl 
Hctnriam, sb. Sat Itev 
Hetcrodite, adj, Carl 
Heterodox, adj. B 
Heterodoxy, sb. Carl 
Heterogeneity, ab, Carl, H 

Heterogeneous, adj. Bp, Patrick, 

Helerograpbjr, sb. De Q 
Eelcroniaton ab. De Q 
Hetcronomj, ab, De Q 
Heteronymous, ndj, De Q 
Hew, V. a, D, B 
HeuoieioD, ab, T Burnet 

Heyday, sb. Do (J 

HcypoBs repass, as in a show- 
box. Lamb 

Hiatus, sb. Chesterfleld, Stowe 

Hibernian, adj, B 

Hidalgn, sb. M 

Hide, eb, sMn, Cowpor 
„ V. a. T 

Hiddenness, sb. W, Law 

Hideboard, adj. J S MiU 

Hideous, adj. D 

Hideously, adv. B 

Hiding-hole, sb. Stowc 

Hiding-place, sb. B, T 

Hie, V. n, Hobbea 

Hierarchy, ab. D 

Hicratical, adj. Gregory 

Hieroglyphic, adj. B 

Hierology, sb. Gregory 

HieromonaoM (Greelt clergy), B. 

Higgle, V. n. M, Carl 

Higglody-pigglBdy, W H It 

Higgler, sb. M 

High, adv. T 
„ adj. loud, T 
„ noble, Lcwea 

„ lofty, PuBcy, Ruskin 

High-bred, adj. B 

High-Ohurch, Addison, 1710 

High-flyer, sb. Swift 

High-flying, sb. Swift 

High-low (Bhoea), adj. Holmes 

Higb-jnannered, adj. Carl 

High-minded, ndj, B 

High-road, sb. Home 

High-aonuding, adj. B 

High-strained, adj. Sir T Brown 

Highly, adv. B 

Hight, vb. was caUed, D 

High-treason, sb. B 

Highway, ab, D 

Highwayman, eb. B 

Hilarity, sb, De Q 

Bill, 8b. W, N, Euskin 
„ T, a, house, Newspaper 

Hillock, ah. W 

Hill-top, sb. W 

Hilt, ab. T, Toole 

Himself, pron, B 

Hind, ah, animal, D 
Bervanl, D 
„ adj. Tookc 

Hinder, v. a. Swift, T 

Hindhead, sb. back of head, 

Hindoo, adj. and sb, B 

Hinge, sb, T Burnet, B 

Hingeing, adj. Rualun 

Hint, V. a, W 
,, sb. Swift, Dr Temple 

Hinteiily, adv. Ruskia 

Hire, »b. D 
„ V, a. D, Whiteside 
,j let, Garl 

Htreling, sb, and adj. V 

Hiss, V, n. T 
„ sb. T 

Biasing, adj. Slowe 

Histology, sb, G H liBwea 

Historian, sb. Hare « 

Historical, adj. HnaHn 
Historically, adv. B 
Historify, v. a. Lamb 
Historiographer, sb. Swift 
History, sb. J S MiU, M, Load. 

History-piece, sb, hialorical pio- 

Histrionical, adj. Sir T Brown 
Histrionically, adv. De Q 
Hit, V. a. strike, Stowe 

„ T. a. malcii, Add 

„ V. n, W 

„ (upon), V. a, T Bumct, 

Hitch, sb, hoiat, Stowe 
„ V, n, jmnp, Carl, Stowo 
,, ab, obstacle, A TroUope 

Hither, adj. Swift, "W, Enakin 
„ adv. T 

Hitherto, adv. D 

Uilherward, adv. Call 

Hive, sb. D, De Q 

Ho, inteij. Hobhes 

Hoar, adj. W, Home 
„ ab. B, De Q 

Hoard, sb. T 

Hoarder, sb. B 

Hoarding, adj, T 

Hoataely, adv. Stowa 

Hoary, adj . W, Stowo 

Hoax, sb. De Morgan 
Boaxee, sb. De Morgan 
Hoaxer, sb. De Q 
Hobble, V. n. limp. Swift, B 

„ sb. mess, Stowe, leatbgm 
fetter, Irving 

„ T. n. confine nnanimara 
legs by ropes, Irving, 
Hobbledehoy, sb. Swift, De Q 
Hobbling, adj. limping. Swift 
Hobnob, v. n. Carl 
Hobby, ab. (hawk), D 
Hobby-horse, sb. Tra 
Hobgoblin, odi, Stowe 
Hocus-pocus, W arburton, Fronde 
Hocussing, ab. Bo Q 
Hodden, n. Carl 

„ adj. H Eingsley 
Hodiomal, adj. Times 
Hoe, ab. stint, Hobbea 

Hoe out, T, a. Stowe 
Hoe cake, sb, Irving 
Hog, ab. T 

Bogoe, sb, strong scent, Swift 
Hogshead, sb. B 
Bogsty, sb. Bobbes 
Hoiden, v. n, flirt. Swift 
Hoise, V. a, Hobbes 
Hoist, sb, Slowe 



ttovlc^Vifti , Ai . ^ai"^ 

ve ^^^ 

Huld, T. n. continue, T 

,. V. n. cousiaiT, n 
Six, Ilubbn 

„ (a tourt), T 

„ Gta]r, Ilolibcs 

„ sb. Riiisp, T 

„ fortrCBfl, T 

Iluld jour tongue, S T C 
Hold in, T. n. retain a place, Bp 

Hold fortli, V, n. (preach), Lamb 

UoDcat, adj. Whift, Loid Ox* 

limi; U..).iliat. Sir W Scott 
H.'nc!.iirv, V. II. (•toTT of Italv 
ll™«tlV. adv. II ■ 

> D 

Honey,' ill. T 

e1j, darling, Stawe 
Houcy-iiioon.aU.M, Irving, Slowe 
Iloncj-iuoulii, ib. AdtliioD 
lloiiL'v-Burklc, Bb, "W, Moir 


', irv 

UoU, ab. StoTO, (of pocket), B 

„ "T, a, pierce, Keigwin 
Holiday, sb. D 
Ilolidaaically, odv Lamb 
Doliuesi, sb. Uiirrii 
Holla, iulorj. nnd v, n. Hobbes 
IIoiocaUBl. bI). Jloljny 
Hollow, adj. T, W (iiisini-ere) 
„ Gurrcd, Homo 

Holy, adj.T, ItiukJQ 
Uoty-day, sb. B 
Homage, sb. D 

„ V. a. Carl 
iromnger, ab. W 
Home, ab, B, Horo, Stoiro 

„ adv. T 

„ adi. Stowe, Lamb 
bringa it uomD to oneself, Ltuub 
Homeborii, adi, W 
Homebred, ndj. W, Irving 
3Ionicfelt, adj. W 
Homel)', adj. D 
Jlomeatullea, ndj. Lamb 
Homewards, adv. B 
Homerican, adj. SirT Brown 
Homidde, sb. (the crime) B 

,, ndj. B 
Homicided, adj. slain, Carl 
tlomilj, ab, B 

Homine, sb. S. Burton, 1685 
Hominy, sb. W H ItuasoU 
HomiconElliic, ndj. Holmes 
llomoiipnDnv, eh. Hare 
HdmDgeneily, sb. De Q 
Homogeneous, adj. Bentlej, 

llomogencOUstiees, sb. Hassan 
HomoToHsinn, ndj. Carl. 
Homolcgato, v. a. acknoirledge, 
Bp Burnet 
,. confirm, D Fogo 

Homoloi^e, sb, Loircs 
Homology, sb. Kio^stey, D Page 
Homonymo, sb. Boilcau 
Homaptione, sb. Guest 
Kono, sb. Hnddusford 
Honest, Bi^, Shaftesbury, B, 


V. a. DEirwinI Buskin 
„ [dothe'honoura') 
Honourable, adj. W, Burke, 

Hood, ab, G.iy. Tooko 
Hooded, f,Jj. W 
Heudniau-Uind. ab. a gamo, T 
Hooilnink. v. a. Ilobbea 
Hoof, ftb, Toobe, T 

Hooli, sb. B, Stovre 

„ on one's own, A Trollopc 

„ of land, Motley 

„ V. a. wander, Irving 
Hoop, T. a. encircle, W 

„ <Saturr.'e) sb. T Butltct 
Hooper, sb. maker of hoona, U 
Hoot, T. a, B, B 

„ V. n. T Buraet 
Hooting, ^l^, Stiiffo 

Hop, V. n. W 

Hop, sb. (the plant) B 

„ adj . of hop flower!!, M 
Hope, fib. ■\V. T, CmI 
Haptr, ab. Swift 
Hopeftd, adi, D 
Hopeless, adj. B 
Hope-sick, ndj. De ft 
Hopped, adj. fliiToured with hop, 

Hopping, adj, (graBshopper?) B 
Horary, a^J/_Swift, Gregory 
Horde, sb. V 

musical i 
„ drinking cup, T 

„ y. a. to spike, U Kiogsle^ 

Hornbeam, ab. (tree) Addison 

Hornbill, sb. (bird) Teunent 

Hornbook, ab. Inmg 

Horn-handed, ndj. 

Hornpipe, eb, dance, Irring 

Homy, adj, B 

Horizon, ab, W, Rnakin 

Horizontalit)-, ab. Ituakin 

Horology, sb. Molley 

Horoscope, ab. 11 

Herr™t,ndi. Be Q 

HoiTible, adj. brisfling, Hobbc! 
IHghtM, B 

Horror, ab. W 

Horae, ab. T 
„ (towel), ab,N 
„ adj, for horstis, Irriag 
„ V. a. birch a boy, Lamb 

ilonebreaker, sb. kept ui 

Horse-chestnut, lb. OM'S 

Horseplay, ib. CbesterfieU 
Horserace, sb. IrrinK 
Horseracing, ib. Imag 
Horsetail, sb. plant, HHilkt 
Horsy, adj, knowing in konei 

HortatoiT, adj. Blunt 
Hosier, sb. (holier). Swift 
Hospital, sb. place of hoapitality. 

„ for curing ducMe.B 

„ adj. B 
Hospitable, adj. D 
HospitoUtT, sb. H 
Uospital-Bbip, sb. B 
Host, sb. umy, T 

,, pntfrtainer, T 

Ihislii-ri', ^b, ii 
Hosiil, Bti. T 
Jlostile, udj, W 
HoBtilitv, Bb. B 
JlofifiliiJei, sb, rf. B 
Hoatlereia, sb. Kingaler 
Hot, adj, cagoT^ T 
„ of Wb tempentim, 

in hot water, in strife, Do Q 
Hotbed, sb. Chesterflold 
Hot-cockles, sb. Brooke'a F U 
Hotel, ab. B 
HothouEc, sb. B 
Hotly, adv. B 
Hough, sb. G Rawlinton 
Hougher, sb. Swift 
Hound, sb. D 

„ \. a. Timen 
Houndsfoot, sb. (? fprite), Swill 
Hour, sb. T, Irving 
Hourly, adj, O 

„ adv. B 
House, sb. T 

„ famUy, T 

„ T. a. lodge, D 

„ T. n. live in a hotuo, W 

„ of Correotioii, B 
Houaebooli, ab. B 
Houaebrcaker, ab. B 
Household, sdj. T, N 

sb. T 
House-place, ab. JT 
Hotis.1, ab. T 

Hr>Uiill^', b1). W 

Housings, sb. pi, Irvine 
Hovel, sb. B, sr, ToolS 

„ V. a. T 
Hover, v. n, W, Stowo 

„ ab. Kingalcy 
Hovering, sb. T 


How, adv. T 
Hov-il'ye-do, adj. living 
Uonubouts, adv. Tbackcru; 
HoTDTer, adv. T 
Howitzer, ab. W H Huasell 
Howsoeser, adj, I 
Honl, sb. Sod 
Howl, T. n. D 
Howling, sb. T 
Hoy, sb. bont, M 
Hnbble-bnbble, sb. Do Q 
Hubbub, ab. T, Carl 
Huckle (or Up) bone, Ilobbn 
Hacklobertf, sb. Irving 
Huckator, V. n. B 
Huckstering, ab, B 

„ adj. T Hugliee 

Huddle, Y. a, Bp Patcick, T, 

„ V. n. Swift, T 
Huddleiog, ab. Add 
Hoddlement, sb. Out nf the 

Hue, sb. tint, T 

„ r. a, nttai^k with cries, 

Euolcganess, sb, Barnes 
Huff, T. a. nnuoj, Carl 

„ blame, Palmer, 1710. 

„ sb. Bp Patrick, Carl, 

Huffing, adj. Lamb 
Hafflngly, adr. Curl 
Huffy, adj. Stowe, A TroUope 
Hug, T. a. Hobbes, T 
Huge, adj. T 
Hugely, adv. Irving 
Hugonut, ab. B 
Hull, y. n. wallon-, Sir T 

Hum, V. a. T, Stowe 
,. T. n, T 

„ sb, gamtaon, Lamb 
„ a tako in, De Q 
„ to bum and haw, Dc Q 

Human, adj. T 
„ sb. Lamb 

(ft man's) body, 
kind, w, Stowe 1 

■ S' 
Humid, adj. 6 
Humiliate, r. a. B 
Humiliation, sb. B 
Humiliating, adj. U 
Humility, sb. B, Buddn 
Humming, n. B 
Hummingbird, ah. B, Irving 
Humour, v, a. indulge. Add 
Humorous, adj. flcklc, incoi 

slant, D 
Hummock, sb. Tennent 
Humor, sb. tomperamuut, Tra 

„ whim, Trabeme 

Hnmour, sb. fun, Carl, iint Rev 

„ and wit, De Q 
„ and irony. Cart 
Humouredly, good-b., ndv.Stowo 
Humounome, adj, Shaflcsbury 
„ capricioua, T But- 

net, Dc Q 
Hon, flb. B 

Hunch up, r. e. Hughea 
Hunched, adj. humpbacked, T 
Hundred, adj. T 

„ sb. Bcntley 
Hundredth, adj. B 
HuDgftrion, sb, B 
Hunger, v. a. make hungry, 
sb, D 
Hungeier, sb. Lamb 
Hungry, adj. D, Slowa 

„ air {? freab, causing 
hunger), H Burton 
Hunk, ab, bunch, L Hunt 
Hunt. sb. T, Slows 
„ V, fl. Sou 

Hunting, adj . for hunting, Irving 
Huntsman, sb, D 
Hurl, y. a. T 

n. rush, T 

„ fib. D 

Humanis*, v. a. "W 

Humanised, adj. Do Q 

Humanitarian, adj. Motley 

Humanity, ab. manbood, Sir T 
„ kindntsis, W 

„ a question in- 

teresting man, De U 

Uamankind, sb. B, SwiR 

Humanly, adv. B 

Ilumble-boe, sb. Irving 

lluniUe, udj.W 

f. n. T 
„ T. a. D, Stowe 
Hurrj'scuiry, a!). Stowe, living 

., adj. Irving 

Hurryscurryation, sb. Stowe 
Hurt, V. a. Swift, T 

„ sb. T 
Hurtcr, ab. A W Hare 
Hurtful, adi, B 
Ilurtless, adj, T^nib, W 
Husband, sb. B, T 

„ V, a, tnke care of, B 
Husbandry, sb. D 

„ careful working, 

Tift, 'HoWkii 

Husbandman, sb. B 
Hush, V. ft. W, T 
, Hushed, adj. W 
Husk, sb. B 
Husky, adj. Stowe 
Hussar, ab, B 

Huasy, ab, Hobbes, Mrs. Gaakell 
Httatings, sb. B 
Hnatle, v. a. W, Carl 

„ (carry) off, Stowe 

„ ab. Cari 
Hustle-cap, sb. a game, Irving 
• Hut, Bb, T, TookD 
Huitering, adj. Da Q 
HuzM, T. n. Home 

„ y. a. Swift 
Hyaointh, ab, TV, T 
Hyacinthine, adj. De Q 
Hysna, eb. Home 
Hyaline, adj, glassy, T B Jones 
Hybrid, adj. fiving 
Hyhridity, sb, Lewei, Burnet, 

Hydra, sb. B 
Hydrography, sb. T 
Hydromel, sb. T Taylor 
Hydrophobia, ah, Irving 
Hydropbob^ sb, Shaftesbury 
Hyena, sb, B 
Hyetographic, adj. Maury 
Hyetographically, adv, Maary 
Hyeumetric, adj, Ed Bev 
Hyla", sb. inaect, Tennent 
Hymn, sb, D h 

V. a. Moir ^ 

Hymn-book, sb. Holmes ^M 
Hymuody, sb. Sat Rev ^| 

HypiEthral, adj, Tennent fl 
Hyperbole, ab, Str T Brown 
Hyperbolical, adj, T Bumtt 
,, oftheeorvo hyj^.. 

bola, Lovemer 
Hyperbolically, adv. Sir T Brown 
Hyperborean, adj. Irving 
Hyperoritieism, sb. Lamb 
Hyperpbysical, adj. Aubrey 
Hypertrophy, sb. H Spencer 
Hypoehondrv, sb. Lamb 
Hypocrisy, ab, B 
Hypocrite, sb. B 
Hypocritical, sb. B 
Hypocritically, adv. B 
Hypocrity, sb. Lamb 
Hyposlatical, adj. Tiahenui 
Hypostatically, adv. Harrii 
Hypothecate, v. b. B 
Hypothcnuae, sb. Times 
Hypothesis, sb. Bentley, Manry 
Hypothetical, adj. B, Darwin 
Hypothetically, adv. B 


, to break tl 


lohnoloffji Bb. Ed Ber 

Ichor, Bb. Hobbes, Add, Pope 

Icon, pi. icones, sb. Hobbet 

Iconography, sb. Sat Bot 

Icosahedron, sb. Irving 

Icy, adj. W 

Idea, 80. D, Stowe, Bosk., Tooke, 

Ideal, adj. W, Homo, Buskin, T 
Burnet, Bentley 

„ sb. T, Bus 
Id^ess, adj. Buskin 
Idealism, so. Buskin 
Idealist, sb. Sat Ber 
Idealities, ab. pi. Buskin 
Ideality, sb. iaealform. Buskin 
Idealogical, adj. Maom Mag 
Ideated, adj. Sir T Brown 
Identifiable, adj. Tennent 
Identify, y. n. coincide. Lamb 
Identity, sb. W 
Ides, so. D 
Idle, adj. T 

Idioms, sb. peculiarities, M 
Idiot, so. Bus. * a person entirely 

occupied with his own concerns' 
Idleness, sb. W 
Idler, sb. W 
Idless, sb. W 
Idly, ady. T 
Idol, sb. W, Carl 

„ sb. phantom, Hobbes^ 

„ imaffe, Hoboes 
Idolater, so. W 
Idyll, sb. £d Bey 
If, conj. Tooke 
Igniferous, adj. T Burnet 
Ignitable, adj. Whiteside 
Igniyomous, adj. T Taylor 
Ignoble, adj. T, Buskin 
Ignominy, sb. D 
Ignorance, sb. W 
Ignore, y. a. Carl 
Iguana, sb. Osbom 
Iguano, sb. Tennent 
Ilex, sb. Whiteside 
111, adj. unwell, T, Swift 
„ injurious, Bp Burnet 

„ disaffected, Bp Burnet 
„ sb. T 
. ,, adv. Palmer, W 
lUapse, sb. Harris 
lUaudable, adj. Carl 
lUegal, adj. D 
Illegible, adj. Buskin, not to be 

understood, £d Bey 
Illegitimate, adj. Froude 
niegitimatize, v. a. Froude 
Ill-fated, adj. W 
nUberality, sb. (of spirit) Lamb 
Illimitable, adj. W, Lewes 
lUimited, adj. Traheme 
Illogic, sb. Skelton in £d Ess, 

Illogical, adj. Motley 
lUucidatiye, adj. Tafiburd 
Ill-omened, adj. D 
Jli'temperedneas, sb. Bnddn 

Hlth, sb. Buskin 
Illuminate, y. a. (Ht) Tra 
lUnmination, sb. enlightening, 

shadowless paint- 


ing, Bus 
>, adj. ^et.) Carl 


Hluminatiye, _ 

Illustrate, y. a. W 

„ to make clean, 


Illustration, sb. W 

Illustrious, adj. W 

niy, ady. Calhoun 

niwill, sb. Stowe 

Image, sb. statue, W 

ugly girlj Stowe 
little rehgiouB print, 
EngUshw. Jour 
y. a. Add, W, Froude 

Imagery, sb. W 

Imagination, sb. Add, W, Bus 

Imaginatiye, adj. T, Buskin 

Imaginatively, adv. Masson 

ImaginativeBoss, sb. Buskin 

Imagine, v. a. I) 

Imbark, y. a. Hobbes 

Imbattle, v. a. put in order of 
battle, Hobbes 

Imbecile, sb. Nugent 
„ adi. W 

Imbecility, so. W 

„ of body, Swift 

Imbibe, y. a. (met.^ B 

Imbitter, v. a. Traneme 

Imbowel, v. a. eut. B Burton 

Imbro^Uo, sb. Carl 

Imbroider, y. a. B Burton 

Imbroil, v. a. Sir T Brown 

Imbrue, v. a. D 

Imbue, v. a. W 

Imitable, adj. Sir T Brown, 

Imitate, v. a. D, Stowe 
,, y. n. W 

Imitation, sb. resembling some- 
thing which we know it is not, 
„ and truth. Buskin 

Imitative, adj. T 

Immaculateness, sb. Stowe 

Immantle, v. a. T. 

Immaterial, adj. W 

Immaturity, sb. W 

Immeasurably, adv. Tra, Stowe 

Immediate, adj. Froude 

Immediately, adv. W 

Immensity, sb. Buskin * 

Immethooic, adj. Carl 

Immission, sb. Masson 

Immitigable, adj. Bus, S T C 

Immoderate, adj. B, Times 

Immodesty, sb. D 

Immorality, sb. B 

Immoral, adj. Wilson 

„ and impure, Pearson 

Immortal, adj. T, W 

Immure, v. a. Wbitmore 

Immutable, adj. W 

Imp, y. t. try (wiagt). Bat Sb? 

Impact, lb. Ed Bey, M 

Impair, v. a. W 
„ y. n. D 

Impart, y. a. T 

Impartial, adj. D 

Impassioned, adi . T 

Impassive, adj. trying 

Impatience, so. W 

Impatient, a^LJ) 

Impave, v. a. W 

Impearl, v. a. W 

Impecnnioiity, sb. Irying 

Impecunious, adj. Dallj Tde- 

Impede, v. a. Buakin 

Impediment, sb. W 

Impel, y. a. Bentlej, W 

Impendence, sb. Eu^nn 

Impendency, sb. Talfonzd 

Impendent, adj[. (lit. & met) Bai 

Impending, a^. evils, W, Gibbon 

Impenetraole, adj. Bentley, Bus- 
kin, W 

Imperative ^tone), a^. Stowe 

Imperceptible^ so. Add 

Imperfect^ adj. W 

Imperfection, sb. Buskin. 

Imperforate, adj. F T BneklaBd 

Imperial, adj. a 

ImperiaUsm, ab. Westm. Bev 

Imperialist, sb. Sir J Stephen 

Imperious, adj. W 

Imperiously adv. Stowe 

Imperishable, adj . W 

Impennissible, adj. Sat Bey 

Impertinency, ab. thing ixrele- 

„ ^ nnfittin|^, Palmer 

Imp^rtinenoe, ab. insolence, 
J unius, Ld Thurlow 

Impertinent, not belonging to, 

Tra. M Henry 
ab. impudent per- 
son. Add, f al^ 
mer, Lamb 
intruder. Lamb 



Impetuoiu, adj. W 
Impetuofiitif, so. B 
Impetuously, adv. T 
Impingement, sb« Tennent 
Impious, adj. W 
Implement, sb. W 
Implex, adj . Add 
Implicit, adj. Stowe 
Implied, adj. T 
Implore, v. a. D 
Imploring, adj. Stowe 
Imply, y. a. Dr Tenmle 
Imponderable, adj. Masson 
Imponent, sb. Ed Bey 
Import, sb. W 


meaning, "W 
" of ii 

V. n. be 01 importanee^ 
Bp Patrick, Tren<^ 

„ y. a. be of importance to^ 
touch, Lamb 
Importance, sb. J 3 Hill, Stowe 

Important^ adj. W 1 

Importunacj, ab. Palmer 
Importunate, adj. "W 
Importune, t. a. Hobbes, IfiTT 
Importonity, sb. Swift 
Impose (upon), v. n. dccciro, 

for a 

Impost, eb. D 
ImpoKthmnate, v. n. Swift 
Iiuposthome, sb. Swift 
Impostor, eb. W 
Impotencf, sb, Bentlej 
Impotent, adj. W 
Impracticable, adj. B 
Impracticability, sb. B 
Iropiegn, t, a. Lamb 
Impregnate, r, a. W 
Imprescriptible, adj. Ami Reg 

Itnpresa, ab. W 

„ T. a. W 

„ stomp, Ruskin 

Impression, sb. copy of a book, 

„ edition. Swift 

„ attack, Hobbea 

„ onrusbing, T B 

„ image on the 

mind, Suakin 
Impressive, adj , W, fiuekin 
Imprimatur, sb. Calcott 
Imprint, v. a. mark by pressure, 

„ print. Swift 

Imprison, t. a. restrict, Tra 
ImprogreuiTe, adj. Hare 
Improgressiyely, adv. Hare 
ImprogressiTeaess, sb. Hare 
Improper, adj. D 
Inipropcrly, iiv, D 
Impropriation (of tithes] Swift 
Impropriety, sb. B 
Improvable, adj. Lamb 
Impiota, V. a. D, Ff ctoft 

I „ cnlaige on, Bp 

I Burnet 

■ Impmrement, sb. J S Hill 
Improver, sb. B 
Improvisation, sb. G P Marsh 
IniproTiaotizo, T. a. Windsor 
Improvisatorc, sb. Irving 
Improvise, T.a. (an essay). Times 
„ (a peace) Motley 

Improvised, adj. Carl 
Impiudcncy, sb. Lamb 
Impadence, sb. D 
Impudent, adj. Cowpor 
Impudieity, eb, Sat Rev 
Impulse, sb. Bentley, "W, Stowe 
ImpntTMcibU, adj. A U'Qongnl 

(write) of, about ; 
on (ill terms), Bp. 
for (during) all the time ; 
differ in (on) a point ; 
(at) all events : in- 
f.i (. (fe ./); 
(for) a great wnile [ 
^cedom ; tn his re- 
turn, on his return 
journey ; a list in 
(on)aahoet of paper; 
writeiw{with)a head- 
ache — from Swift 

Inability, sb. Sir T Brown, Lamb 

In accountable, ad). T Burnet 

Inaccurate, adj. a 

Inactive, adj. Homo 

Inattirity, ab. B 

Inadvertency, sb. Lamb 

Inalienably, adv. Times 

Inamovability, sb, J S Mill 

Inane, sb. Locke 

Inanimate, adj. Bentley 

Inanimation, sb. Times 

Inanition, sb. Times 

Inappreciably, adv. C Patmorc 

Inapproachable, adj. fiuskin 

Inaptly, adv. W 

Inarticulate, adj. W 

Inartilii'ial, adj. ignorant, Tra 

Inaudibility, sb. L[|mb 

Inaudible, adj. W 

Inaudibly, adv. "W" 

Inborn, adj. W Law, W, Arnold 

Inbreak, sb. Carl 

luburst, sb. Carl, Masson 

Incalesccncy, sb. t Burnet 

Incandescent, adj. T R Jones, Ti 

Incapable, adj, W 

Incapacitation, sb, Jantns, Lamb 

Incarnate, v, a, Xingslcr 
adj, Tra 

Incarnation, ab, W 

Incendiary, sb, body of &ie. 

„ V. a, fumigate with 
incense, Carl 
Incentive, sb, Tra 
Incepting, adj , Sat Her 
Incessant, adj , W D Page 
Incest, sb. D 
Inch, sb, D 

by inches, gradually, Stowe 
Incidental, adj. W 
Incitatian, ab. Add 
be inclinable, to incline, be dis- 
posed. Lamb 
Inclination, sb. W 

adj, (-opinion), T 

Incline, v. a. D 

„ sb. W H Rosaell 
IncloBuro, sb, W 
Incognitaney, sb. Palmw 


Incoomohility, sb. T Taylor 
Incommodious, adj. T Bumot 
Incommodiously, adv. Burke 
IncommodiousucBS, sb. T Burnet 
Incommodity, inconvenience, B 
Incommunicable, adj. W, Ti 
Incoimnunicativeness, sb. Lamb 
Incompact, adj, not solid, T B 
Incomparably, adv, N 
Incomparedly, adr. Uuskin 
Ineompass, v. a. T Burnet 
lucompatible, adj. Buskin 
Incompetence, sb. W 
Incompetent, adj, D 
Incompetently, insufficiently, B 
Incompatible la, for ict'f A, T B 
Incomplete, adj. W 
Incomposaible, adj, HamiltoD 
Incomprehensible, adj, Ruskin 
„ sb. T Burnet 

Incomprehension, sb. Temple 
Inconceivable, adj. N 
Incondite, adj. Lamb, Carl 
Incongruency, sb, disproportion, 

T Burnet 
Inconsoquentialitv, sb, L Hunt 
Inconsiderate, adj, T 
Inconsistent, adj, not able to co- 
exist with. Buskin 
Inconspicuous, a4j. not to be seen, 
T Burnet 
„ not conapioBDiiB, 

Inconstancy sb. B 
Inconstant, adj , D 
Inconvenience, sb, Stowe 
Inconvincible, adj , Carl 
Incorporate, adj. '" 
Incorrigible, naj. 
Incorruptarian, sb, T Bur 
Incrash, sb, Macm Mag 
Increase, v. a. Gay, T 

„ sb. T 
Increaled, adj, Traheme 
Incredible, adj. Bentley 
Incremation, sb. Lamb 
Increment, sb. Carl 

IncruBt, T. a. Irvmg 
Incubation, hatching, Bent 
Inculpatory, adj. Carl 
Inculpated, adj, Carl 
Incumbency, so, W 
Incumbent, adj. W 

„ sb. Froude 

Incurable, a<lj. B 
Incurious, adj. Times 
Incuriosity, sb. Lamb 
Indogatory, adj. Musgrav 
Indecency, unfitting stata of 
mind, Trabenic ^ 

lodEOCQ.*., ^\, 'Q 





Indeeifdon, sb. Diokeni 

IndecisiTe, adj. W 

Indeclinable, sb. Tooke 

Indeficient, adj. unbounded, Tra 

Indefinitely, adv. T Burnet, B 

Indefinite, adj. W 

Indeliberatcly, adv. T Burnet 

Indent, «b. Irving 

Indentation, sb. Times 

Independence, sb. W, "Raw 

Independency, sb. B 

Independent, adj. W, Han» 

Indescribable, auj. Stowc 

Indescrt, sb. Ad(l 

Indcss, sb. female Indian. U B 

Indctermination, sb. Buskin 

Index, sb. W 

Indexically, adv. Swift 

Indexless, adj. Carl 

Indicate, v. a. Buskin 

Indication, sb. B 

Indictment, sb. Times 

Indifference, sb. neutral point, T 
^ ., contempt, W 

Indifferency, sb. noncniUanco, 

Indifferent, adj. careless, W, Sou 
t0| without influence 

on, B 
adj. poor, R Burton 
„ adv. moderately, 11 B 

Indigenous, adj. W 

Indigent, adj. \V 

Indigested, adj. D 

Indignity, sb. w 

Indirectly, adv. B 

Indispensable, adj. Fronde, 

Indispensability, sb. Nat Rev 

Indispensableness, sb. Hare 

Indisposed, v. a. W 

Indisputable, adj. B 

Indisputableness, sb. Buskin 

Indissolvable io fire, T B 

Indistinct, adj. D 

Indistinction, sb. confused out- 
line, Lamb 

Indistinctive, adj. having no 
distinctive character, Sat Rev 

Inditer, sb. writer. Lamb 

Indivertible, adj. Lamb 

Individual, adj. W 

„ sb. Sat Rev, Hare 

Individualism, sb. Kingsley 

Individualist, sb. Kingsley 

Individuality, sb. Hare 

Individualize, v. a. Hare, Kings- 

Individualizing, adj. Hare, 

Individuate, v. a. Hare 

Indocile, adj. Bcntley 

Indolence, sb. Ruskin 

Indolency, sb. Bcntley 

Indolent, adj. Ruskin 

Indoor, adj. W, Russell 

Indraught, sb. sea-cun*ent (met.) 

Sir T Brown 
„ wind. Maury 


Induce, v. a, D 
Inducement, sb. B 
Induction, sb. M, Times 
Indulge, y. a. Stowo 
Indulge to (iwj, Warburton 
Indulgence (piece of), sb. N 
Indulgent, adj. W 
Industrial, aoj. F Vesey 1841, 

Industrious, adj. "W 
Industriously, adv. B 
Industry, sb. W 
Indwelling, sb. Trahemo 
Ineffable, adj. W 
Ineffaceablj, adv. Sou, Kingsley 
Ineffectuahty, sb. Kingsley 
Inefficiency, sb. Stowe 
Inelastic, adj. Bus 
Inept, adj. Traheme 
Ineptitude, sb. Tra 
Inequality, unfaimess, Tra 
Inequitable, adj. B 
Ineradicable, adj. Hare 
Inertia, sb. Ruskin 
Inestimable, adj. Bus 
Inevitability, sb. Bus 
Inexecutable, adj. Carl, Ludlow 
Inexhausted, adj. T B, ^ntley 
Inexhaustedly, adv. T Burnet 
Inexhaustible, adv. W 
Inexhaustibleness, sb. Buskin 
Inexorable, adj. Byron 
Inexorably, adv. W 
Inexpensive, adj. Fairbaim 
Inexperience, sb. W 
Inexpiably, adv. Sou 
Inexpugnable, adj. impregnable 

(fort), B, Carl 
„ (worms), not to 

be driven out, B 
InfalUble, adj. D 
Infamous, adj. Carl 
InfaUibly, adv. D 
Infamy, sb. D 
Infancy, sb. "W 
Infant, sb. W, T, N 

n adj. W 
Infantine, adj. W 
Infatuate, adj. Palmer 
Infeasibility, sb. Lamb 
Infect, V. a. D 
Infected, adj. N 
Infection, sb. N 
Infelicity, sb. Bp Lloyd 
Infer, v. a. lead to, necessitate, 

Inference, sb. D 
Inferior, adj. "W* 
Inferiorly, adv. on the under 

side, Jones 
Infernal, adj. D 
Infidel, sb. D 
Infinite, sb. Ruskin 

„ adj. Hansel 
Infinitely, adv. Tra 
Infinitcsimally, adv. D Pnge 
Infinity, sb. Tra, Ruskin 
Infirm, adj. Gay 
Infirmity, sb, W 

Infix, y. a. Hanru 
Infixed, adj. Eoakm 
Inflame, y. a. W 

„ redden fmet.) Adi 

Inflammatory rdiseaae), N 
Inflexibility (otcharacter), Stowe 
Inflict, y. a. jD 
Inflowing, adj. Maury 
Influence, sb. W 

„ y. a. Bp Burnet, Gov- 
Influenza, sb. Cheeterfield, Jntf 

9, 1767 
Influx, sb. W Irving 
Inform, y. a. teach, Bentley, D 

„ fonn, W 

., in for off Swift 
Information aod wisdom, Bobeit- 

Infrequent, adj. Sat Ber, Hone 
Infrequently, ady. Sd Bey 
Infringem^t, sb. FtefartMnn 
lafuse, y. a. D, W 

„ Dour in, Tn 

Infusible, aoj. not melialik^ 

Ingate, sb. Carl 
Ingenious, adj. D 
Ingenite, adj. Bentley 
Ingenuity, sb. ingenaoaiDeB, 

Ingle, sb. Wilson 
Inglorious, a^. W 
Ingrain, adj. Stowe 
Ingrate, sb. HobbcA, W 
Ingrateful, adj. Tra, Shaftesbaxy 
Ingredient, sb. Tra^ B 
Ingur^tate, y. a. 1 Tayloir, 18SS 
Inhability, sb. unflitnesa, T B 
Inhabit, y. a. Darwin 
Inhabitability, sb. T Bmnet 
Inhabitant, so. W 
Inhabitation, sb. aot of dwdl- 

ing, Rnskin 
Inhere, y. n. Manon 
Inherent, adj. D, Rnaldn 
Inherit, y. a< W 
Inheritable, adj. B 
Ihheritaaee, sb. D 

estate inherited,B 
Inheritrix, sb. Carl 
Inhibit, y. a. B 
Inhuman, adj. Vf 
Inhumane (cdei), not fit fa 

man, Benuey 
Injellied, adj. T. 
Injure, y. a. Rui^in 


Inkle, sb. (the substance Actflf 

Parliament, 1833 
Inkling, sb. notion, Stowe 

„ hint, Swift 

Inlet, sb. T Burnet 
Inly, adv. Stowe 
Inmate, sb. W 

Inn, ab. W 

Innate, adj . Dentler, D 

InnaTignblB, adj. T Cumat 

Inner, adj. T 

Innocence, ah, W 

Innocent, adj. W 

Innocuous, adj. W, Ruikin 

Innovnta, v. a, liiirke 

Itmovation, ab, B 

Innovative, adj. J S Mill, Mua- 

Innoiious, adj, Pone 
Innitniorable, adj. Kingale^ 
lunnmeions, adj. Moir 
Inobsorranoe, so. llollam 
Inobtruaive, adj. W 
Inordinate, adj. W, Ti 
Inquinale, t. a. Sir T Biown 
Inquire, t. n. T 
Inquisi^tm, eb. 'W 
Inquiffltiw, adj. D 
Inacribej t. a- Cowper 
Inajription, eb. Joirett 
InaoriptiTe, adj. IV 
Insenitable, adj. W, Catl 
Insuct, ab. T 
Insect]', adj. A Smith 
Inaecnre, adj. W 
JnsensBto, adj. Stowo, W 
Insense, t. a. malco to feel, 

InEcnsiblc, ailj. tllnt cannot be 
Mt, Dornin 

Ineensiblj-, adv. W 
Insentient, adj.Ituskia 
Insepanito, aw- Lamb 
Inshore, adj. Coriih Mag 
Inside, ab. W 
losidion*. itdj. W 
Insigna, ab. onnarial beaiinga, 

Insight, lb. W, Brimloy 
Insignature, ab. Calcotl, 1708 
losigninm, ab. Ann Beg, 1789 
iDsinuato, T. n. D 
Inainualed, adj. W 
Insipid, adj. Ira, Lamb 
Insipidity, ab. Swift 
Inaistance, sb. insisting, Ilot 
,, urgcDGj, Run 

InGQlenoy, sb. Tcmplei 1731 
InEolcnt, adj. Gay 
Inspect, T. a. W 

v.n. Bee. look. Swift 
Inapiration, ab. W, Raskin 
,. iniira'wing of the 

bicatii, Stowo 
Inspire, v. a. D 
Inspired, adj. W 
, Inspirit, T. n. W 
>' Inspokcu, adj , W Law 

Instiuiee, sb.preraure, Junius 

Dccnmnoe, Bp 11 
T. a. Gietn-illi; 
Instant, sb. nu;ikin, Lcwcs 
InstantuneoQs, ai], 'W 

Instanllj, adu. ■«" 
Instauration, sb. T Curnct 
Instcnci, adv. D, Tooko 
Instigate, t. a. Gibbon 
Instigation, sb. W 
Instigations, poppcrings (of 

soups) Add 
InstU, T, a. W 
Instinct, sb, W 
adj. W 
Instinctive, ndj. W 
Instinctively, adj. TV. Stowe 
Institute, r. a. Goivpar 
sb. law, W. 
Institution, ib. W" 

„ formation, Junius 

Institutor, eh. Ilcntley 



InBtruclrcas, sb, lid Kev 
Instrument, sb. (mnsical), W 
„ tool, FTDude 

Instramentation, sb, musical 

playing, Gus 
Insabstondal, adj. Lamb, Hare 
luBubatantiality, sb. Hare 
InsnfEciency so. a want, T 
Insufficient, adj.- Darwin 
Insularity, sb. M' Clin took, 

Christum Remambranfler 
Insulation ) iu clcetricity, Fair- 
Insulator f bairn 
Insult, sb. D 

„ V, a. Ruiikin 
InsullinF, ndj. U 
Insuperal>lo, adj. Tooko, W, Ras 
Insure, v. a. W 

Insnred, sb. person insurod. Park 
Insurer, eb. Park 
Insurmountable, adj. W 
Insurrectionary, ad]. B, Carl 
Insusceptible, adj. W 
Intail, sb. li 

Illliike, Bb. (provindal) W 
Intangledncis, >b. T Burnet 
Intonglenient, sb. T Burnet 
Intanseable. adj . Pcnninck 
Intagral, adj. entire, 8 T C 
Integrunt, adj , B 
Integrity, sb, (ot charaeter), 

„ wholeness. B 

lutcilect, sb. T, Masson 
luteUection, sb. T Taylor; pi. 

IntL'lUctuttl. ndj.W 
Intellectuals, sb. bmins. Lamb 
Intellectually, ndr. Times 
Inlelligenec, sb. sing, and pi. T 
IntcUigenccr, sb. (man). Add, B 
Intelligent, adj ..UDdcrstand able. 

Intempemtelj, adv. B j 

Intempetaturc, eb. T Eurnut 
Intend, v.n. B 

Intondcd, adj. II 
Inteadcr, v. n. Smollett 
Intending, adj. B 
Intenemte, v. a. Lamb 
Intensote, v. a. Buskin 
Intenao, adj. W 
Intensely, adv. W 
Intonsencaa, sb. "W 
Intension, sb. Cornh Mag , 
Intensity, sb. Ruskin 
Intensive, adj . Trench 

sb. QPMnrsh 
Intent, adj. W 
„ eb. W 
Intention, sb. B 
Intentively, adv. Aubrey 
Interacting, adj. Brimky 
Interblan^ y. a. Magson 
IntecctUatc, y. a. Baubenj 
Intercept v. a. B 
Inteieesston, sb. B 
Interchange, y. a. W 

sb. W 
Intorchangcable, ailj. W 

„ sb. Lamb 

Intercolumniation, eb. Bregory 
Intercommunicate, adj. Ruskin 
Intercourse, eb, (met.) W, B, Uare 
Intercross, v. a. Lamb, G Muu- 

„ V, a. Gibbon, B 
Interdiction, eb. B, Wostm. Rev 
Intcressed, adj. Temple 
Interest, sb. tctum for monuy, 
etc, lent, T 
,, inilncnce, Bp. B 

■~ - thing, W, 




, Cnlhou 

InlulligibUMidj.D. B 
InloUigibleneas ab, lluro 
IntL'mpcraU', sb. injraodcrate, 

Traheme, I67fi ' 
,, persons interested 

in a thing, B, 

Interfere, y. u. II, Lowes 
Interference, ab. W 
luterl'ering, ab. Bentley 
Interiluwing. adj . Masson 
Interfuse, v. a "W 
Interfusion, eb. Hare 
Interim, sb. B 
Interior, adj. Burke 
Interject, v. n. Carl 
Interjection, sb, part of speech, 

Interjeetionally, adv. Carl. 
Inteiqcotionary, adi Cail 
Inteijectory, adj. Sat Rot 
Interlard, y. a. W 
Interleaf, sb, Afasson 
IiitmVujSi,-! , tt. 'fevi.v&Mw. 



Interloper, ib. Irring 
Intennarriage, ib, B 
InlOTmeddle, t. n. Traherne 

T. ». B 
rnlL-rmcldler, sk "W 
latcrmtdiiling-, iJj. W 

„ Bb. Swill, B 

luteimediUe. adj. B 
Interminable, a^. W 
Interminele, t, a. W 

r, n. Habbea, Burke 
IntertnitUd, a,]j. W 

\ Rtuku 

IntarmitCcnt, adj li 
Intemtitting, adj.W 
Intermix, v. a. w _ 

Inlemiiiture, eb. B 
IntcrmMndane, adj. Macdonald 
Intomul, adj. W 
Inlomally, adv. W 
Intorpcllatioii, eb. Carl 
IntcrpenGtratian, Eb. Kingaley 
Intcrpiluater. ab. Greeorj 
Interposal, ab. T B, Hilt, of Sir 

J nuwlcwDod 
Interpose, v. n. Pnaey 
Interpodtion, eb. W 
IntCTponiTe, lb. Tra 
Interpret, r. a. Jonett 
Intflrprelable, adj. Carl 
Interpretation, sb. B, Bat Ber 
Interpreter, Bb. B, Jowett 
Intei^retership, ab. Windaor 
Interpretress, sb. Sim'sley 
Intcrradiadng, adj. Hacdonald 
Interradiation, sb. Brimlej' 
Intenegnnra, >b. B 
Interrogatorj, sb. B 
Aitemqit, r. a. W 
Tnterruption, n. B 
Interrupter, sb. Lamb, Timet 
Inttraection, ab. B 
Intenhoot. t. n. W 
Interapace, ab. W, Levea, Dar> 

Interaperu, v, a. W 
Interqiernon, ib. Add 
IntenCice, ib. Bentlej 
Intentitial, adj. Tennent, TB 

Intertanglsd, ftdj. Nat Ber 
Interteiture, ab. Lamb, Uae- 

Intettiaiue, t. a. Farrar 
lotertirine, t. a. W 
Intertwiit, t. a. Lamb 
Interval, ab. W 
Inlerrein, v. a, W 
Intervene, t. n. W, Fronde 
Interrenient, adj. Fleming, W 
Intervention, ab. (lit.) Bentlev, 

Interview, ab. B 
Interrital, adj. T 
Intervolved, adj. Macdonald 
IntemoaTe, v. a. W 


Inthratl, T. a. KingaleT 
Intimate, adj. W 
Intimidate, y. a. B 
Intire, adj. B 
Intillc, V. n. B 
Intitule, Y. a. B 
Into, prap. B 
Intolerable, adj. D, B 
Intolerablj, adv. B 
Intolerance, sb. W, B 
Intonation, sb. Stowe 
Intoxicate, t. a. (met.) B 
Intoxicating, adj. B 
Intoxication, ab. (met.) B 
Intractable, adj. Bentlej' 
Intrench, v. a. (lit. and met.) B 
Intrenched, adj. B 
Intrenthment, eb. B 
Intrepid, adj . D 
Intrepidity, ab. B 
Intricacf, eb. Buskin 
Intricate, adj. W 
Intrigoe, T. Q. B 

„ lb. workiiur (of penper, 
etc.) Eachard 

„ (of court) Bp Pa- 

trick, B 
Intri^er, n. B 
Intr^ning, adj. B 
Intrinncal, a^. real, Sir T B 
Intrinrieally, adv. from within, 

IntriudcK, adj. ttom within, T 
Bnmet, Bp. B 
.. real, true, "Bn. 

Introdoee, t. a. Stowe 
Introducer sb. Lamb 
Inttodnction, n. bringing in, B 
Introdnetorjr, adj. B 
Introqiectin, a^. Lamb 
Introvolution, ib. Lamb 
Intnide, t. n. W 

thnut in, B 
Intruder, ab. W 
Intrurion, ab. B 
Intmiive, adj. W 
Intruit, v. a. W 
Intuition, ab. looking on, T 

Intuitive, adj, W 

Intuitively, udv. Sat Be? 
Intutiieacenne, ab. MaUTT 
Inundotion, ab. (met.) B 
Inum, V. a. Pope 
Inutility, ab. B 
Invade, v. a. D 
Invader, ab. B, W 
Juvalid, adj. sick. B 
Invalidate, v. u. B 
Inrnlidation, eb, B 
Invariable, adj. B 
Invasion, ab. Froude 

Invective, ab. B 
Invejgb, V. n. D 
Inveigle, t, a. B 
Invent, v. a. B 
JnrenUU, adj. BoAib 

0, ab. D, Buskin 
„ a discover?, T B, 

Inventive, adj. Boakin 
Inventory, v. a. Stowe 

ab. B 
Inverted, adj. HudJesford 
luTcree, adj. B 
Inversely, adv. B 
Jnveat (a city), v. n. Gibbon 

,. f. a. clothe. Ilobbet 
Inreitient, adj. (Jalcott 
Investigate, v. a. B 
Invectigation, ab. B 
Investiture, ab. B 
Investment, sb. clothing, T B 

I ,. (of money), B 

Inveteraey, ab. aavagenesa, 

Inveterate, adj. B 

Inveterately, adv. B 

Invidious, adj. T 

„ dinileasing, Pope 

„ liable to envy, it 

Invigorate, v. a, Cowper 

Invigorating, adj. W 

Invincible, adj. B 

Inviolnbility, sb. B 

Inriolably. adv. D, B 
Inviolate, adj. B, T 
Inviron, ». a. Trahome 
Invisible, adj. W 

,. sb.SirTBrown,Iiamb 
Inviaibily, adv W 
Invitation, ab. W 
Invitatory, adj. Lamb 
Invite, T. a. B 
Invitement, ab. Lamb 
Invoke, t. a. T 
Involuntary, adj. B 
Involuntarily, adv. B 
Involve, V. a, T, (met.) Stowe 
Involution, eb, twisting, B 
Inward, adj. W 
„ adv. B 
Inwardnesa, ab. Hare 
Inwards, adv. B 
Inwinding, adj. Barnes 
Inwrap, v. a. Pope 
Iota, lb. B 
Ipecac, adj. Ilotmes 
Iracnnd, ajij. CmI 
Ireful, aJij. I) 
Iridescence, ab, T R Jones 
Iridfisccnt, adj. T K Jones, Bus 
Itis, ab, (the flower} T 
„ rainbow, D'Isr, Boilin 

Irii^. adj. B 

Iriihiim, sb. bull. Sat Bev 

Iruhry, sb. B, H 

Irkaome, adj. B 

Iron, tb. Bnaltin 
„ adj. (met.) T, Stowe (tit.)N 
„ T. a, to put in irona, B 
„ ab. pL and sing, chains 
and handcuib, B 

Iron-handed, adj. B, MoUey 
Ironic^ adj. W, Stowe 
Ironical, adj. Swift, B 
IronicallT. adr. B 
Ironing (clothes), adj. Stowe 
Ironmaster, sb. Lewin 
Ironahod, adj. Carl 
Irondde, sb. ship, Times 
Irontree, sb. Tennent 
Irony and humour, Carl 
Irradiate, v. a. W 
Irradiation, sb. Aubrey 
IrradiatiTe, adj. Carl 
Irrational, adj. B 
Irrationally, ady. B 
Ixreoognisable, adj. Carl 
Irrecognition, sb. Lamb 
Lrreconcileable, adj. B 
Irreconcileably, adv. B 
Irredeemable, adj. B, Calhoun 
Irreducible, adj . JN'at Rot 
Irrefragable, adj. Swift, B 
Irregnbr, adj. W 
Irregularity, sb. B 
Irr^ularly, sb. B 
IrreteTancy, sb. B 
Inrelerant, adj. B 
Irrelatiye, adj. B 
Irrelierable, adj. Kingsley 
Irreligion, sb. n 
Irremeable, adj. Johnson, 1784 
Irremediably, ady. Carl 
Irremissible, adj. B 
IrremoTability, sb. Times 
Irremoyable, adi. Times 
Irrepressible, adj. Carl 
Irreproachable, adj. B 
Irresignation, sb. W Law 
Irresistible, adj. Tra, W • 
Irresistibly, adv. B 
Irresolute, adj. B 
Irresolution, sb. N, B 
Irresponsible, ady. B 
Irretentiyeness, Sat Bey 
Irretrieyable, adj. B 
Irretrieyably, adv. B 
Irreverent, adj. B 
Irreverently, adv. B 
Irrevocable, adj. Traheme 
Irritable, adj. B 
Irritancy, sb. Carl 
Irritate, v. a. B 
Irritation, sb. B 
Irruption, sb. B 
Islam, sb. Irving 
Islamism, sb. Irving 
Island, sb. W 

y, v. a. Buskin 
Islanded, adj. Buskin 
Me, sb. W 

„ y. a. T 
Isodynamic, adj. Sat Rev 
Isolate, y. a. Lewes 
Isolated, adj. Darwin, Stowe 
Isolation, sb. T, Ruskin 
Isane, v. n. W 

„ y. a. B 
Isthmus, sb. W 
It, pron. neut. Tooke, Stowo 

Italics, sb. Hare 
Itch, sb. D 

„ (met.) great desire, Swift 

„ v. a. Cowper 
Itching, sb. B 
Item. sb. Sir T Brown, B 
Iterate, v. a. Sat Rev 

„ adv. Lamb 
Iterated, adj. Sir T Brown 
Itinerant, adj. Palmer 

„ sb. W 
Itself, pron. B 
Ivory, adj. D 
Ivy, sb. W 

Jack-an-apes, sb. Suckling, 1648 
Jack-a-napes, sb. Addison, 1712 
Jack, sb. a sailor, Oliphant 

„ waiter, Dickens 

Jackal (Jack-call), sb. Addison 
Jackboot, sb. M, Irving 
Jackdaw, sb. Burke ,. 
Jacketed, adj. Times 
Jacobin, sb. Burke 
Jacobinised, adj. B 
Jacobinism, sb. B 
Jacobite, sb. Burke 
Jade, v. a. Palmer 

„ sb. Swift 
Jailoring, sb. Carlyle 
Jag, V. a. T Buruj^t 
Jaghire, sb. Burl^e 
Ja^hirdar, sb. Burke 
Jail, sb. Burke 
Jail-delivery, sb Burke 
Jak, sb. Tennent 
Jakes, sb. Bp Patrick 
Jalousie (Jalousy), a latticed 

window, Tennent 
Jam, sb. throng, Carlyle 

„ adv. close, Stowe 

„ y. a. squeeze, Stowe 
Jamb, sb. Irving 
Jambeau, sb. D 
Jangle, v. n. Carlyle 
Jan^lin^, sb. Swift 
Janissanes, sb. Burke 
Janus, sb. Sir T Brown 
Janus-like, adj. Sir T Brown 
Jape, sb. Lamb 
Jar, V. n. Dryden 
„ sb. noise, Swift, T 
„ for water, Bnrke 
Jargon, sb. M, Carlyle, Palmer 

„ V. n. Carlyle 
Jargoning, sb. Carlyle 
Jarg^nist, sb. M 
Jarring, sb. Carlyle 
„ adj. Burke 
Jarvie, sb. Carlyle 
„ adj. Canyle 
Jasmine, sb. T „,j%{ 
Jasper, sb. Byron - 
Jaundice, sb. D 
Jaunt, sb. Swift 
Jauntiness, sb. Addison 
Jaunting-car, sb.- H 

Javelin, t. a. T 

Jaw, sb. of the cheek, D 

„ talk, Smollett 

Jealous, adj. T, Stowe 
Jealousy, so. W 
a jealousy, sb. Bp Burnet 
Jejune, adj. Swift, Sir W Scott 
Jeiuncness, sb. Burke 
Jelly, sb. Nightingale, Add 
Jemmy, adj. natty. Lamb 
Jenny (spinning), Men who 

have Risen 
Jeopard, v. a. F Vesey 
Jeopardize, v. a. Duke of Buckm 
Jeopardy, sb. Cowper 
Jerk, sb. D 

„ V. a. Irving 
Jerked, part, (cut in slices and 

dried), Irving 
Jerkiness sb. Brimley 
Jerky, adj. Mrs Gaskell, Sat 

Jerreed, sb. Byron 
New Jerusalem, adj. millennial, 

T Burnet 
Jest, sb. D 

„ v. n. Ruskin 

„ V. a. Lamb 
Jet (black as), sb. Cowper 
„ V. a. throw out in lets, T 
„ Tof spray), sb. Ruskin 
„ (of light), sb. Sou 
Jettee, sb. jetty, B 
Jew, sb. (term of contempt), Bp 
„ adj. Burke 
Jewel, so. T 
Jewish, adj. Burke 
Jews, the people, Burke 
Jib (sail), sb. Times 
Jig, V. n. dance, Lamb 
„ V. a. Carlyle 
JUt, V. a. A Trollope 
Jingle, v. n. T 

„ sb. D, Carlyle 
„ v. a. Stowe 
Jingling, adj. Byron 

„ sb. W 
Job, T. a. Swift 
^, sb. Swift, Stowe 
Jobber, sb. Burke 
Jobberknowl, sb. head, G Hud- 

Jobbing, sb. Burke 
Jobbish, adj. B 
Jockey, sb. a rider, B 
Jockejship,sb. Irving, T Hughes 
Jocosity, sb. Carlyle 
Jocular, adj. Burke 
Jocund, adj. Byron 
Jocundity, sb. Carlyle 
Jog, V. n. D, Hobbes 

„ V. a. Hobbes, Stowe 
Jo^-trot, Carlyle 
Join, V. a. W 

„ meet, T 

„ V. n. T 
Joiner, sb. Hobbes 
Joinery, sb. Burke 


Joint, sb. D 
„ adj. W 
„ y. a. Hobbcs 
Jointly, adv. Burko 
Jointure, sb. Burke 
Joke, sb. Burko 

„ V. n. Stowo 
Jole, check by, Irving 
Jollity, sb. W, Burke 
Jolly, adj. D 
Jolly-boat, sb. Irving 
Jolt, V. a. Burko 
Jolter, V. a. Lamb 
Jonquil, sb. W 
Jordan, sb. chamber utensil. 

Jostle, V. n. D 
Jot, sb. Swift 

Journal, sb. (private diary). 
„ parliamdntary, B 

Journalising, adj. Lamb 

Journalism, sb. Carlylo 

Journalist, sb. Burke 

Journalistic, adj. Carlyle 

Journey, sb. Burko 

Journcyer, sb. W II Gregory 

Joumcywork, sb. Swift 

Joust, sb. D 

Jovial, adj. Burko 

Jovialize, v. a. L Hunt 

Jovialncss, sb. Traheme 

Jowl, sb. D 

Joy, sb. "W* 
„ V. n. rejoice, D 

Joyaunce, sb. Byron 

Joyful, adi. D, T 

Joyless, adj. D 

Joyous, adj. "W, Lamb, Hare 

Jubilant, adj. W 

Jubilate, v. n. Carlyle 

Jubilation, sb. Kingsley 

Jubilee, sb. Soutbey 

Jucundity, sb. T Taylor 

Judaism, sb. Burke 

Judge, V. n. "W* 
„ V. a. D 
„ sb. D 

Judgment, sb. (the faculty) W 
„ discretion, D, Stowe 

Judicial, adj. B 

Judicatory, sb. B, Stowe 

Judicature, sb. T Burnet 

Judicious, adj. D 

Jugging, sb. Lamb 

Juggle, sb. B, M 
„ V. a. Hobbes 

Jugulate, V. a. Carlyle 

Juice, sb. T Burnet, B 

Juiceless, adj. T Burnet 

Julep, sb. D, Holmes ' 

Jumble, V. a. T 

„ sb. B, Carlyle 

Jumble -up, v. a. Biu'ke 

Jumbling, sb. Burke 

Jump, V. n. D 

„ sb. Muse in Min. 

Junction, sb. Burke 

Juncture, sb. Burko 

Jungle, sb. Burke 

Jungly, adj. Times 

Junior, adj. Borkc 

Junket, V. n. Swift 

Junto, sb. B, M, Freer 

Jupe, sb. Carlyle 

Jupon, sb. a jacket, D 

Jurant, adj. Carlyle 

Juridical, adj. Burke 

Juridically, adv. Burke 

Jurist, sb. B 

Jurisdiction, sb. sing, and pi. B 

Juristic, adj. Carlyle 

Juror, sb. Burke 

Jury, sb. D, West™ Rev 

Jurisprudence, sb. Burko 

Just, adj. D, Calhoun 

„ adv. T 

„ only, Stowe 

Juster, justest, B 
Justice (of the nation), sb. Bp 
„ of the Peace, sb. B 
„ sb. AV 
Justiceship, sb. B 
Justiciary, sb. Burko 
Justi6abie, adj. B 
Justifiably, adv. Ruskin 
Justification, sb. B, Jowett 
Justificatory, adj. Windsor 
Justify, V. a. D, B 

„ verify, Bp Burnet 

Justle, y. a. Hobbes, D 
Justlier, adv. T 
Justling, sb. Bentley, Carl 

„ adj. Home 
Justly, adv. D, B 
Justness, sb. Burke 
Jut, sb. Moir 

„ V. n. Byron 
Jute, sb. Times, Fam. Herald 
Juvenescent, adj. Lamb 
Juvenile, adj. B, Stowo 
Juvenility, sb. L Hunt 


Eairic, adj. Greswell 
Kaleidoscopic, adj. T II Jones 
Kaleidoscopical, adj. Times 
Kail, sb. R Burton 
Kamptulicon, sb. Times 
Katydid, sb. Holmes 
Keam, sb. Burke 
Keel, sb. T 
Keelson, sb. Lewes 
Keen, adj. eager, "W 

„ sharp, D, Stowe 

Keenlier, adv. T 
Keenly, adv. Stowe, Dr Temple 
Keenness, sb. Dr Temple 
Keep, V. a. D, Bp Burnet 

„ sb. castle, Burke 
Keeper, sb. (game), D 

„ (of a madman), D 

„ (generally), B 

Keepership, sb. Times 
Keeping-room, sb. Stowo 
Keeve, sb, a bowl, W Whito 

Kell, lb. Hobbet 
Kelp, sb. Ed Bey 
Ken, sb. W 
„ V. a. descry, W 
Kennel, sb. D, B 
Kenning, sb. Aubrej 
Kepi, sb. Times 
Kerne, sb. Irish peasant, M 
Kettle, sb. Burke 
„ ahoUowinthegnnmd, 

Kettledrum, sb. a tea. Times 
Key, sb. T, Irving 
„ (of a book), sb. T Bamet, 

„ sb. tone of voice, Stowe 
„ explanation, Stowe 
Kcylet, sb. A and G 
Key-note, sb. Irving 
Key-stone, sb. Byron 
Kibes, sb. Byron 
Kick, V. a. I), Stowe 
„ V. n. Tennyson 
,, sb. Burke 
Kickshaw, sb. Addiaon 
Kidnap, v. a. Swift, M 
Kidnapped, adj. Times 
Kidnapping, so. M 
Kidneys, sb. B 
Kilderkin, sb. Swift 
Kill, v. a. T 
Kill-crop, sb. Irving 
Kill-devil, sb. rum, R Barton 
Killed, adj. C Beade 
Killing (languor), adj. B 
Kin, adj. T 

/ Kincough, sb. hooping ooagbi 
) (Yorkshire) 

j Chincough,8D. hooping cougb, 
V (Staffordshire) 
Kind, sb. race, D 
,, sort, Fordyoe 

„ particular nature, T 

„ adj. T, Trench 
Kindle, v. a. D, Stovre 
Kindly, adj. W, T 

„ adv. readily, Addison 
Kindness, sb. D 
Kindred, adj. W, T 
„ so. relations, T 
„ relationship, B 

Kindredship, sb. Windsor 
Kine, sb. W 
King, sb. B, Carlyle 
King-at-arms, sb. D 
King-bird, sb. Holmes 
King-craft, sb. M, Irving 
King-evil, sb. M Henry 
Kingdom, sb. D, Stowe 

„' kingly office, B 

Kingdom come, sb. heaven 

Hunting Grounds of W 
Kingfisher, sb. Tennent 
Kingless, adj. Moir 
Kinglet, sb. Carlyle 
Kingly, adj. D, DukeofBudt* 
Kinsman, sb. Swift 
Kinswoman, sb. Bnrke 
Kiosk, sb. Byron 

Kip, lb. Cutom Dntiet List 

KiA,Bb. H 
„ adj. Timea 

Kiiii, T. a. Ctiljh 
„ T, n. Theod Mirtin 
„ tb. T, Thtoi Moitin 

Ei«er, eb, But Rbt 

Eitehen, >b. Bailee 

Kite, (b. ■ biU, All tbs Yeu 
(tbe bird), W 

Kilei, fljTiig (niel.), All Y E 

KitlJng, Bb. Swift, B 

Kitten, T. n. Mrs. Giuioll 
„ lb. W, Hndd«^oi4 

Eitteulike, ad|. T 

Knack, sb. D, Snift 

Knnp, V a. Htiru 

KntiTe, tb. D 

KDMish, adj. Bnike 

Knee, ib. D 

Kneel, v. n. T 

Knell, sb. T 

Kniclierbockcr, adj. Timu 

Knife, sb. D 

Kniirht, tb, T, Buskin 
„ T.a, B,M 

Knigbtago, eb. Ciirlyle 

Knight-inBDt, sb. 3 

Knigbterraatry. ab, B 

Knigbthood, sb. D 

Knitting, ndj. Stows 
Knob, ab. T 

„ T. a. D 

„ sb. D 

KnoU, »b. 1, W 

Knop, BbiTiinei 

Knot, ab. {of men) D 

„ (tho Gordian), fi 
Knot-holo, sb. Stowe 
Knoltjr, adj. difficult, Eachard 
„ unworuble, Tis 

Enow, r. a. T, Ireucb 
Enower, ab. Masson 
Knowing, adj. B, Junius 

ab. W 
Knowingly, adv. "W 
EnoviiigneBs, sb. Carljle 
Knuwlcage, 5b.i^',Rtn, OReade 
Knavkdges, sb, pi. 6 P Marsh 
Knowledgeable, ndj. Oregorj, 

A and C 
Enuckle-dnslcr, A. braaafingei- 

gnard. All T R 
Eocan, ab. Irving, Byron 
Kow-towing, sb. bowiog down 

before, Lou Ecv 

Laborious, adj. T, Sir T Brown 
Laboriotuly, adT. Buiko 
Labour, sb. W 

Labyrinthie, adj. Carljlo 
Lace, sb. T 

„ adj. Burke 

„ V. a, Drrdcn 

„ strike, Biont^ 

Laecd, adj. D 
Lacedemonian, ab. Burke 
Laeerato, y. a. (lit.) Bnrke 
Lack, ab, W. Stowe 

„ of rupees, B 

>, Y. a. W 
Laclicy. .5b. D 
Laconic, adj. Swift 
Lnconiiim, eb. li 
Lnequcr, t. a. Oliphant 
Lncquured, ad], IJurke 
Lacteous, adj. Sir T Brown 
I.iid, 'b. T 

Ladder, ab. W, Stowe 
Lading, sb. T 
Ladj, eb. "W _ 
Lady-like, adj. B 
Lag. 7. n. W 
lagan, sb. W White 

„ adj. Customs But 

Laggart, eb. C iiawlinaon 

La^une, ab. Times 

Laic, adj. Carlyle 

Lain, pp. Bnrko 

Lair, eb. Burke 

Laity, sb. llurke 

Lakp, sU. "W 

Lflkclcl, sb. Onrlylu 

LakinK, part, 'playing, t 

Laml^ sb. Wordsworth 
Lambency, sb. Kuskin 
Lambnnt. ni\]. D 
Lmb, 8clj. I>. T 
Lnmely, diIt, Ciirlvk* 
Liimcnos], eb. Burke 
Lament, t, a. Bryden 

,. sb. Bnrke 
Lamentfiblc, Hclj. Burko 
Lamentotion, sb. Burke 
Lamented, adj. D 
Lamenting, eb. Burke 
Ijumenter, ab. C Bronte 
Liunination, sb. Lou. Bev 
Lamp, sb, "W" 
Lamping, adj. L Hunt 
Lamplet. sb. Cnrlylo 
Lamped, sb, S T C 
Lampoon, t. a. M 

,, sb. Tope 
Lftinpooner. sb. Sat. BeT 
Lamppost, th. Bnrke 
Lance, eb. W 
Lanciform, adj. Sat. Bev 
Iiand, sb. country, D 
„ as oppowd to Mf B 

Lund-Bankj eb, B 
Landed, adj. B 
Landfall, eb. Maur 

Lauding, sb. Burke 
Landlord, ab, D 
Landmark, sb. D 
Landowner, sb. Burke 
Landrail, ab. b Macdonild 
Landscape, eb. W, Buskin 
Landacspist, ab. Itnakin 
Laadtai, ab. Burke 
landward, adj . Times 
Lane, eb, T 

Langour, ab. a moukeT, Buaaell 
Lanjpuigo, sb. W, Scblegel, B 
I-ungnoscentj adj, Carlyte 
Languid, adj, T 
Languidly, adv. W 
Laugubh, T. n. W 
Languishing, adj. tardy, Add 
Languijhraent, sb. W 
LanguorouB, adj. T 
Lanii, sb. Swilt 
Lank, adj. W 
Lankhaired, adj. Cariyle 
Lanky, adj. Timea 
I Lanlorne, in France, sb. B 
Lnntbom, ab. Borke 
Lanyard, sb. Times 
Lap, ab. (woman's) Stowe, T 

„ T. a. fold, Tennent, B 
Lapidify, t. a. Blakesley 
Lapse, sb. W 
Lapwing, sb. Eingaley 
Luquoary. adj. Sir T Brown 
I T.ari'cnous, ndj, Sut BcT 
I/itchi'ii, adj. Muir 
Lard, V, n. Palmtr 
Larc, sb. layer, T Bunet 
Large, adj. W 

„ more at, Bp Bnntet 
„ at, CarNle 
Largely, adv. D 
Lai^n^ sb. Bnrke 
Larger, largest, Burke 
Largesa, sb. Swift, T 
Lark, ab. W, T 
Larse, ab. phantom. Irving 
LarviparoUB, adj. Lewes 
Lamm, sb, Byron 
Lash, T. a. Swift, T, Uoir 

„ ab. Gibbon 

„ punishment, Swiil 

Lasher, sb. T Hughes 
Lashing, ab. whipping, Burke 
Lassitude, tb. 'W 
Lasso, eb. G Bawlinson, Irving 
Last, adj. final, W, Stowe 

„ utmost, Addison 

„ ab. endurance, T Hngbes 

„ V. n. D, T 
Lasting, adj. W 
Lastingly, adT. Barke 



LatUy, adT. W 
Lasty, adj. lasting (Torkshire) 
Latcnet sb. chin-stay, Hobbes 
Late, aoj. W 
„ adr. Motley 
adj. (of late), D 


Lated, adj. Byron 

Lately, aay. JBorke 

Latence, sb. S T G 

Latency, sb. Foster 

Lateness, sb. Burke 

Latent, adj. Gay 

Latently, ady. T Bomet, B 

Later, latest, Bnrke 

Lath, sb. Helps 

Lathy, adj. Times, Stowe 

Latin, adj. Borke 

Latitude, sb. freedom, license, D 
2, (parallel of), B 

Latitudinal, adj. Maury 

Latitudinarian, sb. Bp B, M 

Latitudinous, adj. Galhoun 

Latonian, adj. B 

Latrinary, sb. Daily Telegraph 

Latten, sb. mixed metal. Sat 

Latter, adj. D, T 

Latter-end, sb. Palmer 

Lattice, sb. T 

Laud, sb. W 

Laudable, adj. D, B 

Laudably, my, Burke 

Laudanum, sb. Stowe 

Laugh, y. a. one out of a thing 
down. Hare 
y. n. W ; — at. Hare 
sb. Gay 

Laugher, sb. Windsor 

Langhing-stock, sb. M 

Laughter, sb. T 

Launch, y. n. D, (met.) B 

Laundress, sb. Holmes 

Laundry, sb. Palmer 

Laureate, sb. (poet 1.) D 

Laureated, adj. Warton 

Laurel, sb. W 

Lauwine, sb. Byron 

Laurelled, adj. \V 

Laurelmen, so. Swift 

Laya, sb. T, Whiteside, Irying 

Layender-water, sb. Thackeray 

Layish, adj. Traheme, D 
„ y. a. Bp Burnet 

Layishly, ady. D 

Law, sb. W. Sat. Key 

(of nations), J S Mill 
relation between antece- 
dent and consequent, W 
„ y. a. Swift 

Lawful, adj. D 

Lawfully, adv. D 

Lawfulness, sb. Burke 

Lawgiver, sb. Bentley 

Lawgiving, adj. Hare 

Lawless, adj. D 

Lawmaker, sb. Burke 

Lawn, sb. W 
Jjawmit, Bb. Burke 

Lawyer, sb. D 
Lax (^vemment), adj. B 
Laxative, sb. D 
Laxity, sb. Burke 
Lay, sb. song, D, T 

„ adj. Burke , 

„ v. a. W, Bp Burnet 
quiet, Addison 
reduce to rest, W, 

plan, Bp Burnet 

„ up, W 

„ to, Stowe 

„ out, W, Bp Burnet 

„ on, Galhoun 

„ a wager, D 
Layered, adj. Gurtis 
Layman, sb. D, Burke 
Lazar, adj. Burke 
Lazar-house, sb. Addison 
Laziness, sb. D, Stowe 
Lazy, adj. T 
Lea, sb. Hobbes, D T 
Lead, y. a. W 

„ v. n. W R 

„ go towards, D 

Lead, sb. (the metal), D 

„ adj. Gray 
Leader, sb. T, Swift 
Leading-string, sb. D, B 
Leadsman, sb. S Osbom 
Leaf, adi. W, Hare 

„ (of a tree), sb. Buskin 
Leafage, sb. Buskin, W Smith 
Leafing, adi. Moir 
Leafless, aaj . W 
Leafy, adi. w 
Leaflet, so. Holmes 
League, sb. three miles T 

„ alliance, B 
League, sb. union of men, D 

„ v. a. W, B 
Leaguer, sb. T 
Leak, sb. D 

„ (ouQ, y. n. S Gsbom, 
Leaky, adj. D 
Lean, adj. W 
Lean, v. n. T, Nightingale 


v. a. D 

„ sb. tendency, Galhouu 
Leaning, sb. Burke 
Leap, v. a. D 

„ y. n. T 

„ sb. D, Buskin 
Learn, v. a. W, Bp Patrick 

„ y. n. W 
Learned, adj. D 
Learnedly, adv. Burke 
Learning, sb. W, Tooke 
Lease, so. Burke 

„ y. a. Butke 
Leash, sb. W, Stowe 
Leasing, adj. Bp Burnet 
Least, adj. T 

„ (at least), D, T 
Leather, sb. D 

„ (man of), sb. Stowe 
Leatiiem, adj. Lrving 

Leaye, ab. furewell, T 
„ p^rmissioni B 

„ y. a. W, Stowe 

Lmven, sb. diroositicm, Swift 

Leavings, sb. U 

Lecher, sb. D 

Lection, sb. reading in an old 
text, Lon Bev, Halliwell 

Lecture, sb. T 

Lecturess, sb. Morning Star 

Led, adj. (of a horse), D 
„ heavy. Swift 

Ledge, sb. T 

Ledgers, sb. nl. Burke 

Lee, adj. B, Maury 
„ sb. leeside of a ship. Holmes 

Leech, sb. (the animal) B 

Leer, sb. D, Swift 

Lees, sb. D 

Leetle, adv. Stowe 

Leeway, sb. (naut.) Lrving 

Left, adj. W 

Leg, sb. D 
„ a bow (make a leg) 
Sat Bev 

Leg-piece, sb. Hobbes 

Legacy, sb. T 

Legahty, sb. Buike 

Legalize, v. a. Burke 

L^lly, adv. Burke 

Legate, sb. Burke 

Legatee, sb. Gowper 

L^tine, adj. Froude 

Legator, sb. D 

Legend, sb. D 

„ inscription, M 

Legendist, sb. Eiiey 

Legible, adj. T 

Legigraphical, adj. Batter- 
worth's Gataloffue 

Legion, sb. crowc^ Stowe 
„ (Romany, Burke 

Legislate, v. n. T 

Legislative, adj. B 

Legislatively, adv. Buzke 

Legislator, sb. Tennyson 

Legislature, sb. B 

L^timacy, sb. Times 

Legitimate, adj. B, Sat Bev 
„ v. a. Bp Bomet 

Le^me, sb. Temple 

Leisure, sb. W, Stowe 

Leisured, adj. J S Mill 

Leisurely, adv. D, Stowe 

Lemma, sb. B 

Leman, sb. Byron 

Lemony, adj. W H Gregory 

Lenative, sb. Burke 

Lend, v. a. W 

Lender, sb. Burke 

Length, sb. T 

„ (at leng^, D 

Lengthen, v. a. W 
„ y, n. D 

Len^y, adj. Sir W Soott 

Lenient, adj. Burke 

Lenitive, sb. G Huddeflfosd 

Lenity, sb. Buxke 

Looiiinc, iulj. W, v.' II R 
Loopard, sb. T 
loiior, ab. T 
Leprosj, sb. the it 

„ (of ggjlt), Traherne 
Los3, adv. W 

„ sb. T 

„ adj. D 
I.£&sen, T. a. Uuikc 
Lessening, sb. Sivift 
Lesser, ndj. W 
Ijsson, sb. "W 

Lest, canj. D 

„ aiiT. Bnrko 
Let, V. n. (nloue) RuatLn ^ 

„ allow, D, Euskin 

„ Mndei, D 

„ sb. RuskiD, Carlylo 

„ -T. BUI. D 

Liberty, =b. W, J SWill, Eobcit- Llghtni, 

Lice, eb. pi. Burke 
Licencea, (the spirit) B 
Litflnso, sb. leave, T 

„ riot, W 

„ V. n. W 
Licensed (sellers), udj. B 
Licenser, sb. Ara»son 
Licentious, sb. Burke 
Licentiousness, sb. Bnrke 
Licbcn, s1]. Lewes, Ruskin 
Lichealcss, ndj, Raikin 

1. ninke less lienvj'j 

„ illuminate, T 

Lighter, sb. barge. Times 

„ adj, cp. Butko 
Lighlless, adj. RusWu 
Ligbtly, adv. W 
LigbtnesB, sb. Bnrke 
Ligbtning, sb. B, B 
Ligbtsomo, adj. W 

Letter, sb. (epistle), T, Stone 

„ chnractor in writing, 

■W, Stowe 
Lcttcrboolc, sb. Burko 
Letter-of-marquc, sb. B 
Lotter-preas, adj. Mightingole 
Letting, sb. leasing, Burke 
Lctting-down, sb. Stone 
Lend, sb. vassal, Burke 
Levee, sb. D 

„ raified embankment, 

Btawc, TimcB 
Level, adj. W 

„ sb. condition, Swift 

„ sb. D 

„ T. a. Burko 
Leveller, sb. Burko 
Levelaess, sb. Times 
Levelling, sb. Bmke 
„ adj. Burke 
Leviable, adj. All T H 
Leviathan, ib. (mot.) B 
LeviticaL adj. Burke 
Levity, Bh. W 
Jjtnj, V. a. D, Calhoun 

„ sb. Burke 
Lewd, adj. D ; a lewd tavern, 

Lewdness, sb. Bnrke 
Lexical, adj. Sat Rer, Marsh 
Lciicalic, adj. Q F Marsh 
Loxicon, sb. Sniit 
Liable, adj . Chester&eld 
Liar, sb. Hare 
Libel, Bb. D, Tooko 

„ V, a. Butko 
Libeller, sh, Buiko 
LibeUous, adj. Burke 
Liberal, adj. W, Stone 
Liberality, eh. Bnrke 
Liberalii*, v. a. Burke 
Liberalized, adj. Foster 
Liberally, adv. Bucia 
liberated, adj. Bnrke 
Liberties, eb, precincls of 

ooUcge, T 

Lickspittle, sb. erin^ing, T 

Licitlj, adv. A TroUopa 
Lictor, sb. Burke 

lidlces, adj. I 
ie, V. n. W 

Stowe, Paimci 

„ (of strata, etc.), B. 

Lie to V. n. (naut.) Broogham 
Lief, adv. Stowe 
Liege, sb. T 

„ adj. Burko 
Liege-lady, sb. T 
Lieu, sb. T 

Lieutenancy, sb, Burko 
Lieutenant, sb. Burke 
Lieve, adv. Palmer 
Life, eb. W, T 

„ mods of life, D 
Life-blood, sb. Bnrke 
Life-estato, sb. Burke 
Lifeguard, sh jrotcction, Tra 
Lifeless, adj. w, Stowe 
Lifelong, adj. T 
Liferent, sb. Burke 
Life-renter, sb. Burke 
Life-sprinK, sb. Nightingale 
Lifetime, sb. Bnrko 
Lift, sh. help. Nightingale 

„ promotion, B 

Lifting, ab. T 

Ligament, sb. Bentlcy, Lewes, B 
Ligation, sb, T Burnet 
Light, ah. "W, Ilare, H 

„ a lamp, T 

„ V, n. alight, T, Hobbes 

„ V, a. kindle, D 

„ adv. W 

„ adj. [of celonrJD 

„ brigbt, Aiglitlugale 

„ forweight) T 

Light-bolt, thunderbolt, in Staf- 

aity, T 
„ easy, Swift 

Light-house, sb. Irving 
Like, adj. T, W, Stowe 

„ adv. yV 

„ (to have liHt) BBntleT 

„ T. a. W, T, Stowe 

„ eb. equal, Stone 
Likelihood, sh. W, Huskin 
Likely, ndj. D, Bp Burnet 

„ adv. Burko 
Likeness, sb. rescmblanco, D , T 
Likewise, adv. W, T 
Liking sb. W 

lilnc, sb. T _ 

LUt, V. n, hop.W 1 

Lilv, eb, T, W, Nightmgab^ 

,; adj. D H 

Lily-like, adj. T H 

Limb, sb. W " 

„ wickod person, Stowe 

Limbo, sb. Trench 
Limbeek, sb. S 
Limber, adj. T Martin, W 

„ sb. (the fruit], Irving 

„ (tree), Cowper 

Limestone, sb. Huskin 
Limit, sb. W 

„ utmost reach, T 

„ V. a. Burke 

Limitary, adj. W, 8 
LimitaUon ab, B 
Limited, adj. D 
Limp, V. n. D, Swift 
Limpid, adj. D 
Linden, adj. T 
„ sb. D 
Line, sb. (as in matbera.) , W 

„ a string, "W 

,, a pedigree, D 

„ a verse in a poom, D 

„ the Equator, D 

„ limit, Stonu 

Line(arobc),v. a. Burk, 
Lineage, sb. Stowe 
Lineal, adj. D 
Lineament, sb. W, B 
Linen, sb. D, Hood 

„ clothes. Swift 

„ adj. Bnrke 
Linger, v. n. W", T 
Lingerer, sb. W 



Liugering, adj. W 
Linguistic, adj. Marsh 
Linguiatically, adv. Marsh 
Limng, eh. Burl 

link, lb. ■ torcli, D 
„ it^, Stone 

„ T. n. BBrko 

linnet, st, W, T 

Limtoulc, ab. U, Timw 

Lint, eh. Ktngali^T 

Lintol. ab. T 

Lintic-ttEE, b1i. Hobl)Lfl 

Lion, ab, W 

Lioness, Bb. T 

Lionue, tb. Riukiu 

Lip, >b. W 

Lipogrammatist, sb. Sou 

liiqoitbte, adj. Cnlcott 

Liquid, adj . D 
„ lb. ilurlio 

Liquidate, t. a. UurVc 

Uquidation, ib. Barko 

Liquor, ib. D, T IJurnot 


„ Y. n, Bnrt- 

lisping, eb. T 

Liaac, adj. Stoivo 

Lissome, adj. T 

List, T. n. desire, W, H 
„ T. a. cuuiaemtc, Tcah^niD 
„ Bb. doBiro, Hoblwg 
„ of pcnai oners, Diirkc 

Listed, adj. made into liat^ T 
„ at • toaniameut. 

Listen, T. n. W 
Uatening, sb, W 
Idstlesi, adj . B, Rnsliin 
UsUoi^y, adr. W, Ston-o 
Ustlesanen, ah. ~W 

Literal, adj. Tooke, B 
literal!;, adv- Burkp 
literary, adj. Burke 
Literate, adj. Bnrkc 
Literator, sb. £ 
Lithely, adi. Gregory 
Lithor, adj Iloblies 
Lithesome, adj. Orcgory 
Litigation, eb. a dispute, U 
Litigant, sb. Burke 
Litigate, v. a. Burke 
Litigious, adj. B 
Litigionsly, adv. B 
Litten, adj. TanaUuser 
Litter, 9b. a brood, D, B 

„ a portable bed. Freer 

Littered, adj. enread with litter, 

little, adj. W, T 

„ adv. Stowe 
Littleness (in size), sb. 1! 
Littoral, sb. Gregory 
Liturgy, ab. Burke 
Live, V. n. Swift, W, It 

„ _[m1J. Staivu 
Livelier, -est, B 
Livelily, adv. T Bumet 
Lirely, a^. W 

liver, lb. one who lire*, W 

„ (of the body) Lowta 

Liveried, adi. W 

Liverwort, sb. Lewes 

Livery, sb. D, Do Quincey 

Liverymen, sb. pi. U 

Living, adj. W, B 

„ sb, support, Oibbon 
„ rending. Nightingale 

„ (vn ^l^e Church), B 

Livingntw, sb. Bfimley 

Livrcs, sb. pt. Burke 

Liiivatc, v. n. B 

Lixard, sb, Byrou 

Lo, inteij. Bnrkc 

Load, V. a. W, stowe 
„ sb. D, Stowe 

Loaded, adj. D 

Loadstone, ib. D, Uuleridge 

Loaf, ab. D 

Loan, T. a. Cnlhoou 

„ sh. Kurko 
Lostli, adj. \V 
Loathe, v. a. Btirke 
Loathly, adj. Slielloy 
LoathsDmc, nAl D, Stowe 
Lobby, ab. M 
Loblolly'boy, : 
Local, adj. \l 
Locality, sb . Biirko 
Localization, ab. Lewes 
LocuUy, all, Bm'ko 
LDcal-inotioii,Hb. locorHotiun, T 

Jjocation, ab. Burke 
Lock, ab. (of hair), T 

„ (ofadoor), T 

„ V. a. W 
Locomotive, sb. railway cngiue. 

Locust, sb. D, Irving 
Lodu-niann;,'^, Eb. hire of a pilot 

for I'unductiiig a vessel, A 

Lodestar, sb. Irving 
Lodge, eb. W 

., V. n. W 
Lodgi'nicjit, sb. Bui-to 
],.Klgiii-, .!>. W 
Luiluiiipiit, ab. Ciirlvlc 
Loftily, sb. Burku ' 
Loftliicaa, r,\>. Burkci 
Lofty, adj. W 
Log, sb, scate of prices, Dunn 

„ adj. Stowo 
Log-book, flb. Irving 
Logarithmic, adj. S 
Loggorhend, sb. Swift 
Logic, ab. T, J S Mill 
Logieiil, ndj. D 
Logienllj, ndv. Burke 
Logician, jb. D 
Lngopbilisl, ab. Windsor 
Logos, ab. Coleridge 
Loins, sb. T 
Loiter, v. u, T 
Loitering, adj. W, Stowe 

Loll, r, n. Oanelson, Irving 

„ «b. Swift 
Lollipops, rh. Thackeray 
Lopc, ndj. W 
Lonely, adj. W 
Lonesome, adj. W, SMw9 
LoncBomely, adv. Carlyle 
Long, ndj.(oftin-.c) W 
(of space) D 

„ adv.W,;r 

Long and short of a thing, T 

Longevity, sb. Sir T Brown 
Long-headed, adj . M 
Longing, sb. W, Stowe 

Longingly, ndv. Kiiigsloy 
longitude, sb. Stowe 
Loug-llvi^d, ndj. T [Inmct, W 
Long-lost, lulj, D 
Long-abniled, adj. Ilobbes 
lyongsoniu, ndj. W ilamcs 
Long-suffering, ab. D 
Long wini led oeaa, ab. C 
Loo, sb. W 

Look, V. n. W, T, Sluwa 
„ seem, T 

„ sb. W, T 


c. Stow. 

Looter, ab. W 
Looker-on, ab. Burke 
Looking, sb. glance, D 
Lou king-glass, ab. llurkc 
Look-out, ab. act of viewing. 

Loom, sb. (wearor's) D 


Loom, sb. (a bird) Com Hag 
Loop-hole, ab. means of CTaaiou, 

Loophole, ab. M 
Loose, odj. W, Addison 

„ sb. Swift 

„ (let) Bp^ Bamet 
Loosely, adv. Burke 
Loosen, v. a. T 
Looseness, sb. inaccuracy, B 
Loosening, sb. Biukc 
Looting, odj, plundering, Oli- 

Lopping, sb. B 
LoquaeiouB, adj. W 
LoquaDity, sb, Barko 
LORD, ab. Stowo 
Lord, eb. Ctctm of address) D 
„ iiuut«|, owner, T 

LoJdlv, adj . W 

Lordahip, sb. command, Hare 

„ (man), Burks 

Loricate, r a. Bay 
Lose, V. a. W 

tiOss, sb. D, Stowe 

Lost, adj. D 

Lot) sb. great deal, Stowe 

„ sb. fate, W, Swift 
Lote, sb. Hobbes 
Loth, adj. W 
Lotophagi, sb. Hobbes 
Lots of others, Stowe 
Lottery, sb. Burke 
Lotos, sb. Irving 
Loud, adj. "W 
Loudly, ady. D 
Loudness, sb. Burke 
Lounge, sb. sofa, Stowe 
Lour, V. n. B, Carlyle 
Louse, sb. Swift 
Lout, sb. Hobbes 
Love, sb. T, W, Swift 

„ V. a. R, T, Stowe 
Loveable, adj. T 
Loved, adj. D 

Love-knot, sb. W, E B Lytton 
Lovelcssness, sb. Robertson 
Love-lies-bleeding, sb. (a flower) 

lioveliness, adj. Byron 
Lovelock, sb. M 
Lovely, adj. W, T, H 
Love-token, sb. Burke 
Lover, sb. W 
Low, adj. ^af sound) W 
aecp, W 

base, vulgar, W, T, 

„ adv. Burke 
Lower, adj. Stowe 

„ V. a. Sou 
Lowering, adj. D, Stowe 
Lowest, adj. sup. Burke 
Lowing, sb. W 
Lowly, adj. W 
adv. W 



Low-minded, adj. Burk6 
Loyal, adj. D, S de Bedclyflfe 
Loyalist, sb. Burke 
Loyally, adv. D 
Loyalty, sb. D, Sat Rev 
LuDber, sb. D, S Osboin 

„ adj. D 
Lubricator, sb. Burke 
Lubricious, adj. T Burnet 
Lubrique, adj. D 
Lucency, sb. Carlyle 
Lucent, adj. Carlyle 
Lucid, adj. Bentley, T 
Luck, sb. chance, D 

„ fortune, Stowe 

Luckily, adv. Burke 
Lucky, adj. D 
Lucrative, adj. Burke 
Lucre, sb. D, Swift 
Lucubration, sb. G M Musgrave 
Luculent, adj. Carlyle 
Ludicrosity, sb. H Miller 
Ludicrous, adj. Burke 
Ludicrously, adv. Burko 
Lug, v. a. D, Stowe ' 

Lugubrious, adj. Stowe 
Luin, adj. Customs Duties List 
Lukewarm, adj. G Rawlinson 
Lukewarmly, adv. Traherne 
Lukcwarmncss, sb. Traherne 
Lull, V. a. W, T 
„ sb. Stowe 
Lullaby, sb. B, T 
Lulling, adj. W 
Lumbard, so. petty bank. Wade 

„ adj. Paterson 
Lumber, v. a. Eingsley 

„ v. n. Carlyle 

„ move clumsily, 


„ sb. B 

Luminary, sb. Burke 

Lumination, sb. Motley 

Luminous, adj. T 

Lump, sb. D 
„ v. a. Carlyle 

Lumping, adj. heavy, Swift 

Lumpish, adj. D, S 

Lunacy, sb. D 

Lunar, adj. D 

Lunation, sb. Lewin 

Lungs, sb. D 

Lurcner, sb. a kind of dog, W 

Lurchingly, adv. C 

Lure, sb. Burke 

Lurid, adj. Stoive 

Lurk, v. n. D, B 

Lurking, adj. W 

Luscious, aaj. Southey 

Lusciously, adv. Palmer 

Lush, adj. T 

Lust, sb. Burke 

Lustily, adv. Burke 

Lustration, sb. D, B 

Lustre, sb. brilliance, W 
„ chandelier, W, Stowe 

„ five years, Swift 

Lusty, adj. W,T 

Lute, sb. D, W 

Lutestring, sb. M 

Lutheran, adj. Burke 

Luxuriance, sb. Burke 

Luxuriant, adj. Traherne 

Luxurious, adj. W 

Luxuries, sb. (in pi.), "W 

Luxury, sb. B 

Lybell (libel), sb. Ecigwin 

Lying, adj. mendacious, D 

Lye (lie), sb. Burke 

Lymphatic, adj. Shaftesbury 

Lyre, sb. D 

Lyrist, sb. Masson 




COUNCIL, 18G1-2. 




EDWIN GUEST, ESQ., LL.D,, Master of Daiua CoUcgc, CnmbrM 

_ ■. J. CHABOr, ESQ. 

Ordinary Sltmbtrt ofCouHnl. 












Jloimrttry SKMeries, 


^^^f £xiraetaJrom ike FhHotegieal Socittg'i RiUk. 

" Tbo PliilologiDal Sooicty is fonnid for the intestigation of tliu Struoture, the AJBaift 
iind tliB HUtoiy of Langnagus ; anil the FhilologicBl liluatratioii of the Clusaicul Writsra 
Greece and Rome. 

" Each Member sball paj two ^ineaa dd Mb eleotlaa, oao guinea as entrantie-fee, ai 
one guinea for his flrat ^eur's contribution. The Annual Subacription etuU beoome due H 
the Isl of January in oath Tear. Any Member maj compound for hia contribntioiu Tjy.fl 

I payment of Ten Guincaa, etcluaiTo of hi 
I Members are entitled to a copy of oil Papers issued by the Society, and to attend, BtM).V 
ptroduco a friend to, the Meetings of the Society on the secood and fouith Thimdaya Jif » 
b^ry mouth, from November to June. AppIioBtions for iidmisaion ahoiild be made to ei" 
B the Honorary Seoretariea (Profeaaor Key, 48, Camden Street, N.W., F. J. FumiTall, I 
B Old Bqunie, Lincobi'a Ins, W. C), oi to the ABBiatsnt- Secretary, John Williams, I 
E the Royal Astronomical Society, Somerset House, London. SubBcriptions are to be pns 
B Mr. Williams, or to the Society's bantent, Messrs. Ransom, BonTerie, and Co., 1, T 
Idl, East, 






rrTuxjsuD i^SErioiD. 






by : 

Richard Chenevix Treneli, D.D., Dean of WestminsfeT, 2nd 
Editioii, rcvisLid and enlarged. To which is added a Letter to the Autl| 
-iioin Herbert Coleridge, Esq., on the Progress and Prospects of the Socv 
New English Dictionary. J. W. Parker and Son, I860. 3>. 


:OPOSAL for the Publication of a New English Dictionary by 
Philological Society. Triibner and Co., 1859. 6rf. 

Triibner and Co., 1859. 5«. (Being the Basia of Comparison for the First 

Period, 1250—1526.) 



lASlS OF COMPAKISON. Thiid Period, Part L, 
E to L. Part IIL, JI to Z. 

[ANONES LEXICOGKAPinCI ; or. Rules to be observed i 

the New English Dictionary of the Philological Society. 











Part III-M to Z. 




A & C — Artist and Craftsman. Mr. Fumivall 

Add — Addison. Rev. J. P. Hopps 

Ann Reg — Annual Register. Mr. Bacon,U.S. 

Arnold, Dr. Miss Richardson 

Aubrey. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

B — Burke. Mr. Rossiter and Mr F. 

Bentley, 1692. Dr. Stocker 

Bond, E. A. Mr. J. M. Cowper 

Brooke's Fool of Quality 
Bp B — Bp. Burnet. 1715. Mr. C. Daubeny 
lid B — Lord Broughton. Mr. H. H. GiblJs 
Mrs B — Mrs. Barrett Browning. Mr. Fur- 

T B— Thomas Burnet, 1684. Dr. Stocker 
Sir T B— Sir Thomas Browne, 1682. Dr. 

Br — Charlotte Bfont^ 

R Burton. Mr. W. Sargeant, U.S. 

Byron. Miss Martin 

Calhoun. Mr. Johnson, U.S. 

Campbell, Rev. C. 
Carl — Carlyle. Miss Eisdell; Mr. Lawrence ; 

and the Rev. E. M. Barry. 
Col or S T C— S. T. Coleridge. A friend 

Collier, Jane. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

Cowper. Mr. E. S. Jackson 

D — Dryden. Mr. H. Colerid^ 
De Q — De Quincey. Miss Eisdell 
Del— E. S. Delamer. Mr. W. A. Dalziel 
Dickens. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

Eng Home — Our English Home. Mr. Fur- 

E R or Ed Rev — Edinburgh Review 
Evans, Miss, (George Eliot) 

Fr— J. A. Froude. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
Farrar, F. W. Mr. Fumivall 

Gib — Gibbon. Mr. E. S. Jackson 
Gay. Rev. C. Campbell 
Gosse. Miss Eisdell 
Gouger, Rev. H. Dr. Stocker 
W. H. Gregory. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

L H — Leigh Hunt 

Hare, J. W. Miss Eisdell 
Hawkwood, History of Sir J. Mr. H. 

H. Gibbs 
Heath. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
Hobbes, 1675. Dr. Stocker 
Holmes, W. Mr. W, Sargeant, U.S. 
Home, 1722-1808. Mr. W. Sargeant, 

Hooker, E. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
Hope, A. J. B. Mr. Pode 
G. Huddesford. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
T Hughes. Mr. Fumivall 

Irving, "Washington. Mr. "W. Sargeant, 

Johnson. Miss Courtenay 

Jones, T. Rymer. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 

Keats. Mr. Horace Moule 
Kingsley, C. Miss Eisdell 

Lamb, Charles. Mr. E. Dowden 
Lewes, G. H. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
Lewis, Rev. J. Rev. J, T. Toye 

M — ^Macaulay. Miss Courtenay 

Macdonald, G. 
Macm — Macmillan's Magazine. Mr. Fur- 

Masson. Miss Eisdell 

Maury — Miss Eisdell 

Miller, Hugh. Miss Eisdell 

Moir, D. M. (A). Miss Eisdell 

'M.otlej, Miss Martin 
Muse in Min — Muse in Miniature. Mr. W. 
Sargeant, U.S. 

N — Florence Nightingale. Miss Dalziel 
North, Roger. Rev. C. Campbell 

Oliphant. Miss Eisdell 
Osbom, Sherard. Miss Eisdell 
Ozell ('s Rabelais). A Friend 

Bp P— Bp. Patrick. Rev. E. H. Knowles 

Palmer, 1710. Dr. Stocker 

Pegge. Rev. J. T. Toye 

Pordage. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
P See — Percy Society Songs. Mr. J. M. 

Powell, 'Baden. Mr^ H. Coleridge 

Q Rev — Quarterly Review 

R or W H R— W. H. Russell. Mr. Fumivall 

R A Y— R. A. Yaughan. Miss Eisdell 

Rawl — Rawlinson 

Reade, C. Mr. H. H. Gibbs 
Robertson, F. W. Miss Eisdell 

Rus — Ruskin. Miss Eisdell 

Sat Rev — Saturday Review. Mr. Furmyall 

N. W. Senior 

Scott, Sir W. Mr. E. S. Jackson 

Smiles. Miss Bathurst 
Gn Smith — Goldwin Smith. Miss Bathurst 
Sou — Southey. Mr. E. S. Jackson 
Spec — Spectator. Rev. J. P. Hopps 
St— Mrs. H. B. Stowe. Miss E. Dalziel 

Stuart, G. Miss Tonge 

Swift. Mr. W. A. Dalziel 

Swinhoe. Miss Sandoz 

T — Tennyson. Mr. H. Coleridge, Miss E. 

Tann — Tannhauser. Mr. J. M. Cowper 

Henry Taylor. Miss Hawkins 

T. Taylor. Mr. W. Sargeant, U.S. 

Tennent, Sir E. Miss Eisdell 

Thombury. Miss Eisdell 
Ti— The Times. Mr. Fumivall 

Tooke, Home. Mr. J. Butler 
Tra— Traheme, 1675. Dr. Stocker 

Trench, R. C. Miss Eisdell 

Tucker, A., 1765. Dr. Stocker 

Tylor, E. B. Dr. Stocker 

Yac Tour— Yacation Tourists of 1860 (Clark, 
Spottiswoode, Tozer, &c). Dr. Stocker 

^—Wordsworth. Miss Eisdell, Mr. H. 

Warb— Bp. "Warburton 
Wh— G. Whiteside. J. Whyte 

Winkworth, Miss. Miss Eisdell 

Woods, G. H. Miss Martin 
"Wr — "Warter. Miss Sandoz 


f ' EiRLT in 1862, this Part "was promised ; my work for the Eoxhurghe Club, 
and a slight delay on the printer's part, have prevented its appearance till 
this third week of March. It has been prepared, like the last Part, from 
Mr. Coloridge'e Listi and the extracts sent in by Contributors, the chief of 
whom are mentioned on the opposite page. To them, and to the friends who 
have helped in tbe preparation of this Part — Mr. Willi am and Miss Eleanor 
Dolziel, Mr. Tansley, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. R. Morris — I tender warm 
thanks. The labour and care that almost all oar Contributors have bestowed 
on their work, is a most cheering pledge of onr ultimate succesB. 

The next step to be taken is, to get out The Concue Bietionary hinted at 

Im. Part II., which is to serve as a new and revised Basis of Comparison for 
iJill our Three Periods. Of the necessity of some such book, no one can doubt 
Iffho knows the gaps existing in our material. For instance, of the first forty- 
hro words in Webster, only nineteen had been sent iu to Mr. Coleridge before 
be was taken away from us, and of the nineteen meanings of * in Halliwell, 
only eight had been sent in.* We want a new Basis, which shall show us — 
1. What we have in hand; 2. What are our known defects, what we have 
not that other Dictionaries and Glossaries have, and which sbaU afford our 
Contributors a loss meagre frame to fill up witi their newly-found words, 
idioms, etc., than the Bases they are at present working on. Strongly con- 
vinced of the reality of this want, as wdl by the testimony of some of our 
best workers, as by my own experience, and also knowing that the book 
wanted could not be prepared for press in reasonable time, unless the same 
plan of volunteer co-operation that has got together our materials were adopted 
in the arrangement of them, I laid tho fotlowing proposals before the last 
meeting of the Philological Society in February : — 

1. TliBt B Conciao Dictionary be pTeparEd aa a Praliniiiiary to the Society's pcopoMd 
New EneliBb DJctinnary, and aa a new Baaia of Cumpaiison fur au the Three Periods. 

2. That the Gonciee Dlctionan' ehall be, ob far as possiblo, an ehEliract of what the larger 



the Gonciee Dictionary Bhall be, ob far as pOBsiblo, an uhEliract of what the larger 

Dictionary should be; and shall contain the Pronunciation, Critical marks, EtjmolDgies, 

"its, ftcfiiBB, Snffiiea, Definidons, and Synonymst of the Worda registered in it; 

ti short quotationa (threo or four worda long), and the nanio and date of the Autbor, for 

words for which passages have been sent in to the Editor. 

And that all words, senses of worda, idiome, ete., known to oiist, but lor which anthority 

jiot yet been sent to the Editor, ehall he supplied from any other STOilable aoarce, and 

inserted in the Concise Dictionary, but shall he marked with a ', or other sign, to denote tho 
want of an aathnrily. 

3. Thitt the EdilOT be authorised to entrust the quotationa in his possession, and the sub- 
editing of any parts of the Condse Dictionary, to such of the Contribut'iis to the Bietionary, 
or other Yoluntecis, as he shall tliiDk fit. 

After a diHcussion of these proposals, the meeting resolved :- 

That Mr. FumivBlI be authorised to Fumomice hia plan to the Contributors in tho neit 
Fart of the Third Period Basis ; to sort the contributions, and ontiuat tbera to the citre of 
such suh-editois us be thinks fit ; and that he bo requested to print off, at tbe eipense of the 
Society, a specimen of the Concise Dictionary which ho proposes, [uid to lay it before the 
Society for their final decision, before proceeding fuiiber with the printing of such Dic- 

The latter resolution was adopted for caution's sake, and that the Society's 

* A few Df Mr. CWeriagrt words, sa left by him Tfiij for the proBB, are ac 
of lUs ^rt. A CDpv of thf! Mcnunr of him^j his caiuin. J. D. ColeridK, E 

-i TbaX u, wonL- t>r Ij 


name might not be pledged to a pR'liniinary book without the Members seeing 
what it would be like ; but, whether the Society ultimately resolve on allow- 
ing the book to be called the Philological Sociefy's Concise Dictionary or not, 
my arrangements with the publishers will secure its appearance as a working 
book, an abridged first edition of the new Dictionary originally proposed. 
The action then to bo taken on the premises is — 1. On my part, to have the 
extracts in my custody sorted alphabetically, and dated, when necessary; 
and to prepare a few words for press as models, or rather suggestions, for 
Sub-editors to work by : this will take, say, four months. 2. On the part 
of our contributors and other volunteers, (a,) at once to make the extracts 
for Shakespeare's and the Bible words, etc., each man taking an initial letter 
or two — (for Shakespeare's A's and B's only are done, and no words of the 
Authorized Version of the Bible, except the chief ones in St. John's Gospel) ; 
(h,) for those now reading books, to send in as much as possible of their work 
during the next three months ; (c.) for Third Period readers to take one 
book at least by Fielding, Locke, Defoe, Sterne, Savage, Smollett, Goldsmith, 
Hogg, Motherwell, "Wilson (Noctes Ambrosianae), Sydney Smith, James Mill 
(History of India), ITapier (Peninsular "War), Mil man, J, S. Mill, Whewell 
(History of Science), Thackeray, and the host of other writers of whose books 
none have been yet read ; and ix) complete Dryden by reading his Dramatic 
Works ; Swift, half his Works ; Scott, his Scotch Novels ; Shelley and Byron, 
their Letters ; Southey, his Prose Works ; Hallam, his Literature, etc. etc. ; 
^dj for those with any qualifications for the task, to propose to sub-edit any- 
one or more letters of the Concise I>ictionary ; f$,J for the other contributors 
not to cease from affording us their help while the sub-editing is going on, as 
all their fresh words will be incorporated in the Concise Dictionary before it 
goes to press. Nothing but the continuous labour of many years can make 
our Book anything like complete. We have set ourselves to form a National 
Portrait Gallery, not only of the worthies, but of all the members, of the race 
of English words which is to form the dominant speech of the world. No 
winged messenger who bears to us the thoughts and aspirations, the weakness 
and the littleness, of our forefathers; who is to carry ours to our descendants; 
is to be absent,— 

Fling our doors wide ! all, all, not one, but all, 

must enter : for their service let them be honoured ; and though the search 
for them may sometimes seem wearisome, and the labour of the ingathering 
more irksome still, yet the work is worthy and the aim unselfish. Let us, 
then, persevere. 


3, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, W-C, 
loth March, 1862. 

Every one into whose hands this may fall, is asked to send to the above 
address, an extract from any book or paper after a.d. 1674, that he may be 
reading, for every word, sense of a word, idiom, proverb or proverbial phrase, 
not contained in this Basis ; every such extract to be on a separate half sheet 
of note-paper, to contain a sentence — abridged when convenient — with defini- 
tion, date, and name of author, etc. ; for instance — 

" ANGLO-SAXON, sb. An English Saxon. 

It is important to bear in mind that the term Angh'Saxona is meant to designate 
the Saxons of England, as distinguished from the Saxons of the Continent. It does not 
signify the Angles and Saxons. 

(1862)— j9r. ?r. 8m%th^ or G, P. MarsK English Language, P. 16, note." 

Mac, ab. chieftain, Scott 

„ {the food) Irring 
HBCcaroni, eh. coicomb, L^b 
Max», ah. staff, Burke 
Machutvelian, adj. Burke 
Mochicolr'-' -"■ ' ™^—'^ 

Machinate, y. n, H Taylor 
MachinatioDj >b. Burks 
Machine, adj. Fairbaim 

„ Bb. Benlley 
Machinery, sh. (lit.) Times 
Machinery, eh. (met.) Gibbon 
Mack, ah. make, shape, Scotch 
Mackair, sb. the bird, Percy 

Sac Songs 
Mackerel, adj. barred like a 
mackerel, KuEkin 
„ adj. GosEe 
„ (season) adj. 'WariCT 
Haoled, adj. Mai^ 
Macrodogma, sb. K A Vaughaa 
Macrocosm, sb. K A Vaughan 
Mod, adj. D. Burke 
Madam, term of aildrea% D 
Madcap, adj. Iriing 
Maddeninf, adj. Burke 
Madding, adj. W 
Maddiih, adj. Lamb 
Ha^e-owlet, ab. Lamb 
Madly, adv. D, Burke 
Madness, ab. T 
MH^nad, ah. Times 
Mofflcd, adj De Qnincey 
Magazine, sb. D 

„ ab. slorahauss, Tra, 

Bp Patrick 
Magazinist, ab, De Q 
Magenta, adj. Comhill Mag. 
Mareot, ab. D, Bentley 
Mngi, sb. T Burnet, BuritB 
Magic, adj. T Burke 

„ ab. Wolff 

„ sb. W 
Magically, adr. E Hooker 
Magician, sb, Burke 
Magistracy, ah. Burke 
Hogiatiate, ab. D 
Magma, ab. bmiaed mass, Ure 
Magna-Charto, sb. Buike 
Magnanimity, sb. Tra., Baakin 
Magnanimous, adj. Trabeme 
Magnanimausiy, adv. Burko 
Magnate, ah. Obserrer 
Magnet, sb. D 
Magnetic, adj. T 
Magnctical, adj . Trahemo 
Magaeticallyi adv. T Brown 
Magnetism, ab. Burke 
MagniHc, adj. W 
Magnificence, ab. W, Stowe, R 

Magnificent, adj. W, B 
MagniBcently, adr. Burke 
Magnificouslj, ady. E Hooker 

Magnitude, sb. Burke 
M^ipie, sb. Gay, W 
M^Dgany, ab. Irring 
Mehometan, sb. Borke 
Mahratta, sb. Burke 
Maiden, sb. T 

„ adj. (speech) Ann Seg 
MudeDbair, sb. a feca, E A 

Maidenhood, ab. T 
Moid-servant, sb. Gibbon 
Maidehip, ab. Sat Rev 
Maik, sb. malo, Seotch 

„ ab. match, G Stuart 
Moil, sb. trunk, Scott 

„ ab. (with letters), B 
Mailed, adj. covered with moil. 

Maim, t. a. D 
Main, ab. sea, T 

„ ab. greater part, B " 

Maker, the Creator, D ^M 

Makeshift, sb. W H R, B Hope 
Makeweight, sb. Burke 
Making, ab. course of conatruc- 
tian, Kingsley 
„ ab. material for making, 
W H Russell 
Malacolngiat, ab. Hnilcy 
Maladmioistratioil, sb. Bp Pat- 
rick, Swift 
Malady, ab. D, Burke 
Malappronriate, adj. Do Q 
Malona, ab. W Holmea 
Molconformation, ab. De Q 

Malcotttenli»dness, ab. Addiion 

Malcontent, sb. D ^^H 

Male, adj. Burke ^^M 

Malebolge, eb. Hope ^^M 

Maledicent, adj. Carlyle ^^M 

Malefactor, sb. Burke -^H 

Malefaction, sb. evil domg, Lamb 
Malefic adj. Tom Taylor 
Male-geueture, ab. T Burnet 


Mainly, adV. W, 

Mainspring, ab. (met.) Scott 

Maintain, v. a, W, B 

Maintenance, sb. Bp. Patrick, W 

Maintop, sb. D, Irving 

Maintruok, (of abip) ab. Sat Bev 

Maize, ab. Sou, Irving, Woods 

Maieatie, adj . W ' 

Majeaty, sb. W, Ruakin 
„ king. Burke 

Majolica, a^. Our Eng Home 

Major, adj . lorgor, D 
„ sb. (title in army) Rolliad 

Majora, ab. Swift 

Majority, ab. greater number, J S 
Mill, Nightingale 

Major-domo, ab. Motley, Irving 

Maior-general, sb. Irving 

Make v. a. crealo, T, Stowe 
„ y. a. secure, Bp Burnet 
„ y. a. take. By BiuTiet 
„ T. a. tell, Bp Burnet 
„ V. a. cause, D, Bp Burnet 
„ y. a, incur, Bp Burnet 
„ (a Reure) v, a, appear, Bp 

„ V. n. draw, Bp Burnet 
„ T, n. run (of a stream) 

ti ("f go) after, E A Vaughan 
„ V. n. rise, Dickens 
„ sb. abapc, D. Addiaon 

Make away with, Carlyle 

Make out, Carlyle 

Make up, v. a. fill up, Stowe 

Makebat«, sb. M 

Make-betieve, V. n, protend, De Q 
„ ab. aham, Limb 

Maker, ah. one who makes, D 

MalevolouB, adj. E Hooker 
Malice, ab. W 
, MallciouB, adj . D, Burke 
Maliciously, ody. Burke 
Maliciousnees, ab. Burke 
Malignancy, ab. Macaulay 
Malignant, adj. D 

„ sb. Bp Burnet, Addison 
Malignity, sb. Burke 
Malinger, y. n. pretend to be ill, 

Malingerer, sb. H Martineau 
Malingering, port, shamming, M 

Molkin, sb. dirty woman, Percy 

Soc Soags 
Mallard, ab. Gosse 
Malleable, adj. Burke 
Mallet, sb. D, Gay 
Malmsey, sb. (wine) Our Eng 

Malpractices, sb. pi. Burko 
Malodour, ab. Carlyle 
Malt, ab. Tooke, Burke 
Malting, ab. Burko 
Malversation, ab. Burke 
Malvoiaina, ab. pi. Burke 
Mamelon, sb. Timea 
Mameluke, ah. Burke 
Mammy, ab. Stowe 
Man, v. a. Burke 

„ ah. RobertTOn, B 

„ sb. manhood, Addiaon 

„ sb. mankind, T 
Man of Btrsw', De U 
Man-trap, sb. Irving 
Manacle, sb. Hobbea, Traberne 
Manage, v. n. Burke, Sfowe 
„ sb. (ofaborae) W 
Manageable, adj . Times 
Hanaeer, ab. Burke 
In a Qhr under) management, sb, 

Bp Bumet 




Maaagement| sb. power of mana« 

^^,Bp Burnet 

„ sb. scneming, Bp 

Managery, sb. Bp Burnet, T 

Manchet, adi. Our Eng Home 
Manciple, sD. a college officer, 

-mancy, term. De Quincey 
Mandament, sb. H Taylor 
Mandarines, sb. Lamb 
Mandate, sb. D 

,, V. a. rehearse, Sat "Rev 
Mandarin, sb. Bentley 
Mandatory, sb. one commanded, 
Sat Rev 

„ sb. officer, De Q 

„ adj. Carlyle 

Mane, sb. Dryden 
Manerial, adj. Burke 
Manes, sb. ghost, J S Mill 
Manfully, ady. D, Burke 
Mangabeira, sb. Gosse 
Manganese, sb. W H Gregory 
Mangle, v. a. (body) Burke 
Mango, sb. Gosse 
Mangonel, sb. Southey, K A 

Manffrove, sb. Eingsley, Irving 
Manhood, sb. T 
Mania, sb. Irving 
Maniac, sb T 
Manicled, adj. T Brown 
Manifest, adj. Burke 

„ V. a. Burke 
Manifester, sb. Pordage 
Manifestly, adv. Burke 
Manifesto, v. n. Carlyle 

„ sb. evidence, E Hooker 

„ proclamation, B 

Manifold, adj. W 
Manifoldly, adv. Hare 
Manifoldness, sb. Eobertson, 

Manilla, sb. the island, B 
Manille, sb. (in picquet), Macm 
Manipulation, sb. Stowe, E 
ManMnd, sb. T, M Miiller 
Manlike, adj. Carlyle 
Manliness, sb. Burke ' 

Manly, adj. D, Hare, Scott 
Manna, sb. D 
Manner, sb. Darwin, Scott 
Mannered, adj. Ruskin, Times 
Mannerly, adi. D 
Mannerism, so. Irving 
Manners, sb. pi. T, Addison, 

Mannish, adj. Lamb, De Q 
Manoeuvres, sb. Burke 
Manoeuvring, sb. Carlyle 
Manooota, sb. Gosse 
Manor, sb. Burke 
Manorial, adj. W, Vesey. 
Mansion, sb. place of abode, "W 

„ larffe house, "W 

Mansionhouse, so. B 
Manswom, adj. Scott 


Manteau, sb. (1690) dress, Percy 
Soc Songs; (1745) Gay 

Manteel,sb. (1743) Mrs Delaney ; 
(1752) H Fiel^g 

Mantel, sb. W Holmes 

Mantelet, sb. Irving 

Mantel-piece, sb. Stowe, Our 
En^ Home 

Mantichora, sb. L Hunt 

Mantilla, sb. Ed Rev 

Mantle, sb. T, membrane of a 
mussel, Lewes 
„ V. n. T 
„ V. a. Moir 

Mantlet, sb. (in fortification), 

Mantling, sb. Burke 

Mantua, sb. Piozzi, Mrs Delaney, 

Manual, adj. Stowe 
„ sb. Burke 

Manufactory, sb. Burke 

Manufacture, sb. Ruskin, Car- 
lyle, Scott 

Manufacturer, sb. Burke 

Manumised, adj. Warburton 

Manumission, so. Burke, Johnson 

Manumit, v. a. Burke 

Manumitted, adj. Burke 

Manure, v. a. Burke 

Manuscript, adj. Burnet 
„ sb. Burke 

Manuscriptural, adj. R A Vau- 

Many, adj. Tennyson 

Many-headedness, sb. Hare 

Many-sidedness, sb. Brimley, 

Map, sb. Macaulay 

Maple, sb. T, Woods 

Mapping, sb. Times 

Mar, V. a. T, Scott 
„ V. n. Byron 

Marabout, so. saint, Blakesley 

Maraschino, sb. Delamer 

Maratta, adj. Burke 

Maraud, sb. Irving 

Marauding, adj. Stowe 

Marble, so. Ruskin 

„ sb. tomb-stone, T 
„ adj. Home, T Brown 
„ V. a. Ruskin 
„ V. n. Delamer 

Marbled, adj. Swinhoe 

March, v. n. D, Stowe, De Q 
„ sb. the month, BpPatrick 
, , (of soldiers) , Burke 

Marches, so. T 

Marching, sb. "W H Russell 

Marchpane, sb. Oxenford, Our 
En^ Home 

Marcid, adj. T Taylor 

Mare, sb. Tooke 

Mare's-tails, sb. tail-like clouds, 

Marge, sb. T, Kingsley 

Margin, sb. (of lake) Southey 
„ V. a, Antiq Vulg, Gosse, 



Marginal, adj. Burke 
Mar^ve, sb. Carlyle, Motley 
Mangold, sb. M, Delamer 
Marine, adj. Burke 

„ sb. Burke, Gibbon 
Mariner, sb W, Warter 
Maritage, sb. Orig Scot 
Maritime, adj. Burke 
Marjorum, 60. Delamer 
Mark, v. a. (Ut.) T 

„ V. a. (met.) "Warter 

„ sb. T, Warter 

„ sb. token, Stowe 

„ sb. coin, Addison 
Marked, adj. Burke 
Marker, sb. (at billiards) Lever 
„ sb. (of a ta^et) Times 
„ at Christ's Hosp., Lamb 
Market, sb. T 

V, n. W H Russell 

sb. bargain, Swift 

„ (phr.), overstand one's 

market. Lamb 
Marketable, adj. Burke 
Market-gardener, sb. Ed Rev 
Market-town, sb. Goy 
Marking, sb. Burke 
Markland, sb. Orig Scot 
Marksman, sb. Palmer 
Marksmanship, sb. Tennent 
Markworthy, adj. W Barnes 
Marl, sb. liewes 
Marline, sb. D 
Marlinspike, sb. All Y R 
Marmalade, sb. Delamer 
Marmoreal, adi. Shelley 
Maroon, adj. Burke 

„ V. a. De Quincey 
Marque, letters o^ sb. Motley, 

Bp Patrick 
Marquetrie, sb. Our £ng Home 
Marquis, sb. Burke 
Mar(^uisate, sb. M 
Marriage, sb. T 

„ adj. Burke, T 
Marriaffe-beo, sb. Traheme 
Married, adj. T, Stowe 
Marry, v. a. Pusey 

„ V. n. T 
Marrying, adj. A TroUope 
Marrow, sb. mate, G Stuart 
„ sb. match, Scotch 
Marrowless, adj. B, De Q 
Marsh, sb. Burke 
Marshal, v. a. D 

„ sb. Swift 
Marsh-mallow, sb. Delamer 
Marsh-marigold, sb. E S Delamer 
Marsupial, adj. Grosse 
Mart, sb. market, T, Byron 

„ sb. a fattened ox, Orif Soot 
Martagon, sb. (lily) E S Delamer 
Marti^, adj. Traneme, D 
Martially, adv. Burke 
Martin, sb. D, Irving, Gosse 
Martinet, sb, military engine, 

Martlet, sb. D 
Martyr, sb. W, Stowe, Kaye 


Martyrdom, sb. D, Burke, "Warter 
Martyrology, sb. De Q, 
Marrel, v. n. T 
Marvellous, adj. "W, Burke 

„ acy. Warter 

Masculine, adj. Hare 
Masculinity, sb. Miss Evans 
Maser, sb. a drinking vessel, 

Our Eng Home 
Mashed, part, fed with, mash, 

Mash, sb. Ann Beg 
Mask sb. disguise, T 
„ cover, Moir 

„ a theatrical perform- 

ance, T 
Maslin, sb. a kind of bread. 

Our Eng Home 
Mason, sb. T 
Masonic, adj. De Quincey 
Masonry, sb. Burke 
Masque, sb. Masson 
Masquerade, sb. D, Gay, Motley, 
„ adj . Percy Soc Songs 

„ V. n. De Q 

Masquerading, sb. Burke 
Mass, sb. bu&, W, Stowe, R 
„ lump, D 

„ V. a. W, R 
Massacre, sb. Burke, "Warter 

„ V. a. Burke 
Massive, adj. B 

„ sb. Warter 
Mass-meeting, sb. Motley 
Mast, sb. (of a ship), T 
„ V. a. R Burton 
„ (the fruit), R Burton, 

Mast-head, sb. Irving 
Master, sb. T 

„ sb. officer in the navy. 

„ a young boy, Brooke, F Q 
„ adj. Burke 
„ V. a. Pycroft, T, C 
Masterdom, sb. T. 
M asterful, adj . Lamb, A Trollope, 
R A Vaughan 
„ adj. overbearing, C 

Masterless, adj. Hare 
Masterly, adj. Burke 
Masterpiece, sb. D, Burke 
Mastership, sb. Carlyle, R A V 
Mastery, sb. W, Keigwin 
Mastiif, sb. Burke 
Mat sb. (for feet), Burke 
Mat, sb. maniuactured bark, 

E S Delamber 
Matadore, sb. Byron 
Matafond, sb. Southey 
Match, V. a. W 

„ V. a. equal, Warter 
V. n. T 
sb. marriage, American 

t, Byron 
Matchless, adj. Scott 


Matchlock, sb. Burke 
Match-making, sb. Stowe 
Mate, sb. T 

„ sb. companion, Shaftesbury 
„ V. a. Darwin 
Mated, adj. W 
Material, adj. Nightingale 
Materials, sb. pi. Burke 
Materiality, sb. Pordage 
Materialization, sb. R AYaitghan 
Materially, adv. Burke 
Materiate, v. a. De Q 
Materiel, sb. De Q 
Materiel and personnel of an 

army, S Osbom 
Maternal, adj. W 
Maternity, sb. Lamb 
Mathematical, adj. Burke 
Mathematicks, sb. B 
Matin, adj. T 
Matriculate, v. a. De Q 
Matrimonial, adj. D 
Matrimony, sb. Burke 
Matrix, sb. cavity, Shaftesbury, 

Daily Chron 
Matron, sb. W 
Matronage, sb. Burke 
Matronize, v. a. Whiteside 
Matross, sb. assistant gunner. 

Mats, sb. pi. 3 best trumps in 

Piquet, Macm 
Matted, adj. W 
Matter, sb. amount, Carlyle 
Matter, sb. cause, subject, T 
„ thing, T, Stowe 

„ V. a. make of consequence, 

E Hooker, Ruskin 
Matterful, adj. Lamb 
Matting, sb. manufactured bark, 

Mattock, sb. W, Delamer 
Mattress, sb. N, Our Eng Home 
Maturation, sb. Lewes, Foster 
Mature, adj. D, cp. and sup. B 

„ V. n. Southey 
Maturely, adv. D, Burke 
Maturity, sb. Burke 
Maugre, prep. Lamb, De Q, 

Maukin, sb. Lamb 
Maul, V. a. Swift 
Maunder, v. n. M, H Dixon 
Mausoleum, sb. M, D 
Maw, sb. Burke 
Maxim, sb. D, S T Coleridge 
Maximum, adj. B, Times 
May, V. aux. Burke 

„ sb. flower of hawthorn, T 
Maybe, adv. Swift 
Mayor, sb. Burke 
Mayoral, adj. Swift 
Mayoralty, sb. Evening Star 
Mayorlet, sb. Carlyle 
Maze, sb. T 
Mazy, adj. Gav, W 
Mazzard, sb. Anstey 
Me, pron. Hare 
„ pron. myself, T 




Meacock, sb. T Taylor 
Mead, sb. meadow, T, Byron 
Meadow, sb. T 

„ adj. Burke 
Meadow saffron, sb. Delaiffer 
Meadowy, adj. T 
Meagre, adj. Burke, Warter 
Meal, sb. repast, D 

„ sb. (barley) B 
Mealman, sb. Burke 
Meal-time, sb. Irving 
Mean, v. a. T, R A Vaughan 

„ sb. W 

„ adj. base, W, Stowe 
Meander, sb. Traheme, Addison 
Meandering, sb. W 
Meaning, so. T, Kingsley 

„ sb. purpose, Warter 
Meaningless, adj. Lamb, R 
Meanish, adj. De Q 
Meanly, adv. D, Burke 
Meanness, sb. Burke 
Means, sb. medium, money, 

Meanwhile, adv. W 

„ conj. Warter 

Measurable, adj. J S Mill, Carl 
Measure, sb. tune, sound, T 

extent, T, Scott, 
V. a. W, Warter 
Measured, adj. T 
Measuredly, adv. Ruskin 
Measureless, adj. Ruskin 
Measures, sb. strata, E Smith 
Measurement, sb, Burke, 

Meat, sb. D 
Meath, sb. Swift 
Mechanic, adj. unconscious, T, 
„ adj. Swift, E Hooker 
„ adj. T 
Mechanics, so. Burke 
Mechanical, adj. Traheme, Fair- 
bairn, Burke 
Mechanically, adv. Bentley 

„ adv. Burke 

Mechanism, sb. Burke 
Mechanize, v. a. De Quincey 
Mechanology, sb. De Q 
Medal, sb. Burke 
Medalled, adj. Times 
Medallially, adv. De Q 
Medalic, adj. Calcott 
Meddle, v. n. B, Stowe 
Meddlement, sb. Thackeray 
Meddler, sb. Swift 
Meddling, sb. D, Stowe 
Meddlesomely, adv. Carlyle 
Media, sb. pi. Burke 
Mediaeval, adj. Ruskin 
Mediate, v. a. bring about, 

R A Vaughan 
„ make peace, B 

Mediately, adv. Farrar, Tooke 
Mediation, sb. Burke 
Mediative, adj. D' Israeli 
Mediatiifcv "s . ^.'^osv^^ 


Mediator, sb. De Qnincey 
Mediatorial, adj. Burke 
Medicable, adj. W 
Medical, aidj. Burke 
Medicate, t. a. De Q 
Medicinal, adj. D. 
Medicinally, adv. Burke 
Medicine, ib. D, Nightingale 
„ man of^ aoctor, Soott 
„ Y. a. De Q 
Mediocrist, sb. Windsor 
Mediocrity, sb. B, J S Mill 
Meditate, t. a. Froude, Stowe 
„ T. n. Burke, Warter 
Meditated, adj. W 
Meditation, so. W, Burke 
Meditative, M. W 
Medium, sb. Falmer 
,, adj. Burke 
Medlar, sb. Delamer, Our Eng 

Medley, adj. W, T Burnet 

„ sb. Swift 
Meed, sb. Byron 

„ sb. reward, "Warter 
Meek, adj. T 

Meeken, y. n. Mrs Browning 
Meekness, sb. Warter 
Meer, adj. Burke 
„ sb. Burke 
Meerschaum, adj. Thackeray 
Meet, adj. T, Warter 
sb. Times 
„ V. n. T 
Meet with, t. a. Warter 
Meeting-house, sb. Burke 
Meeting, sb. T, Stowe 

„ (of dissenters) sb. Palmer 
Megatherium, Ruskiii 
Megrims, sb. Addison 
Meumcholy, sb. Burke 

„ adj. D 

Melchisedekian, sb. Bp Patrick 
Melee, sb. Irving 
Melicerta, sb. an insect, Gosse 
Meliorate, y. a. B 
Melioration, sb. T Burnet, B 
Mell, Y. n. meddle, Scotch 
Mellifluous, adj. Swift 
Mellow, adj. W 

„ V. a. Southey, Warter 
„ V. n. T 
Melly, sb. Carlyle 
Melodious, adj. T 
Melodize, y. a. Muse in Min 
Melodramatically, adv. De Q 
Melody, sb. T, Warter 
Melon, sb. Delamer 
Melt, Y. a. and y. n. T 
„ Y. n. Stowe 
„ (met.) Stowe 
Melting, sb. Burke 
Member, sb. D 

„ (of ParlJ, D 
Membership, sb. Kuskin 
Membrane, sb. Burke 
Membraneous, adj. Burke 
Memento, sb. T Brown 


Momorable, adj. B, Sto'WB 

„ 9J0^, Warter 
Memorability, sb. Carlyle 
MemorablY, adv. De Q 
Memorandum, sb. T Brown, B 

„ adj. Swift 

Memorial, sb. (lit.)W, Swift 
(met), Warter 
„ a^. Warter 
Memorise, y. a. celebrate. Lamb 
Memory, sb. the fiiculty, T 
,1 sb, remembrance, W, 

„ remembrance of a per- 
son gone, T, Warter 
Menace, sb. Burke 

„ Y. a. Burke 
Menaced, adj. WH Bussell, Scott 
Menage, sb. Palmer 
Menagerie, sb. B, Macaulay 
„ (of slaves), sb. WH 
Menanthes, sb. Sat Hoy 
Mend, y. a. improve, D 
„ sb. Times 
„ v. n. H Taylor 
„ v. n. improve, Warter 
Mendable, adj. Busim 
Mendicancy, sb. Burke 
Mendicant, sb. W 

„ a^. Burke 
Menial, adj. Burke 
Mensal, a^. Orig Scot 
Mensuration, sb. Burke 
MentaL adj. Burke 
Mentally, adv. Warter 
Mentefacture, v. a. Hare 
Mention, v. a. Pusey 
Mentionable, adj. Carlyle 
Mephitic, adj. Burke 
Mercantile, adti. Crabbe 
Mercantility, so. Reade 
Mercenary, sb. and adj. D 

„ sb. Tooke 
Merchant, sb. T, De Q 
MerchancUze, sb. R Burton, 

Merchantable, adj. Burke 
. Merchantile, adj. Burke 
Merciful, adj. Kuskin 
Mercifully, adv. W 
Merciless, adj. Burke 
Mercurial, adj. light. Swift 
Mercuriality, sb. De Q 
Mercury, so. D 

„ (met.) sb. Palmer 
Mercy, sb. W^towe 
Mere, adj. T, Hare, Swift 

„ sb. Motley 
Merely, adv. W*^ 
Merest, adv. sup. d Warter 
Meretricious, aoj. Burke 
Meretriciously, adv. Burke 
Mer^, V. a. Burke 
Meridian, sb. and adj. D 
Meridional, adj. Mouey 
Merit, sb. T 

v. a. Burke 


Mellon, sb. (milit) W H BumoQ 
Merited, adj. W 
Meritorious, a^. Burke 
Meritoriously, adv. B 
Merk, sb. (coin) Scott 
Merrily, aav. Scott 
Merry, adj. T, Swift, Soott 
Merry-andrew, sb. Carlyle, Pd- 

Menr^-thought, sb. Irving 
Mersion, sb. L'Estrange 
Meseems, v. imp. Carlyle 
Mess, sb. (offioeFB|) B3rroit 
Message, sb. T, Warter 
Messenger, sb. W^ 
Messiahship, sb. R A Vauffluai 
Messing, so. cookinf , 8 0%om 
Mess-John, sb. Buike 
Metal, sb. D, T Burnet 
„ (of a railroad^, Tfanei 

„ armament of a ahip, 

Metallic, adj. Burke 
Metallically, adv. ComhiU Hag 
Metamorphose, sb. Swift, Times 

„ Y. a. Burke 

Metamorphosis, sb. Ruskiii 
Metaphor, sb. Farrar 
Metaphoricallv, adv. If oUej 
Metaphrase, sb. Johneon, Lonb, 

Metaphysie, adj. E Hooker 
„ sb. 8 T Coleridge^ 

MetapEytics, sb. B, De Q 
Metaphysical, a^. S T Coleridge 
Metaphysically, adv. Buike 
MetaphysiGian, sb. Burke 
Metaphysicize, v. n, De ^ 

Metaphysicous. adj. E Hooker 
Metapofitics, sb. 8 T Coleridge 
Mete, v. a. Motley 
Metempsychosis, sb. B Hooker 
Meteor, so. Burke 
Meteorological, adj. Timee 
Meter, sb. Burke 
Metheglin, sb. Oay, R ATainriiaa 
Methinks, imper. v. Swift, r 
Method, sb. D, S T Ck>leridge, 
„ sb. (Hrder, Bp finmet 
Methodical, adj. Burke 
Methodize, v. a. T Brown, Ad- 
dison, Times 
Methought, T, Waiter 
Metonomatosis, sb. Hare 
Metonymy, sb. M 
Metoposcomi^ sb. Aubrejr 
Metre, sb. W, JohnsoH, Marsh 
Metrical, adj. Hersdid, TiBEni, 

Metropolis, sb. Tra, B, Sat Be? 
Metropolitical, ad^. B Hope 
Metropolitan, adj. Burke 

„ sK arehbidiop, 

Prof Brewer 
Metropd&tanisai, sb. Phif Biawer 
Metde, sb. Soott 

Mettlesome, adj. Palmer, StowB 
Mew, ». a. confine, Irring 
Ueiican, sb. Borke 
Uczzotiiita, Bb. Burke 
Miaams, sb. Motley 
Mica, ab. Icring 

„ adj. Furbomi, Irring 
MicUe, adj. W 
Uicrocaam, eb. R A Vnngbrin 
HicTodogma, sb. K A Vangban 
Microscope, sb, Lewes 
HicFDscopic. ad], Jobneon 
HicFOBcopical, adj. T R JonM 
Microscopically, adr. Qosie 
Microscopiat, ab. Goan 
Mid, adj. W 
prep, y 

M il kin cm, sb. mcelmesa, SmoUet, 

Milking, ab. Turf-trick, Times 
MillLmaid, eIj, Gay 
Milk-sop, sb. Addison, Hobbea 
MUkaop, ab. Swift (1731) 
Milkwhite, adj. Hobbes, B 
Milky, adj. Tennyaon 

„ adK while, T 
Mill, ab. T, Warter 

„ knerl, ». a. Swift 
Millennary, ab. Fleming, T 
„ adj. T Burnet 

MillennariRn, adi. T Bnmet 
ab. T Burnet 

Minion, sb. Lnmb, M ' 

Mjrisb, T. n. Keato 
Mmiater, ab. and y. n. W 
„ (of the king) B 
,, ab. clergyman, "W 
Miniaterial, adj. attendant, De Q 
„ a^. helpful, De Q 

„ adj. (in polidca) B 

Miniatcrialiflt, sb. Burke 
Minieteriality, sb. De Q 
Hioiab^nt, adj. W 

„ sb. T Taylor 
Ministry, ab. goiercmenl, 

of ministers, fi 
Miniatryallip, ab. Swift 


Middenstead, ab. Nishtingide 
Middle, adj. D 

„ ah. Scott 
M^ddle-hom, ab. (oi) Times 
Middleman, sb. B, D'Ismeli 
Middling, adj. middle, B 
Middock, ab. Keigwin 
Midse, ab. Moir 
Midland, adj. D 
Midl^, adv. Irring 
Midmost, adj. T 
Midnight, adj. W 

„ tb. Stowe 
Midnoon, ai^j. Sonthey 
Midahipvoman, ab. De Q 
Midst, eb. and adj. luperl. fiuito 
Midsummer, ab. W 
Midwife, sb. D, B 
Hidwiie, (man) ah. Suckling 

Mien, ab. W 

Miff, sb. Bwift, De Q 

Migbt, ab. T 
„ perf. of may, anx. Etowe 
,, „ ab. Bnrke 

Mightfnl, adj. T 

Mightily, ad] D 

Mighty, adj. T 

Mignionetle, ah. Irving 

Migrate, t. a. Burke 

Migration, ab. Bnrke 

Migratory, adj. Burke 

Milancr, sb. Scott 
„ ab, Piozzi 

Milch, ndj , Times 

Mild, adj. T. Lrtng, Home 

Mildly, adT. D 

Mildness, sb. D, Burke 

MQe, sb. Burko 

Milesian, adj. Burke, Cariyle 

Milo-atune, ah. Home 

Militancy, ah. De Q 

Militant, adj. Do Q 
„ sb. Lamb 

Military, adj. D 

Militate, t. n. B, De Qnincey 

Militia, sb. T Brown, Motley 
„ sb. warbre, T Brown 

Militocraoy, sb. Morley 

Milk, sb. T, Nightingale 

Millcpure, sb. Hntley 
Miller, ab. Gay. Burke 
Millet, sb, Swinhoe 
Milliner, sb, J CoUier 
Millinery, sb. Burke 
Milling, (trade of) sb. Times 
Million, sh. D, Palmer, B 
Millionaire, sb. Sat RcT 
Millionary, sb. rioh man, 

Milliona, ab. isdef Gibbon 
Millionth, sb. Ruskin, T Burnet 
Milrei, sb. (coin) Times 
Milt, sb. OzeU 
Mime, sb. T 
I Mimetic, adj. C^lyle 
Mimetically, adv. De Q 
Mimic, ndj. T, W 

„ sb. and t. a. Bmia 
Mimical, adj. T Brown, De Q 
Mimographus, sb. Oe Q 
Minaret, §b. Byron 
Minatory, adj. Carlyle 
Mince, T. a. Addiaon, Son 
Ic, ab. Gay 
I. T, Swift 

I. inclination, wieh, 
Home, Stowo 

„ T. s. recollect, Bp Patrick, 

Minded, adj. endued with mind, R 
Mindedueaa, sb. Baker's catal 
Mindless, adj. W, R 

„ adj. C Eeade 
Mine, ab D 

„ adj. T 

,, posa. pron. T, Stowe 
Minehood. sb. (German mnnteiV} 

R AVaughan 
Mingle, r. a. and t. n. T 
„ sb. niiitnre, 9wiit 
Mingle with, T. a, Warter 
Mingling, adj. Warter 

Mind, f\ 

Minor, adj . Burke 
„ sb, Addison 
Minority, sb. period of 
ity, B 

„ sb. parliamentary, B 

MinatOT, adj. Scott 

Minstrel, ab. T, Scott 

Mint, ab. (place for covoing) 

D, T 

„ ab. coinag|e, 

J, ab. herb, E 

Mint-jnlep, sb. Irrini 

Minute, sb. of time, ' 

„ ib. half ftirthing, Tmke 
„ V, a. note, Addjson 
„ sb. note, Burke 
Minute, adj. small, T Burnel, 
W, B 

utes, Mrs. Gaskell 
Minutely, ady. W, Bnrke, 

Minuteneas, sb, detsiledaesa, B, 

Miimtes, sb. Swift 
Minutest, adj. eup. Souther 
Mini, sb, (met) J CoUier 
Mioul, (of a cat) H Kingsley 
Mirabolane, sb. Irving 
Miracle, sb.Hallnm.Bubortson,!!' 
Mimculisni, sb. Q Rev 
Miraculous, adj. Burke ^^ 

Miraculously, adv. Burke ^H 

1. S' 

sb. Burke 

>. W 

Miniaturist, sb. Sat Rev 
Minify, r. a. lesaen, Times 
Minim, ab. trilte. Lamb 
Minimize, T. a. B Hope 
Mining, sb. Burke 
„ adj, Warter 


Mirrored, adj. T 

Mirth, ah, W 

Miry, adj. W 

Misaddress, t. b, direct a letter 

wrongly, Cariyle 
Misndyenture, so. Burke h 

Slisalliallae, W Holmes W 
Misallied, ndj. Burke 41 

Misanlhropize, t. n, Eingsley' | 
Miaapplicatiou, ab. Burke 
Misapply, T. a, D, Warter 
Miaappraisement, sb, De Q 
MisapprecialO, T, a. De Q 
Misapprcciation, ah. B Hope 
Misapprehension, sh. T Bv— 


Misappropriation, sb. Burke 
Misarrange, y. a. De Q 
Misbecoming, adj. Swift 
Misbeget, y. a. CEeade 
Misbenaviour, sb. Ld North 
Misbeliever, sb. W 
Misbelieving, adj. Burke, Sou 
Miscall, V. a. Burke 
Miscarry, v. n. Swift 
Miscarriage, sb. R Burton 
Miscarry, v. a. Brockwell, Swift 
Miscellaneous, adj. Burke 
Miscellany, adj. Swift 
Mischance, sb. W 
Mischief, sb. D, Stowe, Warter 

„ V. a. Aubrey 
Mischievous, adj. Traheme 
Mischievously, adv. Burke 
Misoible, adj. Burke 
, Miscollocation, sb. De Q 
Misconduct, sb. Palmer 
Misconstruct, v. a. De Q, 
Misconceive, v. a. W 
Misconceiver, sb. Hare 
Misconception, sb. Burke 
Misconduct, sb. Burke 
Misconstruction, sb. Burke 
Miscreant, sb. De Q 
Miscreator, sb. Byron 
Misdate, sb. Carlyle 
Misdeed, sb. Burke 
Misdeem, v. a. W 
Misdeliver, v. a. Carlyle 
Misdemeanant, sb. Yesey 
Misdemeanour, sb. Burke 
Misdevote, v. a. Eingsley 
Misdo, V. a. Carlyle 
Misdoing, sb. Miss Winkworth 
Miseducate, v. a. Carlyle 
Miseducation, sb. Carlyle 
Miser, sb. Burke 
Miserable, adj. miserly, Mrs 
„ adj. Shaftesbury, Burke, 

Miserableness, sb. Foster 
-Miserably, adv. Burke 
Miserere, sb. Tour in Ireland 
„ adj. Morning Post 
Misery, sb. W, Stowe 

„ sb. affliction, Warter 
Miserliness, sb. Miss Evans 
Misestimated, adj. Carlyle 
Misform, v. a. D 
Misfortune, sb. Burke, "Warter, 

.Misgiving, sb. Gibbon 
Misgivingly, adv. L Hunt, De Q 
Misgo, V. n. Carlyle 
Misgovemment, so. Burke 
Misguidance, sb. Buskin 
Misguide, v. a. D 

„ V. n. Carlyle 
Mi^uided, adj. Burke 
Mishearing, sb. De Q 
Mishnu, sb. Irving 
Misinform, v. a. Burke 
Misinformation, sb. Swift 
Misintelligible, adj. De Q 


Misinterpretation, sb. T Burnet 

Misjoin, v. a. D 

Mi8iudgment,sb. Brimley, Hare, 
De Quincey 

Misken, v. a. G. Stuart 

Mislead, v. a. D, Hare 

Misleading, adj. De Q 

Mislike, v. a. G Rawlmson, 
H Dixon 
„ sb. Trench 

Mismanage, v. a. B, De Q 

Mismanagement, sb. Burke 

Mismanager, sb. Burke 

Mismanaging, adi. Times 

Mismatcl^ v. a. De Q, 

Misnomer, sb. Burke 
„ V. a. L Hunt 

Misnominatived, adj. Mason 

Misorganised, adj. De Q 

Misotheism, sb. De Q 

Misplace, v. a. Palmer 

Misprision, sb. Ingleby 

Misread, v. a. Hare, De Q 

Misreader, sb. De Q 

Misreckoning, sb. De Q 

Misregard, v. a. disregard, Ozell 

Misremember, v. a. Dickens 

Misrepeat, v. n. Bp Burnet 

Misreport, v. a. De Q, Bp Patrick 
„ sb. De Q 

Misrepresent, v. a. Burke 

Misrepresentation, sb.T Bumet,B 

Misrule, sb. Burke 

Miss, V. a. T, Moir, "Warter 

Misshapen, adj. D 

Miss 0^ V. a. B, Traheme 

Miss on, V. a. Lamb 

Missie, adj. Stowe 

Mission, sb. T, Carlyle 
„ V. a. Carlyle 

Missionary, sb. Burke 
„ adj. Warter 

Missionarizin^, sb. Dr Arnold 

Missioned, adj. Keats 

Missioner, sb. Burke 

Missile, adj. Burke 

Missish, adj. Malmesbury, 
A Trollope 

Misspend, v. a. Burke 

Misstate, v. a. Kingsley 

Missy, sb. Stowe 

Mist, sb. T, Ruskin, W 

Mistake, v. n. Burke 
„ V. a. and sb. D 
„ sb. Nightingale 

Mistaken, adj. D, B 

Mistakenly, adv. Carlyle, 

Mistaking, sb. "Warter 

Mister (aldress), M, Brooke F Q 

Mistletoe, sb. Burke 

Mistreatment, sb. De Q 

Mistress, sb. D, Nightingale 
„ a concubine, D 

„ (of a family), sb. Warter 

Mistrust, sb. W 

Mistrustful, adj. De Q 

Mistrustfully, adv. De Q, 

Misty, adj. T. Stowe 


Misunderstand, v. a. D 
Misunderstanding, sb. Burke 
Misunderstood, i^j. Burke 
Misuse, V. a. R 

„ sb. Palmer 
Misventure, sb. Carlyle 
Miswrite, v. a. Kingsley 
Mite, sb. D 

Mitrous, adj. Huddesford 
Mitigate, v. a. W, De Q 
Mitigation, sb. Burke 
Mitre, sb. Dryden 
Mitred, adj. Dryden 
Mix, V. a. make, Bp Burnet 

fj V. a. mingle, Burke, 
Mixtiform, adj. Carlyle 
Mixture, sb. mingliii^, Stowe 
Mnemonical, adj. R Fleming 
Moan, sb. Carlyle 
Moaning, sb. T 
Moaningly, adv. C Dickens 
Mob, sb. D, Chesterfield, Field- 
ing, Warter, M 

„ sb. fcap) Percy Soc Songs 

„ sb. loose article of dress, 

Mobbed, adj. wearing a mob 

cap. Gay 
Mobbish, adj. Burke 
Mobile, sb. E Hooker, Bp Bnmet 
Mobility, sb. moveableness, Por- 
dage, T Burnet 
„ sb. mob, H Finding 
Mocassin, sb. Woods, Irving 

„ (snake), adj. Stowe 
Moccason, sb. Irving 
Mock, sb. Dryden 

adj. Swift, Palmer, T 

V. n. T 
Mock-turtle, adj. E S Delamer 
Mockable, adj. Carlyle 
Mockery, sb. T 
Mocking, adj. Stowe 
Mocking-bird, sb. Gosse 
Modal, adj. relating to form, 

Tooke, T Burnet 
Modality, sb. Hare 
Mode, so. T, Stowe 

„ sb. fashion, Addison 

„ sb. event, T Burnet 

„ sb. sort, De Q, 
Model, sb. W, Warter 

„ V. a. fmet.) B 

„ V. a. (lit.) Ruskin 
Modeless, adj. R A Yan^han 
Modelessness, sb. R A v 
Moderantism, sb. Burke 
Moderate, v. a. Burke 
„ adj. Burke 
Moderated, adj. Burke 
Moderately, adv. Nightingale 
Moderation, sb. Burke 
Modem, adj. Gibbon, T 
Modernism, sb. D Coleridge, Sat 

Rev, R 
Modernization, sb. Marsh, De QL 

B Hojpe 
Modernized, adj. B Hope 



Modest, ocy. D, Palmer 
Modest)-, ab. B, Hare 

„ sb. etame nsckerciael, 

Perey Soc Songs 
Hodili&ble, adj. Brimley 
ModiScntion, sb. Burke 
Modify, T. n. D, B 
Modukte,y.n. Shelley 
„ v. a. Burl(B 
Modus, sb. cnstomery pajiment, 

Sat Rev 
MiGaDduoiie, Hdj. E Hooker 
Mogul, sb. and adj. Bui'ko 

Monition, sb. W, T Brown, 

Bp Patrick 
Monitor, sb. W, TralieniB 

Moil (nnd toil], Hb. Brimley 

„ V, n. CETlyle 
Moiety, sb. Burke 
Hoirs-imtique, sb. A TroUope 
Moii!t,Bdj. W; sb. Burke 

Mole, sb. (animiil) Bentley, Gay, 

Molecule, Bb. B 
Mole-hill, flb. Palmer 
Moleskins, ah. (moleskin clothes) 

Molest, t. a. Drjden 
Molestation, sb. Trahente, B 
Molionet, sb. (chocolate mixer), 

Percy Soc Songa 

Mollify, V. a. D, Burke 

Molluse, sb. Lewes 

Molluscon, adj. T B Jones, Gosse 

Moloch, sb. Surke 

Molco, sb, shapeless mats, Bcntlcy 

Molten, adj. T 

Moly, sb. Hohbes, T Taylor 

Moment, ah, (of tjm^ Gibbon, T 

„ ah. degTBB of forte. Do Q 
Momontarily, adv. S T Coleridge 
Momentary, adj. W 
Momently, adv. S T C, Sou 
MomenloDB, adj. Sonthey 
Momentum, sb. Burke 
Monarch, sb. D, Addison 
Munarcbal, adj. Irring, Hare 
Monarchical, adj. Burke 
Monarchick, adj. Burke 
Monarchiam, sb. B 
Monarchy, ah. D 
Monastery, ah. Scott 
MoDastic, adj. Burke 
MonasticaUy, adv. Swtil: 
Monaol, ab. Sat Rev 
Monday, sb, Burke 
Money, eh. Drjden, Warter 
Money, adj. Burke 
Money-bote, sb. Motley 
Moneywort, sb, E S Delamec 
Monger, ab. dealer, Burke 

„ sb. seller, Siley 
Mongrel, adj. Swift, Sonthnf 

„ ad], fbreei^, iJin Hev 
Monied, adj. W, Addison 
Monish, v. ft. Mtss Winkwoitb 

Burke, J S Mill 
Monkey, v. a. imitate, Mrs 
„ ah. Lewea 
„ ah. tricky nerSOU, Hohbea 
Monkcylikc, adj. M 
Monkish, adj . W, Burke 
Muukshuod, sb. E S Belamer 
Monkship, sh. B, Hope 
Moniecioua, adj. (hut.) E S 

Monochromatic, adj. De Q 
Monocular, adj. Ed Rev 
Monogamic, adj. Ludlow 
Monogamy, ah. M 
MonoGthiO, adj. W H Gregory 
Monolithic, adj. Tennent 
Monologiat, sb. Sat Rev 
Monology, sb. De Q 
Monomachist, ah, Da Q 
Monomnniacal, adj. C Seode, 

G Brimley 
Monopolist, eb. Burks, Warter 
Monopolize, v. a. Bnrks 
MonopoUzer, ab. Burke 

.. 'izing, adj. Burke 

V, sb. Burke 
labiam, sb. Fairar 
MoDotoaical, adj. Chesterfield 

Monopoly, s 

Monster, ab. Dryden 

„ sb. monatrosity. Bent- 
ley, Bhaftesbnry, De Q 
„ V. a. make a monster 
of. Lamb 
Monatrosity, ah. Carlyle 
Monstrous, adj. D, T Brown 
Moastrouaiy, adv. Borke 
Mouth, eh. Gibbon, T 
Monument, sb. (of stone), D, 
„ record (of law), B 

Monumental, adj. D, Carlyle 
„ adj. immense, B 

Mood, sb. W, T, Stowe 
Moodiah, adj. Addiaon 
Moody, adj . temperiah, B, Warter 
Moon, ah. montb, T 
„ sh. T 

„ v.n.saunter, Mrs Malcolm 
„ v. a. expose to the moon, 
lie ft 
Mooncalf, sb. H Taylor 
-mooned, adj. Keats 
Moon-flower, ab. Tennent 
Moonliead, ab. Carlyle 
Mooniflh, adj. H Taylor 
Moonlight, ah. T 

„ adj. Sou 

Moonshee, sb. Burke 

Moonshine, sb. foil)-, CarljHt " 
De ft 
„ sb. visionary, De Q 

Moonshiny, adj. Carlyle 
Moonstone, ab. Shelley 
Moonstmck, adj. stupid, Ds Q 
Moony, adj. Pope, Ruatia 
Moor, ab. T 

Moor-ben, sh. G Huddeafotd 'I 
Mooring, ab. Burke 
Moorish, adj. marshy, W 
Moose, sh. GoBse 
Moot, adj. Swift 

„ v. a. L Hunt 
MoothiU, sb. Orig Scot 
Mop sb. (house mop) Gay 

„ sb. (hiringfair) Chelteni 
Times, Sat Bev 

„ v. a. wipe, Stowe 
Mope, ah. J Collier 

Bp Patrick 
„ make dull, Lamb 

Moping, adj. Byron, Warter, 
Moppet, ab. Lamb 
Mopaey, ab. Lamb 
Moral, adj. Tra, Wordsworth 
Morale, sb. B Hope 
Moraliat, sb. Gibbon, W, Waiter 
Morality, sb. S T C 
Moralize, v. a. Addiaon, De ft 
MoraUy, adv. Bnrke 
Morals, ah. D, Burke 
Morass, eb. T, W H Russell 
Morbid, adj. W 
Morbidity, sb. Eingaley 
MorbidiKe, v. a. L Hunt 
Mordanted, adj. (in dyein^^ 

More, adj. and adv. T, H, Warter 
„ but, for more than, Bp P 

Moreover, conj. Bnrke 

Morepork, ab. (bird) H '. 

Morganatic, adj. Vesey 

Moribund, adj. Carlyle 

Moriaco, adj . Palmar 

Morraonite, sb. Warter 

Mom, sb. W, T 
„ sb. Warter 

Morning, sb. Tennyson 
„ adj. Burke 

Momii^g-st^, sb. Byron 

Morocco, sb. (the leather) I 

Morosencsa, sb. Warter 

Morphologv, sb, G H Lewea I 

Morrice, adj. W 

Morria-danoer, sb. Irving 

Morrow, sh. Burke, Byron 

Morsel, sb. D, Btowe, Scott 


Mortnis, eb. men, D 
Mortnlity, sb. humao 

Mortnlity, ah. W, B 
Mortar, ab. cement, Ga^, 8 




MortUae, intoj. Fielding 
Mortcloth, sb. Carlyle, G^t Mag 
Mortgage, r. a. Burke 
Mortgaged, adj. Burke 
Mortgagee, sb. Burke 
Mortgagor, sb. Burke 
Mortice, t. n. B Hope 
Mortiferousness, sb. R 
Mortification, sb. disappoint- 
ment, B 
Mortifier, sb. disappointer. Lamb 
Mortify, T. a. dissolve, £ C Ott^ 

„ V. n. Tex, Swift 
Mortifying, adj. (met.) B 
Mortised, adj. Fost and Paddock 
Mortling, wool stuff, Customi' 

Mortmain, sb. Burke 
Mortuary, adj. W H Gregory, B 
Mosaic, adj. B Hope, Chestemeld 
Mosaics, so. pi. Burke 
Mosaidst, sb. B Hope 
Moslem, adj. Bjrron, Lnring 
Mosque, sb. Irying 
Mosquelike, adj. S Osbom 
Mosquito, sb. Tennent, Stowe 
Moss, sb. T, Buskin 
Mossgrown, adj. Burke 
MosstrooDer, so. M, S 
Mossy, aaj. Gay, Stowe 
Most, adv. T, Ruskin 

„ adj . the g^reater number, D 
Mostly, ady. Burke 
Mot, sb. witty saying, De Q 
Mote, T. n. pres. of must, Byron 
Motetto, sb. Motley 
Moth, sb. T, Delamer, All Y B 
Mother, sb. T 
„ adj.T 

„ Y. a. Curtis, Traheme 
Mother-bank, sb. Calhoun 
Mothercountry, sb. Gibbon 
Motherhood, sb. C Beade 
Mother-naked, adj. Brooke's F Q 
Mother-tongue, sb. Addison, 

Palmer, De Q 
Motherwit, sb. M, Addison, 

Palmer, De Q 
Mothin^, sb. Gosse 
Moth-time, sb. Keats 
Mothy, adj. AU T R 
Motion, sb. T, Scott 
fj Y. a. Stowe 
Motionless, adj. Burke 
Motive, sb. Hare, Buskin 
Motiveless, adj. Scott 
Motiey, adj. w H Bussell, Stowe 
Motto, sb. Nat Bev 

„ sb. Burke 
Mouch, sb. (black patch), Percy 

Soc Songs 
Mouchior, sb. handkerchief, 

Percy Soc Songs 
Moulavre, sb. native Indian 

officer, B 
Mould, sb. (of cheese) Lewes 
„ uiape, form, D 

,y sb. earth, T Burnet, W 
„ V. a. shape, T 


Moulder, v. n. Burke 

Mouldered, adj. T 

Mouldering, so. T 

„ adj. Add, Warter 

Moulding, sb. Burke 

Moulding-board, sb. Stowe 

Mouldy, adj. D 

Mumble, v. n. Nightingale 

Mound, sb. W, Burke 

Mount, v. n. T 
„ sb. Swift 

„ part of any jewel, 


Mountain, adj. T, Freer 
^ sb. W, Buskin 
„ v. a. Keats 

Mountain-ash, sb. W, Moir 

Mountaineer, sb. W. Hare 

Mountainous, adj. W, Buskin 

Mountebank, sb. Paliner, Gay 
„ V. a. Lamb 

Mounting, sb. W 

Mourn, v. n. T 

Mourner, sb. Warter 

Moumfiil, adj. W 

Mouse, sb. Lewes 
„ V. n. B A Yaughan 
„ v. n. G Huddesford 

Mousekin, sb. Thackeray 

Mouseling, sb. Gosse 

Mousing, adj. G Huddesford, 

Moustaches, sb. Scott 

Mouth, sb. W, Addison, Gosse 
„ sb. spokesman, Addison 
„ sb. voice, Warter 
„ v. a. take in the month, 
A TroUope 

Mouther, (shell) adj. Keats 

Mouthful, sb. Burke 

Monthing, adj. Nightingale 

Mouthling, sb. W 

Mouse and man, phr. Carlyle 

Mouser, sb. cat, Gregory 

Mouths, (making) Stowe 

Mouthy, adj. Irving 

Move, V. a. T, Bp B, Warter 
„ urge, Bp Burnet 

„ with emotion, W 

„ y. n. go towards, T 
„ be in motion, T 

„ sb. advance. Times 

Moveable, adj. Burke 

Moveables, sb. pL Burke* 

Moveless, adj. Ruskin, Moir 

Movement, sb. Burke 

Mover, sb. Burke 

Moving, adj. W 
„ sb. T 

Mow, V. n. Stowe 
„ V. a. Warter 
„ sb grimace, Pray book 1710 

Mower, sb. W 

Mowes, sb. G Stuart 

Mowl, V. n. Carlyle 

Moythered, adj. Lamb 

Much, adj. T, Nightingale 
„ adv. Bp Burnet 
sb. Warter 



Much, make much of one. Lamb 

Much what, adv. mach,T Bnmei 

Muchness, sb. De Q 

Mucilage, sb. Bentley, Delamer 

Muciparous, adj. T R Jonai 

Muck, sb. Irving 
„ y. a. soil. Lamb 
„ (a-mock) adv. De Q 

Mockledom, sb. G. Stuart 

Muckworm, sb Brimlej 

Mucus, sb. Nightingale 

Mud, sb. Gky, Stowe 

Muddily, adv. AU T B 

Muddle, V. n. Irving 
„ V. a. Nightingale 

Muddled, adj. W Law 

Muddlingly, adv. Lamb 

Muddy, V. a. Swift 
„ adj. Stowe 

Muff, sb. hide of a panther, D 
„ (for a girl's hands) B 

„ an awkward person, De Q 
„ y. a. manaeeathinginaa 
awkward way, Hughes 

Muffetee, sb. S and P Per Soc 

Muffle, V. a. T, Scott 

Muffled, adj. T, Stowe 

Muffling, sb. Tennent 

Mufti, sb. D Telegraph 

Mug, sb. D 
„ sb. (face) Gr^ry, Holmea 

Muggletonian, sb. B A Yauffhaa 

Muggy (weath^, adj. MemUe 

Mugwort, sb. W Barnes 

Muhitto, adj. Stowe 

Mulberry, so. £ S Delamer 

Mulch, v. n. £ S Delamer 

Mulching^, sb. £ S Delamer 

Mulct, sb. H Dixon, Bp Pafriek 
„ sb. and v. a. Burke 

Mule, sb. D, Hobbes 

„ adj. (spinning) Fairbeim 

Muleish, adj. De Q 

Mttlierose, aiij. C Beade 

Mulierosi^, Sb. C Beade 

Muling, adj. ccmiplaining, Lamb 

Mulismy, adv. Carlyle 

Mullen, adj. Stowe 

Mulligrubs, sb. Swift 

Multimrious, adj. T Burnet, B 

Multiform, adj. Stowe 

Multinomical, adj. Thos Tayl 

Multiplication, so. J S Mill 

Multiplicity, sb, Traheme 

Multiply, V. a. W 

Multitude, sb. W, Scott 

„ sb. the populace^ 


Multitudinous, adj. Son, Husk, W 

Multivious, adj. Thomas 

Multure, sb. Orig Scot, Rilej 

Mulwell, sb. £ng Home 

Mum, v. n. Swift, Carlyle 
„ sb. Swift, Addison, Lamb 

Mumble, v. a. W H Buss^ 

Mumblement, sb. Carlyle 

Mumchance, sb. Lamb 

Mummeries, sb. M 

Mummery, sb. Irving, Scott 


Mummy, sb. Borke 
MumrmficBtioii, sb. Onigory 
Mummying, bI. Gregory 
Mumping, adj. 1) 
Mumpaimus, sb. Lamb 
Muurh, r. a, Goasu 
Mundane, adj. B Hope 
Municipal, adj. J S Mill 

,, Bb. Carlyle 
Muuoipality, sli. liurke 
Munim^Dt, sb. Scutt 
Monuscalo, sb. Snlfl 
MmiEnoid, oc^. Owen 
Murage, sb. Orig Seot 
Mural, adj. Swift 
Murder, v. a. D, Timei 

„ r. a. spaiL Speotatar 

„ flb. D 

„ Bb, atrocioui act, B 
Murderer, D, Burke 
Murdoresa, sb, D 
Murdering, adj. D 
MurderoUB, odi. Soott 
Murk, sb. Cnrlyle 
MurkinsBi, ab. Carlyle, Byron 
Murmur, ab, T,W, St, Spurgeol 

Mutine, y. n. H Burton 
Mutineer, eb. Burke 
Mntineeiing, sb. Be Q 
Matinooi. adj. Burke 
Mutiny, sb, Burke 
Mutism, eb, Farrar 
Mutseddie, ab, Burke 
Mutter, T. a. Burke 
Muttering, sb. Dc Q 
Mutteringly, adv. De Q 

J akeep'a llcab. 

Munnuring, ab. Burke 
Murmuroua, adj. Bulwer 
MuBcle, Bb. D, Burke 
MuseoTite, eh. Burke 
Muscular, adj. Soott 
Muae, sb. T, Ruakin, Warter 

„ V. n. T, Vraey.W, Stowe 
Muaeum, eb, Burke 
Mnabroom, adj. Beutley 

„ ab. Ruskin, Delamer, 

W Falconer 
Music, ab. Scdtt, T 
Musical, ab. Sat Rey 

„ adj. Scott 
Musician, ab. W 
Musing, aiy. T 
Musk, sb. £ S Delamer 
Musket, ab. Motley 
Musketeer, sb. Motley 
Muskctoon, sb. Coxlyle 
Muskmt, sb. Irying 
Mnslins, ab. pi, Buike 
Musnud, ab. Burke 
Mucquito, ab. Iryin^, Croiae 
MusButmon, ab. Irying 
Must, sb. T 
Mustang, ab. Irying 
MustonC ab. E S Delamer 
Muster, y. a. Swift 

„ ab. T, Burnet 
MuEtinesa, sb. Nightingale 
Musty, adj. Nightingale 
Mutatnlity, sb. Burke, Son 
Mutation, ab. Burke 
Mutable, adj. Byron 
Mute, adj. T 

„ sb. Byron 
Mutely, ody. D 
Mutilate, y. a, Burke 
Mutilated, adj. Burke 
Mutilation, ab. W H Russell 

Mutual, adj. W, Scott 

„ adj. common, Byroa 

Mutuality, sb. J S Mill 

Mutually, adv. Burke 

Mutuous. adj. Dr. Hooker 

Mutuousiy, iidt. Dr. Hooker 

Muzzle, y. a. Burke 

My, adj. T, Stowo 

Mycelium, sb. E S Delamor 

Myriad, sb. T 

Myrmidon, sb. Sat BcT 

MjTtlo, sb. Burko 

„ si), E S DeUmer 

Myeclf, T, Hare, R 

Myatagogue, ab. R A Vaughflu 

MystiE, ab. raystica, T Bumet 

Mystery, ab. T, Hare 
„ trade, Scott 

„ a tale, Hallan) 

Mysterious, adj. W, De Q, 

Myatericusly, adv. Stowe 

Myatio, adj. T Stowe 

„ sb. Coleridge, Eingaley, 
Robertson, R A Vanghan 

Mystical, adj. Burke 

Mysticism, sb. B, J S Mill, RAY 

MysdScation, sb. L Hunt 

MysdQer, sb. Hare 

Myth, sb. Warter 

Mythologic, adj. De Q 

Mylhologist, sb. Palmer, L>mb 

Mythus, sb. J 8 Milt 

Namely, adv. Chesterfield a^H 

Namesake, sb. Scott 

Nonkcen, sb. Irving 

Nap, ab. raho ft sleert, Stowe, W 

Napery, sb. Mrs Gaakell, Southey 

Napkin, ab. Our English Home 

Nappy, Bi^'. (covered with nap), 

Naptha, ab. Irving 
Narcisaua, a. BusMn 
Nairatiye, eb. Burke 
Karrow, y. a. T Brown, Gibbon 

„ adj. Tennyson, Scott 
Narrower, ndj. cp. B 
NatTowlier, adv. Hist of Sir J 

Hawkwood Hy^ 

Narrowly, adv. Stowe ^Hl 

Narrowness, sb. Burke ^^| 

Narrow-mindedly, adv. Harr^^' 
Narthei, sb. B Hope '♦* 

Nasal, adj. Stowe 
Nasoeat, adj. Southey 
Nash, adj. delicate. Miss Evana 
Nasturtium, sb. E, J DelanieT 
Nasty, adj. Bp Patrick 
Natal, adj. T, Pope 
Natation, ab. swiranung, 

Shrewsbury Weekly Observer 
NathelesB, conj. Scott 
Nation, sb. B, J C Calhotm, Jno 

National, adj. J C Calhoun 
,1 sb. (school), Lusbing- 

Nabob, ab. Home 
Nag, sb. Swift 

,, T a. worry, H Diion 
Naiad, ab. W 
Nail, v. a. beslud, D 

„ V. a. fix with nails, Delamer 

„ sb. Lewca 
Naiyelj, adv. J S Mill 
Naivete, sb. Dc Q 
Naked, adj. D, Bentley (wilder- 

ncsa , Gibbon 
Nakedly, adv. T Brown 
Nakedness, sb. Add, Gibbon, T 
Namby-pamby, adj. M, Bosnell 
Nome,' sb. W,' S T 0, Times 

„ sb. character. Warier 

„ V. a. call, T 

„ phr., to call namee, Ad- 

e, adj. a: _^^ 

am. Hare ^H 

,, adi. pure (gold), 8eett" 
Nativity, ab. Bumet 
Nstarai, adj. D, B, Stowe, 

Nat Rev 
Natural society, (phr.) B 
Natural religion, (phr.) W ]jiw 
Naturalist, sb. Gibbon, Ruakin 

„ adj. Ruskin 
NaturnlizatioD, sb. Burke 
Naturally, adv. B, Stowe 
Naturalness, sb. ThsckeiBy, (un- 
„ Bb, Thackeray, (be- 

having naturally) 
Nature, sb. T, W. Ruakin, Swift 
good, sb. Dr E Hooker 

Nausea, eb. Burke 

Nauseate, y. a. Dryden 

Nauseous, adj . Dryden 

Nautic, adj. History of Know- 

Naval, adj. fit for shipa, W 
„ belonging to shipo, D, 


Nayigation, sb. Burke 

Nayigator, sb. Gibbon 

Navry, sb. Warter 

Navy, sb. Burke 

Nay, adv. D, Stowe 

Nayree, B, (a tribe in Malabar) 

Nasarene, so. (Christian) Byron 

Ne, adr. B^on 

Near, adj. I), op and sup deg, B 

„ prep, and adj. Tooke 

„ adv. T 
Nearer, adv. cp. B, T, Stowe 
Nearly, adv. Burke 
Nearness, sb. Burke 
Neat, adj. Swift 
Neatherd, sb. Bp P, Rawlinson 
Neats-leather, adj. Hobbes 
Neaved, ([close nsted), adj. 

Nebulous, adj. T Brown 
Necessaries, sb. pi. Burke 
Necessarily, adv. Burke 
Necessary, adj. Burke, Warter 
Necessary-house, sb. Chesterfield 
Necessary-woman, sb. Palmer 
Necessitate, v. a. D 
Necessitating, adj. Doddridge 
Necessitous, adj. JBurke 
Necessitousness, sb. T Brown 
Necessity, sb. D, Stowe 
Neck, sb. D, Bp Patrick 
Neckatee, H Fielding 
Neck-bone, sb. Hobbes 
Neck-and-neck, De Q 
Neckcloth, sb. W Holmes 
Neck-verse, sb. Ps li. 1, the 

verse to be read to entitle a 

man to benefit of clergy 
Necrographer, sb. ComhiU Mag 
Necromancer, sb. D 
Necromancy, sb. Hare, Stowe 

Necromantic, adj. D M Moir 
Nectar, sb. T Burnet 
Nectanne, sb. Delamer 
Need, sb. D, Stowe 

„ V. a. T, Stowe 
Needful, adj. D 
Needle, v. a. to sew,. Burnet 
Needleman, sb. Carlyle 
Needless, adj. W, B 
Needment, sb. Keats 
Need-not, sb. "W H Gregory 
Needs, adv. Bp P, Tooke 
Needy, adj. D 
Nefiarious, adj. Burke 
Negation, sb. Burke 
Negative, adj. Burke 

„ sb. Burnett, B 
Negatively, adv. Burke 
Negativeness, sb. Hare 
Negatory, adj. Carlyle 
Neglect, sb. W 

„ V. a. Burke 
Neglige, adj. Oliphant 
Negligence, sb. D, Addison 
Negligent, adj. W, Stowe 
Negociate, v. n. Burke 
Negociation, sb. D, Burke 


Negress, sb. W H Russell 
Negro, adj. W, Stowe 

„ sb. Burke 
Negro-driver, sb. M 
Negro-head, sb. (tobacco), 

Ne^oism, sb. J H Van-Evrie 
Neif, sb. fist, G Stuart 
Neigh, sb. G Huddesford 
Neighbour, sb. D, Sat Rev 
„ V. a. R A Yaughan 
„ V. n. Southey 
Neighbourhood, sb. W 
Neighbouring, adj. D 
Neighbourliness, sb. De Q 
Neighbourly, adj. Burke 
Neighbourship, sb. Carlyle 
Ne^us, sb. W Irving 
Neither, pron. D 

„ conj. Scott, T 
Nemesis, sb. Bentley 
Neologise, v. a. De Quincey 
Neolog^m, sb. De Q, Sat Rev 
Neoteric, adj. Lamb 
Nephew, sb. Warter 
Nepotism, sb. B, Q Rev 
Nerve, sb. T, D 
-nerv^ adj. Burke 
Nerveless, adj. Keats, Holmes 
Nervous, adj. Ruskin, Stowe 
Nervous, adj. powerful, Burke 
Nervously, adv. Stowe 
Nervy, aoj. strong, Keats 
Nescience, sb. Ruskin, RAY, 

Nest, sb. YT, Sherard Osbom 

„ (of pirates) Gibbon 

„ V. n. Ruskin 
Nested, adj. Keats 
Nestle, V. n. W 
Net sb. T, C Reade, Tooke, 

Nether, adj. D, Swift, Gray 
Nethermost, adj. Tooke 
Netted, adj. T 

Nettle, sb. Gay, Ruskin, Moir, 

„ V. a. sting, G H Lewes 

„ V. a. irritate, De Q 
Nettletop, sb. M 
Neuter, sb. a neutral. Palmer 
Neuter, adj. neutral, Burke 
Neutnd, adj. Burke 
Neutrality, sb. Burke 
Neutralize, v. a., Burke 
Never, adv. T, Stowe 
Nevertheless, adv. Tooke 
New, adj. T, Warter 
New, adv. Hobbes 
New, T Burnet 
New-birth, sb. Traheme 
Newgate-bird, sb. Palmer 
Newest, adj. sup. Scott 
New-fangled, adj. Swift 
Newly, adv. D 
News, sb. Addison, T, De Q 
Newspaper, sb. and adj. Burke 
Newt, sb. Gosse 
New-year, sb. W Irving 

Next, adjv Dryden 

„ amr. D, Tennyaon 

„ prep. Tooke 
Nexus, sb. bond, Carl, Sjnfldflj 
Niaiserie, sb. childwh wUy, 

Nibble, v. a. £ S Delamer 
Nice, adj. delicate (machine^, B 

„ a^. pleasant, Addiion, 
Niceish, adj. Ant Trollope 
Nicely, adv. D, Stowe 

„ accurately, minutely, 

adv. Burnet 
Niceness, sb. M 
Nicety, sb. Aubrey 
Niceties, technicautiea, B 
Niched, adj. T 
Nick, V. a. suit, Lamb 
Nick (of time), sb. Bp P, Lamb 
Nicker, sb. Gay 
Nickname, sb. C Reade 
Nick-nack, sb. W Irving 
Niece, sb. Southey 
Niggard, sb. Traheme 
Niggardly, adj. Bp Patrick 
Nigger, so. Stowe 
Niggling, sb. petty pottering 

work, Ruskin 
Nigh, adj. W, Tooke 

„ adv. T 
Night, sb. T 
„ adj. (ofthenight),T Burnet 
Night-altar, sb. Burke 
Nighteap, sb. Irving 
Night-celkr, sb. Burke 
Nightfall, sb. Irvinf 
Nightgown, sb. B, Our "Rn gliaTi 
„ sb. (loose day robe) 

Mrs. Delaney 
Nightingale, so. D, W, Byron 
Nightjar, sb. (the bird) Gosse 
Nighuy, adv. Burke 
Nightmare, sb. Addison^ Stowe 

„ .adj. Delamer 
Nightmared, adj. R A Yaughan 
Nightmareish, adj. Moir 
Nightnul (a dress), Percy See 

Nightsoil, sb. Delamer 
Nightwatch, sb. Stowe 
Nightwind, sb. Byron 
Nigrescence, sb. Ruskin 
Nigrify, v. a. blacken. Lamb 
Nigritude, sb. Lamb 
NiffTomancer, sb. W Irving 
Nimlism, sb. R A Yaughan 
Nihility, sb. De Quincey 
Nil, sb. Kingsley, Carlyle 
Nill, v. a. to wiU not, Wesley 
„ sb. Wesley 
Nimble, adj. D, Swift 
Nimble-fingered, adj. Gray 
Nimbleness, sb. Carlyle, Sat Rev 
Nimbler, adj. cp. Warter 
Nimbly, adv. Stowe 
Niminy-piminy, G and P Wartor 
Nimmera, sb. G Stoart 

Nincompoop, »b. W Irving 

Nine, adj. T 

Uina-pin, sb. Gay. "W Irving 

Nineteen, adj. Burke 

Nineteenth, adj . Burke 

Ninety, adj. Burke 

NinnT-cook, sb. young lobster, 

Nip, at). coacbguBTd'B passenger, 
,, T. a. pinch, Qay, Southey 

Nipping, aai. W 

Nipple, ah. Burke 

NiBipriaen, sb. pi. Gay 

Niaus, sb. Burke 

Nitre, eb. Burke 

Nitrogen, sb. Lewea 

Nitn^enouB, adj. Kingsley 

Nitro-anlphureoaa, adj. Bp 

Nizamat, eb. Bnrka 

No, adi. T, W 
„ adv. Burke, Tooke 

Nob, sb. head, Lamb 

Nobbed, adj. W Irving 

Nobility, sb.tbe nobleii,D, Burke 
„ nobleness, T 

Noble, sdj.'W, Kuikin 
„ sb. (the coin), Bcott 

Nobleman, eb, D 

Nobleness, sb, Kingsley, Soskin 

Noblesse, sb. Burke 

Nobly, adv. D, Euskin 

Nobody, D, Bp P, De Qnincey 

NoctambuUst, ab. Sat Rev 

NDctivagant adj. Macm htag 

Noctornal, adj. Spectator 

Nod, V. n. T, as in aleep, Add 

Nod, sb. Traheme, Bentley 

Nodding, ttdj. D 

Noddle (head), sb. D, Swift 

Noddle, ab. top of the head, 

Noddle, T. n. to nod frequently, 
I Jane Collier 

Noddy, sb. the bird, Gosse 
■ Node and intemode, (botany), 

sb. Edvrard Smith 
I Nodoos (full of knots) adj . Tntler 

Noetic, adj. De Qnincey 

Noggin, ab. Bwift 

Noiae, sb. T, Nigbtingiala 

Noise, V. n. Carlyle 

Noise, V. a. Bentley 

NoisBful, adj. D 

Noiscleaa, a^. T 

Noisy, adj. Stowe 

Noioad, adj. Irving 

Nomado, ab. Irving 

Nomade, adj. Momtng Poat 

Kom-do-plume, sb, De Qnincey 

Nomadie, adj. Irving 

Noaienolator, sb. Bnrke 

Nomenclature, ah. Dc Quincey 

Nominal, adj. Bnrie 

Nominalist, sb. RAT, Farrar 

Non-age, ab. Spectator 

Nonapply, ', a. De Qujucey 

Nance, sb. Lamb 

Koncholance, sb, Fraser's Mag 
Nonchalant, adj. W Holmes 
Non-combative, adj. W Irving 
Non-commissioned, adj. Chester- 
Nonconfonning, adj. Burke 
Nonconformity, sb. B 
Noncruciform, adj. B Hope 
Nondescript, adj . Sat Rev 

„ sb, Burke 

None, adv. Burke 

.. T 
Nonefiective, adj . M 
NoB-^o, sb. Fartar 
Nonentity, sb. Bentley, B L 
Nones, sb. pi. afternoon prayers, 

Non-existent, adj. T Brown 
NoQ-indebted, adj. J C Calhotm 
Noa-jnror, sb. Spectator 
NoQ-market, sb. Ni ' * 

No-self, ah. Bentley 
Nosological, aij. Cfailyle 
NostAlgta, sb. Times 
Nostril, ab. Gay, Borke 
Nostrum, ab. Bentley, Burka 
Not, adv. Tooke, Stowe, T 
Notable, adj. Rusldn 

„ sb. Burke 
Notableneaa, sb. Huakin 
Notably, adv. Ruakin 

Notch, Y. a. Spectator 
Nolched, adj. Delomer 
Note, sb. mark, D 
„ recollection, Hull Timet 


Nonplus, T. a. Tniheme, Foster 
Non-reading, sb. Nightingale 
Non-reflection, ab. T Burnet 
Nonsense, ah. D, T B, Warter 
Nonsensical, adj. J 3 Mill, Stowe 
Nonaensicahty, ab. Carlyle 
Nonaensorium, sb. Lamb 
NonBeqnaciooB, adj. De Qnincey 
Nonsuit, V. a. Burke 
Non-swearer, eb. (Non-juror), 

LadyRuaaeii (1693) 
Non-iJtra, sb. T Brovtn 
Noodle, sb. S L TVIndsor 
Nook, sb. W, SlowE, Delamer 
Noon, sb. D 
Noonday, adj, Bnrke 
Noon-flower, sb. E S Delamer 
Kooning (a noon dranght), ab. 

Noontide, sb. D, Home 
Noose, sb. Bentley 
Noose, T. a. Tennent, Palmer 
Noosed, adj. Tennent 
Nooser, sb. Tennent 
Nor, conj. T 
Norm, sb. Sat Iter 
Normal, adj. Veaey 
NormlesB, adj. J Roberteon 
Norroy, sb. Burke 
North, too far,phr. (too-cunning) 

Northeast, sb. W Irving 
Northeastwardly, adj. Maury 
Northern, adj. T 
Northward, adv. D 

ab. Burke 
Northwest, adj. Irving 
Northwestwardly, adj. Maury 
Norwegian, sb. Burke 
Nose, sb. T 
„ V. a. to acenti Scott, Moir, 

"„ v.a. to affront, beard, Burlce 
„ V. a. (to annoy by thrust- 
ing under tbe nose], 1 CaUiet 



„ write notes, Lamb 

„ T.n. W 
Noted, adj. welt-known, 
Notelet, sb. Lamb 
Not-guiltiness, sb. TroUopB' , 
Nothmg, sh. Swift, T. Btow»' 
Nothings, sb. pi. Lamb 
Nothingnc86,ab. T, RAVaughan, 

Notice, sb. W 

„ (with vb. 'take') D 

,, V. a. Froude 
Nodceable, adj. Wortet 
Notice-worthy, adj. Froude 
Notification, ab. Burke 
Noilly, T. a. Burke 
Notion, sb. meaning, Bentley 
„ conception, W, Hare, 

„ opinion, Bentley 

Notional, adj, Bentley 
Notionally, adv. W, Law 
Notionlst, sb. Lamb 
Notoriety, sb. B, Sat Rer, Times 
Notorioos, adj. Burks 
Nought, ab. D, Tooke J 

Nooniena, ab. pi. Farrar ■ 

Noun, ab. Toote -^ 

Nuunlesa, adj. Jno Robertacni ^ 
Nourish, T. a. W, Scott ' 

Nourieher, sb. LaJnb, Bnrke 
Nourishing, adj. Nightingale 
Nouriabment, sb. D 
Nona, ab. inventive power, 

Sherard Osbom 
Novel, ab. D, Hare 
Novel, adj. T 

Novelish, adj. in novels, BAT 
NoveUze, v. a. T Brown, Se 
Novelty, ab. D, Mias Evans 
Novercid, adj . T Taylor, " 
Noviciate, eb. Swift 
Novice, sb. Burke 
Novity, sb. Lamb 
Now, adv. T, Stowe 

„ sb. (present time) Stflwe 
Now-a-days, adv. Mp P, Irvbg, 

81, Hope 
Noways, adv. Scott, Do Q 



>oa ^^H 




Noxious, adj. D, Nightmgale, 

Now-and-then, sb. Burke 
Noyade, sb. Macaulay (a whole- 
sale drowning) 
Noyading, sb. Carlyle 
Noizle, n. Our Enfflish Home 
Nubile, adj. S L Windsor 
Nucleated, adj. G H Lewes 
Nucleus, sb. Carl, Buskin, St 
Nud^, T. a. Hobbes, Carlyle 
Nudibranchiate, adj. Tennoit 
Nudjeeye, sb. Burke 
Nugatory, adj. Bentley 
Nu^tormess, sb. RusJon 
Nuisance, sb. Helps, Nightin- 

l^ale, Swift 
Nuisancer, sb. Encyclo Brit 
Null, adj. T 

„ T. a. Burke 
NuUifleation, sb. Dan Webster 
Nullify, y. n. J C Calhoun 
Nulli^, sb. Carlyle 
Numb, adj. Holmes, T 
Number, sb. quantity, D 
in pi. yerses, D 
T. a. D 

T. n. spend carefully, 
Numb-skull, sb. Swift 
Numberless, adj. D 
Numeration, sb. B, De Morgan 
Numerically, ady. Burke 
Numerous, adj. D, Scott 
Num^rousness, sb. (in Terse, 

musicahiess) Addison 
Nunusmatoloffist, sb. H Gregory 
Nun, sb. Burke 
Nuncheon, sb. Lamb 
Nuncupate, y. a. Burke 
Nuptial, adj. D 
Nuptials, sb. W 
Nurse, y. a. T 
„ y. a. (yirtues^ Gibbon 
„ sb. D, Nightinnde 
Nursekeeper, sb. Mrs Delaney 
Nurseling, sb. T 

Nursery, sb. (met.) Burke 
Nursery-gardener, sb. £d Rey 
Nursery-man, sb. E S Delamer 
Nursing, sb. Nightingale 

„ adj Biurke 
Nurture, sb. B Warter 

„ y. a. Burke 
Nurtured, adj. Scott 
Nutbrown, sb. (ale) Scott 
Nutcracker, sb. Swift 
Nutmeg, sb. D 
Nutribuity, sb. T Burnet 
Nutriment, sb. Burke 
Nutrition, sb. Burke 
Nutritiye, adj. Nightingale 
Nut-shell, sb. Traheme, T Brown 
Nuzzer, sb. Burke 
Nuzzle, y. a. Burke 
Nuzzling, part. H Taylor 
Nymph, sb. D 

adj. Byron 


Nymphical, adj. T Taylor 
NymphUke, adfj. W 
Nympholepsy, sb. Byron, De Q 
Nympholept, sb. De Q 

0, inteij. Tennyson 
Oaf, sb. D, Addison 
Oafiull, adj. Swift 
Oak, sb. W, Buskin 

„ adj. Scott 
Oaken, adj. T, MoUey, Hobbes 
Oaktree, so, W 
Oar, sb. W, Hobbes 
„ y. a. Moir 
Oarsman, sb. Irying 
Oastcloth, sb. Illus Times 
Oasthouse, sb. Ulus Times 
Oat, sb. Tennyson 
sow one's wild oats, Lamb 
Oatgrass, sb. T 
Oatmeal, sb. Burke 
Oath, sb. T 

Obbligato, sb. (in music) Times 
Obdurate, adj. Traheme, Swift 
Obedience, so. W, Buskin, N 
Obedient, adj. W, Scott 
Obeisance, so. W, Bawlinson 
Obelisk, sb. Burke, Tennyson 
Obelize, y. a. Hanulton 
Obey, y. a. Burke 

„ y. n. T 
Obfuscate, y. a. Trying 
Object, y. a. De Quincey 

„ sb. person, Swift 

„ sb.W, Nightingale, Bus- 
Object to, y. a. Burnet 
Objection, sb. Burke 
Objectionableness, sb. Buskin 
Objectiye, adj[. Tra, De Q 

„ acg. open, Warb 
Objectiyize, y. a. Masson 
Objectless, adj. Gosse 
Objector, sb. Burke 
Objurgate, y. n. Carlyle 
Obiurj^tory, adj. Carlyle 
Oblation, sb. Burke 
Obligation, sb. W 

„ sb. bond, Burke 
Obligatory, adj. Burke 
Obligee, so. AUan, Park, Burnet 
Obligement, sb. Lamb 
Obliger, sb. Lamb 
Obliging, adj. kind, Burke 
Obligingness, sb. Jane Collier 
Obligingly, ady. Burke 
Obliquation, sb. T Taylor 
Oblique, adj. indirect (notice), 

Obliquely, ady. Traheme 
Obliquity, sb. Traheme, J S Mill 
Obliterate, y. a. Lewes 
Obliteratiye, adj. Nat Bey 
Obliyion, sb. D 
Obliyious, adj . Burke 
Oblong, adj. Nightingale 
Obnoxious, adj. Addison 


Obnoxious to, adj. BpWilkbia, 

exposed to, Tra 
open to censure, 
Obolary, adj . Lamb 
Obdlus, sb. Morning Poet 
Obscene, adj. Dryden 
Obscurantial, sb. Hare 
Obscurantism, sb. Marsh, Haze 
Obecurantist, sb. Sat Ber 
Obscure, adj. W 
Obscurely, ady. Wordsworth 
Obscurity, sb. Tennyson 
Obsequies, sb. Dryden 
Obsequious, adj. W 
Obsequiousness, sb. Burke 
Obsenrable, adj. Burke 
Obsenrance, sb. D, Bu^in, Sooti 

„ rite, Burke 

Obseryation, sb. W, Bussell 
Obseryator, sb. Hooker, T Brown 
Obserye, y. a. to be attentiye to, 


„ y. a. notice, B, Darwin 

„ y. n. W 

„ y. n. remark on, Burke 
Obseryed, adj. Farrar 
Obsenrer, sb. Bentley 
Obsendng, adj. D 
Obsession, sb. Aubrey 
Obsidian, sb. Lrying 
Obsignation, sb. Sat Ber 
Obsolescent, adj. B A Vaughan 
Obsolete, adj. D, Johnson 
Obsorpt, part. Burnet 1684 
Obstacle, sb. W 
Obstetrical, adj. Motley 
Obstinacy, sb. Burke 
Obstinate, adj. W 
Obstinately, ady. Burke 
Obstreperous, adj. Addiaon, 

Hooker, Stowe 
Obstruct, y. a Froude 
Obstruction, sb. W, Fairbaim 
Obstractiye, sb. B A Vangban 
Obtain, y. a. D, Motley, fTight- 

Obtainable, adj Gosse 
Obtest, y. n. B, Carlyle 
Obtestation, sb. Carlyle 
Obtrude, y. n. Burke 
Obtrusion, sb. De Quincey 
Obtuse, adj. dull O^an), De Q 
Obumbrate, y. a. Warburtooi 
Obyiate, y. n. Bentiey, Palmer 

„ y. a. Burke 
Obyiation, sb. Hooker 
Obvious, adj. W, Scott 
Obyiously, ady. B 
Oca, sb. a tubor, Delamer 
Occasion, sb. W, Hare, Ferrier, 
Swift, Burnet 

„^ y. a. Helps 
Occasional, adj. Ferrier, Swift 
Occasionally, ady. Burke 
Occult, adj. Bentley 
Occupancy, sb. Burke 
Occupant, sb. Buike 

Occapatinn, sb. a task, W 

I, busineBa, Wartet 

Occupier, eh, Burke 
Occupy, T. a. Ruskiu 


Occur, T. n. Bendey 
Occurrence, ab, Burke 
Occurrent, adj, Eoekiii, Ilios 

Occonc, sb. Bentley 
Ocean, eb. W, Fsirbairn 
OceaiuH, sb. Famir 
Oceaiiic. adj. Maury 
Ocheruua, adj. RuBkiu 
Ochlocracv, sb. Hare, Soutbey 
Ockstcr, Bb. S-wUt 
OrtttTo, 9b. Swift 
Octennial, adj. Burke 
Octo, prefix, fiyron 
October, eb. Swift 
Octoberiat, sb. Burke 
Odd, sdj. Tennyiion, Addison, 
Tooke, Kig;htingale, 

„ sb. Macanlay 
Odd-coroe, shortly, (phr.) Swift 
Oddity, sb. WarlBC 
Oddly, uIt. Burke 
OddnosB, sb. Addison 
Odds, sb. Hobbos, Lamb, Ua- 

cuulay, Stowe 
Odds; It is odds bat that he, 

etc. Warburlon, Swift 
Ode. sb. W 
Odious, adj. D 
Odiooalj, adv. Burnet 
Odium, sb. B, B A Vaughan 

„ (tbeolofficum) phr. Froude 
Odorous, adj. T 
Odour, sb. T 
(EcoQomital, adj. B 
(Economist, sb. B 

Office, adj. Burke 
Officer, sb. (in army) W 

., V. a. Tunes 
Official, adj. Froude, Wattor 
„ sb. Scott 

Officially, adv. 
Officiate, v. □. Burke 
Officiator. sb. B Hope 
Officious, adj. W, Add, Bentley 
Officiousuess, sb. Stowe 
Offing, sb. Grenville, Knight, 

Offacourinfr. sb. Burke 
Offset, sb. B, Sat Hov, Delamer 
OQskirt, sb. Delamer 
Offspring, sb. Burke 
Oft, adv. W, Stowe 
Often, adT. "W, T 
Oftentimes, adT. W, B 
Oftenwbiles, adi. Warter 
Ofttimes, adv. W 
Ogle, ab. Gay 
Ogler, ah. Swift 
Ogling, sb. Percy Sac Songs, B 

O'ergloom, t. a. Coleridge 
Of, prep, Stowe, Tooke, Swift 
Oif, prep. Stowe 
„ adv. Stowe, Swift, Burke 
Off-and-on, adj. W 

„ adv. De Q 

Offal, sb. B, Sullivan 
Offence, sb. W, ab. pi. Burke 
Offend, T. a. Scott 

„ T. n. Bryden, Scott 
Offender sb. D 
OffensiTe, adj. Burke 
OffeiBiveiy, adv. Burke 
Offer, T. a. Burke 

„ sb. Burke 
Offer at, make, {pbr.) Bunoet 

„ propose, Burnet 
Offering, sb. TV, Slowe, Scott 
Offerer, sb. Lamb, B 
Offgoing, adj. Barnes 
Offhue^ Barnes 
Office, sb. dnty, business, W, 
Scott, T 
„ service, D, T 

OQ, sb. Ttnnyson 
OU, T. a. Stowe 
Oiliness, sb. De Quincey 
OUy, adj. Gay, R AVaUgliaa 
Oker, sb. ochre, Bp Patrick 
Old, adj. W ; oldest, sup. deg. B 
Oldaler, ab. Thackeray 
Oleander, sb. Gregory 
Oligarch, sb. De Quineey, B 
Oligarchical, adj. Burke 
Oligarchy, sb. Burke 
Olio, sb. Suckling 
Olivander, adj. Comhill Mag 
Olive, sb. (the plant), T, Byron 

,, sb. Burke 
Olivc-branoh, sb. child, Swift, 

Olympiad, sb. J S Mill 
Olympiau, adj. Sal Rev 
Ombre, sb. Addison, Percy Soc 

Song^, Marm 
Oman, ab. W, Addison, Moir, 

On, prep, with, Burnet ^H 

for, Burnet 
in coniidqupiMjB of, Bp 

by, Burnet 
after, Bp Bm;net 
take pains on il, Bp B 
W, StowB, Swift 
(march dm for at) Bp B 
adv. Burke 
., adv. forward, Hobbei ^H 

Once, adv. T, Burnet ^H 

„ adv, W ^H 

One, adj. W, Tooke, T ^H 
„ pron. indef. W ^H 

One-eyed, adj. Bentham 

Oneirooritio, sb. Addison, Warb. 

OneiroHiancy, sb. De Q, 

Oneness, sb. Fordage, Treneh 

Oneroua, adj. Russdl 

One-sided, adj . De Quincer .: 

Onfall, sb. Carlyle i 

Ongoing, sb. Lewes, Mason 4 

Onion, sb, Delumer 

Onlooker, sb. Carlyle 

Onlooking, adj. Carlylo 

Only, adv. W, Tooke 

Onomatoptraan, sb. Furrar 

Onomatomcic, adj, Farrar 

Onrush, sb. Fairar 

Onset, sb. W 

Onslaught, eb, Stowe 

Ontological, adj. De Q 

Ontology, sb. Sat Bav 

Onus, sb. De Quineey 

Onward, adj. Tennyson 
„ adv. T, Slowe 

Onwardnese, sb. JL A Van^nl^ 

ommg F 
T R Joni 

„ v.n,out,Stowe;down,'Wi>od* 
Oozy, adj. W 

Omission, sb. Burke 
Omit, T. a. B, Stowe 
Omn^arious, adj, Bentley 
Omniformist, sb. Dr. E Hooker 
Omnigenous, adj. De Q, Times, 

Omniloquent, adj. J S Mill 
Omnipoteut, adj. Burke 
Omnipotence, sb. D 
Omnipotency, sb. Burnet 
Omnipresence, sb. Burke 
Omnipresency. Bentley, Browne 
Omnipresent, adj. Palmer 
Omnisciency, sb. Palmer 

Opake, V. n. Bentley, 1692 
Opal, sb. the stone, Uuskin 
OpaJesceut, adj. Kua, Kingdey. 
Opaline, adj. Uasse 
(^e, V. a. Byron 

„ V, n. Gay 
Open, adj. W: Swift, T 

„ frank, W 

uncovered, W S . 

„ unfrosty, DolanuT 

„ sb. Star 

„ V. a. TV, Stowe, Seott 

„ V. n. W 

„ (upon) V. n. about on 

Opening, sb. B, Stowe 
Openly, adv. W, Scott 
Openness, sb. W i 

Opera, ah. Drydeu J 

„ adj. Bnrke ^ 

Operate, ?. a. work, Barko < 
Operator, sb, Bnrke 
Operating, adi. fat ^ras^'? 




Operation, sb. D 

„ sb. working, Ruskin 
Operative, (poiBons) adj. fiorke 
Operator, sb. Addison 
Operose, adj . burdenBome, Burke ; 

laborious, De Quinoey 
,, working, Burke 
Ophthalmious, adj. Gre^ry 
Ophyr, sb. pure gold, Sir T B 
Opiate, adj. Huimesford, B 

„ sb. Burke 
Opine, T. n. Carlyle 
,, V. a. J S Mill 
Opiniatre, adj. Swift 
OpiniatritT, sb. Sir T Brown 
Opinion, sb. W, BAY 

,, and belief, Robertson 

Opinionatiyeness, sb. Swift 
Opium, sb. D. Burke 
Opponency, sb. Ann Re^ 1792 
Opponent, adj. B, Ruskin 
(^portune, aoj . Burke 
Opportunity, sb. Motley 
Oppose, y. a. W 

„ set oyer against, W 
Opposing, adj. W 
Opposite, adj. (lit.) and sb. W, 

adj. (met.) Burke 

sb. Carlyle 
Opposition, sb. W 
Oppress, y. a. W 
Oppressed, adj. W 
Oppression, sb. W, Stowe 
Oppressive, adj. Burke 
Oppressively, adv. Burke 
Oppressor, sb. W 
Opprobrious, adj. TV 
Opprobrium, sb. W 
Oppugnancy, sb. Christian Re- 
Opfvugner, sb. Johnson 
Optic, sb. eye. Swift 
Optical, adj. Burke 
(^tick (glayss^, adj. Bentiey 
Opticks, sb. Burke 
Optiminn, sb. Burke, B Hope 
Option, sb. B, J C Calhoun 
Optional, adj. Burke 
Opulence, sb. Burke 
Opulent, adj. Stowe 
Or, conj. W, Burnet 
„ adv. before, W 
Orache, sb. (the plant) Delamer 
Oracle, sb. Burke 
Oracle-monger, sb. Rawlinson 
Oracular, ao^. W 
Oracularly, adv. Burke 
Oral, adj. Burke 
Orally, adv. Tooke 
Orange, adj. or.-coloured, W 

„ sb. T, Our Eng Home 
Orangery, sb. Addison, Delamer 
Oration, sb. W, T 
Orator, sb. Carlyle 
Oratorical, adj. B, Times 
Oratorio, sb. (musical, in 1642), 

Oratorio chapeL Bp Beveridge 


Oratorio, private eh^[)el, R Bur- 
ton 1685 
Oratory, sb. Tra, W, Hare 
„ sb. a shrine for prayer, D 

R Burton 
Orb, V. Press 
„ sb. W, T 

Orbicular, adj. Bentiey, W Law 
Orbicularity, sb. De Q 
Orbicularly, adv. T Taylor, De Q 
Orbit, sb. Burke 
Orbital, adi. Times 
Orchard, so. Tennyson 
Orchid, sb. Gosse, Times 
Orchis, sb. Tennyson, Delamer 
Ordain, v. a. W 
Ordained, adj. W 
Ordeal, sb. (ut. and met.) Burke 
Order, sb. command, Scott 
Order, sb. just arrangement, 
Burnet, W, B^dgson, 
J S Mill 

„ take o. for, make arrange- 
ments for, Hobbes 

„ (offriar8),W, Scott 
Orderer, sb. Temple 
Ordering, sb. Bunie 
Orderless, adj . disordered, Ruskin 
Orderly, sb. (soldier who carries 
orders^, WH Russell 
„ adj . in rignt order, Stowe 
Orders, sb. pi. (religious), D 
Ordinance, sb. T 
Ordinarily, adv. Burke 
Ordinary, adj. "W, Stowe 
Ordinate, v. a. De Quincey 
Ordnance, sb. gfuns, W H Kussell 
Ordonance, sb. ordering, Warb 
Ordonnance, sb. J S MiU 
Ordure, sb. D 
Ore, sb. T 
O're, prep, see over 
Oread, sb. W 
Organ, the musical intrument, W 

„ out, v. a. play out with 

the organ, Carlyle 
Organ, sb. a member, Lewes 

„ sb. instrument, W 
Organic, adj. W, N 
Organical, adj. of organs, limbs, 

Organism, sb. Lewes, Owen 
Organized (state), adj. Motley 
Organization, sb. Burke 
Organology, sb. De Q, Lewes 
Organ-pipe, sb. T 
Orgasm, sb. Lamb 
Orgie, sb. Irving, Daily Tel 
Onel, sb. T. Bentiey's Q R 
Orient, sb. and adi, T 

„ adj. pure, bright, D 
Oriental, adj. W 

„ ad). Burke 
Orientalist, sb. Burke 
Oriflamme, sb. Macaulay, Sat 

Origenist, sb. Burke 
Origin, sb. W, Col 
Original, sb. origin, Johnson 


Original, sb. and adj. D 

„ adj. Ruskm, De Q 
Originality, sb. Ruskin 
Originate, y. n. WordsworUi 

,^ y. a. Swift 
Origination, sb. origin. Dr. 

Hooker, Bentiey 
Orison, sb. prayer, D, Byron 

„ sb. early prayer, Blunt, 

Ormandism, sb. Swift 
Ornament, sb. D 
Ornamental, adj. Burke 
Ornamentation, sb Hope 
Omithomancy, sb. De Qmaoey 
Omithoscopy, sb. De Q 
Orography, sb. Maury 
Orphan, sb. W 

Orphick, (egg) adj. T Bomet 
Orrery, sb. SuUivan 
Orris, sb. Our Eng Home 
Orthodox, acti. Cuiyle 
Orthodoxy, sb. Burke, Carlyle 
Orthographical, ad^. Addison 
Orthography, sb. Chesterfield 
Orthopterous, adj. Sat Rer 
Ortolan, sb. Fielding 
Orts, sb. pi. leavings, Miat M 

Oscillate, y. n. Burke 
Oscillation, sb. B, D c^ Buck"^ 
Osdllatory, adj. Carlyle 
Osdtancy, sb. Chesterfield 
Osculatory, adj. Timet 
Osier, sb. Goy, Delamer 
Ossicle, sb. Sir W Parish 
Ossify, v. n. Burke 
Ostensible, adj. Lord Temple 
Ostensively, adv. De Quinoey 
Ostent, sb. Lamb, W 
Ostentation, sb. 
Ostentatious, adj. Burke 
Ostentatiously, adv. Home 
Ostier sb. Sullivan 
Ostiy, sb. ostier. Gay 
Ostracism, sb. De Q 
Ostrich, sb. Gray, Darwin, Oease 
Ostrich-like, aoi. Sat Rev 
Ostrogoth, sb. fiurke 
Oth, o'th', of the, Hobbes 
Other, adj. W, T 

„ adv. otherwise, R Burton, 

Otherg^tes, adv. otherwiae. 

Otherwards, adv. Carlyle 
Otherways, adv. Gay 
Otherwhere, adv. Lamb 
Otherwise, adj. W 

„ adv. Burke 
Otter (of roses) Sir W Jones 
Ottoman, sb. low seat, Bmm 

„ adj. Turki^ B 
Ought, v. perf. t, T Burnet, W, 

Ounce, sb. Burke 
Our, adj. W 

Ourang-outang, sb. Burke 
Ourishness, sb. S T Coleridge 

Our?, pron. Wordsworth 

Ourselves, pron. W 

Ousel, »h, Moir 

Oust, V. B. Burke 

Out, (to be) misteien. Lamb 

„ adv. B, Stowa 

„ prep. Swift, T 

„ y. o. Bnmet 
Outbenr, y. a. W Bamea 
Outhid. T. a. Chealerfeld, BurVe 
Ouibirth, ab. W Law, H A V 
Ontbrsg, y. a. Irving 
Oatbraye, y. a. W, H Dixon 
Outbreak, ab. W 
Outbreaihe, y, n. Moir 
Outbuy, y. a. Burke 
OutcHBt, sb. Burke 
Outcome, sb. Ruskin, Eiugaley 
Outcropping, sb. Times, Ueuiy 
Outcry, T. a. Kuskia 

„ sb. Burke 
Outdo, y. a. D, Addison, V 
Outer, adj. T, Stowe 
Outface, y. a. B, Buskin 
Outfall, sb. C&rljlo 
Outfaog, sb. Scott 
Outfit, eb. Stowe 
Outflavour, y. a. Dr. E Hooker 
Outflow, sb. "Winkworth 
Outfly, V. n. Hobbea 
Outg;aUop, y. a. Hara 
Outgnte, ab. Carlyle 
Outfrow, y. n. grow out, forth, 

Oulgoard, sb. T Burnet, B 
Oullierad, y. n. Kingsley 
Outhouse, sb. Delamer 
Outing, eb . Sat Bev 
Outland, sb. Burke 
Outlnndiab, adj. Sirift, Lamb 
Outlast, y. a. Swift, Moir 
Outlaw, sb. Byron, liotlsy 
Outlawry, sb. Burke 
Outlet, sb. T 
OutUe, T. n. surpau in lying, 

Hare, IrvW 
Outline, ab. W, T 

„ .. fl. Motley 
OntUye, v, a. E Burton, T 
Oatlived, adj. Lamb 
Oatlook, y. n, W Barnes 
Outlyer, sb. Lamb 
Outlying, adj. Wnrter 
Outraark, y. a. "W Barnes 
Outmost, adj. Kuskin 
Outness, sb. Bobertnon 
Out-of-door, adj. Irving 
Oot-of-tbe-way, adj, strange, 

Lamb, B 
Outpass, y. B. R A Veughan 
Out-pensiouar, sb. Maoaulny, 

Oirtplod, y. a. Cftrlvle 
Onlport, sb. Ann Beg 1789, Ir 
OntpoBt, sb. W H B, Sat Bey 
Outpour, y. a. Moir 
Ou^jut, y. a. The Geologist 
Outrage, sb. W 

,1 T. fu De Quincey 

OutrngcouB, adj. D, Swiil, Stowe 
Outcageoueiy, adv. B, Do Q 
Ontr£, adj. De Q 
Outreach, y. a. ; ontraught, pp. 

Outride, y. a. D 
Outrig^ed, adj. Times 
Outright, adv. Hobbes, Swift 
Outnm, V. a. Oobbea, W 
OutBul, v. a. noma 
Outscont, sb. Tooke 
Outset, sb. Burke 
Outshine, V. a. Chesterfield, Bub 

Onlahool, y, a. Palmer, Moir 
Outside, ab. Wnrdsworth 

„ sb. sham, hiag, Eobbcs 
„ adv. W H Eussell 

„ adj. Burke 
Outskirts, sb. pi. Waiter 
Outspoken, adj. Carlyle, EA V 
Out^okenness, sb. Tunes 
Outspread, v, a. Keats 
„ sb, Calhoun 
Outstep, V, a. Buskin 
Outstrni, V. a. Tra, Hobbea, 

De Q, Tennyson 
Outstripping, adj. Lamb 
Outswelliug, adj. W Bamea 
OultLrow, V. a. Hobbea 
Outtower, y. a, Euskin 
Out-trade, y. a. Irving 
Out-trap, v, a Irving 
Outvoice, y. a. R A Vanghan 
Outvote, V. a. M, De Q 
Outward, adj. W 

„ adv. Sal Rev, Scott 
Outward-bound, adj, Warter 
Outwardly, adv. W^ 
Outwardncea, sb. R A Vanghan 
Outwear, v. a, T Burnet, W 
Outwcaried, adj, Cornhiil Ma:g 
OutweaiT, V- a. Buskin 
Outwcich, y. a. W 
Outwind, y. a. Irving 
Outwit, V, a, trick, T Burnet, 
M, Irving 

„ escol in wit, Hone 
Outwork, ab. Burke 
Outworn, adj. Buskin 

Overbold, adj. T 
Overbridge, r, a W _ 

Ovethright, adj. T ^E 

Overbrow, v. a. W ^M 

Overcast, adj. W VH 

„ y. a. Btowe ^^ 

Overcharge, sb [in aMount) B 
Overcharged, adj, (picturaj B 
Overclainour, v, a. Do Qumcey 
Overcoat, ab, Stowe 
Overcome, v, a. W, Stowe, Fair- 

Overcoraer, sb, ponqueror,W Law 

1. B Hi 


I, D 

OvaiT, ab. Lewes 

Ovation, sb. Tra 167B, Wooiis, 

Sat Rev, Times 
Over, prep. W, Tooke, Svrift 

„ adv. loo greatly, Bp 
Wilkinai too, W, B 

„ and above, adv. mncb, 

„ adj, too great, T Burnet 
„ ad], passed by, gone, 

Overalla, sb, pi. Irving 
Overawe, y. a, W 
Overarched, adj. W 
Overbalance, eb, De Q, Trench 

„ t. n. Timei 

O'crbalm, v. s. Moir 

Overcrowded, adj. W 
Overcrowding, sb. Nightingale 
Overdo, y. n, do too much, Bn 
„ V, a, exaggerate. Palmer 
Overdone, adj, excessive, Burke 

„ ad], exaggerated, B 
Overfall, v, a. overthrow, Carl 

„ V, a. T Burnet ; fall, 
tumble over, Carl 
Overfling, v. a. Moir 
Overflow, y, a, T 

„ y, n. W 

„ ab, Wordsworth 
Overflowing, adj. W, J ColUar, 

Overflushed, adj , Addison 
Oyergloom, v. a. De Qnin 
Overgrest, adj. Shaftesbury 
Overgrowing, sb. W 
Overgrovm, adj (met,) Borke 
Overhaul, y, a. Irving, W H K, 

Overhead, adj, and adv. T, N 
Overhearing, sb. Stowe 
Overhouse, adj. Town Talk 
Overisane, sb. and v. n. Calhoun 

Overland, adj. Fairbairn 
Overlapping, sb. G McDonald 
Overlay, v. a, T 
Overleap, v. a. Burke 
OvcrlOBO, V. a, Burke 
Overlook, v, a,W, 8«ott. Wolff, T 
„ not see, Stowe 

omit. Johnson 
Overamntle, v. a. Carlyle 
Overmatch, ab. Palmer 
Overmuch, adv, Tennyson 
Overncar, prpp. W 
Overnight, adv. Carlyle 
Overposa, v. a. Lamb, Blunt, 

Overpay, y. it. Burke 
Overpeer, y. a, W, Lamb 
Overplied, adj. Nat 
Overplus, sb. Swift 
Overpower, y. a, W 
Overpowering, lAv^ 
Oversaw*;, ■< .».. N^>i 

tev ^^M 
Scott ^^1 

Orerrate, r. a. R A Yai^liaii 
Oyerreacn, t. a^met.) B, M 
Oyemile, v. a. w, Ruskiii 
Oyernrn, v. a. Burke 
OTemuming, sb. Burke 
Oversee, t. a. look oyer, view, 
Burke, Sat Rer 

„ look after, watch, 
Hobbes, Swift 
Orerseer, sb. watcher, Traheme 

„ of the poor, Motiej 

Orerseeiiig, lidi. controlling, W 
Orerset, Mj. Swift 

„ y. a. D, Lamb, Carl 

„ sb. Burnet 
Oyershade, y. a. Wordsworth 
Oyersleeye, sb. Mrs. Malcolm 
Oyersman, sb. Hopkins 
Oyerspread, y. a. W 
Oyorstep, y. a. W 
Oyerstock, y. a. Burke 
Oyerstrain, y. a. Burke 
Oyerstud, y. a. Keats 
Oyert, adj. Burke 
Oyerteem, y. a. Keats 
Oyerthrow, y. a. W 

„ sb. upsetting, B, Sat Rey 
Oyerthrowing, T 
Oyerthwart, y. a. T 
Oyertoiled, adj. Carlyle 
Oyertime, adj. Sat Rey 

„ sb. Times 
Oyertly, adv. Times 
Overtop, V. a. W, Home, Burke, 

Lewes, Gosse 
Overture (of a synod), sb. de- 
claration, Mackenzie 

„ preliminary step, B 
Overturn, sb. Carlyle 

„ V. a. Burke 
Overvalue, v. a. Burke 
Overwalk, v. a. TV 
Overwashed, adj. Carlyle 
Overwatched, adj Carlyle 
Overwear, v. a. T 
Overweave, v. a. Keats 
Overweening, adj. W, B 
Overweeningly, adv. W 
Overweep, v. a. Mrs. Browning 
Overwhelm, v. a. Burke 
Overworn, part T 
Oviparity, sb. Lewes 
Oviparous, adj. T Burnet, Lewes 
Ovoid, adj. T R Jones 
Owe, v. a. W 
Owing, adj, due, Stowe 
Owl, sb. W, Tennent, Warter 
Owlet, sb. W 
Owlish, adj. Motley 
Own, v. a. W 

„ adj. W, Ruskin, Warter 
Owner, sb. Burke 
Ownerless, adj. Moir 
Ownership, sb. B, Stowe 
Ownhood, sb. R A Vaughan 
Ox, sb. W 
Oxalis, sb. Ruskin 
Oxeang, sb. measure of land, 
Orig Soot 



Oxidated, adi. rusty. Holmes 
Oxidation, so. Lewes 
Oxidize, v. a. Lewes 
Oxydated, adj. Holmes 
Oxygen, sb. Maury 
Oxymel, sb. Burke 
Oyer, sb. Burke 
Oynt, V. a. Hobbes 
Oyster, adj. Sir T Brown 

„ sb. Farrar 
Oystennan, sb. Holmes 
Oystering, sb. Experiences in 

Pabulum, sb. Swift, A Trollope 
Pace, sb. rate of motion, Worcb- 
worth, Scott, Stowe 

„ step, Burke 

„ v. a. Te nny son 

„ V. n. T, W*^ Lrving 
Pachydermatous, adj. Nat Rev 
Pacinc, adj. Burke 
Padficate, v. a. Carlyle 
Pacification, sb. Burke 
Pacify, V. a. W 
Pacing (palfrey), adj Scott 
Pack (ofdogs), sb. W 

„ v. a. Burke 
Package, sb. Stowe 
Packet (of goods), sb. Burke 
Pack-horse, sb. B, Lrving 
Packthread, sb. Motley, Delamer 
Pact, sb. Hobbes, Freer 
Paction, sb. Burke 
PsBdagogy, sb. (pedagogy) T 
„ (of men), D 
Padding, sb. Gosse 
„ adj. Gosse 
Paddle, sb. (for canoe) Woods 
Padlock, sb. R, Sullivan 

„ v. a. Scott 
Psean, sb. Sat Rev 
p8Bony, sb. E S Delamer 
Pagan, sb. Ruskin 
Paganish, adj. Ant Yulg 
Paganism, sb. Burke 
Page, sb. (of a book) W 

„ an attendant, Home 

Pageant, v. a. R A Vaughan 

„ sb. Burke 
Pi^eantry, sb. W 
Pah, sb. redoubt, Times 
Paid, adj. Burke 
Pail, sb. W 
Paillasse, sb. Stowe 
Pain, sb. W, Lewes, Stowe 

„ v. a. Scott 
Painche, sb. Burke 
Painful, adj. toilsome, W, Warb 
„ adj. painstaking. Lamb 
Painfully, adv. Nightingale 
Painless, adj. Hobbes 
Painlessly, adv. Moir 
Pains, sb. Swift, Stowe, Burnet 
Painstaking, adj. Lrving, Sat Rev 


Pains-worihy, adj. Tooks 
Paint, sb. and v. a. Burke 
Painter, sb. Ruskin 
Painting, sb. the art, Burke, 

„ sb. Hare, R 
Pair, v. a. chip, Bp Patriek 
Pair, sb. W, Scott, T 
Paixhan, adj. W H Ruas^ 
Pal, sb. companion, De Q 
Palabra, sb. Carlyle 
Palace, sb. D 
Palaced, a<y. Moir 
PalsBontological, adj. Darwin 
PalsBontologist, sb. Darwin 
PalsBontology, sb. Miller 
Palaestra, sb. J S Biill 
Palanouin, sb. Oliphant 
Palatable, adj. Burke 
Palatal, adj. Marsh 
Palate, v. a. relish. Lamb 

„ sb. taste, Burke 
Palatine, sb. Percy Soc Songa 
adj. Burke 



Pale, sb. Hobbes, Swift 

„ v. a. Ruskin 

„ adj.W,T 

„ sb. Scott (of hue) 
Paleness, sb. Stowe 
Palestric, adj. De Q 
Palfrey, sb. Tennyson, Sat Rev 
Palimpsest, sb. Eding Rev 
PalingenesiB, sb. De Q 
Palinode, sb. De Q 
Palinodia, sb. Warburton 
Palisade, sb. Byron 
Palisadoe, sb. Burke 
Pall, V. n. Ruskin 

„ v. a. De Q 
Palladium, sb. Burke 
Pallas, sb. Tennyson 
PaUed, adj. Burke, T 
Pallet, sb. coarse couch, Irving, 

„ (painter's) Gay 
Palliate, v. a. T Brown 
Palliation, sb. B, Motley 
Palliative, adj. and sb. Burke 
Pallid, adj. Burke 
Pall-mall, sb. (a game) Motley 
Palm, sb. (of hand) T, Mcyti^, 
to oil the, (phr.) to hxibe^ 

v. a. pass off on one, D, 
Scott, Addison 

„ (tree), adj. Gibbon, Milman 

„ sb. (tree), W 
Palmary, adj. chiefs Warburton 
Palm-bearing, T Burnet 
Palmer, sb. Warburton 
Palmful, sb. Lamb 
Palmistry, sb. Addison, RAY, 

Palm-leaf, sb. hat, Stowe 
Palmy, adj. flourishing. Morning 

Palpable, adj. De Quinoey 
Palpably, adv. Burke 



Pal[ntBi]t, ndj. CbtIjIl' 
Palled, adj. Bynin 
Palay, v. a. De Qiiincey 

„ sb. Burke 
FiJUr, adj. Biirko 
Faludament, sb. De Q 
Paludine, ntij. Buckland 
Paly, adj. W 
Pampar, v. a. Dryden 
Pamphlet, sb. Drydeii 
PampUflteer, ab. B, Mucaulav 
Pamphlcteenng, adj. J 8 Mill 
Pan, ab. (cod) Stowc 
Panacea, sb. B, V Hope, Warier 

Puiiisin, all. Dr. E Ilouker 
Pnpist, sb. lliirlie, Timefl 
Papuoaa, ab. Woiids 
Puppifib, adj. Lamb 
pHpiTiiH, b1). Haliam 
Piir,'sb. Burke 

Para, sb. (coin) Oriental Travelfl 
Parabok, sb. Ruakln 
PflmbolitV, ndj. Burke 
Parabolicu], aSj. of a parable, 

HaUiwoll. Bentlcy 
Paradi!, bb. T, Timea 

B, Gibbnn (not of 

Puuder, ab. , 
PimdivulatiDn, ab. Be Q 
Puned^cai, adj. B 
Panegirriek, sb. Burko 
Puneeyriat, ab. Burks 
Pnnel, sb. Morning Post 

„ V. a. Our Eng Ilome 
Pimg, ab. D, T, St«we 
Pan^leman, ab. S Osbom 
Panic, ab, Shnfteabury, Stowe 

„ adj. Burke 
Panicetruck, adj. De Q 
Pannage, sb. mast far bog's food, 

Orig Scot 
Pannick, adj. Holyday 
Pannier, s6. (bread-Carrier), 

111 Lond Seva 
Panniered, adj. W, EeaCa, Macm 


Panonia, adj. Lloyd's "WLHewa 
Panoplied, adj. W 
Panoply, ab. Butke 
Panorama, ab. Woods, Irving 
PiuiBy, ab. W. E 8 Delamer 
Pant, T. u. T, Burke 

„ sb. gaip. Times 

„ ab. moutb of n foontain, 

G Stuart 
Pantoloonery, sb. Lamb 
Pantaloons, sb. Burke, Stove 
Pantet^rapb, sb. Dly Tel^rapb 
Pantboism, ab. Manuel 
Panther, sb. D, W, Gay, Gibbon 
Pantile, sb. Iluskin 
Pantin, sb. Percv Soc Songs 
Pantolo^;ical, odj. Sal Bcv 
Pantonume, ab. Burke 

„ (met.) (libbon 

Pantry, ab. Burke 
Papacy, sb. Burke 
Papal, adj, Bnrke 
Papaliat, sb. Carlyle 
Paper (trade), adj. Gibbun 

„ sb. C, Eallam 

„ newapaper, Cnrlyle 

Papered, adj. Nightingale 
Papery, adj. Ruakin 
Paper-nautilus, sb, QoBse 
FapilionacmuB, udj. E S Delanier 
Papilbo, sb. pi. Bnrke 

„ adj. rimes 
Pai'adigni, ab. T Taylor 
Paradise, sb. T Burnot, ByRin 
Paradisiacal, adj. Addison, T 

Burnet, De Uuincey 
Pai'adisioal, adj. W Lavr 
Paradox, sb, G, Lowes, Tooke, 

De Quinuey 
Paradoxical, adj. B, De Q 
Paradoxiualiy, adv. Burku 
Paragram, sb, Addison 
Paragrammatist, ab. Addiaun 
Foragrapb, ab. Burke 
Far^rapbiat, sb. Lamb, Calboiui 
PardlBiia. sb. Sir T Brown 
Parallel, sb. (met.) D, Gibbon 
„ adj. Gibbcn, Froude 
„ T. a, Burke 
Parallelism, sb. Sir T Brown 
ParaUelogrom. ab, Bnrke 
ParQllelc^amLca!p a^. Gregory 
Pai'alogisni, sb. Kingaley, Warb 
Paramagnetic, adj . Maury 
Paramount, adj . Burnet 
Paramour, sb. Scott 
Faranomaiua, sb. Addison 
Parapet, sb. W U Russell, W 
Paraphernalia, sb I), B Hope 
Faraphrast, ab, Johnson 
Pampbrastic, adj. Times 
Paiapbrastical, adj, Johnson 
Parasang, sb. Dr E Hooker 
Paraacne, ab, Bp Patrick 
Pornaeleae, eb. Comhill Mag 

Parent, sb. Wordswortli ^H 

„ adj, Burke 
Parental, adj, Burke 
Parentally, adv, Burke 
Parenthesia. eb. Sir T Brown, 

Piironticide, sb. Da Q 
Pariah, ab. De Q 
Paring, sb. peel, Gay 
,, udj, Addiaon 
Pariah, sb. Burke 
Parishioner, ab, Warter 
Parisian, sb. Bnrke 
Parisyllabie, adj. De Q, 
Parity, ab. B, Do dninoey 
Park, sb. W 

„ (uannon balls) v. 
Parle, sb. Eeata 
Parley, sb. D 

,. T. a. Windsor 
Parliament, sb. Carl, Sat Eer, 
Parliamentary, adj. Burke 
Parliament«er, sb. Carlyle 
Parlish, adj. perilous, 6 Si 
Parlour, sb. Stowe 
Parochial, adj. Burke 
Parody, v. a. Swift 
Parole, ab. Swift 
FaroijBni, ab. B, Stowe 
Parqneterie, ab. Onr Eng St 
ParricidaUT, adv. Carlyle 
Pamoide, ab, Burka 
Parridded, adj. Carlyle 
Par-roaat, v. a. Db Q 
ParroijnEt, sb. Cay 
Parrot, sb. T 
Parroted, adj. repeated without 

sense, J S Mil! 
Parroting, ab, repetiti 

De Qmncey 
Parry, t. a. Swift, Sc 
Parse, sb. B Sullivan 




Parasitical, adj. B Hope 
Paraaitiani, sb. Wmdaor 
Paroaol, ab. Ed Eev 
Parasoled, adj. Moir 
Paratragoediatc, v. n. 

Parcel, ab. Burnet 

„ sb. lot, Swift 

„ V. a. Swift 
Parch, V. a. Burke 
Parchmiint, ah. B, Kingsley 
Parcloae, sb. B Hope 
Pard, sb. BjTon 
Pardon, sb. Dryden 

,. V. a. Tennyaon 
Pflrdonflble, a^. Burke 
Pardonably, adV, B Hope 
Pardoner, sb. Trabeme 
Pare, v, a. Gay 


Paranep, ab, E 8 Delamer 
Paraon, ab, B, Tennvaon . 
Parsonage, sb. E S lOelame^, 
ParaoadoDi, ab. A TroUope 
Paraonefis, sb. Sat Rev, 

Paraonisb, adj. Lamb 
Parsonry, sb. Sat Rev 
Part, ab. Wordsworth, T 

„ v. n, Scott 
'. „ ah. (in a poem) Addison 

„ V. a. W 
Part of Piodt, profitable buai- 

neiM, Johnson 
Partake, v. a. D, T 
Partaker, sb. Scott 
Parterre, sb. Sir W Temple, E 
S Detamcr 
„ sb. pit of a theatre, 

Partbenogeneais,sb, I.ewes,Go3se 
Parti-, prefix, Bulwer, etc. 
Partial, adj. (lit.) D, Junir" 

„ (met.) Gibbon 
Partiality, sb. Burko 




FartiallT, adr. (Ut) Borke 
Partijcipate, y. n. Burke 
Participation, sb. Burke 
Particle, sb. B, Stowe 
Particoloured, adj. W, Irving, 

WH Russell 
Particular, ab. special circum- 
stance, Addison 
„ adj. detailed, Bp B 
„ adj. special, Burnet, 

„ adj. remarkable, 
Particularising, sb. Dr Campbell 
Particularity, sb. Addison 
Partioularization, sb. R 
Particularize, t. a. Burke 
Particularly, adv. Burke, Gibbon 
Parting (or mixed gold and sil- 
yer^, A Ryland 
„ sb. Tennyson 
„ adi. W 
Partisan, so. Burke, Byron 
Partition, y. a. Tennent 

„ sb. Calhoun 
Partiy, ady. W, Scott 
Partner, sb. Dryden, T 
Partnership, sb. W, B 
PartridffQ, sb. Burke 
Party, sb. person, De Q 
„ sb. (in a state), D 
I, sb. Swift, Scott 
„ adj. Addison, T 
Pas, sb. Addison 
Paschal, adj . Burke 
Pasha, sb. Byron 
Pasquil, sb. Motiey 
Pasquinade, sb. M 
Pass, y. n. T, Pusey 
„ y. a. make (a jest), Scott 
„ sb. decree, * such a pass,' 
condition, J S Mill 
passive state, S T C 
„ defile, W 
Passage, sb. D, Scott 
,, sb. affair, Swift 
„ sb. crossing, Warter 
Passage-boat, sb. Hobbes 
Passager, sb. curled lock of hair, 

Percy Soc Songs 
Passament, y. a. cover with lace, 

Passenger, sb. W 
Passe-partout, sb. W H Russell 
Passer-by, sb. Southey 
Passing, adv. very, W 
,f adj, Scott 
„ sb. T 
Passing-bell, sb. Warter 
Passinucle, sb. De Q 
Passion, sb. emotion, W, Byron, 
De Quincey 
opinion. Swift 
rage, T 

eagerness, T, Scott 
„ ,in plur. W 

Passion-flower, sb. E S Delamer 
Passionate, adj. Burke, Warter 


Passionately, adv. Stowe 
Passionateness, sb. B Hope 
Passionless, adj. Carlyle 
Passions, sb. pi. (man's) Warter 
Passive, adj. Rusldn 
Passively, adv. Burke 
Passiveness, sb. Wordsworth 
Passivity, sb. Sat Rev, Carlyle, 

R A Vaughan 
Pass-key, sb. De Quincey 
Passport, sb. B, Masson 
Paste, V. a. Addison 
Pastime, sb, Tennyson, Warter 
Pastor, sb. Byron 
Pastoral, adj. W 

„ sb. (tribe), Petherick 
„ sb. a pastoral poem, 

PastoraUsm, sb. Ruskin 
Pastry, sb. Kidder 
Pasturable, adj. Sat Rev 
Pasturage, sb. Burke 
Pasture, sb. W, £ S Delamer 

„ y. n. W 
Pat, y. a. Stowe 
„ sb. (of butter), E S Delamer 
Pataric, adj. Farrar 
Patch, sb. Hobbes, Stowe, Scott 

„ y. n. Warter 
Patchwork, sb. Burke 
Pate, sb. head, Swift 
Fated, adj. Scott 
Patent, sb. formal deed, Ann Reg 

„ (laws), adj. Fairbaim 
Paternal, adj. Gibbon, J S Mill 
Paternity, so. Lamb 
Path, sb. W, T 
Pathetic, adj. B, R, Warter 
Pathetically, adv. Burke 
Patheticalness, sb. Ruskin 
Pathless, adj. Dryden 
Pathos, sb. T 
Pathway, sb. W 

Patience, sb. W, Ruskin, Warter 
,, sb. (berb) E S Delamer 
Patient, adj. Ruskin, Stowe 

,, sb. Nightingale, Carl 
Patiently, adv. Burke, T 
Patois, sb. Irvmg 
Patriarch, sb. Wordsworth 
Patriarchal, adj. B, Warter 
Patrimonial, aaj. Burke 
Patrimony, sb. Burke 
Patriot, so. Scott, Irving 
Patriotess, sb. Carlyle 
Patriotically, adv. Burke 
Patrol, sb. W H Russell 
Patron, sb. Dryden 
Patronage, sb. Burke 
Patronate, sb. H Miller 
Patroness, sb. Burke 
Patronize, v. a. Burke 
Patronymic, adj. Sat Rev 
Patten, sb. Oliphant 
Patter, y. n. W, Stowe 
Pattering, sb. R 
Pattern, v. a. Ruskin 

„ sb. Stowe 
Patterned, adj. Evening Star 


Paucity, sb. Ruskin 
Pauehty, adj. Soott 
Pauj^ pnr. (to rob Peter to pay 

Paul), T BiOTiet 
Paunch, sb. Dryden 
Pause, sb. and v. n. W, T 
Pavais, sb. Southey 
Pave, v. a. Burke 
Pavement, sb. Scott 
Pavilion, sb. Burke 
Pavony, sb. D* Israeli 
Paw, sb. hand, Stowe 

„ v. a. Gray 
Pawl, sb. R, Paton 
Pawn, sb. pledge, Bp P, Water 

„ V. a. Swift, Sieott * 

Pawnbrokeress, sb. Lamb 
Pay, sb. Burke 

„ y. a. Hobbes, Stowe 

„ v. a. smear over, (naot.) 

„ (court to), Stowe 

Payable, aaj. Burke 
Paying, adj. Times 
Paying out, of the cable, Fair- 
Paymaster, sb. Burke 
Payment, sb. Burke 
Paynim, adj. Byron 
Pea, sb. E S Delamer 
Peace, sb. W, R, B, T, Waiter 
Peaceable, adj. Tooke, Warter 
Peaceably, aov. Warter 
Peaceful, adj. W, Warter 
Peach, sb. £ S Delamer 

„ V. n. ten secrets, Warter 
Peach-blossom, sb. (motii) Gosse 
Peachifjr, v. a. make like a peach 

in colour, C Reade 
Peachy, adv. Theodore Martin 
Pea-coat, sb. C Dickens 
Peadove, sb. Gosse 
Peak, sb. W 

„ V. a. prick, Carlyle 

„ v. n. to look sickly, Moir 
Peaked, adj. R 
Peakedness, sb. R 
Peal, sb. W 

„ sb. (of a bell) Stowe 

„ y. n. Stowe 
Pear, sb. W, E S Delamer, Our 

English Home 
Pearl, v. a. R, Moir 

„ sb. E C Ott6 
Pearly, adj. (Jay 
Peart, adj. Stowe 
Peasant, sb. W 
Peasantiy, sb. Burke 
Peascod, sb.' Gray 
Pease, sb. Burke 
Pease-straw, sb. Hobbea 
Pea-stick, sb. E S IMamer 
Peat, sb. Warter, Derby Courier 
Peatary, sb. Orig Scot 
Peaty, adj. Smiles 
Peccadillo, sb. Thackeray 
Peccant, adj. Burke 
Peck, y. a. Hobbes 

,, sb. S Palmer 


:ldag, ab. fiurke 
!tor^ adj. ChesterflelcL 
Feiiulatiiig, adj. Burke 
FecnlatiiHi, ab. Burke 
Feoulalor, ab, Burke 
Pecnliar, adj. Stone, Beott, W, 

H MuUer, NighdagaJe 
Peculiarity, ab. Burke 
Feculiarlj', adv. Burke 
Peculiuni, ab. gun, Burke 

„ eb. special praperEj, 
B Hope j proper proportian, 

Fedago^e, ab. Burke 
Pedantically, adv. Times 
Pcdantick, adj. Burke 
Pcdantism, ab. Carlyle 
Pedantry, sb. Swift 
Poddline, adj. petty, Bnrke 
Pedestal, sb. T Burnet 
Pedestrioninng. adj. Sat Her 
Pedicel, Bb. J Lindley 
Pedicle, sb. a foot-atalk, Jones 
PcdigrcB, ab. Swift, Gibbon 
Pedlar, sb. Swift (pedler, Burke) 
Peduncle, sb. a footstalk, Jones, 

J Lindley 
PednnculUed, adj. Jones 
Peel, V, B. Burke 

,. >b. Castle, B 
Peeler, ah, raan-at-lmw, Walter 

,. ab. a policeman, Tour in 

Peep, sb. Stowe 

„ V. n. look, W, Stowe 

„ at, V. a. Bentley, Stowe 
Peer, v. n. gaze, Kingaley, W H 

„ sb. an ei^ual, W 

„ sb. Lord, Burke 
Pcernn, ab. D Bnrke 
Peeyiah, adj. Swift 
PeeTialuleas, ab. Buike 
Peg, ab, step, Stowe 
Peg-out, T. a. B Hope 
PdirnBlic, adj. Kingaley 
FeiEBor, ab. bala 
Pclagio, adj. GOBSe 
Pelargonium, ab. Time* 
Pelf, ah. Bnrke 
Pelican, ab. W H Hiusell 
Peliaae, sb. Delnney 
Pellicle, ab. T R Jonea 
Pclaponncaiiin, adj. Furke 
Pelorine, ab. H Fielding 
Pelt, T. a. Hobbea, SlowB, R 

Penal, itdj, D, T Taylor 
Penalty, ab. Burke 
Penance, ab. Dryden 
Penchant, ab. B Hope 
Pencil, ab. Tennyson 
Pencilling, sb, B Hope 
Fendant, sb. companion. Times 
„ adj. banging, Southey 
Pendent, adj. W 
Pendicle, ab. Orig Scot 
Pending, prea. part. Burke 
Pendulate, t. n. West Hev 
Fenduliius, adj. T Buinet, £ S 

Pendulum, sb, Burke, Scott 
Penetrability, sb. Pordage 
Penetrant, adj. (met.) ^ats 
Penetrate, v. a. Burke 
Fenctratiim, sb. (mey Burke 
Penetratire, adj. G Eoddeafbrd 
Penetrating, aifi. Scott 
PcnM, adj. H fielding 
Peninsnis, ab. Motley 
Penitence, ab. Drydrai 
Penitent, sb. Scott 
Penitential, adj, Warter 
Penman, ab. Di-yden 
Pennianahip, ab, Burke 
Pennant, ab. Times 
Penniless, adj. Wurter 
Penny, sb. Tennjaon 
Penny-oraliro, ab. Swi/t 
Penny-royal, ab, Irving, E 8 

Penuy-niac, odj, Thackeray, M, 

Pennywort, sb, Lcwca 
Pennyworth, sb. Swift 
Pensile, adj, T Burnet, E 3 

Pension, eb. Burke 
Pensionary, adj. Swift 
Pensioner, sb, Dryden 
Pensive adj. W, T 
Penstock, edj, Timea 
Penstroke, ab. Ruakin 
Pentacula, sb, R A Vaughan 
Pent-irchy, ab. Burke 
Penteconter, ab. Rawlinson 
Pent-houae, v. a. W 
Pent-up, adj, Stowe 
Penurious, adj, Burke 
Penurioualy, adv. Burke 
"enury, sb. Burke 


sb, Eoakin _^^ 

j. Bnrko ^H 

Bnrke ^^H 

, BnakiQ ^^H 

! W, T, Toski^H 

adj. Sat Ber.'^^l 
Burke ^^H 

Jurke ^^1 


sb. Bp Patrick, 

Percaso, adv. Tooke 

Perceant, adj. Keata 
Perceivable, adj. Traheme 
PerceiTe, v, a. Bnakin 
Percentage, ab. Uacaolaj 
FerceptiMlity, sb, Btuktn 
Perceptible, adj. Bnrko 
Perception, ab. Bnrke 
Perceptive, adj, Boddn 
Perch, V, n. Stowe 
Perchance, adv, W, T, T( 
Percontatooal, adj. sii Ber.'i 
Percussion, sb. Burke 
Perdition, sb. Burke 
Perdu, p. part. Lamb 
Perdurable, adj, Irvii 
ab. H Ta 
Peregrination, sb. Bj 

Peremptorily, odv, Scott 
Peremptory, adj, Scott 
Perennial, eb. Lamb, Delamei' 

„ adj. Carlyle 

Perfect, adj. W 

Perfection, ab. Buskin, Warter 
Perfectionist, adj, R A V 
Perfectionment, sb. Farrar 
Perfective, adj. T Burnet 
Perfectly, adv. Borke 
Perfectucas, ab. Ruakin, Wink- 
Petfervid, adj. Masaon 
< Perfidious, adj. Burke 
Pertldy, sb. Johnaou 
Ferforato, adj, Buckland 
Perforce, adv. T, Hobbea, Swift 
Perform, v, a. Tennyson 
Perfoimance, ab, Burke 
Perfume, v. a, W, Scott ^^^ 
ab. Byron ^^^| 

Perfiimed, adj. Qryden ^^^H 
Perhaps, adv, Wordiwottb ^^^^t 
Peri, ab, Byron ^^H 

Pericardinm, ab, Addistm ^^^H 
Pericranicka, ab, pi. Lamb ]^^^| 
Periculous, adj. Dr E Hoobj^^l 
Periegesis, sb. Lamb ^^^1 

Perigaatric, adj, Lewes .j^^| 

Peri; sb. W, Scott ^^M 

V. a, Veaey ^^^H 

Perilled, adj. Trench ^^H 

Perilons, ady Burke, WaitetSH 
Perilously, adv, Scott •f^l 

„ v.fl. Swift, Goase, Irving 
„,„..„^ Peopled, adj. W 

sb. Act 3 and * W rV Pepcnno, sb. Whittaker 
oat) SS. O Stuart Pepper, sb. Burke 


Pellucid, a^. Bentley 
Peltory, ib.W H Greeny 
Pen, ail, (to write with) Swift 

„ sb. plooo of confinement, St 

„ sb. wing, All Y R 

„ V, a. write, Swift, Addison 

,, V. a. keep hack, confine, 
■ 'Wordsworth, Lewin 

Pepper-man, sb. Holyday 
Pepper-vine, sb. Oliphant 
Peppery, adj . hot. Sat Eev 
PepticB, ab. Sat Rev 
Peradventnre, sb, T Brown 
Perambulate, v. a. OrigScot 
rerambulatorsbip, sb, Hull Ti 

Perilled, adj. Trench 
Perilons, ad[. Burke, Wi 
Perilously, adv, Scott 
Period, ab, alop, Addison, Swift 

„ time^ ab. Scott, Lewes 
Periodic, odi. in periods of tim^ 

,, (atyle), De Quincey 

Periodical (visit), adj. Warter 
Periodicity, ah. Miss Evans, 

Periodiie, v. a. Dr E Hooker 
PerirEci, sb. T Brown 
Peripatetically, adv, Corlyla 
Peripatetitik, ab. Bentley 
Peripatus, sb. T Brown 
Feriphrasia, sb. Burko 
Periphrastic, adj. Taoke 
Periphrasticidly, adv. Bud- 




Ferish, y. n. D, B, Burke 
Perishable, adj. Burke 
Perislied, adj. Burke 
Perishing, sb. W 
Peristaltic, adj. Maurj 
PeritonitlB, sb. Nightingale 
Periwig, sb. HobMs 
Periwinkle, sb. (flowerj, "W 
„ sb. (fish), Burke 
Perjured, adj. Dryden 
Penury, sb. Burke 
Perk up, y. a. Stowe, De Q 
Perking, adj. Moir 
Permanence, sb. Tennyson 
Permanent, adj. Burke 
Permanently, ady. Burke 
Permi^on, sb. Burke 
Permissiye, adi. Times 
Permit, v. a. Burke, "Warter 
Permutation, sb. Bentley 
Pemayigate, y. a. Macm Mag 
Pernicious, adj. D 
Pemoctation, sb. Ant Vulg 
Perorate, y. a. and v. n. Carlyle 
Peroration, sb. Burke 
Perpendicular, adj. Burke 
Perpendicularity, sb. Buskin 
Perpendicularly, ady. W H R 
Perpendiculum, sb. Bentley 
Perpetrate, y. a. Burke 
Perpetration, sb. Burke 
Perpetual, adj. Warter, Burke 
Perpetually, ady. Burke 
Perpetualness, sb. Ruskin 
Perpetuate, y. a. Burke, Gibbon 
Perpetuation, sb. Burke 
Perpetuity, sb. Burke, Gibbon, 

Perpetuously, ady. Dr E Hooker 
Perplex, y. a. ^met.) W 

„ y. a. intertwine. Spec 
Perplexed, adj. Stowe 
Perquisite, sb. Burke 
Perquisites, sb. pi. W H R 
Perquisition, sb. Carlyle 
Perron, sb. Bulwer 
Perry, sb. Burke 
Persecute, y. a. Burke 
Persecuted, adj. Gibbon 
Persecution, sb. Macaulay 
Persecutor, sb. Burke 
Perseyerance, sb. Burke 
Perseyere, y. n. Southey 
Perseyere in, y. a. Scott 
Perseyering, adj. Southey 
Persimmon, sb. De Quincey 
Persist, y. n. endure, Huxley 
Person, sb. (opposed to * man ' 
simply). Hare 
(opp. to thing), Brimley 
form. Gibbon 

„ character, Bp Burnet 

Personage, sb. Burke 
Persona]^ adj. Warter, Sat Rey 
Personality, sb. Mansel, Bentley 
Personally, ady. Scott 
Personate, y. a. Swift 
Personation, sb. T Brown 
Personifiant, adj. Ruskin 


Penonifioadon, sb. Burke 
Perspectiye, sb. W, T Brown 

„ adj. Burke 

Perspicuity, sb. Burke 
Perspirable, adj. Nightingale 
Perspiratory, adj. G Cheyne 
Perstringe, y. a. Eyelyn, De Q 
Persuade, y. a. Burke, Warter 
Persuasible, adj. E Hooker 
Persuasion, sb. Burke, Warter 
Persuasiye, sb. £ Hooker 

„ adj. Warter 

Pert, adj. Burle 
Pertinaciously, ady. Burke 
Pertinacy, sb. Dr E Hooker 
Pertinent, adj. Burke, 
Perturb, v. n. Burke 
Perturbation, sb. Wordsworth 
Peruked, adj. Carlyle 
Perusal, sb. Warter 
Peruse, y. a. Sulliyan 
Peruser, sb. E Hooker, Lamb 
Penrade, y. a. Wordsworth 
Penrene, y. n. Bentley 
Penrerse, adj. B 
Peryersely, ady. Burke 
Peryerseness, sb. Burke 
Penrersion, sb. Burke 
Peryert, v. a. Burke 
Peryerter, sb. Swift 
Penrious, adj. T Burnet 
Perwanna, so. Burke 
Peshcush, sb. Burke 
Pessimist, adj. Times 
Pest, sb. Swift 
Pester, y. a. Hobbcs 
Pestfiil, adj. ST Coleridge 
Pestiferous, adj. Burke 
Pestilence, sb. Burke 
Pestilential, adj. Burke 
Pet, sb. Stowe 

„ y. n. Carlyle 
Petal, sb. Delamer 
Petalism, sb. De Quincey 
Petard, sb. Carlyle 
Petarding, sb. Cfarlyle 
Petchary, sb. Gosse 
Petiole, sb. Delamer 
Petition, sb. E Hooker, Calhoun 

„ for, y. a. Tennyson 
Petitionary, adj. Lamb 
Petitioner, sb. Burke 
Petitionist, sb. Lamb 
Petit-maitre, sb. Gay 
Petrary, sb. (milit.) Gibbon 
Petrific, adj. J)e Quincey 
Petronel, sb. Scott 
Petrous, adj. stony, Moir 
Petted, adj. Stowe 
Petticoat, sb. Gay 

„ adj. Scott 
Pettifogger, sb. Swift, B 
Pettifogulise, y. n. De Quincey 
Pettifoguliser, sb. De Quincey 
Pettiness, sb. B Hope 
Pettitoes, sb. Dr E Hooker 
Petto, sb. Swift 
Petty, adj. T, Nightingale 

Petulance, sb. Burke 
Petulant, adj. Addison 
Pew, sb. Morning Post 
Phaenomenon, sb. s. ; phsenom- 

ena, pi. Burke 
Phfenomenon, sb (phenomenon) 

T Burnet 
Phaetonic, adj. Lamb 
PhagedoDuic, adj. De Q 
Phalanx, sb. Fox's friends, B 
„ armed body, B3nn>n 
Phalanxed, adj. Moir 
I'hanatick, sb. S Palmer 
Phantasm, sb. Carlyle 
Phantasmagoric, aaj. Masson 
Phantasmagorical, adj. Lamb, 

Phantasmagory, sb. Carlyle, 

Masson, Irying ( — i&) 
Phantasmal, adj. Carlyle 
Phantasmata, sb. pi. De Q, Wr 
Phantastick, adj. Traheme 
Phantasy, sb. W, Byron 
Phantateustics, sb. bwift 
Phantom, sb W, T 

,, adj. Tennyson 
Phantomize, y. a. Wolff 
Phantomizcr, sb. Wolff 
Phantomizing, adj. Wolff 
Pharisaism, so. B Hope 
Pharisee, sb. Dryden 
Pharmacy, sb. dispensary, Adyt 
Pharos, sb. a l^ht-house, Iiring 
Phase, sb. B Hope 
Pheasant, sb. Dryden 
Phenomenal, adj. Carlyle, De Q 
Phenomenally, ady. De Quincey 
Phenomenon, sb. Shaftesbury, 

Scott, Warter 
Philabeg, sb. Moir 
Philhellenist, adj. Sat Rey 
Philippize, y. a. Burke, De Q 
PhiloDotanic, adj. Delamer 
Philologer, sb. Swift 
PhUology, sb. Sir W Temple 
Philomath, sb. Swift 
Philomot, adj. Addison 
Philosopher, sb. Dryden, War- 
Philosopher's-stone, sb. Tra 
Philosophic, adj. Dryden, Gibbon 
Philosophical, adj. Burke 
Philosophism, sb. Carlyle 
Philosophize, y. n. T Burnet 

„ y. a. R A Yaughan 

Philosophizing, sb. Masson 
Philosophy, sb. B, Hare 
Phiz, sb. face. Swift 
Phlebotomization, sb. Times 
Phlebotomy, sb. Burke . 
Phlegm, sb. torpor, Swift 
Phlegmatick, adj. Burke 
Phlox, sb. (the plant^, Delamer 
Phocal, adj. (of seals), Goese 
Phoenician, so. Burke 
Phoenix, sb. (the bird), H<nne 
Phosphoresce, y. n. Carlyle 
Phosphorescence, sb. Lewes 
Phosphoric, adj. Byron 

PboaphortBtent, adj. Kingali?)', 

PholoBpbere, sb, FHirbaim 
Photoheliograph, all. Fdrbairn 
Pliotoziiica{riapli, v. B. JomeB 
FhotoainwgTspbT, sh. Jamea 
Phrase, T. B. Trabeme 

„ sb. Burke 
Pbraseology, ab. Burke 
Pbrenesis, sb. l^mb 
Pbrenetic, adj. Times 
Phreosy, ab. Bycou 
PbyiactCTy, »b. D, T Brown, J" 

6 Stephens 
Ph¥8icBl, adj. Kingalov, Da Q 
Pbyaick, sb. Burko 
Phyaick-boi, ab. Holyday 
FbyaicUng, sb. Nightin^Le 
PhyaiDby, adj. Delamer 
Phjait'ian, ab. D, Sat Rev 
Phyaiea-mMihuiical, adj. Bentley 
PhyBidgiioinicat, adj. T Brown, 

lamb, Timdi 
Phyaiagnoniist, >b. Burke 
Phpiognomy, ab. Addison 
Pbysiological, adj. Nigbtingale 
FhyslDlogist, ab. Burke 

Pibroeb, ab. Byron 

Picayune, sb. Stowe 

Hck, Bb, peak, T Burnet 
., T. a. (a lock), Stockton Ti 

Pick-a-back, adj. Lamb 
„ adr. Timea 

Pick-axe, ab. Burke 

Picker, ab. hoppickcr, 111 Times 

Pick np, V. a. Scott 
I fieket, sb. (of aoldiors). Home, 
L W H RusBcll 

■ „ adj. Bat Rev 

■ „ V. a. Irving 

„ ab, piquet, S Palmer 
„ ab, pick or pick-axe. Irving 
Pickling, sb. and adj. Delamer 
Pickle, sb. (lit.) Hobbes 

„ sb.miBchiiiVDna fellow, "Wr 
IHcknioker, sb. De Quincey 
Picktbank, adj. T Brown 
Picnic, ab. Woods; pique-niiiao, 

c. 1300, Enight 

Picotec, sb. (the flower) Delamer 

Ficquerine, sb. bickering. Palmer 

Picture, sb. T 

„ sb. a pnisting, Rnekin 

„ sb. representation, J ohn- 

Pictared, adj. W 
FictDreleas, adj. Lamb 
Pictnreaqne, adj. Do Quincey, 

RoakiB, Warter 
Pictoreaquenesa, ab. Euskin, 

Hare, B Horie 
Piddling, adj. Macaulay 
Fie, HI to pie, Carlyle 
Piebdd, Bb. T 

„ adj. Irring 
Kcce, v.a. join (pieces), E A V ; 
I ' spt (a limb). Mrs Gaakell 

Pii'ce, eb. portion, Euskin 
„ ab. long distance, Stowe 
„ ab. gnn, Scott 
Piece-meal, ab, T Burnet, Add 

„ adj. Burke 

Piecrust, sb, Stowe 
Piedmontiic, v. a. Hariotti 
Pierce, T, a, break the line of, 

. A Vaugb(.._ 
Pietist, fib. R A Vangban 
Pietistic, adj. Winkworlh 
Piety, ab. Wordsworth 
Pig, V. n. lie close, Burke, DeQ 

„ ab. (of lead). Morning Poat 

„ adj. (iron), Times 
Pigoon, ab. Darwin 
Pigeonhole, sb. (in 

a desk), B 
„ T. a. oat Key 

Pigeon-bouBU, ab. Traheme 

Pigeonry, sb. Weatmr Eey 

Piggcrj-, sb. Times 

Pigheaded, adj. De Q 

Pighoadi^duess, sb. Do Q, 

Pig-in-poke, Ralliad 

Pigment, sb. W H Rosaell 

FigTnic, iidj . Bentloy 

Pigmy, sb. Bumot, W 

FigBtje, sb. Delamer 

Pigtail, ab. (of hHii), Irving 

Pike, sb. (flsb), W 
„ Bb. turnpike road, Stowe 
,. sb. (spear), Motley 

Pike-sUiT, plain as a, De Q 

Pilaff, sb. BjTon 

Kloster, sb. Timea 

Pilastrade, sb. Greeory 

Pilchard, sb. HuddeBford 

Pile, sb. heap, Scott 

Pilfer, y. a. Burke 

Pilferage, sb. Smiles 

Pilgarhc, sb. Swift 

Pilgrim, ab. W 

„ V. n. Carlyle 

Pilgrimage, v. n, ijimb 
„ ■ sb. Burke 
„ eb. Ufe, Warter 

Pillage, T. a. D, Scott 
„ sb. Burko 

PiUar, Bb. (lit.) W 

(meU T, Stowe 

Pillared, adj. Wordawor^ 

Pillariae, v. a. Lamb 

Pillion, sb. Swift 

Pillory, V. a. Macaolay 

IHUow. sb. W. NiphdngalB 

PiUowine, adj. Moir 

Pillowy (clouds), adj. Southey 
„ adj. dreamy, Keata 

Pilot, ab. Dryden, Scott 
„ adj. Burke 

PDotage, sb. Burke 

Pilot-ffsh, sb. QoBsa 

Pilolry, sb. Harris 

Pimp, sb. De Q, J S Mill 

Fimpemel, sb. Delamer 

Piminng, adj. Lamb 

Pimple, Ab. Delamer 4 

Fin, y. a. Burke 

„ sb. for adreas, Our Eng Horn 

„ sb. leg, De Q 

„ care a pin for, Add, I^mb 
Pinaster, sb. Delamer _ 

Pinai; »b. T Brown ^ 

Pinch, sb. pressnie, Times ^M 
„ ab. dilticiilty, Stowa fl 
■y. a. Burke M 

Pincuabion, adj. Delamer 
Pincuahiony, adj. Stowe 
Pindaric, sb. Addison, Swift 

„ adj. Burke 
PindUng, adj. Stowe 
Pine, sb. (tree), W, RubMu 

,, adj. Euskin 

,, T. a. Traheme, Son, W 
Pineapple, sb. Irving 
Pinetrae, sb. Wordsworth 
Pin-feather, sb. Stowe 
Ping, sb, DutMe 
Pining, adj. of pine-trees, W 
„ wasting, WarWr 

Pinion, sb. wing. Say, W 

Pink, si 



abaft, Tunes 
(flower), W, Delamer 
„ Bu, a red hunting coat, 

„ V. a. out holes in cloth, 
Pin-money, sb. Addison, Swift, 

Eng Home 
Pinnate, sb. Burke 
Pinnacle, sb. W 

„ V. a. Byroi 
Pinnate, adj. Lcwea 
Pinnated, adj. Delamer 
Pinner, ab . woman's Gaif, E 
Piny, adj. W, T 
Pioneer, v. a. Burka 

„ sb. Burke, Gibbon.^ 
Pious, adj. W, Stowe -' 

Pioudj, adv. Dryden, Gibbon 
Pip, sb. mark on cords, Mac Hog 
„ (the disease), T 
„ (of fruit), Delamer 
Pipe, sb. flute, W 
„ lay down pipe for, Lon Rev 
„ adj. (boards). Act of Pari 
„ V. n. play on a pipe, W 
„ blow shrilly, Warter 

„ sing, talk, T, H 

„ ma up to seed, Delamer 

„ y. a. break off short, Dela- 
mer, Warter 
Fipe-Gsh, sb. Goase 
Pipette, sb. GrilEn 
Piping, adj. piping hot, Hobbes 
Pippin, sb. (the fruit). Swift 
l^py (hemlock), adj. Keats 
Piqimnt, adj. Stowe 
Pique, ab. (at piquet), Hae Mag 
„ sb, offence, Swifl 

Piquet, adj. Macmillan'B Mag 
Piracy, sb. Burke 
Pirate, ab. (on sea)^ Irving ; 
(generally), Feirbaim 


Piratical, adj. B, G, Irring 
Pirn, sb. Scott 
Piscary, sb. Macaulay 
Pisciculture, sb. £d llev. 
PiBciTorous, adj. U Miller 
Pisspot, sb. Swift 
Pistil sb. Lindley 
Pistol, sb. Burke 
Pistole, sb. (coin), Swift 
Pit, y. a. put in pit, Delamer 
„ sb. Burke 
Pitch, T. a. throw, T Burnet, 

lift, Scott 
T. n. (as a ship), Stowe 
sb. Bentley, Standard 
T. a. Warter, Scott 
Pitch into, y. a. De Quincey 
Pitch upon, y. a. fix, Bp Patrick 
Pitch (me^s tent (phr.), Southey 
Pitchfork, sb. Swift 
Piteous, adj. Wordsworth 
Piteously, ady. Burke 
Pith, sb. (Ht.) Delamer 
PitiM, adj. Wordsworth 
Pitiable, adj. Burke 
Pitiless, adj. W 
Pitman, sb. Northern Express 
Pity, sb. Addison, Wordsworth 

„ y. a. De Q, Stowe 
Pii, sb. Swift 

Placability, sb. De Quincey 
Placable, adj. Burke 
Placarded, a[dj. Ludlow 
Place, sb. spot, W 
^, position, Stowe 

„ pu^ V. a. W, T 
Placeman, sb. B, Macaulay 
Plaeent, adj. Dr £ Hooker 
Placid, adj. Tennyson 
Placoid, adj. Goese 
Plagiarist, sb. Kingsley 
Plagiary, sb. manstealer, Bp 
„ sb. Tooke, Hare 
„ plagiarist, Pope 

Plague, sb. trouble, Stowe, Do- 
^ lamer 
sb. disease, D 
a^. Nightingale 
„ V. a. Stowe 
Plaguy, adj. Hobbes, Swift, Gay ; 

ady. Stowe 
Plaid, adj. Irying 
Plain, sb. W, Buskin, T 
„ sb. flat surface, Bp Patrick 
„ adj. clear, Pusey 
„ adj. frank (dealing), B 
^ simple. Waiter 

„ T. n. complain, Gay, Hoir, 

„ . y. a. (planeV Hobbee 
Fkmer, sb. (plane), Hobbea 

„ adj. op. I^we 
Plainly, ady. Wordsworth 
Plainness, ab. Burke 
Plaintiff, sb. Drydea 
Plaintiye, adj. W, T 
Plaister. sb. (met.) Warter 



Plait, sb. fold, Delamer 
Plan, sb. Bcheme, T, Stowe 

„ y. a. B, Stowe 
Plane, sb. (carpenter's) Scott 

„ sb. (math^ Ruskin 
PUmet, sb. W, T 
Planetary, adj. Bentiey 
Plangency, sb. Carlyle 
Plangent, adj . Hy Taylor, Farrar, 

Planisphere, sb. Kingsley, Inring 
Plank, sb. Wordsworth 
Planking, sb. Times 
Planless, adj. Carlyle 
Plant, sb. W, Owen 

„ staff, Addison 

„ y. a. Wordsworth 
Plantation, sb. Burke 
Planter, adj. W H Bussell 
Planterdom, sb; W H R 
Plantigrade, adj. W H Russell 
Plantling, sb. Barnes 
Plashing, adj. Moir 
Plashy, adj. Wordsworth 
Plaster, y. a. Stowe 

„ sb. Burke 
Plastically, ady. De Quincey 
Plastick, adj. Bentiey, Warter 
Plat, y. n. lay out in plots, 

Plate, sb. (of metalV Burke 
Plateau, sb. piece or plate. Freer, 
„ sb. flat land, W H R 
Plateman, sb. Times 
Plateworker, sb. worker in silyer, 

Platform, sb. Wordsworth 

,j sb. plan, Dr E Hooker 
Platitude, sb. Y esey 
Platitudinousness, sb. Sat Rey 
Platonick, adj. T Burnet 

„ sb. T Burnet 
Platoon, sb. (mil.) B, Irying 
Platted, adj. T Taylor 
Plaudite, sb. T Brown 
Plausible, adj. D, Tillotson, Carl 
Plausibility, sb. BurkeT 
Plausibly, ady. D 
Plausiye, adj. Wordsworth. 
Play, sb. and y. n. W 

„ sb. (theatre), D 

„ y. a. fthe flute), W, Scott 

„ y. a. (a eame), Palmer 

„ false ana fiiir, (met.) 

Player, sb. Burke 
Playfellow, sb. Traheme, Swift 
Play-house, sb. Swift 
Playmate, sb. W 
Plaything, sb. Traheme 
Playwright, sb. .Oarlyle, Warter 
Plea, sb. D, T 
Plead, y. a. Dryden 

„ y. n. Home, Stowe 
Pleadable, adL Burke, RusIqb 
Pleader, i^. Burke 
Pleading, sb. Werdsworth 
Pleasant, adj. W, Warter, Lewes 

Pleasantly, adr. B, Stowe 
Pleasantly, sb. sprightUnese, Wr 
Please, y. a. W 

„ y. n. Johnson 
Pleasedness, sb. Pool 
Pleasing, adj. Burke 
Pleasurable, adj. Burke 
Pleasure, sb. W, S T C, De Q 
„ adj. Tunes 
„ y. a. Traheme 
Pleasure-ground, sb. Ddamer 
Pleasureless, adj. Moir 
Ffteat, y. a. (phut), Hobbes 
Plebeian, adj. Wordsworth 

„ sb. Burke 
Pledge, y. a. T 

„ sb. T, Pusejr 
Pledget, sb. Edwards 
Plenarily, ady. R A Vaughma 
Plenary, adj. J S Mill 
Plenilunar, adj. De Q 
Plenitude, sb. May 
Plenipotentiary, so. and adj. B 
Plenteous, adj. Burke 
Plentiful, adi. Burke 
Plenty, sb. D, Tooke 
Pleonasm, sb. De Q 
Plesiosaur, sb. Qobm 
Plethora, sb. Bp Patrick 
Plethorically, sidy. Lamb^ Carl 
Plethory, sb. Burke 
Pliant, adj. Burke 
Plicated, adj . full of folds, Jones 
Plie, sb. fold, H Taylor 
Plight, y. a. Tennyson 

„ sb. condition, Qxy, Wr 
Plighted, adj. Burke 
Ploc6, sb. (rhet.) Spectator 
Plod, y. a. Gosse 
Plodding, adj. Wordsworth 
Ploddingly, ady. Nat Bey 
Ploiter, y. n. De Quincer 
Plot, sb. conspiracy, D, Tooke 

„ sb. piece of land, W 
Plotter, sD. Burke 
Plough, sb. Wordsworth 

„ y. a. Nat Rey 
Plougher, sb. Carlyle 
Ploughgate, sb. Orig Scot 
Plonghman, sb. Nat Rev 
Ploughshare, sb. G«y 
Ployer, sb. Moir, Woods 
Pluck, sb. courage^ Hobbes^ De 
Q, Osbora, Wnter 

„ y. a. Wordsworth 
Plum, sb. the firuit, Delamer 

„ millionaire, Tatlor 

„ y. a. fall down, Lamb 
Plumage, sb. W, T, Stowe 
Plumbs adj. W 
Plumbago, sb. Woods 
Plumb-lme^ sb. Motley 
Plume, y. a. W (on^s-aeif), 
Junius, Fronde, De Q 

„ y. a. to plufik fea;^«n eiff 
a bird, Hobbes 

„ y. a. to feather, T 

„ sb. Tennyson, DerQ 
Plumed, adj. Burks 

Plomerfi ah. Southej 

tliuaelet, sb. Tennpon 

Plonunet, sb. CttrlTla 

PloDip, adj. fUt.) T 
„ adj. (met.) Stave 

PlDinper,sb. baE to fill the halloir 
of a. cheek, Percj Sac SougB 

Plnmply, ady. Sat Rev 

Plnmule, sb. Lindlej 

riondor, sb. and v, a. BuiIm 

Plunderer, sb. Burke 

Flundoreiu, adj. Carljle 

Plurality, ab. Addison 

Plunge, sb. Bp Patrick, Stowa 
„ V. a. Buike 

Plutocrat, sb. Sat Rer 

Plutonomiat, sb. Lodlow 

Platononiy, sb. Ludlow 

Pluviio, sb, (the month), Burke 

Ply, sb, fold, Hobbea (1677) 
„ bend (lit.) Timei (met.) M 
„ lb. run. Morning Star 
„ V. n. bend, Bp Buinet 
„ V. a, urge, Wartar 

Pneumatic, adj.T Taylor 

Pneumonia, ah. W H Kuasell 

Poach, T. a. plump dawn, De Q 
„ (turf), Melville 

„ V. n. Hor tiroj), Johnaoa 

Pocket, V. a. B, De auinray 
„ sb. bag of hope. 111 Ti 

Pocket-money, ab. Chesterfield 

Pod, sb. Delamer 

Poem, sb. Dryden 

Poesy, sb. Masaon 
„ T. n. Keats 

Poet, sb. Wordsworth, J 5 MiU, 

Poetical, adj. Burke 

Poetick, ad). Burke 

Poetaster, sb, Macaulay, Sat Bev 

Poetesi, sb. Swiit 

Poetise, v. n. Lamb 

Poetry, ah. W, M. J 8 Mill, 

Ruskin, Warter 
Pofpnotraphj, ab. Temple Bar 
Poignant, a^), Burke 
Foignard, ib. Burke 
Poiut, V, a, shiirpen, D 

■ „ mark, Tenuysoii 
% „ sb. W 

■ „ (at piquet), Macm 
„ right, Bp Burnet 
„ V. n.V 

Poiat-blank, edj.W, Warter 
Pointing, sb.sciatohing, Delamer 
Pointsman, ab. Sat Rev 
Poise, sb, T Bumet 

„ V. a. W, B, Stgwe 
Poised, adj. Tennyeoa 
Poisan, ab. Buike 

„ V, a. Swift, Burke 
roisoning, adj, Scott 
Foiaonous, n^, Burks 
Poize, T. a, Benttey 
Poke, V, a. QoBsO, Slowo 
Foker, ib, English Home 

Polecat, sb. Warter 
Polemic, sb. (man), R A Vaughan 

„ adj, B, De Quincey 
FolemicttUy, adv, De Q, Wart^ 
Polemics, ab, B Hope 
Foliantb, adj, Delamer 
Police, ab, city arrangement, 

DTaraeli, The World, 17o6 
Policed, p part, Burke, J 5 MiU 
Policy, sb. Burke 
Polish, v. n. become refined, Add 

„ eb, Burke 
Polife, adj. Burke 
Politeness, eb. Ribbon, Hare 
Polilelv, adv, Burke 
Political, adj. orderiy. Add, 1712 
Politically, adv. Bnrko 
Politicals, ab. pi, W H Russell 
Politician, sb. Burke 
Politics, sb. Home 
Polity ab. Bnrkc 
Polk (of Cossacks), sb. W H R 
Poll, ab. back of the neck, Hobbes 
Pollam, sb, Burke 
PoUord, t. a. cut ofi' a tree'a 

top, Hare 
Pollute, T. n. B, Nightingale 
Pollution, sb. Burke 
Polonaise, sb. promenade-daoce. 

Daily Telegraph 
Folouey, sb. The Co-operator 
PollToon, ab. T Brown, Tooke 
Poltroonery, sb. De U 
Polyanthus, sb. Delamer 
Polyarchy, sb. De Quiucey 
Pulychroinatie, adj. B Hope 
Folychrome, adj. Sat Rev 
Folyd<Emouism, sb. Shafiesbmy 
Polygamic, adj. Timea 
Folygamist, ab. Times 
FolygumouB. adj. Times 
Polygamy, sb. Burke 
Folygar, sb, Burke, K Wliile 
Polyginist, sb. Bat Rev 
Polyglot, adj. Tooke 
Polygonal, adj. B Hope 
Polygynio, adj. Times 
Polvgvnv, sh, Timea 
Poljh'ed^ adj. Gosse 
Polyhiator, ab. De Qnincej- 
Polymorphoeis, ab, De Qnmcey 
Polvmorphoua, adj. De Quincey 
Foliiiidon, ab. Goasa 
Polypody, ah, (the fern), Geikie 

PoRderation, ab, J S MiU ^ 

„ sb. Dr E Hooker 

Pondering, adj , Stowa 
Ponderingly, adv. Moir 
Ponderling, sb. C Reade 
Ponderous, adj, Burke 
Pondeioai^, at). J Fordag* ^M 
Pontage, sb. Burke ^| 

Fontifi', sb. Burke ^H 

PontifiMiI, adj, T Brown ^M 
Pontificato, ab. Burko 

1. (when the pop* 
I pontiff), Ld Broughton 
i, red trump ace, Macm 

Pontoneer, ah. Timea 
Pontoon, sb, Addison 1711 •] 
Pony, sb. little horao, S 
Pooh, V. n. Stowfl 
Pool (target), adj. Sat R 

,1 (of w!<tt!r), sb. Iiuskin4 
Poor, sb. Burko 

„ adj. Tennysoi 

„ adj. small, Dchimer 
Poorhuuso, sb, Burke 
Poorly, adv, Burke 

,1 adv. Bcarcelv, Gibbon 
Poorlyish, adj. Lamb 
Pop, V, n. bang, Delamer 

„ V. a. pnab suddenly, Stowo 
Pope, sb. Burke 
Poper}', sb- Johnson 

„ ab. D 
Popinjay, ah. MoUey 
Popish, adj. Burke 
Fopishiy, adv. Swift 
Poplar, sb. Wordsworth 
Poplin, ab. Mm. Delaiiey 
Poppied, adj, Moir 
Poppy, ab, Delamer 
Poppvhead, ab. Fairai 
Populace, ab, Coleridge 
Popular (air), adj. Wirte 
Popular, ndj. plEosing, Hoakill' 
Popularity, ab. Burke 

„ p.-hnnting, Bp B 

Populflriae, v. a, Carlylo 
Popularization, ah, De Q 

,, ab. Manh 

Population, sb. Burke 
Populatiotiistical, adj, Kossuth 
Populous, ndj. Bnrke 
Piipuluusncsa, ah. Burke 
Porcelain, sb. Drvden 
Purcelanic, adj. il Miller 
Porch, sh. Wordsworth 
Porcupine, sb, Burke 
Fore, V, n. Bvron 
Porism, sb, ^roniham 
Pariamatic, adj. Broughioa 
Fork, sb. Burke 

Polythciet, ah. Shafteahury 
Pomade, ab. Stowe 

Pomatum, ab, Huddeaford ^__, __. ,— ,, - 

Pomegranate, sb. Byron, Delamer Porous, adj, Bentley 

Pomp, sb Burke " -■--"-" '* " 
Pompnn, sb. Morning Post 

11711 •^^l 


it Rev ^^H 






Pompous, adi. 
Ponder, v. n, 1 

Porpoise, sb. English Home 
Porridgo, ab. Gay 

„ sb, mixture, Burke 


Porrinffer sb. W 
Port, 80. haven, D 

,, sb. bearing, D, Addison, 
R A \ au^han 

„ sb. port wino, T 

„ sb. gate, Scott 

„ sb. narbour, Warter 

„ adj. (having a port), Swift 
Portage, sb. Woods 
Portal, sb. Byron 

„ sb. Wordsworth 
PortatiTe, adj. Whiteside 
Portcullis, sb. Burke 
Portemonnaie, sb. Reynolds 
Portend, v. a. Spectator 

„ T. a. W 
Portent, sb. Pope 
Portentous, adj. Burke 
Porter, sb. gatekeeper, Scott 

„ sb. ale. Swift 
Portfire, sb. Times 
Portfolio, sb. Burke 
Porthole, sb. Dryden 
Portico, sb. J S Mill 
Portion, sb. part, Burke 

„ y. a. Burke 
Portrait, sb. Ruskin 
Portraiture, sb. Ruskin 
Portray, v. a. Burke 
Portress, sb. Addison 
Posement, sb. Leigh Hunt 
Posit, V. a. CaUcott, R A V 
Position (guns of), W H R 

„ sb. place, W H R 

„ sb. proposition, Burke 
Positive, &d]. D 

„ a^j. real, Ruskin 

„ sb. Lamb 
Positively, adv. Burke 
Positiveness, sb. Burke 
Positivism, sb. Brimley 
Positivist, sb. Brimley 
Posology, sb. Sat Rev 
Posse, sb. lot. Swift 
Possess, V. a. Wordsworth 

„ V. a. convince, Swift 

„ V. a. impress, Bp B 
Possession, sb. Dryden 
Possessioned, adj. Oarlyle 
Possessor, sb. Burke 
Possibility, sb. Addison, Scott 
Possible, sb. Traheme 

„ adj. Ruskin, Stowe 
Possibly, adv. Burke 
Post, V. n. hasten, W 

„ knight of the, (phr.) sharper, 

S Palmer 
Postboy, sb. W 
Postchaise, sb. W Irving 
Post-diluvian, adj. T Burnet 
„ sb. T Burnet 

Post-existence, sb. T Burnet 
Posteriority, sb. J S Mill 
Posterity, sb. Burke 
Posthorse, adj. Burke 
Posthumous, adj. Southey 
Postilion, sb. Swift 
Postmaster, sb. Burke 
Postoffice, sb. Burke 



Postpone, V. a. Palmer 
I Postponed, adj. Soott 
Postpositive, adj. Tookc 
Postscript, sb. STwift 
„ sb. Burko 
Postulata, sb. pi. Flemraing 1701 
Postulate, V. n. J S Mill 
Postulated, adj. Farrar 
Postulatums, so. pi. Add 1711 
Posture, sb. position Swift 
„ sb. Burke 

„ V. a. place, Carlyle 
„ adj. of postures. Add 
Posturing, sb. posturemaking, 

Pot, sb. two pints. Swift 
„ V. n. Swift 
„ sb. Hobbes, T 
„ y. a. put in pots, Delamer 
Potable, adj. Bp Patrick 
Potato, sb. and adj. Delamer 
Potency, sb. Burke 
Potent, adj. T 
Potentate, sb. Burke 
Potentiality, sb. Mansel 
Potentially, adv. Pordage, 

Potentiate, v. a. Hare 
Potently, adv. Burke 
Pother, sb. W, Carlyle 
Potherb, sb. Delamer 
Pothook (and hanger), sb. Lamb 
Potion, so. Burke 
Potsherd, sb. Delamer 
Potter, sb. W 

„ y. n. H Dixon 
Pottering, adj. Smiles - 
Potting, sb. drinking, Motley 
Pottinger, sb. Scott 
Pottle, sb English Home 

„ adj. qiurt (pot), Scott 
Pottlepot, sb. drunkard, Sala 
Pot-valourous, adj. Carlyle 
Potwalloper, sb. M, Once a Week 
Potware, sb. Smiles 
Potwork, sb. Smiles 
Pouch, y. a. Huddesford 
Poultiy, sb. Burke, T 
Poulpe, sb. fish, Grosse 
Pounce, sb. claw, Hobbes 

„ sb. dash, Burke 
Pound, sb. (weight), Burke 
„ sb. coll. Bp Burnet 
„ y. a. impound, Swift 
Poundage, sb. Burke 
Pound-up, coop up, y. a. Hobbes 
Pour, V. a. Stowe, W 
Pout, sb. (of the lips). J Collier 
Pouting, sb. Stowe 
Poverty, sb. Burke 
Poverty-stricken, adj. B Hope 
Poverty-struck, adj. Delamer 
Powder, sb. (gun p.), D 
Powdery, adj. W 
Power, sb. a spirit, W 
„ quantity; Lamb 

„ force, might, W, J S 

Mill, De Q 
„ (met.) De Q 


Power, sb. control, W H R 

„ adj. ^.-loom), Fairboim 
Powerful, adj. Dryden 
Powerfully, adv. Bnrke 
Powerless, adj. W 
Poyniard, sb. T Brown 
Practicable, adj. Burke 
Practicableness, sb. Swift 
Practicability, sb. Burke 
Practical, a^. Froude, Warter 
Practicality, sb. Kin^sley 
Practically, adv. Buhlo 
Practicalness, sb. J S Mill 
Practicate, y. a. The Buildor 
IVactice, sb. Ruskin 
Practicous, adj. Dr £ Hooker 
Practick, adj. Burke 

„ adj. practical, B 
Practise, sb. T Brown 
y. a. Dryden 
y. a put in pr. N 
„ y. n. deal underhand. 

Practise in, v. a. be accustomed 

to, Bp Burnet 
Practised, adj. accustomed, St 
Practitioner, sb. Burke 
Pnedial, adj. Marsh 
Preeengage, y. n. Dr E Hooker 
Prse-Creorgian, adj. B Hope 
Prselibation, sb. £ Hooker 
Praeludium, sb. J Lade 
Preementioned, adj. £ Hooker 
Preemium, sb. Dr Small, Letter 

to James Watt 
PrsBter, pi. Burke, Gibbon 
Praetorial, adj. Burke 
I^raetorian, adj. Burke, Gibbon 
Praetorship, so. Gibbon 


Pragmatic (Sanction), adj. Dr 

Pragmatical, adj. Palmer, Spec 
Prairie, sb. Woods 

„ adj. Woods 
Praise, v. a. and sb. Wordsworth 
Praiseful, adj. Lamb 
Praiser, sb. 'Draheme 
Praiseworthy, adj. Burke 
Prance, v. n. trot high. Times 
Prank, sb. Hobbes, ^tt 

„ v. a. dress out, Scott 
Prank up, y. a. deck out, I^unb 
Pranksome, adj. Moir 
Prate, v. n. Hobbes, Swift, T 

„ sb. Byron 
Prater, sb. Burke 
Prattle, v. n. Wordswojth 

,, sb. Southey 
Prattler, sb. W 
Prattling, sb. Burice 
Pravity, sb. Burke 
Pray ! interj. Stowe 

„ v. n. Tennyson, Stowe 

„ y. a. Swift, Burke, T 
Prayer, sb. Wordsworth, Calhoim 
Prayering, sb. Scott 
Preach, y. a. Tennyson 
l^eacher, sb. Burke, Scott 
Preaching, sb. Scott 


Preacbment, sb. Carlyle, RAY, 

H TayloTj Punshon 
Preachy, adj. Holyoake 
Preamble, sb. Addison, Burke, 

Preambulary, adj. Burke 
Preappointed, aoj. J S Mill 
Precarious, adj. D, Add, De Q 
Precariously, adv. Bentley 
Precariousness, sb. Burke 
Precaution, sb. Burke 
Precautionary, adj. Burke 
Precede, v. a. Burke 
Precedence, sb. Burke 
Precedency, sb. Burke, Gibbon 
Precedent, sb. (president), Tra 

„ adj. former, Biimley 

Precentor, sb. Irving 
Precept, sb. Burke 
Preceptor, sb. Wordsworth 
Preceptorial, adj. Masson 
Precinct, sb. Traheme, "W, Soott 
Preciosity, sb. Carlyle 
Precious, adj. D, Buskin 
Preciously, adv. Dryden 
Precipice, sb. W, Buskin 
Precipitant, adj. Burke 
Precipitate (case), adj. Swift 
Precipitately, adv. Burke 
Precipitation, sb. Burke 
Precise adj. Burke 
Precisian, sb. M, De Q 
Precision, sb. Burke 
Preclude, v. a. Burke 
Precocity, sb. T Brown 
Preconcerted, adj. Burke ' 
Precondition, sb. De Quincey 
Precognition, sb. Morning Post 
Precommend, v. a. Swift 
Preconfigure, v. a. Harris 
Precopformed, v. a. De Quincey 
Preconsume, v. a. "W 
Precurrent, adj. De Q 
Precursor, sb. Burke 
Precursorship,^ sb. Buskin 
Predatory, adj. Burke 
Predecessor, sb. Burke 
Predestination, sb. Times 
Predetermination, sb. Burke, 

Predetermined, adj. Burke 
Predial, adj. Burke 
Predicable, adj. Sat Rev 
Predicament, sb. Burke 
Predict, v. a. Bip^ke 
Prediction, sb. B, Kat Rev 
Predilection, sb. Burke 
Predisposing, adj. De Q 
Predominance, so. Warter 
Predominancy, sb. Traheme, B 
Predominant, adj. Dryden 
Predominate, v. n. Burke 
Preeminence, sb. "W 
Preemption, sb. Burke 
Preen, v. a. T^inent 
Pre-exist, v. n. De Quiucey 
Pre-ezistent, adj. Burke 
Preface, sb. Stowe 
Prefacer, sb. £ Hooker, Sat Rev 



Prefatory, adj. Spectator 
Prefer, v. a. W, T 

„ V. a. advance, Warter 
Preferable, adj. Burke 
Preference, sb. Burke 
Preferment, sb. Burke 
Preferred, adj. beneficed, Burke 
Prefigure, v. a. J S Mill 
Prefiguring, adj. De Q 
Prefix, V. a. fix beforehand, De Q 
Pregnancy, sb. Add 
Pregnant, adj. Burke 
Prehensile, adj. C Reade 
Prehension, sb. Lewes 
Prejudication, sb. De Quincey 
Prejudice, sb. injury, Bp B 

adverse fore-judgment, 

John Brignt 
antipathy, De Q 
V. a. injure, Swift 
Prejudicial, adj. Burke 
Pre udiced, adj. Warter 
Prelate, sb. Dryden 
Prelation, sb. Traheme 
Prelibation, sb. W, Southey 
Preliminarily, adv. B Hope 
Preliminary, adj. Carlyle 

„ sb. Burke 

Prelude, v. n. (of writing), De Q 
„ V. a. (of music) T 
„ sb. Burke 
Prelusive, adj. W 
Premature, adj. Nightingale 
Prematurely, adv. Burke 
Prematurity, sb. Campbell, 

Premeditately, adv. Burke 
Premier, adj. Swift 
Premise, v. a. Burke 
Premiss, sb. Elingsley 
Premium, sb. Burke 
Premonition, sb. B, Mom Post 
Premunire, sb. Palmer, Swift 
Preoccupation, sb. E Hooker 
Preoccupy, v. a. Burke 
Preparable, adj. Carlyle 
Preparation, sb. Scott 

„ medical compound. 

Preparative, sb. Lamb, B, Carlyle 
Prepare, v. a. W 
Prepared, adj. Burke 
Preparedness, sb. Trench 
Preparer, sb. T Burnet 
Prepense, adj. B, J S Mill 
Preponderant, adj. De Quincey 
Preponderate, v. n. Burke 
Preponderating, adj. Burke 
Prepositive, acy. Tooke 
Prepossession, sb. Shaftesbury 
Preposterous, adj. Coleridge 
Preposterously, adv. Burke 
Pre-requisite, sb. T Bumet 
Prerogative, sb. G, Bentley 

„ adj. M Henry, B 

Presage, sb. Burke 
Presageful, adj. Lamb 
Presbyter, sb. Burke 
Presbytery, sb. Times 


Presbyterian, adj. Burke 
Prescience, sb. Burke 
Prescient, adj. Pope 
Presciently, adv. De Quincey 
Prescript (of law), sb. Burke 
Prescription, sb. (medical), N 

„ ancestral right, B 

Prescriptive, adj. Burke 
Prescriptively, adj. Burke 
Prescriptiveness, sb. De Q 
Presence, sb. W 

„ lordHness, sb. T 

„ thing present, W 
Present, v. a. entertain, Bp B 

„ sb. gift. Swift 
Present, adj. Pusey, Lewes 

„ sb. p. condition, T 
Presentative, adj Brimley 
Presential, adj. present. Lamb 
Presentiment, sb. W, De Q, T 
Presently, adv. soon. Add, S, H 

Presentment, sb. Ruskin 
Preservatory, sb. Ray 
Preservable, adj. Masson 
Preservation, so. Burke 
Preservative, sb. Burke 
Preserve, v. a. W 
Preservative, sb. Burke 
Preserved (meat), adj. Times 
Preside, v. a. Carlyle 
Presidency, sb. Burke 
President (precedent), sb. Tra 

„ sb. Burke 
Presiding, adj. Burke 
Presignify, v. a. W 
Press, V. a. Wordsworth 
„ V. n. Burke 
„ sb. (printing p.) Pusey 
Press-folk, sb. printers. Swift 
Press in, v. n. Scott 
Press on, v. n. Gibbon 
Pressingly, adv. Carlyle 
Pressure, sb. Warter 
Prestidigitatorial, adj. D Tel 
Presume, v. n. dare, D 

„ V. a. anticipate, Hobbes 
Presumption, sb. Qit.) Coleridge 

„ (met.) Burke 

Presumptive, adj. Burke 
Presumptively, adv. Burke 
Presumptuous, adj. W 
Presumptuously, adv. Burke 
Presumptuousness, sb. W 
Presuppose, sb. De Q 
Pretence, sb. D, Scott 
Pretend, v. a. Dryden 
Pretended, adj. Burke 
Pretendedly, adv. B, Foster 
Pretender, sb. Dryden 
Pretension, sb. expectation, Bp B 
„ le^al claim, Bp B 

Preternatural, adj. Burke 
Preteraaturalism, sb. Carlyle 
Pretext, sb. Tennyson 
Prettily, adv. Gibbon, Stowe 
Prettiness, sb. a conceit, Add 
Pretty, «ji^. \j^<st^i^., feA^osss^k^ 


Pretty, adj. W, Johnson 

„ scampish, Swift 

Prettyish, adj. Lamb 
Prevail, v. n. Wordsworth 

,, T. a. Burke 
Prevailing, adj. Tennyson 
Prevalence, sb. Burke 
Prevalent, adj. Burke 
Prevarication, sb. Swift, Burke 
Prevaricating, adj. Burke 
Prevent, v. a. anticipate, W 

„ stop, W 
Preventative, adj. preventive 

(officer), Warter 
Prevention, sb. Shaftesbury, 

Preventive, adj. Burke 
Preventively, adv. Burke 
Previous, aaj. Burke 
Previously, adv. Burke 
Prey, sb. Tennyson, W 

„ V. n. Wordsworth 
Prey on, v. a. Stowe, Warter 
Prial, sb. De Quince^r 
Price, have their price, can be 
bribed, Warter 

„ sb. D, Stowe, Buskin 
Prick, V. n. Tennyson 

„ V. n. ride quickly, Scott 
Pricked, adj. (port wine), Burke 
Prick-eared, adj. Addison 
Pricker, sb. Smiles 
Prickle, sb. Dryden, Lindley 

„ V. a. Tennvson 
PrickUness, sb. Poroage 
Prickly, adj. Tennyson 
Pride, sb. Hare, T 

„ object of pride, Par- 


„ V. a. G M' Donald 
Prideful, adj. Talfourd 
Priest, sb. Hare 
Priestcraft, sb. Irving, Motley 
Priestess, sb. Tennyson 
Priesthood, sb. Dryden 
Priestrid, sb. Swift 
Prig, sb. Addison, M 

„ adv. Swift 
Pnggishness, sb. Sat Eev 
Priggism, sb. De Quincey 
Prim, V. a. Carlyle 
Primage, sb. Times 
Primal, adj. W, Byron 
Primary, adj. Burke 
Primarily, adv. Burke • 
Primarius, sb. E A Vaughan 
Prime, adj. chief, W 

„ firstrate, Stowe 

„ adv. capitally^ Stowe 

„ sb. W, T 
,, sb. (in cards). Palmer 
Primeval, adj. W, 13, Home 
Primitive, my Burke, Warter 
Primogeniture, sb. Burke 
Primordial, adj. R A Vaughan 
Primrose, sb. W, Delamer 
Prince, sb. D, Scott 

„ chief man. Swift 

Prmcekin, sb. Carlyle 


Princelike, adv. Tennyson 
Princeling, sb. Col, H Marryat 
Princely, adj. Burke, T 
Princess, sb. Tennyson 
Principal (sum), sb. and adj. 

Principality, sb. Burke 
Principally, adv. Burke 
Principalness, sb. Ruskin 
Principle, sb. D, De Q 

„ fundamental belief, 

De Q, Warter 
Principled, adj. having good 
principles, Burke, 
„ from or on princi- 

ple, Burke 
Prink, v. a. adorn, Percy Soc 

Songs, J Collier 
Print, V. a. and sb. Wordsworth 

,, appear in, Burke 
Printable, adj. Carlyle 
Printless, adj. making no print. 

„ undented, Keats 

Prior, adj. Burke 
Priority, sb. Burke 
Prisage, sb. Burke 
Prison, sb. Wordsworth 

„ adj. T Burnet 
Prisoner, sb. Burke 
Pristine, adj. Stowe 
Prithee, Wordsworth 
Private, adj. Wordsworth 

„ sb. soldier, D Tel 
Privateer, sb. B, Motley 
Privateering, sb. All Y Round 
Privateersman, sb. All Y Round 
Privation, sb. Burke 
Privet, sb. Tennyson 
Privilege, v. a. fip Patrick 

„ sb. Scott, Stowe 
Privileged, adj. Burke 
Privity, sb. Swift 
Prize, v^ a. and sb. G, W, Warter 

„ raise by a lever, Gosse 
Prizefighter, sb. Scott 
Probability, sb. Burke 
Probabilism, sb. Sanders 
Probable, adj. D 

„ adj. feasible, Bp B 

„ sb. De Quincey 

Probably, adv. B, Stowe 
Probation, sb. proof, Bp B 

„ sb. trial, Burke 

Probationary, adj. Burke 
Probity, sb. Addison 
Problem, sb. Burke 
Problematical, adj. T Burnet 
Proboscis, sb. Addison 
Procedure, sb. Carlyle 
Proceed, v. n. D 

„ V. a. (precede) , Traheme 
Proceeding, sb. Burke 
Procerity, sb. Lamb 
Process, sb. an extension of any 
body, T R Jones 

„ sb. legal proceedings, Bp 



Procession, sb. onward move- 
ment, W 

sb. (royal p.) Burke 
V. a. and v. n. Carl 

Processional, adj. De Q 

I'rocessionally, adv. Carlyle 

Processioning, sb. TroUope 

Proclaim, v. a. Wordsworth, T 

Proclamation, sb. Burke 

Proconsul, sb. De Quincey 

Proconsular, adj. De Quincey 

Procrastinate, v a. Burke 

Procrastinating, adj. Burke 

I^rocrastination, sb. Burke 

Procrustes, sb. Burke 

Procural, sb. Owen 

Procuration, sb. Motley 

Procurator, sb. Burke 

Procure, v. a. Swift 

Procurement, sb. Burke 

Procuress, sb. Tennyson 

Prod, V. n. Sat Rev 

Prodigal, adj. W 
„ sb. Scott 

Prodigality (of style), sb. Milman 
,, (in expense), sb. B 

Prodigally, adv. Burke 

Prodigious, adj. Dryden 

Prodigy, sb. D, Gibbon, Burke 

Produce, v. a. Swift, Lewes 
V. a. pull out, Scott 
sb. WHRossell 

Producer, sb. Burke 

Producible, adj. Carlyle 

Product, sb. Burke 

Producted, adj. E Hooker 

Productive, adj. B 

Productiveness, sb. Times 

Profanation, sb. Burke 

Profane, adj. Scott 

Profaneness, sb. Burke 

Profess, V. a. D, Burke 

Professedly, adv. Tooke 

Profession (and trade), sb. 
„ sb. (outward), Scott 
„ sb. Qeamed p.), Gib 

Professional, adj. Burke 

Professor, sb. Stowe 

Professoress, sb. Eingsley 

Proffer, v. a. Warter 
„ sb. Burke 

Proficient, sb. Traheme 

Proficiency, sb. Burke 

Profit, sb. Ruskin 
„ of J for bt/j V. «. Burke 

Profitable, adj. Burke, Warter 

Profitlessly, adv. H Miller 

Profligacy, sb. Burke 

Profligate, adj. Scott 

Profound, adj. Wordsworth 

Profoundly, adv. Burke 

Profundity, sb. (met.) Burke 
„ sb. nit.) Gosse 

Promise, adj. Burke 

Profusely, adv. T Burnet 

Profusion, sb. Burke 

Prog, sb. food, Swift, R A V 

Progenitor, sb. Burke 


Progeny, sb. Burke 
Prognosticate, v. a. Burke 
Prognosticating, adj. Burke 
Prognostication, sb. B Hope 
Prognosticks, sb. Burke 
Program, sb. Carlyle 
Programme, sb. Motiey 
Progress, v. n. Warter 

„ sb. "W, Warter 

„ sb. journey. Swift 
Progressionism, sb. JB Hope 
Progressist, sb. Trollope 
Progressive, adj. Hare 
Progressively, adv. Burke 
Pronibited, adj. Burke 
Prohibition, sb. Burke 
Prohibitory, adj. Burke 
Project, sb. Burke 
Projected, adj. Bentley 
Projectile, sb. Fairbaim 
Projection, sb. (prominence), B 
Pro ector, sb. T^umet, B 
Pro ectrix, sb. Swift 
Prolation, sb. Ray 
Prolegomena, sb. pi. Sat Eev 
Proleptically, adv. "Warb, De Q 
Proletaire, sb. Kingsley 
Proletariat, sb. Times 
Prolific, adj. Burke 
Prolix, adj. Bentley 
Prolixity, sb. Burke 
Prolixly, adv. Swift 
Prolocutor, sb. Macaulay 
Prologue, sb. Burke 
Prolong, V. a. Wordsworth 
Promenade, sb. Burke 
Promenaderess, sb. Carlyle 
Prominent, adj. Bp Patrick 
Promise, sb. W, T 

„ V. n. Dryden 

„ ^ V, a. Pusey 
Promisee, sb. Swift 
Promising, adj. full of promise, 

Promiscuous, adj. Burke 
Promiscuously, adv. Burke 
Promiser, sb. Burke 
Promontory, sb. Dryden 
Promote, v. a. Burke 
Promotion, sb. Burke 
Prompt, adj. Burke 
Prompter, sb. Johnson 
Prompting, sb. English Home 
Promptitude, sb. Burke 
Promptness, sb. Burke 
Promulgate, v. a. Burke 
Promulgation, sb. Burke 
Promulgator, sb. Burke 
Promulge, v. a. Fielding 
Prone, adj. bent down, w 

„ lyiiig flat, Tennent 

Pronely, adv. Moir 
Proneness, sb. Burke 
Prong, sb. Times 
Pronoun, sb. Hare 
Pronounce, v. a. Warter 
Pronounced, adj. clearly marked, 

B Hope, Times 
„ adj. Motley 


Proof, sb. D, Sou, Scott 
„ (printer's), Irving, 

Morning Post 
Prop, V. a. Dryden 

„ sb. Burke 
Propagandist, sb. Burke 
Propagate, v. a. D, Swift 

„ V. n. breed, Petherick 
Propagation, sb. Burke 
Propagator, sb. Burke 
Propensity, sb. Burke 
Proper, adj. W, Warter 
„ own, Tennyson 

„ genteel, Stowe 

Properly, adv. Stowe 
Propemess, sb. Swift 
Property, sb. Dryden 
Property-man, sb. Burke 
Prophane, adj. Bentley 
Prophecy, sb. Dryden 
Prophesy, v. a. Dryden 
Prophesying, sb. ^eats 
Prophet, sb. D, De Q 
„ adj. B Hope 
Prophetic, adj. D, Stowe 
Propine, sb. Scott 
Propitious, adj. Burke 
Propone, v. a. E Hooker 
Proportion, sb. Pusey, Ruskin 

„ V. a. Burke 

in proportion as, Ruskin 
Proportionable, adj. Ruskin 
Proportional, adj. Burke 
Proportionalist, sb. Ruskin 
Proportionate, adj. Burke 
Proportionately, adv. Burke 
Propose, V. a. Burke 
Proposer, sb. Burke 
Proposition, sb. scheme, Bp B 
Prepositional, ady. Masson 
Propound, v. a. Burke 
Propraetor, sb. De Quincey 
Propraetorian, a(y . De Quincey 
Proprietary, sb. B Times 

„ adj. Burke 

Proprietress, sb. Gregory 
Proprietor, sb. Burke 
Propriety, sb. Burnet, Blunt 
Propulsion, sb. Lamb 
Propylon, sb. Gregory 
Prorogation, sb. Scott 
Proro^e, v. a. Burke 
Prosaist, sb. De Q 
Proscribe, v. a. Burke 
Proscriber, sb. Burke 
Proscription, sb. Burke 
Prose, sb. Wordsworth, T 
„ V. n. Stowe, De Q 
Prosecution, sb. Burke 
Prosecutor, sb. Burke 
Proselyte, sb. D, Scott 
Proselytism, sb. Burke 
Proselytize, v. a. De Q 
Proselytizing, adj. De Q 
Proseman, sb. Swift 
Proser, sb. J S Mill 
Prosodial, adj. De Q, 
Prosody, sb. M 
Prosopolepsia, sb. Spectatot 


ProsopopoeiajSb. E Hooker,Tooke 
Prospect, sb. (scenery), W 
„ purpose, Scott 

Proq>ective (glasses^, adj. Bp B 
Prosper, v. n. Wordsworth 
Prosperity, sb. Burke 
Prosperous, adj. Dryden, T 
Prostitute, sb. Brooke's F Q 
„ adj. Swift, Burke 
Prostituted (woman), adj. Burke 
Prostitution, sb. Burke 
Prostrate, adj. Scott, Stowe 

„ V. a. Stowe, Warter 
Prostration, sb. Burke 
Protagonist, sb. De Q, Ed Rev 
Protect, V. a. Lewes 
Protection, sb. B, Pusey 
Protectionism^ sb. Sat Rev 
Protective, adj. that preserve, 

. Lamb 
Protector, sb. guardian, Pusey, St 
the Protector, sb. Burke 
Protectress, sb. Burke 

„ sb. (polity Froude 

Protectoral, adj. (of Cromwell), 

Protend, v. a. W 
Protest, V. a. call to witness, 
„ V. n. Warter 
„ sb. Burke 
Protestant, adj. D 

„ sb. E Hooker 
Protestantism, sb. Burke 
Protestation, sb. Burke 
Protestor, sb. Bp Burnet 
Proteus, sb. a reptile, Gosse 
Protocol, sb. Lord Holland 
Protoplast, sb. Coleridge 
Prototj^e, sb. B, B Hope 
Protract, v. a. W 
Protraction^ sb. W H Russell 
Protuberance, sb, Burke 
Protuberant, sb. Bp Patrick 
Proud, adj. W, Hare. Stowe 

„ sb. Tennyson 
Prouder, -est, adj. op. and sup.. 

Proudly, adv. Gibbon 
Provable, adj. Carlyle 
Prove, V. n. turn out, D Scott 

„ V. a. try, Scott 
Provender, sb. Burke 
Proverb, sb. Tennyson 
Proverbial, adj. Burke 
Provide, v. n. Pusey 
Provided that, conj. Burke 
Providence, sb, W 

,, foreseeing, Warter 

Provident, adj. W H Russell 
Providential, adj. Burke 
Providentially, adv. Burke 
Provider, sb. Lamb 
Province, sb. Burke 
Provincial, sb. and adj. Burke 
Provision, v. a. store, Carlyle 

„ sb. (inpl.)food, Froude 
Provisionary.^ afli, tt^aaJta 


Proviuory, adv. All Y R 

„ adj. Carlyle 
ProToeation, sb. Traheme 
ProYocatiTe, sb. Burke 
ProToke, v. a. call forth, W 

,, make angry, W 

ProTOst, sb. Burke 
Provost-marshal, sb. Burke 
ProTostship, sb. H Dixon 
Prow, sb. Tennjrson 
Prowess, sb. Burke 
Prowl, V. a. Carlyle 

„ T. n. Burke 
Proximate, adj. Burke 
Proximity, sb. T Burnet, Warter 
Proxy, sb. Irving 
Prude, sb. Addison 
Prudence, sb. D, Byron 
Prudently, adv. D 
Prudential, adj. E Hooker, Add, 

Prune, v. a. W, Delamer 

„ (wings), Spectator 

„ adorn, Percy Soc Songs 
Pruning, sb. Delamer 
Prurient, adj. Tennyson 
Pruriently, adv. Carl 
Pry, V. n. Dryden 
Prying, adj. Southey 
Psalm, sb. D, Sou 
Psalmody, v. n. Carlyle 
Psalterian, adj. Keats 
Pseudo-, prefix, De Q, B Hope 
Pseudology, sb. Swift 
Pseudoscope, sb. £d Rev 
Psychagogic, adj. J S Mill 
Psychical, adj. Gosse 
Psychologer, sb. Hare 
Psychologist sb. Lewes 
Psychologize, v. a. Masson 
Ptochogony, sb. Mansel 
Puant, adj. stinking, S Palmer 
Puberty, sb. Gibbon 
PubUc, adj. W, J S Mill 

„ sb. (the public), D 
Publicist, sb. Burke, De Quincey 
Publicity, sb. May 
Publish, V. a. De Quincey 
Pucker, sb. Stowe 

„ V. n. Addison 
Puckered, adj. Tennyson 
Pud, sb. paw. Lamb 
Pudder, sb. tumult. Lamb 
Puddering, adi. bustling, Lamb 
Pudding, sb. Scott 
Puddle, sb. Nightingale 
Puddling, sb. (of iron), Fairbaim 
Puddly, adj. Swift 
Puff, V. a. T, Thackeray, Chester- 
„ sb. praise. Sat Rev 
Puffery, sb. R A Vaughan 
Puffy, adj. W H Russell 
Puke, V. a. (vomit), Hobbes 
Pulchritude, sb. Bentley, Cheyne 
Pull, V. a. and v. n. W 

„ sb. drink, De Quincey 

„ V. n. Hobbes, Stowe 

„ sb. Stowe 


Puller, sb. (of hop-poles), HI Ti 
Pulling, sb. Times 
Pullulation, sb. Swift 
Pully, sb. Gibbon 
Pulpiteer, sb. T 
Pulsate, V. n. Times 
Pulsation, sb. Tennyson 
Pulse, sb. beat, T 

„ V. n. Carlyle 
Pulsing, sb. R A Vaughan 
Pulvil, adj. Percy Soc Songs 
Pumice, sb. Irving 
Pummel, adj. Barnes 
„ V. a. Swift 
Pump, V. a. get information firom. 

„ sb. kind of shoe. Holmes 
Pumping (engine^, adj. Times 
Pumpkin, sb. Delamer 
Pun, sb. E Hooker, Addison 

„ V. a. Spectator 
Puna, sb. Gosse 
Punchiness, sb. L Hunt 
Punchion, sb. Ryland 
Punctilio, sb. Scott, Swift 
Pimctiliosity, sb. Masson 
Pimctual, adj. at a point of time, 
De Quincey 
minute, Bp B 
(up to time), Wr 
Punctuation, sb. De Quincey 
Punningly, adv. Carlyle 
Punitive, adj. Traheme 
Punning, sb. Spectator, Swift 
Punnit, sb. Demmer 
Punster, sb. Motley 
Pimy, adj. Bentley, Swift 
Pup, sb. "E Mayhew 
Pupilage, sb. Burke 
Pupil-teacher, sb. Lushington 
Puppet, sb. Scott 
Puppy, sb. dandy. Swift 
Puppetry, sb. W, Lamb 
Purblind, adj. T Burnet, T, 

Blackstone, Carlyle 
Purblindness, sb. Motley 
Purchase, v. a. Helps 
„ sb. Stowe 
„ lever-hold, Burke 

Purchaseable, adj . Carlyle 
Purchased, adj. Times 
Pure, adi. W, T 

„ adj. mere, Steele 

„ adv. very, Delamer 
Pureness, sb. Ruskin 
Purest, adj. sup. Gibbon 
Purgament, sb. Hobbes 
Purgative, adj. Traheme, R AV 
Purgatory, am. Times 
Pur^e, V. a. D^ 



Purify, V. a. W 
Purism, sb. Marsh, Ruskin 
Purist, sb. Marsh, Ruskin 
Puritan, sb. Kingsley 
Puritanic, adj. Hudaesford 
Puritanical, adj. Addison 
Purity, sb. Hare, Rus, J S Mill 
Purl, sb. a drink, Huddesford, 


Purl, V. n. murmur, Gay 
Purlieu, sb. Tennyson 
Purloin, v. a. D 
Purple, adj. T, Ruskin 
„ sb. W, Ruskin 
Purpling, adj. W, Moir 

„ sb. Farrar 
Purpose, sb. W, Carlyle 

to be at cross pur- 
poses, Lamb 
V. a. mind, Scott 
Purposeful, adj. Ruskin, Macm 

Purposefully, adv. Ruskin 

Purposeless, adj. Hare, W H R, 
B Hope 

Purprision, sb. invasion of pro- 
perty of a superior, Grig Scot 

Piupureal, adj . Wordsworth 

Purr, V. n. (of a beetle), Stowe 

Purse, sb. D, Scott 
„ adj. T 

Purse-up, V. a. shut up. Lamb 

Purseproud, adj. M 

Purslane, sb. Delamer 

Pursue, V. a. W 

Purulent, adj. T Burnet 

Purveyance, sb. Burke 

Push, sb. spot on the skin, Percy 
Soc Songs 
„ V. n. climb, Stowe 
„ V. a. D 
„ (inquiries^, Stowe 

Pusillanimity, sb. Giobon 

Pusillanimous, adj. Traheme, B 

Pussley, sb. Wooos 

Pussy, sb. Stowe 

Put, V. a. T 
„ V. n. (forth), W 

Put by, V. a. refuse, Bp B 

Put-off, sb. Palmer, Swift 

Put to it, V. a. Bentley, Ruskin 

Put up, V. a. set to rights, N 

Put up the spout, De Q 

Putative, adj. Windsor 

Pute, adj. E Hooker 

Putrefy, v. n. Traheme 

Putter, sb. one who puts, Lamb 

Puttycr, sb. Thackeray 

Puzzle, V. a. "W 
„ sb. Sat Rev 

Puzzleheaded, adj. Macaulay 

Puzzlement, sb. L Hunt, Lewes 

Puzzler, sb. Stowe 

Pye, sb. (bird), Hobbes 

Pygmcen, adj. Hobbes 

Pygmy, sb. T Brown, Johnson 

Pyrotechnic, sb. Woods 

Pyrotechnist, sb. Jones 

Pythagorean, adj. T Brown 

Python, sb. sea serpent^ Gosse 

Quackish, adj. Burke 
Quackle, v. n. Carlyle 
Quacksalver, sb. Scott, R A V 
Quadrangle, sb. Scott 
Quadrangular, adj. B Hope 


Quadrant, sb. (inBtrument)) 

Quadrate, v. n. square, agree, 
Tra, Add, J S MiU 

„ sb. quarter, T Brown 

Quadrette, sb. game at cards, 

Quadrifarious, adj. Swift 
Quadrifariously, adv. T Taylor 
Quadriliteral, adj. De Quincey 
Quadrille, sb. game of cards, 

Macm Mag 
Quadrivious, adj . G Eeade 
Quadroon, adj. Macaulay 

„ sb. "Woods 
Quadrumanous, adj. Burke 
Quadrumvirate, sb. Fielding 
Quadruple, adj. Burke 
Qusery, sb. T Burnet 
Quaff, V. a. Scott, Byron • 
Quaggy, adj. B Hope 
Quail, V. a. Wordsworth 

„ sb. Dryden 
Quaint, adj. Lamb, T 
Quaintisb, adj. Lamb 
Quaintnesses, quaint ways, 

Quake, v. n. Gay 
Quaker, adj. E A Yaugban 
Quakeress, sb. Stowe 
Quakerish, adj. Lamb 
Quakerism, sb. Chesterfield, 

K A Yaughan 
Quakerly, adv. Lamb 
Quaking, adj. Stowe, Lilly, Lamb 
Qualification, sb. modification, B 
Qualifier, sb. Lamb 
Qualify, v. a. modify, RAY 
„ V. a. make competent, 

Qualitatively, adv. Windsor 
Quality, sb. (people of quality). 

Quandary, sb. W 
Quantity, sb. Stowe 
Quantum, sb. Swift 
Quarantine, sb. Swift, Garlyle 
Quarrel, sb. T, Warter 

„ V. n. Buskin 
Quarrel, (from a cross bow), sb. 

De Quincey 
Quarried, adj. Holmes 
Quarrier, sb. Bentley's Q Bev 
Quarry, sb. Tennyson 
Quarter, sb. block of wood, j of 
a tree. Customs' 
Duties List 
„ (of a ship), sb. Lrving 
„ V. n. tack, GaskeU, De Q 
Quarterdeck, sb. Burke 
Quartering, sb. Burke 
Quartermaster, sb. (of a regt.), 

„ master, R Burton 

Quartermastering, sb. W H R 
Quarters, sb. dwelling, W H R, 

Quartcroon, sb. Carlyle 
Quarto, sb. (book), Burke 


Quartocento, adj. Eng Home 
Quash, V. a. Swift 
Quatemity, sb. Pordage 
Quatorze, sb. (at piquet), Macm 
Quatrain, sb. Johnson 
Quaver, v. n. Traheme 
Quay, sb. Southey, Tennyson 
Queen, sb. Wordsworth 
Queenhood, sb. Tennyson 
Queenly, adj. Moir 
Queer, adj. odd, Warter 
Quell, V. a. W 
Quench, v. a. T 
Quenchable, adj. Carlyle 
Quenchless, adj. Ludlow 
Quern, sb. Scott, Sat Rev 
Querent, sb. Aubrey 
Querulous, adj. Burke 
Query, sb. Southey, T 

„ V. a. Swift 
Quest, sb. Spectator, Scott, T 

„ wood-pigeon, Melville 
Questing, sb. Macaulay 
Question, sb. Carlyle, Fronde, 

Stowe, Warter 
„ V. a. Ruskin 
Questionable, adj. Burke 
Questionableness, sb. De Q 
Questionary, adj. Swift 
Questioner, sb. T 
Queue, sb. of hair, Irving, Song, 

„ sb. to stand in q., Carlyle 

„ V. a. Irving 
Quibble, sb. Palmer 
Quick, sb. Palmer 

„ sb. live shoot in a hedge,T 

„ sb. hedge. Times 

„ adj. of quicks, Times 

„ rapid, T 

„ adv. quickly, Stowe 
Quicken, v. n. W, T 

V. a. Scott, Tennyson 
animate. Sou 
Quickened, adj. enlivened. Sou 
Quick-eared, adj. Irving 
Quick-lime, sb. Nightingale 
Quickly, adv. Nightmgale,Tooke, 

W, T 
Quicksand, sb. Burke 
Quickset, adj. Hobbes, Delamer 
Quick-sighted, adj. Irving 
Quiddity, sb. Burke 
Quiescent, adj. Burke 
Quiet, adj. Wordsworth 

,, sb. W, Swift 
Quieter, adj. cp. Scott 
Quietism, so. R A Yaughan 
Quietist, sb. Lamb, RAY 

„ adj. RAY 
Quietly, adv. Burke 
Quietness, sb. Scott 
Quietude, sb. W H R, Gosse 
Quietus, sb. discharge, Burke 
Quight, adv. quite, A Huish, 1638 
Quin, sb. pipe, (of water). Smiles 

„ to jump in q., agree. 

Hist, of Sir John Hawkwood 
Quillet, sb. little piece. Smiles 


Quillet, sb. subtilty, De Quincey 
Quilt, V. a. pad, Swift, Scott 
Quince, sb. Delamer 
Quinine, sb. Nightingale 
Quintal, sb. Sir J A Park 
Quintessence, sb. Addison, Sir 

C WiUiams 
Quintessential, adj. Traheme 
Quintuple, adj. T Burnet 
Quire, sb. choir, Warter 
Quiring, adj. C T Turner 
Quirk, sb. burst, Pope 
Quit, V. a. leave, W, Scott 
„ requite, T 

„ behave, RAY 

„ adj. be quit of, Winkworth 
Quitch, sb. Tennyson 
Quite, adv. Tennyson 
Qui-tam, sb. (legal) Phil Devo6 
Quitrent, sb. Burke 
Quittance, sb. release, Robertson, 
„ sb. requital, punish- 
ment, H Taylor 
Quiver (of arrows), sb. Byron 

,, V. n. Wordsworth, Moir 
Quivering, adj. Gay, Byron 
Qui-vive, sb. Osborn 
Quixotism, sb. Burke 
Quizzability, sb. Carlyle 
Quizzing-glass, sb. Irving^ 
Quoere, sb. De Quincey 
Quoin, sb. Times, Irving 
Quoit, sb. (coit) Spectator 

„ V. a. Motley 
Quondam, W 
Quota, sb. Palmer, 1710, Motley, 

W H Russell 
Quote, V. a. Pusey 
Quotation, sb. Dryden 
Quotidian, a^. Carlyle 
Quotity, sb. Carlyle 


R, adj. containing R, Chesterfield 

Rabbi, sb. Bentley, Gibbon 

Rabbin, sb. Burke 

Rabbinize, v. a. Harris 

Rabbit it ! (imprecation), Smol- 

Rabble, sb. D, Swift, Bp Patrick, 
„ V. a. S L Windsor 

Babblement, sb. Gay 

Rabidity, sb. Carlyle 

Race, sb. rminmg, W 
„ sb. fiavour, Macaulay 
„ sb. a rapid stream, Gregory 
„ sb. genus, W, Black Mag 
„ sb. raciness, M 
„ V. n. Wordsworth 

Raceme, sb. (botany) Delamer 

Racer, sb. semicircular lines of 
metal. Times 

Raciness, sb. De Quincey 

Rack, sb. (ruin), Stowe 

sb. (of clouds^^v R^i&tiss.^ 



Rack, sK D, Bentley 

„ to amble as a horse, v. d. 

Racked, adj. Swift 
Racket, sb. Tcnnent 

„ V. n. De Quincey 
Racking, adj. "NVordsworth 
Rack-rent, so. B, Times 
Rack-work, sb. (in a ship) AYR 
Racy, adj. De Q 
RadAbility, sb. A Trollope 
Radial, adj. Burke 
Radiance, sb. W 
Radiant, adj. W, Ruskin 
Radiate, v. a. Burke 
Radiation, sb. Ruskin 
Radical, adj. root rcause), B 
„ ad], rootea, Burke 
,, adj. De Q 
Radically, adv. at root, B 
Radicate, t. a. B, De Q 
Radish, adj. Delamer 
„ sb. Delamer 
Raff, (low people), sb. De Q 
Raffishness, sb. Leigh Hunt 
Raffline, adj, Gay 
Raft,' sb. Motley, Tooke 
Rag, sb. (bit) Swift 
Ri^bash, sb. (Yorkshire) 
Ragamuffian, sb. Lord Grenville 
Ri^muffin, sb. Swift 
Rage, sb. Wordsworth 

„ V. n. Tennyson 
Ragged, adj. W 
Ragged-Robbin, (flower) sb. 

Raging, adj. Burke 
Ragout, sb. S Palmer 
Rags, sb. pi. Burke 
Ra^ort, sb. W, Times 
Raid, sb. Woods, Smiles 

„ adj. arrayed, Hobbes 
Rail, V. n. W, T, Swift 

„ sb. Woods 

„ V. a. rail round. Spectator 
Railing, sb. (iron) Stowe 

„ sb. scolding, Burke 
Raillery, sb. Palmer, Collier 
Railroad, fib. Ruskin 
Rail-way, sb. Woods, Times 
Rain, sb. W, Ruskin 
Rainbow, sb. Wordsworth 
Rain-cloud, sb. Ruskin 
Rainfall, sb. Smiles 
Raininess, sb. Kingsley 
Rainless, adj. Maury 
Rainy, adj. Kuskin 
Raise, v. a. lift up, W 

jf V. a. (an army), Tennyson 

„ T, a. breed, W 
Raisin, sb. Burke 
Raising, sb. Scott 
" Raismg Cain," (phrase), Stowe 
Baiah, sb. Burke 
Rake, sb. a debauch^, M, Wr 
sb. (for hay, etc.), Delamer 
V. a. Delamer 
T. a. use a rake, D, B 
Jlake-hell, sb. Tatler, Swift, Scott 



Raker, sb. user of a rake, Lamb 
Rakishly, adv. Stowe 
Rally, V. a. Calhoun 

„ V. n. to make jokes, 

„ V. a. to jeer, Jane Collier 
R^, sb. Times 
Rum, sb. (sheep). Times 
Ramble, sb. Swift 

„ V. n. (in mind), Warter 
Rambling, adj. Bentley 
Ramification, sb. Bentley 
Ramified, adj. Times 
Ramify, v. n. Burke 
Ramp, V. n. to rush, W Irving 
Rampart, v. a. Lamb 

„ sb. Traheme, B 
Rampion, sb. (edible root) 

Rampire, sb. S, Pope, Scott 
Ramrod, sb. Irving 
Rancorous, adj. Burke 
Rancour, sb. Gibbon 
Random, adj. Tenn)'8on 
„ at, adv. Burke 
Range, v. a. Burke 

„ V. n. Tennyson 

„ V. n. to take a short 
flight, Tennyson 

„ sb. Wordsworth 
Rank, sb. W, Tennyson 

„ adj. Dry den 

„ adj. prevalent, Sat Rev 

„ V. a. Burke 
Ranked, adj. Carlyle 
Rankle, v. n. T, D Q 

„ sb. (vine), Hobbes 
Rankled, ad). Home 
Rankling, so. Macaulay 

„ adj Burke 

Rankly, adv. Moir 
Rankness, sb. B, Moir 
Ranny, sb. Burke 
Ransack, v. a. Tatler, W, Irving 
Ransom, v. a. Hervey, T 

„ sb. Burke 
Ransom' d, adj. Tennyson 
Ransomlcss, adj. Hobbes 
Rant, sb. Kingsley 

„ sb. (a ranting speech), 

„ V. i. Hobbes 
Ranter, sb. Holvday 
Rantipole, adj. W Irving 
Ranunculus, sb. Delamer 
Rap, sb. the smallest sum of 
money conceivable, Lever 

„ V. a. Hobbes 
Rapacious, adj. Burke 
Rapaciousness, sb. Spectator 
Rapacity, sb. Burke 
Rape, so. division of a county, 

„ sb. f salad-plant), Delamer 

„ sb. (the crime), Times 

„ v. a. Times 
Bapid, adj. Burke 
Rapidity, sb. Burke 
Rapidly, adv. Burke 


Rapids, sb. pi. Woods, Times 

Rapine, sb. Tennyson ; pi. B 

Rapparee, sb. Irish roboer, Ma- 
caulay, Irving 

Rappee, sb. a kind of snuff, 

Rappcl, sb. call to arms, Russell 

Rapping, sb. (perjury), Fielding 

Rapscaflionry, sb. Times 

Rapt, adj. Pope, T 
„ sb. sudden impulse, T 

Raptorial, adj. Tcnnent 

Rapture, sb. W, De Q 

Raptured, adj. Huddesford 

Rapturous, adj. Burke 

Rapturously, adv. Stowe 

Rare, adj. exquisite, W 
„ scarce, Burke 

Raree-show, sb. Swift, Gay 

Rarefaction, sb. Bentley 

Rarely, adv. seldom, N, Rusldn 

Rascaldom, sb. Hereford Times 

Rascally, adj. Stowe, Scott 

Rase, obliterate, v. a. Swift 

Rash^ adj. Burke 
„ V. a. pull sharply, Aubrey 
„ V. a. move sharply, Tra 

Rashly, adv. T 

Rashness, sb. Arnold 

Rasp, sb. Moir 

Raspberry, sb. Delamer 

Rat, sb. W 

sb. pirate, Hobbes 
V. n. turn sides, De Q 

Ratal, adj. concerning rates, Ti 

Ratan, sb. scourge, Burke 
„ (plant), sb. Gosse 

Rate, V. a. value, Warter, Stowe 
(value), sb. Traheme 
sb. pace, W H Russell 
(way), sb. Burnet 

Rate-payer, sb. Star and Dial 

Rathe, adj. Tennyson 

Rather, adv. Ruskin, Burke 

Rathillet, v. a. Sir R SibbaU 

Ratification, sb. Scott 

Ratify, v. a. Swift, W 

Rating, sb. rank or gradation, 
De Quincey 

Ratio, sb. Burke 

Ration, v. a. put on rations, Ti 
„ V. a. Stephen Cave, Ti 

Rational, adj. reasonable, B 

Rationale, so. B, B Hope 

Rationalism, sb. Mansel 

Rationalist, sb. Mansel 

Rationalization, sb. Ruskin 

Rationally, adv. Burke 

Rat's-bane, sb. W Irving 

Rattan, sb. Stowe 

Ratting, sb. Fraser^s Mag 

Rattle, sb. W 

sb. toy, Traheme 

sb. a talkative man, M 

V. a. Stowe 

V. a, abuse, Swift 

V. n. Hobbes 

Rattle-brain, sb. Stowe, De Q 



Rattlesnake, sb. Irring, Gosse, 

Kattling, sb. noise, Burke 
Battlins, sb. All Year Round 
Rauntry, sb. mountain-ash, 

Ravage, sb. Burke 

„ V. a. Ruskin 
Rava^er, sb. Burke 
Rave^ V. a. Hobbes 

„ V. n. S Palmer 
Ravelment, sb. Carlyle 
Raven, sb. "Wordsworth 

„ adj. Tennyson 
Ravening, (ma w j adj. Burke 
Ravenous, adj. W 
Ravin, sb. capaciousness, Ruskin 
Ravine, sb. (prey) Traheme 

„ sb. T, Home, WHR 
Raving, sb. Burke 
Ravinous, adj. full of ravines, R 
Ravish, v. a. Traheme, Burke 
Ravisher, sb. Burke 
Ravishingly, adv. rapturously, 

Ravishment, sb. Traheme 
Raw, sb. sore, De Q 

„ adj. Stowe, Nightingale 
Raw-boned, adj. Stowe 
Raw-head, sb. Swift 
Rawish, adj. T Hughes 
Ray, sb. W, Stowe, Ruskin 

„ V. a. Masson, T 
Raying-out, sb. R A Vaughan 
Raze, V. a. R Burton, SwSt, Gib 
Razor, sb. Dryden 
Razor-edge, sb. Sat Rev 
Reabsorb, v. a. Carlyle 
Reaccumulation, sb. Calhoim 
Reach, v. a. Wordsworth 

V. a. to stretch out, T 
sb. lengthened space, 

„ sb. mental power, Burnet 
React, V. a. Burke 
Reactively, adv. Windsor 
Read, V. n. W9rdsworth 

„ V. n. bear reading, Lamb 

„ sb. Wordsworth 
Readability, sb. Ant Trollope 
Readablencss, sb. Smiles 
Readapt, v. a. R A Vaughan 
Reader, sb. W, De Q 
Readier, adj. cp. Burke 
Readily, adv. Burke 
Readiness, sb. Burke 
Reading, sb. expression, De Q 

„ sb. W Scott 
Reading-room, sb. Irving 
Re-adimssion, sb. Burke 
Ready, adj. W, W Scott 
Readv-made, adj. Burke 
Reamrm, v. a. Burke 
Reaffirmance, sb. Burke 
Reaffirmation, sb. De Q 
Real, adi. B, De Quincey 
Realisable, adj. Carlyle 
Realise, v. a. Burke, Stowe 
Realising, sb. Burke 


Realism, sb. Carlyle 

Realist, adj. Kingsley 

Realist, sb. Kingsley 

Reality, sb. Hare 

Realization, sb. Ruskin 

Really, adv. Burke 

Reahn, sb. W, T 

Realmless, adj. Keats 

Reamendment, sb. Lamb 

Reanimate, v. a. Byron 

Reap, V. t. (met.) B, Warter 

Reapable, am. Carlyle 

Reaper, sb. Scott 

Reappear, v. n. 'Wordsworth 

Reappointment, sb. Burke 

Rear, v. a. build, W, Tennyson 
„ bring up, Burke 

„ sb. hinder part, W, Home 

Rear-vault, sb. Beresford Hope 

Rear-ward, adi. in the rear, Ti 

Reason, sb. (of state), Burke 
„ V. n. Ruskin 

(the faculty), Carlyle, 




„ cause, Juliius . 

„ (to have), v. n. Junius 
Reasonable, adj. Burke, Scott 
Reasonableness, sb. Burke 
Reasoned, adj. T Burnet 
Reasoner, sb. Burke 
Reasoning, sb. W H Russell 
Reave, v. a. Sir W Scott 
Reassume, v. a. Burke 
Rebeck, sb. Mrs Browning 
Rebel, sb. Froude 
„ V. n. Burke 
Rebeldom, sb. Thackeray 
Rebeller, sb. Carlyle 
Rebellion, sb. Dryden 
Rebellious, adj. Buike 
Rebelliously, adv. Burke 
Rebellow, v. n. Burke, Carlyle 
Rebound, v. n. Bentley 

„ sb. Palmer 

Rebuff, sb. Burke 
Rebuild, v. a. Burke 
Rebuilding, sb. Burke 
Rebutter, sb. Burke 
Recalcitrate, v. n. Carlyle 
Recalcitrant, adj. Sat Kev 
Recalcitration, sb. Carlyle, Ti 
Recall, V. a. Burke 
Recalling, sb. Burke 
Recant, v. a. Winkworth 
Recantation, sb. Scott 
Recapitulate, v. a. B Hope 
Recapitulation, sb. Burke 
Recede, v. n. Burke 
Receipt, sb. receiving, Warter 

„ recipe, Scott 
Receit, sb. receptacle, T Burnet 
Receive, v. a. Wordsworth 
Receivable, adj. Ruskin 
Receiver, sb. Burke 
Recent, adj. Burke 
Recently, adv. Burke 
Receptacle, sb. Burke 
Receptacular, adj. Gosse 
Reception, sb, Scott 


Receptive, sb. E Hooker, Mansel 
Recess, sb. vacation, Burke 

„ sb. comer, Bp Patrick, 

Recession, sb. Ruskin 
Rechristen, v. a. Lamb 
Recif, sb. a bar by the sea shores 

Recipe, sb. Carlyle 
Recipient, sb. Traheme, Warter 
Reciprocal, adj. W, Scott 
Reciprocally, adv. Bentley 
Reciprocated, adj. Burke 
Reciprocation, so. T Burnet 
Reciprocity, sb. Cawthom 
Reciprocously, adv. E Hooker 
Recital, sb. Burke 
Recite, v. a. Burke 
Recitation, sb. Warter 
Reciter, sb. Warter 
Recivilise, v. a. Carlyle 
Recivilisation, sb. Carlyle 
Reck, V. a. W 
Reckless, adj. W 
Recklessness, sb. Scott 
Reckling, adj. weak, H Taylor 
Reckon, v. n. Stowe 

„ sb. a kitchen crane, 

Reckonable, adj. Times 
Reckoning, sb. W, Scott 
Reclaim (cryout), against, v. a. 
„ V. a. get back, Burke 
Reclaimer, sb. Smiles 
Reclaimment, sb. Smiles 
Reclamation, sb. B, Ti, Masson 
Recline, v. a. and v. n. W 
Reclusion, sb. Trollope 
Recognition, sb. Tra, W, Stowe 
Recognitory, adj. Lamb 
Recognizably, adv. Carlyle 
Recognizance, sb. Burke 
Recognize, v. a. Wordsworth 
Recognizedly,*adv. B Hope 
Recoil, V. n. Warter 
Recollect, v. a. Smollett 
Recollected, adj. W 
Recollecting, adj. Sir W Scott 
Recollection, sb. Wordsworth 
„ sb. gathering again, 

Bp Patrick 
Recommend, v. a. Burke 
Recommendable, adj. Hope, Carl 
Recommendation, sb. Burke 
Recommendatory, adj. Addison, 

Swift, Knight 
Recommender, sb. Nightingale 
Recommission, v. a. Times 
Recommit, v. a. Burke 
Recompense, sb. Wordsworth 
Reconcile, v. a. Burke 
Reconcileable, adj. De Quincey 
Reconcilement, sb. W, Home, 

Collier, Addison, Carlyle 
Reconciler, sb. Burke 
Reconciliation, sb. Burke 
Recondite, adj. Burke 


Baoonnoiter, t. a. Addison 
Beconverge, v. n. De Quincey 
Beocmyoke, ▼. a. Carlyle 
Becord, sb. W, T, Longfellow 

„ T. a. Longfellow 
Beoordable, adj. Carlyle 
Becoidation, sb. J S Mill 
Becorder, sb. Burke 
Becording, adj. Burke 
Beconrse, sb. Sir W Scott 
Beoover, y. a. W 
BecoTery, sb. regaining, Gibbon 
Becreancy, sb. Isat Rev 
Becreant, adj. Byron 
Beoreate, y. a. Iraheme, B 
Becreation, sb. Lord Sandon 
Beoreatiye, adj. Sat Bey 
Becriminate, y. n. Burke 
Becrimination, sb. Burke 
Beoriminatory, adj. Burke 
Becross, y. a. Wordsworth 
Becruit, sb. (man), Burke 

„ refreshment, sb. Bp 

„ V. a. (met.) Burke 
Becruitment, so. Carlyle 
Bectification, sb. Burke 
Bectify, y. a. Traheme, Add 
Bectilinearity, sb. Schimmelp 
Bectitude, sb. Traheme, Home, 

Bector, sb. Burke 
Bectual, adj. (of the rectum), 

Becuperatiye, adj. De Quincey 
Becur to, y. a. Burke 
Becurrency, sb. Maury 
Becurrent, adj. De Quincey 
Becusancy, sb. Morning Post 
Recusant, sb. Burke 
Red, adj. W, W Scott 
Hed-spinner, sb. an insect, 

Bedac^ y. a. Carlyle 
Bedact, y. a. Clarke 
Bedargntion, sb. confutation, Dr 

E Hooker 
Bedawn, y. n. De Quincey 
Redbreast, sb. W, Sat Rey 
Redd-up, y. a. tidy, Gaskell 
Redecorate, y. a. Times 
Redeem, y. a. Burnet, Stowe 
Redeemable, adj. Burke 
Redeemer, sb. D, B 
Redemption, sb. (polit.) Burke 
Redemptional, adj. De Quincey 
Redescend, y. n. Wilson 
Redhanded, adj. Reynolds 
Redintegrate, y. a. North 
Rediscoyer, y. a. Gosse, Smiles 
Redly, ady. Martin 
Redness, sb. Gibbon 
Redolence, sb. Huddesford 
Redouble, y. a. Burke 
Redoubted, adj. Traheme, B 
Redound, y. n. Whiteside 
Redrawing, sb. Burke 
Redress, sb Tennyson 

„ y. a. T, Carlyle 


Redress, y. a. dress a^in, Trayels 

in Bussia 
Bedressing, adj. setting right, 

De Quincey 
Red-tape, adj. Beresford Hope 
Reduce, y. a. to bring back, M 
„ y. a. T Burnet 
Reduce, y. a. lessen, Warter 
Reduced, adj. impoyerished, 
„ weakened, B 

Reducible, adj. Burke 
Reducting, sb. Lamb 
Reduction, sb. act of bringing 
back, Bp Patrick 
„ sb. lessening, Burke 
Reductiye, adj. Lamb 
Redundance, sb. Burke 
Redundancy, sb. Burke, Addison 
Reed, sb. T, Ruskin 
Reedifier, sb. (met.) De Q 
Re-edify, y. a. rebuild, B Hope 
Reedy, adj. many reeded, Sou 
Reef, sb. (a bank), Gosse 
„ y . a. mautical term) , Holmes 
Reek, sb. H B Stowe 

y. n. shriek, Lancashire 
adj. steaming, Bp Patrick 
Reeking, adj. Burke, Stowe 
Reel, y. n. stagger, T 
Re-election, sb. Burke 
Re-embark, y. n. W, Trying 
Re-emerge, y. n. Carlyle 
Re-emergence, sb. Carlyle 
Re-enact, y. a. Burke 
Re-enter, y. a. Burke 
Re-entnmce, sb. Dryden 
Re-equip, y. a. Wilson 
Re-establishment, sb. Gibbon 
Re-examine, y. a. Burke 
Re-export, y. a Burke 
Refectory, sb. W Scott 
Refell, y. a. cut down, refute, 

Refer to, y. a. Burke 
Referable, adj. Burke 
Referee, sb. Swift 
Reference, sb. Burke 
Referrible, adj. Burke 
Refined (tin), adj. Warter 

„ adj. (met.) W, Swift 
Refinement, sb. Aadison, B 
Refiner, sb. a too nice d^crimi- 
nator, Addison 
„ of sugar, sb. Russell 
Refinery, sb. W H Russell 
Refining, sb. subtilising, B 
Refit, y. a. Burke 
Refix, y. a. Wilson, Carlyle 
Reflect, y. a. (of light), Gibbon, 
„ y. n. cast shame, Scott 
Reflection, sb. (in water) W, Rus 

„ sb. censure, Addison 
Beflectiye, adj. (met.VDryden 

„ adj. mt^ Ruskin 

Reflex, adj. w H Russell 
„ sb. W, T 


Reflexion, sb. Whewell 
Reflexiye, adj. T Burnet 
Keflit, V. n. Wordsworth 
Refluent, adj. De Quincey 
Reflux, sb. Burke 
Reform, v. a. Hobbes 
Reformation, sb. Dryden, B 
Reformatory, ^. H B Stowe 
Reformer, so. H^e 
Refract, v. a. Burke 
Refractoriness, sb. Bp Patrick 
Refractory, adj. Sir W Scott 
Refrain, y. a. to hold back, 
y. n. Wordsworth 
from, y. a. T 
„ sb. Northern Counties 

Refraining, sb. Winkworth 
Refrangibility, sb. B, Q Rey 
Refresh, y. n. R Burton 
Refreshen, y. a. Westmin Rey 
Refreshing, adj. Scott 
Refreshingly, adv. W H Russell 
Refreshingness, sb. J Pordage 
Refreshment, sb. Traheme 
Refrige, sb. shelter, Scott, Stowe 

„ y. n. shelter, B A V 
Refugee, sb. Palmer 
Refund, y. a. Lring 
Refurbish, y. a. Masson 
Refusal, sb. Burke 
Refrise, sb. things cast aside. 

„ adj. cast aside, Burke 

„ y. a. Burke 
Refusing, sb. Burke 
Refute, y. a. Burke 
Refutation, sb. Burke 
Regain, y. a. Wordsworth 
Regal, adj. Wordsworth 
Regale, sb. Irying 

„ y. n. B, Gosse 

„ sb. feast, North 
Regalia, sb. Burke 
Regality, sb. T Burnet 
Regallop, y. n. Carlyle 
Regard, y. a. Tennyson 

„ y. a. to put faith in, 

Regardant, sb. tenant, Burke 
Regardless, adj. Burke 
Regathering, sb. De Q 
Regatta, sb. Walpole, Dispatch 
Regency, sb. and adj. Burke 
Regeneration, sb. new birth, 

Regent, sb. Burke 
Regicide, sb. king-killer, Burke 
„ sb. king-killing, Burke 
„ adj. Burke 
Begimen, sb. rule, H Taylor 
„ sb. goyemment, Warb 
„ sb. disposition. Swift 
Begiment, sb. Burke 

„ y. a. Carlyle 
Regimental, adj. Eyening Star 
Region, sb. W, Ruskin 

adj. of the region, B 



Begional, adj. Times 
fiegister, v. a. Waiter 

„ sb. Burke 
Registrar, sb. Vesey 
Registrar-^neral, sb. Nighting 
Kegistry, so. Burke 
Eegladden, y. a. Moir 
Regnal, adj. Sir H Nicholas 
Re-gorge, v. a. pour out again, B 
Regrater, sb. retailer, Carlyle 
Regratress, sb. Riley 
Regress, sb. Addison, De Q 
Regression, sb. T Taylor 
Regressing, adj. De Quincey 
R^essively, ady. De Quincey 
Regret, y. a. and sb. W 

„ sb. Tennyson 
Regretfully, ady T Brown 
Regrettable, adj. Times 
Regular, adj. Burke 

„ ady. Palmer ; -ly, B 
Regulars, sb. pi. Burke 
Regularity, sb. Burke 
Regularize, y. a. J S Mill 
Regulation, sb. Burke 
Regulatiye, adj. Der Coleridge 
Regulator, sb. (gas r.). Times 

„ a ju^e, Burke 
Regur^tating, adj. Carlyle 
Rehabilitate, y. a. B, Sat Rey, 

"Woods, Carlyle 
Rehabilitated, adj. Carlyle 
Reharangue, y. n. Carlyle 
Reharmonizing, sb. Ld Lindsay 
Rehearing, sb. De Quincey 
Rehearsal, sb. Burke 
Reign, sb. and y. n. Wordsworth 
Reigning, adj. Burke 
Reimburse, y. a. Burke 
Reimbursement, sb. Burke 
Reimport, y, a. Ld Lindsay 
Reimpose, y: a. Wilson, Carl 
Rein, sb. Burke 
„ y. a. Tennyson 
Reinforce, y. a. Burke 
Reinforcement, sb. Burke 
tteinless, adj. unchecked, Ruskin 
Reinspire, y. a. Ld Lindsay 
Reinstall, y. a. De Quincey 
Reinstate, y. a. W 
Reinstruct, y. a. Ant Trollope 
Reissue, y. a. Ld Lindsay 
Reiterate, y. a. Burke 
Reiterated, adj. Burke 
Reiteratedly, ady. Burke 
Reiteration, sb. Burke 
Reiyer, sb. Scott 
Relying, adj. Sir W Scott 
Reject, y. a. Ruskin 
Rejoice, y. n. Wordsworth 
Rejoicing, sb. B, Warter 
Rejoin, y. n. answer, Kingsley 
Rejudge, y. a. Pope 
Reiuyeneseence, sb. Kingsleya 

Sat Rey 
Rekindle, y. a. Burke 
Relapse, y. a. Burke 
Relate, y. a. Wordsworth 
Relation^ sb. belonging, T 


Relations, sb. pi. kin, Burke 
Relatiyal, adj. like a (grammati- 

calj relative, R F Weymouth 
Relative, sb. (gram.) Tooke 

„ adj. Burke 

Relatively, adv. Burke 
Relaxate, v. a. T Burnet 
Relaxation, sb. release (of a 

debt), B 
loosening, B 
rest, Burke 
„ sb. Addison 

Relaxed, adj. Burke 
Relaxedness, sb. Pusey 
Relaxing, adj. Wordsworth 
Relay, sb. fresh set, Woods 
Release, v. a. Burke 
Relegate, v. a. Burke, R A V, 

De Quincey 
Relent, v. n. Burke 
Relentless, adj. Burke 
Relevancy, sb. Burke 
Reliance, sb. Burke, Stowe 
Relics, sb. T, Sir W Scott 
Relict, sb. widow, Lon Rev 
Relief, sb. help, W 
Reliefless, adj. Ruskin 
Relieve, v. a. help, Burke 
Relieved, adj. Ruskin 
Relievo, sb. Burke 
Religion, sb. J S Mill, D, Trench, 

De Quincey 
Religionism, sb. R A Yaughan 
Religionist, sb. Burke, Times 
Religionizing, adj. Thomas 
Religiosity, sb. De Quincey 
Religious, adj. W, Warter 

„ sb. Beresford Hope 

Religiously, adv. unswervingly, 

„ scrupulously. 

Relinquish, v. a. W, Sir W Scott 
Relique, sb. Wordsworth 
Relisn, v. a. Burke 

„ sb. taste, Addison 

„ sb. enjoyment. Spectator 
Reload, v. a. Vac Tour 
Relucent, adj. refulgent, Hobbes 
Reluct, V. n. North, Lamb 
Reluctance, sb. Sir W Scott 
Reluctancy, sb. Hist of Sir J 

Reluctant, adj. Froude 
Reluctantly, adv. Burke 
Relume, v. a. R A Yaughan 
Rely on, v. a. Burke 
Remain, v. n. W, T 
Remainder, sb. Burke 
Remains, sb. Wordsworth 
Remake, v. a. Tennyson 
Remand, v. a. Burke 
Remark, sb. Scott 

„ v. a. Burke 
Remarkable, adj. Burke 
Rematch, v. a. Masson 
Remede, sb. Scott 
Remedial, adj. Burke 
Remedially, adv. Burke 





Remediless, adj .T Buniet,Hobbdi 
Remedy, v. a. Southey 

„ sb. Warter 
Remeid, sb. amends, Moir 
Remember, v. a. Carlyle, W, T 
y. a. recognize, S T 

V. a. remind, Burnet 
V. n. Wordsworth 
recollect, Burke 
Rememberable, adj. W, Carlyle 
Remembrance, sb. W, B 
Remembrancing, sb. Lamb 
Remerge, v. a. Tennyson 
Remind, v. a. Wordsworth 
Remimscence,sb. recollection, Wr 
Reminiscential, adj. T Brown 
Remint, v. a. (met.) De Q 
Remiss, adj. Traheme 
Remission, sb. (cessation), Bp 

Remissly, adv. Traheme 
Remissness, sb. Swift, Warter 
Remit, v. a. hand over, De Q 
Remittance, sb. Burke 
Remnant, sb. W 
Remonstrate, v. n. Froude 
Remonstrance, sb. Macaulay 
Remount, v. a. Burke 
Remora, sb. T Brown 
Remorse, sb. Tennyson 
Remorseless, adj. W, T 
Remote, adj. D ; -er, -est, Burke 
Remotely, adv. Burke 
Remoteness, sb. Times 
Remotion, sb. De Quincey 
Removable, a^. Burke 
Removal, sb. Burke 
Remove, v. a. Wordsworth. 
Remover, sb. Grosse 
Renaissance, adj. Spottiswoode 
Renascency, sb. T Brown 
Rencounter, v. a. encounter, T 

Brown, Aubrey, Sir W Scott 
Rend, v. a. Dryden, Stowe 
Rended, adj. torn, RAY 
Render, v. a. give back, T Stowe 
Rendering, sb. Times 
Rendezvous, sb. Tra, Home, 
„ v. n. B, Scott, De Q, 

Rendezvouser, sb. North 
Rendition, sb. Aubrey 
Renegade, sb. Macaulay 
Renegade, sb. Burke, W Irving 
Renegation, sb. Carlyle 
Renegue, v. a. deny, E Hooker 
„ V. n. become renegade, 

Renew, v. a Wordsworth 
Renewable, adj. Carlyle 
Renewal, sb. Burke 
Renitency, sb. (a pippin) T Burnet 
Rennet, sb. Coleridge 

„ sb. (a calf s) Hobbes 
Renounce, v. a. Burke 
Renovate, v. a. Burke 
Renovation, sb. Rurke 



Eenown, ib. Dryden 
„ y. a. Burke 
Rent (of land), sb. Burke 

„ sb. ohann, Wordsworth 

„ tear, Johnson 
Roital, sb. Burke 
Renter, sb. Burke 
Rent-roll, sb. Swift 
Renumber, y. a. H Coleridge 
Renuncianoe, sb. Carlyle 
Renunciation, sb. Burke 
Recffganize, y. a. Wilson 
Reor^anizer, sb. De Quincey 
Reorient, adj. Tennyson 
Rep, sb. curtain stuff, Oaskell 

H sb. gaming trick, Palmer 
Rapaok, y. n. Wilson 
Repair, y. a. Wordsworth 

y. a. to make whole. Spec 
y. n. go, W 
„ sb. mending. Burke 
Reparable, adj. Burke 
Reparation, sb. Sir W Scott 
Repariey, sb. Carlyle 
Repartee, sb. E Hooker 
Repartition, sb. Swift, J S Mill 
R^ass, y.n. Hobbes, SirW Scott 
Repassage, sb. Wilson 
Repast, sb. Tennyson 
Repay, y. a. Wordsworth 
Repayment, sb. Burke 
Repeal, y. a. Wordsworth 

„ sb. Burke 
Repealer, sb. Burke 

.^ (Ii^^b), 6n Smith 
Repeat, y. a. Wordsworth 
Repeatedly, ady. Nightingale 
Repel, y. a. Stowe, Scott 
R^ent, y. n. T, Stowe 
Repentance, sb. T Brown, T, W 
Repentant, adj. Burke 
Repeople, y. a. Burke 
Repercussion, sb. echo, reflection, 

Bentley, Farrar, De Q 
Repertory, sb. Burke 
Repetition, sb. Burke 

„ adj. A Tucker 
Rqiine, y. n. Traheme 
Repique, sb. (at piquet), Macm 
Replace, y. a. Burke 
Replacement, sb. Oosse, Carlyle 
Replant, y. a. Delamer 
Replenish, y. a. Traheme, N 
Repletion, sb. Burke 
Replication, sb. reply, Lamb 
Replier, sb. Lamb 
Reply, y. n. and sb. W, T 
Report, sb. W, Sir W Scott 

., V. n. Froude 
Reporter, sb. Burke 
Reporting, sb. Tof debates), May 
Repose^ y. n. ana sb. Wordsworth 

„ sb. Buskin 

„ y. a. Burke 
Reposit, y. a. Aubrey, Bp Patrick 
R^ository, sb. restmg-place, 

Repiossess, y. a. Burke 
Reprehend, y. a, W, Gay 

Reprehensible, adj. Burke 
Reprehension, sb. reproof, Bp 

Represent, y. a. R Burton 

„ y. a. pourtray, Gib, 

Representable, adj. De Quincey 
Representation, sb. statement, 

Representation in Parliaipent, B 
Representative, sb. Sir W Scott 
„ adj. typical, DeQ 

Representatiyeness, so. Burnet 
Repress, y. a. subdue, Keats 
Repressedly, ady. Macdonald 
Reprieyal, sb. Southey 
Reprieve, sb. Burke 
Reprimand, y. a. Burke 

„ sb. Burke 

Reprint, v. a. Burke 
Reprisal, sb. Burke 
Reprise, v. a. Burke 
Reproach, sb. Sir W Scott 

„ y. a. Burke 
Reproach, to a,exce8siyely,Bumet 
Reproachfully, adv. Stowe 
Reprobate, sb. Sir W Scott 
„ adj. Stowe 
„ y. a. W Law 
Reprobation, sb. Burke 
Reproducer, sb. Burke 
Reproduction, sb. Stowe 
Reproof, sb. Burke 
Reprove, v. a. Wordsworth 
Reptile, adj. Burke 
RepubUc, sb. Burke 
Republican, sb. George Thompson 
„ adj. Motley, Calhoun 
Republicanism, sb. Burke 
Republicanize, v. a. J S Mill 
Republication, sb. Burke 
Repugn, V. n. Carlyle 
Repugnance, sb. Burke 
Repugnant, adj. Burke, Warter 
RepuUulescent, adj. North 
Repulse, v. a. Burlce 
Repulsion, sb. Burke 
Repulsiveness, sb.BeresfordHope 
Repurchase, v. a. Burke 
Reputable, adj. Burke 
Reputation, sb. Burke 
Repute, y. a. B, Tennyson 

„ sb. Burke 
Request, v. n. andsb. Wordsworth 
Requiem, adj. Times 
Requiescence, sb. Carlyle 
Require, v. a. W, Burke 
Requisite, adj. and sb. Burke 
Requisitely, adv. £ Hooker 
Requisition, v. a. Carlyle 

„ sb. Burke 

Requisitioner, sb. Burke 
Requital, sb. Carlyle 
Requited, adj. Scott 
Reredos, sb. Eng Home, M Post 
Re-resolve, v. n. Young 
Re-revise, sb. Holmes 
Rereward, sb. Warter 
Resale, sb. Burke 

Rescind, v. a. Gibbon 
Rescript, sb. Times 
Rescue, v. a. Wordsworth 

,. sb. Froude 
Research, sb. Burke 
Reseat, v. a. Wilson, Tennysoo 
Resemblance, sb. Bp Patrick 
Resemblant, adj. Ruskin 
Resemble, v. a. Pusey 
Resembler, sb. Swift 
Resembling, adj. Hugh Miller 
Resend, v. a. Liamb 
Resent, v. a. Traheme, North 
Resentful, adj. Pope 
Resentment, sb. Traheme 
Reservation, sb. Burke 
Reservatory, sb» Ray 
Reserve, sb. constraint, T, Scott 

„ v. a. Pusey 
Reserved, adj. shy, Burke 
Reservoir, sb. Gibbon 
Reshape, v. a. Carlyle 
Reside, v. n. Bentley's Q_R 
Residence, sb. Burke 
Resident, adj. and sb. Burke 

,, Bond 

Residenter, sb. Ann Reg 1793 
Residentiaiy, adj.Beresford Hope 

„ sb. dweller, B 

Residentship, sb. Burke 
Residual, adj. T Taylor 
Residuary, adj. Lamb, J S Mill 
Residue, sb. Burke 
Residuum, sb. Clark, Sat Rey 
Resign, v. a. W, Gibbon 

„ V. n. Warter 
Resignation (of office^ sb. B 
Resignment, sb. Soutney 
Resilient, adj. Tour in Ireland 
Resist, V. a. Wordsworth 
Resistance, sb. Burke 
Resistive, adj. Carlyle 
Resistless, adj. Ruskin 
Resistlessly, adv. Stowe 
Resolute, adj. W 
Resolution, sb. firmness, Tooke, 

Resolutioner, sb. Bp Burnet 
Resolve, v. a. Tennyson 

„ y. n. dissolve, Dickens 

„ sb. and v. n. W 
Resolvedness, sb. Ruskin 
Resolver, sb. E Hooker 
Resort, sb. and v. n. Burke 
Resound, v. a. and v. n. W, Soott 

„ sb. T Brown 
Resource, sb. Burke 
Resourceless, adj. Carlyle 
Respect, v. a. revere, De Q 

„ v. a. face towards, Tra> 
North, 1744 

„ sb. reverence, J S Hill 
Respectability, sb. Scott, Smiles 
Respectable, adj. B, Warter 
Respectably, adv. moderately. 

La L 
Respected, adj. Sir W Boott 
Respectful, adj. Times 
Respectfully, adv. Burke 


Bespectless, adj, Warter 
Resphere, t. a. Harris 
Respiration, sb. W 

„ sb. pausing in labour, 

Bp Patrick 
Respiratory, a^. T R Jones 
Respire, v. n. Hobbes 
Respite, y. a. Wordsworth, B 

„ sb. Pusey 
Respondentia, sb. Park 
Response, sb. Burke 
Re4)on8ible, adj. Burke 
Re4>onsibility, sb. Nightingale 
Responsiyely, adv. Mgir 
Re-spring, v. n. Southey 
Rest, sb. remainder, W, Scott 
quiet, W, Ruskin 
bed, Tennyson 
adj. Wilson 
y. n. Ruskin, Traheme 
remain, Tooke 
Restate, y. a. Calhoun 
Restaurant, sb. Stowe 
Restful, adj. The Guardian, 

R A Yaugnan, Warter 
Resting-place, sb. Burke 
Restitution, sb. Burke 
Restiye, adj. stationary. Lamb 

„ quiet, Hobbes 

Restiyeness, sb. De Quincey 
Restless, adj. W, Scott, "Waiter 
Restlessly, ady. W 
Restlessness, sb. Stowe 
Restoration, sb. Burke 
Restoratiye, sb. Nightingale 
Restore, y. a Wordsworth 
Restorer, sb. Burke 
Restrain, v. a. W, Tooke 
Restraint, sb. Ruskin 
Restrict, y. a. Burke 
Restriction, sb. Burke 
Restrictiye, adj. Burke 
Result, sb. Tennyson 

„ y. n. Tennyson 
Resulting, a^ . Burke 
Resultless, adj. Ruskin 
Resume, y. a. Tennyson 
Resumption, sb. Burke 
Resupine, adj. Garlyle 
Resurrection, a^. T Burnet 
Resurrectionized, adj. Sat Rey 
Resuscitation, sb. Burke, Ld L 
Retul, adj. Burke 

„ y* a. Burke 

„ sb. Traheme 
Retailer, sb. Burke 
Retaliate, y. n. Burke 
Retaliation, sb. Sir W Scott 
Retaliatory, adj. Carlyle 
Retain, y. a. Pusey 
Retainer, sb. (a fee), De Q 
Retard, y. a. Gay 
Retardation, sb. hindrance, De Q 
Retattle, y. a. Addison 
Retention, sb. Burke 
Retentiye, adj. (met.) Gibbon 
Retentiyely, ady. Southey 
Retiary, adj. T Brown 
Reticence, sb. T 


Retch, sb. spasm of nausea, 

Reticulate, y. a. Carlyle 
Reticulation, sb. Carl, Motley 
Retina, sb. Burke, Lewes 
Retinue, sb. Tennyson 
Retire, y. a. withdraw, Lady 
Russell, Sir R Wilson 

„ y. n. Burke 
Retired (place), adj. Wordsworth 

„ (disposition), Scott, B 
Retiredness, sb. Wordsworth 
Retirement, sb. Burke 
Retiring (tide), adj. Warter 
Retort, V. a. hurl back, Tra 

„ (met.) Burke 

„ y. a, distil in a retort, Ti 
Retortion, sb. Warb, Lamb 
Retouch, y. a. Addison 
Retrace, v. a. Wordsworth 
Retract, y. a. T Brown 
Retraction, sb. T Burnet, R A V 
Retreat, sb. quiet place, W 

„ (of army), sb. Burke 

„ V. n. Froude 
Retrench, y. a. Swift 
Retrenchment, sb. Carlyle 
Retributary, adj. De Quincey 
Retributiyely, ady. Carlyle 
Retributory, adj. Burke 
Retrieve, v. a. Sf otley, Warter 
Retroactive, adj. W, B, Dixon 
Retrogradation, sb. J Foster 
Retrograde, adj. Irving 
„ adv. Burke 

Retrogression, sb. May 
Retrogressive, adj. De Quincey 
Retrospect, sb. Burke 
Retrospection, sb Byron 
Retrospective, adj. Burke 
Retroversion, sb. Lamb 
Retrovert, v. a. Gould 
Retund, v. a. repel. North 
Return, sb. reward, W 

coming back, Lamb 
list, Burke 

„ V. n. come back, W, T 
Returning, adj. who makes re- 
turns. The Times 
Reunion, sb. club, Burke 
Reuniting, adj. Burke 
Revaluation, sb. De Quincey 
Revamping, sb. Marsh 
Reveal, v. a. Wordsworth 
Reveillee, Scott, Tennyson 
Revel, sb. debauch, Burke 

„ sb. Ruskin 

„ y. n. delight, Warter 
Revelation, sb. Burke 
Reveller, sb. delighter, Warter 
Revelry, sb. Wordsworth 
Revenge, v. n. R Burton 

„ sb. Dryden, B, W 
Revengeful, a^. Southey 
Revenue, sb. Burke 
Reverberant, adj. Carlyle 
Reverberate, v. a, De Quincey 
Reverberation, sb. Burke 
Revere, v. a. Burke 

Reyerenoe, sb. W, T, Wart6r 
„ y. a. Wordsworth 
Reverencer, sb. De Quincey 
Reverend, adj. Burke 
Reverent (tree), adj. Warter 

„ adj. Tennyson 
Reverential, adj. Burke 
Reverently, adv. Tennyson 
Reverie, so. Stowe 
Reverse, v. a. Warter 
Reversion, sb. Burke 
Reversionally, adv. De Quincey 
Reversionary, adj. Burke 
Revert, v. n. Burke 
Revetment, sb. W H Russell 
Revictual, v. a. Wilson 
Review, v. a. look back on, W 

„ sb. survey, Burke 
Revile, v. a. Burke 
Revindicate, y. a. Christian Re- 
membrancer, De Q 
Revisal, sb. Carlyle, De Q 
Revise, sb. (printer's). Lamb 

Holmes , 

Revision, sb. De Quincey 
RevivaUst, sb. R A Vaij^han 
Revive, v. n. Gibbon, Warter 

„ v. a. Bentley 
Revivify, v. a. Thackeray, Gosse 
Revocation, sb. T Burnet 
Revoke, sb. Lamb 

„ v. n. Hobbes 
Revolt, sb. Burke 

„ v. n. Burke 
Revolution, sb. Carlyle, Motley 
Revolutionary, adj. Burke 
Revolutionist, sb. Burke 
Revolve (mentally), v. a. Bvrke 

„ (globes), V. a. Bentiej 
Revolver, sb. pistol, WH Russell 
Rewaken, v. n. Tennyson 
Reward, v. a. Tooke 

„ sb. Burke 
Rewardable, adj. Shaftesbury 
Rewrite, sb. Irving 
Reynard, sb. fox, Hull Times 
Rhabdomantist, sb. De Q 
Rhabdomancy, sb. De Q 
Rhapsodical, adj . R A V 
Rhapsodist, sb. Warter 
Rhapsodize, v. n. R A Vaughan 
Rhea, sb. a bird, Gosse 
Rheimst, sb. Bp Lloyd, Scott 
Rhetor, sb. Windsor 
Rhetoric, sb. Dryden, De Q 
Rhetorical, adj. Stowe, De Q 
Rhetorician, sb. De Quincey 
Rheum, sb. Burke 
Rheumatic, adj. Stowe 
Rhine, sb. dyke. Smiles 
Rhinelander, sb. The Tunes 
Rhino, sb. (money), Irving 
Rhinoceros, sb. Gosse 
Rhizoma, sb. Delamer 
Rhizomata, sb. pi. roots, Dela- 
Rhizomatous, adj. Delamer 
Rhododendron, sb. Delamer 
Rhodomontade, sb. Irving 



Rhnbarb, sb. Trayels in Russia, 

Rhyn^e, sb. T, Sat Rot 

„ Y. n. Dryden 
Rhythm, sb. Warter 
Rhythmic, adj. Lewes 
Rhythmical, adj. Motley 
Rhythmically, adv. Masson 
Rhythmus, so. De Quincey 
Riant, ad\. Burke, Gosse 
Rib, sb. Bentley, Eachard, Swift, 

Ribald, adj. Burke 
Ribaldry, sb. Times 
Riband, sb. T, Scott 
Ribbanded, adj. Burke 
Ribbon, sb. Stowe 
Ribbonfish, sb. Gosse 
Ribboned, adj. Sat Rev 
Ribroasting, sb. Irving 
Rice, sb. Burke 
Rich, adj. W, Tennyson 
Riches, sb. Burke 
Richness, sb. Burke 
Rick (of hay), sb. Burke 
Rickyard, sb. Burke 
Rickety, adj. B, Stowe 
Ricochet, sb. Russell 
adj. Burke 
V. n. Lambert 
sb. (touching), De Q 
Rid, pret. of ride. Hoboes 

„ adj. Burke 

„ y. a. get rid of, Lamb 
Riddle, sb. sieve. Smiles, Collier 
Riddling, adj. puzzling, De Q, 

Ride, V. n. W 
Rideable, adj. Times 
Rider, sb. Burke 
Ridge, sb. W, Home, Stowe , 
Ridgebone, sb. Scott 
Ridge-poled, adj. Russell 
Ridgeway, sb. Smiles 
Rid^, adj. Dickens, T 
Ridicule, sb. absurdity, Addison, 

„ sb. Burke 

„ V. a. Pusey 
Ridiculer, sb. North, Swift 
Itidiculous, sb. Fielding 

„ adj. B 
Ridiculously, adv. Burke 
Riding, adi. W H Russell 
Riding-habit, sb. Southey 
Rife, adj. Bentley, Warter 
Riffle, sb. Tooke 
Rifle, sb. Irving 

„ adj. Vac Tour 
Rifleman, sb. Irving, T 
Rifling (of guns), sb. Fairbaim 
Rifling, sb. pillage, Burke 
Rift, sb. T, Ruskin 
Rifted, adj. Wordsworth 
Rig (go the). Street Ballad 
Riggmg, sb. Burke 
Riggot, sb. gutter, Lane 
Right, sb. S T C, W, Robertson 
y. a. Dickens, De Q 




Right, adj. dexter, T, Nightin 
„ adj. very, Stowe 
„ adj . correct, Stowe, Tooke 
„ adj. straight, Stowe, Rub 
„ adv. correctly, Kingsley, 

„ adv. just, Tennyson 

Righteous, adj Dryden 

Rightful, adj. Wordsworth 

Rightly, adv. Burke 

Rightness, sb. Herb Spencer 

Rigid, adj. Stowe, Palmer 
„ am. stiff, Burke 
„ a<^. strict, Burke 

Rigidly, adv. Burke 

Rigmarole, adj. Osbom 

„ sb. Boswell, De Q 

Rigorous, adj. Burke 

Rigorously, adv. Burke 

Rigour, sS. Dryden 

Rm, sb. W, T 

Rimy, adj. W, Dickens 

Rindle, sb. gutter, Lancashire 

Ring, V. n. and v. a. W, Bur- 
net, T 
„ V. a. encircle, Masson 
„ sb. (finger), Scott 
„ sb. circus, Windsor Exp 
„ sb. circle of persons, Home 
„ sb. round, A Trollope 

Ringbolt, sb. All Y R 

Ringdove, sb. Kingsley 

Rink, sb. Moir 

Rinse, v. a. Nightingale 

Riot, sb. Wordsworth 
„ V. n. Burke 

Rioter, sb. Burke 

Rioting, sb. Wordsworth 

Riotous, adj. Tennyson 

Riotry, sb. H Taylor 

Ripe, adj. W, Burke 

Ripen, v. n. Burke 

Ripening, sb. Burke 

Ripping, adj. Swift 

Ripple, V. n. Sat Rev, Stowe, Ti 
„ sb. Ruskin 

Rippled, adj. Ruskin 

Rippling, adj. Ruskin 
„ sb. Burke 

Rippleless, adj. Gosse 

Ris, pret. v. Hobbes 

Rise, y. n. Burnet, W, T 
„ V. a. Tennyson 
„ sb. Burke 

Rising, adj. Wordsworth 
„ sb. Stowe 

Risk, V. a. T, Stowe 
„ sb. Nightingale, Stowe 

Risky, adj. Times 

Rite, sb. Tennyson 

Ritely, adv. Hobbes 

Ritual, sb. T Scott 

Rituality, sb. Hooker 

Ritually, adv. Burke 

Rival, sb. Coleridge 
„ V. a. Warter 

Rivalless, adj. Ruskin 

Rivalry, sb. Burke 

Rivalsnip, sb. Lamb 


Rive, y. a. Carlyle 

Rivel, v. a. Hobbes 

Rivelled, adj. Addison 

River, sb. T, Stowe 
„ adj. Spottiswoode 

Riverain, adj. Times 

Riverless, a^. Maury 

Riverly, adj. like a nver, Times 

Rivet, sb. Woods 

„ V. a. Burke, Scott 

Rivetter, sb. Windsor Express 

Rivulet, sb. W, T 

RixdoUar, sb. Burke, M 

Road, sb. Burnet, Wordsworth 

Roadway, sb. Times 

Roadworthy, adj. Lamb 

Roam, v. n. ana sb. W 

Roamer, sb. Bennet 

Roar, V. n. Hobbes. W 
„ sb. Dryden, Stowe 

Roarer, sb. Stowe 

Roaring, sb. Tennyson 

Roast, V. a. Gibbon 
„ adj. Burke 
„ sb. (rule the roast), Hobbes 

Rob, V. a. Wordsworth 

Robber, sb. Scott, T 

Robbery, sb. s. and pi. Burke 

Robe, sb. Wordsworth 
„ V. a. Tennyson 

Robin, sb. W, Tennyson 

Robust, adj. Burke 

Robustness, sb. Burke 

Roc, sb. Scott 

Rochet, sb. Burke 

Rock, sb. W, Gosse, Ruskin 
„ V. a. (on sleep), £ng Home 
„ V. a. W, Gay 

Rocker, sb. Hobbes 

„ sb instrument for crush- 
ing gold on. Times 

Rocket, sb. T 
„ (in botany) Delamer 

Rocketlike, adj. Sat Rev 

Rockier, adj. cp. Ruskin 

Rocking, sb. Burke 

Rockingchair, Stowe 

Rockribbed, adj. Motley 

Rocksalt, sb. Gibbon 

Rock-set, adj. Vac Tour 

Rocksnake, sb. Tennent 

Rockwork, sb. Delamer 

Rocky, adi, Wordsworth 

Rod, sb. Dryden 

Rodless, adj. Tour in Ireland 

Rodomontade, sb. Traheme, Pal- 
mer, Irving, M 

Roe, sb. Home, Irving 

Roebuck, sb. W 

Rogue, sb. D, Tennant, Scott 

Roiled, adi. North 

Roitelet, so. Warburton 

Roll, v. a. and v. n. W, Stowe, 
„ sb. (paper), Stowe, Scott 

Roller, sb. a bird, Vac Tour 
„ sb. (garden^, Delamer 

Rollicking, adi . Ballad 

Rolling, adj. T, Woods 


Rollingpin, sb. Stowe 
Roll-up, sb. Times 
Koman, adj. Burke 
Bomance, y. n. tell lies, Vac Tour 

„ sb. Southey, Burnet 
Bomancical, adj. Lamb 
Bomanist, adj.. A J B Hope 
Romanticj adj . W, Stowe, Burnet 
Romanticism, sb. J S Mill, RAY 
Romanticist, sb. R A Yaugban 
„ adj. R A Yaugban 

Romaunt, sb. Scott 
Romisb, adj. Burke 
Rood, sb. cross, "W, T 
Roof, sb. W, T, Waiter 

„ y. a. Ruskin 
Roofless, adj. W 
Rooflike, adj. W 
Rooftree, sb. Scott 
Rook, sb. (the bird), Tennyson 

„ Y. a. cheat, ralmer 
Room, sb. W, Stowe, T 

„ space, sb. Scott, Delamer 
Rcfost, V. n. (met.) Wilson 

„ sb. Stowe 
Rooster, sb. Irving 
Root, sb. Bume^ W, Home, 

Rooted, adj. firm, Burke 
Root out, V. a. Swift, W 
Rooting, sb. fixing firmly. Loud 

Rootlet, sb. Gosse 
Rootling, sb. Barnes 
Rope, sb. Wordsworth 
Roper, sb. rope-maker, Macm 

Rorqual, sb. Gosse 
Rosary,' sb. Byron 

„ sb. garden of roses, 

Rose, sb. W, Ruskin 

„ (under the), phr. A Warb 

„ sb. Delamer 
Roseate, adj. Wordsworth 
Rosed, adj. tinged with rose- 
colour, Tennyson 
Rosemary, sb. Delamer 
Rosepink, adj. Carlyle 
Roseroot, sb. Eingsley 
Rosette, sb. Delamer 
Rosewater, sb. Delamer 
Rosicrucian, adj. Macaulay 

„ sb. R A Yaugban 

Rosier, sb. Moir . 
Roster, sb. list. Army Musketry 
Rostral, adj. Spec, Com Enight 
Rostrum, so. Burke 
Rosy, adj. Delamer 
Rot, v. n. T, Dickens 
Rota, sb. Palmer 
Rotary, adj . Evening Star 
Rotation, sb. Palmer 
Rotatory, adj. Lamb 
Rote (by), W, Tatler 
Ro^e, so. a small auk, Comhill 

Rother, sb. ox, Wise 
Rotten, adj. Tenn3rson 





Rottenness, sb. Burke 
Rotund, sb. Burke 
Roue, sb. De Quincey 
Rouge, sb. Lring, Songs and 

Rough, V. a. bear rough usage, 
adj. rude, Warter; cp. 

rougher, Scott 
adj. W 

„ (man), sb. Sat Rev 
Rough-drawn, adj. Johnson 
Roughhew, v. a. Athenaeum 
Roughing, sb. Sat Rev 
Roughly, adv. Burke 
Roughness, sb. (lit.) B 
Rough out, V. a. A J B Hope 
Roughspoken, adj. RAY 
Rouleau, sb. Times, Songs and 

Round, V. a. whisper, Lamb 

„ prep. Burke, Burnet 
adv. Burke 
sb. walk, Burke 

„ adj. adv. and sb. W 

„ V. a. Carlyle 

„ sb. Nightmgale, Tra 

„ adj. circular. Burton 
Round-a-bout, (at fairs), sb. 

Chelt Times 
Roundabout (way), adj. Burke 
Roundarch, a^. B Hope 
Roundel, sb. T, Scott, Warter 
Roundelay, sb. W, Byron 
Roundhead, sb. Forster 
Roundhouse, sb. Gay, Stowe 
Roundly, adv. (boldlyj, B 

„ in a finished way, 

Bp Patrick 
Roundness, sb. Burke 
Roundsmen, adj. Carlyle 
Rouse, V. a. W, Stowe 

„ sb. Artist and Craftsman 
Rousing, sb. Burke 
Rout, sb. Stowe, Scott, Swift 
Route, sb. way, Bond 
Routine, sb. Burke 
Routous, adj. De Quincey 
Routously, adv. De Quincey 
Rove, V. a. and v. n. Wordsworth 

„ V. n. Tennyson 
Rover, sb. W, Hobbes, Byron 
Roving, sb. Fairbaim . 

„ (tribe), adj. Gibbon 
Row, sb. rank, Stowe, Delamer 
„ sb. disturbance, Yac Tour 
Rowan, sb. mountain ash, Home 

„ adi. T Hog, Sat Rev 
Rowage, sb. Lewin 
Rowboat, sb. Irving 
Rowdy, sb. Stowe, Russell 
Rowlock, sb. Riley 
Rown, V. a. E Hooker, Stuart 
Royal, adj. Wordsworth 
Royal-hearted, adj. A J B Hope 
Royalism, sb. Burke 
Royalist, sb. Burke 
Royalty, sb. Burke 
Royster, sb. Irving 


Ro3rstering, adj. Scott 
Rozannanmia, sb. Burke 
Rub, sb. Aubrey, Traheme 
„ V. a. D, N, Stowe 
„ V. a. (a brass). Sat Rev 
Rub-a-dub, v. a. Carlyle 
Ruban, sb. Hobbes 
Rubber, sb. knock, De .Q 

„ sb. Sat Rev 
Rubbidge, sb. Browne 
Rubbing, sb. (of a brass). Sat Rev 
Rubbish, sb. T, Traheme, Wil- 

kins, Burnet 
Rubbishy, adj. De Quincey 
Rubble, sb. Southey, B 
Rubblework, sb. Carlyle 
Rubbly, adj. MiUer 
Rubiea, adj. Ruskin 
Ruby, sb. Wordsworth 
Ruck, sb. Tooke 
Ruckling, adj. Out of the Depths 
Rudder, sb. Dry den 
Ruddily, adv. K A Yaugban 
Ruddle, sb. A Trollope 
Ruddy, adj. Scott 
adv. Clark 
V. a. Carlyle, Swift 
Rude, adj. W, Stowe, Yaugban, 
„ roughly made. Sou 

Rudely, adv. Dryden 
Rudeness, sb. Burke 
Rudiment, sb. Dryden 
Rudimentary, adj. Darwin 
Rue, V. n. Wordsworth 
V. a. Swift 
sb. Delamer 
Rueful, adj. W, Stowe 
Ruffian, sb. Traheme, Scott 

„ adj. brutal, De Q 
Ruffianism, sb. De Quincey 
Ruffianly, adj. R A Yaugban 
Ruffle, V. a. AY, T, Swift 

„ sb. Swift, Scott 
Ruffled, adj. Kingsley 


Rugged, adj. Wordsworth 


(temper), adj. Scott 
). Bi 

Ruggedness, sb. Burke 

Rugosity, sb. Ruskin 

Rum, sb. Wordsworth 
„ a ruined place, B 
„ V. a. T, Carlyle, Stowe 

Ruinlike, adj. Burnet 

Ruinous, adj. Tennyson 

Ruinousness, sb. Ruskin 

Rule, V. a. W 
„ sb. Dryden 

Rile of thumb, sb. Selhill 

Ruler, sb. (man), Burke 

Ruleless, adj. Carlyle 

Rules, sb. prison phr. Ann Reg' 

Rum. sb. (^*cure"). Swift 

Rumble-tumble, sb. Lytton 

Rumbullion, sb. Burton 

Ruminant, adj. Ruskin 

Ruminate, v. n. Addison 

Rumkin, sb. Lamb 

Rummage^ sb. D^Ivcl^^ 



Rumour, sb. W, Carlyle 
Bumouringf sb. Carlyle 
Rump, sb. Swift 

„ (of beef), Burke 
Rumple, T. a. Hist of Sir J 

Hawkwood, Dickens 
Rumpled, adj. Gay 
Rumpus, y. a. Stowe 
Run, sb. sort, Swift 

„ sb. (in tbe long run). Lamb, 

stream, course, De Q 
(tbe common run of 

men), Hare 
line or flow, Burke 

„ V. a. W, Burnet, Stowe,De Q 

„ (a muck), phr. Osbom, Sat 
,' ;„ T. n. W, Stowe, Hobbes, Bt 

„ y. n. be long, De Quincey 
Runagate, adj. Scott 

„ sb. Hare, laying 

Rundale, joint-tenantry, limes 
Rune, sb. Holmes 
Ruiu^, sb. Sat Rey 
RuiUet, sb. T 

Runnel, sb. "W, Rey W Barnes 
Runner, sb. Swift, Delamer 
Rupee, sb. Burke 
Rupture, sb. Burnet, Burke, Swift 
Rural, adj. Burke 
Ruralist, sb. country man, Lamb 
Ruralize, y. a. "Wordsworth 
Ruse, sb. Stowe, De Q 
Rush, y. n. Wordsworth 

„ y. a. cause to rush, Times 

„ sb. Froude, W, Russell, St 

„ the plant, Southey 

Rushing, adj. Sou, Ten 
Rushy, ad|. Moir 
Russet, acQ. Tennyson 
Russian, adj. Burke 
Rust, y. n. Ruskin, Times 

„ sb. (met.) Addison 

„ (lit.) Burke 

„ r. colour. Gray 

Rusted, adj. T, Ruskin 
Rustic, adj. W, Delamer, T 
Rustical (country), folk, adj. Gay 
Rusticating, adj. De Quincey 
Rustication, sb. country trip, 

Rusticity, sb. Burke, Stowe 
Rustle, y. n. W, Byron, Sou 
Rustless, adj. Ruskm 
Rusty, M. T, Ruskin, Times 
Rut, sb. Nat Rey, Sat Rey 
Ruth, sb. W, Carlyle, Byron 
Ruthless, adj. Wordsworth 
Ryegrass, sb. Burke, Times 
Ryotwarree, adj. A Y Round 
Bypeck, sb. a pole stuck as a 

holdfast into a riyer, F T 



Sabbat, sb. Hor Marryatt 
iiihb»iii, bK "Wordsworth 


Sabbath, rest, Wordsworth 

„ reyelry, Hessey 
Sabbathless, adj. Lamb, J S Mill 
Sabbatism, sb. Burnet 
Sabine, sb. Burke 
Sable, adj. D, Stowe 
Sabre, y. a. Burke 
„ sb. Burke 
Sacerdotal, adj. Gibbon 
Sack, sb. discharge. Ballad 
Sackage, sb. All the Y Round 
Sackcloth, sb. Burke 
Sackposset, sb. Spec 
Sacrament, sb. Burke 
Sacramental, adj. Warter 
Sacramentary, so. Froude 
Sacred, adj. D, T 
Sacredly, ady. Burke 
Sacredness, sb. Burke, Carl 
Sacrifice, sb. Burnet, Gib, Trench 

„ y. a. Stowe 
Sacrificial, adj. Burke 
Sacrilege, sb. Burke 
Sacrilegious, adj. Burke 
Sacrilegiously, ady. Burke 
Sacrosanct, adj. H Kingsley 
Sad, adj. Tennyson 
Sadden, y. n. Tennyson 
„ y. a. Tennyson 
Saddle-bag, sb. Irying 
Saddle-bow, sb. Burke 
Sadducean, adj. Gn Smith 
Sadly, ady. Burke 
Sadness, sb. W, Burke 
Safe, adj. D, Stowe 
Safeguiurd, sb. Gib, Russell 
Safely, adv. Wordsworth 
Safer, adj. cp. Burke 
Safest, adj. sp. Nightingale 
Safety, sb. Scott 
Safety-valve, sb. Warter 
Saffron, adj. W 

„ sb. Eng Home, Delamer 
Sagacious, adj. Burke 
Sagacity, sb. Burke, De Q 
Sage, adj. Tennyson 

„ sb. (the plant), D, Delamer 

„ (man), Burke 

Saggier, so. Ure 
Sagitt{U7, sb. De Quincey 
Ssm, sb. W, Tennyson 

„ v. n. Burke 

Sailer, sb. a ship lihat sails, AYR 
Sailor, adj. Sir R Wilson 
Saint, sb. D, Scott 
Sainted, adj. Scott 
Saintly, adj. Southey, Warter 
Saintsnip, sb. R A "Vaughan 
Sake, sb. D, Stowe 
Saker, sb. Macaulay 
Saint-John's- Wort, sb. Delamer 
Salacious, adj. Times 
Salad, sb. Delamer 
Salam, sb. a salute, Irving, B 
Salamander sb. Wilson 
Salamandrine, adj. Addison 
Salammoniac, sb. Songs 
Salaried, adj. Burke 
Salary, sb. Merivale 


Sale, sb. Scott 
Saleable, adj. Burke 
Salesman, sb. Burke 
Salian, adj. Burke 
Salience, sb. Sat Rev 
Saline, adj. Delamer 
Sallow, 9A}. Percy Soc Songs 
Sally, v. a. Scott 

„ ^ v. n. Tennyson 

„ sb. Burke 

„ sb. see-saw, North 
Salmagundi, sb. Huddesford 
Salmon, sb. (>ay 

„ adj. "Vac Tour 
Salnitre, sb. Pordage 
Salnitrous, adj. Pordage 
Salnitrousness, sb. Pordage 
Salometer, sb. Maury 
Saloon, sb. Mom Herald 
Saloop, sb. Lamb 
Salsinr, sb. root, Delamer 
Salt (with salt), v. a. Warter 
„ V. a. Delamer 
„ sb. (for food^, Burke 
Salt-cellar, sb. Cnesterfield, Eng 

Saltery, sb. Eng Home 
Saltfisn, sb. Burke 
Salting, sb. (met.) Sat Rev 
Saltless, adj. Maury 
Saltpetre, sb. Burke, Carl 
Salty, adj. Lamb 
Salubrious, adj. Burke 
Salubriously, adv. Burke 
Salubrity, so. Burke 
Salutary, adj. Carlyle 
Salutation, sb. Burke 
Salute, V. a. Burke 

„ sb. recognition, Spec 
Salvage, adj. savage, Scott 
Salvagee, sb. Smiles 
Salvation, sb. Burke 
Salve, v. a. Scott 

„ sb. D, Home, Moir, Swift, 

Salvifick, adj. Pool 
Salvify, v. a. Hooker 
Salvivically, adv. Browne 
Salvoe, sb. Freer 
Salvor, sb. Capt Russell 
Same, adj. Ruskin, T 
Sameness, sb. Burke 
Samnite, sb. Burke 
Sampan, sb. Osbom 
Samphire, sb. Delamer 
Sample, sb. Star 
Sample, v. a. Hij^hes 
Sanatarium, sb. Tennent 
Sanctify, v. a. D, Scott 
Sanctimonious, adi. T, Stowe 
Sanction, sb. Dryden 
„ v. a. Scott 
Sanctities, sb. pi. Tennyson 
Sanctity, sb. Burke 
Sanctuary, sb. Gib, S, Froude 
Sanctum-Sauctorum, sb. Add 
Sandal (wood), sb. X 
Sandbed, sb. Bumet 
Sandfly, sb. Osbom 


Sandhill, sb. Ruasell 
Sandlark, sb. Wordsworth 
Sandpiper, sb. Moir 
Sands, sb. Burke 
Sandstone, sb. Irving, Buskin 
Sandy, adj. Home, Gib, Arnold 
Sang-fix>id, sb. Burke 
Sanguiferous, adj. Lewes 
Sanguinary, adj. Burke 
Sanguine, adj. Dryden 

„ hopeful. Bond 

Sanguinely, ady. Burke 
Sanguineous, adj. Ann Beg, Oari 
Saxmedrim, sb. Burke 
Sanitarist, sb. Kingsley 
Sanitary, adj. Kingsley, Stat, etc. 
Sanity, sb. Garlyle 
Sanscidotte, sb. Burke 
Sansculotterie, sb. Burke 
Sanspareil, sb. J Collier 
Sanspotatoe, sb. and adj. Oarl 
Sap, sb. juice. Helps, Delamer 

„ sb. (engin). Tunes 

„ T. a. Tennyson 
Sapidless, adj. Lamb 
Sapience, sb. Tannhauser 
Sapient, adj. Burke 
Sapling, sb. Wordsworth 

„ adj. Scott 
Sapor, sb. rdish. Lamb 
Sapper, sb. Macaulay 
Sapphire, sb. Buskin 
Sappy, adj. Helps 
Saracen, so. Gibbon 
Sarcasm, sb. Burke 
Sarcastical, adj. Bp Patrick 
Sarcastically, adv. Burke 
Sarcophagus, sb, Spottiswoode 
Sardinian, sb. Burke 
Sardonick, adj. Burke, Hobbes 
Sash Twindow;, sb. Delamer 
Sash (for waist), sb. Burke 
Sasheo, adj. sash- wearing, B 
Sashframe, sb. Delamer 
Sasse, sb. sluice, Smiles 
Satchel, sb. Hobbes 
Sate, Y. a. Bobertson 
Satellite, sb. (met.) Pope, Stowe 
Satiate, adj. Tennyson 

,, y. a. Burke 
Satiation, sb. De Quincey 
Satiety, sb. Burke 
Satin, sb. Tennyson 
Satinity, sb. Lunb 
Satire, sb. Dryden 
Satiric, adj. Swift, Times 
Satirical, adj. Burke 
Satirist, sb. Burke 
Satirise, t. a. Swift 
Satisfaction, sb. amends, D 
Satisfactory, adj. Burke 
Satisfactorily, adv. Burke 
Satisfy, v. a. D, Burnet, Stowe 
Satrap, sb. yiceroy, Gn Smith 
Satrapy, sb. De Qiuncey 
Saturate, y. a. Delamer 
Saturday, sb. Burke 
Satumaiian, adj. Burke 
Satumian, a^. Burke 


Saturnine, adj. Aubrey 

Satyr, sb. Bentley 

Satyriasis, sb. De Quincey 

Sauce, sb. Eng Home, Delamer 

Saucer (eye-balls), adj. Gay 

Saucy, adj. Scott, Tennyson 

Saule, sb. soul. All Y B 

Saimter, v. n. Percy Soc Songs 
„ V. a. Swift 

Sauroid, adj. Gosse 

Sayage, sb. D, Stowe 
„ V. n. Smollet 
„ adj. W, Stowe 

Sayageness, sb. B, Johnson 

Sayagery, sb. Carl, Kingsley 

Savagess, sb. Thackeray 

Savannah, sb. Southey, Irving, 

Save, v. a. D, Stowe 
„ adj. W, T 

Savin, sb. Moir 

Saving, adj. W, Scott 
„ sb. Burke 

Saviour, sb. Burke 

Savour, sb. Delamer 

Savoy, sb. Delamer 

Saw, sb. savinff, W, N, J S Mill 
„ V. a. Burke 

Sawyer, sb. a sunken tree in a 
river, Irving 

Saxifrage, sb. Kingsley 

Say, sb. a kind of cloth, Aubrey, 

£ng Home 
„ V. a. repeat, W, Scott 
„ (him nay), v. a. B A V 
„ V. n. assert, W 

Sayable, adj. Buskin 

Saying, sb. Burke 

Scabbard, sb. Hobbes, Wilkins 

Scabbardish, sb. Gosse 

Scabby, adj. Patrick 

Scaffold, so. Scott 

Scaffolding, sb. Swift, Pusey 

Scalding, adj. Dryden 

Scale, V. a. cover with scales. Sou 
„ V. a. mount, T, Woods 
„ (of a balance), sb. T 
„ sb. measure, Scott 
„ sb. Nightingale, De Q 
„ imperfect leaf, Del 

Scallion, sb. Delamer 

Scallop, V. a. Percy Soc Songs, 

Scalloped, adj. Huddesford 

Scalp, V. a. and sb. Irving 
„ sb. Burke 

Scalpel, sb. Scott 

Scalping-knife, sb. M, Holmes 

Scaly, adi. Delamer 

Scamp, sb. De Quincey 
„ (work), V. a Smiles 

Scamper, v. a. Stowe 
„ sb. Stowe 

Scampering, sb. Stowe 

Scan, sb. Hare 
y. a. Stowe 


„ y. n. (of verse), Nat Bey 
Scandal, sb. D, Scott 
Scandalize, v. a. Scott 


Scandalous, adj. Scott 
Scandalously, adv. Burke 
Scant, sb. Hobbes 

„ adj. Warter 

„ adv. Gay 

„ V. a. Burke 
Scanter, adj. Stowe 
Scantily, aav. Burke 
Scantiness, sb. Burke 
Scantling, sb. H Taylor 
Scantly, adv. Tennyson 
Scanty, adj. Burke 
Scape^ace, sb. Scott, Smiles 
Scapular, sb. Scott 
Scar, sb. Stowe, Tooke 
„ V. a. mark with scars. Gay 
Scarce, adj. Aubrey, Tooke 

„ adv. Burnet 
Scarcely, adv. Dryden, B 
Scarcity, sb. Burke 
Scare, sb. Standard 
Scare-crow, sb. E Hooker, Irving 
Scared, adj. Scott 
Scarf, V. a. Times 

„ sb. Tennyson 
Scarfed, adj. Carlyle 
Scarlet, adj. Buskin 

„ sb. Burke 
Scarlet-runner, sb. Delamer 
Scarp, sb. Times 

„ V. n. Tennyson 
Scart, sb. (a bird), A Smith 

„ gust. Vac Tour 

Scate, sb. Tooke 
Scathe, sb. damage, Scotch 
Scatter, v. a. Chamberlayne, St 
Scattered, adj. Scott 
Scattery, adj. Moir 
Scaturient, adj. Lamb 
Scaur, sb. Hugh Miller 
Scavenge, v. a. Kingsley 
Scaym, sb. Masson 
Scenery, sb. Burke 
Scene, sb. D, Stowe, Burnet 

„ prospect, W 

Scene-shifter, sb. Macaulay 
Scenic, adj. B Hope 
Scent, sb. track, Burke 
Sceptical, adj. Burke 
Scepticism, so. Burke 
Sceptick, sb. Burke 
Sceptre, sb. Tennyson 

„ Burke 

Schase, sb. Vac Tour 
Scheme, v. a. Masson, T Brown 

„ sb. Help 
„ sb. (bad^, Burke 
Schemer, sb. BurKe 
Schemist, sb. Burke 
Schematism, sb. De Quincey 
Schematizing, adj. De Quincey 
Schism, sb. Burke 
Schismatical, adj. Burke 
Schismatiek, sb. Traheme 
Schismatism, sb. Mrs Gadsell 
Scholar, sb. Warter 
Scholarly, adj. Scott 
Scholarsmp, sb. learnings War- 


Soholastick, «dj. of the (middle 

age) schools, B 
Scholia, sb. Burke 
Scholiast, sb. De Quincey, J S Mill 
School, sb. Gib, Tennyson 
School-boy, sb. "Wordsworth 
Schoolmen, sb. coll., Burke 
Schoolmistress, sb. Scott 
Schoolscholar, sb. North 
School ward, adv. W 
Schooner, sb. Holmes 
Sciatica, sb. Swift 
Science, sb. D, Robertson, Hare 
Science and art. Buckle 
Sciences, sb. pi. Burke 
Scient, adj. £ Hooker 
Sciential, adj. Lewis, Lamb 
Scimitar, sb. Irving 
Scintillating, adj. Ruskin 
Scincoid, adj. Gosse 
Sciolism, sb. Eingsley 
Sciolist, sb. De Quincey 
Sciolistic, adj. Trench 
Scion, sb. Times, Delamer 
Scirrocco, sb. Clark 
Scission, sb. Carlyle 
Scoff, V. n. mock, Sou 

„ sb. Burke 
Scoffingly, adv. Bentley 
Scold, V. n. Palmer 
Sconce, sb. Hobbes 

„ sb. lantern. Lane 
Scone, sb. barley-cake, Tytler 
Scoop fup), V. a. Irving 
Scoop (wheel), adj. Times 
Scope, sb. B, Stowe 
Scorbutic, adj. Nightingale 
Scorch, V. a. Scott 
Score, V. a. cut a mark, Maury 
sb. Milman, Swift, Tooke 

twenty, Burke 
V. a. (met.) Stowe 
Scoria, sb. Irving, Burke 
Scorn, sb. W, Ruskin, T 

„ V. a. Burke 
Scomer, sb. Burke 
Scot, adj. Tooke 
Scotchkale, sb. Delamer 
Scotticism, sb. Macaulay 
Scottish, adj. Burke 
Scoundrel, sb. Burke 
Scoundrel, adj. Swift 
Scoundrelism, sb. Robertson, 

De Quincey 
Scoundrelly^, adj. Kingsley 
Scount, adj. Lancashire 
Scour (of tide), sb. Smiles 

„ V. n. come quickly, W 

„ V. a. clean, Hobbes, T, 

Scourge, sb. and v. a. Burke 
Scout, V. a. scoff at, "Wilson 

„ V. a. Palmer, Tooke, St 
Scouting, sb. Russell 
Scow, so. Times 
Scowl, V. n. Scott 
Scowling, adj. Stowe 
Scrabble, sb. scrawl, Tytler 
^terag, sb. rocky place, Carlyle 


Scraggled, adj. rough, careless, 

Sat Rev 
Scragap', adj. Lindsay 
Scramole, v. a. Stowe 

„ sb. Burnet, Sat Rev, 

Scrambling, sb. climbing, Stowe 
Scrannel, adj. M'Donnald 
Scrap, sb. B, Stowe 
Scraping, sb. Gosse, Burke 
Scratch, sb. Holmes, Stowe, 
Scott, Brown 

„ sb. fight, De Quincey 

Scratching, sb. Burke 
Scratchings (turf), sb. pi. Times 
Scrawl, V. a. Stowe 
Scrawler, sb Swift 
Scream, sb. Scott 

„ V. n. Scott 
Screeching, sb. Scott 
Screen, sb. "Wordsworth 

„ V. a. Burke 
Screening, sb. Burke 
Screes, sb. slopes of a mountain, 

Screw, pressure, sb. Ti, Gouger 
„ stingy person, Sat Rev 
„ V. a. (met.) Burke 
a screw loose, (phr.) De Q 
Screwing, adj. S^irt 
Scribble, sb. Swift 


V. a. Burke 
Scribbler, sb. Burke 
Scriptor, sb. Ld Lindsay 
Scriptore, sb. Swift 
Scriptorial, adj. G "Wilson 
Scripture, adj. Burnet 

„ sb. a written record. 

Scripturephrase, sb. Spec 
Scripturist, sb. Burnet 
Scrivener, sb. D, Masson 
Scrivening, adj. R A'Vaughan 
Scrofula, sb. Nightingale 
Scroll, sb. Scott 

Scrub, sb. waste barren land, 
Carlyle, Osbom 

„ V. a. Nightingale, Scott 

„ adj. Swift 
Scrubbing, sb. beating, "Wilson 
Scruple, V. a. Orme 

„ hesitate at, Scott 

„ sb. "Wordsworth 
Scrupulosity, sb. Bp of Oxford, 

Ann Reg 
Scrupulous, adj. Burke 
Scrupulously, adv. Burke 
Scrupulousness, sb. Burke 
Scrutinate, v. a. North 
Scrutinize, v. a. Burke 
Scrutinoufl, adi. North 
Scrutiny, sb. Ruskin 
Scrutorie, sb. Burke 
Scud, V. n. Irving 
Scuffle, V. n. Burke, Stowe 

„ sb. Swift, Scott 
Scug, V. a. Border Minstrelsy 
Scmk, V. n. Patrick, Stapylton 
Sculler, sb. Dickens 


Scullery, sb. Our En^ Home 
Sculling (stroke), adi. Vac Tour 
Sculptural, adj. Ruskin 
Sculpturally, adv. Ruskin 
Sculpture, sb. Ruskin 

„ engraving, Johnson 

Sculpturesque, adj. Mom Star 
Sculpturing, sb. Moir 
Scum, sb. Burke 
Scupper, sb. M 
Scurrility, sb. Burke 
Scurrilous, adj. Addison 
Scurry off, v. n. Clark 
Scurvily, adv. shabbily, "Warter 

,, adv. Swift 
Scutch, V. a. (flax). Times 

„ V. n. beat, Lancashire 
Scutcheon, v. a. All Y R 

„ sb. Burke 
Scutchmill, Gregory 
Scutching-mill, sb. Ed Rev 
Scute, sb. H Taylor, Gosse 
Scutoire, sb. Swift 
Scuttle, V. n. move on in a stumb- 
ling rapid manner, Irving, 

Scymetar, sb. Gibbon 
Scythed, adj. Moir 
Scytheman, sb. Mrs. Malcolm 
Sdeign, sb. De Quincey 
Sea, sb. Dryden 
„ adj. Scott 

Sea-anemone, sb. H Miller 
Seachanncl, sb. Burnet 
Seachart, sb. Burnet 
Sea-elephant, sb. (a seal), Gosse 
Sea-flower, sb. Jones 
Sea-gull, sb. Lamb 
Seakale, sb. Delamer 
Seal, sb. animal. Our Eng Home 

„ ^for wax), Burke 

„ (of wax), Burke 

„ V. a. shut up, Tennyson 
Sealer, sb. Swift 
Sealing, adj. Ruskin 
Sealion, sb. Gosse 
Seam (of coal) , sb. Times 
Seaman, sb. Dryden, B 
Seamanship, sb. G Rawlinson 
Seamanship and Shipmanship, 

De Quincey 
Seamass, sb. Burnet 
Seamew, sb. Sou, Tennyson 
Seamost, adj. Moir 
Seamster, sb. Carlyle 
Seamy, adi. Sat Rev 
Seaport, sb. Burke 
Seaquake, sb. Times 
Sear, v. a. Traheme 

„ sb. Delamer 
Scarce, v. a. pass through a sieve, 
Aubrey, Fenning 

„ sb. a sieve, Entick, Fen 
Search, sb. Sir R Peel 

„ V. a, Burke 
Searchingness, sb. Ruskin 
Seashore, sb. Ruskin 
Season, v. n. Delamer 

„ sb. Tennyson 


* • 

• • • • •' 

: ilEfiu - . : •• : 

Season, sb. iiBshionable s., De Q 

„ the compliments of the, 

Seasonable, adj. Burke 
Seasonably, adv. W 
Seasoned, adj. Times 
Seasoning, so. flavour, Burke 
Seat, adj. Spottiswoode 
„ sb. pew, Warter 
Seat, sb. D, Scott, Swift 
Seathe, v. a. boil, Scott 
Seatless, adj. Times 
Seavolcano, sb. Burnet 
Seawards, adv. Sat Rev 
Seaweed, sb. Ld Lindsay 
Seawl, sb. relishing stun, Lane 
Seaworthiness, sb. Park, Ld 

Wensleydale, Sat Rev 
Seaworthy, adj. Park, Ld Wen- 
sleydale . 
Secede, v. n. Ruskin 
Secession, sb. Burke, Times 
Secessionist, adj. Times 
Secluded, adj. Wordsworth 
Secluding, adj. Moir 
Secluse, ^. Sat Rev 
Seclusion, sb. Wordsworth 
Second, adj. D, Rolliad 

„ (of time), sb. Palmer 

„ V. a. Swift 
Secondarily, adv. Burke 
Secondary, adj. Burke 
„ sb. Times 
Secondhand, adj. Burke 
„ adv. Burke 

Secondhanded, adj. Cowper 
Secondly, adv. Burke 
Second-rate, adj. Chesterfield 
Secondsight, sb. Aubrey 
Secondsighted, adj. Aubrey 
Secrecy, sb. Burke 
Secret, adj. and sb. D, Scott 

„ sb. Burke* 

„ sb. coat of chain-mail, 

Secretary, sb. Macdonald 
Secretary of State, sb. B 
Secrete, v. a. Burke 
Secretion, sb. Burke 
Secretly, adv. Burke 
Secretness, sb. Ruskin 
3ecretory, adj. Ruskin 
Sect, sb. (religious). Gibbon 
Sectarian, sb. Warter 

„ adj. Burke 
Sectarianize, v. n. Marsh 
Sectary, 'sb. Johnson 
Sectator, sb. Warburton 
Section, sb. party, Burke 
Sectional, adj. »towe 
Sectionalism, sb. Windsor 
Secular, adj. of the age, T, Scott 
„ (clergy), adj. Scott 
„ adj. age-long, De Q 
„ (literature) , adj . B Hope 
„ sb. Burke 
Secularization, sb. Lamb 
Secure, v. a. Scott, Burnet 

„ adj. Burnet 

Security, sb. guarantee, B 

'„ safety, De Q 
Sedan-chair, sb. Pegge, S, Our 

Eng Home 
Sedan' d, part. Percy Soc Songs 
Sedative, adj. Burke 
Sedgy, adj. >V, Huddesford 
Sedent, adj. Tennent 
Sederunt, sb. sitting, A C Carlyle 
Sedilia, sb. Mom Post 
Sedition, sb. Burke 
Seditious, adj. Burke 
Seditiously, adv. Burke 
Seduce (a girl), v. a. Gibbon 
Seducer, sb. Burke 
Seducible, adj. Carlyle 
Seduction, sb. allurement, B 
Seductive, adj. Burke 
Sedulity, sb. S^vift 
See, V. a. D, Ruskin, T, Night- 
ingale, Burnet 
„ sb. Scott 
„ adj. Swift 
Seeable, adj. Carlyle 
Seed, V. n. Delamer 

„ sb. D, Tennyson 
Seedling, sb. Delamer 
Seedsman, sb. Delamer 
Seedplot, sb. Traheme 
Seedy, sb. poor, Fielding, Woods 
Seek, V. a. W, Tennyson 
Seek after, unto, R A Yaughan 
Seeker, sb. Burnet 
Seely, adj. Kingsley 
Seem, v. n. appear, D, T, De Q 

„ V. a. Burke 
Seeming, sb. Ruskin 
Seemingly, adv. Daily Chron 
Seemingness, sb. Lamb 
Seemliness, sb. W 
Seemly, adj. W, B 
Seer, sb. Ruskin, Swift 
Seeress, sb. R A Vaughan 
See-town, sb. (bishop's t.) B Hope 
See-saw, v. n. Swift, Evans, De Q 
Segregation, sb. Tennent, A J B 

Se^egative, adj. Sat Rev 
Seigneur, sb. Carlyle 
Seigneurial, adj. Burke 
Seignoral, adj. Burke 
Seignory, sb. Burke 
Seizable, adj. Carlyle, Burton, 

Seize, v. a. Dryden 
Seizin, sb. Burke 
Seizing, sb. Carlyle 
Seizure, sb. Burke 
Seldom, adv. Tooke, T, N 
Seldomcy, sb. Cowper 
Seldomness, sb. Palmerston 
Select, V. a. Burke 
Selectable, adj. Hood 
Selected, adj. Wordsworth 
Selection, so. Burke 
Selectmen, sb. pi. Stowe 
Self, sb. G Macdonald 

„ prefix, W 
Self-active, adj. Bentley 


« • « « • • * SBIhF w 

Self-concernment, sb. Shaftes 
Self-consciousness, sb. Bentley 
Self-contained, adj;OurEngHome 
Self-containedness, sb. A Smith 
Self-control, sb. T 
Self-credulity, sb. Browne 
Self-evident, adj. Burke 
Self-guided, ad). Browne 
Self-hood, sb. R A Vaughan 
Self-idolatry, sb. Browne 
Self-ignorance, sb. Th Hook 
Self-imposed, adj. Smiles 
Self-indulgence, sb. Johnson 
Self-interest, sb. Burke 
Selfish, adj. R A Vaughan, Stowe 
Selfishness, sb. Burke 
Selfiess, adj. Coleridge 
Self-love, sb. Sat Rev 
Self-originated, adj. Burnet 
Self-reflexion, sb. Browne 
Self-seeking, sb. Winkworth 
Self-sufficiency, sb. De Quincey 
Self-sufficingness, sb. De Q 
Sell, sb. Sat Rev 

„ V. a. Burke 
Seller, sb. Burke 
Seller, sb. Our English Home 
Selour, sb. Our English Home 
Semaphore, sb. Morning Post 
Semblance, sb. D Ruskm 
Semi-, prefix 
Semi-ljreve, sb. Irving 
Semibarbarian, sb. Bentley 
Semicircular, adj. Gibbon 
Semicircularly, adv. C Reade 
Semicirque, so. W 
Semiliquid, adj. Burnet 
Seminsd, adj. Bentley, Mill 

adj. seedlike, (met.) 

sb. Scott 
Seminary, sb. Burnet, B 
Semiorganism, sb. Marsh 
Semitic, adj. Farrar 
Semitransparency, sb. Gosse 
Sempitem, adj. E Hooker 
Sempiternal, adj. Irving, Moir 
Sempstering, a^. Lamb 
Senate, sb. D, Arnold 
Senator, sb. Burke 
Senatorial, adj. Burke, De Q 
Senatorian, adj. De Quincey 
Senatorship, sb. Carlyle 
Send, V. a. D, Burnet 
Senectitude, sb. Lamb 
Seneschaly, sb. Carlyle 
Senescience, sb. H Taylor 
Senile, adj. D News 
Senior, acy. Scott 
Seniority, sb. Burke 
Sensation, sb. feeling displayed, 

Masson, Mansell 
Sensational, adj. Farrar 
Sensationalism, sb. Farrar 
Sensationalist, adi. Farrar 
Sensationist, sb. Russell 
Sense, sb. feeling (of liberty^, St 

„ sb. D, Hare, Coleridge, 






• • • • • 
• • • • • 

• r • •« • 

• • • 

• • • 

• » 


Senseftil, adj. Tooke 
SeiueleBs, adj. Hobbes, Scott 
Senselessly, adv. Burke 
Senses, the, sb. Burke 
Sensible, sb. a thin^ to be per- 
ceiTed by sense, T 
Taylor, Gay 

„ adj. sensitive, Burnet 

„ adj. able to perceiye, B 

„ intelligent, Wr 

Sensibility, sb. Lewes, R, C 
Sensitive, adj. (lit.) Carl 
SensitiYely, adv. Burke 
Sensory, sb. Burke, Carl, De Q 
Sensual, adj. Burke 
Sensualist, sb. Buskin 
Sensuality, sb. Burke 
Sensualize, y. a. De Quincey 
Sensuist, sb. Farrar 
Sensuous, adj. T, Marsh, De Q 
Sentence, y. n. Ruskin 

„ sb. judgment, Carl 
Sentenoer, sb. Mrs. Gaskell 
Sententious, adj. pithy. Gibbon 
Sentient, adj. Burke 
Sentiment, so. Ruskin 

„ opinion, B 

Sentimental, adj. Ruskin 
Sentimentalism, sb. Carlyle 
Sentimentalist, sb. Kingsley, 

Carlyle, H Tooke 
Sentimentalize, y. n. Sat Rey 
Sentimentality, sb. Carlyle 
Sentimentally, ady. Lamb 
Sepal, sb. Lindley, Farrar 
Separable, adj. Burke 
Separate, y. a. Ruskin 

„ adj. Burke 
Separately, ady. Burke 
Separateness, sb. R A Yaughan 
Separating, sb. Stowe 
Separation, sb. Palmer, Gibbon 
Separatist, sb. Macaulay, RAY 

„ adj. R A Yaughan 
Separator, sb. Pordage 
Sepoy, sb. 'Burke 
Sept, sb. H Miller, Sou 
September, sb. Burke 
Septemyious, adj. C Reade 
Septemyirate, sb. De Quincey 
Septenary, adj. Burnet 

„ sb. Burnet 
Septennial, adj. Burnet 
Septinsular, aoj. Sat Rey 
Sepulchral (urn), adj. W, T 

„ (island), adj. Scott 
Sepulchre, sb. Ruskin 
Sepulture, sb. Burke, J S Mill 
Sequacious, adj. De Quincey 
Sequaciousness, sb. De Quincey 
Sequacity, sb. Sat Rey 
Sequel, sb. Bond 
Sequence, sb. Ruskin 
Sequences, sb. pi. responses in a 

missal, Lewis 
Sequency, sb. Ruskin 
Sequester y. a. Swift 

„ y. a. Burke, De Q 
Sequestered, adj. Scott 

Sequestration, sb. W 
Sequestrator, sb. Burke 
Seraglio, sb. Macaulay 
Sere, adj. Wordsworth 
Serene, adj. D, W, Ruskin 
Sergeant (military) sb. Burke 
Sergeantry, sb. law -learning. 

Serial, adj. Yesey 
Seriatim, ady. Burke 
Series, sb. Burnet 
Serious, adj. D, R 
Seriously, ady. Burke 
Seriousness, sb. Ruskin 
Sermon, sb. Burke, Carlyle 
Sermonizing, adj. £d Rey 
Serpent, sb. Dryden, Gosse 
Serpentiform, adj. Gosse 
Serpentine, sb. (rock) H. Miller 
„ sb. w Law 

„ adj. Delamer 

Serrated, adj. Ruskin 
Serry, y. a. Carlyle 
Seryant, sb. D, Stowe 
Serve, v. a. D, T 

„ y. n. (wait), Tennyson 
Service, sb. worship, W, Scott 
„ engagement, Smollett 
„ menial attendance, W 
„ act of serving, T, R 
Serviceable, adj. Tennyson 
Serviceableness, ^sb. Traheme, 

De Quincey 
Servile, adj. Wordsworth 
Servilely, adv. Dryden 
Servility, sb. Burke 
Servilize, v. a. Warburton 
Servitor, sb. Burke 
Servitude, sb. Burke 
Sesquipedalia, sb. Lamb 
Sesquipedalian, adj. De Quincey 
Session, sb. T B, Tannhauser 
Set, sb. (of a current), Maury 
„ party, Burke 
„ Y. n. suit, Melville 
„ y. a. lease, Burke 
„ v. a. Dryden 
„ sb. Delamer 
„ V. n. Tennyson 
Set about, v. a. Burnet 
Setnesses, sb. Stowe 
Set off, v. a. Scott 

„ sb. Palmer, De Quincey 
Set out, part. Palmer 
„ v. a. T, Burnet 
Set on, v. n. originate, Burke 

„ promote, Burnet 
Set (the bishops) on (the king), 

Set round, sb. Burnet 
Setter, sb. Swift 
Setting, sb. Burke 
Settle V. n. T, Stowe 
„ sb. Tennyson, 
„ v. n. Tennyson 
Settled, adj. fixed T, 
Settlement, sb. Burnet 
Set upon, y. a. Burnet 
Seven, adj. Tennyson 


Seventeen, adj. Burke 

Seventhly, adv. Burke 

Sever, v. a. Burke 

Severtd adj. Swift 

„ adj. distinct. Bond 

Severally, adv. separately, Scott 

Severe, adj. W, Burnet 

Severed, adj. Scott 

Severely, adv. Burnet 

Severer, -est, Burke 

Severity, sb. Southey 

Sewed, adj. Times 

Sewer, v. a. Kingsley 
„ adj. Nightingale 
„ sb. server, Scott 

Sex, sb. D, Spectator 

Sexagenary, adj. Hutton 

Sexagesimal, aoj. Hut, Kingsley 

Sexless, adj. Lewes, Huxleb 

Sexmillenial, adj. Burnet 

Shackle, sb. Hobbes, Times 

Shade, sb. fancy creation, W 
„ shadow, T 

Shades, sb. pi. the regions below, 

Shadow, sb. W, Ruskin, Scott, T 
„ v. a. Tennyson 

Shadow forth, v. a. Winkworth 

Shadowed, adj. Mrs. Gaskell 
„ (hint), adj. Tennyson 

Shadowland, sb. Lamb 

Shadowy, adj. W, B 

Shady, adj. Traheme 

Shaft, sb. arrow, (met.) Stowe 
„ sb. (into a mine) Times 
Shafted, adj. Moir 

Shafting, sb. Smiles 

Shag, v. a. Hobbes 

Shagged, adj. Wordsworth 

Shaggy, adj. Scott 

Shake, v. a. W, Burnet 
Shakes (no great), (not much) 

value, Carlyle 
Shaking, sb. Scott 

„ adj. Stowe 
Shaky, adj. Mom Post 
Shall, V. aux. Sat Rey, Stowe 
Shalloon, sb. Ann Reg 
Shallop, sb. Tennyson 
Shallot, sb. Delamer 
Shallow, adj. not deep, T, Home, 
„ v. n. Tennent 
Shallowest, adj. sp. Burke" 
Shallow-pated, adj. Wilson 
Sham, sb. Macaulay 

„ adj. Palmer, Swift 
Shamble, v. n. Carlyle 
Shambling, adj. Stowe 
Shame, sb. disgrace, D, T, Stowe 
Shameful, adj. Burke, 
Shamefully, adj. Burke 
Shameless, adj. Burke 
Shamelessly, adj. Burke 
Sha^nmer, sb. All Y R 
Shamrock, sb. Delamer 
Shanks, sb. T 
Shant, v. a. Palmer 
Shanty, sb. W H Russell 


Shi^ sb. Dryden 

„ Y. 8. Scott, T 
Shape&st, adj. Barnes ' 
Shapeless, adj. Burke 
Shapely, adj. elegant, Southey 
Shaping, sb. Tennyson 
Shard, sb. Tooke, Longfellow 
Share, sb. section, Barnes 

„ sb. ploughshare, Times 

„ V. a. D, T 

„ sb. Tooke 
Share bone, sb. Tooke 
Sharer, sb. Burke 
Sharke, 8b..Ann Reg 
Sharp, adj. Dryden 
„ y. a. Palmer 
Sharpen, y. a. exasperate, Burnet 

„ (lit.)~Burke 

Sharpening, adj. W 
Sharper, so. Swift, Gay 
Sharpest, adj. sp. Burke 
Sharping, sb. Palmer 
Sharply, ady. Scott, T 
Sharpness, sb. (met.) Burke 
Sharpset, adj. Dixon 
Shatter, y. a. split, Kingsley 
Shattered, adj. Scott, Tennyson 
Shaye, sb. a false report or story, 

Shayer, sb. Dickens 
Shaw, sb. thicket, Warter 
Shawin^, sb. Scott 
She, adj. Swift 

„ pron. Burke 
Sheal, y. a. Smiles 
Shealing, sb. Orig Scot, Home 
Shear, sb. Delamer 

„ y. a. Scott, Stowe 
Shearer, sb. Wordsworth 
Shearling, sb. Times 
Shearwater, sb. Kingsley 
Sheath, coyer, y. a. Burnet 

„ sb. Tennyson 
Sheathe, put in a sheath, y. a. 

Shed, y. a. W, Stowe 

„ sb. Burke 
Shedder, sb. Wordsworth 
Sheep, sb. Tennyson 
„ adj. Vac Tour 
Sheepbiter, sb. Addison 
Sheep-farm, sb. Times 
Sheep-fold, sb. W 
Sheepish, adj. Shaftesbury, Tra, 

Holyday, Glos'ter Chron 
Sheep's-head, sb (a fish), Maury 
Sheepskin, sb. Gibbon 
Sheer, ady. Stowe 

„ ady. quite, Winkworth 

„ adj. Mill 

„ y. a. cut, Tooke 
Sheering, adj. yertical, Curtis 
Sheerly, ady. D of Buckingham 
Sheet (piling), adj. Smiles 
Sheets (bed), sb. Burke 
Sheik, sb. Gibbon 
Shekinah, sb. Burnet 
Shelf, sb. Delamer 
Shell, sb. Burke 


Shell, sb. hilt, SmoUett 
„ (of a house^, Stowe 
„ y. a. (beans) Cfarlyle 
Shelled, adj. Gosse 
Shell out, y. a. turn out, De Q 
Shellwork, sb. Gray 
Shelly, adj. Gosse 
Shelter, so. W, Stowe 
Sheltered, adj. Wordsworth 
Shelterless, adj. W, Times 
Shelty, sb. pony. Smiles 
Shelye, y. a. lay aside, Irying 

„ y. n. Buskin 
Shelving, adj. W 
Shelvy, adj. Moir 
Shend, v. a. hurt, Gay 
Shent, y. a. punish, W 
Shepherd, sb. (lit.) Burke 
Shepherdspurse, so. (plant), Del 
Sheriff, sb. Irving 
Sheriffship, sb. Burke 
Shetrageman, sb. Addison 
Shew, v. a. and sb. Burke 

„ sb. (theatrical), B 
Shewy, adj. Burke 
Shield, sb. D, Stowe 
Shielinff, sb. Smiles, Vac Tour 
Shift, sb. (of men .5' or) 2-hours' 
work. Times 
„ sb. Kingsley, M, St, Tooke 
„ V. a. change, Burke 
„ y. n. Scott, B, Swift 
„ to make (phr.) Swift 
Shift off, V. a. put off, Johnson 
Shifting, adj. Burke 

„ sb. Burke 
Shiftless, adj. Burke, Stowe 
Shifty, adj. Carl, Kingsley 
Shillelagh, sb. Gn Smith 
Shilling, adj. Swift 
„ sb. Swift 
ShiUingworth, sb. Traheme 
Shilly-shally, sb. De Quincey 
„ adv. De Quincey 

„ adj. Stowe 

Shilly-shallying, adj. Thackeray 
Shin, sb. Burke 
Shine, v. n. Dryden, T 
„ sb. confidence, De Q 
„ sb. Times, Stowe 
Shmgled, adj. Warter 
Shingler(ofiron), sb. Temple Bar 
Shingly, adj. Tennyson 
Shining, adj. Tennyson 
Ship, so. and v. a. Dryden 

„ adj. of a ship, Hobbes 
Shipbuilding, sb. Fairbaim 
Shipfiil, sb. Bond 
Shipload, sb. Bond 
Shipmoney, sb. Macaulay 
Shippen, sb. cowhouse. Lane 
Shipping, sb. ships, Burke 
Shipwreck, sb. Traheme 
„ v. a. Burnet 

Shipwright, sb. Burke 
Shire, sb. Burke 
Shiremote, sb. Burke 
Shire-reeve, sb. Burke 
Shirk, y. a. Stowe 


Shirt, sb. Swift, Our £ng Home 
Shirted, adj. Warter 
Shirtless, adj. Lamb 
Shiver, sb. Stowe 
Shivering, adj. Burke 
Shivery, adj. Stowe 
Shoal, sb. Warter 
„ adj. Maury 
Shock, sb. T, W, N 

„ a knot of hair, Lrving 

„ y. a. affright, Burke 
Shocking, adj. Burke 
Shockingly, adv. Burke 
Shoddy, sb. an inferior sort of 

cloth. Sat E«y 
Shoe, sb. Tooke, Scott, Smiles 

„ sb. Times 
Shoeblack, sb. Times, Smiles 
Shoeing, adj. Times 
Shoeing-hom, sb. Times 
Shoeless, adj. Lamb, Smiles 
Shoemaker, sb. Burke 
Shoon, pi. of shoe, B A Vaughan 
Shoot (with guns), y. a. D, Stowe 
Shoot against, v. a. Burnet 
Shoot sb. (lit.) Ruskin 
„ (met.^ Burke 
Shooter, sb. Hoobes 
Shooting, sb. right of s. Vac Tour 
Shooting-box, so. Wilson 
Shooting-coat, sb, Clark 
Shop, sb. Scott 
Shopkeeper, sb. Burke 
Shoplift, V. n. Oliphant 
Shore sb. D, Tooke 
Shoreless, adj. Times 
Short, adj. Dryden, -est, B 

„ adv. Burnet 

„ adj. deficient, D, Carlyle 
Short, the, and the long (phr.) 

Shortcoming, sb. Warter, Stowe 
Shorten, v. a. Dryden 
Shortlived, adj. Addison 
Shortly, adv. btowe 
Shortness, sb. Burke 
Shortsighted, adj. Burke 
Shortsightedness, sb. Sat Rev 
Shory, adj. Burnet 
Shot sb. cannon shot T 

„ sb. one who shoots. Sat Rev 

„ sb. strij) of land. A C C 
Shotfree, adj. without payment, 

Shotstar, sb. Moir 
Should, perf. t. Burke 
Shoulder, v. a. Warter. 
Shoulders, sb. pi. Dryden 
Shoulder-blade, sb. Irving, Spec 
Shout, sb. Wordsworth 
Shove, V. a. Stowe 
Shovel, V. a. Delamer 
Shoveller, sb. a bird, Barnes 
Show sb. vanity, D 

„ exhibition, Addison, B 

„ y.a. D,T, 

„ V. n. Stowe 
Show-out, expose itself, y. n. DeQ 
Shower, sb. (lit.) Ruskin, T 



Shower, (met.) Stowe 
V. a. Gibbon 


Showery, adj. Tennyson 
Showman, sb. Chelt Times, Sou 
Shrapnel, sb. the Warder 
Shred, y. a. Delamer, Swift 

„ sb. Burke 
Shrew, sb. (animal) Darwin 
Shrewd, sb. Addison 
Shrewd-ash, sb. Warter 
Shrewdness, sb. cleyemess, 

Shrewly, adv. Times 
Shriek, sb. Tennyson 

„ V. n. Dryaen 

,j V. a. Scott 
Shneker, sb. Clark 
Shrift, sb. Scott, Warter 
Shrike, sb. (bird) T 
Shrill, adj. Worasworth 

„ V. n. Tennyson, Carlyle 
Shrilling, adj. Gay, Burke 
Shrimpscalder, sb. Huddesford 
Shrine, y. a. Moir 

„ sb. Burke 
Shrink, y. a. Hobbes 

„ V. n. D, B 
Shrinkage, sb. Times 
Shrink up, y. n. Eachard 
Shriyelling, adj. De Quincey 
Shrop, sb. Times 
Shroudless, adj. Holmes 
Shroud, sb. and y. n. W 
Shrouded, adj. Scott 
Shrub, sb. Delamer, Times 
Shrubbery, sb. Delamer 
Shrug, sb. Stowe 
Shudder, y. n. Tennyson 
Shue, interj. Hobbes 
Shuffle, sb. Burnet 

„ sb. dance, W H R 

„ sb. cheat, Burke 

„ (cards) y. a. Macm Mag 
Shuffle off, y. a. Burnet 
Shuffling, sb. Bentley, Burnet 
Shun, y. a. Dryden 
Shunfield, sb. Hobbes 
Shunt, V. a. (met.) Ed Rey 
Shunting, sb. Sat Rey 

„ adj. Times 
Shut, sb. close, Moir 
Shut of, get, y. a. Reade 
Shut up, y. a. Traherne, Stowe 
Shutter, sb. W, Delamer 
Shuttle, y. n. Carlyle 

„ (weayer*s^ sb. Gay 

„ (lady's) Delaney 
Shy, adj. W, Southey, Wr 

„ V. a. throw, De Quincey 
Shy, take a, De Quincey 
Shyish, adj. Lamb 
Shyly, ady. Stowe 
Sibilation, sb. Carlyle 
Sibylline, adj. Kingsley 
Siccatore, sb. A C Carlyle 
Sicesh, sb. (Secession feeling) 

W H Russell 
Sick, sb. Nightingale 
„ adj. Tennyson, Stowe 


Sick, (to make), y. a. to diBgust, 

Sicken, y. n. Wordsworth 

„ y. a. Tennyson 
Sickish, adj. Times 
Sickle, sb. T, Home 
Sickliness, sb. Southey 
Sick-list, sb. Wilson 
Sickly, adj. Dryden 

„ ' y. n. Burke 
Sickness, sb. T 
Side, adj. Bentley, Clark 

„ sb. Dryden 

„ sb. party, D 

„ (the wrong), of twenty. 

„ y. a. push. Lamb 

„ lie near. Lamb 

Side-bar, sb. turnpike. Star and 

Side by side, phr. W, T 

„ ady. Wordsworth 

Sidelong, adj. Wordsworth 
Sideral, (time), adj. E BDenison 
Side-wind, sb. Tooke 
Sidesman, sb. Sat Rey 
Siding (railway), sb. Woods 
Siege, sb. Burke 
Sieging, sb. Carlyle 
Sienna, sb. (the colour), W H R 
Siesta, sb. Vac Tour 
Sieve, sb. Delamer 
Sift, y. a. Tennyson, Stowe 
Sifting, adj. Stowe 
Sigh, sb. and v. n. D, T 
Sight, sb. view, T 
Sighting (target), adj. Ld Elcho 
Sightless, adj. out of sight, T 
Sightly, adj. Swift 
Sight-seeing, sb. Smiles 
Sigil, sb. Dryden 
Sign, sb. D, W H R, Ruskin 

„ v. n. Stowe 

„ v. a. D, Acton Warburton 
Signal, adj. Burke 
Signalize, v. a. Burke 
Signally, adv. Burke 
Signalman, sb. Times 
Signatary, sb. Sat Rev, Times 
Signature, sb. a sign, Addison 
„ sb. R A V, Burke 
Signet, sb. Scott, Tennyson 
Significancy, sb. Tooke 
Significant, adj. Stowe 
Significative, adj. Ruskin 
Signification, sb. hint, Burnet 

„ meaning, B 

Signify, v. a. D, Burnet 
Siguier, sb. Burke 
Signiora, sb. Burke 
Signiory, sb. Burke 
Silence, sb. Dryden, Warter 

„ v. a. Burke 
Silent, adj. D, Bentley 

„ ofy for about, Nat Rev 
Silently, adv. D, B 
Silicification, sb. Sat Rev 
Silicify, v. a. Sat Rev 
Silk, sb. Tennyson 


Silk, sb. silk dress, A TroUope 
„ adj. Burke 

Silken, adj. Gibbon, T, Stowe 

Sill, sb. Hobbes 

Silly, adj. Dryden, Stowe 

Silt, v. a. (up), Lewin 
„ sb. Kingsley, Bp Patrick 

Silver, sb. Burke 

„ v. a. (met.) Stowe 

„ adj. made of s., Tennyson 



gi-ey (hair), T 



[like s.), Delamer 
Silverly, adv. R A Vaughan 
Silver-tongued, adj.^ Warter 
Similar, adj. Burke 
Similarly, adv. Christian Remem 
Simile, sb. Burke, W 
Similitude, sb. likeness, Rn 

sb. use of similes, 
parallel, B, R 
Simmering, adj. Tennent 
Simony, so. Burke 
Simper, sb. Addison 
Simpering, sb. Traherne 
Simple, adj. unaffected, W, Wr 

„ sb. plant, Swift 
Simpleton, sb. Swift 
Simplicity, sb. Wordsworth 
Simplification, sb. Burke 
Simplified, adj. Pordage 
Simplifiedly, adv. E Hooker 
Simplify, v. a. Gibbon 
Simply, adv. merely, B 
Simulacra, sb. images, Rn 
Simulacrum, sb. Carlyle 
Simulation, sb. Carlyle 
Simulator, sb. De Quincey 
Simultaneousness, sb. Lamont 
Sin, sb. Ruskin 

„ a wicked act, D 

„ v. n. Dryden 
Since, adv. Biu'ke 
„ conj. Tennyson 
„ prep. Scott 
Sincere, adj. Burke 
Sincerely, adv. Scott 
Sincerity, sb. Burke 
Sinciput, sb. Addison, W H R 
Sindon, sb. Our Eng Home 
Sinecure, sb. Tennyson 
„ adj. B Hope 
Sinecurism, sb. Sat Rey 
Sinewous, adj. Tannhauser 
Sinewy, adj. Scott, W H R 
Sinful, adj. Scott 
Sing, v. n. D, Hobbes, Palmer 
Singe, v. a. Hobbes 
Singer, sb. Scott 
Singerie, sb. monkey-trick, Carl 
Singing, sb. Tennyson 

„ adj. used for s. Be Q 
Single, adj. (Ut.) D, T 
Single out, v. a. Bond 
Singleness, sb. solitude, W 
„ (opp. to multiplicity), 
Singlet, sb. Lancashire 
Singly, ady. one by one, B 


Singular, adj. each, D 
„ odd, B 

Singularity, sb. Burke 
Singularly, adv. specially, B 
Sinister, adj. ill-omened, Pope 
Sinistrously, adv. Bp P, North 
Sink, V. a. D, T, W H Russell 

„ V. n. Tennyson 

„ sb. Traheme, St 
Sinker (mining), sb. Times 
Sinkers, sb. stockings without 

feet, T Hughes 
Sinking, sb. Moir, Stowe 
Sinner, sb. Stowe 
Sinologue, sb. Swinhoe 
Sinus, sb. T Burnet 
Siphuncle, sb. Sat Rev 
Sippet, sb. £ S Delamer 
Sir, sb. Garlyle 
„ V. a. Garlyle 
Sire, sb. D, T 
Siren, sb. T Brown 
Simame, sb Scott 
Sist, sb. A C Garlyle 
Sister, sb. a nun, Southey 

„ sb. (lit.) Dryden 

„ adj. Morning Post 
Sisterhood, sb. Scott 
Sistren, s b. p lur. Woods 
Sit, V. n. W, Hobbes, Scott 
- ,, sb. fit. Sat Rev 
Sitfast, adj. Garlyle 
Sithe, sb. T Taylor 
Sit loose by, (pnr.J Winkworth 
Sitter, (artisfs), so. Talfourd 
Sitting, sb. B, Reynolds 
Sitting-room, sb. Scott 
Situate, adj. Gibbon 
Situation, sb. locality, Scott 

„ position, De Q 

Six, adj. T Burnet 
at sixes and sevens, De Quincey 
Six-clerk, sb. Burke 
Sixpence, sb. Burke 
Sixteen, adj. Burke 
Sixteenth, adj. Burke 
Sixth, adj. Burke 
Sixty, adj. Dryden 
Sizar, sb. M, Irving 
Sizarship, sb. H K White, B 
Size, sb. Swift 
Sizeable, adj. Addison 
Skate, sb. Eng Home, Motley 

„ V. n. Gay- 
Skater, sb. Moir 
Skean, sb. Macaulay 
Skeel, sb. pail, Yorkshire 
Skein, sb. Defoe 

„ of wildfowl, Melville 
Skeleton, sb. Bentley, T Burnet 

„ framework, Glark 
Skene-ocele, sb. Scott 
Skerry, sb. Hugh Miller 
Sketeh, sb. Ru^dn 
Sketehiness, sb. Ruskin 
Skewbald^ sb. Windsor Express 
Skiey, adj. Moir 
Skiff, sb. Swift, Scott 
Skill, sb. B, Tooke, Soott 


Skill, V. n. know how. Tour in 
matter, Garlyle 


Skilled, adi. Bond, Ed Rev 
Skilless, adj. without art, Trench 

„ without skill, Garl 

„ clumsy, Ed Rev 

Skillet, sb. Stowe 
Skim, V. a. Hobbes 

„ sb. Moir 
Skimble-skamble, sb. Motley 
Skimp, adj. spare, Percy Soc 

Skimpily, adv. Gregory 
Skimpy, adj. A TroUope 
Skin, V. a. cover as with a skin, 
W, T Burnet 

„ V. a. flay, Stowe 
Skin-deep, adj. Nat Rev, Gar- 
lyle, Southey 
Skinflint, sb. Lond Rev 
Skinflintiness, sb. Lond Rev 
Skink, V. n. Hobbes 
Skinker, sb. Lamb 
Skinless, adj. Sat Rev 
Skinned, adi . having skins, Barnes 
Skip, sb. Macaulay 

„ V. a. T Burnet, B Hope 

„ V. n. Hobbes 
Skirmisher, sb. Evening Star 
Skirret, sb. E S Delamer 
Skirt, V. a. Tennent 

„ V. n. Gibbon 

„ sb. environ, Scott 

„ (of a dress), Tennyson 
Skittish, (horse), adj. De Q 
Skreen, sb. Traheme 
Skua, sb. a bird, Gosse 
Skulk, V. n. H Dixon 
Skulker, sb. All Y R 
Skull-cap, sb. North, Irving 
Skunk, sb. Sat Rev, Irving 
Skury, sb. thin boat. Smiles 
Skuttle, sb. Addison 
Sky, sb. Wordsworth, Rn 
Sky-blue, adj. Southey 
Skyey, adj. Moir, Tannhauser, 

Skyhigh, adv. Garlyle 
Skylark, v. n. Sherard Osbom 
Skylight, sb. Nightingale 
Skyline, sb. Vac Tour 
Skyrending, adj. Garlyle 
Skyrocket, sb. Dryden 
Skyscape, sb. Anderson 
Skyward, adj. Moir 
Slab, sb. Times 
Slabber, v. a. Hobbes 
Slab-sided, adj. Stowe 
Slack, sb. small coal, Smiles 

„ sb. Swift 

„ adj. Scott, Stowe 
Slacken, v. n. Wordsworth 

„ V. a. Scott 
Slackening, sb. De Quincey 
Slackly, adv. Tennyson 
Slake, V. n. lessen, Garlyle 

„ sb. Garlyle, 
Slam, y. n. Garlyle 


Slander, y. a. Tennyson 
a slander, sb. Tennyson 
Slang, sb. Mackenzie 
Slangy, adj. Times 
Slant, V. n. and v. a. Tennyson 
sb. Warter 
adj. Wordsworth, Hope 

„ adv. Garlyle 
Slanting, adj. Delamer 
Slap, V. a. and sb. Stowe 
Slash, V. a. Garlyle 
Slashing, adj. Scott 
Slater, sb. Gregory 
Slattern, sb. J GoUier 
Slatting, adj. Times 
Slaughter, sb. Tennyson 
Slave, sb. D, Garlyle 

„ adj. Stowe 
Slaveholding, adj. Sat Rev 
Slavery, sb. Stowe 
Slay, V. a. Dryden 
Sleaum, sb. slumber, Lancashire 
Sled, sb. sleigh, North 
Sled-car, sb. Swift 
Sledge-hammer, sb. Motley 
Sleek, V. a. A Smith 
Sleep, V. n. Scott, N 

„ sb. Wordsworth, N 
Sleeping (room), adj. SirW Scott 

„ adi. asleep, Stowe 
Sleepish, adj. Traheme 
Sleeplessness, sb. Nightingale 
Sleepy-headed, adj. Scott 
Sleet, sb. Delamer, Patrick, Gay 
Sleight, or slight, sb. Traheme 
Sleeve, creep up one's, Gouffer 

„ lau^h in one's, Lamo 
Sleeved, adj. Mayne Reid 
Sleeveless, adj. without sleeves, 

Sherard Osbom 
Slieveless, adj resultless, Wr 
Slender, adj. Tennyson, De Q 
Slenderest, sb. Motley 
Slenderly, adv. De Quincey 
Slew-round, v. a. De Quincey 
Slide, V. n. Dryden 

sb. sledge. Smiles 
sb. shutter, W H Russell 
Slider, sb. one who slides, Moir 

„ sliding-axe, B 

Slifter, sb. crevice, Lancashire 
Slight, sb. neglect, W, Swift 

„ adj. Swift, Scott 

„ V. a. Tennyson 
Slighted, adj. Wordsworth 
Slighting, sb. Swift 
Slightness, sb. Rn, F T Palgrave 
Sling, sb. sweep (of his arm) De Q 

(for stones) sb. Arnold 
sb. a " " 

sD. a drink, De Quincey 
Slinger, sb. Arnold, Athenaeum 
Slink, V. n. Swift, De Quincey 
Slinking, adj. Gregory 
Slip, sb. strip, Wordsworth 
(give a man the) Hobbes 
V. a. let slip. History of Sir 

J Hawkwood, De Q. 
push, V. a. Stowe 
(off) V. a. Tennyson 


Slip (on) T. a. Sir W Scott 

„ y. n. Tennyson 

„ sb. Delamer 
Slipper ^oot^, sb. Scott 
Slippered, aaj. R A Yaughan 
Slippery, adj. Dryden, Stowe 
Slip-slop, sb. Ballad 
Slit, sb. Delamer 
Sliver, sb. Tannhaoser 
Slob, adj. Times 

„ sb. wet mire, Dixon 
Slobbery, adj. Carlyle 
Slodger, sb. Smiles 
Slogan, sb. Scott, Gn Smith 
Sloop, sb. Motley 
Slope, sb. (for inyalids) Swift, 

Be Quincey 
Slope, sb. T, Irving, Delamer 

„ adj. Gay 
Slope off, y. n. Saturday Keyiew 
Slopwork, sb. Smiles 
Slopy, adj. Anthony Trollope 
Sloth, sb. (the animal) Gosse 
Sloth, sb. Dryden 
Slothful, adj. Sir W Scott 
Slotting, adj. W Fairbaim 
Slouch, sb. Swift 
Slough, sb. Swift 

„ y. a. coyer up, Tannhauser 
Slow, adj. Wordsworth 
Slowness, sb. Nightingale 
Slowly, ady. Tennyson 
Slubber, y. n. Swift 
Sluggard, sb. Sir W Scott 
Slu^, sb. (animal) Delamer 
Slmce, y. a. Stockton Timet 
Slumber, sb. Dryden 
Slumberously, ady. G Dickens 
Slumbrous, adj. W, Dickens 
Slur oyer, y. a. Swift 

„ sb. Traheme 

„ sb. (in music) C Reade 
' „ y. a. Tennyson 
Slush, sb. W H Russell 
Slushy, adj. Dickens 
Slut, sb. Swift, Addison 
Sluttish, adj. Addison 
Slyboot, sb. Swift 
Smack, sb. vessel, S, Daily Tel 
„ stroke, Lancashire 

„ y. a., s. down, De Q 
Small, adj. Eingsley; -er, Gib 
Smallage, sb. herbs. Temple 
Small-pox, sb. Oliphant, Irving 
Small-talk, sb. Snules 
Smart, adj. (^uick, Stowe 
Smartish, adi. T. Hughes 
Snuurtness, sb. vigour. Times 
„ wittiness, J Collier 
„ (quality of being smart 

(in a soldier) , Ti 
Smash, v. a. Wilson, St 

„ sb. a drink, W H R 
Smasher, sb. W James 
Smashing, sb. (met.) De Q 

„ adj. Stowe 
Smatch, sb. smattering, Percy 
Soc Songs 
,f smack, Lamb 



Smatch, kiss, Lano 
Smear, sb. Nightingale 
Smeary, adj. C Dickens 
Smell, sb. Wordsworth, N 

„ ofy for atf v. a. Stowe 
Smell-feast, sb. All Year Round 
Smile, V. n. D, Tennyson 

„ sb. W, T, Hare 
Smileless, adj. Wordsworth 
Smirch, v. a. H Taylor 
Smirchless, adj. Herschel 
Smirking, adj. J Collier, Add 
Smite, V. a. T, Hobbes 

„ v. n. Stowe 
Smith, sb. Scott 
Smithcraft, sb. Artist and Cr 
Smithy-dander, sb. cinder, Scott 
Smithery, sb. (met.JBurke, De Q 

„ (lit.) Times 

Smock, sb. s. frock, Wr, Carl 
Smoke, sb. Tennyson 

„ (tobacco), Southey 

„ V. n. Dryden, Stowe 

„ v. a. ridicule, Addison 

„ find out, De Q 

Smokeless, adj. Wordsworth 
Smooth, V. n. Stowe 
adv. Stowe 
adj. W 
„ courtiy, Bp Burnet 

Smoothbore, sb. w H Russell 
Smoothen, v. a. T Hook, Lamont 
Smother, v. a. Stowe 
Smothered, adj. (met.) Stowe 
Smouchy, adj. Lamb 
Smouldering, adj. Wr, Stowe 
Smoulder, so. (Carlyle 
Smug, adj. Thackeray, De Q 
Smut, sb. black spot, Ormsby 

„ obscene language. Palmer 

„ dirt, Burke 

„ V. a. Addison 
Smuttinese, sb. Temple 
Smutty, adj. Traherne 
Snack, sb. share. Swift 
Snaffle, v. n. Roebuck 
Sna^, sb. E S Delamer 
Snail, sb. Scptt 

„ V. n. creep, Wilson 
Snake,^sb. Dryden 

„ snail, E Adams 

„ v. n. Stowe 
Snake-root, sb. E S Delamer 
Snaky, adj. Gay 

„ treacherous, De Q 

Snap, V. a. close sharply, Stowe 

„ D, Scott 

„ sb. snarl. Lamb 

„ (shot), adj. C Reade 

„ y. n. make snaps, Stowe 
Snapdragon, sb. E S Delamer 
Snappish, adj. Bishop Patrick 
Snare, sb. Dryden, Scott 
Snarl, v. n. ^owl, Morning Post 

„ sb. tangle, Palmer 

„ growl, Moir 

Snarler, sb. De Quincey 
Snarling, adj. Swift 
Snatch, y. a. Dryden, Scott 


Snatch, sb. Swift 
Snatching, adj. thieving, Scott 
Sneak, v. n. creep, Sh Osbom 
Sneaking, adj. B, Scott 
Sneakingly, adv. Bp Patrick 
Sneaky, adj. Yac Tour 
Sneer, sb. De Quincey 
Sneerer, sb. Kingsley 
Sneering, sb Hare 
Sneeshon, sb. pinch of snuff. Lane 
Snicker-snce, sb. Huddesford 
Sniff, V. a. Gosse 

„ sb. moment, Lancashire 
Snig, sb. kind of eel, Lane 
Snigger, v. n. Carlyle 
Sniggerer, sb. Dickens 
Sniggle, sb. Stowe 
Snips; go; go shares, Lane 
Snipe, sb. Kingsley, (xosse 
Snipe-dust, sb. shot, W H R 
Snot), sb. De Quincey 
Snobbishness, sb. Times 
Snobocracy, sb. Kingsley 
Snore, v. n. Scott 
Snort, sb. Stowe 
Snout, sb. Dryden 

„ V. a. Percy Soc Songs 
Snouty, adj. Times 
Snow, sb. Wordsworth, Rn 
Snowball-tree, sb. E S Delamer 
Snowdrift, sb. Spottiswoode 
Snowdrop, sb. Holmes, E S 

Snowed, adj. T Brown 
Snowflake, sb. (flower), E S 

Snowshoe, sb. T 
Snowy, adj. T, Scott 
Snub, V. n. Sat Rev 

„ sb. Sat Rev 
Snubber, sb. Sat Rev 
Snubbing, sb. Osbom 
Snubby, adj. Miss Evans 
Snuff (a candle), v. a. Scott 

„ V. n. sniff, Stowe 
Snuff, to be up to, De Quincey 
Snug, adj. Wordsworth, Stowe 
Snugify, v, a. Lamb 
Snugly, adv. Stowe 
Snugness, sb. W, B Hope 
So, adv. Tennyson 
„ adv. in such manner, Swift 
„ conj., cor. of as, Bp Burnet 
So that, conj. Tennyson 
Soaking, sb. T Burnet 
Soap, V. a. (lit.) G Rawlinaon 
Soap-suds, sb. E S Delamer 
Sob, sb. Southey 
Sobbingly, adv. T Hook 
Sober, adj. grave, Fielding, W, 

Soberly, adv. Stowe 
Sobriquet, sb. Smiles, De Q 
Soccage, sb. H Taylor 
Sociability, sb. Gn Smith 
Social, adj. Carlyle 
Socialism, sb. J S Mill, Ludlow 
Socialize, y. a. Muae in Kin 
Societarian,a^ . of asociety Jjonb 


Sodetarian, adj . of society, Lamb 
Society, sb. Carlyle 

„ of minds, C Beade 

„ grathering, Waiter 

Sociologic, adj. West Eev 
Sociology, sb. Brimley 
Sociologist, sb. B Hope 
Sod, sb. E S Delamer 
Sodden, adj. E S Delamer 
Soever, adv. Swift, Hobbes 
Sofa, sb. Ld Lindsay, N 
Soffit, sb. Smiles 
Soft, adj. Df Gosse, B 

„ adv. Winkworth 
Soften, V. a. (down), W 
Softened, adi. Stowe 
Softening, sb. Burke 
Softly, adv. D, Swift, Stowe 
So^fged, adj. Gosse 
Soil, V. a. defame, Tannhauser 

„ sb. E S Delamer 
Soilless, adj. without mould, 

Solacement, sb. Carlyle 
Solacer, sb. Lamb 
Solan, sb. Moir 
Solar, sb. upper room, Bentley's 

Soldier, sb. a red beetle, Kingsley 

„ (man), Southey, Wr 
Soldierhood, sb. Macm Mag 
Soldiering, sb. Kingsley 
Soldier-l&e, adj Irving 
Soldierly, adj. Traheme 
Soldiery, sb. Scott 
Sole, sb. ^of a shoe), Gay 
„ sb. (the fish). Gay 
„ adj. only, Stowe 
Solecistical, adj. Johnson . 
Solemn, adj. Shaftesbury, North 
Solemnly, adv. D, Warter 
Solicit, V. a. manage. North 
Solicitor, sb. one who begs, B 
Solicitous, adj. Burke 
Solicitrix, sb. North 
SoUd, adj. T 

„ adj. substantial, Gib 
Solidarity, sb. Sat Rev, Marsh 
Solidly, adv. Wilson, N 
Soliloquy, sb. Stowe 
Solitaire, sb. (bird), Gosse 
„ (band of ribbon), Percy 
Soc Songs 
Solitariness, sb. Schemmelp 
Solitary, adj. Wordsworth 
Solitude, sb. Wordsworth 
Sollicitudinous, adj- T Brown 
Solomonian, adj. W H Russell 
Solstitial, adj. W 
Solubility, sb. Lewes ^ 
Solution, sb. explanation, Rn 

„ (watery), sb. Rn 
Solvent, so. G £[awlinson 
looser. Lamb 


Somatic, adj. Sat Rev 
Somatics, sb. Sat Rev 
Sombre, adj. Freer 
Sombrero, sb. W H Russell 
Sombrons, adj. "^ordsworth 


Some, adj. D, T 
Somehow, adv. Tennyson 
Somersault, sb. Times 
Something, adv. Wordsworth 
„ sb. Scott 

„ sb. s. good, Doddridge, T 
Sometime, adv. formerly, Tooke 
Sojnetimes, adv. Dryden 
Somewhat, sb. Swift, Ten 
Somewhither, adv. Carlyle 
Somnambulate, v. n. Carlyle 
Son, sb. Scott, Tennyson 
Song, sb. D, W, Hare 
Songfulness, sb. Kingsley 
Songless, adj. Ruskin, Moir 
Songlessly, adv. Ruskin 
Song-sparrow, sb. Gosse 
Songstress, sb. Wordsworth 
Sonhood, sb. Carlyle 
Sonnet, sb. Wordsworth 
Sonnetteer, sb. D, Addison 
Sonship, sb. Tract 
Soon, adv. Wordsworth 

„ adj. Bentley 
Soot, sb. Temple 
Sooth, sb. W, M Punshon 
Sooty, adj. Stowe, Hobbes 
Sop, sb. bribe, Swift 
Sophism, sb. Tucker 
Sophist, sb. Col, J S Mill 
Sophisticate, adj. L Hunt 
Sophistication, sb. Addison, Rn 
Sophister, sb. Burke 
Sophistry, sb. Warter 
Sorcerous, adi. Harris 
Sorcery, sb. Dryden 
Sore, adj. W 

„ sb. Scott 
Sorghum, sb. Mom Post 
Som, V. n. De Quincey 
Somer, sb. Macaulay 
Sororal, adj. Lamb 
Sorrel, sb. E S Delamer 
„ adj., s. coloured, Stowe 
„ adi. red, Irving 
Sorrow, sb. D, Tennyson 
Sorry, adj. poor, W, Swift 
Sort, sb. fashion, W 
f „ kind, W 

„ way, Bp Burnet 

„ V, n. agree, W, Hare 

„ V. a. arrange. Swift, St 
Sortie, sb. Percy Soc Songs 
Sortilegy, sb. De Quincey 
Sortition, sb. Burke 
So-so, adj. De Quincey 
Sotting, sb. De Quincey 
Soubah, sb. Burke 
Soubahdar, sb. Burke 
Soucar, adj. Burke 
„ sb. Burke 
Soucaring, sb. Burke 
Sough, sb. a drain, Ray 

„ lump, Hobbes 

Soughing, adj. sighing, Kingsley 
SoiU^ sb. Dryden, Stowe 

„ person, W H Russell 

„ adj. Stowe 
Soulish, adj. H Law 


Soulless, adj. Kingsley 
Sound, sb. of a fish, West Rev 

„ sb. Dryden 
Soundless (snow), adj. De Q 
Soundly, adv. Scott 
Sour, adj. surly, W 

„ V. a. T Brown, Swift 
Source, sb. Gibbon 
Souse, adv. R A Yaughan 
Souse down upon, v. a. B 
South, sb. Tennyson 
Southboard, sb. rebuff, AGO 
Southdown, adj. Times 
South-east, sb. Irving 
Southerly, adv. Irving 
Southernwood, sb. E S Delamer 
South-land, adj. Scott 
Southwardly, adv. Irving 
Southwest, sb. Irving 
Southwester, sb. Vac Tour 
Southwestwardly, adj. Maury 
South-south-east, sb. Irving 
Sovereign, sb. Dryden, MoUey 
„ adj. excellent, D 

„ supreme, W, Swift 

Sovereignty, sb. Mom Post, 

Sow, sb. Tanimal), T 
„ head, T Boobin 
Sow, V. a. D, Tennyson 
Sowar, sb. W H Russell 
Sown, adj. Burke 
Sowthistle, sb. E S Delamer 
Space, sb. Dryden, Stowe 

„ sb. surface, Lindley 

Spacious, adj. D, Gibbon 
Spade, sb. (at cards), Macm Mag 

„ (digging), Delamer 
Spadework, sb. Carlyle 
Spadille, sb. ace of spades, 

Macm Mag 
Spadix, sb. Delamer 
Spagiric, adj. R A Vaughan 
Spagnolet, sb. (a dres^, Percy 

Soc Songs 
Spahis, sb. pi. Smollett 
Span, V. a. stretch over, T 

„ spick and, (phr.) Lamb 
Spandrel, sb. Athenseum 
Spangle, v. a. Tennyson 
Spaniel, adj. Scott 
Spanish-moss, sb. Gosse 
Spank, sb. T Hughes 
Spanselled, adj. De Quincey 
Spar, V. n. (with fists). Palmer 

„ y. a. make sparry, Moir 
Spare, v. a. D, Palmer 

„ adj. surplus, D Tel 
Spareless, adj. not sparing, Moir 
Sparingly, adv. Southey 
Spark, sb. lover, Percy Soc Songs 

„ gay man, B 

Sparkish, adj. Hist of Sir J 

Sparkle, v. n. Hare, Tennyson 
sb. (lit.) Johnson, Rn 
sb. (of joy), Traheme 
. glistenine, Stowe 
Sparkling, m\. Wordfi worth 




Sparkling, sb. Wordsworth 
Sparrow, sb. W, Scott 
Sparrowhawk, sb. Tennyson 
Sparry (vaiilt), adj. Wordsworth 
Sparse, adj. The iPress 
Sparsely, ady. Times 
Sparver, sb. canopy. Our Eng 

Spasm, sb. Stowe, Warter 
Spasmodically, adv. De Q 
Spate, sb. flood, Smiles 
Spatter, y. a. Gosse 
Spatterdash, sb. overall, Swift 
Spawn (mushroom), sb. Delamer 

„ V. a. (met ) Swift 
Spieak, Y. n. and y. a. Tennyson 

„ to for o/j y. a. Warb 
Speakable, adj. Carlyle 
Speaking-trumpet, sb. Palmer 
Spear, so. pump-rod, Times 

„ (of hair), sb. Stowe 
Spearmint, sb. Warter 
Spec, sb. speculation, Delamer, 

De Quincey 
Special, adj. K Burton 
Speciality, sb. Kingsley 
Specie, so. coin, Chesterf, Scott 
Species, sb. D, Wr 
Specific, sb. Stowe 

„ adj. Ruskin 
Specifical, adj. T Burnet 
Specimen, sb. Delamer 
Speciosity, sb. Carlyle 
Specious, adj. Gibbon, Bond 
Speciousness, sb. De Quincey 
Speck, y. a. dot, Southey 
Speckled, adi. Hobbes, T Brown 
Speckless, adj. Wordsworth 
Spectacle (glass), adj. Stowe 
Spectacled, adj. wearing spec- 
tacles, Lond Key 
Spectacles (eye)» sb. Motley 
Spectator, sb. T Burnet 
Spectatonal, adj. Spectator 
Spectatress, sb. Carlyle 
Spectrality, sb. Carlyle 
Speculate, y. a. look carefully 

at. North 
Speculation, sb. project, ^ 

„ coinecture, W H R 

„ looiin^ about, Spec 

Speculatist (in mind), sb. Burke 
Speculatiye, adj. daring, W H R 
Speculatory, acy. Carl 
Spieech, sb. an oration. Hare 
Speechfnl, adj. Maunsell 
Speechifying, sb. Stowe 
Speechless, iMij. Dryden, Hobbes 
Speed, y. a. Wordsworth, Scott 

„ V. n. Wordsworth 
Speedwell, sb. T, Miss Eyans 
Speer, y. a. ask, Scott 
Spekboom, sb. (plant), Gosse 
Spelder-beuk, spelliug-book, 

Spell, sb. charm, Swift, Warter 
Spell short, (phr.) De Quincey 
Speluncar, acy. B Hope 
Spenow, sb. coat, Percy Soo Songs 


Spend, y. a. pass, Stowe 
Spermatozoa, sb. pi. Lewes 
Sperm-whale, sb. Gosse 
Sperr, y. a. ask, Lancashire 
Spherical, adj. Bentley 
Sphere, sb. (lit.) Dryaen, T 
„ (raet.J Stowe 

„ y. a. mould, Tannhauser 
Sphoerodactyle, sb. Gosse 
Spew out, V. a. T Burnet, Swift 
Sphinx, sb. B Hope 
Spial, sb. Carlyle 
Spice, sb. (the fruit), Southey 

„ touch, Swift, Osbom 

Spicery, sb. English Home 
Spicies, sb. pi. spices, Traheme 
Spidery, adj. De Quincey 
Spiderwort, sb. (plant) Delamer 
Spieht, sb. spite, T, Burnet 
Spike (of flowers), sb. Delamer 
Spiket, y. a. Wilson 
Spikenard, sb. Tennyson 
Spiky, adj. Ruskin 
Spill, y. a. upset, Swift 
Spilth, sb. Carlyle 
Spin, y. n. lengthen, Stowe 
Spinach, sb. Delamer 
Spindle, sb (for cotton) Fairbaim 
„ y. n. ^ow thin, Delamer 
Spindling, adj. Athenaeum 
Spinner, spoke of a web. Sat Rey 
Spinnet, so. Gay 
Spinning-jenny, sb. Fairbairn 
Spmning-wheel, sb. Wordsworth 
Spinosistically, ady. De Quincey 
Spinsterly, adj. Lamb 
Spinstry, sb. Archaeol Journal 
Spiracle, sb. T Taylor, Burke 
Spire, y. n. W, Moir 
„ sb. (of grass), Traheme 
„ (of cnurch), B Hope 

Spirelet, sb. B Hope 
Spirit, sb. (of man), T, Home 
temper, Bp Burnet 
man, Warter 
ffenius, Ruskin 
(license], adj. Burke 
(shop), adj . Morning Post 
adj. of a soul, Stowe 
y. a. inspirit, Warburton 
Spirited, adj. Macm Mag 
Spirits (fall of gay), sb. Stowe 
Spirit-up, y. a. rouse, Addison 
Spiritual, Rn, Westminster Rey 
Spiritualism, sb. R A Yaughan 
Spiritualizing, adj. R A Yaughan 
Spirituals, sb. pi. T Brown 
Spiritualty, sb. Bishop Burnet 
Spirt, y. n. Tennyson 
Spiry, adj. W Ruskin 
Spit, sb. (for meat). Swift 
(of sand), Dickens 
spike, Palmer 
spade-deep layer, Del 
y. a. (spittle), Aadison 
y. n. Stowe 
Spital, sb. Wordsworth 
Spitchcocked, adj. Huddesford 
Spitchcock, y. a. Lamb 




Spite, sb. Dryden, T 

„ y. a. Home 
Spite of, prep. De Quincey 
in spite of, prep. Stowe 
Spitful, sb. Delamer 
Spittoon, sb. Woods 
Splash, sb. Stowe 
Splashy, adj. (met.) Punch 

„ (lit.^ Vac Tour 

Splay, ady. iVorth 
Spleen, sb. illhumour,Berkeley,T 
Spleenful, adj. Tennyson 

„ Pope 

Splendent, adj. Carlyle 
Splendour, sb. Tennyson 
Splenetically, ady. Masson 
Splinter, sb. Home 
Split, y. a. and y. n. burst, Stowe 

„ y. n. tell secrets, Dickens 
Splotch, sb. Wilson 
Spoil, sb. (booty) and y. a. D 

„ y. a. interrupt, Scott 
Spokesman, sb. Iryin^ 
Sponge upon one. Swift 
Spongiole, sb. Lindley 
Spongiose, adj. W H Russell 
Spongy, adj. &ay 
Spontoon, sb. Home 
Spook, sb. Thomas Martin 
Spool, sb. Stowe 

Spoony (fellow), adj. Mom Post 
Sporadic, adj. Tennent, Farrar 
Sporran, sb. Scott 
Spore, sb. Lindley, Lewes 
Sport, sb. and y. n. Dryden 
(hawking), Scott 
a plant changed by 
chance, Delamer 

„ y. n. Tennyson 
Sportful, adj. Carlyle, Home 
Sportive, adj. Gay, W 
Sportively, ady. W 
Sportsman, sb. Gibbon, Carlyle 
Sporule, sb. Quarterly Review 
Spot, sb. Stowe 
Spotless, adj. Southey 
Spousal, ad). Gay 
Spousals, sb. Southey 
Spout (for water), sb. Gibbon, T 

„ (a poem), y. a. Lamb 
Spouter, SD. Lamb, Clark 
Spra^, adj. Lamb 
Sprain, y. a. C Reade 
Sprawl (and sprall), y. n. Hobbes 
Sprawling, acg. Hobbes, Stowe 
Spray, sb. Gay, Stowe 
Spread, y. a- (the table), T. 
„ oiffuse, Stowe 

Spread-eagle-ism, sb. Times 
Spree, sb. A. Trollope, De Q 
Sprig, sb. youth, Scott 

„ (of jasmine), Delamer 

Spring, sb. (or the year), D 
Spring-gun, sb. Irving 
Springiness, sb. Bentley 
Spring, y. n. arise, T 

„ leap, T 

„ sb. power of leapin|^ St 
Springless, (machine), adj . T Bmt 



springy, adj. light, Lamb 
l^rite, sb. Stowe 
Sprout, sb. (cabbage), Delamer 
Sproutafi^, sb. Masson 
Sproated, adj. Tennyson 
Spnioe, sb. (the tree), Gosse 

„ adj. natty, Scott, St 
Spniceness, sb. Chesterfield, En 
Spmnking, adj. Percy Soc Songs 
Spry, adj. Stowe 
Spume, sb. Tannhauser 
Spungy, adj. Eingsley 
Spunyam, sb. All Year Round 
Spur, sb. short branch, Delamer 

„ compulsion, Stowe 

„ mountainous projection, 

Spurs, win one's (phr^ Tennyson 
Spur (a horse), y. a. Scott 
Spur up, y. a. rouse, Stowe 
Spur^-moth, sb. Kingsley 
Spurious, adj. De Quincey 
Spurn, y. a. Scott 

„ sb. Swift 
Sputter, y. n. Scott 

„ sb. Carlyle 
Sputtering, sb. Cfarlyle 
„ adj. Carlyle 

Sputteringly, ady. Lamb 
Sputter out, y. a. Swift 
Spy-glass, sb. Lrying 
Squab, sb. Addison 
Squad, sb. Melyille 
Squadron, sb. Dryden 
Squadrone, sb. political party, 

A C Carlyle 
Squalidity, sb. Kingsley 
Squall, y. n. Macamay 
Squally, adj. Warter 
Squander, y. a. Johnson 
Squanderer, sb. Johnson 
Square (of carpet), sb. Warter 
sb. (in* a town), (Jay, 

, meet, speak, on the (phr . ) 
y. n. agree, W 
y. n. spar, De Quincey 
y. a. regulate. Swift, 

cut square, Sou 
adj. Wordsworth 
just, Bentley 
Squareman, sb. Carlyle 
Squaretoed, adj. (met.) Burke 
Squash, y. a. Hare 
Squat, y. n. Hobbes, Warter 

„ adj. Sat Bey, B Hope 

Squatter, sb. Calhoun, Leyer, 


„ y. n. Vac Tour 
Squeak, y. n. Hobbes 

„ sb. Scott 
Squeak, y. a. Scott 
Squeaking, adj. Scott 
Squeal, y. n. Hobbes 
Squealer, sb. the swift, Warter 
Squealing, sb. Huddesford 
Squeamisn, a^. Bp P, W, B 





Squeamishness, sb. Fielding 
Squeeze, v. a. Tennyson 

„ (met.) Bp Patrick, 

Squelch, sb. Lamb 
Squib, sb. (political), D, Ches- 

„ (firework), Addison 
Squid, so. (cuttle fish), Huxley 
Squill, sb. (flower), Delamer 
Squint, sb. Swift 

„ adj. Hamilton 
Squinting, adj. Hobbes 
Squir, v. a. fling, Tatler 
Squire, sb. attendant, M, T 

„ landlord, D 

„ y. a. conduct, W, Swift 
Squirearchy, sb. dignity of a sq., 

and a body of squires, Warter 
Squireen, sb. Gn Smith, De Q 
Squirehood, sb. (man), Scott 
Squireship, sb. (man), Swift, Scott 
Squirt, sb. Swift 
Stabber, sb. (man), Scott 
Stabbing ^truth), adj. T Brown 
Stable, adj. Traneme, D 
Staff, sb. rod, Gibbon, W 
Staffed, adj. equipped with a 

staff (of an army). Times 
Stage, so. (of a theatre), Dryden 

„ sb., s.-cart, W H Russell 

„ (of perfection), Stowe 

Staggering, sb. (met.) Burke 
Staggeringly, ady. De Quincey 
Stag-horn, sb. (a plant), Words- 
Stagnate, y. n. Tennyson 
Stagnating (water), adj. Gibbon 
Sta^yrite, sb. Burke 
Staid, adj. steady, Addison 
Stain, sb. Scott 
Stair, sb. Tennyson 
Stair-foot, sb. A C Carlyle 
Stake, y. a. bet, J S Mill 

„ sb. (in gaming), Scott 
Stalactite, sb. Motley 
Stale, sb, handle. Our Eng Home 

„ lure, Warburton 

„ y. a. make stale. Motley 
Stalk, sb. Dryden 

„ (deer), y. n. Vac Tour 

„ y.n. stride, Tatler, J S Mill 
Stalking, adj. for deerstaUdng, 

Vac Tour 
Stalking-horse, sb. Sat Rey 
Stall, sb. Tennyson 

„ (in a mine), Times 
Stall (leeding), adj. Times 
Stallion, sb. Times 
Stalwart, adj. Beckwith, W H R 
Stalwartness, sb. Miss Evans 
Stamen (of a flower), sb. Lindley 
Stamina, sb. strength, Syrift, 
Sat Rev 
„ first principles, T Burnet 
Stamp, V. a. and sb. D 

„ V. a. (in a mould). Sou 
Stampede, sb. Irving 
Stanch, v.>. Scott 






Stanch, adj. firm, Swift 
Stancheon, sb. W James 
Stanchion, sb. Daily Tel 
Stanchon, sb. Scott 
Stand, V. n. D, Tennyson 
sb. standstill, owift 
sb. measure of coals, Swift 
sb. place, Dickens 

race st., Stowe 
V. a. pay for, Star & Dial 

endure, Delamer 
V. n. insist, Bp B 
(with) V. a. agree, Junius 
V. n. be, Carlyle 
Stand in it, stick to it, Bp P 
Stand, to put to a, Bentley 
Stand one's ground, Hobbes 
Standard, sb. fiag, D 

fixture, De Q 
model. Loud Rev 
closet, Our Eng 
(for gold, etc.) sb. 

(rose), adj. Delamer 
Stander-by, sb. Palmer 
Stand-point, sb. Motley 
Standish, sb. Swift 
Stannary, adj. Macaulay ■ 
Standstill, sb. B Hope, Smiles 
Stanza, v. a. Lamb 
Staple, adj. Dryden, Stowe 
sb. metal hook, Bp P 
(fleece), adj. Times 
(States), adj. Calhoun 
sb. Ann Reg, Stowe 
(in a mine). Times 
top soil. Times 
Star, sb. Dryden 
„ sb. fate, Swift 
„ sb. (of thistle), Tennyson 
Ster of Bethlehem, sb. (flower), 

Starboard, adj. Daily Tel 

„ V. a. Times 
Starchly, adv. (talk s.) Swift 
Starchness, sb. (met.) Windsor 
Starchy, adj. (lit.) Times 
Stare, v. n. Tennyson 
Staring, adj. Tennyson 
Stark, adj. strong, nardy, Irving 
Starlit, adj. Wordswortn 
Starling, (of abriikpe) sb. Dickens 
Starry, adj. T, Warter 
Stars, thank my, (phr.) Lamb 
Stars and Stripes, W H Russell 
Start, V. n. Wordsworth 
„ v. a. Scott 
„ sb. jump, Stowe 
„ get the. Swift 
Startful, adj. S T Coleridge 
Startle, v. n. W, Lamb 
Start-up, sb. King James 
Starvation, sb. H Walpole 
Starve (with cold), y. n. Tra, 

State, sb. (political), W, Col 
adj. J S Mill 

grand (room), Stowe 




State, 8b. condition, D 

„ (potion), adi. T Brown 

„ St), pomp, T 

„ canopy, Scott 

„ statement, Ld Car- 

Statedly, adv. Warter, Nat Rev 
Statelier, adj. cp. Motley 
Stateliest, adj. sp. Soutney, T 
Statelily, adv. Tennyson 
Stately, adj. Tennyson 
Statesman, sb. poHtician, B 

„ yeoman. Sir B B 

Statesmanly, aaj. Hare 
Statical, a^. T, Brimley 
Statics, sb. H, Spenoer 
Stationariness, sb. J S MiU 
Stationer, sb. Lewis, Sat Rev 
Statuette, sb. Stowe 
Stature, sb. Wordsworth, Scott 
Status, sb. Lever 
Statutable, adj. Dryden 
Statute facre), adj. Times 

„ (fair), a^. Sat Rev 
Stave, sb. song, Ballad 
Staunch, adj. Stowe 
Stay, sb. a stopping, W, Rn 

„ support, Times 

„ V. a. Wordsworth, T 

„ V. n. Tennyson 
Stayedness, sb. steadines, Tra 
Stayless, adj. ceaseless, Moir ^ 
Stays (ship quick in), sb. Times 
Stead, V. a. help, Carlyle, J Ro- 
Steading, sb. farm-building. 

Steal, v.n. move slowly, W, Scott 
Stealth, sb. Wordsworth 
Steam, sb. Dryden 

„ T.n.tiTel,TimeB 

„ adj. Calhoun 
Steamboat, sb. Times 

„ (pier), adj. Spottis 

Steam-engine, sb. Irving 
Steamer, sb. Spottiswoode 
Steam-vessel, sb. Clarke 
Stock, V. a. close, Yorkshire 
Steed, sb. Dryden 
Steel, sb. Tennyson, Fairbaim 

„ V. a. Wordsworth 
SteiBl-petticoat, sb. Spottiswoode 
Steely, adj. Pope, Tannhauser 
Steenkirk, sb: Falmer 
Steep, sb. Wordsworth 

,^ V. a. Wordsworth 
Steepiness, sb. T Burnet 
Steeply, adv. Tozer 
Steepy, adj. Pope, Gay, Moir 
Steer, sb. ox, Gay, Lring 

„ V. n. Bentley 
Steerer, sb. Hobbes, Dickens 
Steersman, sb. Southey, Warter 
Steigh, sb. ladder, Lancashire 
Stem, sb. Dekmer 

„ V. a. withstand, De Q 
Step, sb. (man's), Wordsworth 

„ V. n. Scott 

„ sb. journey, Swift 


Step-door, sb. Daily News 
Steppe, sb. Irving 
Stepped, adj. on steps, B Hope 
Stepping-stone, sb. Tennyson 
Stencil, v. a. B Hope 
Stenography, sb. T Brown 
Stentorian, adj. B Hope,W H R 
Stentoriously, adv. De Quincey 
Stereoscope, sb. Edinburgh Riev 
Stereography, sb.Book-tiUe,1738 
Stereomonoscope, sb. Proceed- 
ings of Royal Society 
Stereotype, v. a. Warter 

„ adj. Smiles, (lit.) ; 
Curwen (met). 
Sterling (money), adj. Gibbon 

„ adj. good, Chris World 
Stem, adj. W 

Stethoecope, sb. Holmes, Sat Rev 
Stew, sb. nouse of Ul-fame, Gib- 
bon, Chesterfield 
„ (of meat, etc.) Delamer 

„ fish-pond, Irving 

„ V. a. Scott 
Stick, sb. De Quincey 
„ cut, ^hr.) run away, St 
„ (peasY, V. a. Delamer 
„ V. n. nesitate, Bp Patrick, 
„ V. n. Scott 
p cleave. Swift 

Stickle, V. n. Carlyle 
Stickleback, sb. (iish). Vac Tour 
Stickler, sb. Scott 
Stiff, adj. Traheme, Stowe 
Stiffnecked, adj. Winkworih 
Stifiheckedly, adv. Winkworth 
Stifie, V. a. Dryden, -Scott 
Stigma (of a flower), sb. Delamer 
Stigmata, sb. pi. pricks, Scott 
Stigmatise, v. a. (met.)^ Gibbon 
Stiletto, sb. Macaulay, De Q 
Still, adj. Wordsworth, N 
„ adv. yet, Nightingale, T 
„ V. n. get quiet, Moir 
„ V. a. Tennyson 
Stjll-life, sb. Spectator 
StiUness, sb. Southey 
Still-room, sb. £d Rev 
Stilly, adj. Home 
Stimulate, v. a. Stowe 
Stimulus, sb. (of drink), N 
Sting, sb. Wordsworth 
Stinger, sb. one who stings. Lamb 
Stinginess, sb. Warter 
Stingo, beetle of, Swift 
Stii^ sb. Drvden 
Stint, sb. Hobbes 

„ sb. allowance. Swift 
Stipulate, V. a. Gibbon 
Stir, V. a. W, Tennyson 

„ prick, Scott 

Stirless, a^. Moir 
Stirlessly, adv. Moir 
Stirring, adj. W 
Stirrup, sb. Swift 
Stiver, sb. Swift 
Stoohastio, adj. Swift 
Stock, (quotation), adj. Marsh 
„ sb. stem, landley 



Stock (for the neck), sb. P S Sonn 
„ sb. make stock of^ profit 

by. Sat Rev 
„ race, Southey 
„ V. a. eat by cattle, Tl 
Stockade, sb. W H Russell 
Stockbrick, sb. B Hope 
Stockdove, sb.Kiiig8ley,Home,W 
Stocking, sb. filling, Nat Rev 
„ (for the leg). Gay, 
Stock-jobber, sb. Macaulay 
Stockingless, adj. Lamb 
Stock-still, adj. Spectator 
Stocky, adj. stout, Addison 
Stoicism, sb. Addison, W H R 
Stoick, sb. T Burnet 
Stoker, sb. Dr Hessey 
Stole (groom of the), sb. Swift 
Stolen, adj. (met.) Times 
Stomach, (wme), adj. Tatier 
Stomacher (of a dr^), sb. Mel- 
Stomacher-bib, sb. Song 
Stone, sb. the disease, Swift 
„ (lit.) Stowe, Ruskin 
„ turn every (phr.) Bp P 
„ leave no stone unturned, 
adj. loaded with stones, 
WH Russell 
made of stone, T Bum 
kemelled, Delamer 
Stone-crop, sb. (plant), Words- 
Stoneless, adj. Sat Rev 
Stone-rash, adj. Times 
Stonily, (gaze), adv. Gregory 
Stonthrie^ sb. Scott 
Stool, sb. Wordsworth 
Stoop, V. n. Tra, W, T 

„ V. a. Muse in Min 
Stop, V. n. Wordsworth 

„ sb. ceasing, T Burnet 
Stopgap, sb. (met.) B Hope 
Stoplessness, sb. Sat Rev 
Store, sb. plenty, Hobbes, Bp P 
„ V. a. provision, Southey 
„ (cattieV adj. Times 
Storehouse, so. Traheme 
Stores, sb. pi. provisions. Sou 

„ store-cattie. Times 

Storey, (house), sb. Stowe 
Storied, adj. ftill of histories, 

English Home 
Storm, sb. Dryden, T 

„ V. a. (met.). Times, Stowe 
Stormful, adj. Carlyle 
Stormfully, adv. Carlyle 
Story, sb. D, Scott 
Stound, sb. Carlyle 
Stoup and roup, entirely^ Lano 
Stout, adj. strong, Scott * 
Stoutly, adv. loMly, Stowe 
Strackling, adj. foolish. Lane 
Stra^ling, adj. Swift 
Straight, aav. Stowe 

,, adv. immediately, D 
Straightforward, ad}. Irving 


if;htway, adv. Winlrworth 

' a breed, Dnrwin 

Mnd, Bp Burnet 

„ Etretching, Swiit 

„ V. B. Dryden, Stciwe 

Stciut, Eb. difficulty, Scott 

„ adj. nanow, Sontliejr 
Straiten, y. a. narrow, Wartor 
Straitlocing, adj . conflning, Ijamb 
Strand, (lea), sb. Swift 
Strange, sdi. far off, TennvBon 
odd, Tennyson 
„ y. a. wonder, h Hooker 
Strrtngely, adr. Teanyaon, T B 
Stranger, adj. bob. T B, Tenn 

„ sb, Soutt 
Strai^enhip, ab. Do ^uncay 
Strangled, adj. SooAiey 
Strategist, ab. Sat Bev 
Strategy, eb. Irving, Sat Ber 
Strath, eb, Scott, Hoioe, Smilea 
Straloeracy, eb. W Lee, De Q, 
Stratum, ab. Irrin^ 
Strawberry, sb. Delamer 
Strawleea, adj. W U Ruaaell 
- Stray, sb. Wordsworth 
„ adj. Warter 

Streak, y. a. Scott 

„ sb. TennjEon 
Stream, sb. Dryden 

Strilio, rueh, Seott 

,, (go) out of, Jane Collier 
Strike at, v. a. Tunnyson 
Strike in with, Bp Burnet 
Strike o/f, V. a. write, Windsor 
Striker, sb. hittar, Palmer 
Striking, adj. remarkable, Scott 
String, y. a. (n lyro), D 

„ (pearls), Addiaon 

tie by a string, W 

,1 hang. Mum fast 

Stringer, sb. (of iron). Times 
Stringy, adi, Delamer 
Strip, Y. tt.Drydea 

„ y. D. Times 

„ sb. nome 
Stripe, sb. blow, Stowe 
Stripling, eb, and adj. W 
Strive, V. a. Dryden, Tannyson 
"' ' Trabeme (atroak), 

Streamlet, sb. T, Itn, Timca 
Streaming, adj. Tennyson 
Streamy (dell), sb. Moii 
Street, ab. Tennyson 
Street-eluba, sb. Spectator 
Street-door, sb. Hobhos 
Street- walking (hnssy), adj. 

Percy Soc Songs 
Strength, eb. W, 

„ Btrong place, B 

Strengthened, adj. Timee 
Strengtbener, sb. Wordsworth 

Strenuoufl, adj. Wordsworth 
Stress, sb. Stove 
Stretch, V. a. Dryden 

„ y, n expound, Scott 
Stretch, be upon the, Tooke 
Stretching, adj. teaching, Scott 
Strew, V. a. StawB 
Strim, sb. pi. Sat Bev 
Strict, adj. Dryden, Scott 
,, adj. intimate, De Q 
Stricture, ab. bond, Wordsworth 
Stride, V. a. and v. n. Tennyson 

„ sb. Tcnnyaon 
SlridulouB, adj. W H Ruasell 
Strife, ab. Dryden 
Strifeful, adj. Wordswortb 
8trike(navyieE'),Bb. The Warder 
y. B. hit, D ; perf stroke 
itrook, Hobbes 
terriiy, d^rcKS, Bp B 

Stroke of grace, eb. Corlyli 
Stroll, T.n. wander, Wordsworth 
Strong, adj, Dryden, Tennyson 

„ adv. Palmer 
Stronger, adj. rp. Scott 
Strongieh, adj. Sat Kev 
Strong-hold, eb. Irving 
Strongly, ndv, Warter 
Strowmg, ab. Bontley 
Struck (plant), adj. Delamer 
Structurally, adv. Maseon 
Structure, sb, Carlyle 

, . ,, Keado 

Strut, y. n. Drjden, T Buraet 

„ sb. support. Times 
Stmtt, sb. bearer. Smiles 
Stub (of a tree), ab. Taimhanaer 

„ [of a pen), ab. Lamb 
Stub up, V, a. Delamer 
Stubbed, adj. KiDgsley 
Stubble, ab. Burke 
Stubnail, sb. Wortor 
Stubborn, adj, Tennyeoa 
Stubbornly, adv. Sonthey 
Stnd, y. a. De Qnincey 
Stnd-horae, ab. Times 
Stndions, adj. Sonthey 
Stndionsiy, adv. Gibbon 
Stndy, sb. learning a part, Mac- 

„ y, a. Stowe 
Statr, ab, (met.}, D, M Henry, 

Stuffineaa, eb. Gregory 
Stultify, V. B. B Hope 
Stultiloquionn, adj. 1! Hooker 
Stnm, ab. Paley 

„ V. a. Burke 
Stumble, v. n, D, Scott 

Stnmbling-stone, sb. T Bnmet 

Stump, wear to the, Berkeley 

„ (fowle), y, R. Lamb 

Stumping, adj. Stows ^^H 

Stumpy, adj. Stowe 

Stun, V. a. Hobbes, SooH 

Stunted, adj. Swiuhoe 

Stupe, sb. a bandae;e, Brooke's 

Stupdaction, eb, Burke 
Stupendioua, adj. Traheme, 1S76 
Stupid, adj. heavy, D 
Stupify, y. a. Suott 
Sturdily, adv. determinedly, Bond 
Sturdy, adj. bold, Swift 
Stutter, y. n. Warter 
Styan, eb. De Quinocy 

„ (of flower), Lindley 

in etyie (pnr.) Stowe 

Stylistic, adj. Muih ^H 

Styptie, adj. Pope ^^^| 

Styptics, sb. pi. Scott ^^M 

Suasion, eb. Maeson ^^^| 

Suavities, sb. pi. Stowo ^H 
Snbacid, adj. Irving 
Subacute, adj. Sat Heview 
SnbaqneovLB, adj. F Vesey 
Subaudition, ab. something un- 
derstood, Tooke 
Suboonaciona, adj. De Quineey 
Subconsciously, adv. De Uuinc^ 
SubdeSnition, ab. R A-Vaughait 
Subdistinction, ah. De Quincey 
Subdividingly, adv. De Quiocey 
Subdual, eb. Warburtoa 
Subduction, eb. Masson 
Snbdne,v. a. Webster, Stowe, Kn 
Subdued (light), adj. T^^htii^ala 
Subi acent, adj . Irving 
Subject, adj, and sb. Dryden 

ab. (of a kine), Wr, St 
Sub ectlonal, adj. Ruskm 
Sub ectirity, sb. Hare 
Sab oinder, sb. reply. Iamb 
Sub ngale, y. a. Times 
Sub et, V, a. Whiteside 
Sublimate, y. a. elevate, Warta", 

Sublimation, eb. elevaljon, Ed 

Sublime, adj. Dryden, De Q,Hn 

„ y. a. Leiphton, B 
Sublimity, ab. Itnskin 
Submarine, adj. Falrbaim 
Submiss, adj. Carlyle 
Submission, sb. Palmer 
Submissive, adj. W 
Snbmisaly, adv, with submisebn. 

Submit, V, n. Stowe 
Submit to, V, a. Addison 
Submitted, adj. Carlyle 
SubnesB, ab. Kiiskin 
Subordinate, adj. TrnJieme 
Subordination, ab, arrangement. 

Subomndon, eb. Bnrko, Do Q 
Siiboval, adj. Lewes 



Subpoena^ sb. Swift 
Subscription, sb. siniature, B 
Subsection, sb. De Quincey 
Subselloe, sb. Morning Post 
Subserve, v. a. Tennyson 
Subserrient, adj. Traneme 
Subserviency, so. Stowe 
Subsidence, sb. Morning Post 
Subsiding, adj. Punch 
Subsidy, v. n. Carlyle 
Subsist, V. a. take subsistance for, 

Subsistence, sb. Bcntley 
Subsoil, sb. Delamer, Times 
Substance, sb. property, ^,8X0 
Substanceless, adj. Coleridge 
Substantial, adj . substantive-like, 

Substantiality, sb. Pordage,Lamb 
Substantiate, t. a. Hare, Euskin 
Substantive, adj. real. Morning 

Post, B 
Substitutional, adj. J Foster 
Substruction, sb. Ira, Hare, De Q 
Substructure, sb. B Hope 
Subsultory, adj. De Quincey 
Subsume, v. a. De Quincey 
Subsumption, sb. Sandars, De Q 
Sub-sycophant, sb. North 
Subtortarian, adj. Hobbes 
Subtense, sb. chord of arc, H 
Subterfuge, sb. Bentley 
SubtiHsin^, adj. De Q, T 
Subtilization, sb. Harris, RAY 
Subtilize, v. a. Burke, Times, 

Subtilizer, sb. North 
Subtle, adj. Stowe 
Subtlety, sb. Johnson 
Subtraction, sb. Burke 
Subtrahend, sb. Carlyle 
Sub-treasury, sb. Camoun 
Suburbs, sb. pi. Gibbon 
Subvassal, sb. Carlyle 
Subvert, t. a. W, Warter 
Succedaneous, adj. T Burnet 
Succedaneum, sb. W, Irving 
Succeed, v. n. win, Dryden 

„ V. a. Doddridge 
Success, sb. T Burnet, stowe 
Succession, sb. D, Burnet 
„ heirship, Scott 
Successional, adj. Lamb, De Q 
Successive, adj. Southey 
Successless, ad]. T Brown, Tooke, 

Hist of Sir J Hawkwood 
Successor, sb. Wordsworth 
Succory, sb. Macaulay 
Succubus, sb. Smollett 
Succulent, adj. Bentley, Delamer 
Succumbency, sb. Foster 
Such, pron. Tennyson 

„ adj. D, T 
Suck, sb. lollipop, T Hughes 

„ V. t. Tennyson 
Sucker, sb. Delamer 

„ sb. one who gives suck. 

Christian World, WH Russell 

'poking, adj. Ant Trollope 



Suckle, V. a. Scott 
Suckling, sb. £ 8 Delamer 
Suctorid, adj. T R Jones 
Sudatorium, sb. Smiles 
Sudatory, sb. De Quincey 
Sudden, adj. D, Palmer, T 

„ sb. Burnet, Tennyson 
Suddenly, adv. Tennyson 
Suddenly, soon, speedily, adv. 

Swift, Addison 
Sue, V. a. (a writ), D, Addison 

„ V. a. Sir W Scott 

,, V. n. Wordsworth 
Suet, sb. Holmes, Hobbes 
Suffer, V. a. endure, W, Wr 

„ V. n, Stowe 
Sufferer, sb. Scott 
Suffering, sb. Nightingale 
Suffice, V. n. Dryden 

„ V. a. Wordsworth 
Sufficiency, sb. Tooke 
Sufficient, adj. D, Warter 
Suffit (of an arch), sb. Lindsay 
Suffocative, adj. Dickens 
Suffniticose, adj. Delamer 
Suffumigation, sb. Aubrey, RAY 
Suffuse, V. a. Wordsworth 
Sugar, sb. English Home 
Sugar-loafed, adj. Thackeray 
Suggester, sb. T, Carlyle 
Suggestiveness, sb. Bnmley, Rn 
Su^^tment, sb. Hare 
Suicidal, adj. Gn Smith 
Suicidally, adv. Carlyle 
Suicide, sb. Chester, Bp Kaye 

„ sb. man, N 
Suil^ sb. courtship, Sir W Scott 

„ set, sb. Admson 

„ sb. (of clothes), D, T 

„ sb. petition, Arnold 

„ v. a. fit, Stowe 
Suit and service, De Quincey 
Suit to, V. a. suit, T Burnet 
Suitably, adv. Sir W Scott 
Suite, adj. Woods 
Suitor, (girl's), sb. J Hobbes 
Sulkiness, sb. Stowe 
Sulky, sb. gig for one, Smiles 
Sullen, adj. D, Scott 
Sullenness, sb. D, Scott 
Sullens, sb. bad temper. Lamb 
Sully, sb. blemish, Addison 

„ V. a. disgrace. Gibbon 
Sulphur (bed of), sb. Gibbon 
Sulphureousness, sb. T Burnet, 

Sulphurous, adj. Gibbon 
Sultane, sb. gown, P Soc Songs 
Sultanism, sb. Times 
Sultany, sb. R Fleming 
Sum, sb. T Burnet 
Sumack, sb. Woods 
Sumless, adj. De Quincey 
Summarize, v. a. Swinhoe 
Summary, adj. B 
Summation, so. De Quincey 
Summer, sb. D 

„ briskness, T 

„ adj. Gosse 


Summerly, adj. Times 
Summerset, sb. Wilson, Stowe 
Summery, adj. Lamb, Gregory 
Summiss, adj. North 
Summit, sb. W, T 
Summitless, adj. Ruskin 
Summon, v. a. D, Scott 
Summoning, adj. Moir 
Sumpter-beast, sb. G Rawlinson 
Sumptuosity, sb. Carlyle 
Sumptuous, adj. Scott 
Sumptuousness, sb. T Trollope 
Sun, sb. Wordsworth, N 
„ adj. Nightingale 
„ V. a. Addison 
Sunbeam, sb. Southey, T 
Sunbird, sb. Tennent 
Sunday-school, sb. Lushington 
Sunder, v. a. Tennyson 
Sun-dial, sb. Delamer 
Sundown, sb. Tennyson, A and C 
Sunflower, sb. Irving, T 
Simken, adj. Warter 
Sunless, adj. Southey 
Sunniness, sb. Galton 
Sunny, adv. Lewes 

„ adj. riit.) Warter 
Sunrise, so. Tennyson 
Sun-shade, sb. W*^ H Russell 
Sunshine, sb. T 
Sunshiny, adj. W, Swift 
Sun- tight, aaj. Beresford Hope 
Sup, V. n. Sir W Scott 
Superabound, v. n. Traheme 
Superabundance, sb. Hare 
Superadd, v. a. Bentley, De Q 
Supcraddition, sb. T Burnet 
Superangelic, adj. R A Y 
Superannuation, sb. Cowper 
Superbenedict, adj. £d Hooker 
Supercelestial, adj. T Brown, Ed 

Supercession, sb. Tennent 
Supercilious, adj. Scott 
Superciliousness, sb. Th Steward 
Supererogate, v. n. T Brown 
Supercrogating, adj. Ed Hooker 
Superessential, adj. RAY 
Superessentially, adv. RAY 
SuperexceUent, adj. Pordage 
Superexcellently, adv. Ed !Eu>okOT 
Superfetation, so. North, Lamb| 

Masson, De Q 
Superficialness, sb. Hare 
Superfiux, sb. Lamb, Wilson 
Superheat, v. a. Leeds Mercury 
Superheating, sb. Leeds Mercury 
Superhumamy, adv. De Quincey 
Superintending, adj. Burke 
Superintenddncy, sb. T Burnet, B 
Superior, adj. above tiie line. Sir 

F Madden 
Supernal, adj, Hy Taylor 
Supernatural, adj. Lamb, De Q. 

W Law 
Supematurality, sb. Hugh Miller 
Supematurally, adv. W Law 
Superposed, adj. Beresford Hope 
Superphosphate, sb. The Times 

Superpoeitiun, ab. Bereafoid Hope 
Superrational, adj. WLaw 
Saperratiooalty, adv. EdHooluir 
Saperembe, r. a. H Taylor 
Supoi-sede, v. a. Tcnn, De Q 
SupeTBensible, adj. Ma3eoiL,IlAT 
SupeTBenauiil, odj. Ed Hooker 
SapeiaensuiLllj, adv, Ed Hooker 
SBpersenauooB, adj. R A V 
SuperseEsion, all. J S Mill 
Superstitioii, sb. B, Addison, T 

Brown, Scott, De Q, E A V, 

Superstitioiul, adj Ed Hooker 
SnperatitiouB, adi. SMwe 
Siiperatruction, sh. T Brown 
Saperab-ucturi-, sb. Addkon 
Supcrtorrestrin], adj . De Quincey 
Superfime, v. a. mpersede, D of 

Superveniimt, adj. T BtmiGt 
Supcrviflal, ab. Carlyla 
SupcrTiEO, V. a. Times 
Suporvisor, adj. Addison 

„ Bb. Sir R Wilson 

Supine, adj, Ruskin 
Supinity, Bb. T Brown 
Supper, Eb. T 

Supplantadon, eb, DrEdSooker 
Supple, y. a. Sir W Temple 
Supplement, t. a. CbristiaD Be- 

Supplemental, adj. D of Backm 
Supplial, ab. "Warbnrtoa 
Stqiplianee, sb. Trenth 
Suppliant, adj. D, Swill 
Supplieate, v. a. Aubrey, B 
Supply (of food), sb. Gibbon 
Support, ab. (met.) St«we 
Supportable, a^j. ue Quinoey 
Supposable, adj. Lnmb, Foeter 
Suppose, T. a. D, T 

SuppositioQ, sb. Coleridge, Carl 
Suppositious, adj, Addnaon 
Suppressed, adj, Burke 
Suppressibic, adj. Carlyle 
Suppression, eb. Sir W Scott, "W 
Suppressor, sb. T Brown 
SupputaCion, sb. Aubrey 
Suprahomaji, adj. Do Quincey 
Snpralapsarian, adj. Macaulay 

Supreme, adj . Traheine, Rn 

,, sb. Addison 
Soronargc, t. a. Wordsworth 
Surcoat, ab. D, Southey 
Smrc, adj. Dryden 
Surdy, adv. W, Scotl, T 
Surface, sb. Qaj, Delamer 
Surfeit, sb. Swift 
Sureery, sb. (the art);N 
Surmlflndant, sb. Sir W Temple 
Surliness, sh. Stowe 
Surly, B^, W, Warier 

Surmise, ab. D 
Surmiser, sb. Palmer 
Surname, ab. Scott, Hare 
Surpass, v. a, Ruskin 
SuTploaage, sb. Hare, De Q 
Suiprisal, sb. CarWle 
Sui^riae, y. a, G M'Doaald 

„ sb. T, Sutordflji Rev 
SurrobuttiiiK, sb. Do Quintey 
Surrender, sb. Palmer 
Surrendpry, sb. Lewis 
Surroply, ab. answer to a roplv, 

E Hooker 
Surrtptitious, adj. Times 
Surrogate, ab. Swift 
Surrounding, ab. W. H RoBsell 
Surruundings, ab. pi. 


Swan, ab. Word.™orth 
Swan-aong, sb. Carlylo 
Sword, ab. TennsBon 
Swurm, sb. Drydon 
Swarthy, adj, Swift, Stow*^ 
Bwaab, y. n. Cariyla, Iryir- 
Swashbnckler, ab. Carlyle 

Swathe, sb. Buskin 

Swathing, adj. T Burnet, Moir 

„ sb. Gregory ^^ 

Sway, V. a. Tennyson ^^H 

T. n. Tennyson ^^^| 
ab, Dryden ^^^| 

Swayar, sb. Kingdoy ^^^| 

Swear, v. n. DnSen ^^* 

Sweat, adj. Trakeme 
„ y. a, T Bumet 
„ y, n. Addison 
Sweating (tailors'), sb. Dunn 
Sweaty, adj. Jane Collier 
Sweep, y. a, Wordeworth 
„ .play rapidly, Soa 

Survoyable, adj. Carlyle 
Surviyul,''sb. Windsor 
Survive, v n, Wordsworth 
Survivorship, ab. Tolfourd, De Q 
Susceptible, adj . Traheme, Stowe 

Sospeusiun, ab. enforced absen<«, 

Suspension (brid^), a^. Woods 
Suspensive, adj. in doubt, Lamb 
Suspicion, sb. Sir W Scott 
Suspicious, adj. D, Scott 
SuEpiciouEuess, ab. Bond 
Sustain, y. a- Diydea 
Suatainable, adj, De Quineey 
Sustaining, adj. Burke 
Susteutation, sb. North 
Sustention, ah. Warier 
SOBUrration, sb. Lamb 
Sutter, ah. Eveaiug Star 
Snttling-bousG, ab. Knight 
Snzeiain, ab. Smiles, Timea 
Suzerainty, ah. Sherard Dabem 
SwabberH,3b. pi. privileged cards 

at whist, Swift 
Swag, V, n. awing. Lamb 

„ ab, booth, C Reads 
Swagger, v. n. Dryden 

„ ab, (met.) Do Quincey 
Swaggerer, sb, Johnaon 
Swaggering, adj. Sir W Scott, 

SwBKging, sbCarlyle 
Swain, ab, Dryden 
Swallow, sb, Wordsworth 
Swallow-tail (moth), ah, Gosse 
„ (coat), ab. Carlyle 

SwaUow-wort, sb. E S Delamer 
Swamp, V. a. Macanlay 

„ adj. W H EusseU 

„ ab, Stowe 

„ ab. olearanoB, Ii'mg^^^^ 
Sweeple, ab. sceptre. Scotdt^^^^l 
Sweet, adj. (met.) W, T ^^H 

„ adJ.(lit.)%htingdl^H 
(girl), adj. Ten^mnl'^^^H 
Sweetbread, ab. Jane ColHW^^^' 
Sweetbriar, sb. W, Delamer 
Sweetheart, sb. Swift 
Sweetly, adv. Tennyson, Slowe 
Sweetness, sb. Tennyson 
Sweet-William, a flower, sb. E S 

SweU, T. n. D, Sir T Brown, St 

,, sb. (along), disringuiBhed 

individual, Thackeray ^^^ 
Swenkt, adj. Carlyle ^^H 

Swerve, v. n. Tennyson ^^^H 
Swift, adj. Dryden, Slows ^^H 
adv. Swift -^^H 

sb. (mech.) Smiles ^^^^ 
Swi^ sb. a drink, Hiat of Sir 

J Ilawkwood 
Swindlery, sb. Carlylo 
Swine, ab. Tennyson 
Swineb^d, sb. Carlyle ^^^h 

Swinehood, sb. Lamb - -^^^H 
Swine-house, sb. Hobbes ^^^H 
Swine-sty, ab. Hobbes ^^^| 

Swing, V. n. T ^^fl 

„ sb. course, Ti, Benfley 

„ T. n. bang, De Quincey 

„ sb. take one's a.. Lamb 
Swinger, ab. blow, North, Hy 

Swinging, adj, great. Palmer 
Swingle-bar, ah. De QntDcey 
Swmt, V, n. W H Russell 
Swipes, ab. beer, De Quinoey 
Swirl, V. n. Kingaley w , 

„ sb. Vac Tour -^M 

Swish, V. □. Vacation Tour ^^^| 

,, (of wind^, sb. Vac Tim^H 

Switch, V. a. Tennyeon J^^| 

ab. Addison ^^^H 

Swi(cby,Hdj. EuaMn ^^^M 


Swollen, a4j* Tennyioii 
Swoon, y. n. D, Sir W Scott 
Sword, sb. Dryden 
Sworder, sb. ocott 
Swordsman, sb. Sir W Scott 
Sworn, adj. Dryden 
Swoimd, sb. swoon, Holmes, 

Sycamore, sb. W, Home, T 
Sycophancy, sb. De Quinoey 
Sycophantish, adi. De Quincey 
Syopnantishly, aav. De Quincey 
Syllable, t. a. Hare 
Syllabus, sb. Delamer 
Sylleptical, adj. F W Fanar 
Syllogism, sb. T Taylor 

„ sb. De Quincey 
Sylyan, adj. W Scott 
Symbol, sb. Gibbon, Carlyle, 

Symbolic, adj. Carlyle 
Symbolically, adv. Carlyle 
Symbolicalness, sb. Hare 
Symbolistic, adj. Windsor 
Symbolization, sb. T TroUope 
Symbolize, v. a. B Hope 
Symbolo^, sb. De Quincey 
Symmetrise, y. a. Burke, An 
Symmetry, sb. Traheme 
Sympathetical, adj. Bentley 
Sympathetically, adf. De Q 
Sympathy, sb. W, St, Buskin 
Symphonetie, a^j. Artist and 

Symphonize, y. a. £ Hooker 
Symphony, sb. Home, Southey 
Symposiarch, sb. De Quincey 
Symptom, sb, D, Wr, Page, N 
Synagogue, sb. Gibbon, Wr 
Synapise, y. a. Osell 
Synchronize, y. n. Dr E Hooker 
Synchnmizing, acK. De Quincey 
Synchronism, sb. T Burnet 
Synchronous, adi . J S Mill, De Q 
Synclinal, adj. People's Paper 
SynccJpeTab. Freer*^ ^ 

Syncretic, adi. Sat Bey 
Syncretism, so. Windsor 
Synecdoche, sb. Macanlay 
Synonym, sb. Sewell 
Synonymous, adj. B, Lon Bey 
Synopsis, sb. Carlyle 
Syntax, sb. Macaulay 
Synthetically, ady. Motley^ 

Syren, sb. Swift 
Syringa, a bush, sb. Delamer 
Syringe, sb. E S Delamer 
Syrtis, sb. T Burnet 
Systans, sb. Burke 
System, sb. method, Stowe 
Systems, sb. pi. Tennyson 
Systematically, ady. Stowe 
Systematisation, sb. Mom Post 
Systole, sb. Burke, Carlyle 

T, (pattern), adj. W H Bussell 


Tabernacle, y. n. T Burnet 
Tabemacular, a^. De Quinoey 
Tabinet, sb. Thackeray 
Table, sb. Palmer 

sb. rich fare, Warter 
sb. use at table, Delamer 
(of Solon), sb. Gibbon 
y. a. put on a table, Carl 
Table-cloth, sb. Our Eng Home 
Tableau, sb. B Wilson 
Table-decker, sb. Macaulay 
Table-land, sb. Irying 
Table-talk, sb. Tennyson 
Tablet, sb. Tennyson, Arnold 
Taboo, Y. a. interdict, Irying, 

Gouger, Warter 
Taboo^ adj. Burke 
Tabouring, sb. Scott 
Tach, sb. tie, Farrar 
Tacit, adj. T Burnet 
Tacitly, ady. ad?. Traheme, Sat 

Taciturnity, sb. Spectator 
Tack, y. n. and sb. (naut.) Dry- 
den, D Tel 

„ sb. adjunct. Ld Russell 

„ y. a. join. Swift 
Tacker, sb. Addison 
Tackle (fishing), sb. Gay 
Tackling, sb. Sir R Wilson 
Tacksman, sb. a lessee. Grig 

Scot. Home 
Tactj so. Tennyson 
Tactic, sb. Arnold, Home 
Tactile, adj. Lewes, Jones 
Taction, sb. Swift 
Tactual, adj. J S Mill, Carlyle 
Ta4pole, sb. D, Inring 
Tag^^ adi. Macaulay 
Tagrag ana bobtail, Carlyle 
Tagraggery, sb. Carlyle 
TaU, sb. D, Sir B Wilson 

„ strinff of people, Carlyle 
Tailor-biro^ sb. Tennent 
Tailoress, sb. J M Ludlow 
Tailoring, sb. Carlyle 
Tailorise, sb. Carlyle 
Taint, y, a. Scott 

,^ sb. Tennyson 
Taistril, sb. scoundrel, Scott 
Take (of fish), sb. Ld Malmesbury 
y. a. S Palmer, T, Hare 
* one at one's word,* W 
place, Scott 
y. n. win fayour. Times 
y. n. agree, Scott 
y. a. take up, B Burton 
Take in, y. a. deceiye, L Hunt 
Take in with. North 
Take it with you (phr.) rely on 

it, Scott 
Take off, y. a. corrmpt, Bp B 
Take to, y. a. like. Lamb 

„ adopt a custom, De Q 

Take (flee) to, Moir 
Take up, y. a. assume, Bp B 

„ y. a. B Burton 
Take up the cudgels (phr.) De Q 
Take up with, J S Mul 



Taker, sb. Lamb 
Taking, sb. fuss, anxiety. Sat Rey 
Talapoin, sb. Bentley 
Tale, sb. story, Tennyson 
count, Macaulay 

„ V. a. count, Lnring 
Talent (mental), sb. D, Coleridge, 

F W Robertson 
Talisman, sb. Trench, Carlyle 
Talismanic, adj. Carlyle 
Talk, y. a. and V. n. T, Sat Rey 

„ y. n. Hare, N 

„ sb. W, Wr 

„ parrot, chatteringly. Sat Rey 
Talkative, adi. Swift 
Talker, sb. Warter 
Talking, sb. Hare 
Tall, adj. Carlyle; -est, Stowe 
„ (met.) sincere, Lamb 
Tallow, V. n. be fat, Burke 
Tallow-chandler, sb. Eng Home 
Tally, sb. Burke 
Taloned, adj. Carlyle 
Talpat, sb. Tennent 
Tamarind (tree), sb. Gibbon 
Tamarisk, sb. rope 
Tame, v. a. Stowe 

„ (animal), adj. D, Gosse 
Tameless, adj. untameable. Son 
Tamely (placed), adv. De Q 
Tameness (of birds), sb. Gosse 
Tamp, Y. a. spring a mine, Russell 
Tamper, v. n. T. Burnet, AidiM 
Tamper with, y. a. Bond 
Tan, sb. Delamer 
„ V. a. (lit.) Swift 
Tanager, sb. (oird), Gosse 
Tandem, sb. Thackeray 
Tang, sb. taint, Bp Patrick 
Tangent, sb. Bentley, W H B 
Tangential, adj. Adoison 
Tangible, adj. Stowe 
Tangle, sb. mess, Nat Rev 

„ (weed), Tennyson 

Tangled, adj. W H Russell 
Tangly, adi. Tennyson 
Tanistry, sb. Burke 
Tank, so. Delamer 
Tannin, sb. Sat Rey 
Tansy, sb. (herb), Delamer 
Tantalism, sb. Addison 
Tantalization, sb. Qotme 
Tantalizing, sb. Bentley 
Tantamount, ioith, for to, Burnet 
Tantamount to, B Hope 
Tantiyy, sb. fman). Swift 
Tap, so. knoOL, Stowe 
Tap-cinder, sb. London Reyfew 
Tape, y. a, muzzle with ti^ 

Taper, adj. tapering, Scott 

„ sb. Dryden 

„ y. a. Hobbes, £ Hooker 
Tape-worm, sb. Jrnag 
Tapir, sb. Times 
Tap-root, sb. Delamer, Carl 
Taprooted, adj. Delamer 
Tar, sb. sailor, Lindsay 
„ y. a. incite, Garl^^ 

"IViiily, Bb, T Tnjlor 
Tardy, adj . WordBworth, JohnBon 
Target, ab. Scott 
TargstiH-, ah. Hobbes 
Tar^m, ab. T Brown, Carl 
Tonll', ab. Mncaulaj 
Tarn, ab. De Qnincey, Vac Tour 
Tom-tap, ab. E A Vuoglum 
Tarpauline, ab. Irving 
TarradiddlB, at. A TniUope 
Tamigon, ab. ^«rb), Dalamec 
Tamance, sb. H Tajlor 
Tarry, all. Irving-, Vac Tour 
Tart, ab. Delamur 
Tarlaren, ab. uid tAy Eng Home 
Tartan, eb. Bcott 
Task, ab. Dryden, AdiUion 
Task-bouee, sb. Ld Lindsay 
Taslcmaater, ab. Carlyle 
Tassel, sb. TannvBOB 
Taaaelled, 0^. Tenuraoa 
TasM, T. II. Burke, Tennyaon 
„ approve of, Walpole 

„ ab. £uaMn, 3at Kev, 
Carl, Chesterfialii 
Taatc Riid judgment, Euakin 
Tiuted, aiij. poasesging a flavour. 

art), Addbon 
Tasty, adj. aitiatio, Delamer 
Tattcrud, adj. Swift 
Tuttfrdvmnbun, adj. Carlyle 
Tattle, V, n. 8 Piklmer, Swift 
Tattling, adj. Muse in Min 
Tattooing, ab. Cnrlyle 
Taunt, V. a. "Wordsworth 
Taunting, adj. Wordsworth 
Tautologoua, adj. Tooko 
Tautology, ab. Dryden 
Tavomer, ab. W H EusseU 
Taw, V. a. aoften, Arehieolog J 
Tflwdrilj, adv. Swift 
Tawdry, ab. Warter 
Tswn, sb. brown, North 
Tuwuy, adj. Delamer 
Tui, ab. VfordsWDrth 

„ V. a. liunlley 
Taieart, sb. W H Russell 
Tea, ab. Rolliad, Voo Tour 

Tear-drop, sb. Ld Lindsay 

Tearer, ab. Lamb 

Teartiilly, adv. Moir 

Teat, 9b. Hobbos, Add, Mill 

Teat, supply, sb. Hobbes 

Tease, v. a. (wool), Wordsworth 

„ V. a, (people), Swift 
Teaser, ab. devil. Lamb 
Tearing, adj. W, Bnike 
Teehnii:, sb. Masson 
Tecbnicaliat, ab. B Hope 
TechnicB, sb. Sat Bev 
Technology, sb. Sat Ke< 
Techy, acq. Irving 
Tediouaneaa, sb. Dryden 
Tedium, ab. Carlyle 
Teeming, adj. Star 
Teen, sfa. (10 ycais), W, Macm 
Teeth, in the t. ofhim, "Winlworth 
Teetotal, adj. thorough going, 
Jn O'ConncU 
„ flb. W Hobnea 
Teotolaller, ah. Gryll Grange 
Ttototallj, adv. very, Dh Q 
Tdgiieism,ab. Swift, J U Burton 
Tcind, sb. a tithe, Orig Scott 
Telegram, sb. Lit Gaiettc, New 

York Times 
Telegraph, sb. Ann Eeg, W 

Thomson, Carlyle 
Telegraphy, sb. Fairbaim, Times 
Teleologically, adv. Da Quinccy 
Telcstic, adj. T Taylor 
TeU. V. a. T 
„ count, 9cott, Fronde 

,, V- □. say, Scott 
„ beeffeotiYe, Lamb, Hn 

Tell -truth, sb. North 
Tellership, sb. Macaulay 
Tolling, adj. effeetiyE, Oe Q, 
Temerarious, adj. E Hooker 
Temerariously, adv. Swift 
Temper, ab. e^mncsa, Spectator 
praposal, Bp Burnet 
W, Scott 

moderate, Hobbes,W 
{a award), Scott 
-"- -B, War-- 

t, AmokU^S 

cott ^^M 

Temporality, ab. property, B'^T 
Temporalty, ab. laity, Bp Bnine! 
Temporary, adj. Scott, Stowe 
Temporizmg, adj. Burke 
TemporiiB, v. n. Timea 
Tempt, V. a. Drydcn, Stowo 
Temptation, ah. D 
Ten, adj. D, S Palmer 
Tenable, adj. (lit.) ItuaMn 
Tenacity, ab. endurance, T Tay- 

Tenant, ab. Tennyson 

„ V. n. Scott 
Tenantnblc, adj. T Burnet 
Tenant-right, ab. B, B Burka 
Tend, v. n. Wordsworth 

„ T. a. Swift, St, Am 
Tendenov, sb. W. Scott 
Tender (engine), sb. E 
Tender, adj. Tennyson ^ 

„ offer, V. a. Tm, Bentlejr 

„ V. a. soften, Mrs. Fry 
Tenderness, sb, (met.) Bp B, 

Enskin, W 
Tendril, ab. (met.) Stowe _^ 
Tpnehrific, adj. Carlyle -r 

Tenehrton, sb. OzeU ^M 

Tenehrloaajadj. Foster ^H 
Tenet, sb. Wordsworth "^l 

Tenfold, adj. Home ^ ■ 

Tennyaonian, adj. Times 
Tenor, ah. course, Tonnyson 
Tense, adj. stretched, (met.) 

Tie Quincey 
Tensile, adj. Lund fie* 
Tension, ab, (met.) Stowe 
Tent, sb.- W, Arnold 

„ V. a. plug, Atkyns, Scott 
Tentacle, sb. Lewes 
Tentacular, adj. T E Jones 
Tentatively, adv. Carl, De Q 
Tented, adj. Wordsworth 
Tenter, sb. ftame, North 
Tenter-hook, sb. CheiCerfleld, 

Tenth, adj. Scott 
Tenuity, sb. T Bumet, Scott, 
Sir R Wilson 
(met.) North 

R irUsoi 

t tea). 

Tea-tray, sb. Vac Tour 
Tea-urn, sb. Our Eng Home 
Teaeh, v. a, D, Warter 
Teachable, adj. Swift 
Teacher, ab. Wordsworth 
Teacbing, sb. Wordsworth 
Teagae, sb. Swift 
Teak, adj. H Gouger 

„ ab. Sat Eev 
Teal, ah. (l)ird) Swift, Sheridan 
Teatn, sli. bones and cart, tlay 

„ of horses, T, Timea 

Teapot, lb. ItYing 
Tear, sb. 'WOTdaworlh 

mt, Sir E Wilson 
Tennyson, Stowc 

Temperament, ab. diapoaition, W 
„ sulforing, Bp 

Temperamental, adj. T Brown Terelrato, v. n. O W Holmes 
Temperance, ah, moderation, B, Tergiversatioll, i ' ■" ■■ 
a'nrt^- Motley 

Term, ah. Tennji 
„ condition, CaiijI 

„ V. a. Scott 
Termagoncy, ab. J Collier 
Terminableness, sb, D, Thomas 
Terminal, adj. at the end, Del 


Temperate, adj. D 

„ moderate, Wi 

Temperature, sb. Nightingale 
Tempered, adj . moderated, B 
Temperer, ab. Hobbes 
Tempest, sb. Tennyson 

„ passionate boy, St 

V, a. H. Miller 
Tempestivity. sb. E Hooker 
Tempestnoua, adj, D 

Temples, sb, (of head), D 
Temporal, adj. of tenses, Tooke 


Tennination, sb. of a (word), D, 

Terminology, ab. De Qnincey 
Terminus (railway), ab. SmilM 
Termless, adj. endlefis, EusUo 
Ternary, ab. R A Vaughan 
Terra-ootl«, adj. Timet 
Terrain, sb. Oliphsnt 


Terrtiqaeous, adj. T Burnet, 

Bentley, Carl, Irring 
Terreplein, sb. W H Russell 
Terrible, adj. J Palmer 
Terrier, sb. rent-roll, Sat Rev 
Terrific, adj. W 
Terrifically, adv. De Q 
Terrification, sb. Vac Tour 
Terrified, adj. Scott 
Terrigenal, adj. North 
Terrigenous, adj. T Burnet 
Territorial, adj. Delamer 
Terror, sb. W 

„ ^ object of terror, Gib 
Terrorism, sb. Gn Smith 
Terrorist, sb. J S Mill 
Terse, adj. Stowe 
Tesselation, sb. Gosse 
Test, sb. Dryden, Rn 

„ V. a. Smyth 
Testamentation, sb. Burke 
Tester, sb. bed-hanging. Our 

Testimonial, adj. of testimony, 

Nat Rev 
Testiness, sb. Eingsley 
Testril, sb. rascal. Lane 
Testy, adj. Traheme, Swift 
Tetch, sb. offence, North 
Tetchy, adj. Swift, Lytton 
Tether, v. a. Wordsworth, Carl 

„ sb. Swift 
Tetotum, adj. Gifford 
Tetrachtys, sb. Spectator 
Tetn^ammaton, sb. Dryden 
Tetrahedron, sb. Irving 
Tetralo^, sb. Jn Hales 
Tetrastick, sb. Johnson 
Tew, V. a. Ozell 
Textually, adv. De Quincey 
Textuary, sb. T Brown, Swift 
Texture, sb. Bentley, Burke ' 
Textureless, adj. Ruskin 
Than, oonj. Bp Burnet 
Thane, sb. Forsyth 
Thank, v. a. Stowe 
Thankfulness, sb. Southey 
Thankless, adj. Scott 
Thanks, sb. W, "Warter, Stowe 
Thatch, V. a. Stowe 
Thatching, sb. Windsor Express 
Thaumatolatry, sb. Hare 
Thaumaturgic, adj. Q Rev 
Thaumaturgist, sb. R A Y 
Thaumatur^, sb. Carlyle 
Thawless, adj. Ruskin 
Theatre, sb. w,Home, T Burnet 

„ place, Gibbon 

„ adj. W G Clarke 
Theatricality, sb. Carlyle 
Thebaid, sb. B Hope 
^ee, for thou (Quaker^ Stowe 
Theft, sb. stealing. Gibbon 
Theism, sb. Shaftesbury, RAY 
Theist, sb. Shaftesbury 
Theistic, adj. Brimley 
Theistical, adj. Shaftesbury 
Thematic, adj. of a crude form, 



Theme, sb. topic, Gibbon, W 

„ Traheme • 

Themselves, pron. Ruskin 
Then, adv. Wordsworth 

„ coni. Tennyson 
Thence, aav. place, Southey 
Thence-forwards, adv. T Burnet 
Theocracy, sb. Carlyle 
Theocratic, adj. J S Mill 
Theodicy, sb. Aingsley 
Theogonia, sb. T Burnet 
Theofony, sb. Carlyle 
Theofoger, sb. T Burnet 
Theological, adj .undemonstrable. 

West Rev 
„ Traheme 

Theologue, sb. T Bumet 
Theomachist, sb. De Quincey 
Theopathetic, adj. R A Yaughan 
Theopneustic, adj. Hare 
Theorbo, sb. Masson 
Theorem, sb. Carlyle, Motley 
Theoremed, adj. Carlyle 
Theoretic, adj. Ruskin 
Theoretical, adj. Carlyle 
Theoria, sb. Ruskin 
Theoric, sb. Sat. Rev 
Theorical, adj. T Brown 
Theorist, sb. Bentley 
Theorize, v. n. De Q, Times 
Theorizing, sb. Ruskm 
Theory, so. Stowe 
Theosophic, adj. R A Yaughan 
Theosophist, sb. Lamb, RAY 
Theosophy, sb. R A Yaughan 
There, adv. Tennyson 

„ P^on. Tennyson 
Thereafter, adv. De Quincey 
Therefor, pron. Carlyle, De Q 
Therefore, adv. Southey 

„ pron. U S Ration List 

Therefrom, adv. Wordsworth, 

There-right, adv. Hobbes 
Thereu^n, adv. Tennyson 
Therewithal, adv. Wordsworth 
Thermometncal, adj. B Hope 
Thesaurus, adv. J S Mill 
Thesis, sb. Lrving, Sat Rev 
Theta, sb. T Brown 
Theurgic, adj. Swift, RAY 
Theurgist, sb. R A Yaughan 
Theurgy, sb. R A Yaugnan 
Thews, sb. Southey, Tennyson 
Thible, sb. wooden rod. Lane 
Thick, adj. j[lit.) Tennyson 

„ intimate. Lamb 

,, adv. Home 
Thicken, v. n. Stowe 
Thicket, sb. Tennyson 
Thick-headed, adj . stupid, Wink- 

Thief (in a candle), sb. E Hooker, 

Thieveries, sb. pi. Carlyle 
Thievery, sb. North 
Thighea, adj. Ruskin 
Thifi, adj» shaft, De Quincey 
Thimble, sb. Gray 


Thimbleful, sb. Swift 
Thin, adj. Wordsworth 
Thing, sb. T, Stowe 
Things, of all, especially, Scott 

„ sb. pi. clothes, C Readc 
Think, v. n. Tennyson 
Thinking, sb. Scott, N 
Thinly, adv. sparselV} Times 
Thinnify, v. a. Ozell 
Third, v. a. Bp Fleetwood 

„ adj. Wordsworth 
Third-rate, adj. Carlyle 
Thirst, V. n. Wordsworth 

„ sb. (met.) Arnold 
Thirster, sb. C Reade 
Thirsting, sb. Times 
Thirteen, sb. !«., Swift 
This, pron. and adj. W, Stowe 
Thistle, sb. Tennyson 
Thither, adv. Wordsworth 
Thitherward, adv. Carlyle 
Thoamish, adj. damp, Lane 
Thorax, sb. Scott 
Thorn, sb. prickle, T, Delamer 

„ bush. Swift, Del, W 

„ (fence), adj. Times 
Thomy, adj. ^et.) Traheme 

„ (lit.)Teniiyson 

Thorough, prep. W, T Burnet 
Thorough-bass, sb. Lrving 
Thorough-going, adj. Carlyle 
Thoroughly, adv. Ruskin 
Thorough-paced, adj. S Pamer 
Thoroughsped, adj. Swift 
Thorough-stitch, adj. (met.) 

Thorpe, sb. Wordsworth 
Those, adj. Stowe 
Thou, V. a. Hare 

„ pron. Hare 
Though, conj. Dryden, T 
Thought, sb. W, T, Times 
„ remembrance, T, 

Warter . 
Thoughtless, adj. Dryden 
Thoughtlessness, sb. Nightingale 
Thousand, adj. and sb. W T 
Thowel, sb. thole, Dickens 
Thrall, sb. sUve, Tennyson 
Thrashing (machine), adj. Times 
Thrasonical, adj. Tiuheme 
Thread, sb. T Bumet 

(of a story), Addison 
V. a. find a way through, 


(of words), sb. Warter 

„ ou. rum, Lancashire 
Threadbare, adj. (met.) Swift 
Threadwork, sb. R A Yaoghan 
Thready (pulse), adj. N 
Threat, v. a. Dryden 
Threaten, v. a. 1), Scott 
Threatener, sb. Hobbes 
Threatening, sb. Carlyle 
Threateningly, adv. W 
Three, adj. T, Hobbes 
Three-cornered, adj. Holmes 
Threefold, adj. Giboon 
Threescore, adj. Scott 


Three-times-three (cheers), Tenn 
Threnode, sb. Eingsley 
Threnody, sb. Carl, Sat Key 
Threshold, sb. Tennyson 
Thrice, ady. Tennyson 
Thrid, t. a. W, Tennyson 
Thrift, sb. Wordsworth 

„ (flower), Delamer 

Thriftily, adv. Carlyle 
Thriftless, adj. Cart Sat Key 
Thriftlessness, sb. Sat Rev 
Thrill, y. a. Wordsworth 

„ y. n. Moir 

„ sb. W, Stowe 
Thrive, v. n. Dryden 
Thriving, adH. ifryden 
Throat, sb. Scott 
Throb, sb. Stowe 
Throddy, adj. bulky, Lane 
Throne, sb. W, Ld Lindsay 

„ adj. Sir R Wilson 
Throng, v. a. Bentley, W, T 
Thropple, sb. Ozell 
Throstle, sb. Wordsworth 
Throttle, v. &. Swift;, W, Carl 
Throngh, prep. Wordsworth 

„ adj. Times, Sat Rev 
Through, v. a. Hobbes 
Throughly, adv. Bentley 
Throughout, prep. Tennyson 
Through-stitch, sb. Hist of Sir 

J Hawkwood 
Throw, v. a. S Palmer 

^ conquer, Tenn 
v. n. Scott 
sb. S Palmer 

„ sb. sharp pain, Traheme, 

Bp Patrick 
Thrower, sb. (man), L Hunt 
Thrum, sb. Carlyle 

„ V. a. Swift 
Thrumpty, adv. Thackeray 
Thrunk, sAy drunk. Lane 
Thrust, v. a. D, Wr 

„ v. n. Scott, Stowe 

„ sb. Scott 
Thrustle, sb. thrush. Gay 
Thrutchings, sb. pi. pressed 

whey, Lancashire 
Thud, sb. Moir 

„ v. n. Oliphant 
Thuggery, sb. Carlyle 
Thumi), sb. Dryden 
Thumb-screw, sb. W G Clark 
Thump, v. a. Wordsworth 

„ sb. Hobbes, Mom Post, 

Thumpatory, adj. Ozell 
Thumping, sb. Hobbes 

„ adj. Sherard Osbom 
Thunder, sb. flit.) Dryden 
„ (inet.) Burke 

„ v. n. knock loudly, Gib 
Thunderer, sb. Dryden 
Thunder^t, sb. Irving 
Thundermg, adj. Dryden 
Thundery, adj. G Macdonald 
Thuribule, sb. Southey 
Thus, adv. Tennyson 




Thwack, v. a. Swift 
„ V. n. Moir 
Thwart, adj. Irving 
„ V. a. Times 
Thwarted, adj. Froude 
Thwittle, sb. wooden-hafted 

knife, Lancashire 
Thy, pron. a^. W, Stowe 
Thyme, sb. W, Delamer 
Thymy, adj. Tennyson 
Tiara, sb. Carlyle 
Tiaraed, adj. Cfarlyle 
Tic, sb. a game, J Warter 
Tick, sb. credit, Lamb 

„ V. n. give tick. Swift 
Ticket, sb. Stowe 
Ticket-of-leave, adj. Daily Tel 
Tickle, V. a. Stowe 
Ticklish, adj. Irving 
Tidal, adj. Smiles 
Tide, sb. ^of sea), Tennyson 

„ (met.) Ld Lindsay, St 

Tidemark, sb. Dickens 
Tidewaiter, sb. Macaulay 
Tideway, sb. Vac Tour 
Tidings, sb. T 
Tidy, V. a. Nightingale 
Tie, V. a. attach, (met.) Bp B 
„ (lit.) W, Stowe 
„ sb. mendship. Muse in Min 
Tier, sb. S. Palmer 
Tierce, sb. a term in fencing, S 
„ (of wine), Johnson 

Tiff, sb. Carlyle 
Tig, V. n. King James 
Tiger ^beetle), adj. Gosse 

„ (flower), adj. Delamer 
Tight, adv. Stowe, W G Clark 

„ adj. neat, Scott 
Tights, sb. drawers, Chelt Times 
Tighter, sb, caulker, Ozell 
Tigrology, sb. De Quincey 
Till, adv. Tennyson 
„ conj. Addison 
„ V. a. Tennyson 
Tillable, adj. Carlyle 
Tillage, adj. Times 
Tillandsia, sb. Gosse 
Tiller, sb. D 
Tilt, sb. tournament. Sou, T 

(cart) cover, W H R, 
V. n. Tennyson 
(full), adv. Stowe 
Tiltea (waggon), adj. Times 
Tilter, sb. one who tilts, Moir, 

De Quincey 
Tilth, sb. W, Carlyle, Kingsley 
Timber, sb. ship rib, Warter 

„ good wood, lindley 

Timber (jumper), adj. of gates, 

etc.. Times 
Time, v. a. rebate, Southey 
Times, Carlyle 
sb. W, Hare, Stowe 
delay, Stowe 
-timed, adj. Scott 
Timefully, adv. Carlyle 








Timeing, sb. T Burnet 

Timeless, adj. Home 

Timely, adj. Wordsworth 

Timeous, adj. Moir 

Timeously, adv. C Reade 

Timcwasted, adj. Carlyle 

Timidity, sb. Wordsworth 

Timidous, sidj. North 

Timist, sb. luiight 

Timorous, adj. Scott 

Timorously, adv. Knight 

Timously, adv. Kin* James 

Tincture, v. a. W, T Burnet 
„ sb. flavour, T Brown, 
W, Home, Bp Patrick 

Tind, V. a. E Hooker 

Tine, sb. branch of a deer's horn, 
Tour in Ireland 
„ prong of a fork. North 

-tined, adj. Times 

Tinge, sb. C Reade 
„ V. a. stain. Bond 

Tingle, v. n. Scott, Tennyson 

Tinker, sb. Swift, De Qmncey 

Tinkling, adj. Times 

Tinner, sb. Calcott 

Tinsel, sb. Hare 

Tint, sb. W, Delamer 

Tintimarre, sb. Ozell 

Tintinnabulous, adj. De Quincey 

Tip, V. a. (lit.) Wordsworth 
„ me the wink, Addison 
„ v. a. give (a hand). Gay 
„ sb. a gift. Vac Tour 

Tipcat, sb. Macaulay 

Tippet, sb. Carlyle 

Tipping, sb. top. Statute 

Tipple, V. a. Scott 
„ sb. De Quincey 

Tipstaff, sb. Burke 

Tipster, sb. (turf). Times 

Tiptoe, adj. Soutney 
„ sb. (lit.) Scott, N 

Tiptop, adj. Swift 

Tiptopgallantman, sb. Swift 

Tire, v. n. Tennyson 

Tireless, adj. Times 

Tire-man, so. Shaftesbury 

Tiresome, adj. Addison 

Tirewoman, sb. Carlyle 

'Tis, S Palmer 

'Tisn't, S Palmer 

Tissue, V. a. Moir 

Tit, sb. mare. Collier, M Lewes 
„ sb. (bird), Tennyson 

Titbit, sb. Irving 

Tit-for-tat, Percy Soc Songs 

Tithe, sb. tenth, Dr Arnold 

Tithe-calf, sb. fool, Ozell 

Tithing, sb. tenth, B Hope 

Titillating, adj. Times 

Titillation, pleasing excitement, 
sb. S Palmer 

Title, sb. Dryden 

Titlepage, sb. Wordsworth 

Titmouse, sb. Kingsley, M Post 

Titter, sb. A C Carlyle 

Tittle, sb. Bp Patrick, Swift 

Tittle-tattle, sb. S Palmer 



Tittle-tattle, y. n. 8 Palmer 

Titubant, adj. Sat Rev 

To, prep. S Palmer 

To, sp^ik tOf for of; set out to 

sale, for for; an instance to, 

for in; equality to, for with; 

Bishop Burnet 
Toad, sb. D, Delamer 

„ V. n. Irving 

„ ' to eat toacb,' Ld Bulkeley 
Toad-eater, sb. M, Irving 
Toad-stool, sb. Holmes 
Toadyism, sb. J S Mill 
Toas^ V. a. Nightingale 

„ sb. healtn. Swift 
Toastrack, sb. Woods 
Tobacco, sb. Irving, Taylor 
Tocsin, sb. Woods 
To-day, adv. North, T 
Tod (of wool), sb. Percy Soc 

Toddling, adj. Eraser's Mag 
Toddy, sb. Irving 
To-do, sb. S Palmer 
Toe (of a boot), sb. Scott 
Toft, sb. Orig Scot 
Toga, sb. Arnold 
Toge, sb. Ozell 
Together, adv. Tennyson 
Toggery, sb. Gregory 
Ton, sb. T, Warter 

„ v. n. W. Carlyle, Wr 
Toilet, sb. Addison, Scott 
Toilette, sb. Irving 
Toilftilly, adv. Farrar 
Toilsomely, adv. Carlyle 
Tokay, sb. Swift, Wilson 
Token, sb. Scott 

„ by the same (phr.) Lamb 
Tolerable, adj. Dryden 
Tolerably, adv. Kuskin 
Tolerate, v. a. allow, Wordsworth 
Toleration, sb. Burke 
Tolerant, adj. Burke 
Toll, V. n. nng, T, Warter 

„ V. a. take, Irving 

„ sb. tax, J S Mill 
Tollman, sb. Malcolm 
Tolsey, sb. North 
Tomahawk, sb. M, Irving 
Tomato, sb. Clarke, Delamer 
Tomb, sb. Tennyson 
Tombless, adj. Holmes 
Tome, sb. Irving 
Tomfoolery, sb. Times 
Tommy (snop), adj. Wade 
To-morrow, adv. North, T 
Tom-tom, sb. Daily Telegraph 
Ton, sb. Macaulay 
Tone, sb. spirit, Tennyson 

(in painting), Buskin 
manner of speaking, 
Ann Beg 
V. a. drone, Stowe 
Toneless, adj. without colour, Bn 
Tongue, sb. (language), T, Hare 

„ adj. B A Yaughan 
Tongs, sb. Scott, Irving 
''"omc, sb. (medicine), Stowe 




Tonical, adj. T Burnet 

Tonick, adj. T Burnet 

To-night, adv. Tennyson 

Tonnaee, sb. Macaulay 

Too, adv. also, T 
„ nimisy W, Stowe 

Tool, sb. riit.) Wordsworth 
„ (met.) Warter 

Tooth, sb. Tennyson 
„ in the teeth of (phr.), Bn 

Toothed, a^*. Tennyson 

Toothsct, aoj. Artist and Crafts- 

Top, V. a. cut, S Palmer, Del 
„ head. Hare, Dixon 

„ sb. summit, Dryden 
„ adj. chief, Swin; 

Top-a-toe, adv. Delaney 

Top-ful, adv. Bishop Patrick 

Top-knot, sb. Percy Soc Songs 

Topass, sb. Indian robber, B 

Top-up, V. a. Times 

Tope, sb. a grove, Tennent 
„ kind of boat, Osbom 

„ V. n. drink hard. Gay, 

Toper or tropery, sb. Bomanist 
prayer-book, Lewis 

Topiarian, adj. Sullivan 

Topiary, adj. De Quincey 

Topic, sb. Scott 
„ adj. local, E Hooker 

Topical, adj. T Burnet, Bp P, 

Toping, adj. Delamer 

Topographically, adv. Carlyle 

Topographies, sb. pi. Carlyle 

Topmost, adj. Tennyson 

Topper, sb. one who excels, Wr 

Topping, adj. chief. Bay, Mat 
„ aristocratic. North 

Topple, V. a. and v. n. Tennyson 

Topsail, sb. Southey 

Top-sawyer, sb. De Quincey 

Topscript, sb. Swift 

Topsie-turvy, Bp Patrick 

Topsy-turvy, v. a. Carlyle 

Tor, sb. hiU, Sat Rev 

Torch, sb. R Burton 

Torchlight, sb. Freer 

Torment, sb. Swift 
„ hell, Stowe 

Tormenter, sb. Bentley 

Tornado, sb. Carlyle 

Torpedinous, adj. De Quincey 

Torpedo, sb. machine for blowing 
up ships. Smiles 

Torrefacnon, sb. De Quincey 

Torrefied, adj. Grego ry 

Torrent, sb. Buskin, W 

Torsion, sb. De Quincey 

Torso, sb. Irving 

Tortoise, sb. miht. engine. Sou 

Tortuosity, sb. Carlyle 

Tortuous, adj. Carlyle 

Torture, v. a. D 

adi. W G Clark 

rturer, sb. 

Torturer, sb, Southey 


Torturous, adj. Shaftesbury 
Tory, sb. S Palmer, Macaulay, 

J H Burton, Irving 
Toryism, sb. Calhoun 
Toss, V. n. Tennyson 

„ V. a. Stowe, D, Hobbes 

„ sb. temper. North 
Toss-pot, sb. drinker. Lamb 
Toss-up, V. n. De Quincey 
Total, adj. T, Warter 
Totality, sb. F Galton 
Totally, adv. Ann Reg 
Tote, V. n. carry, Stowe 
T'other, pron. d Palmer 
Totter, V. n. Bentley, J S Mill 
Tot-up, V. a. Theod Hook 
Touch, V. a and sb. Tenn, Bn 
„ sb. Scott, Stowe 
„ (phr.) keep touch. Lamb 
„ V. a. assay, Byland 
Toucher, sb. Lamb 
Touch-hole, sb. Irving 
Touching, prep. Tennyson 
Touchstone, so. (met.) Burke 
Touch-upon, v. a. Tennyson 
Touchy, adj. S Palmer 
Tough (job), adj. Scott, Stowe 
Tougher, sb. marriage portion, 

Toupee, sb. Macaulay 

„ wearer of a t. Swift 

Toupet, sb. Swift 
Tour, sb. Bentley 

„ V. n. De Quincey 
Touring, adj. Carlyle 
Tourism, sb. Sat Kev 
Tournament, sb* W, Scott, T 
Tourney, sb. Tennyson, B 
Tottse, V. a. Hobbes 
Tousled, adj. Stowe 
Tout, sb. Warter 
Touter, sb. Warter, Gouger 
Touting, sb. Warter 
Touzle, V. a. Irving, Stowe 
Tow, sb. f of string) , Southey 

„ sb. oragging, Scott 
Toward, adv. Carlyle 
Towardly, adj. Swift, Carlyle 
Towel-horse, sb. H F Tozer 
Tower, sb. Tennyson 

„ V. n. Wordsworth 
Towered, adj. Times 
Towering, adj. Tennyson 
Towline, sb. Times 
Town, sb. W, Scott 

„ adj. A C Carlyle 
Townish, adj. Windsor 
Townsfolk, sb. Swift 
Townsman, sb. Scott 
Towy, adj. Sat Bev 
Toy, sb. Hobbes, Traheme 
Tracasseric, sb. Kinsley 
Trace, sb. mark, T, Ruskin,. St 

„ record, (keep t.), St 

„ V. a. D, Wr, Buskin 
Traceable, adj. W, Burke ^ 
Traceried, adj. B Hope, Ruskin 
Track, sb. Tennyson 

„ V. a. T, Stowe 


Track, v. a. tow, Gregory 
Trackmg, sb. towing, Gregory 
Trackless, adj. W, Irving 
Tracks, make tr., go, Stowe 
Tract, sb. (of time), Bentley, T, 

„ (of land). Gibbon 
«. sb. 

„ o». book, E Barton 
„ sb. stretcb, T Brown 

„ sb. tra,ck, T Burnet 
Traction, adj'. Mom Post 
Trade, sb. D, Scott, Stowe 

„ Y. a. Stowe 
Trade and business, Ld Dcnman 
Trader, sb. Stowe 

„ slavetrader, St 
Tradesman, sb. Wordsworth 
Tradesmanship, sb. Sat Rev 
Tradition, sb. W, Scott 
Traditionality, sb. Carl^le 
Traditionist, sb. Be Qumcey 
Traditiye, adj. traditional, Wm 

Traduce, t. a. Swift 
Traduction, sb. Cobbe 
Traffic, T. n. "W, Traheme 
Traffick, y. a. Hobbes 
Trafficker, sb. W, Bond 
Tragedy, sb. W, Scott 
Tragic, adj. Dryden 

„ sb. a tragedian, Bentley 
Tragi-comedy, sb. T Burnet 
Trau, T. a. w ordswortb 

„ T. n. Stowe 

„ sb. Irving 
Train, sb. T, W G Clark 

„ sb. (railway), T, Woods 

„ V. a. T, Wr, Stowe 
Trainband, sb. Macaulay 
Trainer, sb. Times 
Training, sb. Hare 

„ (of a gun), Times 
Trainless, adj. Kingsley 
Traitor, sb. D, Arnold 
Traitress, sb. Home, De Q 
Traject, v. a. T Burnet 
Trajection, sb. T Burnet 
Trajectory, sb. W H R, Ed Rev 
Traiet, sb. W H Russell 
Tralatition, sb. Warburton 
Trammel, v. a. Sir R Wilson 
Tramp, sb. vagrant, Warter 

„ (a horse's), sb. Scott 
Tramping, adj. vagrant, Scott . 
Trample, v. a. Tennyson, D 
„ V. a. and v. n. Carlyle 
„ sb. tread, R A V 
Trampling, sb. Times 
Tram-road, sb. Smiles 
Tramway, sb. Smiles, Woods 
Trance, sb. Tennyson 
Trangam, sb. Hooker 
Tranquillify, v. a. Ed Hooker 
Tranquillity, sb. W, Scott 
Tranquillization, sb. Times, Gar 
Tranquillize, v. a. W 
Tranquillizing, adj. W 
Transact, v. a. Stowe 

V. n. De Quincey 



Transanimation, sb. T Brown 
Transatlantic, adj. Motley 
Transcend, v. a. D, Page, Carl 
Transcendence, sb. Ed Hooker, 

Transcendent, adj. Traheme 
Transcendental, adj. Carlyle 
Transcendentalism, sb. Carlyle 
Transcendently, adv. Traheme 
Transcribe, v. a. D, Wr 
Transelementation, sb. T Burnet 
Transeptal, adj. B Hope 
Transfer, v. a. Tennyson 
Transfigure, v. a. Kaye 
Transform, v. a. Traheme 
Transfretation, sb. H Walpole, 

Transfuse, v. a. Dryden 
Transhipment, sb. Knight 
Transience, sb. Ruskin 
Transient, adj. W, Scott, T, R 
Transiently, adv. Aubrey 
Transit, v. a The Press 
Transition, sb. Wordsworth 
Transitional, adj. Gosse 
Transitorily, adv. Hare 
Transitory, adj. Carlyle 
Translate, v. a. construe, Nat Rev 

„ remove, De Q 

Translateable, adj. De Quincey 
Translation, sb. D, Scott, Johnson 
„ (of a bishop), Wr, 

De Quincey 
Translatory, sb. Swift 
Translatress, sb. Lamb 
Transliterate, v. a. Sat Rev 
Translucency, sb. T R Jones 
Translucent, adj. Southey, T R 

Transmarine, adj. Gosse 
Transmentation, sb. Harris 
Transmigrate, v. n. Burke, RAV 
Transmigration of souls, Gibbon, 

Transmitter, sb. Tennent, Bishop 

Wilberforce, Leigh Hunt 
Transmission, sb. W H Russell 
Transmogrify, v. a. Smollett 
Transom, sb. Denison 
Transpadane, adj. Burke 
Transpiration, sb. Traheme 
Transpire, v. n. Sat Rev 
Transplace, v. a. T Brown 
Transplant, v. a. Times 
Transplantation, sb. Delamer, 

De Quincey 
Transplanted, adj. Tennyson 
Transplanter, sb. Delamer 
Transpontine, adj. Sat Rev 
Transport, sb. W 

„ convict, Dickens 

Transportal, sb. Darwin 
Transportation, sb. Traheme 

„ moveables, M^Clellan 
Trans-spiritualized, adj. Hooker 
Transudation, sb. Lewes 
Transumpt, sb. Grig Scot 
Trap, V. a. Tennent, Wr 
Trape, sb. Swift 



Trapeze, sb. Sat Rev 
Trapezian, sb. Times 
Trapezoidal, adj. Grosse 
Traphy, adi. Gouger 
Trapish, adj. Percy Soc Songs 
Trappan, v. a. Percy Soc Songs 
Trapper, sb. T, Gosse, Irving 
Trapping, adj. Irving 
Traps, sb. moveables, De Q 

„ sb. pi. scraps, Stowe 
Trash, sb. Stowe 
Trashed, adi. De Quincey 
Trashing, aaj. Times 
Trashy, adj. Stowe 
Travel, v. n. Dryden, Ruskin, W 

„ v. a. Swift 
Travelled, adj. Tennyson 
Traversable, adj. Tennent 
Traverse, cross, sb. and v. a. W 
„ sb. screen, Eng Home 
sb. curtain, Eng Home 
ring of a ladder, B 
sb. denial, Burke 
harassing, Warb 
Travertin, sb. Ruskin 
Travestie, sb. Swift, Woods 
Travesty, sb. Mom Post 
Trawl, sb. a large net, Lewes 

„ V. n. Stockton Times 
Trawler, sb. Lewes 
Trawling, sb. Lewes 
Treacherous, adj. Dryden 
Treacley,- adj. T Hood 
Tread, v. n. T, Carlyle 

„ v. a. W, Home 
Treadmill, sb. W, Home 
Treason, sb. D, W H Russell 
Treasonable, adj. Arnold 
Treasonous, adj. Carlyle 
Treasure, v. a. Tennyson 
Treat, v. a. Stowe 

„ sb. indulgence, Spec, Sat 

Treatable, adj. quiet. Sir W 
Temple, Shaftes 
„ capable of medical 

treatment. Lamb 
Treaty, sb. treatise, Bp B 
Treble, adj. Tennyson 
Trebly, adv. Tennyson 
Trebuchet sb. (milit.), Southey 
Tredrille, sb. Gryll Grange 
Tree, sb. Tennyson 

„ adj. Delamer 
Tree-frog, sb. Gosse 
Treeless, adj. Wordsworth, Ti 
Treckshuit, sb. Southey 
Treillage, sb. Spectator 
Trellis, sb. Delamer 
Tremble, v. n. Tennyson 

„ sb. R A Yaughan- 
Trembling, adj. Tennyson 
Tremendous, adj. Warter 
Tremor, sb. Stowe 
Tremulent, adj. Carlyle 
Tremulous, adj. Ruskin 
Trenail, sb. Smiles 
Trench, v. a. Delamer 


Trench, sb. (milit.) Traheme 
Trencher, sb. plate, Tenn, Scott 
Trencher-man, sb. Inrinff 
Trend, y. n. Southey, Ouphant, 

Tremol, sb. Smiles 
Trepan, y. a. ensnare, Ballad 

„ sb. stratagem, North 

„ (a scull), V. a. W Law 
Trepidate, v. n. De Quincey 
Trepidation, sb. De Quincey 
Tressel, sb. Scott 
Trespass against, y. a. Burke 

„ on, y. a. Scott 
TresUework, sb. Times 
Treyet, sb. Hobbes 
Triable, adj. North, Whiteside 
Triaconter, sb. G Rawlinson 
Trial, sb. Maurice 
Trial-piece, tfb. Ed Rev 
Triangle, sb. Gibbon 
Triangular, adj. Hutton, Stowe 
Triangulation, sb. Times 
Triantulo-, prefix^ Hutton 
Triarcny, sb. Mom Star 
Tribal, adj. Sat Review 
Tribe, sb. Dryden, Swift 
Tribulate, v. a. Carlyle 
Tribunal, sb. Gibbon 
Tribunate, sb. Calhoun 
Tribune, sb. Arnold, Macaulay 
Tribunitial, adi. De Quincey 
Tribunitian, adj. West Rev 
Tributary, adj. W, Tennyson 
Tribute, sb. Dryden 
Trice, sb. Hobbes 
Trick, adj. performing t, Paper 
„ sb. deceit, Stowe 

„ skill, Scott 

Trickery, sb. B Hope 
Tricking, adj. Burke 
Trickle, V. n. Hobbes 
Trickling, adj. Scott 
Trickster, sb. Swift, Ruskin 
Tricksy, adj. Carlyle 
Tricky, adj. B Hope 
Tricolor, adj. & sb. Warb, Clark 
Tricoloure^ adj. Holmes 
Tricorporal, adj. T Taylor 
Tridactylous, aaj. Ed Rev 
Trident, sb. D, Swift 
Tried, adj. Tennyson 
Triennial, adj. Burke 
Trier, sb. R A Vaughan 
Trifle, sb. (thing), W, Gib, T 

„ man of no worth, Tra 
Trifle with, v. a. Scott 
Trifler, sb. Palmer, Macaulay 
Triforial, adj. B Hope 
Triforium, so. B Hope 
Triform, adj. T Burnet 
Trigonometrical, adj. Vac Tour 
Trigonometry, sb. Aingsley 
TriSteralism, sb. Farrar 
Trilithon, sb. Kingsley 
Trill, V. a. Gosse 
Trilogy, sb. Carlyle 
Trim, sb. Wordsworth, Scott 
„ V. n. Macaulay 




Trim (a ship), y. a. D, Hobbes 
Trimeter, sbv Sat Rev 
Trimmed (garden), adj. Wr 
Trimmer, sb. Macaulay 
Trimness, sb. Masson 
Trinket, sb. Gay 
Trinketry, sb. De Quincey 
Trio, sb. (of men^, Stowe 
Trip, V. n. Worosworth, Scott 

up, V. a. Stowe 

V. a. trip up, Scott 

sb. stumble, Palmer 
light step, Scott 
excursion, Stowe 
Tripartite, adj. Si^dft, R A V 
Tripeman, sb. Huddesford 
Triphonian, adj. Burke 
Triple, adj. D, Lord Lindsay 
Triplet, sb. Swift, Ruskin 
Triplicate, sb. Tennent 
Triplicity, sb. T Burnet 
Tripling, sb. three at a birth, 

Tripode, sb. Spec 
Trippery, adj. Ozell 
Tripping, acy. Stowe 
Tripudiation, sb. Carlyle 
Trireme, sb. G Rawlinson 
Trisagion, sb. T Brown 
Trisect, V. a. Hutton 
Trisection, sb. De Quincey 
Tristful, adj. Lamb, Times 
Trisulk, adj. Ozell 
Trisyllabically, adv. De Quincey 
Trituration, so. Leeds Mercury 
Triumph, v. n. Tennyson 

„ sb. W, Wordsworth 
Triumphal, adj. Gibbon 
Triumphant, adj. Wordsworth, 


„ sb. Aubrey 

Triumphantly, adv. Traheme 
Triumphing, adj. Traheme 
Trivia, sb. Gay 
Trivial, adj. Wordsworth 
Trivialities, sb. pi. Carlyle 
Trochee, sb. Macaulay 
Troculus, adj. R A Vaughan 
Trogon, sb. (a bird), Gosse 
Troglodyte, sb. Lewes 
Troll, V. a. sing, Scott 
Trolling, (for pike), sb. Vac Tour 
Trollop, sb. Jane Collier 
TroUoping, adj. Swift 
Trollopee, sb. Percy Soc Songs 
Trolly, sb. Smiles 
Tronage, sb. All Y R 
Troop off, V. n. Spectator 
Trope, sb. Macaulay 
Trophy, sb. Freer, Scott 
Tropic, adj. Gosse 
Tropical, adj. hot, Gibbon, St 
Trot, sb. old dame, Ozell 
„ V. n. ride, Scott 
„ (a man's), sb. Hobbes 
Troth, sb. Tennyson 
Trotting, adj. Swift 
Trottoir, sb. Kingsley 
Troubadour, sb. Southey 



Trouble, sb. Tennyson 
Troubled, adj. ruffled, (lit.) T 
„ (metj Southey 

Trouble-feast, sb. Hobbes 
Troublesome, adj. Dryden 
Trough, sb. Carlyle 
Trounce, v. a. thrash, De Q 
Trout, sb. Kingsley, Gosse 
Trow, V. n. W, Monthly Reg 
Trowel, sb. Delamer 
Truant, sb. Wordsworth 

„ V. n. All Y R 
Truantcy, sb. Carlyle 
Truce, so. Home 
Tmck, V. a. exchange. Swift, 
V. n. Swift 

sb. top of mast, Kingsley 
(railway), sb. Clark 
Truckle, adj. Irving 
Tnickle-bed, sb. De Quincey, Carl 
Truckman, sb. agent, Ozell 
Trudge, v. n. W, R A Vaughan 
Tme, adj. T, Ruskin, St 
Truelier, adv. cp. Hy Taylor 
Truest, adj. sup Scott 
Truffle, sb. Delamer 
Truffling, sb. finding truffles, Ti 
Truism, sb. Hare, Carl, De Q 
Truly, adv. D, Tennyson 
Trump, sb. and adj. (in cards), 

Trumpery, sb. Fleming, Swift, 

Irv'ing, St 
Trumpet, sb. W. Tennyson 
„ V. n. scream, Gosse 
„ V. a. Swift 
Trumpeter, sb. (met.) Burke 
Trumpeting, sb. Lament, Gosse 
Trump up, v. a. Palmer 
Truncation, sb. Ruskin 
Trundle, v. a. Swift, J S Mill 

„ V. n. De Quincey 
Trundle-bed, sb. Stowe 
Trunk, sb. (elephant's), Tennent 
sb. box, Tra, Stowe 

body. Home 
(of a tree), Bentley, Rn 
mne of rail), adj. Sat Rev 
Trunk-nose, sb. Carlyle 
Truss, sb. cluster, Delamer 
sb. (archt.) B Hope 
V. a. pack, Eng Hx)me 



Trussed, am. Scott 
Trussing, so. Stowe^ 

„ adj. English Home 
Trust, V. n. and v. a. Tennyson 

„ V. a. Tennyson 

„ sb. duty, Burnet 
Trustedly, adv. Ruskin 
Trustful, adj. Tennyson 
Trustfully, adv. R A Vaughan 
Trustingly, sdv. Stowe 
Truth, sb. M, T, Ruskin, J S Mill 
Truth and beauty, Ruskin 
Truth-speaking, sb. Bp Rigaud 
Try, V. a. Dryden, Stowe 
Trying it on, (phr.) De Quincey 
Trj'st, sb. fair, Perth Advertiser 


Tryst, (to keep), sb. Forres Gaz. 
Tub, sb. slow snip, Hobbes 

Tsetse, sb. (a ny), Gosse 

Tube, sb. T Brown, Woods 
Tuber, sb. Delamer 
Tubercle, sb. Delamer 
Tuberose, sb. Stowe, Delamer 
Tuberosity, sb. Carlyle 
Tuck (to a bed), sb. Stowe 

„ so. sweetmeat, Taylor 

„ (of a dress). Newspaper 
Tufa, sb. Clark 
Tuft, sb. Delamer 

„ T. a. Tennyson 
Tufted, adj. Southey 
Tug, V. a. Gay 

„ V. n. Stowe 
Tu^^ing, sb. Hobbes 
Tuition, sb. guard, Bp Patrick 
„ teaching, Soutbey 

Tulip, sb. Delamer 
Tulippomania, sb. Tatler 
Tulip-tree, sb. Del, Irving 
Tumble, v. n. Dr, B, Tenn, Rn 

„ V. a. Johnson, Tennyson 
Tumble-down, adj. W H R, Wr 

„ V. a. Traheme 

Tumbler, sb. fa toy), Southey 


man), Hobbes 
a glass, Morn Post, 

Tumour, sb. Bentley 
Tumult, sb. Tennyson, Stowe 

„ V. a. Moir 
Tumultuary, adj. Bp B, Johnson 
Tun, sb. Dryden 
„ V. n. Ozell 
Tune, sb. Scott 
Tuneableness, sb. North 
Tuneful, adj. W 
Tunefidly, adv. Wordsworth 
Tuneless, adj. De Quincey 
Tuning, sb. Scott 
Tunkaw, sb. Burke 
Tunnellmg, adj. Wilson 
Tup, V. a. Times 
Tupperian, adj. Sat Eev 
Turban, sb. Stpwe 
Turbant, sb. turban, Addison 
Turbary, sb. De^ Quincey 
Turbinating, a^. Burke 
Turbidity, sb. Gosse 
Turbot, sb. (a fish), Gay 
Turbulency, sb. Traheme 
Turbulent, adj. W, Tennyson 
Tureen, sb. Delamer, Carlyle 
Turf^ sb. Home, Delamer 

„ adj. Vac Tour 
Turfien, adj. A Smith, Moir 
Turfy, adj. Stowe 
Turkey, sb. (the fowl), Tylor, 

Turkey-buzzard, sb. Irving 
Turmoil, sb. Scott 
Turmoiling, adj. Russell 
Turn, sb. whim. Swift 

„ inclination, L Hunt 

„ sb. perversion, Palmer 
interpretation. Swift 



Turn, V. a. qualify, Burnet 
„ V. n. !dp B, Tennyson 
„ V. a. Palmer, T 
Tumbridge, sb. Smiles 
Turncoat, sb. Dasent 
Turnery, adj. North 
Tnrned of 7 (years old), Lamb 
Turner (hay), sb. Times 
Turning (loom), adj. A C Carl 
Turnip, sb. Delamer 
Turnkey, sb. Sat Rev 
Turn-out, sb. show, De Q 
Turn-up, sb. fight, De Q 

„ V. n. appear, Gosse 
Turnstile, sb. All Y R 
Turquoise, sb., t. colour, Clark 
Turret, adj. Tennyson 
Turret (of harness), sb. De Q 
Tush, sb. Tennent 
Tusky, adj. Gay, Wordsworth 
Tussock, adj. Vac Tour 
Tusker, sb. (an elephant with 

tusks), Tennent 
Tuskless, sb. Tennent 
Tutelarjr, adj. Wordsworth 
Tutti-taitti, interj. Scott 
Twaddle, sb. De Q, Sat Rev 
Twain, adj. Calhoun 
„ sb. Tennyson 

Twang, sb. Macaulay 

Twanffing, sb. Scott 

Twattle, adj. Ozell 

Tweedlo-doe, sb. fiddle. Lamb 

Tweeze, sb. Percy Soc Songs 

Tweezers, sb. pi. Sat Rev 

Twelvemonth, sb. Scott 

Twelvepenny, adj. Tatler 

Twentieth, adj. Swift 

Twenty, adj. Scott 

Twice, adv. Sou, Tenn, Stowe 

Twiddle, v. a. twist, H Marryat 

Twiddledee, v. n. Carlyle 

Twig, V. a. perceive, BaUad 
„ (of a tree), sb. Ruskin 

Twigsome (trees), adj. Dickens 

Twilight, sb. Wordsworth 

Twin, adj. Tennyson 
„ sb. Stowe 
„ V. a. part, Scotch 

Twine, v. a. Stowe 

Twinge, v. a. Kingsley 
„ sb. Swift 

Twinkle, v. n. Wordsworth, St 

Twinkling, sb. W 

„ sb. moment J Stowe 

Twirl, V. a. Swift 

Twist, sb. odd fancy, Wilson, 

Twit, V. a. Bp P, Swift, M 

Twitching, sb. Stowe 

Twitchy, adj. Dickens 

Twitter, v. a. Gryll Grange 

Twittering, sb. Huddesford 

Two, adj. Tennyson 

Two-edged adj. Irving 

Twofol(^ adj. Wordsworth 

Twofoldness, sb. Barnes 

Two-handed (sword), adj. Scott 

Twopence, sb. sing, Scott 


Twyformed, adj. Kingsley 
Twy-, prefix, Coleridge 
Tycho, sb. T Brown 
Tyke, sb. fellow, Lancashii'C 
Tymbal, sb. Gibbon 
Tympana, sb. pi. (arch), B Hope 
Tympanum, sb. (of ear), Carlyle 
Tympany, sb. Dryden, De Q 
Typal, adj. Sat Rev, B Hope, 

Type, sb. model, F, W Robert- 
son, T 

„ V. a. Tennyson 
Typify, V. a. put into print. Lamb 
Typhoid, adj. Nightmgale 
Typhoon, sb. Maury 
Typhus, adj. Nightingale 
Typographic, adj. De Quincey 
Tyrannic, adj. Dryden, Burke 
Tyrannous, adj. W, Sat Rev 
Tyranny, sb. Wordsworth 
Tyrant, sb. and adj. Dryden 

„ Gib, Arnold 

Tyring (room), adj. Scott 
Tyro, sb. Ruskin 

Ubiquity, sb. Times 
Udder, sb. Wordsworth 
Ufers, sb. Customs' List 
Ugh, interj. Tliackeray 
Ugliness, sb. Ruskin 
Ugly, adj. Ruskin, Stowe 
Ugly, adj. (met.) sb. Stowe 
Ukase, sb. Kingsley 
Ulcerate, v. n. Motley 
Ullage, sb. Cornhill Magazine 
Ultimately, adv. Bentley, Gibbon 
Ultimatum, sb. Carl, Oliphant 
Ultra-, prefix, Clark 
Ultramarine, adj. Burke 
Ululation, sb. De Quincey 
Umbel, sb. Miss Evans, Mrs 

Umbery, adj. Thornbury 
Umbrage, sb. shade, (lit.) Hooker, 

W, Loud Rev, Huddesford 
Umbrae, sb. shadows, Ruskin 
Umbrageous, adj. Carlyle, T R 

Umbrella, sb. Aubrey, Gay 
Umbry, adj. Hugh Miller 
Umpire, sb. Home 
Umpired, adj. Times 
Umpirage, sb. arbitration, Burnet 
Unabateable, adj. Carlyle 
Unabated, adj. Hobbes 
Unable, adj. stupid, Lewis 
Unabolished, adj. Carlyle 
Unabraded, adj. Maury 
Unaccepted, adj. Winkworth 
Unaccessible, adj. Hobbes, T B 
Unaccompanied, adj . Nightingale 
Unaccomplished, adj. Tennyson 
Unaccountable, adj. Burke 
Unaccustomed, adj. Gib, Russell 
Unachievable, adj. Carlyle 
Unacknowledged, adj . W, Southey 



Unactivc, adj . Tra, Pope, Bontley, 

Unadjectived, adj. Home 
Unamnirable, adj. Carlyle 
Unadmiring, adj Carlyle 
Unadulterated, adj. W, Scott 
Unadvisable, adj. Carl, Times 
Unafifable, adj. De Quincey 
Unaifected, adj. Spectator 
Unafraid, adj. Morris 
Unagglutinative, adj. FW Farrar 
Unagreeable, adj. uncongenial, 

Una^eeably, adv. Leigh Hunt 
Unaimed, adj. Wordsworth 
Unalienated, pp. Pal^aye 
Unallayed, a£. Yau^an 
Unalliable, a^'. Burke 
Unalterable, adj. Traheme 
Unaltered, adj. Sir "W Scott 
Unambiguous, adj. Burke 
Unambitious, adj. Wordsworth 
Unamendable, adj. Swift 
Unamended, adj. Barnes 
Unamiable, adj. Spectator 
Unamicable, adj. J Foster 
Unamused, adj. Hy Kingsley 
Unanchor, v. a. De Quincey 
Unanimated, adj . Yaughan 
Unanimity, sb. Sir W Scott 
Unannealed, adj. Moir 
Unannounced, adi. De Quincey 
Unanswerable, adj. H B Stowe 
Unanswering, adj. Theo Martin 
Unapparent, adj. Wordsworth 
Unappealably, sdv. De Quincey 
Unappealing, adj. Buskin 
Unappeasable, adj. Carlyle 
Unapplausive, adj. Carlyle 
Unappointed, adj. Carlyle 
Unappreciative, adj. Times 
Unapprehensive, adj. W, Lamb 
Unapproachable, adj. Southey 
Unapproached, adj. Wordsworth 
Unapt, adj. J S Mill, Scott, St 
Unaptly, adv. Mrs H B Stowe 
Unaptness, sb. G Rawlinson 
Unarmed, adj. Hobbes, Tenn 
Unarranged, 6dj. Carlyle 
Unarrested, adj. Tennent 
Unasked, adj. Tennyson 
Unaspirating, adj. Sat. Rev 
Unassertive, adj. not obtrusive, 

Unassisted, adj. Gibbon, Carlyle 
Unassuming, adj. Wordsworth 
Unassuminffness, sb. De Quincey 
Unattackable, adj. Ld Grenville 
Unavailably, adv. Buskin 
Unavei^ea})le, adj. Wordsworth 
Unawe^ adj. Moir 
Unawares, adv. Hobbes 
Unbaffled, adj. Wordsworth 
Unbalance, v. a. Buskin 
Unbank, v. a. Calhoun 
Unbarrieadoed, adj. Burke 
Unbashful, adj. Wordsworth 
Unbeaten (paths^, adj. T Burnet 
"•^beautified, adj. Lamb 


Unbeautiful, adj. Buskin 
Unbeavered, adj. Moir 
Unbeclouded, adj. Winkworth 
Unbecoming, adj. Sir W Scott 
Unbedewed, adj. Pusey 
Unbedimmed, adj. W, Wink- 

Unbeg^ed, adj. Dr E Hooker 
Unbeemning, sb. Law 
Unbeknown, adj. G Bawlinson 
Unbelied, adj. Wordsworth 
Unbelievable, adj. Carlyle 
Unbelieved, adj. Wordsworth 
Unbelieving, so. Sir W Scott 
Unbenign, adj. Wordsworth 
Unbendsome, adj. Barnes 
Unbend, v. a. Spec 
Unbent, adj. Gosse 
Unbcreaven, adj. Mrs Browning 
Unbereft, adj. Wordsworth 
Unbethink, v. a. to recollect, G 

Unbewailed, adj. Hobbes 
Unbigottcd, adi. Spec 
Unbleached, adj. C Reado 
Unblenushed, adj. W 
Unblest, adj. Hobbes 
Unblessed, adj. Carlyle 
Unbloodied, adj. G Huddesford 
Unboastful, adj. Milman 
Unbodied, adj. Spec, Moir 
Unbonnetted, adj. Sir W Scott 
Unborn, adj. Gibbon, W, Tenn 
Unbosom, v. a. Scott 
Unbranched, adi. Gosse 
Unbreathing. adj. Wordsworth 
Unbribable, adj. Thombury 
Unbridged,adj. W,WHR, Stowe 
Unbroken, adj. W, Delamer 
Unbrowned, adj. W H Russell 
Unbuckle, v. a. Scott 
Unbuild, v. a. T B, R A Yaughan 
Unbuilt, adj. B Hope 
Unburied, adj. Dryden 
Unbumed, adj. Dryden 
Unbusinesslike, adj. Thombury 
Unbusy, adj. ST Coleridge 
Unbuttressed, adj . Sat Rev 
Uncapable, adj. Bentley 
Uncapped, adj. L Hunt 
Uncareful, adj. Nightingale 
Uncase, v. a. Palmer 
Uncautious, adj. Palmer 
Uncensorious, adj. De Quincey 
Unceremonious, adj. W 
Uncertainly, adv. E Hooker 
Uncertificated, adj. Sat Rev 
Unchallengeable, adj. Hugh 

Miller, Ld Lindsay 
Uncharacteristically, adv. Ruskin 
Uncharity, sb. Tennyson 
Uncharm, v. a. Worn 
Unchastened, adj. Ruskin 
Uncheckable, aoj. North, Mag- 
Uncheered, adj. Wordsworth 
Unchivalry, sb. Kingsley 
Unchoked, sdj. Gouger 
Unchoosable, adj. Carlyle 


Unchristian, adj. Stowe 
Unchristianity, sb. Sat Rev 
Uncial, adj. ralerave. North 
Uncicatrized, adj. De Quincey 
Uncivic, adj. De Quincey 
Uncivil, adj. non-civil, B 
Uncivilize, v. a. T Burnet 
Uncivilized, adj. Kingsley 
Uncivilly, adv. rudelv, Hobbes 
UnclassicaUy, adv. Whiteside 
Uncle, sb. T, Stowe, Scott 
Uncleanly, adj obscene, Tatler 
Uncleansed, adj. Nightingale 
Uncleship, sb. Lamb 
Unclify, v. a. Lamb 
Unclimbed, adj. Masson 
Unclosed, adj. AU Year Round 
Unclothe, v. a. E Hooker 
Unclothedly, adv. E Hooker 
Uncoalcscing, adj. Home Tooke 
Uncock, V. a. Wn Irving 
Uncocknify, v. a. Ld Dufierin 
Unco&^ant, adj. Gosse 
Uncofoured, adj. simple, Burke 
Uncombed, adj. Dryden 
Uncomfortably, adv. Sir W Scott 
Uncomic, adj. Times 
Uncommunicative, adj. Swift 
Uncompanioned, adj. Moir, Tr 
Uncompliant, adj. West Rev 
Uncompliable, adj. E Hooker 
Uncomplicated, adj. E Hooker 
Uncompounded, adj. Traheme 
Uncompoundedly, adv. E Hooker 
Unconcealable, adj. Wordsworth 
Unconceivable, am. Trollope 
Unconceivably, aav. E Hooker, 

Unconcemedness, sb. Swift 
Unconcerned, adj. Atkyns 
Unconcocted, ad). Lamb 
Uncondensed, adj. W H Gregory 
Uncondescendable, adj. E Hooker 
Unconfirmed, adj. Southey 
Unconforming, adj. W 
Unconfused, adj. Locke 
Unconjectured, adj. Tennyson 
Unconnect, v. a. Lamb 
Unconscionable, adj . Swift, De Q 
Unconscious, adj. Wordsworth 
Unconsciously, adv. W 
Unconsoled, adi. W 
Unconsulted, aoj. De Quincey 
Uncontrolled, adj. Scott, Swift 
Unconversable, adi. Swift, Lamb 
Uncopiable, adi. Ruskin 
Uncoroneted, aoj . F W Robertson 
Uncorrect, adj. Swift 
Uncorresponding, adj. Lamb 
Uncostly, sdj. "umes 
Uncoths, sb. pi. news, Lane 
Uncounsellable, adj. Hobbes 
Uncountable, adj. Thackeray 
Uncounterfeit, adj. De Quincey 
Uncourteous, adj. Sir W Scott 
Uncouth, adj. Traheme, Dryden, 

Swift, Stuart 
Uncouthness, sb. T Burnet 
Uncoverable, adj. Carlyle 


TJnooYeredly, ady. £ Hooker 
Uncracked, adj. Lamb 
Uncreated, adj. Wordsworth 
Uncreatedness, sb. Winkworth 
Uncreditable, adj. Palmer 
Uncreated, adj. De Quincey 
Uncrowned, adj. W, AU Y R 
Unction, sb. (met.) Palgrave 

„ anointin^Burke 

Unctions, adj. ^et.) Warter 

„ (Ut.) T Burnet 

Uncalled, adj. Wordsworth 
Uncnltid, adj. R Burton 
UncultiTation, sb. Garlyle 
Uncultured, adj. Carlyle 
Uncured, adj. Hobbes 
Uncurtain, y. a. Carlyle 
Uncustomary, adj> J S Mill 
Undamped, adj. W 
Undaunted, a^. Scott 
Undeadened, adj. R A Yaughan 
Undebased, adj. Sat Rev 
Undeceivable, adj. Ruskin 
Undecent, adj. Bp P 
Undecendy, adr. T Burnet 
Undeclamatory, adj. Palgrave 
Undeemed, adj. R A Yaughan 
Unde&ced, adj. Hobbes, Sou 
Undefence, sb. Times 
Undeified, adj. Froude 
Undelegated, adj. Burke 
Undelighted, adj. W 
Undelightful, adj. T Brown, W 
Undeluded, adj. Wordsworth 
Undemolished, adj. Carlyle 
Undemolishable, adj. Carlyle 
Undemonstrative, adj. Tozer 
Undenounced, adj. Cfarlyle 
Undepraved, adj. Sat Rev 
Undeprest, adj/W, De Quincey 
Under, prep. Wordsworth 

„ adv. Stowe 
Under, adj. F Steward 
Underbough, sb. W 
Underdeck, sb. Scott 
Under-estimate, v. a. Calhoun 
Uoderfined, adj. Burke 
Underfoot, adj. Carlyle 
Undergraduateship, sb. Masson 
Undergrove, sb. Wordsworth, 

Undergrowth,sb. underwood, Sou 
Underhand, adj. Rusk, Froude 
Underlie, v. a. Kingsley 
Underling, sb. Sat Rev 
Underlive, v. a. T Brown 
Underlying, adj. H B Stowe 
Undermme, v. a. Or Macdonald 
Undermining, sb. T Bentley 
Undermoval, sb. S pec 
Underneath, prep. W, adj. Ten 
Underpin, v. a. wop up, Sat Rev 
Underplot, sb. T Burnet, Illus 

Underpower, sb. Wordsworth 
Underrate, adj. Swift 
Underrun, v. a. Maury 
Undersell, v. a. Irving 
Undersepve, v. a. Palmer 




Undershapen, adj. Tennyson 
Undersing, sb. Wordsworth 
Undersized, adj. W H Russell 
Undersneer, sb. Swift 
Understand, v. a. W, N, Trench 
„ (one's self), retain 

one's wits, Aubrey 
Understandable, adj. J S Mill 
Understanding, sb. Coleridge, De 

Understrapper, sb. Swift 
Undertake for, v. a. Burnet 
Undertaker, projector, Swift, B 
sb. guaranteer, T B, 

V. a. Burnet, Spec 
Undertaking, sb. Swift, D 

„ Scott, Gibbon 

Undertow, sb. Smiles 
Undervaluation, sb. De Quincey 
Undervaluer, sb. Lamb 
Underwaistcoat, sb. Scott 
Underweening, sb. Sir T Brown 
Underwent perf, undertook, 

Underwrite, v. a. Park 
Underwriter, sb. Park 
Undeserted; adj. W, Carlyle, Gosse 
Undesirous, acQ. Ruskin 
Undestroyable, adj Ruskin 
Undeteriorated, adj. Ruskin 
Undeviatingly, adv. Winkworth 
Undevine, sb. R A Yaughan 
Undictated, adj. Lamb 
Undine, sb. R A Yaughan 
Undined, adj. Carlyle 
Undiplomatic, adj. Carlyle 
Undirected, adj. unguided, Bent- 
ley, Times 
Undiscemed, adj. Hobbes 
Undiscoloured, adj. W 
Undiscoverable, adj. R A Y 
Undiscovered, adj.. Tennyson 
Undiscussable. adj. Dickens 
Undisguisedly, adv. De Quincey 
Undismantled, adj. W 
Undisordered, adj. W, De Q 
Undispersing, adj. Carlyle 
Undisproved, adj. Mrs Browning 
Undisputed, adj. Temple, W 
Undisputcdly, adv. Froude 
Undissipatea, adj. Burke 
Undistinguishable, adj. Southey 
Undistinguished, adj. W 
Undistinguishing, adj. De Q 
Undistorted, adj. Lamb 
Undistracted, adj. Carlyle, Mil- 
Undisturbed, adj. Bentley, W, 

Undisturbin», adj. Moir 
Undi versified, adj. T Burnet 
Undiverting, adj. Sat Rev 
Undivine, adj. Carlyle 
Undo, V. a. to ruin, Swift 

,, V. a. to unbolt, Stowe 
Undoing, sb. ruin. Swift 
Undomestic, adj. W 
Undoubtingly, adv. Kingsley 


Undress, sb. T B, Swift 

„ V. a. Gibbon 
Undrilled, adj. Carlyle 
Undrooping, adj. W 
Undrossy, adj. Pope 
Undrowned, adj. Carlyle 
Undulation, sb. Wordsworth 
Undulous, adj. B Lytton 
Undusted, adj. Thombury 
Unearned, adj. Wordsworth 
Unearth, v. a. Wordsworth 
Uneasiness, sb. reluctance, Bp 

Burnet, Scott, Swift 
Uneasy, adj. difficult, T Burnet 
adj W 

unyielding, Bp Burnet 
disagreeable, Bp Burnet 
anxious, Stowe 
Uneath, adj. Hare 
Unedified, adj. Lamb 
Unedited, adj. Irvinjg 
Unelaborate, adj. W^ 
Undated, adj. Palmer 
Unelbowed, adj. Wordsworth 
Unelevated, adj. Lamb 
Unembellished, adj. Wordsworth 
Unembodied, adj. Lamb 
Unembowered, adj. W 
Unemployed, adj. Traheme 
Unenamoured, adj . Huddesford 
Unendangered, adj. W 
Unendeavouring, adj. Carlyle 
Unendurability, sb. Carlyle 
Unenfeebled, adj. Wordsworth 
Unengraven, adj. Carlyle 
Unenjoyinff, adj. F W Robertson 
Unenriched, adi. W 
Unenrolled, adj. Carlyle 
Unenterprising, adj. Burke 
Unenthralled, adj. W 
Unequal, adj. Gibbon 
Unequally, adv. Gibbon 
Unerring, adj. Wordsworth 
Unescapable, adj. Ruskin 
Unescorted, adj. Carlyle 
Unescutcheoned, adj. W 
Unessential, adj. Carlyle 
Unestcemed, adj. Carljle 
Unestranged, adj. Moir 
Unevadable, adj. De Quincey 
Uneventfid, adj. Wordsworth 
Unexacting, adj. Milman 
Unexalted, adj. Wordsworth 
Unexamined, adj. T Burnet 
Unexemplary, adj. Shaftesbury 
Unexceptionable, adv. Bp. P 
Unexcluding, adj. Lamb 
Unexclusively, adv. W 
Unexecuted, adj. not done, De Q 
Unexerted, adj. Traheme 
Unexhibited, adj. Thombury 
Unexpectant, adj. W 
Unexpected, adj. Palgrave 
Unexperienced, adj. Gibbon, 

Unexpressed, adj. Tennyson 
Unexpressible, adj, Traneme, E 

Unfactious, adj. De Quincey 


riirnlti:riiig, mlj- M' 
Uiifflniili^r. :ulj. Sat Rer 
UnfamiliiirLzccf, adj. DcQainccj 
Unliircioul, udj. I*i<!;h Hunt 
Unfi»Bton, T. a. Wartcr 
FnfnlhiTcd, adj. W, Do (luineey 
TJiifiithiimcd, adj. Drydan 
Unfenaiblo, adj. Carlyle 
Uiifaitur«l. udj. De IJ, Masson 
Cnfi:tlingnc6s, t-h. lA Bulkolpy 
Unfutl.Ttd, adj. Tennyson 
Unfcudidisc, V. a. Carlylo 
UnHotiliuufi, adj. Carlylo 
Unfilled, ad], Urlylo 
Unfit, adj . Dryden 
Unfitting, adj . Bumes 
Unfittingly, udr. Sir W Seott 
UufixL'dnoFa, ah. J S Mill 
Unflagfp.iigly, adv. West Rev 
Unflaircd, adj. Ruakin 
Unfieah, v. a. £ Houkcr 
Unflinching, adj. Wurd»worth 
Unfold, T. a. Traheme 
Unfolder, eb. Trencli 
Uofoldment, ab. Tbomaa 
Unforbearanco, ah. Shaftesbury 
Unforced, adj. Burke 
Unfordable, adj. Homo 
Unforgettflhle, adj. Carlyle 
Unforgivable, adj. Carlyle 
Unforgivenees, so, Gladys 
Unforgiving, adj. Stott 
Unformulistic, ailj . Curlyla 
Unfobsilised, adj. Oosso 
Unfortunate, it^. Swift 

„ _>b. HBStoKO 

Unfound, adj. Lamb 
Unfreeze, T.a, (mat.) Thombury 
Unfrequency, sb. J Collier 
Unftequeated, adj. Swinhoe 
Uninghtful, adj. Carlylo 
Unfnrl, v. ft. wocdaworlh. Sou 
UnfurrowflMe, udj. RuBkin 
UnftuTowcd, adj. W 
UnfurtherBomc, adj. Carlyle 
Ungain, adj. PrdgraTa 
Ungainlv, adj, Gowo 
Un;^arluii.kd, adj. Wordsworth 
Uiigamiciit, V, a. Sou they 
Un^^iiiinred, ndj, Tennyson 
Ungnthered, adj. Woods, Holmes 
Uageniftl, adj. Athonieum 
Ungcnially, adv. Carlyle, Q ReT 
Ungentle, ai^. Kobbea 
Uugcntlomoiilike, adj. Cbcutar- 

TJngilled, adj. B Hope 
Unginned, adj. not passed 

through enmne, Tini«a 
Ungird, T. a. Macaulay 
Ungiviiig, adj. I,arnb 
Unglad. Biij. Lanili 
"tJngladileni'il, mlj. Moir 
"Ungloved, ii'lj. Scott 
Uni'lue, V, a.' Ilobbea 

Ungoud, V. a. Hnre 
r]ig"r;;i'titi>^, iidj, ("arlvlc 
ruK.vvonjud, aS. Gib.'W n R 
UiiKraririU.-ly, adv. Seott 
Uiigiudiiltd,' adj, Ruakin 
Ungramniatical, adj. Ruakin 
Ungrateful, adj. displeasing, Bp r 
„ ndj.onpleasing.Boniet 
„ unthanknil, Srntt 

Unprnt'^Ptlly, adv. Wordsworth 

Ungyrert, adj. Uarlyl 
Unhabitable, adj. T 
Unhallow, t. a Lat ~ 


Unhallowod, adj. Bouthey 
Unhandy, adj. Swift 
Unhandsomely, adv. Buiko 
Unhappy, udj. D, Seott 

„ not apt, Bwift 

Unharmed, adj. Sat Itev 
UnhamcsB, v. a. Ilobbcs 

Unheallh, ab. Kingsley 
Unheard, adj. W 
Unhcartng, adj. Burke 
Unheareed, adj. Lamb 
Unheavtnly, adj. Law 
Unheeded, adj.T 
Unheediul, adj. Times 
Unheroditnry, adj. Lamb 
Uuheroic, aclj . Carlyle 
Chhesitating, adj. Scott 
Unhide, V. a. ejpose, Hobbes 

Unimpeileil, ndj. Wordawort 
Unimplorud, adj. Wordswori 
Unimgrisoned, adj, W 
Unincited, adj. w 
Unindented, adj. Clark 
Unindeied, adj. Buskin 
TJnindorated, adj. Times 
Uninfeeted, ndj. Spec 
Uninflated, adj. Iiuibb 
Ouinfbnned. adj. Wordaworth, 

Dninhabitod, adi. T Burnet 
Uninjoyed, adj, T Burnet 
Uninquirtng, adj. Tenncnt 
Uninspected, adj. Sat Rev 
UuiustaUed, odj, H Miller 
Uninstnictive, adj. Sat Rev 
Unintelligible, adj. T Bnraet 
Unintclligibility, sb. De Quineey 
Unintcmuttingly, adv. De Q 
Uninventlul, adj. Ruakin 
Unio, ab. the pearl, OM 
Union, sb. Maekintosh, Scott 
Unionist, eb. Myers 
Unique, sb. De Quincey 
Uniaon, sh. (of lutes), Tra 

„ (ofories), Soort 

Unitoiinix, ab. Coleridge 
United, adj. Scott 
Uniter, ab. Carl, Hare 
Unilerable, adj. T Brown 

Ijuboly, sb. Carme 
Un hooped, adj. Dickens 
Unhopeful, ai^. Carlyle 

I, a. iTviae, 5 
Unhoised, adj. Dryden 
Unhosed, adj. Southey 
Unhooaed, adj. Wordsworth 
tlnbuniM, udj. Vau-bim 
tJnhuniiuuze, v. a, Jonmal 
TJnhiimblcd, adj. T Scott 
Unhumiliatod, adj. Rualda 
Unhurried, adj . Husldn 
Unhartfully, adv. Swift 
Unhypoebondriacona, adj . B 

Unicity, eb. Coleridge 
Unicorn, sb, De Q, Goeae 
TTnidcal, adj. RusUn 
lUiidenriliKl, adj. Noel 
Uiiifie, iidj. tiiiurt Eev 
Unif.irm, sb. Timiia 

adj. Eusaellin Times 

, adj. Bcckwi 
Unillumiimtcd, adj. De Q, Carlyle 

, adj. Cat! 
Unimpaired, adj. W 

adj. D 
iginative, a^. Huskin 
Unimitated, adj. Carlyle 

Unitioted, adj. W U Rustiell 
Unitive, adj. Lamb, it A V 
Unity, sb. T, Rubkiii, M'arler 
UniviJTe, sh. T R Jonea 
Universal, adj. Scott, W 

„ well-versed, Bnmet 

„ sb. Bentley 
UniverBoIity, eb. Calhoun, Tooke, 

UnivcTBOllio, y. a. Kat Rev 

„ T. n. ¥ W Robertson 
Universe, sb. Wordsworth 
Uuiealiius, adj. L Hunt 
Un oyful, adj. Carlyle 
Un uBt, adj. Dryden 
Unjud^d, adj. Carlyle 
Ud uBtifiahle, adj. Seott 
United, adj. diepleasod (Berks.), 

Tom Hughes 
Unkempt, odj, Carlyle 
Unkennel, v. it. let loose, H 

Unkerchiefed, adj. Hoir 
Unltindlinesa, sb. Lamb 
UnMndfy, adv. Scott 
UntindnoBs, eh. Coleridge 
LTakCng-d, adj. Carlyle 
L'niinglT, a^. Trench 
Unkniglitly, adj. T 
Uutnil, y. a. Pordage, Hobbes 
Unknowable, adj, F Robertaon, 

R A Vaaghan 
Unknowableness, ab. Rnskin 
Unknowing, adj. Home, 8, Bus 
Unknowingly, adv. W 
Unknown, adj. W, Tennyson 
UnlaborioDB, idj. W, Ruskin 

Unlained, a^. CaiTylo 
tTnlaurelad, adj. Carljrle 
Unlawful, adj. D, Souihey 
UnlesB, ooDJ. Mn Itrowning, H 

Tooke, Scott 
Culerel, aJj. Timefl, Cariyle 
nnlikely, adj, B«ot]ey 
UnlikcmesB, sb. Tennynon 
Unlimlicrcd, adj Mii'm Post 
rnlimitcdneBe, sb. Triimb 
Unlingeiing, adj. De Qumcej 
Unlinked, adj. R A Vaughan 
TMoottlised, ucii. Lamb 
UnlDok, -^ " 

Unobserved, adj. Stowe 
Unobservant, adj. Soothcy 
UnobMrving, aq. T Biimet, W 

Unprimed (clothl.adj. Thnrnbury 
Unprintod, adj. Lamb 
Unprobloioatiial, adj . E Kookcr 
Unproclaimed, adj. W, Do ft 
Unproduceable, adj , De Qoiaccy 

UnloTable, adj. Cnrlyle 
DnloTed, adj.TBlmjBiin 
Unlovely, ii4. T, Miss Evans 
Unlncenl, a^. Carlyla 
Unlncid, adj. Carijle 
Unluckinesa, sb. Spectator 
Unlucky, adj. Stflwe 
Unlnmlnous, a^. Cnrlyle 
Unlninriant, a^. W 
Unmade ont, adj. Lamb 
Unmaideuly, adj. Boott 
Unmailed, adj. W 
Unmalleable, adj, Johiuon 
" a. T Brovrn, Swift 

" 3outhey 
. , , KAVanghan 
Uninanly, adj. Gibbon 
Unmatmod, ailj . Thackeray 
Unmannered, adj. Scott 
Unmaunerly, adv. Blant 

Unmentionable, adj. Stowe 
Unmentioned, adj. Lamb 
UnmerciMness, sb. E Hool:er 

Unmeritorioualy, adv. Do Q 
Unmeshed, adj. Ruskin 
Unmetaphoiical, ai^. Carlylo 
Unmetncal, adj. MnsBon 
UnnuBsionixod, adj. E B Tylor 
Unmitigated, adj. J S Mill 
" milred, adj. 

Unmodififtbia, adj. Misa Ev 
UnmoleBted, adj. Warter 
Unmoor, v. a. Soott 

a ignnati 

Unobvious, adj. J 8 Mill 
Unoffendingly, adv. Rnskin 
Unoperativa, adj. Burko 
Uuurientttl, adj. Tbornbury 
Dnorigimil, adj. Tbornbury 
Unurtginality, sb. Lamb 
Unoroameuted, ai^'. De Qoinoey 
Unpacific, adj. Cariyle 
Unpaintable, a^ KingBley 
Unpolled, adj. W H Gregory 
Utipalliating, adj. Kuakin 
Unpalsied, adj. I'eunyson 
Uupatadiiied, adj. Kuskin 
Unparallelable, adj. Sir K Wilson 
Unparalleled, adj. Bnrke 
Unparticipating, adj. Cerlyle 
UnpaBsable, adj. T Burnet 
UnpnsBiunate, adj . Hooker 
Unputbwayed, adj. W 
Uupatriarehal, adj . WH Gregory 
Unpcaceubloness, sb. T Burnet 
Uupoaceful, adj. W, Lamb 
Uiipeimied,adj. without a penny, 

Unpeople, v. a, RBnrton 
Unpeopled, adj. CarMe 
UnperceiYBble, adj. w 
Unperforroed, adj. Trench 
Unperiloas, adj . Wordsworth 
Unpermitted, adj. Carl, Frflude 
Unperpetrated, adj. Lamb 
UnporplfiMd, adj. Wordaworth 
UnpMIoaophic, adj. De Quinccy 
Unnhlebatomizei], a^. Huddea- 

Unpilled, adj. Hiiddesford 
UnpUgued, adj. De QuinoBy 
Unpleasantly, sb. De Qnincey 
Unpleasing, adj . Scutt 
Unploasucable, adj. Ruakin 
Unplcasurably, adv. De Quincer 
Unpluughed, adj, Hobbea, S 

Unplumb, v. a- take out of leaden 

coffin, Burke 
Unpolished, adj. W H Rnsaell 
Unpolito, adj. not according to 

liisliion, Percy Soc Songs 
UupoUuled, adj. Burke 
Unpopular, adj . Gibbon 
Uupopulnrity, sb. Mackintosh 
Unportuoaa, adj. Burke 
UnpouUiced, adj. Huddeslbrd 
Unpracttcable, i^. Bentley 
Unpraiied, adj. Vaoghan 
Unprecedciiti;d,adj. Bnrlie, W 
UnprcjudicuttncBs, sb. Hooker 
1 UnpreiiieditutednesB. eb. Hi 

Unproductive, adj. Times 
Unprofitablv, adv. Wordsworth 
Unprompted, adj. Soott 
Unpromptly, adv. Carlylo 
Unpropbotic, adj. Carlyle 
Unpropped, adj. Wocdswortlv 

Unprovided, a^j' T Burnet 
Dnprovoeation, adj. Lamb 
Unpubliahftblj, adv. A de M( . 
Unpublished, adj. T Burnet 
Unpuckered, a^. Carlyli 

Unpurcbaacable, adj. Doke of 

Unpursned, adj. Hobbes 
Unquakerieh, adj. Lamb 
UnqualiSed, adj. entire, Times 
„ not poBBEsaing 

voting qualifications, Bnike 
Unquencbahle, adj. Wordswortii 
Unmtestionnbly, adv. Palgrave, 

Unquestioning, adj. Stowe 
Unquestioning! y, adv. Wa 

Unraised, adj. Wordswortii 
Unranaomed, adj. Hobbcs 
Unravaged, adj. Burke 
Unravd, v. a. Palmer, Hare 
Unravelling, eb. Burko 
Unreachable, ndj , Ruskia 
UnreadablenosB, sb. R A V 
Uniealize, sb, De Q, Lamb 
UnreoHon, sb. Cailyle 
Unreasonable, adj, !N'igh1 
Unreasoned, adj. Bm'ke 
Unreeve, v. e 

Unrobuked, adj. Winkworth 
Unrecognked, adj. Wordsworth 
Umocognizable, adi'. Ld LindBay 
Unrucompenaed, Mj. W 
Unteeoriiqd, adj. Wordaworth 
nnrecTuited, ai^, Macm Mag 



Unredeemable, adj. Ruskin 
Unredeemed, adj. Kii^loy 
Unredressed, adj. De Q, limei 
UnrefiirTed, adj. Nat Rev 
UnicBned, adj. Scott 
Unreflecting, adj. Palgrave, Ti 
Unrofreabcd, adj. Carlyle 
Unrefreshfol, ndj. F W Fatrar 
Unregenerate, v. a. Tannhauscr 

Unrelaiing, adj. Burke 
Unrelasiugly, adv. West Rev 
Unrelenting, adj. D ryd en 
Unrelentingly, adv. Wordaworth 
Unrelentingness, sb. De Quiacey 
Unreliable, adj. Maury 
Unrcluetant, odj. Wordswortii 
Unroluctantly, adv. Lamb 

ra» ^^ 


XJnrelyable, adj. De Quinoej 
Unrelyuponabfe, adj. De Quincey 
Unremarked, adj. West Rev 
Unremembered, adj . Wordsworth 
Unremitted, adj. unceasine, B 
Unremoved, adj. Mrs B, Carl 
Unrenderable, adj. Buskin 
Unrenovated, adj. Buskin 
Unrenowned, adj. Moir 
Unrent, adj. Can^e, Burke 
Unrepaireo, adj. Times, Carlyle 
Unrepeatable, adj.W H Gregory 
Unreplacable, adj. Buskin 
Unreposing, adj. Milman 
UnreproaSing, adj. Farrar 
Unreproved, m\. Wordsworth 
UnreBerre^ sb. oat Bev 
Unrespectiye, adj. Scott 
Unrest, sb. W, Kingsley, T, Carl 
Unrestful, adj. Carlyle , 

Unresting, adj. Carlyle 
Unrestrainedly, adv. Times 
Unretreating, adj. J Bobertson 
Unretumingly, adv. Trench 
Unrevealed, adj. Tennyson 
Unrevereud, adj. Lamo 
Unreviewed, acQ. Lamb 
Unrhythmical, adj. De Quincey 
Unrined, adj. B 
Unrinsed, adj. Niffhtingale 
Unripe, adj. Woros worth 
Unrolled, adj . Palgrave 
Unrouged, adj. Carlyle 
Unroyal, adj. A Trollope 
Unruffled, adj. Wordsworth 
Unruined, ad). Buskin 
Unrule, sb. Sat Bev 
Unruly, adj. Wordsworth 
Unsacramental, adj. Warter 
Unsafety, sb. Watson 
Unsaid, adj. Tennyson 
Unsaleable, adj. Irving, Stowe 
Unsaluted, adj. Wordsworth 
Unsavory, adj. Traheme 
Unsay, v. a. HalliweU, B A V 
Unsecured, adj. Our Eng Home 
Unscriptund, adj. Hooker 




Unihip, T. a. Hobes 
Unihom, adj. Hobbes 
Unshut, adj. Moir 
Unshutter, v. a. T Hughes 
Unsight, sb. Palmer 
Unsightly, adj. Southey, Stowe 
Unsimple, adj. Lamb 
Unsimulated, adj. De Quincey 
Unsingcd, adj. Svrift 
Unsinkable, adj. Times 
Unskilful, adj. Gibbon 
Unskilfulness, adj. Gibbon 
Unslate, v. a. S T Coleridge 
Unsleeping, adj. Taylor 
Unsling, v. a. Beade 
Unslumbering, sb. Carlyle 
Unsmitten, adj. W 
Unsnaky, adj. De Quincey 
Unsnuned, adj. Carlyle 
Unsolved, adj. De Quincey 
Unsoncy, adj. J Stuart 
Unsophisticated, adj . Daily Chron 
Unsought, adj. W 
Unsoul, V. a. Wordsworth 
Unsound, adj. W 
Unsoundness, sb. Macaulay 

,, (of min(l), Dr 

Unsown, adj. Hobbes 
Unsparinff, adj. W 
Unspeakable, adj. Traheme 
Unspeaking, adj. W 

„ sb. Buskin 

Unspectacled, adj. Huddesford 
Unspent, adj. Hobbes 
Unsphere, v. a. Masson, Motley 
Unspiritualizcd, adj. Buskin 


, aoi. 
r, adj. 

Unseaworthy, adj. Ld Wensley- 

Unsedentary, adj. W 
Unseeing, sb. Buskin 
Unseldom, adv. Trench 
Unsenatorial, adj. Carlyle 
Unsensibly, adv. imperceptibly, 

Unsensualise, v. a. Wordsworth 
Unsensualising, adj. Lamb 
Unseparable, adj. T Brown 
Unseparated, am. Farrar 
Unset, adj. Lamb 
Unsettle^ adj. Bond 
Unsettlement, sb. Gn Smith 
Unsexual, adj. De Quincey 
Unshaded, adj. W 
Unshadow, v. a. Southey 
Unshaken, sdj. Southey 
Unshakable, adj. J Hare 
Unshape, v. a. De Quincey 
Unshared, adj. W 

Unspoiled, adj. Marryat 
UnsportfuL aaj. Carlyle 
UnsportC, adfj. Gregory 
Unstamped, adj. Carlyle 
Unstatistic, adj. Carlyle 
Unstatuable, adj. Swift 
Unsteady, adj. T Burnet 
Unsteaming, adj. De Quincey 
UnstigmatSed, adj. W 
Unstirred, adj. Buskin 
Unstirring, adj. Moir 
Unstra^etic, adj. Carlyle 
Unstraight, adj. Marryatt 
Unstrangulable, adj. Lamb 
Unstrengthened, adj. W 
Unstript, adj. Hobbes 
Unsubduable, adj. Carlyle 
Unsubomed, adj. Burke 
Unsubstantialized, adj. W 
Unsucccssfulness, sb. Carlyle 
Unsugg^estive, adj. Lamb, Tozer 
UnsuUied, adj. Southey 
Unsummed, adj. H Miller 
Unsunned, adj. W, Nightingale 
Unsunk, adj. Carlyle 
Unsupported, adj. Times 
Unsupprest, adj. W 
Unsure, adj. Hobbes 
Unsurpassable, adj. Sat Bev, 

Unsurpassably, adv. Buskin 
Unsurrendered, adj. Calhoun 

Unsnrrendering, adj. Carlyle 
Unsurveyable, adj. Hare 
Unsuspectinc^ly, adv. Hessey 
Unsuspended, adj. W 
Unswallowed, ady Carl, T 
Unswathing, adj. De Quincey 
Unswervingly, adv. Milman 
Unsweet, adj. J Bobertson, 

Thackeray, Lamb 
Unsymmetnzed, adj. Lamb 
Unsympathetically, adv. Dickens 
Unsympathizing, adj. Times 
Unsympathizin^ly, adv. B A V 
Unsyllabled, adj . F W Bobertson 
Unsystematick, adj. Burke 
Untarnished, adj. Tennyson 
Untasked, adj. Wordsworth 
Untasted, adj. Nightingale, Sou 
Untax, V. a. Times 
Unteach, v. a. HalliweU 
Unteachable, adj. Buskin 
Untemptingly, adv." H Miller 
Untenable, aaj. Carlyle 
Untenant, v. a, Tannhauser 
Unterrific, adj. Carlyle 
Unterrified, adj. Evans 
Unterri^ring, adj. Lamb 
Untheonzing, adj. Buskin 
Unthinker, so. Carlyle 
Unthinkingly, adv. Winkworth 
Unthread, v. a. De Quincey 
Unthrift, sb. Carlyle 

„ ^ (man), Sir H Cairns 
Until, conj. Wordsworth 
Untimbered, adj. Wilson 
Untired, adj. Wordsworth 
Untiringly, adv. Thombury 
Untopographical, adj. Sat feev 
Untouched, adj. T Burnet, W 
Untowardness, sb. Wordsworth 
Untraceableness, sb. Buskin 
Untragical, adj. Carlyle 
Untrammelled, adj. Motley 
Untranquillised, adj. De Quincey 
Untranslatable, adj . Lewes, Hare, 

Times - 
Untrapped, adj. Nightingale 
Untravelled, adj. Bp Lloyd, Spec 
Untraversable, adj. Buskin 
Untraversed, adj. Buskin 
Untread, v. a. De Quincey 
Untressed, adj. H Coleridge 
Untried, adj. Mrs Gaskell 
Untriumphant, adj. Carlyle 
Untristorifyd, adj. Lamb 
Untrodden, adj. W 
Untroubled, adj. De Quincey 
Untrumpeted, adj. Mom Post 
Untune, v. a. Wordsworth 
Untutored, adj. Gibbon 
^Unuplifted, adj. Wordsworth 
'Unusual, adj. Scott, Wordsworth 
Unused, adj. Tennyson 
Unuseful, adj. T Burnet, W 

Pitt, Hobbes 
Unutterabiliiy, sb. Carlyle 
Unvaliant, aaj. Carlyle 
Unvaluable, adj. Bay 
Unvalued, adj. Stowe 

Dnvaricd, adj. Bentlcy 
Unyarjing-, lulj. Soulfiey 
Unveiled, »dj. Wordaworth 
Unveutdlauf sdi. Nighdn^o 
UnvBracitj, 6b. CnrlTlB 
Unverdant, adj. W H Gregory 
UnTeridical, adj. Lewes 
Unversedjadj. Wordsworth, Carl 

Unvrngariip, V. a. Lamb 
UnmlgnriEtd, adj. Nat Key 
Unwakimeil, adj . De Qnincey 
Cnmuinesa, sb. Speotator 
TTnwaTli&e, adj. Hume 
Unwarped, odj. Kii^le^ 
UttwarTttntable, adj . Etehuib Post 
Unwaaauiling, adj. Ijinib 
Unimtored, adj. Fusey 
Unwcakenod, udi. Raskin 
Onweariabln, adj. HarB, Carlyle 
Unwearied, adj. W, Stowe 
Unwedded, adj. Lamb 
Dnved^eabla, adj. Carl yla 
UnweetjDg, adj. WordBwortb 
Unwet, aiy. Wordsworth 
UnwholiHomo, adj. D, Si " 
Unwholf)aoraply,BnT.''''' ' 
Unwited, adj. Swift 
Unwit, y. a. Dh Quincay 
XTnwifl, T. a. Warter 
Unwilling, adj. WordBwortb 
Unwillingly, adr. Scott 
UnwinMng, adj . Lamb 
Unwisdom, sb. Carl, Kingsley 
Unmac, adj. Tennyson 
Unwistfu!, adj. Tannbanser 
Unwonhid, adj. Home 
Unwordy, adj . De Quincey 
Unworkable, adj. Vaoghan 
Unworldly, adj. H B Slone 
Unworahipped, adj. Carlyle 
Unworth, ab. Carlyle 
Unworthily, adv. Wordsworth 
UnwortbiuesB, sb. Tennyson 
Unworthy, sb. Carlyle 
Un wretched, adj. Tennyson 
Unwritten, adj. Gibbon, Maine, 

Unyieldingnesa, ab. L Hunt 
Up, ab. Tennvaon 
„ ady. D, "(Var1«r, Stowa 
EP jjt ady. prop. H Tooko 
T^bear, v. a. Wordsworth 
Upbreaking, adj. Tennyson 
^brightened, adj. Barnes 
Tftibnoyanee, sb. S T Coleridge 
^Sll, T. a, Barnes 
I^pwth, sb. Trench 
Uphanging, sb. Barnes 
Upheaval, sb. Tennont 
Upheave, v. a. Wordsworth 
Uphill, adj. Bnike 

,, ady. Sir T Brown 
Uphold, y. a. Warter 
I^iholder, sb. Wordsworlh 

Llpish, adj. A C Carlylo 
Upiot, V. a. Tennyson 
Upland, sb. Aubrey 
Uplands, sb. Lewes 
Upleap, y. d. Wordsworth 
Uplift, V, a. TeaBysoo 
Uplifted, adj. Wordsworth 
Uplight, y. a. G Maedonald 
Uploot, V. n. Wordsworth 

Upon, prep, of, Temple 

„ on, Tennyson 

Upon, prep, in feyourofl 

Useless, adj. Gibbon ^H 

Usher, v. a. Tennyson 
Using, sb. Scott 
Uaquebaugh, sb. Macanlay 
UsuaUy, adv. Scott 
Usufruttnories, sb. Manning 
UanrioUB, adj. Burke 
Usurp, V. B. Wordsworth 

„ with, ' npon,' T Unmet, 

W, De Quincey 
Usurpation, ab. fiurke gH 



,. honest. Walker 

Uprightly, adv. honestly, Arnold 
UprisE, ab. Moir 

„ V. n. S T Coleridge 
Uproar, ah. W, Stowo 

„ v. Carlyle 
Uprore, ab. Wilks 
Upset, adj. De Quincey 

„ sb. T Hughes 
Upshot, sb. Lewin 
Upshoved, adj, Carlyle 
Upaide-down, adv. T Bvitntt 
Upstair, adj . Nightingale 
Upstanding, adj. Southoy 
„ adv. Congress 

Upstiit, sb. Macanlay 

„ adj. Swift 
Upstartism, sb. Ballad 
Upatay, v. a. Wordsworth 
Upsweli, V. n. Wordsworth 
Upawelling, adj. Brimley 
Up to, adj. equal to, H It Stowe 
Uptoss, V. a. Moir 
Upturn, V. u. Wordsworth 
Upwards, adv. Bp Patrick 
Upwheel, v. a, Wordsworth 
Urban, adj, I.amb 
Urhanfl, adj. Wordsworth 
Uibanity, ab. E Hooker 
Urchin, sb. Stowe 
Urgo, V. a. Winkworth 
Urn, sb. Tennyson 
Urticate, y. n. sting as a nettle, 

Urtication, ab. Lewes 
Urns, sh. Gosso 
Usage, sb. Swift 
Uaa, sb, W, Wartar, A C C 
Use, V. a. to trout, Bp Buntot 
„ V. n. be accustiimed, Wr, 

Utilitaria, sb. (. — __,— ^—^ 

Utilitarian, ab. Carlyle, Itnakia 
Utilitarianifim, sb. Carl, Gregory 
. Utilities, eb. pi. Carlyle 
■ Utilize, y. a. Euskin, Times, B 

Utmost, adj. Wordsworth 
Utter, y. a. say. Lamb, Scott, T 

„ yumit, Hobhes, St 

„ T. n. say, W, Lamb 
, adj. complete, Scott 

1, mere, Tennyson 

„ outCT, Hobbes 

Utterablo, adj. B A Yanghaii 
Utterability, sb. Carlyle 
Utterance, ab. T, Carlyle, Stowo 
Utterly, adv. W 

„ quite, Scott 

Uttormoat, sb. Tennyson 

„ adj. Ruskin 

Uvularly, adv. C Dickens 
Uioricide, sb. Ed Key 
Uiuriousness, sb. Tennyson 

Vacancy, ah. W, Bussall 
Vacant, adj. D, Tennyaoi. 
Vacuity, ab. hole, T finmet 

(met.) Oarlylo 
Vacuum, sb. empty space, T 

Burnet, Bentloy, Paltncr 
Vade-mecum, sb. Advertisement 
Vi^abondage, ab. Times 
Vagabondager, »b. Wilson 
Vagaboudisnis, sb. pi. Carl 
Vague, adj. W, Tennysou, St 
Vaguing, sh. wandormg, J Watt 
VaU, ab. Swift, De Qumecy 
Vails, sb._present8 of money, Macm 
Vain, adj. Wordaworth 
"~ vain, ady. Stowe 


Vainglorious, adj. Swift, Si 
Vair, ah. fiir, A C Roaaetli 

. Roaaetli 
Vakeel, sb. agent, Barko 
ViUe, ab. W Scott 
Valentino, eb. Scott 


Valetry, ah, Carlyle 
Valetudinarian, ah. Spcctatot 
Valetudinary, sb. Stapbons 
ValiaoiT, sb. Sir W Scott 



Valiant, adj. D; Garljle 
Yalidity, sb. Qibbon 
Valise, sb. H B Stowe 
Vallance. sb. bed hanging, N 
Valley, sb. Tenn^n, Stowe 
Valour, sb. D, Gibbon 
Valuable, sb. Smiles 

„ acy. Gibbon 
Value, V. a. Scott 

„ sb. n 6 Stowe 
Vaiye, sb. Bentley, M Star 
Vamp, V. a. Carlyle 
Vamped, adj. Swift 
Vamper, sb. Carlyle 
Vampyrism, sb. Carlyle 
Van, sb. a wing, "Wordsworth 
Vandalism, sb. S Osbom 
Vane, sb. Hull Times 
Vanilla, sb. E B Tylor 
Vanish, v. n. W, Arnold 
Vanished, adj. Tennyson 
Vanity^ sb. Spec, "Wr, Burke 
Vanquished, adj. W, Gibbon 
Vapor, Y. n. Hooker 
Vaporescence, sb. Buskin 
Vaporise, v. a. Carlyle 
Vaporised, adj. Carlyle 
Vaporous, adi . Ruskin 
Vapour, sb. W, Ruskin 

„ ^ V. n. Ozell, W 
Vapouring, adj. Burke 
Vapourless, my Maury 
Vapours, sb, nervous disease, 

Variable, adj. Spectator 
Variance, sb. Tennent, S¥rift 
Varied, adj. W, Scott 
Variegated, adi. W 
Varier, sb. (a dissenter), T 
Variety, sb. Ruskin 
Variolous, adj. De Quincey 
Various, adj. "Wordsworth 
Variously, adv. Tennyson 
Vary, v. n. Tennyson 
Vascular, adj. T R Jones, Carl 
Vasculum, so. Gosse 
Vase, sb. T, Muse in Min 
Vassal, sb. D, Tennyson 
Vassalage, sb. Macaulay 
Vast, my "Wordsworth 
the vast, sb. Tennyson 
Vastly, adv. Chesterfield 
Vastness, sb, Ruskin 
Vatj sb. Christian "World 
Vaticinatress, sb. Ozell 
Vaude, sb. wold, Times 
Vault, sb. (of a church), "Wordsw 
Vaulted, adj. Dryden 
Vaulter, sb. "Windsor Express 
Vaunt-courier, sb. H Tooke 
Vaunty, adj. Scotch 
Vauward, adj. foremost, De Q 
Vavassor, sb. Ludlow 
Vavasour, sb. Motley 
Veal, sb. Gibbon 
Veer, v. n. H Tooke, Swifl 
Veering, sb. Sir T Brown 
Vega, so. "W, Irving 
Vegetable, sb. Nightingale 

Vegetable, adj. belonging to 

^anta, Gibbon 
Vegetable-marrow, sb. Delamer 
Vegetability, sb. T R Jones 
Vegetal, adj. Lewes 
Vegetarian, adj. T R Jones 
Vegetation, sb. Scott 
Vegete, adj. blooming, North 
Vehicle, sb. Scott, Swift, Tooke 
Vehemently, adv. H B Stowe 
Veil, V. a. W, Tennyson 

„ sb T, Scott, Tennyson 
Veily, adj. Ruskin 
Vein, sb. "Wordsworth 

„ sb. humour, Swift 
Veinous, adj. C Dickens 
Velitations, sb. De Quinoey 
Velveteen, sb. Oliphant 
Venal, adj. E May 
Venatory, adj. Carlyle 
Vend, V. a. Spectator 

„ sb. sale. Smiles 
Vendible, adj. Carlyle 
Vendor, sb. Times 
VenerabiUtieSj sb. pi. De Q 
Venerable, adj. D, Sou, Tenn 
Venerableness, sb. S Palmer 
Venerably, adv. Huddesford 
Venerant, adj. reverent, Ruskin 
Veneration, sb. Dryden 
Venery, sb. lust, Hobbes 
Venerye, adj. Our Eng Home 
Venge, v. a. Tannhauser 
Vengeance, sb. D, L Hunt 
Vernal, adj. Dryden 
Venison, so. game, Burke 
Venom, sb. Dryden 
Venomous, a^j. Palgrave, Gosse 
Vent, sb. outlet, "Wordsworth 

„ sb. sale, Pegge 
Venter, sb. Hooker 

„ sb. marriage, Burnet 
Ventilate, v. a. Lamb 
Ventilation, sb. T Burnet, N 
Venting, sb. Scott 
Ventride, sb. Bentley 
Ventriloquial, adj. G<>sse 
Venture, v. a. Spec, Kingsley 
Venturous, adj. Wordsworth 
Venuses, sb. pi. "Wilson 
Verandab, sb. Oliphant, Stowe 

„ adi Stowe 
Verb, sb. H Tooke 
Verbalist, sb. D, Coleridge 
Verbiage, sb. Vaughan 
Verdant, adj. Gay 
Verdict, sb. T B, Bentley 
Verdigris, sb. Carlyle 
Verditer, sb. Sat Rev 
Verdure, sb. greenness (lit. and 

met.) Traheme 
Verdureless, adj. H MUler, Moir 
Verdurous, adj. Ruskin 
Verge, sb. Scott, Swift, H B St 

„ V. a. Bentley 
Veridical, adi. Carlyle 
Verifiable, adi. Ruskin 
Verify, v. a. H B Stowe 
Verily, adv. Carlyle 


Verisimilitade, sb. Mm Pst, St Rr 
Verit]^, sb. Aubrey, Ruskin 
Veijuioe, sb. Our Eng Home 
Vermeil f white), adj. Tennyson 

„ (red), adj. Huddesiord 
Vermifuge, sb. Delamer 
Vermilion, sb. Rus, Mayne Reid 
„ adj. Tra, Hobbes, Gib 

Vermin, sb. (lit) Bentley, Tenn 
„ (meUT B, Palmer 

Verminous, aai. "Wordsworth 
Vernacular, adj. Spec 
Vemacularity, sb. De Quincey 
Vemage, sb. kind of sweet wine, 

Our Eng Home 
Vernal, w^. "W, Southey, Swift 
Veronica, sb. Delamer 
Verse, sb. Wordsworth 
Vcrseman, sb. Swift, Johnson 
Versicules, sb. W H R in Times 
Vert, sb. Burke 

Vertex, sb. top of a hill, Ruskin 
Verticality, sb. B Hope 
Vertiginous, adj. giddy, Atkyns 
„ adi . rotary, £ Hooker, 
De Quincey, Carl 
Vertigo, sb. De Q, Swift, Burke 
Very, adj. "Wordsworth 

„ adv. Stowe, H Tooke 
Vesicant, adj. Jour Soc Arts 
Vesicular, adj. Gosse 
Vespers, sb. "Wordsworth 
Vespertine, adj. T Taylor 
Vessel, sb. a snip, Scott 

„ whatever holds other 

things, Bp Patrick 
Vest, sb. D, Holmes, M Post 

„ outer garment, Arnold 
Vestal, sb. Vac Tour 
Vested, adj. robed, W 
Vestibular, adj. B Hope 
Vestiges, sb. Sir "W Scott 
Vestural, adi. Carlyle 
Vesuvian, aai. Carlyle 
Vetches, sb. Times 
Veteran, sb. Home 
Veterinary, adj. Times, De Q 
Veterinanan, adj. Times 
Veto, sb. M, Calhoun 

„ V. a. Calhoun 
Vex, V. a. "W, Tennyson 
Vexable, adj. Southey 
Vexation, sb. Scott 
Via, prep. "Wilson 
Viaduct, sb. Smiles, Clark 
Viameter, sb. MoUhausen 
Viand, sb. Irving 

„ Spectotor 

Viatica, sb. T Taylor 
Vibrate, v. a. T Taylor, Stowe 
Vibratile, adj. Gosse, R Jonea 
Vibratiuncle, sb. De Quincey 
Vicar, sb. Dryden 
Vicarial, adj. Swift, Bond 
Vicarious, ai^. J S Mill 
Vice, sb. mecnanieal tool, Scott 

„ immoral conduct, Gib 

„ D, Tennyson, De Q 

„ V. a. to press, De Quineey 

„ It, Bb, Tiroes 

Tiueniyal, adj. Swift 
Viue-Terea, am- Palmer 
Yiomage, sb. Bniko, B Hope 

TiciBtdCude, sb. Speo, Words- 
worth, JohBBon 
^^ctiinizBtitia, sb. Windsor 
Victor, sb, D, Scott 
Victorian, adj. B Hopo 
VictoriouB, iiuj, Drydfin 
Tiotorr, rt. D 
Victual, V. a. feed, Burke 
Vidusge, sb. mdows, I^rob 
Vie, T. Q. Woniairorlli 
View, 8b. W, H B Stuwe 
Viewer, sb. Bopuriutbiident of a 

cual-pit, Kurthem Express 
Viewlws, adj. Huddesford 
Vigil, Bb. Carlyle 
Vigils, eb. Drrden 
Vignette, sb. Tozer 
Vigor, sb. TrshernB 
VUe, adj. D, TcnnyBon 
Tileneaa, ab. Tetmyacin 
'niifloatioii, sb. North, R A V 
Via, sb. Wordsworth 
ViUagc, ab. W, Sat IU» 

„ adj. Vac Tom- 
Villain, adj TennjBon 
ViUaldn, sb. Swift 
Villatic, Bilj. Da Quineey 
VillenagH, ab. M 
VilloBitj, ab. Bentham 
Vinaigrette, ab. II B Stowe 
VioaiEroua, adj, Carlyle 
Vinoiua, ab. Vaughon 
Vincoluio, sb. De Quince; 
VindicatB, v. a. claim, T Taylor 

Y. a. fisht, forc«. B 
VindicBtiTB, adj. air T Brown 
Vine, Bb. Delamor, Gibbon 

„ (biauohes), adj. DelBmer 
Vinegar, adj. sour, De Qoiikcey 
Vinettc, sb, Oiu' Eng Home 
Tinuoa, adj. TennyBoa 
Violation, sb. Gibbon 
Violence, sb. D, Maurice 
Violent, adj. Drydcu 
Violet, sb. Delamor 
Violiat, ah. BoKCi' Nortb 
Viper' B-graas, sb. Delamer 
Viparona, adi. Wordaworth 
Virago, eb. Carlyle 
Virgin, adj. and ab. D ; Lamb, ab. 

„ ndi . Wonkworth 
Tugin's- Bower, sb. (liower), Del 
Vinle, adj. T Taylor 
- Tuole, (o! a ramrod), sb, A C C 
Virtfi, ah. Carlyle 
Virtual, adj. Carlyle 
Virtuality, sb. De Qoinccy 
Virtually, ady. Palp^TS 
Virtue, sb. Tni, Carlyle, W, P 
W Robertson 
„ power, Vaugban 

„ effect, De Quincey 

VirtueleBB, a^. Buskin 

Virtuosity, a' 
"irtuoBO, ab 

field, Bwift, 8, . 
Virulence, sb. Arnold 
Virulent, adj. Carlyle 
Vima, sb. Southey 
Visceral, adj. Lewes 

Vixen, sb, ahrcw. Swift, J Colliar 
Viitiird, adj. Sir T Brown 
„ ah. Sir T Bruwn 
Vizor, ah. Tra, L, Wartet 
Vocable, sb. Carlyle 
Vocabulary, sb. M, Palgraye 
Vocal, adj. Tenn^on 
Vodferflta, y. a, H B Stowe 
VociforouB, adj. Southey 
Vogue, ab. SwiA, Palmer, B Hope 

High I, W 

„ appearance, Scott 

„ y, a. imagine so as to 

BCC, Rnakin 
ViaionnEy, adr. H Miller 
Viuioimrincas, ab. Dk Quincey 
Visionary, adj. W, Sl«we 
Viaioned, adj. Moir 
Visionless, adj. aightleas. Bishop 
„ witbont yisions, 

It A Vaa(;han 
Visit, eb. Nightingale 
Visitable, adj. Au-itralian Eip 
Visitant, sb. W, Spec 
Visitation, sb. W, Chesterfield, 
Visiting, sb. W; D Moir, coming 
YisiTS, adj. Sir T Brown, Bp P 
VisDoniy, sb. Ijimb 
Visor, sb. Tennysou 
Viata, sb. Carlyle, Lewes 
Viflta'd, adj. Moir 
Visual, adj. Carl, J S MiU 
Viauality, ab. Carlyle 
Viaualizeil, adj. Carlyle 
Viauality, ah. Carlyle 
Vital, adj. W, HightingalB 

„ sb. Southey 
Vitality, sb. W, Carlyle 
Vitally, ady. Nightingale 
VitcEine, adj. Lewea 
VitelluB, sb. Lond Eey 
Vitiate, y. a. Tra, Btirko 
Vililitigious, adj. E Hooker 
Vitreoua, adj. Carlyle 
Vitreacency, sb. H Miller 
Vitrifinble, adj F Joubert 
Vitriiiod, adj. T Burnet 
Vitrify, y. a. T Burnet 
Vitupcrahlo, udj. T Taylor 
Vituperate, v. a. Lamb 
Vituperation, sb. Carl, Tuata 
Vituperator, sb. Times 

Voiced, adj . Tannluoaer 
Voiceful, adi. Euskin 
Void, v. a. Swift, B Hope 
lb. Tctinyaon 
tirli r(nH-Ti T 

Volatility, Bb. J Pnrdaga 
Volatilise, y. a. Carl, Enakin 
Volcano, ab. T Burnet, Stowe 
Vole, eb. Macm Mag 
Volitant, adj. Lewes 
Volition, sb. Carlyle 


[ii6a, adj. T Tayl 
Vivification, ab. Ne 

power of liying, 1 
T Taylor, Bp P 

Virify, T. a. Wiokworth 
ViyiparouB.adj. Burnet, Bentley, 

Lewes, Delamer 
Vivree, ab. pi, A C Carlyle 
Vivisection, ab. Lewes 
ViTisepultore, ab. Barton 
Vixen, sb. she fox, Bell's Life 

Volleyed, adj. Hams 
Voltairism, sb. Carlyle 
Voltieeur, adj. De Quiocejr 
V^olnble, adj. Buskin 
Volubly, ad^-. H B Stowe _ 
Volume, sb. book, W, Gibbon, 

R Burton 
Volomed, adj. Moir 
Volunlary, aij. W, Burke 
Vidimteer, sb. Swift, Palgraye 

Volanteoring, ab. Timoa 
Voluptuary, ab. H B Stowe 
TolDptuouB, adj. Tennyson 
Volnptuonaly, ady. W 
Vomitory, sb. De Quineey 
Vopper, sb. (cant term for beggar 

shamming madneas), C Beftde 
Vortiej, sb. M Henry, Cad 
Vortical, adj. Ousse ->^^ 

VorticoB, ab^. Carlylo .^^1 
Votary, sb. Wordsworth ^^H 
Vote, sb. Dryden ^^^| 

Votiye, adj. Wordsworth ^^^| 
Vouchsafe, y. a. W, VaoghaiB 
Voussoir,8b. (arcb-atone), Sniilee 
Vow, sb, and r. a. Wordswoltll 
Vowelled, adj. Famir 
Vowol-notation, sb. Mandi 
Voyage, sb. Dryden 

„ V. n. Wordsworth 
Voyaging, sb. Carlyle 
Voyager, ab. Gosse 
Voyagcur, sb. Woods, Ii 
Vulcan, sb. limper, T Brown 
Vulcanian, adj. yolconic, T 

Tnlcano, ab. yolcano, T Burnet, 

1690; Palmer, ino 
Vulgar, adj. W, Home, Swift 
Vulgarian, sb. Thombury, L 

Vulgnriam, sb. Chesterfield 
Vulgarize, y. a. F W Roberhion, 

De Quincev. Sat Kev 


Vulgarity, sb. Ruskia 
Vulpine, adj. Carl vie 
VulpinisQi, sb. Carlyle 
Vultuzine, adj. Kingsley 


Wade, V. a. Oosse 

„ y. n. Scott 
Wadeum, sb. G Stewart 
Waddle, t. n. Stowo 
Wadset, sb. mortgage, Home 
Waferer, sb. confectioner, Our 

Eng Home 
Waft V. a. W 
Wag,' sb. Swift, S Palmer 

„ Y. n. Scott, Cowper 

„ V. a. Stowe 
Wage, T. a. (war), D, T, Arnold 
Wagerer, sb. Swift, S Palmer 
Waggon, sb. W, Sir R Wilson 
Waffgoner, sb. Wordsworth 
Wau, sb. W, Tennyson 
Wain, sb. Wordsworth, T 
Wainscoting, sb. W H R, Our 

Eng Home 
Wais3>elt, sb. W H Russell 
Waistcoat, sb. Aubrey, Holmes 
Wait, T. a. attend, Traheme 

„ y. n. attend as a servant, D 

„ stop, D, Scott 

Wait-a-bit, sb. (& shrub), Gosse 
Waiter, sb. taole. Our Eng 

Waitress, sb. Tour in Ireland, 

Wake, sb. Wordsworth 

„ (of water), C Dickens 

„ V. n. T, Stowe 

„ V. a. Stowe 
WakeftO, adj. W, T 
Wakeless, aaj. Moir 
Waken, v. a. Tennyson 
Wakening, adj. Southey 
Walk, V. n. W, Scott, Stowe 

„ V. a. J Collier, Dickens 

„ sb. Dryden 
Walkable, adj. Swift 
Walking, adj. Stowe 
WaUdng-cane, sb. Sir R Wilson 
Walking-stick, sb. Stowe, W, 

G Clark 
Walk-over, sb. Times 
Wall sb. D, Addison, T 

„ adj. Ld Lindsay 
Walled, adj. Burke 
Wall-eyed, adj. Irving 
Wall-flower, sb. Delamer, Moir 
Wallfrait, sb. Delamer 
Walling, sb. Nightingale 
Walling-in, sb. Swift 
Wallop, V. n. G Stnart 
Wallow, V. n. Swift 
Walnut, sb. E S Delamer 
Walrus, sb. T Milner 
Wame, sb. womb, J Collier 
Wampum, sb. Irving, Carl 

„ adj. Irving 
Wan, adj. W, T 


Wand, sb. D, Southey, T 
Wander, v. n. Wordsworth 
Wanderer, sb. W, Scott 
Wandering, adj. Tennyson 
Wane, v. n. D, Tennyson 

„ sb. W, Moir 
Wanghish, adj. sick, J Collier 
Wang-tooth, sb. Warter 
Wankle, adj. G Stuart 
Waning, am . Tennyson 
Wannish, adj. Tennyson 
Want, sb. D, Hare 

„ sb. destitution, N 

„ V. a. Wordsworth 
Wanter, sb. Swift 
Wanting, adj. Swift 
Wanton, adj. and sb. W 

„ V. n. Burke 
Wantonise, v. n. Lamb 
Wantonly, adv. Burke 
Wantonness, sb. Add, Scott 
Wapentake, sb. Gay 
War, sb. Wordsworth 

„ V, n. Dryden 
Warble, sb. Wordsworth 
Warbler, sb. W, Gregory 
Ward, sb. (of a key), Scott 

„ sb. (child), Arnold 

„ V. n. Swift 
Wardmote, sb. Ann Reg, Daily 

Wardrobe, sb. Gibbon 
Ware, sb. Dryden 

„ V. n. Tannhauser 
Warehouseful, sb. J S Mill 
War-garron, sb. Carlyle 
War-hawk, sb. Irving 
Warhorse, sb. Tennyson 
Warily, adv. Palgrave 
Warlike, adj. D, Scott, Tra 
Warling, sb. Swift 
Warm, v. a. D, Hobbes 

„ sb. Nightingale 

„ adj. "Wordsworth 
Warming, sb. Nightingale 
Warming-pan, Eng Home, De Q 
Warn, so. Moir 
Warning, adj. Scott 
„ sb. Stowe 
Waip, V. n. (naut.) Maury, Ti 

„ V. n. swerve, Traheme 

„ sb. (of cloth), Nat Rev 

„ V. a. (naut./Maury 

„ sb. (naut.) Daily Tel 
Warrandise, sb. Orig Scot 
Warrant, sb. Scott 
Warrantable, adj. Bentley 
Warren, sb. Blunt 
Warrior, sb. Wordsworth 
Warstle, sb. wrestle, Scott 
Wart,8b. DeQ 
War-whoop, sb. Irving 
War-wolf, sb. Southey 
Wary, adj. D 
Wasn, V. a. Eng Home, N 

„ sb. pig's food, Burke 

„ V. n. N, Carlyle 

„ sb. T Brown 
Washball, sb. Swift, G H 





Washer, sb. Carlyle 
Wash-hand-basin, sb. Spottis- 

Washing, sb. pi. Scott 
Wash-pitcher, sb. Stowe 
Wasp, sb. E S Delamer 
Wassail, sb. Tennyson 
Waste, adj. T, De Q, Arnold 

sb. W, Delamer 

V. a. Dryden 

V. n. Scott 
Wasteful, adj. Carlyle 
Wastefulness, sb. Stowe, Carl 
Wasting, adj. Scott, Southey 
Watch, V. a. D, Tennyson 
Watch and ward, Ozell 
Watcher, sb. Tannhauser 
Watchet, adj. Lamb 
Watchful, adj. Dryden 
Watchman, so. Chesterfield 
Watchment, sb. Pe^ge 
Watch-rate, sb. Smiles 
Watchword, sb. Macaulay 
Watch-tower, sb. Irving 
Water, sb. (to pass), Nightingale 

sb. R, W, Delamer, 
Scott, T 

V. n. E S Delamer 

V. a. E S Delamer 

adj. Fairbaim 

adv. Motley, Spec 
Water-colour, sb. Chesterfield 
Water-cart, sb. Moir 
Water-cress, sb. E S Delamer 
Waterfall, sb. Wordsworth 
Waterflask, sb. Irving 
Water-hen, sb. Irving, Hobbes 
Watering-pot, sb. E S Delamer 
Waterless, adj. Gosse, De Q 
Water-lily, so. Gosse 
Waterman, sb. Dryden 
Water-ousel, sb. ^ji^sle/ 
Water-plane, sb. Smiles 
Waterproof^ adj. Irving 
Waterschot, sb. Aubrey 
Water-shrew, sb. Gosse 
Waterside, sb. Wordsworth 
Waterspout, sb. Irving 
Waterway, sb. Kingsley, Smiles, 

Waterwheel, sb. Smiles 
Waterworkj adj. Our En^Home 
Watery, adj. Home, Mottey 
Wattle, V. a. G Rawlinson 
Wattied, adj. Southey 
Wave, sb. D, Ruskin 

,, v. n. W, Ruskin 
Wave- worn, adj. Home 
Wavelet, sb. Kingsley 
Waver, v. n. Stowe 

„ sb. G W Clark 
Waverer, sb. Sat Rev 
Waviness, sb. Hare 
Wavy, a^j. Stowe, Southey 
Wax, V. n. Scott 
Waxen, adj. Tennyson 
Waxwing, sb. (bird), Vac Tour 
Wawt, V. a. overturn, J Collier 
Way, sb. Wordsworth, T 

Wayfruing-tree, 8b. I . 
■Way-kaTB, sb. North 
Ways, eb, Stoire 
Way-aide, ab. Warter 
Wayward, adj. Roakin 
Way-wiaor, ab. North 
Way-worn, adj. J Wilson, W 
Weak, adj . Wordsworth 
Weakling, sb, I^nib 
Weskntsa, ab. Southey, Warter 


Woan, T. a. Swift 
„ sb. child, Bcott 

Wear, t. n. (away), Drydon 
„ V. a. apend, J Collier 
„ (idothea), D, Scott 

„ abape, AddiBon 

(ont), Dryden 

Weaiiabla, adj. Euakin 

Weariad, adj. Stowo 

Weariful, aifi. Suhimnielp 

Wearily, ndTv. T, Cqlman, T 

Weanneaa, ah. Tennyson 
Wearisomely, ndv. Carlylo 
Weary, adj. W, Stowe 

„ Y. a. T, Mom Post 

„ T. n. T Martin 
Weaaand, ab. Carlyle 
Weather, ab. and v. a. W 

Weathered, adj. Ruskin 
Weather- fend, v. a, Wordsworth 
Weathering, ab. Ruskin 
Weatherly. adj. Sat Rev 
Weatherwiae, adj. Ed Rev 
Weavable, adj. Euakin 
Weare, v. a. Tennyaon 
Web, ab. Btowe, Vac Tour 

Weddei, ab. Times 
Wedge, T. a. Stowe 
WcSick, T. a. OzeU 
Wee, adj. W, Swift, Scott 

„ adv. Scott 
Weed, ah. (horse), Fannsr'aHag 

„ moomiiig, Stowe 

Weeded, adj. Times 
Weed^ sb. mourning garments, 

Stowe, T 
Weedy, adj. Stowe 
Week-day, ab. Lamb 
Week-long, adj. Ld Lindsfty 
Ween, y. n. W, Miaa Winkworth 
Weep, T. n. Wordaworti 
Weeping, ab. TBTUiyson 
Weft, ab. TnivulB in Africa 

„ (of a fabric), Nat Hcv 

Weigh, T, s. D, Gibbon 

\Vliat,ai^,wh. grand. Th(__ 
„ pron. T, N, Bp Llyod 
„ rel. pron. which. Swift 

Weight, sb. W, Stott, Stowe, T 
„ T. a. Froude 

Weind, ab. narrov lane, Biu'ke 

Weird, adj. Sat Eev, Warter 
„ ah. Scott 

Weirdly, adi. Masson 

Welcome, adj. Wordsworth 
„ sb. Tennyson 

„ T. a. Tennyson 

Weld, T. a. Motley 

Welded, adj. B Lytton 

Welder, ab. Swift 

Welk, V. a. Scott 

Weltin, ab. ,1 CoUier 

WeU, adv. W, Sou, Swift 
„ (forth), V. a. Carl, Do Q 
„ V. n. Wordsworth 
„ adj. heaithj. Nightingale 
„ good, Warter 

„ ab, Blnnt, D, Rnskin 

Well-bred, adj. Cheateraeld 

Well-doing, sb. Southey 

Wallnigh, adv, Bentloy 

Well-to-do, adj. B Hope, Clark 
„ ab. Lamb 

Well-wiaher, ab. T Burnet 

Welsher, ab. Times 

Webhly. adv. Bruce 

Welt. sb. stripe, Carlyle 

Welter, sb. Carlyle 

„ T. a. W, Irving, De Q 
„ (raee). adj. Soiray 
„ adj. roll ahout, Cheater- 
' Weltered, adj. drooped, Del 

Weltering, adj. Irving 

Wenching, sb. Lamb 

Wend, V. n. T, Carlyle 

Werst, ab. f of a mile, Wilson 

Worteroan, adj. Carlyle 

Wcfit, sb. W, Wooda 

Wcater, r. n. Carlyle 

Wcstsring, adj. Miss Evans, 

Western, adj. Drjden 

WestCTHimost, adj.K Burton, Son, 

West-aouth-west, sb. Irving 

Westwardly, adv. Irving 

Wet, adj. W, Huskin 
„ V. a. Sherard Osbom 

Wether, sh. W, Timee 

Whackering, ab. trembling, J 

Whale, sb. Dijden, Goaae 

Whale-boat, ab. Irving 

Whalebone, sb. Gay, T E Jones 

Whaling, sb. Stowe 
,, adj. Smiles 

Whangee, ab. Act 3 and i 
WiUiara IV., cap. 56 

Wharflngor, ab. Even Star 

WboiTow, sb. part of a spindle, 
Jouriml of Brit Arch ^n 

What,udj. Tennyaoii 

What ... what 
as ..., OzeU 
■\Vhettn, sb. J CoUic 

Wheel, V. 

T. n. S Palmer 
a., V. n. and ah, W 

„ Tennyson 

„ ab. Hobbes 

„ adj. Times, Carl 
WbeelbaiTow, ab. E S Delamer 
Wheeler, sb. borae, Spottiawoode 
Wheeling, adj. Wordsworth 
Whoel-wiae, adv. W H Gregory 
Whelm, V. a. Southey 
Whelming, adj. W, B llope 
Whelp, Bb. Scott 

„ V. a. Hobbaf 
When, conj. Wordsworth 

„ adv. Soott 
Where, adv. W, Tennyson 

„ conj. T, Stowe 
Whereabout, sb. W, Vao 
;, adv. Carlyle 

Whereat, adv, Tennyson 
Wherefore, adv. Wordsworth* 
„ ab. Sir R Wilson J 
Wherafrom, adv. Carlyle 
Wherein, adv. T 
Wheresoever, adv. T 
Wherrit, ab. blow, J CoUiar'l 
Whet, V. a. Traheme, Carljir 

„ ab. S Palmer ' 

Whethor, prqn. T Bomet 

Whetaaw, ah. Gosso 

Whetetone, ab. Out Eng Htaaa, 

Wliew, sh. Carlyle 
Whewt, V. n. whisUo, J Collier 
Whey, sb. Times .^_ 

Which, rel. pron. Tennysoit^^l 
Whiehcver, pron. De Q ^^H 
Whick, adj. alive, J Collier ^^| 
Whifi; V. a. Carlyle ^M 

Whiffer, sb. Swift 

Whi ffling , adj. Irvi 
Whig, ab. Bp B, M, 

Whigglam, sh. Johnson 

;, Carl 


While, ab. E Gucet, RAT 

„ T. a. De Qnincey ^H 
Whilom, adv. W ^B 

Whim, ab. Sat Rev »^ 

Whimper, sb. Scott 

„ T. n. Carlyle 
Whimpering, sb. Slowa 
Whunaey, sh. H Dison, Swift, 

D Coleridge 
Whimsical, adj. Addiaon, Stowo 

- [nij 

iHtT, (b. Varrj, Lsnb, 
Whinmealljr, adv. Irring 
Whim-wham, sb. Iiamit 

Whin, »b. 

Whine, v. . 

„ V. n. ILibUn 

Whincr, sb. linger North 
WhinjEiir, sh. Sn>tt 
Whining, adj. Wuriln worth 
Whinny, »b. Tennyson 
„ T. n. Ilofilics 
Whinnying, sb. Inin^ 
„ adj. Garlyle 

Whinitono, ib. CaA, A Uvikic 
Whip, T. a. snatch, Btowe 

„ T. a. make. Nightingale 

„ T. n. run, Slowe 

» lb. T 

„ *. a. Blnwe, Vac Tour 
Whip-band, ab. Dc Quincey 
Whipping, «h. Stowc 
Whipping boy, sb. Up Bumet 
Whip-poor-mll, ah. (a bini), 

Whiprter, sb. Irving 

Whirl, T. n. Carlylo 
„ sb. Stiiwe 
,, T. a. Wordnworth 

WhirlAbout, ab. I'algrave 

Wbirl-blaat, sb. Wordsworth 

Whirlicotc, ab. (carriugi.-), Pcggt 

Whirligig, sb. Carlylo 

Whirlwind, ah. Maury 

„ adj. R A Vaughfln 

Whitly-bone, eb. Vncc, J Collier 

Whin-, ab. Hacm Mag 
„ T. n. Vac Tuor 

Whirret, sb. a blow, Ozell 

Whirrick, sb. a blow, Brooke, 

, (b. Cowptr. '. 
Whiskered, adi. Iluddeafard 
™- ' fcnnywn 

1. Swift 

1. k A V 


WWipering, adj. Tcnnyaon 
Whi^iering-place, ib. T firown 
Whist, sh. Fremaatlc, D of B 
Whist-player, »b. A Carlyla 
Whistle, y. n. Wordaworth 

„ ab, Tennyaun 
Whit, ab. Bcntlcy, Swift, St 
White, adj. Peggc, W, Stowe 

„ ab. (buttnflj), Goase 
TThite-feathcr, sb. Warter 
Whiteness, sb. Boufhoy, Bentley 
Whitesmilii, ab. Soutlity 
Whita-tbxoat, sb. Gc 

Whitlow, sb. 
Whit«un-daj, sb, "" 
Wliilauntide, eb. luk 


Whittle, T. a. Oiell, II Gimgcr 

„ nil. Miiciiuluy 
Whittling, Hb. 11 (iouga 
Whix, inteiH. Ilulnies 

„ adv. O W Ildines 

V. n. fitnwe 

Wliizrin^, adj. WonUworih 

Whi>cv<.T. pron. \Vor<L-.<n>rtli 

Whole, 8b. (on llir) 

., iiiij. \V, T(nnv«m 
Wh..le.fii.,t.-d. «b. k S-.,rth 
Wb..l™.ni«. «.!j. Sprr-, {iil, 
Wholly, iiiiv. ItuAiii. T 
Whomso, pron. Ciirlvle 
WhomaoevCT, pnin. k " 
Whoop, V. n. llobhi'H 

„ sb. kind of fowl, OreU 
Whooping, lulj. Stowe 
Whore, sb. DryiUn 
Whoremastcr, sb. Cbeatcrficid 
Whoreson, adj. Swift 
Whorl, sb. (of H niindli). Jour 
of Bnt jVrch Ass 
coil of a eliull, T, T 

K Jones 
Why, ndv. Ttnnvson 

„ sb. Sir E Wilson 
^VhyH»lf, sb. coweulf, J Collier 
Whvloar, adr. Ijimb 
Wick, ab. Trnilii and Anecdotes 
WickE.l,a.lj. W, Stowo 
Wickedness, sb. Tennyson 
Wicker, adj. E S Dclamer 

sb.' (^"L. 
adj. W II 

Wide, adj. nnd adv. W 

„ adv. Stowo, De Q 
Wide-avako, sb. (>at), Clark, W 
H Russell 
„ adj. Sharp, Bund 

Widen, v. n. Tennyson 

„ V. a. Warier 
Widow, sb. D, Gibbon 

„ T. a. T, Gibbon 
Widowed, adj. T, Sonthey 
Widower, sh. Tennyson 
Wield '* " -- - 

Wifehood, ab. C 
Wifeless, " ~ 
Wig, sb. ' 

Wilful, adj. T, Hare, Scott 

Wilfully, udi. Bcott 

Wilfulneris, sb. Hare 

Will, «b. Dryden 
„ aii:i. V. Bp Patrick, T 
„ sb. testament, Snift 
deiiirc, Swift, T 

Willing, uilj, Slowe 

„ sb, I( A Vaughtin 

Willow, sb. W. T 

Willow-herb, sh. E S Dcbuncr 

Willowy, adj. Southey 

Will-o'-the-wisp, sb. Sir E 

Willv-nillv, Irving 

Wilti'd, adj. Tannhauser 

Wilv, udj. .Scott 

Wimble, sb. Hobbcs 

Wimple, V. n. Scott 

Wimpling, adj. Moir, Smiles 

Win, V. a. Tennyson 
„ (upon), De Quincey 

„ v. n. (upon), Southey 

Wince, V. n. Swift 

„ V. n. move on slowly, W 
„ >. a. scent, Tenneat 

Windbag, ab, Carlyle 

Winder, ab. taker away of breath, 
C Dickens 

Windfall, sb. unexpected fortan^ 
Ijimb, Hull Times 

Winding, sb, Traheme 

Wiiiclingnrai, sb. W Bame* 

Winding-up, sb. De Q 

Windlass, sb. Mom Pert 

Windless, adj. K, T liimm 

Windmill, sb. B^in 

Window, sb. W, Scott 
., adj , Dclamer, eta. 

Windowless, adi, E B ~ " - 

Windwaid, sb. 1 ' 



Wis, in phrase * I wis,' adv. W 

„ V. a. know, Southey 
Wisdom, sb. W, Traherne 
Wise, adj. W, Gibbon, Scott 

„ sb. manner, D, R, B A Y 
Wisely, adv. Scott 
Wish, sb. W, Dasent 

,, V. a. D, T, Warter 
WishM, adj. Carlyle 
Wishing-cap, sb. Traherne 
Wisket, sb. basket, J Collier 
Wisp, sb. bundle, Delamer 

„ will-o' -the- Wisp, T, Byron 
Wist, V. n. perf. t., knew, W 
Wistfiilly, adv. Stowe 
Wister, adj. large, J Collier 
Wistly, adv. Am)rey 
Wit, sb. Hare, Johnson, R S 

understanding, Arnold 
a maze, Dryden 
(to), Stowe, Nightingale 
Witch, V. a. charm, Moir 

„ sb. Stowe 
Witchcraft, sb Addison 
Witchery, sb. enchantment, W 
Wite, sb. blame, Scott 
With, sb. willow twig, Warter 

„ prep. W, De Q, Calhoun 

„ t^mgmth (to^Jg^ 

„ diner with, (from) ) 

„ accompanied \ 

,. with t'S^M «?«-"«* 
der, (in) ) 
Withal, adv. Gay, R A V 
Withdrawable, adj. J H Salkeld 
Withdrawing, sb. Wordsworth 
Withe, sb. Times 
Wither, adj. strong, J Collier 
Withered, adj. Tennyson 
Witherer, sb. Moir 
Withering, adj. Times, Scott, 

Withershins, sb. De Quincey 
Withholder, sb. Traherne 
Within, prep. W, Tennyson 

„ adv. Tennyson 
Without, prep. Wordsworth 

„ adv. outside, D 
Withstanding, sb. Aubrey 
Withy, sb. Southey, Warter 
Witl^s, adj. Wordsworth 
Witling, sb. Swift, Addison 
Witness, v. a. Warter 
Wits, sb. senses, Wordsworth 
Witticism, sb. E Hooker 
Wittified, adi. Roger North 
Wittingly, adv. W H R, Gregory 
Wive, V. a. Hobbes 
Wizard, adj. T, Moir 

„ sb. Hobbes, Bentley 
Wobegane, adj. Gregory 
Woe, adj. G Macdonald!, Scott 

„ sb. W, Stowe 
Woeful, adj. Dryden 
Wold, sb. Carlyle 
Wolf, sb. W, Gosse, Sou 
Wolfebane, sb. E S Delamer 
Wolfskin, sb. Teimyson 


Wolvering, sb. Act 3 & 4 Wm. 

IV., cap. 56 
Woman, sb. W, Nightingale 
Woman-bond, sb. Hobbes 
Womanhood, sb. D, Teimyson 
Womanish, adj. Addison 

„ adv. T Martin 

Womankind, sb. Home 
Woman's-man, sb. Addison 
Womp, sb. C Reade 
Won, V. n. dwell, J Collier 
Wonder, v. u. sb. W, G Mac- 
„ V. n. T • 
Wonderer, sb. E Hooker 
Wonderful, adj . Sir C H Williams 
Wonderfulness, sb. Ruskin 
Wondering, adj. Stowe 
Wonderingly, adv. T, Stowe 
Wonderland sb. Carlyle 
Wonderment, sb. G Macdonald, 

Swift, Moir, Southey 
Wonder-working, adj.- Johnson 
Wondrous, adj. Stowe 
Wondrousness, sb. G Macdonald 
Wont, adj. Wordsworth 

„ V. n. Moir, W, Home, T 

„ sb. Tennyson 
Wonted, adi. Tennyson 
Woo, V. a. T, Palgrave 

„ V. n. Tennyson 
Wood, sb. W, Gibbon 

., adj. mad, J Collier 
Woodbine, adj. Teimyson 

„ sb. T, Gay 
Wood-carving, sb. Ld Lindsay 
Woodcock, sb. W, S Palmer 
Woodcraft, sb. Sherard Osbom, 

Vac Tour 
Wood-duck, sb. Irving 
Wooden, adj. Scott 
Woodenly, adv. awkwardly, 

Woodland, sb. W, T, Southey 
Woodlot, sb. Stowe 
Woodlouse, sb. E S Delamer 
Woodpecker, sb. Arnold, M Post 
Woodruff, sb. E S Delamer 
Wood-sorrel, sb. E S Delamer 
Wood-work, sb. Irving, T B 
Woody, adj. Wordsworth 
Wooer, sb. Scott 
Wooingly, adv. Wordsworth 
Wool, sb. hair, Stowe 
Woolfel, sb. Hobbes 
Wool-gathering, (met.) Ozell 
Woollen, adj. Dryden 
Woolly, adj. Stowe 
Woolly-back, sb. G H K, Vac 

Wopple-road, sb. Warter 
Word, sb. Trench, Thackeray, 
T, De Quincey 
sb. a sayiiig. Trench 
V. a. E Hooker 
Word-for-word, adj. Marsh 
Wordcatcher, sb. Macaulay 
Worder, sb. E Hooker 
Wording, sb. E Hooker 



Wordless, adj. E Hooker 
Wordy, adj. Sat Rev 
Work, sb. D, R, Stowe, Wr 

„ V. n. Bp Burnet, W 

„ V. a. Stowe 
Worker, sb. Stowe 
Workhouse, sb. Carlyle 
Working, sb. Scott 
Workman, sb. Sou 
Workmanly, adj. Hare, R 
Workmanship, sb. Ruskin 
Work-room, sb. Scott 
Worksome, adj. Carlyle 
Workwoman, sb. Hobbes 
Worky, adj. Gay 
Worky-day, sb. Gay 
World, sb. Swift, W, T 

„ sb. much, R A Vaughan 
Worldful, adj. Hare 
Worldliness, sb. F W Robertson 
Worldly, adj. W, Warter 
Worm, sb. Tennyson 

„ V. a. push. Swift, De Q 
Wormwood, sb. Delamer, St 

„ sb. bitterness, RAV 

Worn-out, adj. Times 
Worrit, v. a. Lamb 
Worry, sb. Times, Stowe, N 

„ V. a. harass, St, Bentley 
Worse, adj. Bentley, W, St, N 
Worsen, v. n. B Hope, De Q 

„ V. a. Carlyle, Southey 
Worsening, adj. Carlyle y 

Worship, V. a. Dryden /T 

„ sb. adoration, Arnold, 

Worshipable, adj. Carlyle 
Worshipful, adj. Wordsworth 
Worshipfully, adv. Teimyson 
Worshipping, sb. Warter 
Worst, adj. Dryden 

„ V. a. Swift, Bond 
Worsted, sb. Our Eng Home 

„ adj. Scott 
Worth, sb. W, Southey 

„ *adj. W, Stowe 
Worthless, adj. T, Gibbon, St 
Worthships, sb. pi. Carlyle 
Worthy, sb. Stowe, Southey 
Wot, V. n. Scott 
Wough, sb. wall, J Collier 
Would-be, adj. Nightingale 
Woulder, sb. S Palmer 
Wound, sb. Tennyson 

„ V. a. Dryden 
Wounded, adj. Southev 
Wraith, sb. T, Scott 
Wrang, v. a. Traherne 
Wrangle, v. n. Macaulay 

„ sb. W Law 
Wrangling, adj. Scott 
Wrap, sb. covering, Daily Chron 

„ V. a. twist, Stowe 
Wrappage, sb. Carlyle 
Wrass, sb. (fish), Gosse 
Wrath, sb. Wordsworth 
Wrathful, adj. T, Scott 
Wrathfulness, sb. J Pordage 
Wrathy, adj. American Paper 





Wreak, y. a. Scott 
Wreath, sb. Drydcn, Arnold 
Wreatby, adj. Moir 
Wreck, sb. De Quincey 
Wrecker, sb. Inring 
Wren, gb. W 
Wrencb, v. n. Carlyle 
Wrenching^, sb. C Dickens 
Wrestle, v. n. Dryden 
Wretch, sb. Dryden 

„ y. n. Scotch 
Wretchcock, sb. (bird), Gifford 
Wretched, adj. Wordsworth 
Wretchless, adj. Trench 
Wretchlessness, sb. A S Windsor 
Wriggle, y. a. Carl, Chesterfield 
y. n. Hobbes, Swift, 

sb. S Palmer 
Wright, sb. Times 
Wring, V. a. Stowe 
Wringer, sb. Carlyle 
Wrinkle, sb. D, Bentley, Stowe 

„ information, Del, 

S Osbom 
^ l, y. n. Addison, Stowe 
Wrinkled, adj. Palgraye 
Writ, sb. Dryden 
Writatiye, adj. Swift 
Write, y. a. and v. n. Dryden 

„ y. a. Lamb 
Writhe, y. a. Burke 
Writhen, part, twisted. Times 

,, adj. Tannhanser 
Writhing, sb. Stowe 
Writing, sb. D, Carl, Gibbon 
Wrong, y. a. D, Tennyson 

„ sb. T, Scott 

„ ady. G Macdonald 
Wronged, adj. T A Trollope 
Wronger, sb. Tennyson 
Wrongfiilness, sb. K A V 
Wronghead, sb. Trench 
Wrongheaded, adj. Carlyle 
Wrong-headedness, sb. Gosse 
Wrongness, sb. Carlyle 
Wrotl^ adj. Tennyson 
Wrought, part. D, Bp Burnet 
Wry, adj. Swift 

„ y. a. Lamb, Hobbes 
Wuddah, sb. (Indian nayyy), 

Daily Telegraph 
Wylycoat, sb. petticoat, G 



Xylographer, sb. Bexjeau 

Tam, sb. Delamer 
Yard, sb. Wordsworth 

„ (seam in a mine), adj. Ti 
Tard-arm and yard-arm '(met.) 

Tam (linen^, sb. Burke, Stowe 

„ sb. tale, Thombury 
Tarr, y. n. mark, Ozell 
Yarrow, sb. AU Y H 
Yawn, y. n. Scott, Stowe 
Yawner, sb. Nat Bey 
Yea, yes, Southey 
Yean, y. a. Wordsworth 
Yea-nay, adj. uncertain, RAY 
Yeandurth, sb. forenoon, Lamb 
Year, sb. Gib, W, Mrs Browning 

„ sb. pi. Hobbes 
Yearling, adj. Swift 
Yearly, ady. Dryden 
Yearn, sb. Eingslcy 

„ y. n. W, Southey, T 
Yearning, sb. W, Southey 
Yeast, so. Lewes 
Yell, y. n. Southey, T 

„ sb. Wordsworth 
Yellow, sb. Buskin 
„ y. a. W 
„ y. n. Thombury 
Yellow-boy, sb. gold com. Swift, 

Yellow-hammer, sb. charity-boy. 

City Press 
Yellowing, sb. A Smith 
Yellowish, adj. Mayne Beid 
Yellowness, sb. Farrar 
Yellow-underwing, sb. GKMse 
Yelping, sb. Carlyle 
Yeoman, sb. Gray 

„ attendant. Times 

„ adj. Thombury 
Yep-sintle, double-handful. Lane 
Yes, Wordsworth, Stowe 
Yestreen, sb. Mrs Browning 
Yet, ady. Wordsworth, T 

„ conj. nevertheless, Tennyson 
Yew, sb. Wordsworth 
Yew-tree, sb. Wordsworth 


Yewen, adj. C Reade 
Yield, V. a. W, Tennyson 

„ sb. produce, Times 
Yielder, sb. Barnes 
Yoke, sb. bondage, Arnold 
Yoke-fellow, sb. wife, Addison 
Yolk, sb. T Burnet 
Yon, adj. W, Stowe 
Yonder, adj. Tennyson 
Yore, adj. and adv. Wordsworth 

„ sb. Bentley 
Young, adj. W 
Youngling, adj. W 

„ sb. Hood 
Youngster, sb. Stowe 
Yourselfward, adv. Swift 
Youth, sb. young man, W 

„ time of youth, W 

Youthful, adj. W, Tennyson 
Youthhood, sb. Carlyle 
Yule, sb. Tennyson 

„ adj. Tennyson 

Zamang, sb. Sullivan 

Zany, sb. S Palmer 

Zanyism, sb. Masson 

Zeal, sb. Dryden, Scott, Stowe 

Zealot, sb. rone 

Zealotry, sb. De Quincey 

Zealous, adj. Warter, Stowe 

Zebra, sb. Gosse 

Zemindar, sb. Burke 

Zemindary, sb. Burke 

Zenith, sb. Traheme 

Zephyr, sb. (deity), Wordsworth 

Zero, sb. nothing, Carlyle, Lud- 
low, Pal^ve 

Zigzag, adj. Wordsworth 
„ sb. Burke 

„ y. n. Moir, Calhoun, 
Buskin, Taylor 

Zimb, sb. Gk>88e 

Zimb-fly, sb. J Mason Grood 

Zodaicai, adj. Carlyle 

Zodiac, sb. Gibbon, Bentley 
„ adj Wilson 

Zodiacal, adj. Sir T Brown 

Zoilism, sb. Sir T Brown 

Zombourck, sb. W H Bussell 

Zone, sb. Dryden 

Zpoks! inter]. Gay 

Zoologist, sb. Carlyle 



[The Eiirlj EngliBh ' th' io printed ih; aai. the letter for 'g' or 'y' aa ff or y.] 

A, pnm. represfinia 

"a. I (3). 
0. He (1, 2 to 8). 

1. AUganndtr, of a] hli regiaim 

A UloUEht H-enj a newo trowago. 

(Here, howpTcr, Iha ' a ' maj possibly re 
pnsant And : eee below.) 

2. Tif Ihow nrt Bind Urn lord to sle (teeT), 
GUddEt a-<> tor love otllii! 

pels sitlic. 
(llWil— i*r JfHM afSamtnun, n. 180-71. 
S. neMteof fAeScoDsladilTaioTcrDone, toLondonlei 
.i h»rd wele tellB, /Aat lagelle nnd belle be fllchld and Hci 
(!330)— Ji. Jrunnt, CTrou. p. 2H2. 

4. In Petir a ^ to them power or bindynf and lowaiDi 
(ISth cent. ctAjj—Apol. for Lollardi. p. i. 

5. Kow tlieMerchiuiliidFentnret thaloccupypthnoreta 
tomeLh orer wilh oor cnimnoditiea la have hin ffoinp on 
bis living (hprebf ; ood for tbit th« r?tAilet tColh aeU tli 

Ibem, a doth Dot ODlr take anajtliE Unngofthc Mcrchu 

or flftj ntailcn in Lonaaa will eal out all tint mcrchani 
wlllun oar realm.— (li>S3) — Sir Themai 6niham to U 
Svlu ef JVarUuiHbrtand, rialei in Ftoiid^i UiitBiy i 

ittk. 'VDl.T.p.472,ool.3,) 

!les of the EngliBb uee of a iis n prcpoaition 
C3 meaningis aro 
a. In (1,3, 17, IB), into {31. to (7). 
fl. On (2, 3, 4, 0, 8, 9, H, IG}. 
T. At fl3). 

8. Of (6, 10, II, 12. 13). 
It ia chicily found, evon when used as an inde- 
pendent prep., in phrasta of rery ooranion oeeortonct 
nnd frequent use; and probablj urose from indlB- 
tinctnesa and rapidity of prononuiation , 
' ~~ ^ ' tAat iDoflln^fA: inhQlichoroliciiday 

J. Tnt,l 

T. p. 47i, 
rs&lh hi 

(15*4) —Pfle. ArratsHmmt af Parii, Acl il 
r. Indeed a miut ahool neara, or he'U Dcer 

SIHT!)— fiAotipiTii. Lon'i Zaiauri Lmt, 
. I warrant tdu, I'll win bin Idglmejs q 

(1603)— JfartoiHi. Sd-BardthUni.iy. 
A. A nota in Musio - La. 

Theuotea oCMiuie are named horn the flret 
of the alphBbBl, A, B, C, D, F — 

He that IfVith not gilk nniing. wen he is baldai a may. 

ia Btrenid bi We tame glU.— (ISth ccnl. eailyj— ^(w(. fai 

Loitarda, p. M. 

A, inlerj. See AH. 

A, prep. A conuption of the A.S. ' on,' a prep. 
gDvoming the dst. and ace. cases in that Ian- 
S. -_ o__. J — 3 ; li-Saxon, ti^ethor 


^ . It is flrat found Id , , 

with the intermediKta forms oh and o, and 
tcnsirely employed in the formation of adverbs, 
e.g. a-uoten, on foot; a-londs, on land; a-nikt, 
by night, elf. Snch of these compounds ae have 
been found in English wil! he disooBsed in tbcir 
jitoper order; it ia sufKeicnt here to giv 


ra : Mat [Acrinne waa A la 
Aer ; lha.t an miitlBcho is t&li 
manira: loumi heiie(ft (*e i 
-— - — _^-_ laudat oxordtoB. 
,c. tlOi) ~ Earls SnelUJt Pun", p. H. 
. aire, heo eeide to (Aemperonr ; jjfatou a wy> dom 
3%us f ale maistres of eleigie : bringat and MtKBt a bnnohi 
To dcapotlB Boe me one : tAat n'am hou a fol wcnohe. 

lc.lSas)—Jk'arlgSagtu,liPaniu. «. XaMirfiu, p. Bl 
3. The vertasenaible tAatmeneMiadBputldaftn. 
1IS98)— IVeuwo. Barti. de P. Bm. 13. 

Vertne aeniible that moveth ia psnedls tirnt. 

4. A 

ft «aa oiy otber pi 

>r l^sohop 


AposOea.— (e.I14fl)H!™c*efiiTprM™-,p.M7,PartliLch.tO 
A Mir lidt [be Emperonr Conatantyn.-— 7if. p. 13$. 
D. On lluiKingDuraoFereignLatdBbetiaiee,IshiuvyDii 
and alao on myne aa wordeyn, that ye with bH wm per- 
■onnea u ye may make in there nuM debo^ble amT, hi 
with me at TopUffc nppoB Monday by liij a eloohe, a» m] 
trust is In TOO.— (HMJ— PJKWfiim drrctp. p. 40. 

6. Sir, it it pleoseth you to know that a Mnndar m] 
bmtha waa at TliDratoa bry^e, and I were ; all, bl«^ 
bo abnyBbty Jem, be in good health.— [HOT J— P/miijifoii 

7. The qncne waa bran^ht a bcdde of a fiyn lady tiamci 
Mamrele.— (ISM)— iorS Btrnerf Tram, of Itoisiart 

S. Thoae ScotlTaiio men arc right hanij for Ihoj 

ooat, who folow nrier, a /oirff,— (152S)— JNd. i^l 

Le aaw the bebaoyng and th( 
le all tbdr people to aiyghl 

10. The kniln of England, and inch other of hit couiueU 
BBWO well howe the Cyttjwas strong, and well (ornyBahod o; 
HM • wiurt, and "jtsls, and artjlory.— JJiii, voL i. ch 
nxriiL p. S9. 

\1. Therteot Heynalt was ttdy purreyed of met 

a t™fT.-JMd. cb. iL p. SJ. 

U. Theoytic waawonne bylbrce, and robbed, and eloni 

brent ao that thcr abode nlyye no maner aperuK 

houae nor church, but it_wa» diatroyed.- /Hd. cS. UiT 


ye answer that he had at home,— Ibid. vol. U. ch.ccxxxij 
[cczxiij] p. 721. 

14. Must prcche a Goddee halfe 
In the pulpyt 8(>k*mpuoly. 

(1.W3?)— 5AW/«n. Coljfn Cloute. 812. 
Comp. Uise up on (iod'n halfe. 

(1518 cir)—{{kelton. Elyncu* Rum. 501. 

15. . . noedee mu«t it be that he had .... very certeine 
DemonBtrations. And I prav you let vs see what maner a 
ones they be.— (1587)— C/o/rf/w^. J>e Mornay^ c. ix. p. 111). 

16. Is not this Bamardine ! 'it lit ; 
And, understandinfT I should come thia way, 
Stands here a' purpose. 

{XiWi)— Marlowe. Jexc of Malta^ iv. 3, p. 312. 

17. A* God's name, on ! and haste thee to the Court. 

(1594) — Marlowe. Dido. Queen of Carthage, i. 1 
(233) p. 875. 

18. Go then, Consuls, a God's name, redeem the cittie 
with your armour and weapons, which your forefathers 
ransomed with their gold.— (IGOO)— JZoZ/and. Xiry, Bk. 
ix. c. 4, p. 3156. 

AH! intcrj. [A. N.B. Aha^ and Ha are itofi forms 
of Ahj but distinct. The former is in Knplish 
merely a conp^lomcration of Ah, in its older 
form A, with Ha ; and should be printed divi- 
aim. It was certainly so printed as late as 
1535, ef. Isaiah xliv. 10 in the A.V. and in 
the version of Covcrdale.] 

£tym. The root is AK or AH, denoting sorrow or 
pain, a root which reappears constantly, as Gr. 
&X<>^ Eng. aehe, A.S. ace, etc. The first usage 
therefore, and the only one which is et3rmologi- 
oally justifiable, of Ah, is as an exclamation of 
pain or grief — mere surprise being indicated by 
Ha ! or the compound All ha ! but in English 
Ah! is also very commonly used indifferently 
with its converse. 

a. 1. Simple exclamation, intended to call a 
person's attention (1, 2, 5). 

2. Pain, grief, sorrow (1, 5, 7, 8). 

3. Surprise (3, 4). 

4. Contempt (6, 9), exultation (5). 

1. A ! swete sire, I seide tho 
Wher 1 shal bileve. 

(1862)— P*>r* Plouhman. rition, v. 11616. 

2. A ! syre, quath I thenne. 

(1394)— /d. Creed, v. 518. 
8. "-4 / fellow I wylt thou so ?" 

And to the ground gan they goo, 
Of the mounteyn bothe downe gan they pase. 
(16th cent, early) — Torrent ofPortupat, 1. 184. 

4. And when this knyght, syr William Duglas, myght 
speke for wepyng, he sayd, A gentle and noble kyng, a C. 
tymesi thanke your grace.— (1523) — Lord Bemers* Iron*. 
of Froisaart, vol. i. ch. xx. p. 29. 

5. And as sone as the erle sawe hym, he sayd, a fayre 
uncle, your absence hath sette the firenchmen m a pride ; 
A sir, quoth he, with your trouble and anoyance, I am sore 
dyspleased: howe be it in a maner I am glad thereof .... 
howe it behoueth you to make a Journey into Fraunce 
ageynst the firenchmen ; a vncle, quoth thcrle .... it shall 
be shortly done. — Ihid. ch. xliv.^). 61. 

6. And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their 
heads and saying. Ah, thou that destroyest the temple and 

' buildest it in three days, save thyself, and come down from 
the cross.— (1611)— ^fe/c, N.T. Mark xv. 29, 80 (A.V.) 

7. Then I said. Ah Lord God, they say of me. Doth he 
not speak parables. — (1611) — Bible, jS!s«^. xx. 49 (A.V.) 

8. They shall not lament for him saying, Ah my brother, 
or. Ah sister I they shall not lament for him, saying. Ah 

. Lord or Ah his glory. — Ibid. Jerem. xxii. 18.* 

9. **Ah! Stupey I" cried my wife's eldest sister, accom- 
panying the complunent with a protrusion of the head, and 
an extension of the lips, which disclosed not only the whole 
remaining row of teetn, but the chasms that had been made 

I in it by ue tooth drawer ; hiattu valde lacrymaMles, — 

{\VM)—8outhey. The Doctor, ch. iv. A. 1 (vol. i. p. 16). 
VA for All. 

^ As bees flee hame wi' lades o' treasure, 

I The minutes winged their way wi' pleasure : 


Kings may be blest, but Tarn was glorious, 
0*er a* the His of life victorious. 
Burti9. Tam (ySkanter, vol. iii. p. 154, Chambers* ed. 

AARE, sb. [Etym. Rom. arti, Lat. ara\. 

An altar. 
My luskish minde it hath no lust my vowed gifts to pay 
Vuto the Temples of the Gods that liue my Theseus may : 
Nor rigging with Th'athenian dames amonge the aulters 

To toose the fiery brands, vnto the sacrifice alonde. 
Nor yet deuoutly praying at the Aaret with godly guise 
To Pallas, president in earth, to offer sacrifice : 

(1581) — John Studley. Tragedies of L. Annanu 
Seneca, translated. Fo. 57 v. L. 9. 

AB, sb. [Etym. .5>] 
The juice of a tree. 
Tet diverse have assaied to dcale without okes to that 
end, but not with so good successe as they have hoped, 
because the ab or Juice will not so soone be removed and 
cleanc drawne out. — {157 7 )'-ffolinshed, Desc, Britain. 
B. 2, c. 22, p. 218. 

ABACK, adv. [also written *o bak' divisim. 

Etym. AS. on-lac, Old Norse, d bak, or d bakt]. 

a. 1. (denoting motion) Backwards, towaum 

that wliich lies behind (1, 2, 4, 5, 

6, 9, 11, 12). 

2. (denoting rest) On or in that which is 

behind ; behind (3, 8, 10). 

Phr. * Take alack,* signifying to surprise by 

something novel and imexpected (11). 

* Put aback,* to rebuke, check suddenly 

. . (7)-. 

The leading idea is that of a forward motion in a 
ffivcn course oeing suddenl;^ arrested. The earlior 
form of the phrase, that with * put,' implies some- 
tliing unpleasant in the arrest to the thing or person 
arrested ; the other denotes simple surprise. 

] He not thurs the i-meinde amak 

Wether he shall avorth the abak, 

(c. 1270)— Owl and Night, 822, 8. 
2. Twei grete dragtmes out of Mis stoneB oome, 

Ti^aton was red, ^Ae ofAerwyte, thogoametotygtetaaie 
Strong batail, and the tajr out of tht mouM caste, 
So f Aat the white was aboue, as ^Ae folk y-«eye. 
And drof t^e rede al abak out of the pat ney. 

( 1 800) - Robert of Gloueetter, p. ISl. 
8. Jeroboam was dampnid, for he held f Ae peple ahak Ifj 
two kalfis, thsX fAei worschipid not God in Jeronou— (15ta 
cent, early) — Apohfor Lollards, p. 76. 

4. Of ^Aeis [disciplis] sum are iuel, and gon o bak ; and 
Judas was His disciple ohoeun, and His apostil, a^d Tn an i 
of His disciplis went a bak. — 11^. p. 82. 

5. He [Crist] tumid and seid to Petor, Go o bak attet 
Me, Sathanas. — Ibid, p. 56. 

6. For lacke of mahod draweth hlever abacke, — (1420}— 
Lydgate. Chron. of TVoy, Bk. i. c. 5. 

7. If eny man wolde seie here that in tho dales no lay 

persoon ou^e ^eve eny hous or feeld to the clergie 

ccrtis this sciyng m^y be at f^lle Putt Abak and be rebukid. 
— (c. 1449)— Pccac*c. Repressor, p. 290. Part ili. ch. 8. 

8. Aiid when tyme is, to put tiiyselfe in prease. 
And when tyme is, to holde thyselfc Mtacke, 
For tyme well spent can never have lacke. 

Skelton, On Tyme, 22. 

9. Why dost withdraw thy hand abacke 

Ajid hide it in thy lap 
O plucke it out and be not slacke 
To give thy foes a rap. 
(c. 1540) John Hopktns, Psalm Ixxiv. v. 11, Metr. Version. 

10. Keep your self in the love of Christ, and stand far 
a-back from the pollutions of the world, — (1687)— ^u^Aer- 
foord*s Letters. Epistle viii. 

11. A beauty hovers still, and ne'er takes wing ; 
But with a sUent charm comp^ids the stem 
And tort'ring genius of tiie bitter spring. 
To shrink aback and cower upon his urn. 

8. T. Coleridge. The Two Founts. Poems, p. 340. 

12. Thus occupied, the observation of Quirk had com- 
pletely taken Gammon aback ; and he lost his presence of 
mind.— /S. Watrsn. Ten Thousand a-Tear. Vol. i. eh. 4. 

Now Ready J Six Volumes, 8vo., Cloth, Lettered. Price £ 3. 




FOR THE YEARS 1842—1853. 

The circulation of these Yolumes has, until recently, been 
limited to the Members of the Society : the Six Yolumes 
were issued during the years 1842 to 1853, at a cost to the 
Members of TWELVE GUINEAS. The Council of the 
Society having been enabled to complete a limited number 
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The Philological Society's Transactions, 1859, Ten Shillings. 
The Philological Society's Transactions, 1860-61, Part I., 5*. 

Nearly ready for Press. 

The Philological Society's Transactions, 1858, Part II. 
The Philological Society's Transactions, 1860-61, Part II. 








COUNCIL, 1801-2. 





EDWIN GUEST, ESQ., LL.D., Miwttr of Caius College, Cumbri.lcr*'. 

Ordinary Jfember* of CouneiL 












Honorary Sferetaries. 

Extracts from the Philologieal Society's Rules, 

*' The Philological Society is fonncd for the investigation of the Structure, the Affinities, 
and the History of Languages ; and the Philological Illustration of the Chissical Writers of 
Greece and Rome. 

** Each Member sliall pay two guineas on his election, one guinea as entrance-fee, and 
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Members are entitled to a Copy of all Papers issued by the Society, and to attend, and 
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Mr. Williams (personally, or by Post-Office Order on the Strand Office), or to the Society's 
Bankers, Messrs. Ransom, Bouyerie, and Co., 1, Pall Mall, East. 

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W. GEE, ESQ., 













by Richard Chenevix Trench, D.D., Dean of Westminster, 2nd 
Edition, revised and enlarged. To which is added a Letter to the Author 
from Herbert Coleridge, Esq., on the Progress and Prospects of the Society's 
New English Dictionary. J. W. Parker, and Son, 1860. 3». 


(ROPOSAL for the Publication of a New English Dictionary by the 
Philological Society. Triibner and Co., 1859. 6d. 

Triibner and Co., 1859. 5«. (Being the Basis of Comparison for the First 
Period, 1250—1626.) 


ASIS OF COMPARISON. Third Period. Part I., A to D. (Out of 
print.) Part II., E to L. Part III., M to Z. 


!/>|ANONES LEXICOGRAPHICI ; or. Rules to be observed in Editmg 
\J the New English Dictionary of the Philological Society. 
A VOCABULARY OF THE LETTER "B." Being a New Basis of 
^ /* ■ -ZjL Comparison for Words beginning with that Letter for all the Three 
Periods of our Literature. Compiled by W. Gee, Esq., Boston, Sub-editor of 
"B" for the Concise Dictionary. 

■ '^'Ti'?-7^^1t:Ti7r£*ir(^;.ii 








W. GEE. ESQ., 






Thb following list is a Yocabulary of the letter '<B,'' and is intended to 
serve as a new Basis of Comparison for that letter for all our Three Periods, 
as announced in the Editor's circular of November 9th, 1862. The 
Yocabulary has been completed as far as possible by comparing the Philo- 
logical Society's materials with the Dictionaries of Worcester (W.), Hyde 
Clarke (C.)^ and Johnson for modem words ; and with those of Halliwell 
(H.), Jamieson (J.), Nares (N.), the Promptorium Parvuhrum (P.P.)> 
Phillips, and others, for obsolete and provincial words. 

Our own materials are distinguished by the date of the earliest example 
of each word being ^^fixed to it (or by 8. or B., if the Shakspeare or 
Bible example be the earliest), and by the periods for which we have 
examples of each word being «i(/&xed. 

In the case of Obsolete words the date of the last example which we 
have is also given, and whenever such a word has only one date and period 
attached to it, this shows that only one illustration of its use has been 
supplied. Thus, '' 1362 babble, v.n. 1, 2, 3," means that the date of 
the earliest quotation for that word is 1362, in the First Period (1250- 
1524), and that we have other quotations for it in the Second (1525-1674) 
and Third (1675-1863) Periods. Again, " 1533 babbling, sb. 2,3," 
means that the earliest quotation for that word is in the Second Period, 
and that we have an instance of it in the Third Period, but have not met 
with any in the First Period. " 1570 1662 babish, adj. 2," means that 
we have no quotations for that word in the First or Third Periods, or for 
dateil earlier than 1570 or later than 1662. 

For the words undated we have no quotations at all. 

The assistance which the Sub-editor asks is: (1) Any quotation illus- 
trating any word, or meaning or construction of a word, of which no usage 
is noted as amongst our materials ; (2) an earlier usage of any word than 
the date denotes ; (3) a later usage than the date denotes whenever a word 
does not appear in the Second or Third Periods. 

The Sub-editor will be greatly obliged by extracts supplying any of the 
deficiencies pointed out above ; which should be sent to 

Boston, July 20M, 1863. 

W. GEE, Esq., 

Boston^ Lincolnshire, 



B. 1 
1390 ba, y.a. kiss 1 
Shak. ba, v.n. 2 
1529 baa, sb. 

baa, y.i. cry of sheep 

baa, sb. rock at sea, 

1818 baaing, adj. 3 

baach, adj.baucb, na^ty, J . 

baa-lamb, Worcester 
1862 baaing, sb. 3 
1854baaMmg 3 
Bible baal 2 
1670 baalim 2 
1862 baalism 3 
1840 baal-priest 3 

baard, a vessel, "W. 

bab, y.n. Halliwell 
bab, v.a. shut, J. 

1862 baba 3 

babbart, a hare, H. 

babbis, v.a. sooff^ J, 
1632 babblative 2 
1362 babble, y.n. 1, 2, 3 
1721 babble, v.a. 3 
1461 babble, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1862 babblement 3 
1594 babbler 2, 3 
1533 babbling, sb. 2, 3 
S. babbling, adj. 2, 3 

babblisMy, KichaiHlBon 2 
1514 babe 1, 2, 3 

biibe, doll 2 

babehood, "W, 
1520 babel, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1816 babel, adj. 3 
1450 babelavant, sb. 1 

babelary, a foolish tale,H* 
1746 babel-builder 3 
1636 babelish 3 

1394 babeling, babbling 1 
1776 babelonian 3 

1848 babd-tower 3 

babery, E. 2 
1362 baber-lipped 1 
1375 babeuris 

babewyne, baboon, H. 

babiana, hot. "W. 

1851 babillard, a bird 
1362 babilon 1, 2 

babingtonite, nun. W, 
1600 1632 babion, baboon 
1860 babirussa 3 
1570 1662 babish, adj. 2 

babish, y.a. R. 2 

babishly, adv. W. 

babishness, Clarke 

bablack (of a free school)H 

bablah, couch, W, 

babla<aice, basilisk ? H. 

1395 1607 bable, bauUe 1, 2 
bable, adj. empty, ohat- 

terine, T^ares 
1585 bftblorus 2 
1602 babliaminy 2 


1500 baboon 1, 2, 3 
1390 babulle, bauble 1 
1362 baby 1, 2, 3 
1599 baby, doll 2, 3 

1621 baby, picture 2 

1599 1659 baby in the eye 2 
S. baby, adj. 2, 3 

baby clouts, H. 

baby-boodies, H. 
1840 baby-eater 3 

baby-featured, W. 

babies-heads (toy), H. 

baby-house, W. 
1825 babyhood 3 
1862 babyish 3 

babyism, W. 

baby-jumper, W, 
1520babyl 1 

babylling 2 
S. babylon 
B. babylonian 2 

babylonic, C. 
1540 1553 babylonical 2 
1663 babylonish 2, 3 
1627 babylonism 2 

babylonite, W. 
1634 baby-seller 2 
1460 babyshed 1 
1648babyship 2 
1300 bac, a Crown 1 

bac, a boat, "W. 

bac, vat, Wedgwood 

bac-makec, C. 

bacanon, antidote, 0. 

bacca, hot. Wor. 

bacca, lighthouse, W. 

baccalaureate, W, 
S. baccare ! 2 

baccate, W. 

baccated, W. 
1536 bacchanal, sb. 2, 3 
S. bacchanal, eb. dance, 
bacchanalian scene 2, 3 

bacchanal, adj. W. 
1684 bacchanalia 3 
1790 bacchanalian, sb. 3 

1622 bacchanalian, adj. 2, 3 
bacchanalianly, W. 

1858 bacchanalism 

bacchanals, W. 
1853 bacchant, sb. 3 
1823 bacchant, adj. 3 

bacchante, W . 

bacchantes, C. 
1616 bacchar, a herb 2 

baccharis, C. 
1636 baccharal, sb. 2 

baechic, "W". 

bacchical, W, 

bacchius, pros., W* 
S. baoohus 2 
1725 bacehufi-bole, (M,.) 3 

bacchus-feast, H. 

bacciferoufli, W. 

baccivorous, W. 
1840 baccQ, coirpo di Baeoo 3 
1840 baccy, tobaoco 3 
1614 bace, v., run by 2 



1590 bace, adj. base 2 

bace gold, or detouche 2 

bace play 2 

bace nsh 2 
1678 bacharac (wine) 3 
1494 bache, vale 1 
1461 bache, batch (of bread) 1 

bache, bitch, H. 
1456 bachelery 1 
1352 bachelor 1, 2, 3 

S. bachelor, adj. 2, 3 
1578 bachelor's buttons 2 

bachelor's haU, free and 
easy, C. 
1820 bachelorhood 3 

bachelorism, W. 

bachelor-like, C. 

bachelor-life, C. 
S. bachelorship 2, 3 

bachelor's wife, C. 

baclulle, spot of ground, J. 

bachleit^ sale, J. 

bachram, dirt, J. 

baciUariee, hot. W, 

bacillus, W. 
1320 1380 bacinet 1 
1300 back, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1590 clawback 3 
1862 green-back 3 
1590 horse-back 2 
1590 pull-back, sb. 2 
1618 back, subsidium 2 

back, sb. vat, J. 

back, trough, J. 
1414 1583 back, bat 1, 2 

back, sb., ferryboat 

back, sb., toasting-fork J 

back, backing, a toUowing, 


S. back, y.a. ride 2, 3 
S. back, y.a. support 2, 3 
back, y.a. (a knife, etc.) 2 
1862 back, put back 3 

back, v.a. direct a letter, 
J • 
1847 back (sails), naut. 3 
1650 back, v.n. go back 2, 3 

S. back, have a back 2 
1490 back, adj. 1, 2, 3 
1647 back, low? 2 
1500 back, adv. 1, 2, 3 
1500 aback, adv. 1 
1447 of back, backwards 1 
1590 beat back 2 

"back of my hand to you," 
1 will have nothing to 
do with you, J. 
1375 1629 back (give the) 1, 2 
1597 back from 2 
1840 go back 3 
1500 back (have one) 1 
1555 back ^have by the) 2 

set oack up, be angry, J, 
1500 back ("ill upon worse 
back at the wall, unfortu- 
nate, J. 
1523 back (winter at their back) 



1 706 back (keep your back hand) 
back *< he's the back of an 
auld farmer," he waa 
once, J. 
back aJong, H. 
back attic, C. 
back area, C. 
1661 backs and breasts, cuiras- 
ses 2 
1616 backhand 2, S 
back and fore, J. 
back and edge, H. 
back and forth 2 
1500 back and side 1 

backbar, W. 
1500 back to back 1 

backhand, a bond, J. 
1828 baekberand, backbear, 
term in forest law 3 
back-bim, baek-borden, J 
back-bit, mek in sheep's 
ear, J, 
1362 backbite, T.n. 1, 2, 3 
1815 1609 backbite, v.a. 1, 2 
1800 backbiter 1, 2, 3 

backbiter, huignail, proT. 
1803 backbiting 1, 2, 3 
backbitingly, W. 
backbitten, C. 
1642backblow 2 

backboard, W. 
1855 backboarded 3 

B. backbone, 2, 8 
1860 backboned 8 

backbread, kneading- 
trough, J. 
baokbreak, H. 
1587 1600 backbreathinff 2 

backbron, wood, H. 
1600 backburden 2 
backby, H. 

baek-earry (forest law), 
1830 backcast 3 

baekcast, adj. retrospec- 
tive, J. 

backcauter, H. 
backcaw, relapse, J, 
back-chain, W. 
backchales? J. 
back-clout 3 
back-comb, G. 
back-come, sb. return, J 
1880 back-come, T.n. 3 
1829 backcoming, ah. 3 
S. backdoor 2, 3 

backdoor trot, diarrhoea, J. 
backdraught, breathing, J. 
backdrawer, apostate, J. 
back-drawing-room, G. 
backen, put back, W. 
1627 back-echo 2 

S. baeked 
1840 bare-backed 8 
1840 broad-backed 8 
backend, H. 
backend of harrest, J. 


baekeod of year, J, 

backener, G. 

backeninf , H. 
1588 backer, sb. helper 2, 3 
1466 backer, baker 

backer, adj. H. 

backer, sb. horse, and of 

backet, coalbod, Wedg- 

backet stane, J. 

backfall, sb., sidesluice, J. 

backfaller, B. 2 

backfear, object of terror, J 

backfilling, W. 
1466 backfriend 1,2,8 

backfull, sb. J. 

backgain, a consumption, 

backgain, receding, J. 
1678 backgammon 8 

backgammon-board, G. 

backg^e, ill-grown, J. 

back-garden, G. 
1721 back-gate, entry from be- 
hind 3 
1847 back-ground 2, 8 

backhair, G. 
1470 1556 backhalf 1, 2 
1840 backhanded 8 

backhandedness, W, 

backhap, y.n. draw back, J 
1616 backharrow 2 
1571 backhood 2 

backhouse, W. 
S. backing, sb. 2, 3 

backing and filling, naut., 

backing, refuse of wool, J. 

backing-house, G. 

backing-turf, J. 

back-iar, sly obieotion, J. 

back-Kitchen, G. 

backlaah, W. 

backleamng, W. 

backUght, W. 

backlining, W. 

1785backlins 3 

backload, Wedgwood 
1633 back-lobby 2 

backlook, sb. J. 
1540 backlooking, sb. 2 

backman, follower, J. 

backmaker, vat-maker, G. 

backnal, a dance-tune, N. 
1588 backnook 2 

back-o' -beyond, H. 

back-out, so. H, 
1858 back out 3 

back-owre, behind, J, 

back-painling, W. 

back-pannier, H. 

back-parlour, W. 
B. backparts 2 
1300 back-physio 1 

back-piece, W. 
1830 back-plate 3 


1622 1635 back-rack, wine, N. 2 

backrape (harness), J. 
1633 back-reckoning 2 

back-rent, W. 
S. 1611 back-return 2 

back-room, W. 

back-rope, W. 

backs, back lanes, G. 

backs (leather) W. 
1845 backs (timber) 3 
1616 backset (hounds) 2 

backset, sublease, J. 

backset, p.p., wearied, J. 
1816 backset, a check 3 

backsey, sirloin, J. 
1583 back-shop 2 
1494 1727 backside, of place 

1500 backside, rump 1, 3 

backsevore, hind part be- 
fore, H. 

backshish, G. 

backsight, W. 
1862 backslang 3 
1590 backslide, sb. 2 
1683 backslide, v.a. 3 
B. backslide, v.n. 2, 3 
B. backslider 2, 3 
B. backsliding 2, 3 

backslidingness, G. 

backslums, G. 

backspang, trick, J. 

backspare (of breeches), J. 

backspauld, shoulder, J. 

backspeed, W. 

backspeir, cross examine, J . 

back4>eirer, J. 

backsprent, backbone, J. 

backstaff, W. 
1627 backstair 2, 3 

page of the backstairs, G. 

backstall, P.P. 
1548 hackstand 2 
1630 backstay 2, 3 

backstay stool, G. 
1563 backster 2 

backster (for a boot), H. 

backstock, H. 

backstone, W. 

backstreet, G. 
1519 backstress 1 

backstriking, H. 
1800 backstring 3 
1721 backstroke 3 

baeksnnded, steady, H. 

backswanked, H. 
1862 backswimmer, sb., an 
S. backsword 2, 8 

backtack, W. 
1525 back tail 1 

backtread, retrogression, J 

back-trees, Joists, J. 

backtrick, W. 

backward, v.a. R. 2 
S. 1627 backward, sb. 2 
S. backward, adj. 2, 3 
1370 backward, adv. 1» 2, 3 

bocbwaniatiun, C. 
BO backwardly 2, 3 
23 Ijackwaidneaa 2, 3 

badcwardawaVi H- 

baekwaaheci, W. 
iS btttkwater, sb. i, 2, 3 
30 backwster, v. 3 
}D backwa}' 3 
}0 backwind 2 
iS boctwindow 3 
to backvine 1 
>9 bockwinter 2 

backwoodie Hiarneas), J, 
to backwooda, sb. 3 
>3 backwoods, adj. 8 
>7 backwoodsman 3 
>2 baokvoodsy, adj. 3 

backwoi^ H. 

baikworm, W. 

baekwort, H. 

backwoond, ib. C. 
. backwounding 2 

hsekyard, W. 

12 bacon 1, 2, 3 

!9 lare odb's bacon, 3 

13 cbaw-bacon 8 
IS bacon braini 2 

baeon-curer, C. 

bacon-drier, C. 

bnoon-fttctor, C. 
. bacon fed 2 

bacon-hog, C. 
10 bacanian 3 
H) baconijea 3 
18 bacon-jiig S 

biioon-rinil, C, 

bacon-racl^ C. 

bactile, candlestick, II. 
'0 boctrian 2 
:9 bacul 1 

bacule, portcullia, W. 

baoulite, W, 

baculometry, W. 
. bad, Eb. 2 
IS bad, adj. I, 2, 3 
lOieOObaddet 1, 2 
10 1621 buddost 2 
10 bad (butter bod scuae 

tban nouo) 2 
.0 bad (bad's the beat) S 

badalew, W. 
. badcauser 2 

be in bad bread, poverty, 

12 baddes, " moyeable &addcs 
uid goods" 2 
bad, husk of valnut, H. 
badden, v.a. C. 
badderlock, fuciis, J. 
badding, shelling walniiU, 


1627bade«r, pedlar (liocnscd, 
"badtad") 2,3 
corn-badger, C. 
1861 badger, v. a. 3 

badgor-bait, C. 
1830 badger-baiter 3 
lS30ba:^er-baiting 3 

badger-bair-tool, C. 
19S9 badgering-, subs. 3 

badgeringly, C. 

badger-le^^ Johnsoa 

bfldger-like, C. 
1753badgerly 3 

badger-recsbil, a blow, J. 

badger tbe bear. E. 
B. badger'a-aMa 2 

bndget, II. 

badgie,arniorialbeariog,J . 

badhearted, C. 

bad-lmmoiu^, C. 

badiaga, W. 
1833 badian, Bariiadian 3 

badiane, ab. star-anise seed 

badigem, W. 

badigeon, plaster, W, 
1757 badinage 3 
1861 badinage, t.o, 3 

badinerie, W. 
1734 badineui, 3 

badiater, W. 

badling, ab. JL, 
1298 1636 badly 1, 2 

badmnne]', gsHtian, J. 
1362 badness 1,2,3 

badnystio, ailly Btulf, J. 

badoch, blid, J. 
1557 badon 2 

badrans, cot, J. 

bac, ab. cry of sboep, J, 

baee, princfsa, C. 

bad fire, W. H. 
1410 baely, rod 

baff, sb. blow, J. 

batf, T.a. J. 
I5D9 baff, T.n. bark 2 

baffer, barker, H. 

baifetafl, W. 

baffle, sb. trifle, J. 
I62B 171s baffle, sb. disgrace 

bag, pteL big, bnild^ 

1362 bag, eb._ 1,2,3 

bag, iinirer, J. 
1370 bag, bagmpe 1 
1633 bags, ricbea, 2 
1616 hag, udder 2 
18*0 p^er-bag 3 
1840 post bag 3 
1840 sand bos' 3 
18S6 sponge bag 3 
1S40 windbag 3 
Ifi77 bag. T.a. 2, 3 

bag, cram the beUy, J. 

bag, cat com, proT. 
1375 bag, T.n. 1, "that toff- 
gelh fonle and loketh 

1S93 bag, v.n. conceive 2 
1370 1616 bogged, with young 

He, portfolio, J. 
" 2, 3 

haddock, a Mi, J. 

baddurds, raillery, J. 
|87D, 1571 bade, ab. delay 1,^ 

bndolyng, paddling, H. 
0692 bddgage, adj. 2 
■1486 badge, sb. I, 2, 3 


1840 often-bi 

baffler, R, 2 
lers baffled Irom 3 
1829 baffling 3 
1620 baffling, ab. 

bafflingly, W. 

lafflingooEB, W. 
1315 1468 baft, hinder part 


bog and baga 
1500 bog and baggage 1,2,1 

bagament, H. m 

bagasse, W. J 

1633bagateUe 2,3 ■ 

1862 bagatelle-boaid 3 W 

bagatine, H. ^ 

b«gaty (fish) /. 

bagaiel, tribute, H. 
1330 bagollc, jewels 1 

bagenin, toying, J. 

bagfoi, H. 
1305 bagful 1 1 

baggabouo, H. fl 

1523 baggage, ab. 1, 2, ><-■ 
1571 1616 baggage, ab. dirt V 
1626 baggage, ab. gic! 2, 8 ^ 
1680 baggage, adj. worthless 2 

lfiS7 15B3 bagf-- 
1859 bo^oger , . — 

baggage-train, 0. ^H 

baggago-waggon, C. ^B 
1725 baggard, sb, 3 ^B 

baggerroont, H. H 

baggit, with big belly, J, 

ba^t, chiM, J. 

baggit horse, stalliim, J. 

baggie, sb- minnow, J. 
1787 baggie, beUy 3 

baggier, casket, J, 

baggmdas, 0. 

b^^ing, luncheoa, p 

.---bogging, adj. 

.863 bagging, sb. Btofi, C I 

bsggingbill, H. 
.8fl0 bagging factory 
,375 ba^ngly 1 

baggingtimo, H. 
857 baggy, adj. 3 

baghasb, abuse, J. 
536 baghouse, ah. " 
667 bscle, lituus 


MK iapntat WOMB, 

laj^ia, child 


bacnctlct mmdiC. 
1024 b^id S, > 

bajfnoluM, W. 

b»K i>f nailii H. 
1040 ba|{ iifikin ud bone S 
1084 tM)tnnet ■ 
ISOOba^te 2, "butnti, fat- 
tun, and bimiIdw." 
1390 hajrpipe 1, 2, S 

btjr pipe tba mim (luat.) 

ISOO baj^ipcr 3, S 
1634 bagpuddinj; 2, I 

ba)tnpp, rapu if rtrnw, J. 

bn^ntr, m lilunlii, C 

hiKTwr, w. 

haKreli child, J. 

}ni|;ri'l, jiunrbnl plump, J, 

liBifric, ir«h. J. 
iHii^ot-mid, W. 

Imgiipttp, Areh, W. 
1S37 liii!.'<iAllrti'T i 

bni^amc, glntton, J. 
1862 hni^ig 
1818 bah -A 

bahitr, nrienlal, W. 
18JSA bnhBiKbr 3 

tahir, W. 

hni. I{. 

baich, II. 

baichie, T.n. coDsh 
1536 baid. attack > 2 
1S61 baight, condemn E 

baigii, knapsack, J. 

baitrle. walk iloWlT, f. 
1686 bait, v.n. bow 8 

baikaleiD, W. 

bukaUte, W. 


1268 baUiff 1, 2, I 

bailiir enant, Fhil^ 

bailine, >><. and adj. 
147S IMS Uliibip 1, 3 
1U3 baiUTAlt' 2 
1494hai)iwirk 1, 1, 8 
I'M IwillBKc -1 


hailL-M, b.-llnwB, J. 
lK2,5Willbi)n.a<lutri>l l.i,3 
18A1 hailliarr 3 
1S70 l,.,ill». rT„I..Mm. 2:^8 

1330 I 

baiklvt. vest, J. 

baikH, balanoe, J. 
1466 hail, eb. Mciiirity 1, 2, J 
163.5 bail, battle 2 
14U1 bail, ball 1 

bail .handle ofbuakiit,prov. 

hail, bontire, J. 
1466 Imil, nnil ? 1 
1470 pat in bail 1 
1502 bailable, adj. 1, S, 3 

baUSre, J. 
1861 bails [in cricket) 3 
1662 1664 bail, T.a.liberu(« 2 
1614 bail, T.a. (water} 2 
1620 bail, T.n. howl 1 
182Sbailbond,Hb. 3 
1618 hailed, rurCaincd 2 

1. 3 

1300 baiUie, authriritT 1 

baillun, a pig, 'tT. 
1880 hailmrnt i 

baUrM-, W. 

hailpicoe, VT, 
1208 hailv, ab. bailiff 1, 2, 3 
1630 buiV-Crmnt 3 

bBiiSi, biiiojn 
1401 1614 bninp, bagoin 1, 2 
1460 bain, miinlerer I 

bain 2, "clnuda of Serf 

buine, fur, J. 
1474 16S0 bain, T.a. bathe 1,2 
1600 1649 bain,T.n.b«the 1,2 
1450 1693 bBin,adi.te>d]r 1,2 
1460 bain, adc. eaailr 1 

barnvd, ghellei (of pea*} 

1460 bainlT^, adr. nbedienlly I 

bainie, bony, J. 
1621 baiT,"abo»ncingb«uj," 2 

bair, boar, J. 

bairam, W. 
1670 baird, T.n. cnparUnn 2 

bainlin?, nh. ficolding, J. 

baire, Ht, H. 

hiaige, sh, walk, J. 

bairlyfr, linre-lpgged. J. 

baiman, Vf. 
1300 bairn 1, 2, 3 

baimhcde, childhood, J. 
1790 baimie, 3 
1800 baimtemc, family 8 


baimia-bed, mateu, J. 

balraleM, J. 

haimlinHis, J. 

biiimly, childish, J. 

■'bnirn iiOr hirth," J. 
part wi' bairn, afseaiTy, 

"biii til's hnim, LTandf 1 1 i 1 1 l„i 
bjiirn's barK^iiii, J. 
baim'a pan, J. 
bairn's part Mgtm, J. 
baim'i play, J. 
liairn'B woman, *f numc, 

1692 baiaa, luwn S 
haiadn^. bratiai:, I. 
haiiMnff thrrada, J. 
baiit, afnid, J. 
baiat, T.a. beat, J. 
Wut, \,,-mtta, J. 

hnittiug, Umting, J. 
1300 bait, T.a, aet on, wom 

1, 2, 3 
1375 1690 bait,r.a.Tefir^ l.j 
1390 bait. T.n. hed 1,2,1 

1571 (, :.h. -.1 nu-nl J 
1662 l.iit (n.lcli-lmit) 
1496 iMJi itnr lith) 1, 

^11 nd hait, C. 

live bait, C. 
1590 bite at bait S 
1632 bnit, fee 

1517 hnit, nt the I 

livery and bait, C. 

1604 bait (of afnif) 2 

hai(«hil, beat, J. 

17S6hiiitli,'b<.Ih 3 

liailh-fall, tub, J. 

haitl.o»k C. 
1303 baitinir, nb. 1, 2 
1789 baiting, U bull) 3 
bnll-bailiiig, C. 
bcar-hniting, C. 
bndgor-bditing, C. 
1767 baiting, a rest a 
1660 hsilinf;, lih. striring for 2 
1614 baitinf^place 1, 2 

baiting-Mock, "butt," N. 

bait-poke, H. 

baiCtenin^, fattening, i. 

Iwittle, nchpaatnre, J. 
1636 bailT-humniil 2 

baivee, whiting, J. 

baivce, covey, J- 

bairenjar, ragamnffin, J, 
1614 baize, ab. 2, 3 

baize painter, C. 

bajadere, W. 

biijary, millet, C. 
1C62 bnjidatt'.laki'tomurket 2 

Imead, J, 

pass iake. T. 

Mfi99 bake (as tliej brew, so 
them baku) 2 
ISSObske, adj. 
1787 bake, sh, biscuit 

bake, sb. a batch 2 
UiS bakebaiue 1, 2, 8 
1390 1621 bakemeat 1, 2 


baker 1, 2, 3 

bakerese, C. 

bakerfoot, W. 

2 baker-kneed 3 

iQ baker* R-dRUghter 2 

3 baker'a-doKca 2, 3 
baker-legged, W. 
baker's-MUt, W. 

D pie-baker 
7 bakery 3 

bokzard, reargninnl, J. 

bnkheir, backer, J. 

bnkie, gull, J. 

bakie, stake, J. 

baking 2, 3 

baking, H. 

baking-case, knonding- 
trougli. J. 

baklng'draught, E, 
>3 baking pidn, ab. 3 
<3 baking bours, sb. 3 

bakin-loh'h, bread, J. 

bakland (house) 

bakmau, follower, J. 

bakahish, W. 

bakater, baker, J, 

bukj, a fowl, C. 

hal, ball, {init.] place, 

.0 1394 bal, sb. flame 1 
bal, (Comiah) mine, C. 
9 1627 baUamite 2 

LfilO balancer 1 

bttlanee-reet W. 

balance-sheet, C. 

balance-wheel, C. 

balance- wheel-cutter, C. 
B, balancing, sb. 3 
1608 halanite 3 

bala-pat, ^niily pot, J. 

balos, ruby, C. 

balnte, bleat, H. 

balausla, (hot.) W. 

balaustine, W. 

balax, hatchet, J. 

balbeifi, hal^ence, J. 

bolbntiate, Btammer, W. 

balbueinate, Johiuau 

balbuties, W. 
1647 1678 balbutient 2, 3 

balching, a bird unfledged, 

balcnn, H. 

bfllcmied, W. 
1618 balcony 3, 3 
166S balcony, a game 2 
laSBbald, adi. I, 2, 3 
1607 pie-bold 3 
ia70bHld,adj.niet(ofwurds) 1 
1330 bald, audeciuus 1 

bald, v.a. embolden, J. 



halipua-iuol, W. 

balH-limestone, W. 
□ 16HS balais, ruby 1, 3 

batan, a fish, C. 
:S Inlance. ab. bnllast 2 
<D balance, T.a.ballaat 2 

4 balance, v.a. weif^h, etc. 

■2, 3 

5 1430 balance, ab, duubt ' 
8 balance, ecalcs 1, 2, 3 
iroa-balanco 3 

3 balance, large diah 1 
balance (of a sum] 3 
3 balance (put in) 1 

1 balance (pair o!) 2 
19 balance (uf power) 3, 3 
" balance, paiw over i 

balance 2 

'0 baUnced, adj. 3 

hnlanoc-tiBh, W. 

bnlaune-iiiaBter 3 

UOO bnlo (bring in bide) 
1788 ba!a (trae) adj. 3 
l4G8bale,8b,(ofgnodB) 1,1 

1481 1626 bale of dice 
1860 bales (of a barge) 
hale, ¥.a. (water) 

1581 bale, v.t ' 

1S44 bale ap 


Br) a, 3 
Liberate 3 


2, 3 

baliiar'herb, H. 

haldbniBttrd, W. 
1B30 haldpoot 2, 3 
1860 baldeagle 3 
1300 balcielu'ker, bolder 1 
1393 ))aldemoiu, gentian 1 
1383 balder, ab. rubbieh 

balder, v.n. It. 
1630 balderdaah 2, 3 
1641 balderdash, adj. (wine) 2 
1763 balderdash, t.o. 3 

balder ry, sb. (plant) J. 

balder* a-brow, a plimt, C. 

baldfscod, H. 
B. baldhead, 2 
1632 bnldbeaded 2 
1848 baldicoot 3 
IRGObaliiish 3 

bald-kite, U. 
B. bald-locust 2 
1360 baldly, boldly I 

baldly, adv. R 2 

baldmony, W. 
ISgelmldncsa 1, 2,3 
1678 baldpato 3 
1390 baldpale, adj. 2 

baldnck (a. tool) H. 
S. baldpated 2,8 
1800 batdrib 3 
1300 haldriok 1, 2, 3 
1622 baldrickwise 3 

hald-Btrod, not tlear, J. 

1693 lialductam, fooUihncEs 3 

. 1670 1696 haldootum, adj. 2 

163fi bain, ib. aignnl-flre 2 

1330 bale, death, mitfcirtunc 

1, 2, 3 
1485 bale and bote 1 

7B0 bale, adi. Burke 
1663 balean (ruby) adj. 
1600 boloares, nlingers 

balearian, W. 
1863 balearic 3 

baleen, whalebone J. 

baletlre, W. 
1300 baleful 1, 2, 3 

16S0 balefulnesB 2 

bale-gouda, C. 
1320 1440 bnleise,rod 
1362balBiB0, r.a. 1 

bak'n, made of skin, J, 
1307 1523 baleyn, whale 1 

balez, boweUj H. 

halgone-pippin, J. 
1320 balgth I, " Prede i 
under ragec wel ct 
and wel balgtb" 

bulhew, smooth, H. 

1609 balin, a herb 2 

biding, sb. and adj. 
1463 bolingier, adj. 1, "balyn- 

ger maister" ^_ 

1600bnlist,eb. 3,3 ^M 

balistic, adj. ^H 

1609 1663 baliatier 3 ^M 

1813haliatraiia 3 ^| 

baliie, a buov, W. 
I4SU 1641 balliager, a ship 

1, 2 

1360 balk,Bb. a ridge 1,3,3 
balk and horral (plough- 
ing) J. 
13B0 balk, a beam 1, 2, 3 
1583 balk, T.a. bank-np 2 
1562 balk, v.a. pass by, avoid 

2, 3 
1822 balk, T.a. deprive 

S. balk (logic) 2 
1395 balk, T.n. fail 1, 2, 
1.590 balk, T.n. dally ~ 
1481 balk, be angry 1 
1691 balk from 2 
153S bolkening 2 
1602 balker, ab. 3 

balker, sij^almur 
1619 1619 balking 1 ' 

balkingly, W. 
1670 balkiah 3 
1470 IBIl balk nut 

balk.ploughine, H. 


balk-ftaff, H. 
1538 l>alky, ridged 3 
1300 baU, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1814 ball, earth 8 
1594 eyc-ball 2 
1840 ftre-baU 3 
1590 tennu-ball 2 
1517 ball and sceptre 1, 2 

ball and socket, Philipa 
1300 1500 ball, head, *'ball in 
hood" 1 

ball of the cheek 2, 8 
1592 ball of the eye 2,3 
1862 ball at our feet 3 
1650 ball before bound 2 
1590 baU-judge, Paru 2 
1662 ball, dance 2, 8 

ball, sb. bustle, J. 

ball, sb. parcel, J. 
1590 1641 ballace,T.a. ballast 2 
1875 ballad (ballat, etc.) 1,2,3 
1447 1599 ballad, adj. 1, 2 

1630 ballad, T.n. 2 
1592 ballatmg 2 
1589 1599 bsOlader 2 

ballad-farce, W. • 
1615 balladical 2 
1682 balladine, ballad singer 
balladin, a dance, H. 
balladist, W. 
8. ballad-maker 2, 8 
1793 ballad-making 3 

1631 balUdmonger 2 
1779 ballad-opera 8 
1602 ballad-place 2 
1494 ballad-royaU 1 
1614 ballad-singer 2, 3 

ballad-sineing, C. 

ballad-style, 0. 
1765 ballad-tune 3 

ballad-writer, C. 
1599 1631 balladry, ballatry 2 

ballands, balanees, H. 
1535 ballane, sb. whalebone 2 
1830 ballant, ballad, 3 

ballant-bodice (of leather) 

ballarag, W. 

ballard,aca8tratedram, H. 
1382 1485 ballard, a bald-man 

ballart, a hare, H. 
1538 ballast, y.a. 2, 3 
1568 ballast, sb. 2, 8 
in ballast, C. 
8. ballast 2 

ballastafi^e, W, 

ballast-dredger, 0. 

ballast-engine, 0. 

ballast-heaver, 0. 
8. ballasting, sb. 2 

ballast-lighter, C« 

ballast-train, 0. 

ballast-waggon, G. 

baUat (ruby) J. 

brilftting 2 

baUatoon, boat, W. 


ballatron, thiel^ H. 
1833 ball-cartridge, 8 

ball-clay, J. 

ball-cock, W. 
1721 ball-court 3 
1845 ball-flower 3 

balUgiTer, C. 

ball-money, H. 
1782 ballet 3 

ballet-dancer, C. 

1840 ballet-master 8 
1793 balliage, Burke 8 
1591 halliards 3 
1601 ballimong, com 2 
1627 balling (off the nent) 2 

balling, footbolL J. 

ballion, knapsack, J. 

ballion, reaper, J. 

ballista, C. 

ballister, C. 

ballistic, W. 

ballistics, C. 
1611 1685 ballize, v.a. balance 

1858ballium 3 

ballock, narrow pats, J. 
1366 1579 ballock 1, 2 
1362 baUock-knife 1 
1578 ballock-grass 2 
1580 balloon, a game, a ball 2, 3 
1863 balloon (aerost.) 8 


balloonery, W. 

ballooning, W. 

balloonist, W. 
1861 balloon-like 3 
1549 ballot, sb. 2, 3 
1754 ballot, y.n. 3 

ballota, hot, W. 

ballotade, leap, W. 

ballotant, E. 2 
1685 baUotation 2 
1840 ballot-box 3 

balloter, C. 

ballotin, page, ete. B. 2 

balloting, C. 

ballotis^ 0. 
1613 hallow, adi. 2 

ballown, so. pack, J. 

ball-play, P. P. 

ball-player, P. P. 
1830 ball-practice 3 
1840 ball-room 3 

ballstaff, H. 

ball-roomful, 0. 

ball-stell, quadrant, H. 

ball-stone, H. 

baU-thistle, H. 

ball-ticket, C« 
1500 ballup 1 

ballyalye, W. 

ball-yein, (mining) W. 

bally, litter of pi^ H. 

bally-cog, milkpail, J* 
1800 balm, sb. 1, 2, 8 
1717 balm of Mecca 
8 balm, y.a. soothe 2 

1380,1614 hahn,fflntw1wi,a 

1860 balm-cricket 3 
balm-aTOle, Philipa 

1450 balmer (dreaa) 1 
1614, 1725 balm-gentle S, 8 

balm of Gilead, C. 

balmify, W. 

balmily, W. 

balm-mint, H, 
1840 balm-shrub 3 

balm-tMi, C 
1829 balm- wine 
1590 balmy 2, 8 
1793 balmy breathing 3 
1447 balnage, sb. remedy 1 
1605 balne, '^increase the fire of 

1605 balne-mary 2 
1638 bahieal 2 

balneary, sb. C. 

balneary, B 2 

balneation, B. 2 

balneator, C 

balneatory, W. 
1610 1692 balneo 2, 3 

balneum, W. 

balny, H. 

halo, a bean, H. 

balon (a sham sword) H. 
1630 balon, a boat 2 

balourgly, H. 

balouzt, about, H. 

balow, H. 

balow-broth, H. 
1300 baloyinge, smoothneas 1 

balsa, a boat, W. 
1500 balsam 1, 2, 3 

balsam-apple, H. 

balsamatLon, W. 

1861 balsamed 3 

1605 balsamic, adj. 2, 3 

balsamic, sb. B. 2 
1605 balsamical, 2 

balsamically, W.. 

balsamiferous, W. 
1578 balsamine 2 

balsaming, sb. C. 

balsamitor (herb) Philips 

balsamodendron, W. 

balsamous, B. 3 

balsamsweating, W. 
1590 1630 balsamum 2 

balsarine, a stuff, C. 
1470 balsomate 1 
1310 1601 baiter, t. 1, 2 
1617baltic 2 

baltimore-bird, W. 
1775 baltril, baiting-staff 3 
1644 baluster, sb. 2, 3 
1677 baluster, y.a. 3 
1644 balustrade 2j 3 
1690 balustered, adj. 3 
1362 baly (Mly) 1 
1280 balye, bailUe 1 

balzan, horse wiUi white 

baize, ample, H. 

1862 bambino, baby 3 
1862 bumbinetta 3 

bamble, walk unsteadily, n 


\8BB bunean 

17 bambaozle 3 
bambooztcT, S, 3 
bamboozling, K 3 
bambuaa, bot, W. 
bamchiches, H. 
bame, sb. batb 2 


bamling, clumey, J. 

bomlite (min.) 0. 

banunel, pommel, T.a. H. 

bamullo, sorrow, J. 
)8 ban, message 1 
)0 ban, troop 1 

ban (mil.) C. 
first ban, C, 
last (arriere) ban, C. 
W ban, displeasure, cnrae 

2, 3 
'0 ban, interdiction 2, 3 
te ban (of wood) 3 
JO ban, prinoe 3 
>0 ban, y,a. summon 1 
)3 ban, v,a. curse, banisb 

)0 ban, T.n, curse I, 2, 3 

banal, 1 of the lOTdsbip 

banality J of a manor, W. 
13 banality, sb. absurdity 3 
>0 banana 3 
12 char-a-banc, 3 

banchal (Indiai]) W. 

banchpnj, W, 

hanchis, deeds of se1;tlo- 

nt, J. 
o, W. 
IS leU band, bond, chai^ 

band, hinge, J, 
band, blow 1 
band, strip (of bacon) 1 
hand, borter, 1 
ie42 banc),ngTGeinent 

. 1170 1611 band, T.K. curee 1,2 

1570 band, bond, enslaved 2 
1690 band, y.n. v.a. assooiala 

Ifigg bandage 2, 3 

bandager, C. 

bandaging, C- 

bandagist, W. 
1802 bandanna 3 
1850 bandarole 3 
1^5 bandbox 3 
1831 baad-coUar 3 

bandeau, W. 
1641 banded, banished 2 

bandedtnail, H. 

bandel, H. 

bandelaire, sword, W. 

bandelet, H. 

bandelet, arch, W. 
1831 bander 3 

banderet, magistrate, C. 

bandflsh, W. 

bandiane, a seed, C. 

bandicoot, W, 

bandier, sb. 

handily, C. 

bandinese, C, 
1792 banding, 3 

banding-plane, W. 
1599 bandit, banditti 2, 3 
1611 bandited 2 

handkyn, cloth, J. 

bandkit, a can, H. 

handle, W. 

bandlet, W. 
1862 bandlees 3 

bandleaaly, re^rdlessly, J. 

bandlessneaa, J. 

bandmaster, C. 

bandment, ab. 
1622 bando. proelamatian 2 
1500 bandog i, 2, 3 
1610 bandog-plea 2 
1589 bandolier 2,3 
1801 bandoline 3 
1300 lfi35 ban don, authority I ; 

command 2 
1535 handon, sb. subjection 

1571 bandon, T.a, baa 2 

1011 bandy, v.a. discuss, i 


oil 1003 bandy, i.a. play 

bandy, sb. gamo 3 
handy, sh, " a bandy 

bandy, stickleback, J, 
bandy-hall, N. 
bandy-bewet, a dog, _ 
bandy -hoahoe, a ganie,j 
S, bandying-, sb. 2 
bandying, adj. C. 
1727 bandy-leg. sb. 3 
1849 bandy-legged 3 

bandylon, a bad woman, H 
bandywickat, H. 
1330 162S bane, sh. death 1,2 
ISDO 1670 bane, poison 2 
lEll bane, " king bane" 2 
1S40 rat's banc 3 
1578 bane, T.a. poison 2, 3 
1639 bane, v.a. destroy, min 2 

bane, bone, sb, adj. J, 
1400 153S bane, adj. ready, 1 ) 
Hctire 2 
bane, adv. near, prov. 
1460 bane, sb. ^^ the buKumness 
of his bane" 
baneborry, W. 
bane-dry. quil« dry, J. 
banc-dyke, (gone to the) 
skin and bone, J. 
1583 banefire, sb, bonfire 2 
1590 baneful 2, 3 
banefuUy, W. 

baneliilness, W, ^m 

bane^iease, J. ^M 

bane-bound, H. ^H 

hane-idle, adj . J. ^H 

banelesa, C. ^^ 

bano-prickle, stickleback, 

1298 I494baneur,enfligBhearer 

1816 band, binding quality 2 
S.B. band, company 2 
1840 lily-band 3 
1790 train-band 3 
1603 hand, collar 2, 3 

band, strap of leather, J. 
1562 band, swaddlingolothea 2 
1500 hat-hand 1 
1665 band, "in our ladyej 

hands" 2 
1590 disband 2 
1835 yellow-banded 3 

band of a hill, the top, J. 

band, husband I 
lake band, unite, J. 


bandounly, firmly, J. 
1558, 1663 bandore, bandora 
(musical instnunent) 2 

bondort, a banner, H. 
1622 handroll (of a crest) 2 

bandsman, C, 

bandsmen (harvest) J. 
1786 bandatei (of wheat) 3 

bnndatone, J. 

bandstring, W. 

bandstrot, a charm, R. 
1672 bandurion (mas.) 3 

bandwin (reapers) J. i 

bnndwin-rig, ridge 
1560 1700 bandy, v.a, band 
2, 3 
8. bandy, y.n. band together 2 

1S13 1670 banewort 1, 2 
1500 bang, v.a. 1, 2, 8 
ISOD bang about 1, 3 

bang off, J. 

bang out, J. 
1828 bang, t.u, rush 3 

bang, v.D. (in fishing) 

1581 banging, adj. 

banging, sb. 
1863 hang, inteij. 3 
1500 bang, sb. 1, B, 

bang, si). Indisn hemp 


leaf ; 

bang, adj. J. 
bang-a-bouk, lie lazily, H. 
bang-beggar, beadle, IL 


huDgt, Oaenio, H. 
bang^, W. 
banghy, W. 
buiguter Bvipe, v.n. cheat, 

1021 1687 bangle, v.a. waite 

IA33 bangle, v.n. buiigle t 
IS69 banj^lc, ib. a ring 3 

bangled, 11. 
1721 bongle-cur, 3 

builglfs-eared, W. 

banirnue, eli. bustle, J. 

mit^ - " 

bQii(i;-rnpp, ronp, J. 
ban^l, sb. viion. J. 
bangume, quarrebumo, J, 
1831 bangiUir, ab. 3 

banf-Knw, thresher, H- 
bangilris, itmngth, J. 
bai^lbe-bcggar, all. 

hanpw, W. 

bangy, huffish, J. 
lUl banwn (tree) ib. 

btmian, ab. moniiDggawn 
1362 biuiier, enaign bttirer 1 
1580 lianing, sb. dpach S 

"hanis (miinCUUs <>f baou) 


IMO _ 

149* banish, deatroj 1 

B. buualied,ab. 2 
161T banudiedmeii, banditti 2, 3 

8. baniihai 2 
1523 banishing 1 

5. baniahment 2, 8 
1840 hanistei: 3 
1607 baniMcrian (a sect) 2 
banjer, banjo, M'. 
baniy, adj. dall, H. 
1300 bunk, ab. 1, 2. g 

8. bank, ahoal 2 
18*0 fiwbiuik t 
1661 bank, stage 2 
1B61 bank, back of a benrh 3 
1862 bank, coal left between 

excavntioni 3 
1618 bank (ef oats) 9 

double bank an oar, C. 
1590 bank (for money) 2, 3 
1790 bank, lavinga 8 

"bwiljilitmk, J. 
tSS3 i gin t-4lrirk bunk 3 
ISSS bank, T,n. bnnkingCo. 3 
1330 bank, T.a. 1, 2, 3 
bankable, W. 
banksfaUt, (tnida) E. 
bankage, E. 
ISeSbankbill 3 
Wik cleii, C 
bank .■u.iiji, W 
1600 banker, eb. 2, 3 

banker, eombuyer, J, 
U8S banker, bench 1 
1381 banker, oorerlet 1, 3 
1560 bankned, banqnetsd 2 

ISM bankersss 3 
bankerltaa, W. 
bankvr'a-cli^rk, C. 

banket, baiiijuet 
banket-voud, W. 
I bankfence, W. 

hankhook, W. 

1862 bankini;, fiiihing off NVw 

1790 banking, all. 3 

1863 banking, adj. 3 
liaiiktng i-nip (com) J. 

1790 l>iinkiii);li"ii-..' 

17Sfi banknote 3 

1790 Wik l,i.]..r .1 
, 1639 bankrupt, tninkeruut 2, 3 
1998 play bankrupt 
1607 iee2baiiki 
1831 bankrupt, I , 
1623 bankruptcy 'i, I 

bankruptcy, adj. C. 

1630 baakniptiam 3 

bankrupt law, VT. 
lena l)Rnkru[jlsbi|) s 

bnnkset, itdj. billr, J. 

bunk's horse, N. 

bankBL^ (btit.) W. 
If36 1647 lumkaide S 
18S6 bunkiunuu Vf. 

bankatock, 3 
ISSS bank lowt 2 

bonk up H, 

bankure, coreilet, i. 

banky, liilj- H, 

banlieue, w . 

banna nek (fraMB fat 
bannocks) J. 

bannay, trout, J. 
1298 banner, sb. 1,2, 8 
1616 banner, pror. 2 
1648 banner, one who bans 2 

banner-bearer, P. P. 
1670 bannered, adj. 3, 3 
1440 bannerra- 1 

banneret, a little banner 

banneret, ki ' ' " ' " 

1830 hannerman, J 3 
1722 bannerol 2 

bannet, H. 

bannst firs, ab. pnniih- 

'bannian, morning dress, 

bannick, T.a. H. 

bannikin, H. 
1654 bannimua 2 

banntn, H. 
1S43 banning, sb. 2, S 
IfiSO banning, a^. 3 

bannis, H. 

bannister, Wedgvood 

baanition, B 8 
16M bannock 2, 8 

bear-bannock (of barley) 


bannock-stick, J. 
bannock, tax, J, 
\6U banns 2, 3 

btuinut. wnlnut, II. 
1366 bano. pepper 1 

bniiudcniut, bunkrupt 
15aOkii,.|U('t, sb. 1, 2 
1690 (ill.r-bdni|uct 2 
1614 banquet, r.n. 1, Z, 3 

H, banquet, tb. 3 
1611 bonqaet-honse 2 
IfiOO banqueting, sb. 1, 2, S 
1636 bantjueting dish 3 
1830 l)imque(ing-hall 3 
1611 banqueting'houH- 2, 3 
1611 banquetiug-plaee 2 

banqutting-room, W. 
1617 baii4ii('Cing.stufr 2 
1616bflnquetunt 2 

1649 hanqucter 2, 3 
banquette. W. 

1760 banquier, banker, N 3 

banrt-nt, biinncret, H. 

bnniiel, luuk, J . 

hansel, beat, pror. 
1S60 banshee 3 

banstiekle, etickldMck 3 

bant, string, U. 
I74S bantam 3 

bantamwork, H. 
1688 banter, v. tr. S 
1740 banter, sb. 3 

1650 bant^er 2, 3 
bantering, R. 8 

1760 bantling 3 
1560 bante, "artists. . . famous 
for tba bunle" 2 
banirin, reapers, J. 
IPOO banyan, fruit 3 
1692 banyan, Indian nLerclutnt 

1840 bnnyan-tn« 3 

brinyim. (bird) H. 

banyel. sloven, J. 

bnnyul, bundle, J, 

banyel, T.a. baody, J. 

bans^ laiy fellow, H. 
1850 baobab 3 
1537 baon, slope of diloh S 

bap, brettd, H. 

bofdiia, camwood, C. 
1650 bappis 2 

bephomet, W. 
1840 hapkometic 3 

1430 bajitise, bnpljsm I 

tiaptioiu, W. 
1308 baptism 1, 1, 8 
18t0 (ire-))M9lam 8 
1660 baptismal 3,3 


baptiamaU)', C 
baptist, baptum 1 
baptist 1,2,3 

3 baptists, seat 3 
baptist-diij 2 

4 baptistery 2, 3 
baptistical, R. 3 
baptistiottlly, W. 

baptization 1 

8 boptiie 1, '2, 3 

(Bre-jboptiicd 3 

1 baptiier 'i 

9 bnptuteraent 3 
8 13B2 baptiriiig 1 

bar, ab. 1, 2, 3 
bar fof a home's palate) 3 
bar (harbour) 2, 3 
bar (legal) 1, 2, 3 

laW'bai 2 
bar (of a publiehoiue) 3 
bar, WriBteTB, 0. 
1632 bar, buiier 2 
bar (golil-direine) 3 
bar, ^*by the bar" 2 
bar (in herolilrr) 2 
bar, iafant'a dreaa, J. 
bar, barlflyt J- 

'0 bar, set oi 

with bairiecB 

lO bar, ato^, bar ftflin 2, 3 
1481 iai, omit, esmpt I, 2, 3 
1700 bar, r.a. bray 3 

bHT, " bring to bar" 3 
8 bar, " cume in bar " 3 
bar, bar trom 3 
bar, maku bur of 2 
bar, bar up 2, 3 
1821 buracan. drefla 3 

baraiipton {logic) W. 
1500 bar, debar 2 
1627 baia-pioldet, bread 3 
1S20 bararag, snuDd of tiumpet 

1633 barathrum 2 

1863 bara-aing-, animal 3 

baratta, a balsam, Pbillpa 
1623 barato, luckpcuny 2 
barats, Turkiah, W. 
baraze, H, 
6 barb (bone) 2, 3 
1566 1630 barb (harM armour) 
G barb (of a bay tree) 
1430 Wb, a cell 1 

barb (a lobster) 

1803 barb (of an 
1811 barb, y.a. i 
1663 barbadoei 

840 barbadian 3 

barbalot, B Duffln, H. 
380 barbar, barbarian 1 
barbara (logic) W. 
barbarea, a plant. Philips 
.611 barbarian, sh. 2, 3 
803 barbarian, adj. 2, 3 
670 barbaric 2, 3 

bur boric, ah. 1 
863 burbarically 3 
670 barbariotienesB 2 

barbariser, sb. 
6a 1 burbariam 2, 3 
862 barbariaque, people of 

Batbarj 3 
S37 borbarisqae, barbaric 3 
.644 barbarity 2, 3 
670 barbarUe 2, 3 
670 barbarona 2, 3 

bBrbaroas S 
.eilbarbarDusly 2,3 
649 1663 barbaranBUeas 2 

barbary, {oreign lands 1 
.308 barbary, adj. 1 

barbary falcon, PhUips 
barbary (hoTBe) W. 
baibasoo, B flend^. 
barbaatelle, bat, W. 
barbate, W", 
bacbated K. 3 
1617 1011 barbed, armed 1, 2 
1620 barbed, leUed I 
1670 barbed, of an arrow 2,3 
1490 barbeled, barbed 1 
17G3 barbecae, v.o. roait 3 
1861 barbecue, sb. 3 
1B63 barbecue (A!aet.)8 meeting 
barbed eat, a varlike 

engine, H 
barbe-featbers, 0. 
1350 barbel, rizor 1 
1496 barbel. Bah 1,2, 3 
batbellalfl, W. 
barhcnny, H. 
1380 barber, ab. 1, 2, 3 
barber, "the bflat," J. 
barber'a-knife, rosor, J. 
barber-B-baain, N. 
barbcr'a-chair, N. 
1607 bsrber-sui^Bon 2, 3 
borbcr-like, C. 
biirbcr'g-ahop, C. 
S, barbcr-moQger 2 
1660 barber's-muaie 2 
S. harbered 2 

barbererj, barber's shop, 

barberesi, W. 

barberisb-house, P.P. 

barber-surgery, W. 
1839 barbering 3 
1620buhery,tTadecFfbarbar 2 
138! barberry " ' ~ 

barbicanaga. W. 
barbiers, paralyui, W. % 
barbiton, W. ' 

1366 barbing, sb. 2 
1727 barbies (barbe,0.},d 

L399 barbot, a vessel 3 

barbotine, W, 
1 335 harbour, harbarons . 
1616 burbs, disease of cattls I 

barbnia (bot.) V 

barbule, W. 

barbulyie, perplexity, ] 

barbulvio, y.a. J. 

barbusi (ieh.) W. 

barbut, W. 
1839 harcaroUo 3 
1611 barcaruolo 2 

barcory, sheepcota, H.*! 

barcelet, a bow, " 

bareella (for inct 

baroeloneae, 0. 

Mt, C. 

1532 hard, a die, ' 


2 bard, horse-armour, 

1300 barbet, a hood 

a climbing 

1637 bard, y.a. raise quarrel 2 
1727 bard (of bacon) 3 
1609 bard, adj. 2 

bard, *.a. oapariBon, J. 
1700 bardacMo 2 

bardach, stout, J. 

bordosh, paromunr, H. 
167S bardashiug 3 
1727 barded (of bacon) 3 
1614 barded, capariaoned 1, 2, 

IS32bardFl, pack saddle 2 

bai'desanist, W. 
1803 bardie, niij. 3 
1787 bardie, bard 3 

bardie, cat, J. 

bardielione, min, Vi 

bardily, boldly, J, 

bardinosB, J. 

hardings, trappingi, T.fl 

bardish, R. 3 " 

hardism, W. 
1603 barditus, wor-ery 3 

bardlike, C. 

bordling, E. 3 
1611 bardoeullus, cloak 2 j 

hardort, II 

bardoua, foolish, H, 
1787 bardahip 3 
1300 bare, sb, tree 1 
1070 bare, a common 3,1 
1300 bare, uncovered part 1, 

1380 1520 bare, "on the bare" 

1260 bare, adj. 1,3,3 m 

ISn Un. mere. 03]. 1, 3, t 

IHl tbreodhare 1 
1400 -'bare of bodT'' I 
l&SO.bua,T.B. 2.3 

bare-Brmod. C. 

t«i«-b«rla7, H. 
ISTT buebitten 2 

bMeboUB 2, 3 
15H bueboaed 2 

IS7C banbreach 3 
1S38 barebreeohed 2 

barebabs, onflsdnd birda, 


IS90 bared, bA. a 
1641 barefUced 2, 8 
1684 bareboedlj 3 
1641 bareboedaen 2 
1647 bHr,iiiis,T>ii i 

1298 ))Lirt?rcH.t 1, 2,8 

biirol'uot-lirolh, without 
Beat, J. 

barefit-kAil, J. 
irOS barefooted S 

barege, W. 

1420 ISST bMgase, rtrift 1,3 

137S barguisf 1 
ISM btrgate 2 
1800 bai^ 1, 2, 3 

bwree, a, large heary man, 

lUS buge-board 8 

barge-bnilder, C. 

bai^ oouple, W. 
1727 bai^ oonrae 3 
1840 bai^'i crew 8 

bn^day, Aweiuion day, 

IBM bargee 3 

bvie-hoiae, C 
barge-fill, C. 
baige-load, C. 

140S Imrti'tnaa 1,3,3 


1014 1Q2S barehead 1, 2 
1C60 bareheaded 2,3 

less barehide, a tnink 3 
1850 barele?gi^l 1, 3 
16S8 barclimb. ndj. 3 

bartlle, handle. H. 
1420 baroly, ady. 1, 3 
1)60 bftrely, openly 1 

bareman, inflolvent, C. 
1S80 barenecked 3 
1608 baienen 2, S 
S. barepiclced 2 
ban pole*, C. 
bare pnmp, W, 
B. bu«-ribbed 2 
16TB bare-ridge S 
I840bare-nrk 8 
■ 1300 baret, itrife 1, 3 

baret, cardinal' t cap, C. 
1366 legO baret, deceit 1, 2 
1716 bare walla 3 
1632 barevom 2 
bar-fee, W". 

baifhame, hoiBe-coIIar, H. 
bartoT, H. 
S. barltal 2 
1880 bargain, sb. 1, 2,3 
1525 bargain, T.n. 1, 2, 8 
1641 bargain, "into thebargoin" 

1839 bairgsu,"itrikeab«tjain" 

17S1 bargain with 3 

baigainee, W. 
1SS7 bargainer 3 
1390 bai^aiiuBg I, 3, 3 

baigander (goote) H. 

bflrge-owncr, C. 
bargT-vani, C, 

barget, ba^e, H. 
buvh, hone-mj op »biU, 

lS4ebBighoet 3 

liaigood, jeast, H. 

1064 ba^wn 2, 3 

lOOSba^ooae 2 
baiij, lb. C. 
' ^,adj.C. 

bam, a 

barian, rampart, H. 
1360 barianna, Tariety ? 1 
1846 barilla (chem.) 8 

S. baring 2 

bariron, W. 
— Bbariah 3 


1590 embark 3 
1587 bark, body 3 
1300bark,T.n.aaadog 1,2,3 
1S90 bark at 2, 3 

"bark at the moen," N, 
1662 bark, v.a. 2 
1619 "barking doCT bite not," 

N. 2,8 
18S9 bark, v.a. cover ai widi 

bark 3 
1611 bark, T.a. atrip off bark 2,3 
I4S1 barked, ahaTod 1 
1611 backed, atripped off 3 

1592 barked, embarked t 

bskbared, W. 

barkbed, W. 

barkbonnd, W. 

bark-canoe, C. 
I S80 barkeeper 8 

barken, farmyard, H. 
1880 barken, r.n. clot 3 
1862 barker, dog 1 
1839 barker, pi^ 8 
1463 barka, tanner 1,2,8 
1494 btuker, acover 1 
1846 barker*! mill 

barkery, W. 


barkgailed, W. 

berkbam, H., honecollar 
1300 harking, ib. 1, 2, 3 
1500 harking. Uaninff 1 

barting-iron, W. 
1S54 barking, stripping 3 

"harking mid fleeing," 
bankrupt, J. 
leOSbarkinglT 2 

barkit, i-lotti-d, J. 

bark ted, dinicd, H. 
1861 barklna 3 

barklonae, V. 

barkman, W. 
leiS.barkned, clotted 1 

barkpit, W. 

barkwle, H. 

bark^TS, W. 

barkvater, H. 

barfcwai:, H. 
1550 barkwindanea, abip 1 
1611 1677 bark]; 2, 3 
1535 barlafammil, a tmee 2 
1 SS2 baiiace, " barlage of a 

barleeg, a diih, H. 


barleria (bot.) W. 

barleaa, adj. 

bariet, martlet, H. 
1803 barley 1, 2, 3 

pearl barley, C. 
1400 bariey, adj. 1, 2, 3 
1830barln, "c^ barley in r 
bmlne," J. 3 

barley, beapeak, H.' 

barley-big, H. 

bariej-binl, W. 

barley-bottka, H. 

horley-boi (toy) J. 
1400 barley-bruad I, 2,3 
1867 barley-break, a game, N. 

barley-brec, H. 
1632 barley-bratb 3 

barW-bnn, H, 
1611 barley-cake 2 - 
1600 barley-corn 

barley-crop, C. 
1629 barley-anut 3 

beiley-ear, C. 

barley-fBTer, W, 

barley-hailea, E. 

Bieil barie}--1iiiry»l 

looO liarnyard 2,3 

1298 1623 barony, order o( 

W »»0 barlej-bate. ba.ley-houd, 

bamyard-beauly, J. 

barons 1 

obstinacy 1 

bamyard-fowl. C. 

1686 1727 baroecope 3 ^H 
baroseopicsJ,U 3 ^H 

barley-lepB, baiket, P.P. 
HaOieUbaileT-ioBf 2,3 
1611 barley-meal 3, 3 

barn -bishop, boy-biahop 

laSObarn, bum, y.n. 1 

baroselenite (mln.) W!^^| 

1602 bam. bait 2 

1805 barouche 3 ^H 

barley-men, see "burlaw" 

1670 bamaby-day 2 
16S0 barnacle, goose 2, 3 

barouohet, W. ^H 


bar-poet, W. ,^H 

■ barley-raiU, W. 

1602 barnacle, lepasanatifera 2 

1494 barque 1 ^H 

H b»rley-mo-», W. 

1614 bamade, a sharper 2 

barr, G. ^H 

^r bar cymiing. meal, H. 

1.501 barnacle, a " twitch" 3 

barra, measure, W. ' ^^H 

■ bare'y-plu.£H. 

1773barnacae», speotacles. 

barra, tower, C. ^H 

IrtlSbsrey-iradding 2 


burracada, ■ dsh, C. ^H 

1611 bar ey-Be«d 

haraage. baronage, J. 

barracan, W. ^^M 

bar ey-seed-bird, H. 

bamage, oblldhood, J. 
1532 1691 bamard. sharper 2 

1845 barrack 3 ^H 


barruckmaster, W. ^^M 

barley-aele, H. 

bamardiae, C. 

1863 barrack-ioom 3 ^H 

barltT-aick, W. 

bamat, native, J, 

barrack-sergeant, C. ^^H 

mS barley-sugar 3 

146obarne,an>aa I 

barraclade, stuff, W. ^H 

1599 barloy-watw 2,3 

biime, a ftower 

1859 barracoon 3 ^H 

1633 burling 2 

1547 baroel. banneret 2 

1840 barraeoHta 8 ^^ 

barling, lamprey, poles. 

uao bambood, cbUdhood, 1 

b«T^, doth, Wedg- 

1309 barm, yeast 1, 2, 3 

isrobamkynchf?) 1, "at the 

barraeuda, fish, C. 

1616 barm, Y.a. add ye»8t B 

18S9 barrage, obstruction 3 

_ barm, y.u. fret, J. 

1420 bamlikc, childlike 1 

barrage, stuff, W. 

L 1270 1460 bun, bosom 1 

H60 1513 barateme. brood 1 

1614 barTiu;ouin, wrangling 2 

■ ■1420 bann, miserable 1 

barnekio, stablis. etc. H 

■ barmaid, C. 

bamelaikings. H. 

1376 153Sbarruss,boundarylj 

■ 16S7 barman, banisteT 3 

bamish, childish, H. 

lists 2 

M1300 barman, kitchen porter I 

barraly. field, C. ^m 

barnacroop, H. 

barras, W. ^^H 

1861 bamsraan 3 

borras-dore (of bin) ^^H 

■ barme-borec, unsaddled, 

1535 barrat. grief ^H 

■ J. 

baroco (logic) W. 

barrat, strife, J. ^H 

1676bamiflr I 

1636barmting 2 

barmecide, C. 

barology, W. 

1662 1588 barrator t 

1300 baniihattres,brEaat-olothM 

baromacronicter (med.' 

1683 barratraBs 2 


1842 harratroua, with fraud 

barminE, «b. inlenat, J. 
1913 1542 Bormkyn, rampart 

1S13 baromot«r 3 

(naut.) 3 ^ 

whoel-baromster, Philips 

1842 barratrously 3 ^M 


1751 baromBtriottl 3 

1678 barratry 3 ^M 

1862 barometric 3 

barred gown, N. -^M 
1636 barred (havon) 2 ^M 

barmoot-couct, C, 

baromatrically, 0. 

■1775 barmeldn, apron 3 

baromett (bot.) W. 

1862 barred up, adj. 3 

1320 1460 barmteam, otfapring 

1382 barreintB 1 

1298 baron 1, 2, 3 

1300 barrel, sb. 1, 2, 3 

1631 barmy 2,3 

1594 baron, man 2, 3 

1679 barrel, "of both barrels" 

harmy-bniinod, giddy J. 

1860 baron and fame 8 


baron of beef 

1689 1621 barrel, "m, banel 

.1298 bam 1,2,3 

baronade, H. 

better herrijig" 2 
1727 barrel (of comb) 

1130 barn, ohild 1,2,3 

1830haron^^ 3 
baroner, H. 

S. bam,v.a. 2 

1726 barrel ip 3 

bamabee, ineoet, W. 

harrel-bellied, W. 

bamabas, H. 

baroness. H. 

barrel-bulk, W. 

IMObamaby-brigbt, baraaby- 

barrel-drain, W. 

day 2 

IMO baronet 1, 2, 3 

barrel-fever, H. 

bamaby, a dance, N. 

1740 baronet, T.a. 3 

barrelful, C, 

bar^abite, W. 

1862 baronetage 3 
baronetal, C. 

1376barrel-ferTarB, water cask 

l«3fi bamage, nobility 2 

baronel«y, W. 

1840 barrel-head 8 

1670 barndoor 2 

1466 barreled, put in baireli 

1830 barndoor, adj. 3 

baronne, C. 

1, 2, 3 ^ 

1811 bamfloor 2, 8 

1830 baronial, 3 

1840 double-barrelled 3 J^M 

baraftU, C. 

baroniaUy, C. 

barreling, sb. C. ^H 

"' bam-gallon, C. 

barrel-organ, G, ^H 

lSfi2bamo»l 3 

baruny (in Ireland) W. 

1360 barren, adj. 1.2,8 ^M 

1829 barn»br«aJiine, miselucf 3 

1298 barony, 1,2,3 


burai-iTjr, W. 
1721 barraiuM, t, b, 8 
1576 Urrvmuna 2, 3 

biktriiD-spihWd, W, 

bairea-Bjiriug. H. 
1590 bamm-wDuiUid 2 

bureninvt, W. 
USSbunu,bH 1 
1838lMRet,«twl<» a 
1S70 bwnUw, tghter 1, 2, 3 
1430 barrettoiu 1 
1003 burioado, t^ 2, 3 
1690 barricadot feast 
IS62 baniiMde, 



bMri«, flannel doth 
»M bairier 1, 2, ~ 

1800 bnirier, ftontii 
1990 IGSOIiarriere, 

iSaz 1602 liairiar, a game 2, 3 
1S40 barrin-gate 3 
18113 barriei-ieef 

baniham, hone mIImt, H. 

barriket, H. 

barril, fit. H. 
1390 bBiriDp, eb. iu clotlica 
1779 barring-out i 

barria, baboon, W, 
1680 barrister 2, 3 

vacatiDU-bamater, Pbilips 
1662 barrister, baliuttuda 3 

barritcbful, harali, J, 

barro, borough, 11. 
1T2« barroi 
1099 barrowho); 2, S 
"172a bnrrow'blurd 3 
1A7S barrow, bill 2 
1800 baiTow, borjing-plsM 3 
1810 banow, wheelbamiT 1,2,3 
wheal-bairaw, Johnaon 
1861 barrow, t.b. remove b; 
barrowi 8 

bwrowM, C. 
1693 ISO? barraivist 3 

barrow-load, C. 
ISHbuTOwman 3 

banowiteel, equal co-oper- 

1830 baiTow-tnua, bmb 
baiTow, J. 3 
barrow-woman C. 
barry. thraih, H. 

1U6 bany (in heraldrr) 1 
barrt-MBd;, Phmu 

1737 barTT-pilT. PhUipi 
bamUet [Uor.l W. 

bars, a grate, J . 

barmle, U. 

bfliMUiian*, W. 

baine, piTili, W. 
lOM bar-aerpent 8 

banh, abdtra, H. 

barahtM, W. 

barahot, W. 

bank, hanh, J. 

biuson, hurne ixjIIw, H. 

bmwwite, W, 

bur stone (grata) J. 

biirtant, Brituiii, J. 

bftrtanc tliivth, J. 

borw, best, JI. 
ie*6 bartelemiea 2 
1602 barter, T.n. 1,1 
8. barter, T.a. 2. 3 
1796 barter, ib. E. 

barter^g;e, ib 

barterer, a. 8 

barterinf;, sb. P. P. 
leiO 1662 baiUn 2 
1667b«rlh, ™«li^u.« 2,3 

bartbolomew baby, N. 

bartbolomew pig, U. 
1697 IC^O Unholumewi- licit ' 

barthu day, H. 

bartir, T.a. lodge, J. 
1362 Wliiuri 3 
1830 liortizuui-d 3 

burtlc, niui'pina, H. 
1602 burtuUat 2 
1610 biirton, out bouaa 2, 3 

burtrKni. W. 
1298 hum, buur gelt 1 
lft86 biu-uit muuiilt ■ nantle 

buruth, indion. W. 

barvel, upiun, U. 

barwoman, C, 

barwaj, H. 
lOSlbarwood 3 

barycociialon, a fruil 

baiyglouia, W, 

biirjosma, W. 

barjphonia, W. 

bHrystTontianite, W. 

barj-ta (mm.) W. 


baiytine (ehan j W. 

baryto-cddte, w, 

baiTta-celaitine, W. 

baiyton (mm.) W. 

barytone, ab. 
1722 barytone, adj. 3 
1863 baeal 3 
1860 basalt 3 
1340 boaaltei 
1849 basaltic 3 

ba«ati/OTm, W. 

haialtine, V. 

1860 baachkir, ab. 

b^wom. Uce, H. 

bosonniu, diih, II. 
1691 t>aM-, sb. 2, a 
1834 bow ( 
1667 1816 

1608 Imw, " 


1S68 \iaiAi of opeisdona 3 
1000 b>ue, fuut i 
1634 base, breecbea 3 
1663baae,anm 2 
1611 base, abaAard 3 
1611 base, baalardy 3 

8. bate, adj. a baitard 2 
1670 base, ab.capariaim, etc. 2 

1, hwnbU 3 

B. 2 
1635 1626 bate 
1S38 base, v.n, debase 2 
1580 1000 base, i.a.plaM on the 

gr<itmd 2 
1868 base, T.a. form a bMt 8 
1376 base, adj luw 1, 2, S 
1 680 base, couutarfeit 3, 3 
1623 1600 baM Spain, nltaior 


1690 base, embase 2 
bas«-ball, H. 

1679 base-beicat 2 

1691 M6U li..>.'-bum. a^. 3, 8 
lM-,-,bunib,T, H. 
base-broom, 11. 

1606 base-court I, 2, 8 
1617 base-donee 1 

basel, a ooui, B. 
1828 base lantern 8 
l;)l5:i-l5GHIjQBeliird,dflg^f 1,2 
1814 baseleE<E 2, 3 

baselsBeneas, C. 

baaelar, H, 

base-line, W. 

1600 basely, ignobli 
1683 basely (of whuUiag) 

basement, &. 

basement, adj. C. 


i6 baeemindcd 3 

1846 bi 

^"""tended, H. 
1600 boBc-nntuial 
1004 basence, bnant 

1690 bosenees 3, 3 
bosenet, C. 

1691 basen-wids 3 
baseplate, W. 
baseline (of a cauMB^ 

16o4 base-salt, sb. 

base-spirited, W. 

B base-slnng, W. 
IMS base-table 
iai7 bBBe-tower 1 
1642 baee-viol 2, 3 
I46a baaehy 1 

haab, ab. blow, J. 
_ ISIB 1634 baih, v.a. daunt I, 2 
baeh, i.a. beat to sbreda, J. 
182 bash, Y.o. 1,2,3 
baab, ab. roots, H. 
baab iip,T. a. bend a pointed 
tool, J. 
1A90 abaab, nnabaehed 2 
1548 baabaw, paoha 2, 3 
lliD2 basbaw (in aocietj) 3 
IfiTD baahfol 2, 3 
1B77 baahfully 3 
1597 baahfnliiesa 2, 3 
18da baabi-basouk 3 

boahlesa, W. 
1519 1637 baabraent 1, 2 
^■^ baihroDe, kettle, H. 
^M baahr. fat, H. 
^m bush;rle, C. 


baoic (cbem.) W. 
1 baaidia (of fiuu£iu^ 3 

ba*ifiBr,V. ' 

baeifT, W, 

hnsi^Tiig, ab. 0. 

baaigjiminiii, C. 
ID ba^^ beib 1, 2, 3 

basil, v.a. grind tools, 

basil, joiaer'a tool, H. 

baaing, eheau rind, H. 
1 500 baaing (gams) 2 

baain-stiapeii, W. 
1630 basiii 2, 3 

baaiet (singer] C. 

baaiaolute, (bot.) W. 

batiit, humbled, J. 
1430 baak, v.n. I, 2, 3 
1693 baek, T.a. 3 

bask, adj. dij, J. 

bask. adj. aoid, H, 

baaker, eb. 
1362 basket I, 2, 3 
15S3 leer basket, ».a. 2 
1530 basket-bearer 2, 3 
1B40 baeket-bearing 3 

basket-ohair, N. 
1618baeket-dole 2 

baaket-flsh, C. 
1863 basketful 3 
1601) basket-hilt, adj. 1, 3 

basket-bilted, W. 

basketing, sb. 
laOObaaket-juatice 3 

basket-makeT 2 
1731 basket- maknie 3 
1647 basket-Biinimbler 2 
loOD baaket-seller 1 
neflbflsket-woman 3 
1835 basket-work 3 
1848 baaking-shark 3 

basking, ab. beating, H. 

baakphysic, H. 
1S90 bua-le-maine, compliment 

basilar, basilaiy, arCeiy, 

basilez, a low bow, H. 

baaiUan (monk) C. 
1692 basilic (a Toin) 3 

basilic, adj, C. 

basilic, sb. C. 
1600 basilica 2, 3 

buail-bamper, H. 
1861 baailiGan 3 
1861 baailicaniBm 3 
S. basilica-like 2 
1649 bnsilico-proof 2 

basilicon, ointment, W. 
1607 basilidea, asect 2 
1607 basilidian 2 

bssilinda, play, H, 
1 550 boailique, sb. a gun 2 

baailisco, H. 
1315 basilisk 1, 2, 3 
1580 basiliak, a gun 2, 3 
1840 baailisk-glancG 3 

bosiloBauma, W. 

baail-weed, W. 
1360 baaia 1, 2, 3 
1300 basin, helmet I 
IS 50 basin (geol.) 
1840 basin (for ships) 3 

basined, W. 

haainfiil, C. 
Io90 basinet, sb. 2 

boeuiL't (herb) Ph. 


ba'spelt (football) J. 
1330 basque 1 

basquisb, W. 
1825 bas-relief 3 

bass, inner bark, J. 
ISOl bass, basso, sb. (maeia) 

2, 3 
1613 bass, adj. 2,3 
S. baas, T.a. 2 
1636 bass, a fisb !, 3 

bass, sb. mat of bast 
1678 bassa, bakhaw 3 
1590 basay, basbaw 2 
1500,1560 basse, v.a.Ca[eBS 1,2 
1375 basse, sb. kiss I 

basse-enoaiBte (fort.) Phil. 

basse- tee (law (firm) J. 

baasel, leather, H. 

bnsscncd (bawsand) J. 
1645 basset, cards 2, 3 

basset, adj. inclined up- 

170Sbasse('tabl9 3 
1458 basset, embassy 1 

1616 b: 


._ "1.) '.=. ' 

basset (geol.) sb. W 
bassttiog, sb. W. 
baeseling. adj. W. 

basaet-hom, W. 

bassetto, C. 

baas-Bddle, C. 

biiss-bom, W. 

baasia (bot.) W. 

baasie, dish, J . 

basaie, old horse, J. 

baasil, cannon, J. 

bassin, of ruahea, J. 

baesinat^ fiah, it. 
1862 basnet, bed 3 
1727 bassinet, ^erb) 3 

basaings, H. 
1727 baas-mat 2 

basso, sb. C. 

hassock, hassock, H. 
1S5S bassoon 3 

bassoon-player, C S. 

bassoonist, W. 
1517 bass-organ 1 

baseorifieTO, W. 

bassorine, W. 

bass-singer, C. 

bass-viol, 0. 

baas- voice, C. 

basawood, W. 

basswood, adj. C. 

hRsawood-honej, C. 
1298 bast, bastardy 1 
129S. 1494 a bast, bastard i 
1494 bast, adj. 1 
1513 bust (matting, etc.) 1, 2, 3 
1460 bast, trusty 

bast, beaten, J. _^ 

8. basta 2 ^ 

1525 bastado (wine) 3 ^M 
1550 bastalyie, J, 2 ^M 

1593 bastancd, beaten 2 ^M 

bastant, claTer, J. ^^ 

132S bastard, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1298 bastard, adi, 1, 2, 3 
1430 bastard, gelding P 1 
1502 baaturd, miiCuro, gre; i I 
1553 bastard, knee 2 < 

1500 baalard, wine 1, 2, 3 i 
1774 bastard, paper 3 f 
1506 baatjird, a gun, galley j 

baatard (sugar) W. J 
16B0 1830 bastard, t.b. Z i 
1683 1S22 bastarding, sb. 

bastard-alkanet, W. 
1500 bastard-armoury 2 

bastard-dittany, W. 

baalard-indigo, W. 
ISll bastardise, ab. . 2 
1589 bostardiant 2 
1780 bastardize 3 

baatardizer, C. 
S. baatanliKing 3 

baadaidly, odr. 0. 
1587 bastaidl^, adj. 2,3 

1578 baataid-paisley 

bastard-pyp, J. 

1576 bastard-rhubarb 

16Ti boaUid-wlTrioa X 
ITU bartard-»eDiut'treo I 
17M bMlanl-niinaK ' 
1618 bwUrd-dit» 2 

bartvd^tuMO, C. 
IMS butard-Moff a 
IA80 butard-iword 3 

butanl tumoiir, 1*111110 

biMard-tovl-flu. W. 

bHtaid-tDothed (SleVC. 

blitttrd-treiKh, t.i. C. 

butard-wheel, C. 

bsntunJ-winB, ('. 
14M 1678 IwjiUuilv, «lt. 1, 3, 3 
1S99 butardv, a buUKl 3 

bailainic ljrf„l) W, 

hitUi, bal, II. 
13H baite, T.a. aev 1,3,8 
IMO Iwite, T.I. beat 1,2,8 
1030 ba^ (meat) -t, 3 
ISSt baata, in qnadrille 8 
1S63 baate, chaff, joke 2, 3 

baaCal-roTea, H. 

baiteler, H. 

bL^l,T, U. 

biisltrly-gulli.]ii, H. 

baBlema (.■arriage) C. 

bauick, H. 
1633 1576 baiiidLH baitile I, 2 
1490 baatUe, T,il. turtiiy 1 
1430 baatile, ib. I, 3, S 
1349 1S41 baatUion 2 

T.a. I, 3, X 

, C. 
baatinado, ' 


13M bartinado, ib. 2, 8 

baetiouding, sb. C. 

buEtiuaduing, eh. C. 
1020 bat>tmg,Bb.(of doth) 1,3 
1020 baating, beating, ab. 3, 8 

baitiiig-liidle, C. 

baating (of lead) U. 

bastiug-tbread, C. 
1048 bastiau 2, 3 

demi-baaliaa, Fhilipa 
lUSbaition, »Ai. 3 

bartioned, W. 

baatish, eoaise, J. 
lT12ba8ti> 3 
1880 buton (a verev) 1 
1000 1636 baston, n stick 2 
1S90 baeton, bastinado 2 
1034 ba«toD (in heraldiy) 2 
1737 bast-TODQ 3 

basyla (cbem.) W. 
8. bat (animal) 3, 3 
1330 16fiS bat, club 1, 2 
1468 lfi98 but, bluv 1, 2 

bat, staple, bouk, J. 

bat, statu, condition, J. 
1S19 liat, brickbat 1 

bat, met iiUnd, J. 
brick-bat, C. 
1610 b<^ 1.8. beat 2 

bat, T.n. (cricket) C. 
1813 bat, ab. forage 8 

bat, lb. Bkirt of ootion 

lUObati .. 

bntulis. order ut battle, M. 

batant. wood. H. 
1863 biiMntlv. biulilv 1 

balurd^uu. W. 
1738 lutiirdicr. nursfrf fartl«e( 

batatas, 0. 
1003 1681 baUrian, ab. 3 
1790 baUTiao, adj. 3 
IfiSS batch, lb. 2, 3 
1B63 baUh-bread 
1398 balchelor 1 

batchelor-eeal, J, 
1398 batohelrj I, 2 
1296 bMGbeb7, prowcaa I 
1360 IMS bale, ab. dinnte 1, 2 
llfiO bale, "at bale with" 1,2 
1360 bate, abatement I 
1380 1S83 bale, v.a. abate 1, 2 
1890 abate 3 
1590 debate, *.a., ab. 3 
1S90 rebate 2 
I8S2 bate, T.a. dtmiie 3 
ISOB bale, diminish 3, 8 
1400 1S78 bale, flutUr 1, 3 8 

batean, boat, W. 
lfi93 bale-breeding: 

beted (of flah) H. 
1093 baleful, quaireliome 3 
1810 balel, boat 1 
S. bateleaa 2 

batement, R, 1 

batement. H. 

batemaker, H. 

batement Ughla, H. 


1880 bat-fleeing time 3 
1638 batfowl, T.n. 3 
1626 batfowler 2 

8. faatfowlii^ 2, 8 
1619 1603 batAl, fertile t 
1360 bath, ab. 1, 3, 3 

B. bath, a meaanre 3 
1600 bath, order of knighthood 

1816 bath (inchemiatzj) 
bath-brick, W. 

1618 bath-cloth 3 

bath-houae, C. 
batb-keeper, C. 



1840 bath-n 

bath-alone, W. 
1691 betb-atove S 
16S6 bath, T.a. 3 
1260 bftthe, y.a. 1, 2, 3 

1860 bi , 
1869 bathe, ab. 
1686 bather, bath-keeper 2, S 

bather, T.a. bother J. 

bather, ib. bother, J. 

bathie, horel, J. 
1660 bathing, ib. "knightug" 

1636 bathing 3 
1840 liFitbing-niaohinc 3 
1697 l>utbi[ig-pool 2 

lialbing-room, W. 
1633 bathing-lub 2 

bathiug- woman, 0. 
1800 bathetic (batboa) 8 

bat-hoise, C. 
lS6lbMho« 3 

bathi and waahhonan, C. 
1802 bathjnnetria 

1861 bathymetrical 3 
batie, dog, J. 
bati^bammil, aiiinileltn, 

batifoliiuD, tower, C. 
1460 batige, bird ? L 
batil-baby, H. 
beillage, boat hire, H. 
bat-in-water, water mint, 

batiate, linen, W. 
S. baUet, mwil mallet 

batlike, C, 

balling, flah, H. 

batman (mijO "W. 

batmoney, W. 

batner, oi, H. 

bat-net, W, 

batolile, 0. 
1610 baton 2, 3 
1693 baton Cm heraldry) 
1831 baton, T.a. ikike 

1829 h 

batonnisi, W. 
1664 batoon 2 
1620 batow, boot^ 1 

batnu^ W. 
1S31 batnuihian, adj. 8 
1862 butr^hiun, ab. 3 

luitnichitt (min.l W. 

batrachoid, W. 
1600 batriitbomyoaiBchy 2 


batrons, a cat, J. 
1787 bats, disease 3 

bets, cricket, C, 

batshell, W. 

batemaa, W. 

bats-wing, C. 

batiwain, aailor, H. 

batt (keeponeatlkebatlf^ 
keep one aleady) 1. 
' batu (E. I. a aUowanu} 

1SS9 battable. fhntfiil 2 
IS91 tMtUiUnt, R. 3 
1300 bsttailnr, warrior 1 
1490 bnttaileroua 1 
1430 IS24battaiIing, battlement 

1 300 battoiling, fighting 1 
139! 1670 battailous 1, 2 
1684 battalia, »b. (sing,) battle- 

1376 battalion 1, B, 3 
battalioned. W. 
battaline, stpne projection, 

bat'ur, aiP, J. 
16S0 batlart, gian, mortar 2 
1BI4 battata-root, potatoe 2 
1420 batte. hastj 

batted, H. 
ISSl bntteilkat, adj. 
13S0 battel, collage alluvanco 

16BS battsl, vessel 3 

batteler (cottage) 0. 
1S20 battcllant, Bb. 2 
1662 battEllBr(iaoapmaMng) 2 
1519 battelling (in wool clean- 

btttlery-gmi, C. 

batterj-power, C. 

batteura d'eBtrade, scouts, 

battick, firm grounil, J. 
1S62 batting (crbket) ab. C. 3 

battings, cotton, W. 

batttng-Btaff, Philips 

hattiiig-atoclt, H. 

hattiah, adj. B. S 
1616 16621)attle,v.a. totilizo2 
1676 1639 battle, r.n, grow &t 

1862 battler, flghttr 

battle-twig, earwig, H. ™ 
1840 battling, adj. flghdng 3 
1840 eTer-battling 3 
1840 battling, sb. fighting 3 
1616 battling, eh. mannre 2 
1683 103S battling, adj. &uitfnl 

1629 hftttliog, ab. wood worl 2 


battock, tuft of grass, 
i, 1653 buttologist 2 

buttle, v.n. lake provisions, batCologiio, R. 2 

N. 1611 battologj, repetition 2, 

battom, H. 

batton (loom), W. 
16T&battoon, sb. 3 

battory, factory C. 

battril, a staff, H. 

battry, tea keMc, H. 


I, sb. a club, rafter, 

batten, v. U. fasten with 

1613batten, T.a. fetten 2 
1691 batten, T.n. 2.3 
1614 batten, adj. 2 

batten -doois, C. 
1BS7 batten-down (hatcbea) S 

battening, Aich. W. 
1362 batter, T.a. beat 1, 2, 3 
1390 batter, T.n. I, 2, 3 
1740 batter, T.a. auestion 3 
r, T.n. DB in a sla 

1613 1637 battle, adj. rank, 
fertile 1, 2 

battil-gers, J, 
129S battle, battail, sb. 1, 2, 3 

battle, sb. (bottle) J. 

battle, v.a. tie ap in 
bundles, J. 

battle, small boat, N. 
1840 bslf-bartle 3 
1840 life-battle 3 
1330 battle, battalion 1, 2, 3 
1863 line of battle abip 3 
133D battle, T,a. get readj for s 

battle 1, 2, 3 
1330 battle, v.n. fight 1, 3, 3 
1765 battle, i.a. attack 3 
1690 battle, " bid battle" 2 
1400 battle, " have the battle," 

win it 1 
1436 battle, "have battle," 

give I 


1560 batter, t 


batter, r.a. lay a stone so, 
1420 batter (in cookery) sb. 

batter, sb. slope, J. 

batter, T.a. to paste, J. 

batter, sb. artillery, J. 
1 854 batter, batster, cricketer 3 
1641 batterer 2 
1630 batterbnged 3 
B. battering, sb. 2 
B. battering, adj. 2, 3 
1611 battering-ram 2, 3 

batterii^-gun, C. 

battering-train, C. 

hattero, H. 

batter-pndding, C. 

hatter-rule, W. 
1680 battery, beating 2, 3 
1580 battery, assault on a fort- 

lem 2 
1840 woridbattery 3 
1590 battery, guns 2,3 
1834 battery (voltaic) 
1765 battery of ridicule 3 

1588 battle, "give battle" 2 
1611 join batUe 

battle, "pitch battle" 2 

battle array, W. 
1600 1618 battle ray 1, 2 
1590 battle aie 2, 3 

battle -axe-gnards, C. 
1611 battle-how 2 
1690 battle-cock 3 
1831 battle-field 3 
1840 battle-list 3 
1840 battle mate, 3 
1436 battle-place 1 
1840 battle-reminiscenco 3 
1626 battleage, diminutian 2 
1375 battled, fortified I, 2, 3 

battled, dirty, prov. 
1555 1623 battledore 2 
1692 battledore, hnmhle-bee 2 

battledore, child's horn- 
book, W. 

battledore-barley, H. 

baitlepiece, W, 

battle royal, H. 
1840 battle-Bhnut 3 
1840 battle-Toice 3 
1449 battlefuller. roncher I 
1840 battle- whirlwind 3 
1611 battlement 2,3 
1632 battlemenCcd 2, 3 
1616 battlement-wise 2 
1620 hauler, sb. 2 

battue 3 



batture, W. 

hattuta, (mna 
S. batty, adj. 2 
1662 hatnne, in heraldry B 

batua, bramble, PhiL ' 

hatward, boatkeeper, t 
1S47 ba twinged 3 

batz, coin, W". 

banb, sb. beat of dm 
1630 baubce 2, 3 

bttubery, brawl, H. 
1320 bauble 1, 2, S 
1864 banbling, S. "ban 

BCbooner" 2, 3 
1481 banbyn, baboon 1 

haacb, nasty, J. 
1636 bauchill, eb. crozier 2 

banehle, dietort, Wed?wood 

bauchle, v.n. BhamHo, J. 
1792 bnncblB, sb. old shoe, 3. 

hauchlca, sb, (of cart) K<| 

banchling. J. ■"■ 

bauchlj-, J. 

banchaess, J. 
1786 bauckie bird, hat ; 
1350 baucyne, badger I 

baud, sb, tuft, bed, . . 

bauds, fine clothes, H. 1 

baodiaaorite, W. 
1300 baudkin, baldachin, d 

1632 baudie, bandage 
1430 baudrick 1 
1632 bsudrickwise 2 
1571 baudrone, a cat 2, 3 

bandy-basket, H. 
1840 baueni-krieg 3 

banf, T.n. clatter, J. 

banffe, belch, H. 

baufrey, beaai, H. 

bauge, drugget, H. 
1621 bauge (bang, bemp-M 

IH7 buugii 2 

ISIS baugie, bud^ 1 

baagh, pudding, II. 

bauf;;)iliuf;. II. 

bau^e, nn);, J. 

bauyinm. "utliouw. C. 
IMI bduffte, Ind. nrnamenl 3 

bauk, balk, ,1. 

banks anil brcia (for weigh- 

b^Bo, ab. bat, J. 
bukie, lb. ftake, J. 
bankie (bird), J. 

baukic, T.a. raim, J. 
bankinia, W. 
baukhcigbt, adv. J. 
baulchio, H. 
bauld, v.a. blow up. J. 
1600 bauld. bold 2, 3 
bttulile, W. 

186T baulk, lb. float S 
17« baulk, T. tr. 
1W9 baulk, " aome Sboraditch 
baulke" 2 

banloia, W. 

buuntey bad^r, H. 

1830 bwuon-faoad 3 

187.1 baoatickle, stickle back 2 

bans J, big, J. 

\mUirt, dirty, H. 

bantie, guileful, J, 

Itaiiwie, milk-dish, J. 

baui-hound, H. 

bavanl. worn out, J. 

bararjao, W. 

bavariaii, adj. W. 

ba*»roT, cloak, W. 
1430 barer, Mb 1 

baiet, T.u- to ihake, J. 

banan, babooo, U, 
IMS bavin, faxgot 2,3 

S. bavin, atjj. 2 
16S6 bavin, T.a. 3 
1T27 baTin-banda 3 
lUO bavisencBs, motktirj. II. 1 
1«6S baw, t.n. bark 2 
13S2 bawl 1 

bow, calf of leg, J. 
1700 baw, beU 2 

baw, ball, J. 

baw, T.a. hush, J. 

bawuly, H. 

bawaw, Fb.loukaBkaiiGe,!. 

bawaw, child, J. 
1802 ba«be« 8 

.hawb«<;-r(.w(roll), J. 

bawblinB, ndj. 

ba wbre t, kneading- trough , 

bawlnriw, broil, J. 

bawburd, baking-board, J. 
1B13 bawburd, larboard, 1 

S. bawBook, ab. (baaocoq) 2 
18S2 bawd 1, 2, 3 

bawd, hare, J. 

bawd, of a wbIduI, H. 

ISM bawd, Mlj. BsnT 1 
1A20 bawd, T.a. aoU 1 
1078 bawd, T.n. 2, S 
S. bawd born 1 

bawdbT«e, hare aoBp, J. 
1028 b»wdilv 2 

hfiwd..|i)n, 'liilb of nld, J. 

bawder, jumble, n. 

huwdi !!■»», K, 

hawdinoney. W. 
1010 bawdreuiiimg 2 
ISBObawilrv 1, 2, 3 

bawd«hip, R. 2 
10B7 bawdy, i^>. 3 
1362 bawdy, adj. 1, 2, S 

B. bawdy- houae 2 
1633 bawdy, t.s. 2 
ISIO bawdyn, "baudt baudyn 
boiler" 1 

bawe, laddle-bow, H. 

baweli, M. 

bavflline, H. 

bawM, H. 

baw™, ^ull, J, 
1770 bawk, objectioD 3 

bawker, aanditont, H, 
1667 bawl, T.n. 2, 3 

bawl, v.a. W. 

bawl, sb, yf. 
107Obawler 2 
1690 bawling 3 

bawlin, big, H. 
1447 bawm, balm, ab. 1 

bavtmaii, C. 
1300 bawmed. embalmed 
1696 bawn, hill 2, 3 
1017 bnnu, yard, cottage 8, 8 

bawnd, tFWullen, II. 

bawndonly, cheerfully, H. 
1727 bawnii, biiu-rut, hawli 3 
1613 bawsiiud (of a horw) 1, 8 
1486 brnvBou (bndger) 1, 2, S 

bnwiie, buas, It. 2 

biiwsy- brown, goblin, /. 
1399 bnwtid I 
1633 1S99 baw-vaw 3 

hawse, acreani, H. 

bawBen, buiat, H. 

bawabere, U. 

bawt, roar, H, 

hawler, bird, H. 
1302 baiter I, 2, 3 

halterian, W. 

baiterian, adj. W. 
1800 bay, boy 1 

1398 1616 bay, ioAM 1 2 

1399 bay, launu 1, 2, S 

1370 bay (of data) T.m. 1,S,S 
3. "baTlhamoM" S, S 

bay, ab. bird'a nola, f. 
lS30bay,ab. bwrk 2, S 

bay, lb. dam, or waar fa 
livar, N. 

bay-dock, H. 

bayed, beat, J 
1638 baying (of a abore) 3 
1S28 baying, >b. baitiiiK 3 

baying, baridiwTA- 2 
1310 bay, f'at bay, "to bay" 

1880 Tiarard, ahorse 1 
1S88 1670 "blind bayarf" a 
term of contempt 3 

liayardly. H. 3 
leSOIiayea, baiie 2,3 

bay-chenr, bay-laurrl W. 

bay-leaf, W, 

bay-rum, C. 

bay-yam, W. 

bayadere, W. 
1831 bay-bead 3 
1623 1800 bayl*, batrien 1, 3 

baylyibip 2 
IS2S 1666 bayne, bath 1, 3 
1623 1633 bayne, T.a. 1, 2 
1673 bayne, T.n. 2 
1360 bayne, botb 1 
1073 bayonet 3 

bayonet, t." " 

1S49 h, 

*r, C. 

1466 bayialt I 

1363 bayaman S 

1470 baysent, obedient I 

bay-aUle, C. 
lS30bayte ? 1 "tAer iAe bit 

16S6 1611 bay-tree 2 
1616 bayt, bundle 2 

baytbe, grant, H. 
160S bay-window 2, 3 

bay-yam, Jobnaon 

1829 bay, BO. horae S 
1690 bay, T.a. bathe 3 
1300 bay, T.a. liiten b> 1 
1300 bay, T.a. bait (a bear) 

1300 bay, lb. 1,2' 

13B2 bdellium 1, 2, S 

bdelloDietor (med.), W. 

bdelloitona, (icb.), W. 
1480 bdombe, dumb 1 

be, T.n. 1, 2, S 
1690 how-be-it 3 
B. ao-be-it 3 

be- ^refli) 1, 2, S 
1460 be, ab. oaronal 1 
1360 be, T.B. bur 1 
13S0 1468 be, by 1, 3 
1436 1671 be, br the tine V 

beace, cattle, oswrtall, H 

^ftufi beaab, sb. 2, i 

^^nl, beached 2 

^m boacb, F.a. 0. 

^^H beacb-eombn (convict) 0. 

^^ bwob-lltia, W. 

^^^ bcacbing, ab. W, 

^ 1630 beaoby, adj. 2 
1362 beacon, sb. 1, 2, 3 
IBID Qame-biuicon 3 
ISIO bearon, v,a. 3 
1862 betu^Dnngo 3 
)B62 buaoon-bGll 3 
IB29 beiuon-firo 3 
1S30 beucon-gnite 3 
boaoonlesa, W. 
1830 beacon-light 3 
13B2 bead, sb, prayer 1, 2, 3 
1S43 bend, v.n. pray S 
1660 bead, sb. ornament 2, 3 
15D0 beads, roBary 2, 3 
S. bead (of fiscal, etc.) 

bead " mate a bead," flock 
together, J. 

bead, ab. glasa of ^ritii J. 

bead and ijuirli, C. 
1627 beod-amtier 2 
U99 beadcbild I 

beadc-uff, H. 

beaded, C. 

bvadfaring H. 
1858 bcadrramo 3 
1S14 beadbook 2 

beodhonae, W. 

beading, sb. C. 
1300 beadle, ab. 1, 2, 3 
1540bead]e, v.n. 2 

1861 beadledom 3 
beadlery, W. 
beadleship, W. 
beudmaker, C. 

1590 bendman 3 

beodmnuldine, W. 

bead-plane, C. 

beodproot, ab. W. 
I4g4beiidraU I, 2, 3 
1592 1658 beadrDw, catalogue 2 
1594 beadsman 3, 3 

bcodanake W 

beodatringer C 
14S9 1629 beadswoman 1, 2 

beadtool, W. 

bead-tree, "W. 
1570 1597 beagle, lb. bound 2 
1791 beagle, bumbailiff 3 

beagle-hound, W. 
1390 beak, ib. 1, 2, 3 
1840 beak and claws 3 
leiSbeok, (of ave«el} 2, 3 
1 602 bealt, ab. blow 2 

1862 beak, t.o, nlarae 3 
1693 1649 beak, (beke) v. 

buk 2 

1863 beaked 3 
IBlSbcaker, lb. glass 2, 3 

1580 beak head, figure head_ 2 

beaMng, sb. (of lighting 
eocka) Phil. 

beak-iron, TV. 

beoldng-joint, C. 
1608 beakless, adj. 2 
1673 beakment, bakement 3 

beak-ebaped, C. 

bcal, ab. boil, W. 
I50O boal, r.a. cover 1 

beal, v.n. anppnrata, J. W, 

beal, sb. narrow paaa 
1810 beal lire 3 

be all and end all, C. 3 
1298 beam, ab. 1, 2, 3 
I84S hammer-beam (arch.) 3 
1614 beam (of metal) 2 
1845 tie-beam (arcn.) 3 
1611 beam, pole of chariot 2 
1597 beam (of plougb) 2 
1494 beam, for weighing 1,2,3 
1712 "nick the beam" 3 
1470 "feeaof the beam" 1 

beam (of anchor) Pfail. 

1370 beam (of Ugbt) 1, 2, 3 
1840 light beam 3 
1641 beam, hair (iig.) 2 
1590 eye-beam 2 

beam. v.a. fill a tab, etc., 
H., J. 

beam, ab. straw band, H, 

beam, eb. wax candle, H, 
1330 beam, sb. misfortune 1 
1630 beam, eb. slag's horn 2 

beam, buamfieh, Phil. 
1795 beam, v.a. 3 
1746 beam forth 3 
1795 beam, v.n. 3 

Btmbcam, Johnson 
1810 broad-beamed 3 
1647 beamed, purblind 2 
1860 beamed f of a roof ) 3 

bcambird, W. 

beam-compass, W. 

beam-engine, W. 
1635beamelins? 2 
1840beamend 3 

beam-feather, W. 

beam-filling, W. 

beamfnl, W. 

bcamfult, indulged, J. 

beam-gudgings, C. 
1T46 beamless 3 

beaming, adj. 0. 

beaming-knife, H. 

beamingly, 0. 
1820 beamtike 3 
1608 1641 beamling 2 
1614 beam-pin 2 

beam-ahined, J. 

beam-tree, W. 
15S2 beamy, adj. 2, 3 
1394 bean, ab. 1, 2, 3 
1298 1648 "not worth a bean" 


I0D3 " abstain liom beans" 2 
1B80 " draw the bean" 2 
1620 "in some hooses they 

aee tbe beans" 2 
1633 "every bean hath bia 
blacke" 2 
"three blue beans in a 
blue bladder," N. 

bean, adj. comfortable, J. 

bean, bi^ . obedient, H. 

bean-oaper, W. 
1831 bean-cod 3 

bean-cod, boat, W, 
1592 heand, beyond 
lo3o beand, being, part 

bean-feast, C. 
3. bean -fed 2 

beau-field, C. 

bean-flour, C. 
16IS bean-flower 2, 3 
1760 bean -flower- water 

bean-fly, "W. 

bean-eoose, W. 

beaa-helm, beanstalk, H, 
1830 bean-bole 3 
1647 bean-hull, beoa-ahell 8 1 

bean-like, C. ^1 

1847 beanmeal 3 ^t 

1859 bean-setter, sb. 3 ^ 
1632 bean-ehatter, v.n. Ht. 9' ■ 

boan-atack, C. 

baaQ-atalk, C. 
1390 boaQ-straw 1, 3 

bean-awanp, hull of bean, 

1725 bean -trefoil, 3. 

1, 3,3 
1697 forbear, v.n. 2 
1300 1637 bear, v.a. (a child, 
etc) 1, 2 
S. bear, v.n. (bearing) 2 
1307 bear, v.a, thrust, drive 

1765 bear, v.a. import 
bear (a name) 2, 3 
S. bear (an opinion) " 
1765 bear, v.n. lie in i 

1S23 "bearby one's honour" 1 

1622 "bearing up the wind" 2 

IdSD bora and Iired 2 

1550 born anew 2 

B. childbearing, sb. 2 

1500 freebom 1 

IStS cnatle-bnni 3 

ISBO cloud-bora 2 

1848 earth-born 3 

1S40 eldest-born S 

1590 fan-bearing 2 

1597 fonrth-bom 2 

1690 grave- born 2 

1863 heaven-bom 3 



1500 hiffh-born 1, 2 
1840 hi^-bearing 3 
1840 in-born 3 
1762 low-born 3 
1840 monster-bearing 3 
1594' new-born 2 
1840 spectre-bearing 3 
1590 snip-bearing 2 
1888 sky-bom 3 
1590 un-bom 2 
1260 bear, lere ? 1 
bear a bob, H. 
bear a brain, H. 

S. bear against 2 
1526 bear away 2 
1430 bear away tbe bell 1 
1600 bear away the buckler 2 
1500 bear away tbe game 1 

S. bear back 2 
1656 bear tbe base 2 
1430 bear tbe bell 1, 2, 3 
1500 bear tbe breecb 1 
1500 bear a better breed 1 

bear coals, N. 
1523 bear company of arms 1,2 

S. bear tbe cost 2 
bear date, C. 
1526 bear down 2 
1552 bear a fasgot 2 
1307 bear tbe flower 1 
1561 bear forth 2 

8. bear from 2 
1449 bear a hand 1 
1520 1661 bear in hand 1, 2 
1420 bear of hand 1 
1390 1546 bear on hand 1, 2 

S. bear hard 2 
1523 bear at heart 1, 3 
1360 1550 bear heavy, heavily 
bear in with (naat.) 

B. bearinianity 2 
1633 bear in nope 2 
1816 bear in mind 3 

B. bear judgment 2 

S. bear life 2 
bear a mind, N. 
1570 bear off 2 
1690 bear office 3 

S. bear the olive 2 
1829 bear on 3 
1618 bear one ont 2, 3 
1 859 bear out (of varnish) 3 
1583 bear out of 2 
1633 bear over 2 

S. bear the palm 2, 3 

S. bear a pui^ 2 
1307 1500 bear the price 1 
1695 bear proportion to 3 

S. bear question 2 

B. bear nile 2 

S. bear a sail 2 
1606 bear a side 2 

bear six and six, N. 
1570 bear the stomach 2 
1550 1570 bear a stroke 2 
1552 1570 bear the swing 2 


bear through, C. 
S. bear towara 2 
1630 bear up (naut.) 2 

S. bear up, don' ^despond 2,3 
1449 bear upon 1, 2 
1370 false Dome upon 1 
1590 bear with 2, 3 
1360 bear witness 1, 2, 3 

S. bear one's years 2 
1360 bear, sb. (animal) 1, 2, 3 
1863 ant-bear 3 
1840 bear in a hole 3 

S. she-bear 2 
1858 "sell skin, shoot bear" 3 

bear, sb. a tool, H. 
1633 bear, barley 2, 3 
1670 bear, far-fetched explana- 
tion 2 
1751 bear, a rude person 3 
1829 bear (on Stock Exchange) 

1821 bearable, adj. 3 
bearably, W . 
bearance, J. 
bear-baiter, C. 

1592 bear-baiting 2, 3 
1597 bear-berry 2 

1755 bear-bind, bind- weed 3 
1583 bear brat 2 
1570 bear-brag 2 

1593 bear-brick 2 
1589 bear-claw 2 

bear-cloth, C. 
bear-cub, C. 
bear cum, hand mill, J. 
1300 beard, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1700 beard (of an arrow) 3 
1861 beard (of a letter, type) 3 
1525 beard, v.a. defy, 2, 3 
beard, ear of com, H. 
beard, coarse meat, H. 
beard, trim a hedge, H. 
S. " beard to beard" 2 
1330 1500 *' run in one's 

beard" 1 
1580 *^in despite of one's 

beard" 2 
1555 1600 *^ maugre one's 

beard" 2 
1525 " make your beard" 1 
1300 "merry in hall, when 
beards wag all" 1, 2 
S. "pluck by the beard" 

S. bearded, adj. 2, 3 
1630 1649 beard-brush 2 

beard-oftse, C. 
1740 bearded-com 3 

bearded-creeper, PhiL 
bearded-husk, Phil. 
1599 beard-grave, adj. 2 

beard-grass, "W. 
1658 bearding, sb. 2 
1375 beardless 1, 3 
1861 beardlessness 3 
1623 beardling 2 

beard -tree, hazel, H. 
1608 beardy, adj. 2, 3 


1833 beardie, stickleback 3 

beardie-lowie, stickleback, 
1420 bearer, sb. man 1, 2, 3 
1725 bearer, sb. plant 3 

bearer, farthingale, H. 

bear-feys, barley-land, J. 

bear-fly, "W. 
1580 bear-foot (plant) 2 
1596 bear-garden 2, 3 

bearge, v.n. clamour, J. 
1616 bear-sear, hamess 2 

S. 1655 bear-herd 2 
1467 bear-hide 1 
1654 bear-hood 2 
1 360 bearing, sb. carrying 1, 2 
1330 bearing, sb. conduct 1, 2 
1300 bearing, sb. parturition 

1727 bearing, sb. womb 3 
1599 bearing, sb. term in game 

1861 bearing, sb. (of fruit]) 3 

1862 bearing, sb. object, direc- 

tion 3 
1861 bearing, sb. (in machinery) 

1552 bearing, adj. overbearing 

1548 bearing, sb. 2 
1772 bearings (armorial) 3 
1858 bearing, adj. (of ice) 3 
1636 bearing about, sb. 2 
1490 bearing arrow 1 
bearing the book, H. 
bearii^-claws, H. 
S. bearing-cloth 2 
1633 bearing-dishes 2 
bearing-lepe, P.P. 
1587 bearing-place, womb 2 
bearing-wind, favourable, 

bearis before, ancestors, J. 
bearish, W, 
bearishly, C. 
bearishness, C. 
bear-land, barley land, J. 
bear-lave, land after 

barley, J, 
bear-leap, basket, H. 
1614 bearless, barren 2 

S. bearlike 2 
1399 bearling 1 

bear-meal-raik, froitlesB 

errand, J. 
bear-m^- wife (in debt) J. 
bear mell, mallet for barley 

bearmouth (coal mine), H. 
beam, child 2 
beam, wood, H. 
bear pundlar, weighing 

barley, J. 
bear»root, crop after 

barley, J. 
1616 bear's-breech 2 
bear's college, H. - 
bear's-ear, W. 


beor's-ear, sanicle, C. 
bear-seed, barley, J. 
bear-seed-bird, yellow 
wagtail, J. 
1597 bear's-foot 2 

bear*s-g^ease, W. 
1678 bearskin, scarecrow 3 
bear's mask, H. 
bear-stone (for barley) 

£[., J. 
bear-tree (bier-tree), J. 
1399 bear- ward 1, 2, 3 
S. bear- whelp 2 
bear's wort, W. 
bear worm, H. 
1634 bease, baize 2 
1592 beas, cattle 2 

beash, beastle, defile 
1298 beast, sb. 1, 2, 3 

S. beast (met.) 2 
1678 beast (game) 3 

beast, a measure, H. 
1590 " ignorant beast" 2 
1560 " beast of many heads" 2 
S. "beast with two backs" 2 
beast of burden, C. 
1632 "beast of rapine" 2 
1290 beast of chace 2 
1500 hombeast 1 
S. wild beast 2 

"put the beast on one 
self" J. 
beast, y.a. yanquiah, J, 
1801 beast-blindness 3 
1840 beast-godhood 3 
1616 beast house 2 
1683 beastial, adj. 3 

1859 beastiality 3 

1860 beastie 3 
1823 beastily 3 

boastings, AV. 
1644 beastish 2 
1647 1637 beast-like 2 
1547 1636 beastliness 2 

beastliwise, P.P. 
1420 beastly, adj. 1, 2, 3 
1360 1547 "beastly, adv. 1, 2 
1634 beast market 2 
1658 beastual 2 
1839 beat, sb. route 3 
1805 beat, sb. throb 3 

beat of lint, J. 
1863 "a dead beat," a 

pensioner 3 
1280 beat, y.a. strike, conquer, 

etc. 1, 2, 3 
1300 beat, y.a. (gold, etc.) 1,2,3 
beat, y.a. (drams) mil. 
S. beat, y.n. throb 2, 3 
1380 beat, y.n. (of the sea) 1, 3 
1636 beat, y.a. study 2 
S. beat, y.n. study 2 
1523 beat Tof banners) 1 
1794 beat, oe beaten (of drums) 
S. beat (beaten way) 2 
S. "beat dark December" 2 


1583 " fool neyer wise till well 

beaten" 2 
1546 beat a matter with one 2 
1660 beat the price 2 

beat, y.n. (of hares), H. 
beat (com), H. 
brewer's beat, H. 
1765 beat about 3 

beat against, C. 
S. beat away 2 
S. beat back 2 

beat the badger, J. 
beat the booby, proy. 
1468 beat the bow 1 
beat-burning, H. 
(S. ?) beat heaven with blessing 

1590 beat one's brains 2 
1647 brains beat to purpose 2 

1597 beat on breast 2 
1658 beat the bush 2 
1622 beat a buck (washing) 

beat chalk, N. 

1598 beat down 2 
beatem, H. 
beaten down, C. 

1670 beaten path, etc. 2 
1590 tempest-beaten 2 
1590 storm-beat 2 
1720 weather-beaten 3 

beaten, on a beat, H. 
1727 beater, mallet 3 

beater, ink-ball, Phil. 
1570 beater, sb. 2, 3 

beater up, C. 
S. beat forth 2 
S. beat from 2 
1690 beat one's head 3 
1560 heath (bathe ?), C. 2 
1649 beatific 2, 3 
1610 beatifical 2, 3 

beatifically, W. 
1630 beatification 2, 3 

beatifier, C. 
1535 beatify 2, 3 
1670 beatille (giblets, H.) 2 
1590 beat in 2, 3 
1360 beating, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1838 brow-beating 3 

beating, sb. (instrument), 
rod, P.P. 
1602 beating, beat borough 2 

beating about, sb. C. 

beating back, sb. C. 

beating, coin for thrash- 
ing, H. 

beating down, sb. C. 

beating, hurrying, H. 

beating off, sb. C. 
1583 beat into 2 
1555 beatitude 2, 3 

beatment, H. 

beat off, C. 
1470 beat of one 1 
1435 beat on 1, 2 

beatour, round about, H. 
1592 boat out, pp. H. 2 
1751 beat the door 3 


1629 beat the path 2 
1623 beat the price 2 
1664 beat to dirt 2 
1430 beat up, upon 1, 2, 3 
1794 beat up for 3 

beat world, H. 
1362 beatus virres 1 
1710 beau 3 

beau, y.a. C. 
1657 beauclerk 2 
1745 beauffet 3 
1362 beaufitz (befyce, P.P.) 1 
1692 beaugles, glass beads 8 
1830 beau garcon 3 
1860 beau-ideal 3 

beauish, C. 

beau-like, C. 
1721 beau-monde 3 

beaumontite (mineral) W. 
1362 1610 beaupere 1, 2 

beaupers, cloth, H. 

beaupleader, W. 
1660 beaura^e, beverage 2 

beauship, W. 
1509 beauteous 1, 2, 3 
S. beauteous-evil 2 
1610 beauteously 2 

beauteousness, W. 
1657 beautification 2, 3 
1727 beautifier 3 
1587 beautifal, sb. 2, 3 
S. beautiful, adj. 2, 3 
1538 beautifoUest, sup. adj. 

2 3 
1675 beautifully 3 
1616 beautifiilness 2 
1550 beautify 2, 3 
1596 beautifying 2, 3 

beautiless, C. 
1400 beautise 1 
1450 beautitude I 

beautraps, H. 
1300 beauty 1, 2, 3 

S. beauty, pers. 2, 3 
1523 beauty, y.a. 1, 2 
S. piece of beauty 2 

beauty-beaming, W. 
1523 great beauty 1 
1614 rare beautied 2 
1657 beauty spot 2 
S. beauty-waning 2 

beauty-wanting, C. 

beauty-water, H. 
1678 beauvrage, sb. beverage 

1721 beaux-esprits 3 
1250 beaver, so. animal 1, 2, 3 
1394 beaver, fiir of beaver 1 
1618 beaver (of helmet) 2, 3 
1830 beaver, adj. 3 
1390 beaver hat 1, 2, 3 

beaver, v. a. C. 
1632 beaver, luncheon 2 
1599 beaver? 2 

beaver-cutter, C. 

beavercd, W. 

bcaveret (bat) H. 

beaver-rat, W. 



1617 bwdtuce, T-n. 2 

IBOObMTuat 3 

8. bechMiee, T.a. 3 

1460 beery, accuM 1 

1727 beusrt, lb, nnutioii 1 

b«ch.iic«, adT. W. 

1691 beeui^el 2 
16S0bocumVr 2 

beuled, tind, H. 
bob, Tji. drink, H. J. 

1310 1638 bocharm 1,3 

1801 becupolBed 3 

ISfiSbeback 3 

becho-de-mer, eoeumber. 

1021 becurl 2, 3 

lS89bebut 2 


1030bccnt 2 

1486 bab^y fm henldir} 1 

1808 becbeek, T.a. 2 

1857 becvmbaled 3 

liasbabang 2 

1340 babart bark >t 1 

becher, betrayer, H. 

1298b«i;8b. 1,2,3 

bechie (mtdicina) W. 

1801 bed (of streanj) 3 

ms beboH, *.*. Um 2 

1600 bechirp, v.a. 2 

1616 bed (for plants) 2, S 
1863 bed (geoWcal) 3 

168S bebMto (with &t) 2 

IfiSl bebiite, Wt 2 

bechle, ,.«. cough, J. 

beetle, A. J. 

1S45 bed (imisaury] 3 

bebath, H. 

1830 bechounched 3 

1300 bed, bedfeUow 1 

imbebattered 2 

becht, p.p. tied, J, 
1366 beck, bIi. 1, 2, 3 

1810 bride-bed 3 

leoeiBSSbBbayed 1, 2 

1690 child-bed 2. 3 

bebble, r.a. diik fre- 

1316 beck, T.n. 1, 2, 3 


S. beckfbrtb 2 

1810 hot-bed 3 

beck, couaUble, H. 

1693 naked-bed 2 

bebeight, f bodight 

1638 beck, brook 2, 3 

183K truckle-bed 3 

166Sbebea«t 2 

beck water, P.P. 

1810 weed-bed 3 

18S4bebelt S 

becket, rope, W. H. 

1383 bed, T.a. make up a bed 

1862 be-beliebob, T.B. 3 

becket, spade, H. 


bebeied, buried H. 

16S0 1583 becking, ib. bow 

1300 bed,..*, put to bed 1,3 
1810 Mlt-bedded 3 

1»6 ISSS beblaat 2 

2 ^ 

1300 ISOO bebled 1, 2 

becklet, flannel ihirt J. 

I362 1„.,l, V.,,. 1.2,8 

1362 beckon, v.n, 1.2,3 

1690 bed and boMd 2 

1608bebl«w 2 

8. beckon. T.a. 2, 3 

1800 bedded, adj. a 

beblind, W. 

1840 beckon on 3 

bring to bed, C. 

1765 beblockhead 3 

beckon, sb. W. 

S. "go to bed" 2 
1690 "keep one's bed" 2 

IfiSObeblood 2 

beckoner, C. 

ISSObebloodv 2 

1390 beckoning, sb. 1,2,3 

1400 '■ loth to bed, loth fro* 

lS9fi beblimm 2 


bed" 1 

1370 1680 bebtot 1,2 


8. '■makeabed,, 2,3 

1617 1693 beclad 1,2 

8. "getposMBsionof bod" 

1390beclap 1 


bebob. H. 

bedartod, H. 

"put to bed," C. 

bebode, command^, H. 

1011 beclaw 2 

1174 "towards bed" I 

1662b«bagged 2 

1298 1687 beclip. T.a. I, 2 

" wrong aide of bed," 

1306 beelip, curdle milk 1 


1310 bee ipping t 
1008 bee oak 2 

130S bed, pp. bowed 1 

1632beb<ided 2 

brd. piwo of h^t, H. 

bebn.tied, C. 

1978 bee og 2, 3 

1830, toi (Turkish) 8 

17S9 bobQttoflf, y.a. 3 

1608 bee oud 2,3 

bewbunga. brook-lime, 

I70Q bee umpse 3 



1699becollow 2 

1390 bedsfled 1 

1647 becafico, fig 2,3 

1330 1460 beeall, v-a. aceure 1 

1280 beeotme, v.a. blacken I 

boda^e, dawn upon 

1298 become 1,2,3 

1300 bedag, T.a. bedew with 

1S04 becalm, t. n. 3 

1305 1697 became, go to 1,2 
1298 become, T.n. be ndtable 

1634 becalmed 2, 3 

becalniiiiff, W 


heesrd (bird) W. 

1647 become, T.a. 3, 3 

W. ' 

1824 liecBEap, woodcock 3 

S. become of 2 

1732bedHngle 3 

1801 becaamcked S 

becomes, beet olotbea, H. 

1999bedHre 2 

1820becalcli 1 

becomiuiF, ab. W. 

ISgabedarked 1 

1190 becaOM 1, 2, S 

ISOObedarken 3 

1360 because of 1, 3 

1640 1663 bedash 2 

13S6 becauae tbat 1, 2 

1637 bedaub 3, 8 

1609 forbeeauM 1 

1395 HJObedaiv, daunt 1 

mSbeoauaeto 1,2 

17e2becowaid 3 

1620 liLilnw, bideck 2 

ISMbeeauaelj 1 

S. btdflzzli. 2, 3 

ms beocawaa, a bird 8 

hecra.ated, C. 

I806bodnE^lemcat 3 

1816 beocane, a wood 2 

1867becrimBon 3 

18S2 heJn^jhng, adl 3 
buhzzlmgly, C 

becche, made of iron, H. 

becrike (an oath), H. 

1623 beocoa, cuckold 2 


l>fdboard, & 

1691 beeenae, v.a. 2 

1861 becrowded 3 

bedbog, W. 

becbamel, C. 

1683becrown 2 

bedcbaw, W 


S. tiedclothea 2, 3 
1630 bedoord Z, 3 

bed-oovBr, G. 

bed-curtaios, C. 
162Gbeddtir -i 
1862 bedder (a plant) 3 

bedder, upbokEtrer, H. 

bedder, badetter (mill- 
stone) W. 

beddern. refectory, W. 
14S3 1622 beddine. lodging 1,2 
1303 bedding, dothes 1, 2, 3 
118o beddin^ng, sb. 1 

bedding-moulding, 'W, 
18S0 bedding-plunt 3 

beddiQg-etone, C. 

beddy. greedy, H, 
1208 1304 bede, prayer 1 
1298 1150 hide, y.a. pray I 

1307 1450 bede, v.a. offer 1 

1308 bede, y.a. token 1 

1589 bedeacon 2 
1822 1678 bedcad 2, 3 
1501 bedeck 2, 3 

B. bedecking 2 

bedeet, ifirty, H, 
]4G5bedcrolk 1 

bedegar, W. 

bedebooBe, W. 

bedelary, bedeirv, W. 
1360 bedel 1,2,3 

esquire bedel, C. 

bedel-ship, C. 
14S0 bedeWe 1 
1362bedcmBn I 
1330 bedene,inunediately 1,2, 3 
1533 bedene, ?.n, condescendj 

bederepe (bidrepe) ten- 
unl's nervice, Pbil. 
1572 166S bederoU 2 
1829 bedesman 3 

bod-evil, sb. J, 
1862 bederil, T.a. 3 

bedeTJlraent, -ry, sb. 
1465 1536 bedewoman I, 2 
1340 beden 1, 2, 3 

bedower, W. 

bedewy, W. 

bedfaggot, H. 
1796 bedfast, adi, 3 
1490 bedfellow, bedMow, J, 

1395 I614bedfere 1,2 

bed-foot, C. 
1S30 bed-frams 3 

bedfnl, C. 

bed-furniCuie, C. 

1590 bedgame, adj. 2 

131S bedgang, gniug to bed I 
1310 bedgatt, going to bed 1 
15S3bcdgIee 2 

1661 bodguer 3 

bedgoffu, C. 
S. bcd-bangings 2 
1857 tHKliadomed 3 
1450bodight 1, 2, 3 
1583 bedim 2, 3 

bcdtnk, T.a. deck out, J. 
1857 beiiinnered 3 
1608 bedip 2 
1863 bed-iron 3 
1529 1623 bedirt 2 

bedismal, W. 
I6ei bedizen 2, 3 
IRoO bedizennient 3 

bed-joint, H. 



1,2, 3 

laSO bedlam, madness 2 
1-^20 bedlam, madman 1. 
Io80 bedlam, adj. 2 

bedlam beggar, H. 
1742 bedlamer 3 
1021 bedlamite 2. 3 
1581 bcdtamUke 2 
1560 bedlam man 2 
1447bodlanre, bedlaro, 

bedridden 1 
1830 bed-linen 3 
1465 beilmaker 1, 3 
1670 bedraaking 2 
1363 bL^dman ~ 

bednmtch 2 
1633 bedmate 2 

bedoled, H, 

bcdom, H. 

bodane, H. 
1375 15S3bodate 1, 2 
1470 bedoubt 1 
1863 bedouin 3 
lfil3 bedowyn, bedoy^ fouled, 

bedpan, W, 

bedphere, see bedfere 
1561 bcdplace 2, 3 

bedplate, "W. 

bedpladea, blanket, J. 
1593 bedpost 2, 3 
S. bedpresser 2 

bodquilt, W. 
18S3 bedrabbled 3 
1727 bedraggled 3 
1829 bedrai, headle 3 

bedral, eb. iiedridden, J^. 

bedraulod, defiled, H. 
1340 bedread, despise 1 
1632 bedrel, bedridden 2 
1375 lS93bedreDob 1, 2 

bedrepes, days of work, H. 
1628 bednbble 
1630 bediidneiB 2 
1362 bedrid, bedridden 1, 2, 3 
1857 bedrifted 3 
S, bed-rite 2 

be-drite, befoul, J. 

1481 bedrire 1 

S. bedroom 2, 3 
1670 bedrop, v.a. 2, : 

bedrope, sb. N. 
1656 bedrool, beadroll, N. 

1608 bedrown S 

beds, bopscotch, H. J. . 

bed-saclang, C, 

bedsfeet, N. 
, bedsfoot fplsnl), H. 

bedsbank, buttermilk, fM 
ie77bed9head 3 
1481 bedsbeet I 

bedsbik, adj. J, 
1435 bedside 1, 2, 3 
1293 bedsialer 1 
1861 bedsoie 3 
1611 1652bed5taff 2 
1583 bedstead 2, 3 

bedateddle, H. 

bedstep, W. 
1599 bedstoek 2 
1S62 bedstone 3 
1390 16-26 bedstraw 1, 2 

S. bedawerver 2 
1726 bcd-tesler 3 
1618 bedtick, beddcldog, 

bedtye 2, 3 
1300 bedtime, C. 1, 2 

beducle, H. 
1590 bedurk 2 
iaB4bedimg 2 
1583 1675 bednsk 2,3 
1583 bedusted 2 

1609 bed TOW 2 
1676bedwarf 3 

1580 bedward, odT. 2, 3 

bodwon, birob-lreo, H, I 
1491 bedwinge, oonstrair 
S. hedwoik 2 
bedj-o, T.a. W, 
1300 bcdyner, serrant 
budyit, dipped, J. 
1315 1670bee,sb. insect 1,3 
bumble-bee, bumble- 
bee, C, 
burny-bee, C. 
S. honey-bee 2 
1570 master-bae 2 
1702 bee, whim 3 

bee, horse's ride, J 

bee-ale, mead, J, 

be-eaat, J. 

bee-band, iron hoop, H.< 

bee-bike, bee nest, H. 

bee-bird, W. 
1857 beo-boanetled, bee in bon- 
net, bee in bead, N. S 

liee-bread, W. 

bec-but, bee hi' 

1300 beech, ab. 1,! 
1390beechBa 1, 2, 

beeeb-coal, H. 

beech -gall, W. 
1814 beceb-Icaf 3 


. H. 


nil becrh miut 3 
bucch n t, T 
ISffi beech 
1840 tMcc 3 

18f 7 bci. mbt 3 
1631 beech tree S 3 
1T8A beech vroud 3 
1771 bee<hy 3 

bced b i 

161 1 k 

1494 bee 2 3 

1300 beef, ma 2 

1862 bee muse 3 

1420 662 powd red beef 1, 2 

1831 beef-bonet 3 

1647 beef-brained 1 

1831 beef-brcoia 3 

1330 beef-cuUops 3 

1849 beef-eater, ab. boffetieT 

1859 beefinew 3 
162S bee-flower 2, 3 
1430 beef-pot 1 
1818 beef-ateak 3 

beef-Buet, C 
1S61 beef-tea 3 

bee-fan^ 3 

beef-wood, W. 
S. beef-witted 2 
18S9 beefy 3 

bee-garden, W. 

bee-gloe, W. 
1361 bee-berd 3 

8. bee-hiTe 2, 3 
13M bee-boose 3 
17B0 beejah, Bmke 3 
1846 bee-keeper 3 
J4S0 1800 beek, T.n. 
(bathe, J.) 1, 3 
18fiS beek, mn^atrate 3 

beekcd, dirty, H. 
1420 beelde, imago 

beeld, hieh^ ahelter, W. 
iai6 beele (uf a yoke) B 

beele, piekaie, E. 

bce-Une. C. 

bee-lippen, beeluTe, E. 
1 668 beeliebub 2 
1807 bee-master 3 
1859 bee-miatrea 3 
1627 bcemol {in mnsit) 2 


beeae, T.a. aweU b]> iteep- 

ing, J. 
beenel (a tree), W. 
baonge, T.a. crisge, J. 
mi beeoh, plentifDlly 2 


184fi bae-palace a 
1628 beer, cntUge? 3 
1300 beer, «b. I, 2, S 
S. double hotY I 
ftinger brar, C 
1602 1602 «DKle beer 1, 2 
S. .mull h™r 2, 8 
aprucc beer, C. 
1JS50 "(ucli beer, Budlbottle^" 

I8S0 "think Btnall beer" 3 

S. I.r. r-l.,IT.I 2 

1851L,.t~l.. !.iu<!,ll,'d 1,8 

beer-tiotlUs C. 
1600 beer-brewer 1 

bcer-brewprv. C. 
1648 beer-brulh '3 
1698 bcer-buttrriac 2 

bei-r-ecllar C. 

1861 bcer-elub 3 
1660 bcer-gliuu 2 

bcer-glaiwful, C. 

k.^r-un„><l, -vt,!,!, E. 
1494 Wr-h.;u»i>" I 

beerineaa, C. 

beer-moaaure, W. 

beer-nosa, cellar, H. 

beer-seller, C. 
1854 beer-sha|i 3 

bi'pr-shiipliciper C. 

beur-Btained, C. 

1862 beerj". tipsy 3 
bees, "bia head i* in Uie 

bees," «onfuaed, J. 

beo'a-eoiub 3 

beesen, blind, II. 

becakip, lico-hive, B. 

bee'a-ncat, H. 
1857 bee-seup 3 
1625 beestinga 2, 3 
1859 bee«wai 3 

bee's -wine, C. 

beet, ab. bundle of flai, 
J. H. 

beet, ab. a turf, C. 

beet, T.a. tie up flai, J. 

beet, T.a. pare turC feed 
1160 beet, T.a. heal 1, 2, 3 

beethy, aoft, H. 

beetaie, H. 

beetinband, atrap for flax, 

1398 bee't, root 1, 2, 3 
1348 beetroot 3 

beetrool-augar, C. 
1BG2 beet angar 3 
1320beethef 1 
1600 beetle, insect 2, S 
1560 beetle, maUet 0>ortl«)i 

Phil. 2,3 
1590 hedging-beetle 2 
1766 beetle, T.a. beat with 
mallet 3 
8. beetle, T.n. jnt out 2, 3 
I6S4 beetle-beaten 2 
beetle-blind, W. 

tS70 beetle-brun 2 
1670 beetle-brow 2, S 
1634 beetle-browed 2 
1517 beetled-braw 1 
1649 beetleduM 2 
1594 1633 beetle-eved 3 
1669 beetle-head, b( " ' 

beetling, adj. jottintr utct 

1849 bee-tree 3 

knight > J. 
1630 beezle, tipple 2 
1350 beMl, T.a. 1, 2, 8 
1298 befaU, T.a. 1, 3; S 

8. fur befall 2 
1523 befall of 1 
1340 1633 be&U to 1,2 
1547 befyi upon 2 
1495 bi;r:ill. db. 1 
1460 befall (? itfo,,) 
1370 biifalling I 

befan, v.a. H. 
I 1610 befancf, t. tr. befool 2 

befawn, anrrontid, H. 
1470be&yne 1 
1636 befeather 2 
1340 befell, .- befoul 1 
1867 hefeller 3 

befF (biiff) y.a. ba^ J. 

beff, sh. stroke, J. 

beflin^. burning earth, E, 
1 660 beffroT (belfry f) 2 
1759 beSddle 3 
1474befiKht 1, 2 
1581 bctileb 2 

befilin, defile, H. 
1620 befist 2 
1618 befit, T.a. 2, 3 
1801 befit, T.n. 3 
1855 befitting 3 

befltSngly, C. 

beflatlcc, W. 
1340 1396 befiay 1 

befieck, to apot, H, 

beilounce, C. 
1780 beflower 3 

befium, T.a. befool, J. 

beflum, ab. ailly t^k 
1250 1340 befly, T.a. avoid 1 
1340 beflying, ab. 1 

befbam, W, 
I603befaEged 2,3 
1830 befoir 3 
1340 befold 1 
1620 befool I, 2, 3 

befoot, afool, P. I*. 
1532b«forre 2 

129B before, prep. 1, S, 

3 1690 bee the quettion 

beggar's buttons, H. 

1300 before, adv. of place 1, he^, or begh (bBj), AV. 1533 btgear'a bmen 2 | 



beggar's n«edlo, U. 

129B before, adT. of tim 

1, begab, mocli, H. 

1506 beggar staff 1 


1860begablod 3 

beggar's velvet."fluff,"H. 

1535 of before, formerly 

2 1607begadore 2 

beggar-weed, H. 

1861 before, sb. 3 

begairie, liTery, J. 

8. beggar-wo«,an 2 

1672 before, ?befiiU 2 

begalowe, ont gaUop 

H. 1360 beggary, sb. 1,2,3 

1382 before to 1 

1620b^Bro 1 

1615 beggary, set of beggars 3 
AS, J, bo^ary, adj. weedy, H. 
1642 beggur, T.a. compel S 

1590 before tbat 2 

begarie, v.a. Tariaga 

1550 a little of before 

2 1647 begsraieh 3 

1680 b^nd 2 

1370 begging, sb. 1,3,3 

before-uMd, W. 

ia40begandf 2 

1830 begging-boi 3 

1790 before-oreated 3 

begay, y.a.i. 

begpug-lettfir, C. 

1860 begging the qnesKon 3 

13B2 before-Kird 1 
1330 bi'fi>re-Ea I 

150Db[^ck,8b. trick 1, 

H. 1646 begging Thnisday 3 
3 1600 begging trade 1 

beghara (beggar) W. 
1867 begiit, v.a. 3 

1380 before-goer 1 

bfgeck, T.a. trick, J 

1821 begem, T.S. 3 

1382 befuregreithlnz 1 

begcBB, by ehance, J 

1600 bcgild 3. 3 

1520 begeete, sb. 1 

1307 begin, T.a. 1, 8,3 

13Q2 1600 begin the dius,bmB 

1571 before tbe hand 2 

1293 begot, obtain 1 

the board I 

1380 before-knowing 1 

1260 beget, procreate 1, 

2,3 1298 begin, v.n. 1,3,3 

1570 first begot 2 

1380 1480 begin at I 

1790 before-recited 3 

B. first begotten 2 

begin hr,C. 

1382before-mnner 1 

1713 begin a heoJth 2,3 1 

1330 1636 before-SBV 1, 

2 1840 mist-hegotlcn 3 

1270 1586 begin of 1, 2 1 

1587 onlj-begottcn 2 

1638 1665 begin to 2 

1388before-stng 1 

1670 life-begetting 2 

begin upon, C. 

16U before-time 2 

1840 eelf-begetling 3 

1502 begin mth 2 

13S2 beforo. before, adj. 

2,3 1690 spring-bogetting 

begin, sb.W. 

1394 16ieb«fom, adt. of 

time 1680 beget will, child 2 

beging, oarefnl, H. 


1460beeele, 8b. child 1 

1460 be^nnor 1, 2, 3 

14S0 1fi20befom, adv. of place 1300 be^ttm^, sb. 1,2, 

beforouth, before, J 

I61S begetting, adj. 2 
1587 begetter 2,3 

1678 " good Legin^ng hilf 

S. befortuTie 2 
13*0 befoul 1, 3 

beig.-ible, W. 

the work" 3 
1620 " end of one disaster be- 

IBIO befreckled 2 

1362 beggar 1,2,3 

ginning of a groater" 

1632 bafrenohified 2 

T :kO'" ' 


1598 befi^ Y.a. 2 

8. befriend 2,3 

he 1350 begird. 1,2,3 

1866 befriender 3 

choosers" 2, 3 

1858bsgirdlu 3 ^ 

eJ.) 1590 1666 begirt, v.a. 2 .^M 

1860 bcfriened 3 

1600 berive. v.a. 1 ^H 

163B befringe 2 

1617 "as weU as a begear begkot, foolish. H. ^B 

1772b<.fri» 3 

knowE his dibh 

"2 begle, boldly, H. ^m 

befroM, froien, H. 

1628 beggar, v.a. 2, 3 

15Q4 begierbeg 3,3 ^M 

1981 boftxranced 2 

beggnr, adj. C. 

2 beglerbeglic, W. ^H 

1570 bofroy (belfry) 2 

1683 hegtittered 2 J^M 

1513 1536 befl, pret. itrike l765 besRiir-boy 3 

begioom, y.a. W. V 


1840 beggar-brat, W. 3 

1670 begloFO, T.a. 2 -^^ 

IBOSbefume 2 

beggar-cbUd. 0. 

1460 1664 beglue 1,2 

1581beEur 2 

bflggar-girl, C. 

1665begiiaw 2 

befnrbelowed, C. 

1641 beigarer, sb. 2 

1307 1440 bego, adorn (begMiB, 

1635 befyle, befoul 

2 1594 beggar-like 2 

J.) 1 

1362 beg, T.n. 1,2,3 

1840 beggailinen 3 

bego, done, H. |^ 

1668 beg, T.a. 2, 3 

1876 beggarly, adj. 1,2 
buggarly, adV. W. 

3 bcgod, v.a, deiiy, W. ^M 

leeSbegat 2 

1570 woe-begone 2 ^H 

18*0 beg back 3 

1830 beggarly-looking 3 

1390 begone 1, 3 .^H 

8. begot 3,3 

1616 beggarly planet 2 

1856 begonia 3 ^H 

8. beg for 2.3 

S. bvggar-maid 2 

1600 begore 1, 3, 3 

1696 beg one for a fool 

,3 1500 beggannan 1,2 

begorz (an oath) H. 

1680 go begging 2 
1689 beg oa«7or a swag 

" beggar my neighbo 

nr" begonk, T.a. jilt, J. 
begonk, sb. jQting, J. 

2 1682 beggar's bosh 3 

1630 beg, lb. 2 

beggar's brovD, snul 

,J, 1375 begonth, begun 1,2,3 

lU8b(«OTra 3 

b«gojt, fboKih, J. 
I33S b«i^Te, engnTen I 
139S lS2SbegTHre, bnried 1,2 
1032 bc^n; i 

I4J0 begrede, t a. acetue 1 

b«grett«, naluted, J. 
1IS92 begrime 2. 3 
1S68 begripple, i 
1SA7 b^muj i 
1300 im begTD 
iei2 bogradge 2, 3 


bebcn, poppr, W. 
1420 behind, ? I 

beherto. bT heart 
1293 behat, priimi» I, 2, 3 
1340 bebeat, prB^r"* 1 

S. bchcrt. romnund 2, 3 
U30 tfiAO behcat, T.I. piomue 

1170 1510 behcte, behight, ab. 

13B2 b^fmntle 3 
1830 bt^tten, diaflgnred with 
weeping 3 

beguard (beghsrd) sb. C. 
1305b«in!le, T.n. 1, 2 
1370 b^uUe, T.a. 1, 2, 3 

begnile, ab. trick, J. 
1600 b«^le of 2 
ISS2 beguile to 1 
IGSl broiled, fraught witti 

^ile 2 
1693 time-beguiling 2 
1S62 bttfuilement 3 
1382 1$26 begniler 1, 2 
13TS beguiling, sb. 1 

b^nilLngly, W. 
1627 b^ltj 2 

beguin, monk, W, 
ISSO b^oinage 3 
1376 begoine 1, 2, 3 
1620b^i]ll 2 
1820 bagom, ab. 3 
1730 bsgnm, T.a. W. 2 

br^imli. v.a. cheat, J, 

1>n:itiik, ab. trick, J. 

betuui, behaved, J. 

behald, behold, J. 
1303bebal/, (in,.on) 1,2,3 
I30S behalTe, half, on one aide 

1375 behew 1 

behewe, coloured, H. 
1430 behie, T.n. hutea 1 
1300 behind, prep. 1, 2, 3 
1298 behind, adv. 1, 2, 3 
1300 behind, ab. 1, 3 
1500 comebehiDd 1,3 
1795 from behind 3 
1588 behindhand, ab. 3 
B. behindhand, adj. 2 
1613 behindhand, adV. 2, 3 

behind the hand 2 
1600 pnt behind 1 
1471 bdiind rider 1 

behind with. J. 

behinuu, TurUih feait, 
1631 bebither 2 

heho, liiufrliliig itock, J. 
1300 behold, v.a. hold 1, 2 
1398 behold, y.n. 1, 2, 3 
1300 behold, T.n. 1, 3, 3 
1449 behold, v.a. rpbrte to 1,2 
1494 bi'hold oti<i«clt; luok rmmd 

1383 bAo?eAd 1, S, S 
1449 1600 behoTCM]* 1, S 
1192 behoTeMnna 2 

behoTelineaa, P.P. 
1130 1395 behoToly, adj. 1 
1340 behoTeaoDie I 
1S69 behowl 2, 8 

behufe, T.n. be dependant, 

bihTiyd, betioovtd, J. 
ISOObti^-b. y.n. bond 1 
IBOO nog bei^he, ring 1 

beik, hiTo of bete, J. 

beik(bekel,ba«k, J. 

beik, ab. bnaking, J 

beik, adj. warm, J 

beik, sb. beak, mouth, J. 

Ijfikat, aalmoD, J. 

1k')I, T.n. auppurnte, J. 

bcildit, imaged, H. 
1513 beild, sb. ahelter 1, 2, 3 
1460 ISSabeild, T.n. take ■hel- 
ler 1, 2 

beUd, handle, H. 

beilin, sb. suppuration, J. 
strait beilcts, shelter of 
al«ep hill, J. 
1460 beilding. shelter 1 

beild, T.a. protect, 3, 

beiled (dhuL) moored, be- 

beill, T.a. give pain, J. 
beill, ab. care, J. 
bejn, ab. bone, J. 
bein, t.o. beun (the pot), 

1800 bein, adj. well piQTided 3 
1671 bein, T.a. 2 
13-26 beine, both I 
1300 being-, eb. pretence, reM- 
■ :o 1,2,3 

1494 behang, T.a. I, 2, S 
1450 behap 1, 3 

beh^ipen, W. 
1474 behated 1, 2 

behauder (lad.) C. 
1620 behaTe, T.n. 1, 2, 8 
1494 behaTe, v.a. I, 2, 8 

1616 behaTe, ab. 3 

1617 behaTing, ab. 1 
1609 behnTionc I, 2, 8 
1634 behaTioured 2 
1306 behead 1,2,3 
1641 bebeaiUng 2, 3 
1600 1594 behear 1, 2 

beheart, P. P. 

behech^ T.a. promise, J. 

behecht, ab. J. 
1807 behele, r.a. eorei I 

beheU, T.a. W. 
leOSbehem 2 

1449 behold against 1 
143S behold into 1 
1360 behold np 1 
1382 behold to 1 
1449beboldabIe 1 
HI4behDldL>D, beboiaen to, 
under obligation 1, 2 
beboldenne«a, W. 
1360 beholder I, 2, 3 
1360 beholding, under obligk- 

1380 beholding, sb. 1, 2, 8 
IS80 1632 beboldingness 3 

behonej, W. 
12S8 behoof, sb. behooTe, C. 

1, 2, 3 
1340 behorewed 1 
1630 beham 3 
1316 behote, ab. tow 1 

behouiioed, dreeied, H, 
1398 hehore, Tb.imp. behoore, 

C. 1, 2, 3 
1630 .behove, sromiaa 1 
1468 1616 behoreable 1, 2 

no-being, ab. 3 
being puoe 2 


1810 ill^-bi'ii 


1696 r ■ 

bein-like, adj. 
able, J. 
17001ioinly, adv. comfortably 

heinnesB, snugness, J. 

heing, BOB-bcoch, J. 
1306 beire, of both 1 
1600 beiic, impetus 2 
1636 boir (bere) noir- ~ 

r, J. 

beinim (bairam), C. 
beird, bard, J. 
bejrd, Uid on bier, J. 
beirseid, (barlej), J. 
beirth, burden, J. 
beir-tree, bier, J. 
1420 beis, is, J. 1> 
beia, prep. ' 

berasnd, qnite at 

heist, Snt milk, J, 

■U71 boat, b«d 2, 3. 
I beut-eheese, J. 

beJHt-nulk, J, 
leiSbeit, v.a. belp 1 

b«it, sb. anpplj, J. 



beittia, "pjimit in the 

beittifl," ? 2 
bfiTxlsBB, in the eitreme, 

bejan dasa, Greek riaas 

at Aberdeen, J. 
bejan, one who belongs 

toil, J. 

flemi-bejan claaa, J. 
bejan, v.a. initiate, J. 
1395 bejape 1 
bejanndiee, W. 
bejeaait, W. 
bejewel 2 

bekith 2 

1571 beke,ba8lf 1, 2 
bekeo, a plunt, C. 
beken, v.a. commend 
bekend, known, J. 
beke, brim of bat, H. 
bekerchitt 2 
bekere, y,n. bicker 1 

■ 1650 




bekkand, part, bowing 

beknaTe 1, 3 

beknigbt, W. 

lfi77beknow 1,2 

bflknowledging 1 

belabour 2, 3 

belaco (fasten^ W. 

belace (adam), W. 

belaeged, tired, H. ; 
muddy, P.P. 

belam, v.b. 2, 3 

belamourB 2 

1590belanii 1,2 

belande (belandre), coast- 
ing TEiBsel, Phil. 

1580 belast, bound 1 
bekta, W, 
belated 2, 3 
belatednesa, W. 


belaud, W. 
belaugb 1 
belsTo 2 
belawgiven 2 
belay, besiege, waylay, 
)wm 1,2, 3 

laSObclaj, featen to 2, 3 
IB33belai-in?-pin 3 
IGHS beloh, ab. 3 

S, belch, t.n. 2, 3 
S. 1670 belch, v.a. 2 

belch forth, C. 
S. belch on 2 
1681 belch ont 2,3 
1617 belch up 2 

belch, small beer, H. 

belch, belgh, monster, J. 
ISeO belcher, bandkenihiuf 3 
1590 belching 2, 3 

helchjTi,deooKit«, H.,PP. 
1657 btlcony 2 

held, bald, J. 
1360 hold, fair 1 
1350 held, bold 1 

bold cyttes, bell kite, bah) 

1594 beldam, sb. gTBodmotber 

2, 3 
1500 beldame, fair lady 2 

beldam, adj. 2 
1300 1470 belde, v.a. protect 1 
1330 belde, v.n. depend on 1 
1391 belde, y.a. buUd 1 
1360 1170 belde, protection 1 
1120 belde, image 1 

belder, to loar, U. 
Ills belding, building 1 
1300 beldit, p.p. imaged, J. 1 

bcldneas, baldncsa, J. 
1513 bole, Uame 1 
1350 bclo, udj. good 1 

belo, bad conduct, H. 
1120 bele, v.n. bbize, J. 
1186 belead, v.a. 1 

belengue, "W. 
1600 beleaguer, v.a. 2, 3 
1S40 rock-beleasTkeied 3 
1611 beleaguer, sb. 2 
1623 beleaguerer 2, 3 

belcakins, by oni' lady, H. 
1450 1500 beleave,v.ii. leave 1 

bele.iwd, betrayed, H. 

bclechcr, good entcrtain- 

1787 beledgered 3 
S. bclee, v.a. 2 

belef, f badge, E. 

belefe, hope, J. 
1320 bclegge 1 

beleif v.a. le^ve, J. 

beleif, belewe, deliver up, J 
1846 belemnite 3 

belene, v.n. tany, J. 

1620 belepered 2 
bel esprit, W, 

1621 beletf I 

1280 H3fibe!eve,v.n. remain 1 
bcleve, ab. hope, J. 
beleveness, faith, H. 

1678bellliiure 2 

14S4 beltiT 1, 2, 3 
belfuff, a hiU, J. 

beig, bcUow. H. 
1590 1610 bolgards 2 

betghfl, belch, J. 

belgian, sb,_, V. 

belgian, adj. W. 
1500 bclgio, bclgina 2 
1612belgick 2, 3 

belgrandfuther, g. 
father, H. 

belgravian, C. 
1370 behal, ah, 1, 2, 3 

beliat, adj. 3 
1657 belialist 3 
1639 1662 bolibel 2 

belicket, nothing, J. 
1300 belie, T.o. 1,2,3 
1840 long-belied 3 

belie, besiege, J. 

belie, b^ and by, J. 

r, just a 

r, H. 

lo47 belier, sub. 
1298 belief 1, 2, _ 
1360 " hope boneath belief 
1330 beside belief 1 
1840 half-belief 3 
1851 no-bclicf 3 
1840 uubslicf 3 

belief-ful, W. 

bolicf-folncss, W. 
1382 1548 beUevable 1, 

beliovablcneaa, W. 
1360 1611 believe, v.a. 
1330 believe, v.n. 1, 2, 3" 
1450 believe in, on I, 2, S i 
1370 believe into 1 
1520 believe to 1 
1620 believe upon 1 
1530 believemthastory faith 2 
1 B6 1 make'helieye 3 
1623 IbolioYB, yea 1 
1S91 haid-beliering 2 ^m 
17SS leas-believing 3 ^M 
1590 mis-beliaving 2 H 

S. believer 2, 3 ^M 

beliovencaa, P.P. " 

1340 believing, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1620 believing, credulous 2, 3 
1340 1651 berievingly 1, 2 
1450 belight 1 
1660 bclighlcd 2 
1700 belike, adj. probable 3 
1550 belike, adv. perhaps 2, 3 

bclikelihood, H. 
1562 belikely 2 
1496belikiiigly 1 
1666 1677 behmed 

belimmed, diahgnred 

1681 beliqSor 
belialaab, v 
belitter, hrmg . 
child, H. 
1862 belittle 3 

belittling, "W, 
1298 belive, quickly, imme- 
diately 1, 2, 3 

belive, alive 1, 2 






I I 

14«0 1656 bdk, bdeh 1,3 
bdking, loiiiijrfiiff, H. 
bell (in comp!), iiUwm 

1690 debel 2 

1690 rebel 2 

1298 bdl, sb. 1, 2, 3 

1690 chapel bell ) 

1600 common bell 1 

1694 passing bell 2 
8. beU (of a flower) 2 
bell (shape), W. 

1860 1688 bell, y.n.beUow 1,2 
1470 "bear the beU" 1,2,3 
1680 1663 " carry the bell " 2 
1863 " lose the beU" 3 
1400 " beU and book " 1, 2, 3 
1609 "ringbkckbeU" 1 
1840 "cap and bells" 3 
1840 church-bell 3 

1840 glass-bell 3 
1828 "beU the cat" 3 

1621 "as the fool thinketh, 
the beU clinketh" 2 

"a fooPs bell is soon 
rung" 1 

"on, of, the bell/* 
0* clock 1 2 
1689 "bells ring out'of tune" 


matin bell 3 

sheep-bell 3 

steeple-bell 3 
bell, so. bubble, J. 
bell, Y.n. bubble up, J* 
bell (on horse's face), J. 
bell of the brae, top, J. 
bellacity, C. 
belladonna 3 
bellakin, bellowing H. 
bellam, sb. blow, J. 
1693 bellamoure, sb. a flower 2 
bellan, sb. fight, J. 
belland, powdered ore, H. 
bellandine, squabble, J. 

1861 bellarmine, a ju?, N. 3 
bellart, bear leaaer, H. 
bellatrix, W. 

1860 beU bird 3 

bell-bit, bell-shaped bit, 

bell-blome, daffodil, H. 
1620 bell-cally 2 
. bell-clapper, C. 
bell-crank, C. 

1622 belle, sb. 2, 3 
1381 belle, bonfire 1 
1390 belle-chose 1 
1381 belle, mantle 1 
1320 belle, v.n. swell 1 
1636 belleal, warlike 2 

belleis, bellows, J. 
belled, W. 

bellement, habiliment 1 
bellen, to swell, H. 
heller, v.n. bubble up, J, 

1862 belles lettres, W. 3 
1716 belles passions 3 

bellerophon (fossil),^., C. 


1868 beUettrist S 

bellelettristic, baklcttrb- 
tical, W. 

bcUe - scter, bell • jater, 
bell -founder, H. 

beU-fashioned, W. 

bell-flower, W. 

bell-founder, "W. 

bell foundry, C. 
1846 bell-gable 3 
1838 bell-girdle 3 
1863 bell-glass 3 
1649 bell-hallower 2 
1766 bell-handle 3 

bell-hanger, W. 

bell-hanging, W. 

bell-hcatner, J. 

bellibone, fair maid, W. 

belliborion, anple, H. 

bellical, warlike, H. 
1394 beUich, weU 1 

bellicon, blusteringfellow, 

1636 bellicose 2, 3 

bellicous, C. 

bellicosely, C. 

bellie-mantie, blind man's 
buff, J. 

belligerate, y. W. 
1861 belligerence 8 
1690 belligerent, adj. 2, 3 

belligerent, sb. W. 

belligerous, W. 
1863 belling, sb. beUowing, J. 

bellipotent, C. 

bellis (of stags), J. 


bellipotent, "W". 

bellis, daisy, W. 
1611 bellishment 2 

bellisand, elegant, J. 

bellit, bald, J. 

bellitude, W. 

bell - kite, protuberant 
body, H. 

bell-less, W. 
1840bell.Uke 3 
1610 bell-maker 1 
1660 bell-man 2, 3 

bell metal, W. 

bell mouthed, W. 
1867 bell-net 3 

bellock, bellow, H. 
1636 bellomy, blusteringfellow, 

bellon (colic) C. 
1830 bellona 3 

bellona (a star) W. 

belloned, asthmatic 

bellonie, noisy woman, J. 
1591 bellougina 2 
1362 bellow, v.n. 1, 2, 3 
1821 bellow, Y.a. 3 
1867 bellow off 3 
1840 bellow forth 8 
1866 bellow, sb. 3 

beUower, W. 

lS57bdlowiw 8,3 
1840 lion be&owing S 
1300 bellows 1, 2, 3 
1840 bellows engine S 

bellow - &nner, organ 
keeper, H. 

bellowB-maker, C. 

bellows-making, C. 
8. bellows-mender 2 
1606 bellowsed 2 

bell pear, Phil. 

bell-penny (funeral) J. 

bell-pepper, W. 

bell-puU, W. 

bell-rag, seold, H. 
1678 bell-ragges 2 

bell-rap, waterereas, H. 

bell-raiYe, roYe about, J. 
1868 bell-ringer 3 

bell-roof, W. 
1638 bellrope 2, 3 

beUs, "give her the belli 
andlet her fly," hawking 

bell-soler, bell loft, H. 

bell-shaped, W. 
1847 beU-steeple 8 
1614 bell-tower 2 
1766 bell-trigger 8 
1618 1678 beUnine, adj. 2, 8 
1787 helium, force 8 

bellware, seaweed, J. 

bellwaYer, T.n.' straggle 

1830 bell-waYering 8 

bell-wedder, fretfiil chn< 
1670 bell-wether, 2, 3 

bell-weed, W, 

bell-wire, C. 

bell-wort, C. 
1300 belly, sb. I, 2, 3 

S. belly, womb 2 
1694 belly, cavity 2 
B. slow-belly 2 
1692 beUy, flatterer 2 
1699 " belly hath no ears" S 
1630 "belly full" 2 
1684 "belly the head's graye' 

1620 "low belly" 2 
1628 belly, adj. gluttonous 2 
1649 belly, adj. base 2 

belly one's self o' watei 
tale a bellyfull, J. 
8. belljed 2 

belly, T.n. "W. 
1862 belly out 3 

belly-ache, W. 

belly-ache-bush, C. 
1616 belly-band 2,8 

1670 belly-beast 2 

1671 belly-blind, blind man* 

buff 2 
belly-bound, W. 
belly-cheat, H. 
1662 1665 bellyHiheer 2 
belly-cheering, W. 
belly-churl, W. 

lielly-clapper, diant-c-bell, 1510 below tarnica i I 
n. 1636 lielowl, Rbu9U 2 

1855 helo^engeil 3 
l363bel-parolera 1 

bel-pprwlis, jewela, II. 
1362 bekabub 1 

bfilahoch, brat, J. 
belshie, fat, J. 


8. beUy-donblct 2 
leSO beUj-ease 2 
1683 beUf -form 3 
IGSObelly-fnuaikr 2 

beUy-tlBugUt, flay, J. 

beUy-frcttmg, W. 

belly-friend, H. 
1583 beUy-full 2, 3 
16*0 belly.--" " " 

belly-buddrouB, seehiidd- 

bellying', ab. C, 
1727 belly-laden 3 

helly-liniDff, C 

belly-naked, II. 
1B62 beliy-pBuuch 2 
1032 belly-piece 2 
8. belly-pinched 2 

bellj-rack, gominndizing, 

belij-toU, W 

heUy-shot, ibnlnligaU, H. 

belly-slaTe, W. 
I620bellyter 1 

bellj-thrB, cholic, J. 
1632 10G3 belly-timber 2 

belly-TEngBanoe, ainaU 


belly-wark, uholio, H. 
1530 belly- wisdom 2 

belly-womi, W. 
1300 belock 1, 2 
1635 b«laheth, f belohoth 2 

beloraanoj, W, 

b«lono, needle, Phil. 

belone, mackerel, W". 

belonoideB, proceaa in 
Bcull, Pbil. 

bel size, balky, H. 
1S02 helsnagger, Bb. 2 
1390 bslt, ab. 1, 2, 3 
1500 belt, aie 1 
1861 belt, atrip of planting 3 
1727 belt, disuse in aheep 3 

belt, T.a. flog, J. 

belt, y.n. come forward, 

1420 belt, belted, v.a. 1, 3 
1849 belt, Y.a. (a tree) 3 
lS62beltine, festival tn May 

belted plaid 

belter, ab. ^Y. 

bellh, whirlpool, J. 

belting 3 

belt ronnd 3 
1535 bclude, beloved 

beluga, porpoise, W. 
631 beluB 2 
760 beluted, dirty 3 

belve, drink, H. 
edere, plant 3 
1623 baWederc, tower 2, 3 

bolwort, herb, H. 
I5S7 belying 2 

bem, pillar (of cloud), H. 

bema 3 

1647 bemad, t.b. 2 

>. W. 

18S7belonL ^, 
1460 belook, woop, U. 

beloptiira, W, 
1611 belord 2 
1420 belom, loit i 
1370 belore, v.a. 1, 2, 
1523 belovG with 1 
1550 bclove, Bh. 2 
1S90 beloved, sb. 2, 3 
IB 40 beat-beloved 3 
1690 nnbeloved 2 
1697 lebeloved 2 
1597 firrt-beloved 2 
15S0 well-beloved 2 
1S90 beloring, ab. 2 
1960 below, prep, 3 

IUOD bolow, adv. I, 3, 
t bolow bridge, C. 


self, demean, 1630 bem ew 

bemudden, v.a. C. 
[504 bemail, v.a. 2 
' 335 bemand, booming 2 

bemiing, v.a, hurt, J. 
i7 1380 beinangled 2 
020 bcmautle, v.a. 2 

bcmartled, ? trampled 
I6S2 bemartyr, v.s. 2 
[450 bcniased 1, 3 
.694 1620 bemask, v.a. 2 
.730 bematter 3 

bumaul, v.a. 2 

bembei (inaect) W, 

heme, Buhemia, H. 

1500 beme, trumpet 1 
l513 beme, r.n. resonnd 
:656 bemcal, y.a. 2 
.460 1502 bemean, v.a. mean 

bemi'an, make mean 3 
8G3 bemudnlled, adj. 3 
SIS bemcet 2 
467 beme&Ue ? 1 
~. bemete, v.a. 2 

beming, buzliug, J. 1298 bcud, 

bcniiugle, W. 

1589 beminatral 2 
1587 bemire 2, 3 

bemitemont, W. 
1G77 bemist 3 
1G30 bemiBtrees 3 
1857 bemitred 3 
1593 bemiied 2 
1298 bemoan 1, 2, 3 

bemoanable, W. 

bemoaner, W. 
1300 1592 bemoaning 1, ' 

bemoanment, C. 
1608 bemoat 2 
iaD7bemock 2, 3 
1623 bomoil 2 

1590 bemoiaten 2 
1300 bemal (music) 1 
1632 bemolted 2 

S. bemoneter 2 

bemooked, dirty, H. 
bemoralize, W. 
bemothered, concealed, d 
13SD bcmDum 1 
1800 bemunth 3 
1368 bcmow, mock I 
1699 bemud 2 
1862 bemuddle 3 
1683 bemuffle 2, 3 
1857bemTirmur 3 
1720 bemused 3 
1420 ben, into 1, 3 

the ben, within, J. 

there ben, withm, 1, 

1536 ben, inner cbamber 2, 3 

1813 ben, mountain " ^ 

1610 ben (an oil) i 

ben, or bennul, parve 

ben, ready, H. 
ben (at barvest), H. 
ben, a salmon, J, 
1320 1586 bename 1,2 
benar, better, H. 
benature, holy watei 
ben-baufe, H. 
.362 bench, seat 1, 2, 3 
330 bench (of justice) I, 2, 3 

king's bench prison, C. 
450 benct^ bank 1 I 

862 bench, flat plain 3 ■ 
375 bench, v.n. 1, 2, 3 M 
widow's banoh, H. ^ 
bench floor, H. ' 

845 bench table 3 
576 1614 bench wbUtler, H. 

bench, Irame for plaCea, j. 
643 bencher, aaaeBaor 2, 3 
1641 beacher (Inna of Conrt),; 

700 bencheraliip 3 
.656 bencb-hol^ 2 
benching, ab. C 
1635 bench mule, adj. 2 
bench marl;s, W. 
bcnchmaster, C. 
■h plane, C. 
Mtoud 1 



139S b«ad, illBMi 1 

benew, to elink, J. 

1393 1600 bond, bud 1, a 

1460 benediffat 1 

14Se bond, curre 1, S 

hoatsilh, woodbine, H. 

mS bend, bow 3 

Uu..|...-t.-l.. 0. 

U'oeai ((tuff), W. 

1S23 1611 bend, faction I, 3 

16M U.„,.r:„-t,„n 2, 3 

bL'niralt*, adj. W. 

163* bend fin heraldir) 2. S 
bend defter, C. ' 

1668 bcnefactioned 3 

bengalee, i*. W. 

k.n|,U«., W 

bend wnLiter, Phil. 

bencfnctury, sb. 1 

beugallT, C. 
bengal light., W. 

bead voided, Phil. 

bend, leather, H. 

1656 benrfaclure 3 

bengal gtripes ( ootta 

bend, harneM, H. 

ben^feil, b..neflc«d. J. 


bend, clay. H. 

1340 b.-nctlcc (thurrh) 1, 2, 3 

benge, dnnk deeply, H. 


1360 bcBtUcc. indulgence 1, 1 
138H 167S bcnclife, beneat 1,3 

bcngi-re, enm cheat, H. 

bengi, ah. b«ag, C. 


1420 benefifed. adj. 1, 2, 3 

b.m)5T, cloudy, H. 

bond, a puU of liquor, J. 

benhuvl (tin), C. 

1298 bend, y.>. 1,2,3 

beneflceim. W. 

1- n-lii)uac inner rotmi, J 

USD bend (osat.), t.r. 1,3 
1620 bend (oneulf), incline 1 

1661 beneficence 2, 3 

b. iiute, Turkiab fete, W 

1682 beneflcency 3 

1734b-ni.,.rli,, wine 3 


1780 beneficent 3 

1624 tMmi;ht. T.a. darlien 3,; 

1400 bend, T.n. 1, 2, 3 

beneficently, W. 

1627 biui^'bled. adj. 2, S 

lAJO"betiteTentotbedeid" 2 

1528 bcneflml, adj. 2.3 

IMO bt^nt on 2. S 

1691 lirrirli, ,.,1, -1,, a 

1360 benign 1,2,3 

1366 1150 bi'iit, p.p. B<lDniL.-<t 

1863).ui.i",..lii,i,T,.st 3 

IwDign diw»ise, Phil. 

ISIO dLin-ii-benl 3 

1840 t"[„(i,-,.,ilv ;i 

1470 henigned I 

bend, v.n. to hound, J. 

1628 l,.nrlkLi,bi,M 2, 3 

bend, T.n. drink bard, J. 

1611 HiTW Vn-lkmrv, «H. 2,3 

l814lH'iii^'nantly 8 

1594 unbent 2 

kncfic^irv. udj: W. 

btnil an,.u^h, bniTelj 


1382 bu^niKuity 1. 2, 3 

enough, J. 

bencfic encv, W. 

1362 iHuiimlv 1,2, 3 

licnilil ilji, ■'mholJtncJ, J 

1666 benofic enl' 3 

1280 14B4 beuim^. v.n. (be 

bendable, W. 

1862 benclicum 3 

noonie,N.) 1 

Hes 1600 bendbow 1 

1360 benefit, Bb. 1,2,3 

beninno, within, J. 

1307 bendel (hei.) 1 

benefit of dergy, C. 

1779 benefit fftclor'.) 3 

benefit, benefice, H. 

ISJSbenione 2 

I4Be bender 1,3,3 

1300 beniion 1, 2, 3 

1390 bending 1.2,3 

1861 benitier 3 

bcnding-Btrakea, C. 

benefit, iervantB' allow- 

1830 bendletttber, H. 3 

ance, J. 

benjamin tree, W. 

1634bendlet 2 

8. benefit, r.a. 2, 8 

1486bendly 1 

beniUt, v,ii. W. 

beniel, heap, J. 

bendrole (mil.), J. 

l>eneiit-play, W. 3 


bendrfull. bundles, H. 

Twaeero, T.a. W. 

bendware, hardware, H. 

benk, bench, J. 

1727 bendwith, W. 3 

Twncmereiit, ndj, fi. 

benkit, renel, V. 

1486 bendy, adj. (her.) 1,3 

1590 benempt 2, 3 

benend, inner pait of 

lT8fibenmoet 3 

1300 bene, prajer 1 

bi^invU, mat, flas, J. 

1862 bene, good 1 

bene (hma), wealthy, J. 

house, J. 

henncr, inner. J. 

bi'uiiot (herb aveuB), W. 

bene, adt. weU, J. 

bene, oil plant, W. 

bennetting, goiagto gnu 

1468 bene, T.n. bwin 1 

beneplacity, C. 

ISSO beneaped 2 

benerth (tenant aervioe). 

1563 bonoom'(benime) 3 

1300 beneath, prep. 1,3,3 

H. W. 

1420 benorth, adv. 1, 2, t 

1298 beneath, adT. 1, 2, 3 

8. benet,T.a. 2 

1340beuote 1.8 

B. from beneath 2 

1362 benet (proper name) 1 
benethe, tu begin, H. 

1621 benebowM 2 

benow, by tbia time, H. 

1621 benebowsy 2 

benetoire, hole for holy 

leuae. a oow.tall, H. 

boneday, pmyer diiy, H, 

water, H. 

1613 lienaell, force 1 

1362 bencdicite 1,2,3 

l)enBeU, v.a. beat, J. 

1627 bcnvdict, adj. 2 


l>cnedict, >b. C. 

1849beiuihee S 

1861 benedictine, adj. 3 

bentig. to bMt, J. 

bcnfdiction posset, H. 
1846 licnedidHDnnl 3 

148S hencToler 1 

1470 lfi73 benevolou* 1,3 

1320hcn6y.' 1 

1746 benedietivi' W. 3. 

1474 benenrte 1 

ISro bait, gram 1, 2, 8 

benew, adv. beneath, J. 

1360 bent, grany pUin 1,4 

lO bent, curve of hill 1 , 2, 3 

10 bent, Btretch af wing 2 
5 bent, sptaj 2 

'9 bent, power 2 

11 benl, inclination 2, 3 

. "foaltotopofbont" 2,3 
i4 "stand bent" 2 
10 benf, adj. 1, 2, 3 

benl, chiomey, H. 
18 bent ? 2 

benter, fowl, J. 

beatera, debentures, H, 
10 bentang--trcifl 3 

bentgraia, W. 
10 benthamee 3 
10 benthamiam 3 



7 benling 3 

\5 benting time 3 

bentles, dry banty pasture, 

:S bentxovalo 3 
bent; 2, 3 
benteylver, blessed money, 

bonunib, v.n. 2, 3 
benumb, aAy 2 
benumbednESB 2, 3 
benumbing, ab. C. 
benumbment, W. 
beawart, inwud, J. 
benweed, rasTroit, J. 
kick at the benweed, 

bcpiuch, W. 
1623 bepisa 2, 3 

1647 leOSbepitched 2 
1760 bepity 3 

1858 bepluded 3 
1620 bepl aster 2 

beplotraele, II. 
1858bep"inmei 3 
1S83 bppnunced 2 
1683bepowder 2, 3 

1805 bepraisc 3 

1648 bi^priiuked 2 
bepuckered, C 
bfipiiff, C. 

1S83 bppurpled 2, 3 
1539 bi^puzzle 2 

1806 bepuzulement 3 
bequarre, B sharp, H, 

1637 bequarre] 2 
1208 bequeath 1, 2, 3 
18GI b«queathal 3 

1323 beieady, T.a. 1 
berean, a. sect, 'W 
beresTal, sb. C. 

UBS ' 

1530 b< 

1590 joy-bereft 
1592 1611 bereaver 
1587 bereaving 
1869 bereavement 
1362 berebag 
1340 berabliss 
1662 berebussed _ 
1391 berenynthian, adj. 
1388 bered, trodden 1 

berede, advise, H. 

berefranke, bear cage, H. 
1533 bereis, sb. burioi 2 
1582 herand, v.a. 2 

Berengarian, W. 


benwyttre, woodbine, H. 
beazamide, W, 
benzile, W. 
benzilic, W. 
benzine, W, 
benioate, W. 
benioio, W, 

benzoyl, W. 

bcuEule, G. 

benzyle, C. 
1490 benfe, behoof 1 
1394 beouten, without I 

beowled, distorted, J. 
1593 bepaint, v.a. 2, 3 

bepale, W. 
164S bepearled 2 
1630 bepelt 2 
1623 bepeps, v.a. 2 
1613 bepeppered 2 
15S4 beperforaCe 2 

beperiwigged, W. 
1600 1630 bepEster 2 
1854 bepew 3 
175!> bepictnre, v.a. 3 
1726bepUe 3 
1648 bepilDpled 2 

1835 bequeathing, ab. 3 
1632 hcqucaClunent 2, 3 
1293 bequest 1, 2, 3 
U>90he()uirtle 3 
1676 hequit 2 

hequote, W. 

hcrafirvnde, I E. 
1803 bcraid' (beray) 2 
1270 1682 beraiu, v.a. 1, 2 
1683 berake 3 
1638 berall, beryl ? 2 
1583 berampirBd 2 

beranil, roaring, H. 

beiaudyles, i olbIi, H, 
1581 berapt 2 

beraecal, H. 
1601 berate 2, 3 
S, berattle 2 

beraunito, W. 
1570 1650 berav, bespatter 2 

beray, to dress, H. 

borbi3r, barberry, H. 
1726 berbeiry 3 

berbarino, "W. 

berburiB, W, 

bcrbine, Terbena, H. 

bercary, Bhoepcote, Phil. 

bertean, vault, W, 

hercel, mark for shooting 
1380 bercelot, hound I 

hereon, barton, H. 

burcbo, made of iron, H. 
1460 bold, i "make one's 
burd" (heard?) 1 

berdaah, dress, W. 
1330 berdc, bride, young man 1 
1360 1430 bL'rde, brink 1 
1300 1671 here, voice I, 2 
1315 1636 bero, v.n. nuko a 

noise 1, 3 
1375 1494 here, ab. cover for a 

pillow 1 
1340 here, barley 1, 3 
1460 bore, ? " arayad hig batols 

Tiight you us be- 
ve" 1 

I of 2 ^^ 

jreft 2 ^^M 

jreaver 2 ^^^| 

tment 3 ^^^H 

» I ^^1 

ised ^^^M 

ithian, adj. ^^^^^k 

trodden 1 ^^^| 

beressone of, by reason of, 

beretta, hood, H, 

1500 here we 1 

1300 bcrfrey, lower 1 

1362 berg, hill 1, 3 *m 

berg, castle ^| 

berg, town, C. ^| 

beig, mine, C. ^B 

bergamia, citron, C. ilfl 
bergamo (tapestry), 'W. 

1706 bei^amot, scenl 3 

1616 bergamot, pear 2,3 
bergander (hUl), W. 
bergandcr (bird), 0. ^ 

1536 bergane, sb. attack Ij^ 
berge, vJl. scold, J. ^H 

1690 berger 3 ^1 

1307 borges, brig 1 ^| 

1376 bergeret, song 1 

1856 berg fall, berghcry, sheep- 
cote, FhiL 3 

14S0 bergier, peasant 2 
bei^le. a fish, J. 
' '' minaral, 




bcrgmehl, W. 

bcrgmota, W, 

, borgoma^, a dance 

1689 berhyme 3 
1838 bcribeuded 3 

boriall (tomb), J. 

beriall, sbining like beryl. 

beriberi (a disease), "W. 
bone, B grove, H. 
bcriis, sepulture, J, 


bonlliuiiu ^ 


K) beriitj 

bering-lepo, boiket, U. 
iSberiDU 2 

beriupe, dJBturb, 11. 
13 beriio 2 
iS berkit, dotted 2 
IS b«rUdT 2 

berle, beryl, J. 

berlik malt, barlej malt, 

,7 beriiu, Undaa 3 

:9 borlin, gnllLy 3 
berlin-blae, C. 
berlin-je-weller;, C. 
burlin-pHttOTn, C. 
berlin-wiiTB, C. 
berlin-w&rDhuOKe, G. 

bairj, T.s. thiMh, H. J. 
tlig boTjr, tomb, hollow 1, 1 

batTy-bcaHng, W. 
1831 beiTf-browi] t 
1829 beiT}-biub 3 

berrj-fiinned, C. 

beny-iikp, C. 
1B61 berry-pie 3 
1B62 berHglicri 3 

bcnatrix, none, Phil. 

beraelet, buv f H. hoiuid, 


rk, 0. 
berlina, pillori, H. 
S berUng, Bb. 3 
berlnccitt (bird) C. 

berljQiaraMc), H. 
)l b«rm, (of > nmpart) 

Phil. 3 
»b«Tm, v.«. 1 "felthe of 
fendes to bermi" 1 

!)ermix)tUc«, Bcrniiidas 2 

"benuiiilus (oant) H. 
IOI621bern,cliild 1,2 
IS b«m, baraa 2 

bem, bam, J. 
12 tentade, stuifflB 1 
lO benuule, button } 2 

bemBole-gooM, W. 
«benukM t 
iZbeniBcd I 

bemurdine, W, 
iO berne, v.a. iDJoieP 1 

bemen (bunting) H. 

bernet, areon, W. 

berne jud, bam jard, 

bem man, thrasher 
lO bemrtone, thunder-bolt, 
brinxtons 1 


bemwindUn, J. 

1S9D berob 1, 2 

berobe, v.a. 8 

berogne, r.a. 1, 2, S 

bove (tool) W. 

berowe, shadow, H. 

berowne, aroond, H. 

berra, op«n heath, Phil. 
berrea, werrea 1 
l7 berretter 2 
19 berrie, herd 2 
10 berried 3 

beriier, thrasher, H. 

berriOutch, litter, E. 
' berr;, sb. I, 2, 3 



1851 berserk, adj. 3 
1839 berserker 3 
1320 berst, injury 1 

bort, perspire, U. 

bort, bright, W. 
1781 berth 3 

berth. T.a. C. 
1420 berth, fury t 
1881 bcrlhngu 3 

berlb-dwk. C. 

benhplla (lool.) W. 

bertliierilfi (•■M«m.) C. 

berlhing-miultT, C. 

liCTlhiiiseli {^mUh low) J. 

bertholelia (hot.) W, 

bertoh, farm hooie, Phil. 

berton (barton) htm, 

bertram, (hot.) W. 

bertying a ship, Phil. 
liSfi bernnit, bertnit, haKered, 
J. 2 

beiufflanised, K. 
ISeSberuffled 3 
1260 berun 1 
1631 bemst 2 

berrie-baddock, J. 

berward, betirward, J. 
1300 1360 berweu, to «»Te 1 

berwham, boise collar, H. 

bcry, V. a. burT, J. 
1816 ben-hed. Bav^d 1 
laOO berjU, sb. I, 2,3 

beryll, rope, H. 

beryll-crprla], C. 

beryliine, "W. 

beryllium, W. 

beiynces, burial, J. 

beryng, tap, H. 

beryng-case, caaket, H. 

berynt, to bear, H. 
tlSl beiysne 1 

berzelianite, W, 

berzeline, C. 

benelite, C. 

bes, (besaia) m w«gbt, 
Ifi26 beeage, bag 2 
1430 bessge-bone, H. 1 

baM«iiy, aie, H. i 1 
M90 besaiel, g. g. father 1 

besaile (o? suoceHion) 

besaik, beseech, J. 
ISSSbesain 1 


ISM 1670 boant 1, % 
MS6 besaoted (bar.) 1 
1682 beanoed 3 

bescildiged, H. bccdi 

16S3beacorch 2 
1390 bewora, W. 1 
1837 bescoor 3 
1608 bncramble 2 
1310 boscrape 1 
Ifiei bescralch 2 
btacrawl, W. 
S. bescreeD 2 
1683 bescnbbled 2 

1598 1630 beaeomber 3 
1630 bescunr 2 

bescutcheoii, W. 
1298 besee 1, 2, 3 
I2S0 beseech 1, 2, S 
1800 beseech for 3 

beseech, sb. W. 
1486 1609 beseecher 1, 2 
1300 1628 beseeching ' ' 
1862 beseechingly S 

beseechment, W. 
1180 lSSlbeseek,Bee"beeMdi-' 

1300 beseem, T.a. 1, 2, S 
1380 beseem, v.n. 1, 2, 8 
1616 beseeming 2, 3 

beseemingly, W. 

beseemingneai, W. 

beseemty, W. 
1315 beMkandlik, able to b( 

becought 1 
1100 boeU 1 
ISSSbcMDced 2 
1375 bwcr (mispt, ■) 1 
1570be>e9t, i besert stone 2 

b«a(Hteni, EzchaDKe 
(Turkish) Phil. 
1325 liOObea(;t.T.a.8pporlionl 
1298 beapt, surround 1, 2, 3 

beset, T. tr. dot 0T«r 
IS20 beset, adorn 1, 2, S 
1150 beset, employ 1, 2 
1480 beset, beatow in mnniari 

1576 beaet, suit 2 

beaete, beiete (Gower), fi 
1859 bewtment 3 

besetting, sb. C. 
1599besewed 2 

beahacht, not atraieht, J. 

1599 beshocUed 2 

1398 1582 beahadow 1, 2 
1664 beshake 2 
I556baihame 2 

beaharp, nuke harte, H. 

beaha»e, C. 

beahawl, C. 

beahawling, eb. 0. 
1388 1474 beahed 1 
1566beBhent 2 
1 4S0 beahen > bean nre 1 

mo U8fi boMne I 

1867 bennuttfld (of corn) 3 

ISBSbMhining, ah. 1 

ISeOhesmmch 3 

130D besMt 1 3 

1390 beamntter, T.a. stnin 1 

1648he5hivoced 3 

1310 besnow, y.a. 1, 2 

beshote, dirty, H. 

beanuffed, W. 

I85T beahout 3 

hew, «. be il, H. 

b»hiaddo, H, 

1609 besob, y.a. aoak 2 

1500 besbiew 1, 2, 3 

H74besoenB 1,2,3 
132Dbesoil 1,2,3 

bcBlirouil. W. 

1340 UTO besltut 1 

1380 besom, sb. 1, 2, 3 

1310 besom, y.n. 1,3 

bcaid, hlziei, J. 

besom, low woman, J. 

1298 1348 beaido, prep, near 1,2 

besomer, sb, C. 

lesQ heaide, pTcp. contrarv to 

besometimea, adr. N. 

2,3 "^ '^ 

beaom-maksr, C. 

1630 besido. prop, apart from, 

besom-seller. C. 

in addition tu 2, 3 

1642 besom-weed 2 

IfiTO besido tlic ciuhion 2 

1610 beaonian 2 

1590 beside one's self 2, 3 

loBO 1589 besoof, besoop 2 

1863 b«iid« oue-n Bonee 2 

1298 baaide, adv. of pUco 1, 

bcsore, vei, H. 


S. besort, y.a. 2 

1375"beaideonEide" 1 

boBort, sb. attendance, N. 

1298 beside, beaidus, adv. in 

15B0 bsBot 2, 3 

addition to 1,2 3 

1835 besotted 3 

1615 besides, adj. 2 

1838 besidu that 2 

1588 "over and beaidea" 2 

1760 beEOttiog. sb. 3 

1518 besides forth 2 


1420 besouth, prep. 1, 2, 3 

beaidery. « pear, W. 

1857bespaded 3 

besidery sondrv, Puil. 

1670 bespanglR 2, 3 

1298bed^B,».ft. 1,2,3 

1840 star-bespangled 3 

lS9i strong besieged 2 

leil besiege, sb, 2 

1855 bespQte, spotted over 3 

besieged, sb. 0. 

1665 bespatter 2,3 

1691 besioger 2, 3 

18t>2 bespattering, sb, 3 

B. besieging, sh. 2 

15S0 bespnttle 2 

1856 besicgingly 3 

besight, scandal, H. 

1690 bespeak, y.a. address 2,3 

1679 bespeak, y.a. teU 2, 3 

1637 besin, v.s. B 

1350 bespeak, y.n. speak 1,2,3 

bosyne, byaira, whore, J, 

1604 bespeak, v.a. jest 2 

156ebe8ing, T.a. 2 

1305 bespeak, plot, engage 1, 

1340 beunge, v.a. 1 

2, 3 

129B bespeak, speak against 1 

besit, W. 

1300 bespeak, agree 1 
bespeak, ab. C. 

beakyfte, thrust off, H. 

bealabber, W. 

1474 "well bespoken," rivil 

16B1 bealaah 2 

1S27 bealate 2. 3 

bespeaker, W. 

beslsTer, "W. 

1583 beapeeked 3 


bespeekle. W. 

1689b[«lceve 2 

1S57 beapectaeled 3 

1730bealime 3 

leiSbeapeed, bastan 2 

beslobber, W. 

leUbespent 2 

beaperpled, sprinkled, H. 

S. bcslubber 2 

hespot. W. 

1688 bdslurr, 3 

leiShespeW 2 

besluny, amoar, H. 

leOlbespiCB 2 

1500 beamuar 1. 2, 3 

1556 bespill 2, 3 

1280 1650 bespit 1,2 

S. besmirch 2 

lOaOhespUt 2 

1608 besmoke 2, 3 

1583 hespot 2, 3 

lOUbeamooth 2 

1330 bespread 1, 2 

12B8 besprent, p.p. 1,2,3 

laiobeamut 1 

1573 hesprsnt, y.o. 2 

1298 IS32 bespring, besprinkle 

1, 2 
1591 besprinkle 2 ^M 

besprinkler, W. ^H 

15S7 besprinkling 2, 3 ^H 

btspurt, W. ^M 

leiSbespnrtle Z ^B 

besputler, W. 
]867beBpy 3 

bess-o'-bedlam, bessy, 
bessj-bad, H. 

beBsy-lorch, a fish, J. 

best. sb. heaat, J. 
1376 best, p.p. beaten, J, 1 
1376 best, p.p. fluttering, J. 1 
1609 best, sb. 2, 3 
1370 best, adv. 1, 2, 3 
1298 best, adj. 1, 2,3 
1485 "Htthflbest" 1,2 
1298 "be best to do" 1,2,3 
1460 "for the best" 1 
1623 "best not" 1 
1660 "the best is" 2 

best aucbt, valuable ar- 
ticle, J. 
1660 " best's the best" 2 
1742 beat brother 3 
1611 "beat carpenter makei 

feweat ebips" 2 
1660 1600 best cheap 2 
1840 best- condition^ 3 
3632 best day 2 

S. best esteemed 2 
1633 at the beat hand 
1861 best man 3 

S. best nioying 2 
1788 host room 3 
1663 bebl side outward 2 
1435 best wertliy 1 

best-arranged, C. 

best-concerted, C. 

1765 best-eslablished 3 
best-governed, C. 
bcst-heerted, C. 
best-humoured, C. 

1861 best-intciition«d 3 
best-known, C. 
best-looking, C. 

1''66 best-managed 3 
1710 beat-meant 3 

1766 best-polided 3 
1786 best-principled 3 

8. best-regarded 3 
1627 best-sighted 2 

best-spokon, 0. 

best.tempered, C. 

best- trained, C. 
1633 beat-traded 3 
1700 beat-understood 3 

best- written, C. 
1611 hestab 2 
1366 bcstaile, cattle 1, 3 
S. bcstoined 2 

beBtorrad, H. 
1380 beatay, stop 1 
1869 bestayed (women) S 
1631 bestead, y.a. help 2, 3 

1862 bestead, y.n. 3 



1<M bMlMd, T.«. HMil 1 

ISO0batMd,p.p.b«Mt 1,3,S 
ISOT tMM«ad, p.p. angtged, etc. 

1, 2 
134D bertewed, f *t«w*Td 1 
botial, ^tgt en^iM, J. 

1536 beetial, cattle 2, a 
ISSO txatul, adj. 1, 2, 3 

bostUl Bifni of Zoduut, 

botialito, Mttl«, J. 
1370 1687 btttuditj 1, 2, 3 
1684bMtudiie S 
lUObMtullT I 

1647 bwtial« 3 
167Dbestick 3 

B. twrtill, T.L 3 
1170 beitioiu 1 
IBOOlMilir 1,3,3 
18S7bMtonn 3 
13S0 beatow, v.tL. place in ufety 

1600 beatow, i.a. give I, 2, 3 
1S70 beatow on 2 
1697 bestov, sb. 2 
IBSSbeatowBble 3 
beatowal, W. 

1537 beatower 2, 3 
beatowinp, sb. G. 

18S0 bp,sti>wnieiil 3 
beatraddle, W. 

1538 beatropjicl 3 
1S80 1634 bestraught 3 
ISSfi beBCrauc-btin? 2 
1736 hpslr(flln-,i 3 

bestreik, drown ont, J. 
1298 bestrew I, 2 
1300b«BMde 1,2,3 
lS29beetrider 3 
1340 16S4 beatrip 1, 2 
1618 bestriped 2 

1648 bestToke 3 
1794 beatrow 3 
1648 beatnitted 2 
1642beBtuck 2 
164S beatnd 2, 3 

besturted, alarmed, J. 
1430 beatyn > 1 

1682 beangar 3 

18S7 beaung 3 
1790 beaure, (uIt. 3 

beawakit, drancbad, J. 
1582 beawann 3 
1430 beaweat 1 
1648 besweetened 2 

1683 besweltered 2 

1300 1470 beawike, deceive 

(besweik, J.) 1 
1340 beswiking, ab. 1 
1694 beawiiwe 3 
1396 beswink 1 
1660 beewitch 2 
beaj, see 1: 

bet (in comp.) 
1690 abet,T.a. 2 

ie»2 brt, wU. tMttw 2 
14B4 bet, ib. bettor 1 
1375 bet, T.L better I, 3 
1678 bette, adj. fertile 2 
1638 bet, T.n. wa^ 3 
1600 bet, T.L wager 1, 3 

bet, lb. wager, W. 
1441 1936 bet, v.t. ddke 1, 3 

bet down, J. 

bet, T.a. detent, abate, J. 

bet, p.p. bnilt, J. 
1430 "foW" 1 
1390 bet, nude raadf 1 
1380 bet, promiaed 1 

bet, belped, J. 
1867betiUed^ 3 
1636 httaini', k'tDDT 2 
1298 16t2b('tHkb,g{Teiiioharge 

1298 1621 betake, take 1, 2 

1631 betall, r.a. pa;, eonnt 

manef 2 
1360 betane,pret,eiwU)*ed i J. 1 
1778 betaaaeled 3 
1630 betattered 2 
1250 1671 bete, make amends 

1300 1613 beteacli, give in 

cbaive to 1 
1366 1436 beteach, tMcb 1 
1588 beteared 2 

beteem 2 
1440 beteen, vei 1 
1481 betel, wedge, staff 1 
]6fi0 betel, leaf 2, 3 
1790 betel-nat 3 
1430beteU 1 
1300 460 bctm, inlaid 1 

betan ding, concerning 
1656 hetciTu 2 
1527 betewt, between 2 
lS20betbanian 2 

betbank, ab. " in your be- 
thank," J. 
1787 betbankit, ab. tbanks 3 
1496 bethe > '• weU bethyd and 
ttrpygbU; " 1 

hctlii'fd, priwpered, H. 

btlbol, W. 

betherel, kirk-offloer, 3. 
1298 betbink, T.a. 1, 2, 3 

bethink, grudge, H. 
1300 1683 betOnk, r.n. 1, 2 
1 340 1593 bethinking 1, 2 

belli tehoni, W. 

btthb'heniifa, W. 

bethlem gnbor, H. 
1382 btthlrai-pcoplo 1, 2 

bethleriB, bnuhclors, J. 

bethont, without, J. 
1500 belbnill, v.a. 2 
1835 bethreaten 2 

1576 betliw>e\ 2, 8 

1581 bethVBcked, replete 2 
I634bethKHn 2 

bclhwiae, clentatia, H. 
1208beCida,T.n.happai 1,3,3 
1298 betid^ T.a. 1, 2, S 

1650 betide, fbrebodo 2 

1651 betide, beaeem 2 
1692 betid«, ib. 2 

1300 betime, adv. batiioM 1, 

2, S 

bctined, hedged roimd, E. 

beting, lb. leporaijon, J. 
1664betitlod S, ^ 

betk, Kift, E. 

betoatled, inbedle, H. 
1857betaoiin 8 
lS57betoiled 3 
1293 betoken 1, 2, S 
]587betokeiuc 3 
I29S betokening 1 

beton, sb. W. 

betongne, W. 
1606 betony 2, 3 
1420 belora, bittran 1 

below, W 
1630 beton 1^8 

betoue, ibag alxNd, H. 
1858 betoweUed S 
1647 betome, > diaordeMd 2 
1683 betiainled, led away 3 

betraitor, H. 
1698 betrampled 2, S 
H20 bctrap 1, 2 
1375 1683 betrash, betnse, J. ; 
betray 1, 2 

betraat, tmst, K. 

betrox, battlement, H. 
1298 betray 1, 3, 3 
1609 fott-beCraved 2 

betrayal, W. 

betxajed, sb. C. 
1604 botniyer " ~ 



bclruyment, W. 

bctrajBshe, go about, H. 

"hotrod, prevailed, H. 
1690 betreiich 2 
lS701ietreQl,twiflted 1 
S. betrim 3 

betrimming, sb. C. 
l£6abetriat 2 
1303 betroth 1, 3 
186S betrothal, W. g 
1616 betrothed, «b. 2 
1320 betrothing 1 

betTothnust, W. 
16fi6betn>w 2 
1613 betrump, J. I 
1478 1646betrnat 1,2 

betrtuting, 0. 

bctruatment, W. 

b«t9o (coin) W. 

bett, pare tnif, H. 

bettaie, pickaxe, H. 

■ bcttee, Jemmy, Phil, 

betteljngee, bitttleb, II, 
129S better, adj. 1, 2, 3 
ITSl better, eb. 3 
1360 better, adv. 1, 2, 3 
1370 better, T.a. 1, 2, 3 
1315 better, y.n. W. 1, 2, 3 
1609 time bettering 2 
leif betters, sb. 1, 2, 3 

better, "ten bottera" ten 
times SB manj, J, 
1651 better than, more [ban 2 
1361) "to be better" 1,2 
1500 hare better 1 
1830 better ndTiaed 3 
1632 better anaiel 2 
1830 better boUnced 3 
I5S3 better bnt 2 
1500 1632 better cheap 1, 2 
1765 better constitntionod 3 
1840 better giKed 3 
1712 " get the better" 3 
1B40 better-looking: 3 
1660 " greater 



1860 better lettled 3 
1623 better hand I 
1660 "neither barrel better 

herring." 2 
163S "better to like onwarda" 

1765 better policied 3 
1380 well better 1 

1690 with the bettor, with 

interest 3 
1G28 better, a! wageis 2 

better-half, C. 

bfltter-bearled, C. 
1615 bettorhaod 2 

bfltter-humoured, C. 
1578 botloring 2 

1816 botter-lcnnwing 2 
1608 betterment 2, 3 
1771 bctlermoat 3 
1315 bottemeeB 1, 2, 3 

batting, W. 
1862 betting-book 3 
bettle, H blow, J. 
betty (oanl) W. 
bettj-tit, H. 
betola (bircli) W. 
betulino, W. 

1691 betombled 2 
betutor, W. 
betwan, strainer, H. 

1817 betwattled 3 
1382 betwe, in two 1 
1298 between, prop. 1, 2, 3 
1621 "between an hilding and 

a jade" 2 
1523 "go between" I 
B, botween, adv. 2, 3 
betweenity, W. 

1642 betweentimo 3 
I860 botweonwUlsB 3 

batwoish, betwekia, be- 
twiit, J. 
16G1 betwit 2 
1300 betwixt, prep. I, 2, 3 
B. betwiit, adr. 2 

como betwiit, cause 
qiiarrol, N. 
1370 betjn,onforce[),Undled 1 
1190 betyn, bitumen 1 
betyng candle, H. 
betyage, rod, H. 
1399 beu, bean I 
1535 bouoh, eh. hough 2 

beuchol, v.n. walk feebly, 

benchol, sb. feeble crea- 

beufe, f buff, N. 
1636 beuge, bend, bow 2 

boiig\ limb, J. 
1796 bengle S 

beagle-backed, crook- 
backed, J. 

benke, baked, J, 
1662 beulcec 2 

beuld, bow-legged, J. 
1781 benrre, a pear 3 
1750 henrj', pear 3 
1470 bealies (a ooloiir) 1 

bevai, one worn out with 
age, J. 

bevel, ab. a stroke, J. 
1787 berel, sb. 3 
1609 bevGl, adj. 2, 3 
1861 bevel, v.a. 3 

bevel-gear, C. 

beveling, 0, 
1310 beveling, ? "contak and 

bevelynge" 1 
1S81 bevelled 8 

berelment, W. 

lievcl-wbeel, C. 
1393bevEnomed 1 
ISaibever, v.n. shake 1 
1250 bever (fur) 1, 2, 3 
1485 1630 bever (of a helmet) 

1, 2 
162S bPTor (a hat) 2 
1576 1633 bever, a Imichoon 2 

beyer, v. "W. 
1298 bevemgo 1, 2, 3 
1298 beverage, reward, J. 1 

pay beTeraKe, Phil. 
1398 bcvering, ahaking 1 
1763 heverae 3 
1796beversight 3 
1418 beveayne, ?" 1 

bevetene, bever, H. 
1867bcveto 3 

bevie (of a fire), J. 

beric, apiiflh, J. 

bcvile (her.), Phil. 

bevil-cdge, J. 
1700 bevin, bavin 3 

1739bDvirtu, V.II. 3 V 

bevise, consider, H. ■ 

bevishf fall headlong, E. 
1857 hevomited 3 
1620 bevy 1, 2, 3 
1430 bevy (of qnaila, olo.), Phil. 
1, 2, 3 

bevy-giease, fat of roe- 
buck, Phil. 

bew, good, J. 
1300 bewail, v.a. 1, 2, 3 

S. bewail, v.u. 2, 3 
1690 nnbe wailed 2 

bewaiio, compass, H, 

bewailflfale, W. 
1630 hewailor 2 
1517 henuiling 1 
1862 hewailingly 3 

bewnilment, W. 

bewake, W. 

hewand, H. 
1320 bewaped 1 
1500 heward, beeward 1 
1298 beware 1, 2, 3 
1500 beware, v.a. 1, 2 
1617 "be weUwore" 2 
1500 beware by 1 
1370 bewared, warned 1 
1393 hewared, spent 1 
1689 bewBsh 2 

bewavo, caiue to wander, 

bewave, shield, J, 

bewe, liquor, H. 
1636bewearied 2 

bowed, wed, H. 
1300 beweep 1, 2, 3 
1150 bcweld, defoad I 
1603 beweltored 2 
1330 bowend 1 
1671 hewca, boughs 2 
1650 bowest, adv. 2 
1628 bewet 2, 3 

bewfray, belfty, H. 

1395 bewhapped 1 
bewhispor, W. 

ie57 bewbiatle 3 

bowhiverod, frightened, 
S. bowhora 2 

bewiddied, deranged 

1396 bewield, rule 1 
IS 62 bewiegod 3 
1681 beniMer 3 
1810 oyo-bewildeiing 
1810 mist-bewildered 
1810 bowildered-looking 

bowilderedty, C. 

benilderedness, W. 
1806 benildering, sb, * 

bewilderingly, 'W 
1860 bewilderment £ 
1320 bewilo 1 

bewill, T.a. bewilder, J, 
1280 bewind 1 
1660 bewUiter 2 

bewis, beaiiticB, J 
1320 bewitch 1, 2, 3 






l<«4beM«tiMl S 


1(87 bcithlK-manoB 2 

ISSObiblMtok 3 

bewitcher, W. 

B. beiODiiin a 

1787 l«witchery, W. 3 
bemtcWuI, W. 

bcivell, adT. bow«*cr, t 

l»7bfMlo, «b. 2 

l)ewit«hiQg 2. 3 

1811 beule, V. !, 3 

1030 bib1i>-aiith, W. 9 

1878 heart-Uwitehins 8 

bellied, bloated, H. 

1«40bibkr 2 

Ww Mliingty, W. 

im beating, lb. 3 

bilil.-rc,iiU.c. C. . 

bow,u.bmp.<», W. 


bible-reading, C. 

S. hcmldimoDt 2 

bbalie, hamlrt, J. 

lS34bibUcal 3 

bemlh, plara of rtwdaWB, 

UbUcaUy, C. 



b«with, mbrtituUs J. 


1862bibl)a*t 3 

l»witi,W. ^ 

ISeabewiurd S 

1280 bi, by 1 

1830 tubliagiaphg 3 

bowly, Bhiiiin?, It. 
1430 b<'wud<>, T.n. Co mid 1 

1830 bibUographer 3 

1370 bialMoil 1 

bcwomi, pmzh,l. H. 

1840 bianchi and neri 1 

18S0 bibliogTH>l>>*«l S 

1800 1630lwwi,iidi^r,,i 2 

tisngnlar, W. 

bsword, to report, H. 

biangulat*, W. 
biongulatod, W. 

1837 ^X^ S 

laSO bewound. T* 1,3 

biangulooi, W. 

1837 UUioUbrwt i 

MOi bewpec (oloth) 3 
tWlWOWnrop 1,3 

biaraiian, C. 

1837 Inbliolatnnia 

^iarKniutt, W. 

1300 be«T<7, T.a. 1,3,9 

liorticukle, W. 

bitilLulilr, W. 

1800 bewT»j, coyer I 

I570bis«,sh. 2,3 

biblioloL-icaL W. 

ISSlbewnrer 3 

1616^i«isndr. 2 

biblioloeist, C. 

IMO ISM ^swTMJt i,2 

8. draw biai 2,3 

1824 dapoBabia* 3,3 
ISSO hoBbiaa 2 

»7B1»imtlwi 2 

1839 btbliomaae 3 

1>70 bewmnght 1 

1820 keepbiai 3 

ISlObewMhw 1 

1642 oatofthebiai 3 

USSbewte, between? 1 

1618 mnbiai 2,3 

be wry, nerrert, J. 
bcwtec, bittern, J. 2 

biaa^wing 3 

bibliomimianisra, W. 

1638Wa«,y,a. 2,3 

ISOO bibliunmnlbt 3 

ISU bex, ? bcaka 2 

bias, very, J. 

bsy (TarkiA), W. 

uSng, .b. 0. 

IS60 bejdom, <1>. S 


1298 beye, botb 1 

leiebiaawiie 2 

1298 bejra, of both I 


boToto, obtaining, H. 


1«7 bcyU nag! 1 

bianricnlate, W. 

I«lSbib,>b. 2, S 


18S8 diiyel-bib 9 

1855 beyond, Gb. 8 

bib, itomadl, J. 

12M bf^yonci. prep, 1, 2, S 

1370 bib, T.a. 1 

B. go beyond 2 
IfiOO 1^18 beyond Ben 2 

^^ tf beyont, at a 

ISU 1638 bib, y,n. 3 

bibaeion*, W. 

1574bibaeity 2 

1S3S bibber 2,3 

great diatsncc, J. 

B. wine-bibber 3 

bibliotaphiat, W. 

leyte, sharper, H. 

1870 bibbaiabip 3 

MaObeylt,? 1 

14£0 bibbey.^^^ 1 
1547 1834 bibbing, lb. 2 


1883be»iD, itcuel 2 


1562 bibliulbecar, J. ; Kbl 


1583 bibUe, v.n- 2 

thtoatj-. lihrariim 3 

I29Sbeuiit 1 

1552 1601 bibble-babblft ri>. 2 

1884 betaotelier 2 

1683 bibble-habble, yji? 2 

bibliit, W. 

beiar-tMe, FhO. 

IfiSObibblec 2 

ICGObiblos 2 

1737 l)Enard, beioar 3 

ISM bibbUng, adj. 2 
1553 bibbling-babbling 3 

bibracteate, C. 

1862 bead, embezile 9 

1882 bibulous 3 

1727 bczclwise, sloping 3 


1858 bibalotuly 8 

bezil(ofaringJ 3 

Wbill,a«croll, J. 

bicalcarate, W. 

ISSgbwoar 2,3 

biWo, wine-fly, PbiL 

1100 bieall, aoenae 1 

1727 beioaidio, adj. 3 

bibitoty, W. 


beioudio, Bb. W. 

1330 biUe 1,2,3 

bical ooB, W. 


rough bible 2 



w .„ 



^V bicarbonate, W. 

bieusp, C. 

bidelve, bury, H. 

H bicas, by obauce, H. 

1316 1668 bidene, presently 

1300 bicaet, corei 1 

bicuspid, W. 

bidens, a sheep, PhiL 

130Dbical«b, deceive 1 

bicuspidatc, -W. 

hideotal, V, 

lS87bicauBe 2 

bicospis, W. 
1306 hid, Bb. bed 1 

bideatal, sb. C. 

lfil9 16i8 bioe. coloor 1, 2 

bidentate, W. 

biceUum (house), C. 

1280 bid, v.a. command 1,2,3 

bidenlaled, W. 

1360 bid to 1 

1730 bidential 8 

biceps, W. 

1360 1600 bid, aha. 1, 2 

b de-owe, be puMlhod, 

bicli, pitch, H. 

1398 bid, T.a. offer 1, 3, 3 

1630 bidet, horse 2 

1570 bictance, adT. 2 

1633 bid, order ofattadesmon 2 

b det (in a bedroom) 

bicharrid, deceived, H. 

1398 bid, T.a. ask, pray, invite 

b dhook, W. 

bicbaunte, enchant, H. 


1430 1600 biding, aV 1,1 

hiche, (ur, H. 

1330 hid, v.a. presage 1 
1868 bid (at auction) 3 
1690 forbid 2 

biche-Bon (bitch), H. 
13S0 bicheche, beseech 1 

1430 biding, adj. 1,3 

1866 b diurnal 3 

1260 biohere, T.a. I 

1690 outbid 3 

U49bid»te 1 

1470 bicdiid, bitched 1, 2 

1600 hid adieu 1, 2, 3 

b dow, lance, H. 

1390 bicbid-bonea (Chau.) 

bid against, 0. 

1363bhJraveIed 1 

1300 bichenne, chatter at 1 

1800 bid arms, otter battle 2 

1363 b -dropped 1 

1618 bid base 2 

biehoca (tnlret), C. 

1330 1660 bid battle 1,2 

1388 be, 8b. ring 1 

1740 bichone (boat) 3 

1436 hid beads, orison 1, 2, 3 

1656 be, adj. 1 
1330 1503 hie, v a. ftbie 

1330 bid the same bede 1 

bicbt (byobt), J, 

1400 bid buffet 1 

1670 abie 2 

bicipil^' W. 

1820 bid defiance 2,3 

1668 bet, adj. 3 

bicipitona, W. 

bid down, C. 

1671 b eld, sb. shelter 3, 3 

1300 bieia, vices 1 

1746 bid fair, 3 

1828 b eld, T.a. protected S 

bick, sb, bitch, J. 

1600 bid fiircwflU 2, 3 

b eld, to dwell, H. 

hick, sb.wocden bottle, H 

bid for, C. 

b ely, aheitering, J. 

1300 bick, T.n. fight I 

hick and birr, cry oa 

1633 outbid 2 

1784 b en, in wealth^ I 

1805 bid a trace 3 

1260 b end, bond 1 

grouse, J. 

1360 bid, 8b.f "nobidlchavo 

1362 1490 bienfait 1 

1362 bicker, v.n. 1, 2, 3 

none other mode" 1 

1362 biennal, for two yean 

1330 bicker with 1,2 

1864 bid, sb. offer 3 

1621 biennial, adj. 3,3 

1792bicker, T.n. nm, flow 8 

1602bidalcs 2 

1860 biennial, sb. 3 

1535 bicker, v.a. 2 

bidaweth, dawns, H. 

1840 bicker for 3 

bid-beads, sb. C. 

1298 bicker, sb. quarrel 1,3 

bidcock, water-rail, H. 

1396 1629 bieuTcune 1,2 

178fiWcker,8b. run 3 

1862 biddable 3 

1330 bier, sb. 1, 2, 3 

1788 bicker, sb. dish 3 

bickerer, ^W. 

biddublio, obediently, J. 

1801 bier, a fruit 3 

bickcrful, J. 

1300 biddp,v.aax. need, ought 1 
1697 bidden, "his hidiEin," 

1678 bier, beer 3 

1288 b ckering, fight 1,3,3 

bier (in t wob), J. 

b ckering, toying, J. 

hidden by him 2 

1316 bieren, man I 

1S70 b ckering, gleaming 3,3 

1362 bidder, berear 1 

bierbalk (road), W. 

1600 bickerment 2. 3 

1749 bidder (at auolion) 3 

bierdly, fit, proper, J, 

biokcm, W. 

bidder ale, C, 

1601 bieie, irapetua 2 

bicker-raid, ganiB, J. 
bickom, flnril, H, 

biddery, adj. (ware) -W. 

1588 biero, sb. man, body i 

1684 biddikll, binnacle 3 

bierliiis, galley, J. 
bierly,1;ur!y, J: 

1300 bielepe, ac«uie 1 

1330 bidding, sb. reqnwt 1 

1298 biclepe, appotd 1 

1360 bidding, command 1, 2, 3 

1460 bier-lree 1 

1360 1449 bidip, embrace 1 

1868 bidding (at auction) 3 

129S biclose 1 

1646 biddiag-urayBi 3, 3 

1571 biestings 2 

bicttle, T.n. amend, J. 

biddy-base, a game, H. 

1350 bicus, beam 1 

1270 bicolme, T.a. 1 

biddy's eyes, pansy, H. 

182B bieyflr, mess (Oaelio), 

bicolour, W. 

1280 1670 bide, v.n. 1,3 

1362 bide, T.a. 1, 3, 3 

hieytar, food for stra 

13fiO bicome. befit 1 

1S90 abide, T.n. 2 


1590 abode, sb. S 

b can?iiis,aineaeuie, Fhil 

bide at, J. 

1362 bifall, T.n. 1 

bide be, continse in one 

biferiona, W. 

1862 b consooantal 3 

state, J. 

boom, W, 

1494 1649 bide by 1. 3 

bifer, plant, W. 

b corned, N. 

bide knowled^, bear in- 
bide, sb. pain, J, 

biforoua, W. 

bicomona, W. 

biffin, W. 

bicorporsl, W. 

bifid (of R leaf), W. 




tofol*, make a fe«l of, H, 
1400 iMi, adj. 1, 3, 3 

bitbliils, W. 

biIbliolai& W, 

bitblinm (bifoil), Phil. 

lufiiUiciUv, W. 

biforale, W. 

biJbriiie, VT. 
1362 bifora 1 
JSOObiforked S 
1637 bifbnu 2, 3 
ISBO bifarmed 2 
1647 biformity 2 
1842 bifroni 3 
1S9S bifront, lb. 2 
leOS leeS bifront, adj. 3 
IGS8 1641 bifronted 2 
1860 bifurcal 3 
18fi9 biforeate, t.q. 3 

biftircate, T.a. W. 
ISU biAiTcated 3 

bifoTcaUng, ah. C. 
1865 tahroation 3 

biAinoua, W. 
leUUfbrked 2 
1362 Ug, adj. 1, 2, 3 
S. look big 2 
8. big of a man 2 
1S90 big with child, etc. 2 
1636 big u on«'e word 2 

1316 big, T.B. build 1, 2, 3 
1330 big, T.n. build (J.) 1 
1330 big, T.IL. dweU 1 
144S big, T.a. bqj 1 
1360 big, bent! "to batail ei 
thai baldly big" 1 
to big ronnd one, iiu- 

iwud, J. 
big upon, attack, J. 
129S bigabbcd, deccivod 1 

bigam, W. 
1590 bigamo, Sib. 2 

bipttmist, 'W. 
Ifi25 1596 biganius 2 
1380 bigamy 1, 2, 3 

bigHrTsde, an orange, Pbil . 
1693 bignrranu, chfrry 3 
bigamnn, cherry, W. 
1300 bignte, profit 1 
1600 bigatc, coin 2 
S. bigboUied 2, 3 

big-bo, hobgoblin, H. 
1614 big-bodied 2 
1634 big-boned 2, 3 
big-bottomed, C. 
15S3 big-bulked 2 
1^99 big-buzzing 2 


bigeminntc, W. 

big end, H. 

bigenor, W. 

bigtoitial, W. 

bignrniii. ensnare, H. 
1363 bigelf, cliild I 
130fi bigete, sh. gain 1 

big-fiitcd, 0. 

big-frpBli, Tcrr lipw, H. 
ISlfi bigj^and. buildti 1 
1362 biinn>, v.n. buy I 

mr biK!,-c.uv,i,ir. i 

bipgon, T.n. enlarge, H. 
bi^gen. get np aCtei lying 

1460 bif,x.T, l.iiiUl.r I 
1546 Ui:i:in, niiilitca]) 2, 3 
1701 1ii):^-io, woodvn cup 3 
lOieliiKgin-bib 2 
1352 "iMK-gint;. house 1, 2, S 

biggit, liind built, J. 

biggit-na's, J. 
Weill biggi^ noil gioini. 

bighllum, bulniu i i 
1360bigile, beguile 1 
1440 biglling, sb, 1 
1362 bigiu, begin 1 

1362 bigiuncr I 

1363 bigirdlp, sb. 1 
bigirt, H. 
biKlandiJor, W. 

1300 biglide 1 

14S0 biglr, adj. largo 1 

ISSO bIglSer 2 

1G80 leubigly, adv. 2 

bignamed, W. 
1494 bignesa 1. 2, 3 

bigning, II. 

bignonia (plnnta), W. 
13S0 bigo, "begoDo" 1 

bigone, wont, 11, 
1641 bigot, eb. 2, 3 

bigot, B Vi'ui'tinn mea- 

1805 bigot, adj. 3 

1640 bigoted 2, 3 
bigotadly, W. 

1621 bigotes, mouatachee 2 
1678 bigotick 3 
1678 bigodcal 3 

1678 bigotically 3 
bigotiem, Phil. 

1641 bigotry 2, 3 

1679 big-paiinehed 2 
big quile {prov.), haycock 

1300 1360 bigrode, boot at 1 

bigripe, Boiee, E. 

big-ronnd, adj. W 
1362 bigmdge 1 


iHg-ipeaking, tb. C. 

big-twollm 2 
1861 b^tb, aiie S 
1780 hig-nddered 3 

Ingoiling 1 
18S1 big-wig 3 
1S99 t^wombed 2 
1624 big woida 2, 3 
1330bw7n! "bot he Ucy 

Cedle he tumea tm 
1300 bihaits, behold 1 

bihalTe, T.a. H. 
1300 lulaap, adv. 1 
1300 biliLHl.., s.a. ro,^'ar<i 1 
1300 bihemmen, oorer up 1 
1380bihenden 1 
I350bih(at 1 
1300 1449 bihete, promiM 1 

biheveded, beheaded, E 
13G0 bihewe 1 
1300biliid 1 
1360 bihightei 1 
1362 bihind I 
1362bihold 1 
13.00 biboting ) 
1360 bibore 1 

bihydroguiet, C. 

b) on, Tosio, I'liil. 

bijou, W. 

bijouterie, C- 

bnoutry, W. 

bL agate, W", 

bi ugoua, W. 
1460 bike, bce-bive (see J. 
bee-bike 1, 3 

bike, v.n. to hive, J. 

bikoch, deceive, II. 
1300 1362 bikcn, deliver np 

bikal, fought, H. 
13M1536lMkor, fight 1,3 
1635 bikortio, fight 2 

bikh, a plant, W. 

biking, tuve, J. 
1350 biknow, recognize 1 
1360 bikyniyng, beginning 

bil, eodiiBh, H. 

bilttbiiito, W. 

bilabiat^ C, 
1309 bilace, beaet 1 

bilammellato, W. 

biiamniellated, W. 
1609 1637 biland, peninsula 
1687 bilander, bionenlandcr 

boat, G. 3 
1360 bilapped, mapped up, 1 

bilosh, flog, H. 

bilateral, W. 
1380 bilay, beriege 1 
1583 bUbeny 2, S 

bilbie, shelter, 3. 
1602 bUbo 2,3 

bilbo-blade, H. 

bilbo-oatch, H. 
1616 bilboqaet 2 

1621 bUbo-lord 2 

1628 biaet, v.a. (soldiers) 2,3 
biili^tlng, ab. C 

1622 bUboea, Itoc^ 2 

8. bilbow, elbow 2 

bilitho, imi^o, H. 

baict-master, C. .^H 

bilcll, lusty person, J. 

baieting, ordure affox,9^H 

bilch. v.n. linrp, J. 
bilcher, one who limpB, J 
biicDoi, nater-rail, H. 

1633 bilk, Bb. 2, 3 

bia-dsh, c. ^^1 

1740 bilk, adj. 3 

biU-Ml, lb. Cot. ^H 

1672 bilk, v.a. 2,3 

1805biimook 3 ^H 

139* bad, ».ft, build 1 

1778 bilking, adj. 3 

biUiard, baiiard baa, 

ISOObUd, T.n, lendto 1 

baking, sb, 


1394 bil(l,«b. building I 

1362 bill, sb-vniting 1,2,3 
17S1 bUl, Bb. placard 3 

139* bildar, builder I 


1635 1700 bader, horse 2,3 

billiard-player, C. ^ 

bildar, mallet, H. 

1461 bai (aooount) 1,2,3 

billiard-room, C. ^H 

bildar, acab. J. 

B. bill of divorce 2 

lesobaiioidB 2,3 ^M 

bildatsiu, W, 

bffi of entry, PhiL 
1B99 1663 bill of eschango 3 

baiiard-atick, Cot. ^M 

1307bifl, ab. 1,2,8 

1765 baiiard-table 3 ^M 

1362 1860 bile, Bb. boil 1,2 

1S36 bJU of fere 2 

1820 baiie, sb. feUow 3 

bile, sb. handle, N. 

1044 bai of hoajai S 

17B6 baiio, brother 3 

bUaehood, J. 

biledama, great-mnd- 

1756 brn of lading 3 
bai of raortSity, C. 
bUI of parcels, Phil. 

1693 1866 biaing,Bb.careBa 2,3 

mothor, J, 

1300 1360 bilede, v.a. "mob" 1 

bilf^duct, C. 

bill of reviver, Pba. 

731 bUhngsgate, adj. 3 M 


bm of review, Pha. 

1850 b 11 ngagate, v.a. 3 ^H 

bill of rights, C. 
1855 bill of side 3 

b 11 1, shod with iron, J..4H 

1 360 bi-Iaman, Becret lover 1 

1862 bUlion, W. 3 jH 

bilepe, coyer (stallion), J. 

bai of Btore, PhiL 

820 biaman 2, 3 ^H 

bUo-Btona, W. 

billon, alloy, W. ^H 

bilea, billiardB, J. 

1620 biU-authority 2 
1740 auctiou-biil 3 

billot, biiUion, W. ■ 

bilet, willow plantetion, 

S48 billottiia, acorns 2 J^| 


play-bill, C. 

S. 16BB baiow, ab. 2, 3 ^H 

1298 H30 bUona,T.n. remain 1 


647 baiow, v.n. 2, 3 ^H 

1298 1180 bilBua,y.a.]eaTe 1 

1840 way-bill 3 

15B7 biaow, v.a. 2 -^l 

1362 bUouo, v.n. baliave 1 

1863 wstcb-bill 8 

1360 bileue, belief I 

1863 QuBrter-bill 3 

78Ebaiowy 3 ^| 

bilf, monster, J. 

bilf, a blunt atroie, J. 

699 bai-patohed 2 H 

U60 1633 bUI, v.a. entor in a 

862 biU-poBter 3 H 

bilge, v.a. indent, H. 

list 1,2 

862 biU-stioker, W. 3 -^H 

1857 bilM 6b. bulge (of a ve*- 

1694 bm, v.i. advertiso 3 

bUly, bull, H. ^ 

1300 biU, Bb. beuk 1, 2, 3 

billy, bundle of straw, H. 

I7SG bilge, aes water 3 

1400 baled (birds) 1, 3 

862 baiy, weapon 3 


1398 bai, v.n. fight with biU 

biUy, removal, H. 

bilgc-piuup, W. 


biay, v.n. heUow, J. 

bilget, a projection, J. 

1620 bill, v.n. carosa with bai 

billy -bitec, black cap, H. 

ISfiO b Igewater 3 


bilgewuy, W, 

1676 bia, "cock ajid blU with 

bmy-blynde, goblin, J. 
biUy-blinder (tliiid man's 

ISeibilEiry 3 

one" a 

1380bilibre 1 

1600 bai, Bb. weapon 1, 2, 3 
hand-bill. Ha. 

buff), J. 

bilid, mad, H. 

biay-buoy, a boat ■ ll 

1382 bffie, belie 1 

hedgiug-bai, Pha. 

862baiy-coci 3 -^ 

1300 bilite, make like 1 

1665 bat, Boldjer so armed 2,3 

baiy-goat, C. -^ 

1298 bilime, mutilate 1 

1647 bia, v.a. cut with bai 2 

bUly-wix, owl, H. .fl 

bilimbi (fruit), W. 

1690 bai, v.a. corBBs 2 

bUobate, 'W. ,^H 

1683 1638 bilimente, habili- 
mentB 2 

l78fibiU, buU 3 

baobU6. ' ^H 

1860 bilinear, a^. 3 

1310 bilinK?"t(IabUyn^ and 

biUable, H. 

baooukr, W. ^^| 

biaage (nant.), C. 

36Dbaook 1 ^H 

baiimJ, capon, H, 

362 bilong I ^^ 

dwe-"\ ^^ ^° "" ""'" 

b aerc, plant, H. 

S54baoquiBt 3 

1880 biliiigiial 3 

baiet, coaMsh, H. 

298 bilou, laughed at 1 

bilinguar, C. 

1465 b et, fjwgot 1, 2, 3 
1602 b et (Her.) 2 

362 hilore, v.a. 1 

biUuguis, eb. rhil. 

362 bilovo, sb, fclao lore ? I 

bilingnist, C. 

1699 bi let, writing 2, 3 

362 bilowon, belied 1 .^ 

bi let, sb. for soldiers 

bilowcn, bow, H. ^1 

biUors, biUiards, H. 

1713biUet-doui 3 

basK ab. (thickset) J. ^H 

1727bilioJ 3 

1851biUet-moulding 3 

Wlienely, C. 

H81 biUet-thong 1 


Ult, lb. blow, J. 

MU bUter, bird 3 
bUI«r, «bild, J. 
biltie, clnmij, I. 
bilt-JTifs.^ flumainosa, J. 
bUtiiig. limriUig, J. 

lam, T.u, to bnio, }. 
bim, *h. bumming, ], 
bimai'ulaW, W. 
KniDCuJiitrd, W, 

binuKuula, W. 
bimu^iiuta, t.b. y 

bind, iiM, J. 
Und-dan (bwTMt tifflt), 
1576 tnadcom 3 

I863l>in<l<'r. iHx.kSmder S 
1300 binden 1, 2, S 

bindery, W. 
1303 bindia;;, A. 1. S, < 
1620 bindiag (of * book) 3, 9 
185S binding, bihng S 

binding (of a hawk), FbiL 
1636 biadiniF, adi 2, 3 

l.i,„ln,L'. Iiniel.rod. It. 



Jiv, a. 


less bim-bam 3 

bimodiij W. 

bimdiie. inform >g^IUt,H 
ISOS bimcmliral 3 
ISOS U30 bimcno, roRret 1 

bimonaal, W. 

bimoBtrial, W, 

bimmET, baztm, J. 
1300 bimoDg, among 1 

bimonthlj, W. 

bimusenlar, C. 
1880 bin, Bb. I, 2, 3 
lSfi9 bin, v.a. 3 

bin, T.n. nm, J, 

bin, oatb, J. 

bin, homonri J, 

bin, monntaiii. J. 
1022 bind 3 

binamhf, 0. 

18S4b__, . 
1460 binM7, dh 1 

binat, 0. 

binats, W. 
1300 bind, T.a. 1, 3, S' 
1S3S bind, tin, lalte (of a 

bawk) 3 
1460 IMO bud, mak* «ii«w«v 

aUe 1,3 
ISfil tnnd (a book) S 
1840 froai-bannd 8 
1840 hide-bound 8 
1840 Bp«U-boimd S 
lisgo Mael-boiud 3 
iOSObindforthfqipTeiitioM) 2 
B. bind ap 2, 3 

bind down, 0. 

bind to, 0. 

bind togethar, 0. 
1S90 bind npon 2 
ISlfibindmtb 2 
1880 "tdndoneaboreentiii" t 
ises "bstbindiliiatflnd" 3 
IfiBS "ha that is bound mmt 

liinilinK-Tufsday, U. 

bindinf;ly. C. 

biiiilin^(«A, W. 

bindJp, rope, J. 

bindpock, niggard, J. 
ISTS bindweed 2, a 

bindwood, W. 
1727 hind, ot bop 3 

bin.! («em) \V. 

bincrvi,ti», \V. 

binfhl, C. 
1671 bing, (b. bowin* 2 
lfil3 bing, a heap f 
1400 bing, bin 1, 3, 8 

biag, to torn aosr, H. 
1829 bing, away I H 8 

bing, T.a. pat in a heap, J, 

binge, cringe, J. 

Unge, Boak in wal«r, H. 
1062 liing^-onr (mining) 3 

bingpf, tipnv, H. 
1062 blng-plnoo hmning) 2 

binp-sledd (mining) E. 
13S0 binime 1 
1800 binither, beyond 1 

bink, T.a. pmi dmra, J. 

faink, T.n. bow, J. 

bink, >b. bow, J. 
1828 bink, bench 3 

bink, hiTO, J. 

bink, bank, J. 

binkio, goodr, J. 

binkside, long seat hy ISn, 

binn (of aheaTca) J. 
1T87 hinna, be not 3 
1307 binnacle 1, 3 

binnarinm, flahpond, FhiL 

binne (for ^in) J- 

biune, mthm, H. 

binner, more ftat, I, 

binner, noUo, J. 

bintiiplt, minnow, H. 

binny, W. 

binoele, W, 

binoctilar, W. 

binocolate, W, 

binocalna, W. 

binomial, ah. W. 
ISfiO binomial, adj. 8 

binomioal, C. 

hinominal, W. 

binoiida, W. 

binoiv.1, C, 
ITMbiiiK-w-l, honpvBncVie 
lii...-,ll:,i^ (.ycd) W. 

1630 biographer 2, S 

1840 biograpbin, W. S 
1840 bir^[rqibical 8 
1840 biographicallj 3 

1800 biographiie 3 
ISfiS biographnai S 
1761 biography S 

1801 b „ 
18«8biol(^ S 

1834 bioaoope S 

biotine, W. 

bioTsc, W. FhiL 

bipaiona, W. 
lS67biparted 3,8 

bipartiUe, W. 

bipartient, W. 

bipartila, 0. 
IfiTl 161K bipartite 3 
, 1084 bipiirtition 3 
1870 bii>urty, cloTun 2 
1S3S bi])iiBt, gone bufore 2 

bipati'nt, C. 
1280 bipwhe, deoeiTe 1 

bi pectinate, "W, 
1796 biped, sb. 3 
1793 biped, adj. 3 
1862 bip<-dat 3 

bipHlaneoiiB, O. 

bipvdical, C. 

bip*lUita, W, 

bipenoBte, W. 

"bipennated, W. 

bipcntiis, W. 

Iilpea, W, 

bipctolouB. W. 

bipincUa, Phil. 

bipinnate, W. 

bipinnattd, 0. < 

bipionatifld, W. ■ 

biplicaW, W. 

biplicity, W. 

bipolar, W. 

bipolarity, W. 

bipont (edition) W, 

bipontina, W. 
bjptioit, baptiied, J. 

bipnnctnal, W. 

bipapillata, W. 

biqi^dmto, W. 

biqaadratie, W. 

biquadrstic, sdj. W. 
1362 Hqnaahed 1 

biqnaHehen, H. 
1362 1449 biqqeath 1 


1 wac 


kse2biqna.t 1 


1677 bird-divination 3 

biradiata, C. 

14S1 1634 birder 1,2 

biradialed, C. 

biid-eye, "W. 

biraddcate, W. 

1300 bitch, Bb. 1, 2, 3 


1400 birch, rod 1. 3 

bird-fancier, W. 

1862 birah, T-a. 3 

bird-fancying, sb. C. 
1840 bird-fingered 3 
1618 bird-flight (Ang.) 2 

birch-hark, C. 

birch-brown, W. 

!fll8bird-flyW 2 

1B2B birchDn 2, 3 

15S7 bu-d-gaia 2 

1840 birehen-tree 3 

bircher, C, 

1792 birdie 3 

laoi birching^, flogging 3 

1740binling, Bb. 3 

birehing-lane, H. 

birding, burden, J. 

birchmaker, C. 

S. hirding-pieoB 2, 3 

1862 bitcfa-rod 3 

lfl32hirdlet 2 

1850 bu'ch-tree 3 

lfi87birdliko 2 

birch- win 0, "W. 

1578 birdlime, ab. 2, 3 

laOObiroh-wood 3 

1618 birdlime, v.a. 2 

1360 bird 1,2,3 

1857birdling 3 

12B8 1610 bird, young birds, 

1633birdloop 2 

Gt«. 1, 2 

birdlore, C. 

1853birdly 3 

lfil4 hirf of CornwuU 1 

birdman, W. 

1690 bird of game 2 

bird-mouthed, J. 

1829 jail-bird 3 

1860 bird-mosio 3 

1840 ODEingbiid 8 


1828 birdncBting 3 

1623 bird of Paradise 2,3 

1S80 bird (proy.) 2 

lfl21hirdofravin 2 

1860 bird of Washington 3 


1620 bird of wonder 2 

1594 bird of the brain 2 

"as bare as 8 bird's 

bird-pcpper, W. 

taiV N. 2 

1620 " child's birdnnd knave's 

bird's-chetry, W, 

wife" 1 

1862 hird-8-eyo (tobacco) 3 

1S49 "evil bird dufiles own 

1662 bird's-eye. adj. 2,3 

1600 "birds of a feather" 2,3 

biid-e-eye maple, W. 
1839 bird's-eye view 3 

1962 " birds to call homa their 

IS78 birdsfoot (plaiit) 2 

feathers" 2 

16S3 "an ill bird a wono 

egg" 3 

IBSObirdskiD 3 

1530 1670 "bird in hand," ele. 

lOOObirdsnest 2 


birdsnest, wild carrot, J. 

1706 "kiUtwobirdflwithona 

atone" 3 

1699hirdapit 2 

1690 "sMTOninfotabird" 

B. birf.T.n. 2 


bird, adj. C. 

1600 bird, flb. darling 

1300 1696 bird, lady, bride 1, 2 

1380 bire, impetus 1,2 
bire, staU H. 

1305 bird, offapring 1 
Bitch-bird, J. 

1323 1360 bi-rede,admoniah 1 

whore'i-bird, J. 

birelay, virelay, H. 

1400 bird, it behoves 1 

1600 bireme, adj. 2 

1858 bircme, ^ey 3 

biremis, W, 

bird luid joe (familiar), J. 

1860 bird-archlleotnre 3 

biropc, bind, H. 

1620 bird-bolt 1,2,3 

1350 bircve 1 

Wrd-boy, H. 

1305 1449 birewe 1 

1620 bird^ 1 ■ 

1400 birful, tooring I 

1535 birg? a 

bird-eatolier, W. 

birgand, wild goose, H. 

birgander, Johnson ^M 
birgon, grave, H. ■ 

birget thread (P Bruges), 

birhomboidal, W. 
1280 1360 biricla, ^ve 1 

biriet, coii^ Minshow 
1794 birk, birch tree 3 

birk, T.n. give sharp an- 

birken, adj. see " birchen" 
2, 3 

birken, v.a. C. 

birkie, adj . full of birchca 
1787 hirkie, conceited fellow 3 

birkie, adj. J. 

birk-knowe, J. 
1380 birl, pour ont 1, 2, 3 

birl. Y.n. driak, J. 

make s. noise, J. 


birl, sb. 1 
ISU birkdj 2 ■ 

birlaw-conrt, J. ■ 

billet, coif, Fhil. S 

birlcy-^ats, J, V 

birlie, loaf of bread, J, ■ 
birlie-mm, referee, J. 
birlin, a boat, J. 
hirlin, a cake, J- 
birling, noiae, J. 
Mrling, driitldng-match, 

1899 birlsler, huckster 3 

bimmn, W. 
1849 birmiogham (nickaame) 

1423 bim, v.a. bum 1 
1830 biro, burntiaark 3 

bim, burdon, J. 

bim, high part of farm, J. 

bkn lambs, put on dry 
poor land, }. 


1787 bimie, able to 

bimy, covered willi 
scorched heath, J. 

1613 1636 himye, cuirass 1, 4 
bims, burnt roots of 

heath, J. 
biroBtrate, W, 
birostrated, W. _ 

birostritea, "W. ^B 

birousa, turquoise, W. ^U 

1837 birquo ? oicime " ^ 


hirret, hood, H. 
1787 birring (of partridges) 

birs, gitafly, J, 

birsaU, dye stuff, J. 

birse, v.a. bruise, J, 
1839 bine, bristle 3 

birse, sb. bruise, J. 

birsel, roast, H. 
1810 biiasy, brirtly 3 



IfiMbimt > "he WM bonit 

1727 bi«»Hii, W. 3 

bidtop-s-finger, H. 

with the botW 3 

I330bi«uit, 1,2,3 

■S?;- '" - 

Wrelc, burn iJightlj, J. 

biscuit, adj. C, 
biscuit-baKer, C. 

birdc;8b.J. * 

1041 bisbopship 3, 3 

birrt, bnrnt, J. 

ISOObiacuit-broad 2 

Writ, V n. weep. J. 

bishop'a-leaves, HuL 

bin. 6b. W 

184Sbtuuit-n>ot 3 

biFthop'a-aec, C. 

1868 birth, 8b, 1,2 

1833 biscuit-throw 3 

bL = lll.i]>'9 alccvM, 0. 

1600 1614 birth. chUd 2 

bi«ulate W, 

Ir-li'ip's-ltppd, W. 

1316 birth, nation 1 

1300 bLu, north wind 1 

bishop's-wort, W. 

1787 birth, rieciriiig plaoo S 

13JDbiacche 1 

1362bi>hiew 1 

1816 birth, pain a 

bisect, W. 

1360 1480 bilhnt 1 

Wrtb, office, iituation, J 

biacctiug, sb. C. 

1302 bidde 1 

birth! bnlk, J. 

I7S6biwction 3 

1360 biaiden 1 

ISeO child-birth 2 

1360 biace, ice to 1 

biaUqnaui, C. 

1840 death-birth 3 

1363 bUege, T.a. 1 

biidlke ? H. 

148S firtt-birth, birthright 1 

1360 biwk^ bcwe^h 1 

13e2biait,T.*. 1 

1840 MW-btrth 3 

i'.i?S?Zi«ff ' 

birth, T.a. (nttul.) C, 

hiBolet, tool, H. 

birth, current in sea, J, 

1302 1449 biiema 1 

bisk (at tennis) H. 

1449 biitlmii, l>urJ,'U 1 

1360 biMRlbhint 1 

bisk, nib witbti)k,H. 

1814birthc)iil.l 2 

1298, s,-.Lil 1" 1 


1670 birth-broiipbl 2 

1400 l.i*.«r, l„.|,.kni I 

8. leoobirthdny 3, 3 
birthdoj-foiat, C. 

I320biBenir " aenne lef he 

bism, abvaa, J. 

furthe arroht to U-aeniy 
he proTeth." 

bismar, stcelTard. J. 

hirthdny-pft, C. 

1208 1440 bismere, insult 1 

IrirthdnT-pfllty, C. 
160(5 birtbdnv-niina S 

bisenal, W. 

1468 1613 Innnere, bawd 1 


bismen., fish, J. 

8. 1600 hinh'Jnm a 

biaerrale, Vf. 

1306 1449 bisot,T.ft.pkce 1 

1846 blamulb, "(in -glass, "Hii 

IGSO birtb-fnzor 2 
1694 birth-hour 2, 3 

bisetoae, C. 

bbmutb-g-lance, W. 

biBBtoua, W. 

biamutbic, W. 

birthing, W. 

ISOSbiseled 2 

biamutino, W. 

bisexous, C. 

1869 birth-less 3 

biaeiual, W. 


ISOObirth-mftn 1 

hiwec, mattock 
1330 biah, bishop 1 

1800 bisne, blind 1 

1362 bisnew, T.a. 1 

1730 birth-night 3 

ISSObishadow 1 

lOSObisognio 2 

1298 bisofcne, beseeching 1 

birth-note, C. 

129S bishop, hh, 1, 2 

1840 birth-pnng 3 

1635 bishnp, Bb, bishopric 

1806 bison j"™"™* 

1650 arcb-bisbop 2 

bisowod, Btitohed, H. 

8. birth-rigbt 3, 3 

bnT-hishiip, N. 

ISSObispeke 1 

1GS6 hirth-dgn 3 


1300 hispcll, proverb 1 

hirth-sin, W. 
1583 birth-Boil 2 

1362 bitper, y.a. luck up 1 

1S48 bishop, v.a. makeabiahop 

bi,-pinoae, W. 

1502Urth-Bniig 2,3 


liispit, H. 

birth-strangled 2, 3 

1320 1648 bishop, t.o. coofinn 

1398 hispring, bcsprinHe 1 

1298 1587 birth-time 1,2 


1680 bisque, dish 2 

186lbirth-vrurt 3 

1791 bishop, a drink 3 

bis^ahind, H. 

birtlc, suMftier applo, H 

biabop, burnt milk, H. 


1270 bi-rmi, run ovtr 1 

biahop, peevish boy, J. 
bishap, T.a. mark hoises' 

139Sbis8eP "uie honra, m 

birjp, town, Jl. 

one bisse lane" 1 

1280 lOM liis,pnri>lD,fliieUiien 

bisse, T.n, hiss, J. 

1,2 ^ 

bisli op- bam ibee,ladybird, 

biased sb. bias, 'j. 

1380 bie, adj. purple I 
bia, a^. twice, W. 


bissct feol^J. 

1607 biahopdom 2 

1609bisseit 3 

bieo, com, C. 

1626 l670biBhoping 2 
1727 biahoping (honea) 3 
1380 1449 Mahophead 1 

1726 bisBoitUe S 

18£9bisam 3 


1726hisaDntial 3 

btaaome (byaBTUi), mo 

1298 1360 bisay, say 1 
leiLbiscain 2 

«ter, J. ■ 


S. bisaon 2 

bisean, finger gbte 
biecayan, C. 

1549 lOOObiaboply 2 

b^ chyldryn. Mpi 

1300 bistad, dweUine 1 

1300 biMbriche, abriek at 1 

129ebiabopnc 1,2,3 

1300 1450 bistand I 

1360 biscore. immediately, H. 

biahop' e-apron, C. 

1260 bisteal I 

biMot, fine, H. 

. bishopVcap, W. 

bistere, bestir, H. 

biiit«r, town of land, J. 

ISOObite, Bb, 1,2,3 


bitter Bait, C. 

biBtipulate. W. 

1775 bite, ab, trick 3 

1760 bitlois, sb. a drink J 

list™, W. 

1761 bile, eb, abarper 3 

bitter aearching 2 

U78 bistort, herb 2, 3 

1840 bitler-rinded 3 

butour, tuDi of contempt, 

bite and soup, meat Bn< 


drink, J, 

' U£S biatouti, siugUul inet. 3 

1400 bite? betide 1 

1647 bittersweet 2, S 

1362b{titow 1 

1350 Mteche, entrust 1 

1863 bittersweet, adj. 8 
bitlerretoh, V. 

1862 bistre, sb. brawn pdnt 3 

bietreto, icattered, H. 

1300 bimll, excuse 1 

bitterwood, C. 

1362 bistride 1 

1196 biter, sb. 1 

bitterwort, W. 

1709 biter, trickster 2 

biltle, beetle, J. 

bisturrea, C. 

biWmate, W. 

I82B bittle, v.a. beat, J. 3 

blBolMfe, W. 

1 5^3 1570 bile-sheep, bishop 2 

bittlin, balOemento, J. 

bisulcouB, Johnmn 

1350 bitbink, coatriTo I 

bittlin, milk bowl, H. 

bisulphote, W. 

1260 bilbute, without 1 

1829bittock 3 

1362bilide 1 

1380 1636 bittonr, bittern 1, 2 

1363bi™mk 1 

1360bitinies 1 

bittriea, buttresses, J. 

12B8bit,ab. 1,2,3 

1*40 1616 biting, Bb. 1,2 

bitts, too], H. 

bit (of a kej), Cut. 

1616 biting, sb. spot bitten 2 

bills, cable timbers 

1647 St a hit 2 

159*bitmg,adj 2,3 

biltywbelp, headlonff, H. 

beU-bit, Cot 

biting in, W. 

I3a2bitueiie 1 

162* bjbita 2 

15e2bitingly 2 

bitmne, W. 

cannon-bit. Cot. 

1300 bitizt, arrayed 1 

S. bi turned 2 

1830 fum-bit 3 

bitless, W. 

1*60 bitumen I, B, 3 

18SI tit-bit 3 

1460 hillocks, little bits I 

1662 way-bit 2 

bitoittkcr, W. 

1375 bit (of bridle) 1, 2, 3 

bit meal, C. 

bitumeniiing^sb. C. 
bitu minute, W. 

1609 "gape with grBudy btt" 

bitmouth, W. 


bitnobeo (med.l, W. 

biturainalfld, "W. 

1315 1600 bit, bottle 1,2 

1362bitoten 1 

bituminating, ab. C. 

bit, fond. J. 

1302 bitray 1 

bit and hnffflt wi't, J, 

1H63 bitt, ab. coin 3 

bit, blow, J. 

lB40bitt, v-a. 3 

1630bitamoua 3 • 

1829 bit, Bpot, plate 8 

bittaele, W, 

1298 bitum, turn 1 

bit and brat, J. 

15*3 bittard, bittern 2 

l*49bitwixB 1 

1820 bit, adj. little 3 
1362 bit, bida 1 


bitvl worme, P.P. 

1583 bitted 2, 3 

1858bivulve 3 

1760 bit, v.a. 3 

1290 bitter, adj. 1,2,3 

b valve, adj. W. 
b valved, *. 

130fi bitake, commit 1 

IZSO bitter, adv. 1 

bit-b(it, bat, proT. 

1S37 1692 bitter, v,». 2,3 

b valvous, W. 

1300 bitch 1,2.3 

136i bitter, ab. 1,3 

b valTular, W. 

1630 farrowinff bil«h 2 

bitch-dDUBhtar, night- 

bitter (of ORble),Plul. 

bitter ead of cable, Phil. 

birasculsr, W. 

1632bittpr-Rlraond 2 

bivaulted, W. 

1468 biS 1 

hitter-spple. W. 

biTcnter, Phil. 

1550 15B9 hilchfry 2 

bitter-aeh, W. 

b Tcntral, W. 

1727 bitehfoi 3 

bitler-bean, W. 

ISOObTcrbal 3 

S. bitchwolf, 2,3 

17S6 bitter-biting 3 

bivious, W. 

1519 bitebwatch 1 

1840 bittcr-blessed 3 

1849 birouac, sb. 8. 

1300 bite, T.a. 1, 2 

bitler-bump, bittern, H. 

1861 bivouac, T.n. 3 

1300 bite, y.a. drink 1 

bitter-cucumber, W. 

bivouacking, sb. C. 

13S0 bite, T.n. 1,2 

bitlcr-damsoa, W. 

1360 biwake, guard 1 

1709bite,T.(i. deceive 3 

1590biltcrful 2 

biweekly, W. 

lS94bitflat 2 

b tlergourd, W. 
13*0btlerhede 1 

1388 1*90 biweep 1 ' 

1330 "to their back bite" 1 

1315 1350 biwecd 1 

1648 "bite the baye" 2 

b Itcring, W. 

1300 biweao, diacOTBr 1 : 

1580 "dcadmanbitesnot" 2 

1605bttorish 2,3 

12S0 biwere, protect 1 

bite the ear, N. 

b tteriahnesB, W. 

1298 biweved, covered 1 

1604 "bile hot on" 2 

1307 bitterly 1,2,3 

1*9* heweved, slain by tiw 

1608 bite in, suppress 2 

1727 bittern (liquor) 3 

ebery 1 
1302biwicclied 1 

1*74 bite off 1 

1520 bittern 1, 2, 3 

16H1GO0 bite on. upon 1,2 

"sparrow in fiat worth 

biwille, beguile, H. 

S. bite the Ihiunb at 2 

more than flying bit- 

1298 1360 biwin, win 1 

1830 buneei-bitten 3 

l*00biwiat, ah. abode 1 

1616 aore-bittan, able to bite 

1382 blttemes* 1, 3, 3 

1300 biwite, defend 1 

sorely 2 

bitter nut, C. 

1298 biwit, adv. out of wils 1 

1830 refonoation-bilten 3 

bitter oak, C. 

biwope, tuUoflea«,H. 


biiTOTpe, «Nt, H. 
laSO biwnj 1 
IMO biwije, coTBT 1 

biwympled, H. 

bii« {tree). W. 

biiwort, W. 

bizA, C. 
leSTtnurm 2,3 

biiarrely, C. 

1840 iboe-Uxk 3 
ISSS bUok. MfTO 3,3 
18S1 black, not 3 

bUck, Koandrel, J. 
1383 1684 black, T.k. 1, 2, 3 
1460 bUck, T,D. 1 
1761l,bck.a,rgjn); 3 

bliick-aim, mdllciiblc 

uitine, W. 
biiard, W. 
18S0 bitelp, bout 1 
1330 bitete, offspring 1 

bUninn, proT, 
1602bute?"(niwhenabiU I 
biile" 2 
bizon, term of reproach, 

1362 144B biEond 1 
ITSS bixz, lb. hiu 3 

bizz, " tak the bizz," of 
cattle when ztuog, J. 
I7B0 bill, T.a. hiia 3 

bizz about, J. 
17ee bizzard glcd 3 

bizzel, hoop, J. 
1785 bizzie 3 

1035 bla, blue 2, S 

blead, v.a. dirtT, spoil, J- 

blaad, ab. strnke, J. 

1S99 blab, T.a. blot 2 
1811 blab, T.a. tell 2,3 
1S92 blab abmad 2 

18001.1:uk,iMi"..r i. S 
1060 IflSl bUrkamoriui 2 

blaok act, C. 
1863 blaek art 2 

1817 blackatisBd 8 
bUokbacked, W. 
bl>ck-b«K, N 
blackball, sh. W. 

1770 blackball, v.n. 3 
blackbnllcr, C. 
blackballinir, sb, C. 
bW-k-I.nii,i (min.) C, 

itasbteA-Mf It 

18«l blaok-eip (tard) 
1840 blaok cart 3 
1840 bUck cat 3 
1820 bkok-«attle S 

bUck-chilk, W. 


1690 bluik-dad S 
1727 bUok-eloek, toAOaler I 

blaek-elodi, C. 

blaek-ooal, N. 
1628 bUck-«oat 2, 8 

bUck-ooated, C. 
1828 blaek-oock 3 

"make ■ black-ood of 
one," J. 

blttct-oockode, C. 

block-ooloured, C. 
8. black -comeied 2 

black-«ow, J, 

bUck-erap (pea* or beans] 


It Jan 

blab 01 

2, 3 

1597 blab, 
1S48 blab, lb. tell tale 2, 3 
I eoo " blab of bis tongue" 2 
1676 "play the blab" 2 

bUb, babble, J. 
]382blabber, v.n. blab 1 
1032 blabber, ib. 2 
1602 blabber, adj. (cheeks) 2 

blabber, pat out tongue, 

14S8 blabbering, sb. i 
1652 hUbber-lip 2 
1601 blabber-lipped 2 
1690 blabbing, sb. 2 

blttber, eioth, J, 
1460 1631 blab-Uppod 1, 2 

blab-lale, C. 
1883 blab-tongue 3 
1298 black, aS. 1, 2 
1360 block and bine 1 
1648 1624 "black's jour eye*' 2 
1823 "black in the moutli" 2 
1839 "black 01 tranuile on 
ye,"N. 3 

"in bliick andnhite" J. 
1606 "black is white" 2 

S. black, sb. colour 2, 3 
1693 coal-black 2 
1600 blackjsb. mourning 1,2,3 
leOe raten-black 2 
1303 black, fiend 1 

1390 hlackbcrned i 

blnckbcnieil-hefllb, W. 
1678 blnckb(!rr>basb Z 

blnckbfirying, W. 

bliickbcrn'-jHin, C. 

blnckbcny-puJding, C. 

blnckborrr anoimer, H. 

black bMi, Mack bob, 
black clock, black worm, 
Ucllo. H. 

blark-biUdl, W. 
1616 blntkbirrl 2, 3 

black bitch, gun, H. 

black bitch, bug atinill, J. 

blackboard, W. 

bluckbodicd, C 

black-boiling, sb. W. 

blnek bnnnpt (Mrf), W. 
1693 black book 2, 3 

black border, C. 

black bordered, C. 

black borderei, C. 
16t7blHckbowl 1 

black - bow - wow - art, 

black-boy (taTem sign) 

1800 Huck..boyd. blcckbL-rry 1 
S. block- browed 2 

black -brown, brunette, H. 

black bryony, W. 

black bug, bol^blin, H. 

black-huried, H. (ace 

black-bnming (abame) J. 
1862 black-cabinet 3 

black-canker, C. 
18S0 black-canon 2 

,t jellv. C. 
r ml pudding, C. 
1560 black-day 2 
1860 black-death S 

"blueh like > Uaek 

dog," N. 
"like bntt«r in black 
a..,-\ l^.m-'o," J. 
bUck-iIraught, W. 
Miifk-drop, W. 
bliipk-dved, C. 
black-eagle, V. 
black-earth, W. 
black-«dged, C. 
1300 blacken, T.n. 1, 3 
1716 blacken, t.k. 3 

blackener, W. 
1360 blackening 1, 3 
blaek-eitnict, W. 
ISOOblackey. 3 
blaok-eye, C. 
black-eyed, W. 
black-eyed Soson, pnd- 

1693 black-fbced 2 

bliick-fing, 0, 

b!.ii:k-flui, W. 

bbick-fly, W. 

bltttk-foot, aatok>tB« 

bhtck-fiiar, W. 

black-friary, C. 

black-foreat, 0. 
1162 black-Mese 1 

black-frost, J, 
1829 black-game, W. 8 

black-gentleman, C. 

black-grsM, B. 

^V^MO black-gunrct (ciiUective 

bUck-oobre, W, 


blMkwell-hnll-ractor, C. 

8, blaok-oppreaaing 2 

1S78 black-wbeat 2 

■USO bbck-guard, ab. 3 

166* blnck-palcb 2 

black-wMakered, C. 

mSSi2hhKk~gnari,ad3. S 

black-peopled, W. 

black-winter (last uart- 

Kn7 bUck-guard, T.Q. 3 

1820 black-petar, portmanteau 

load), J. 

■T black-Buard, v.a, W. 

blaok-woman, C. 

■ 1830 blackguardism 3 

blook-plaUter, N. 

black-work, W. 

blsckguardly, W. 

black-polea, H. 

1860 blad, splinter 3 

1882 blBCl^uardom 3 

blackpot, pudding, n. 

blod. v.n. walk domsily. 

1771bkck-^irtd 3 

1064 blackpudding 2, 3 


black-qusrtar, disease, W. 

Had, ab. heavy step, J. 
blad, large piece,/. 

Waok-handled, C. 

blaok-rod, W. 

blBok-head, gull, J. 
black-heBd, Soil, H. 

1330 biacfc-rood 3 

to ding in blada, break 

b ack-row-grains, C. 
blsokrust. W. 

in pieces, J. 


blada anddflwdB(gteeas), 

1860 Wack-heart, ab. ohcrrv 3 

b aoksalli, W. 


1863 b aok-henrted 3 

b aoksap, jaundice, ±1. 

bUd, ab. soft feUow, J. 

1852 blaak-hide 3 

blad, portfoUo, J. 

b lek-hole, \V. 

b Bck Saturday, H. 


b ackhudifl (a bird), J. 

b aok aaipence, deyirs 

blod, a blow, J. 

1860 bkcting, flb. 3 

iiiipcnce, J. 
b scS-aculla, H. 
1840 backaott region 3 
1752 bUck-shoo, fliMblack 3 

blad, a squall. J. 

b aokinff, puddinf, 11. 
ISeObacking-bnish 3 


blacking-maker, C. 

bladarffl, vain glory, J. 

block-iron, W. 

1810 black-aickness 3 

bladariufl, conj-chandler. 

IfiSO blackish a, 3, C. 


blackiBbness. C. 

b auk-akinned, C. 

383 bladdci, ab. 1, 2, 3 

1633 blackjack 2, 3 

ISlOhlackamitb 1,3 

840 awimming-bladder 3 

black-lad Monday, H. 

black-aolfl, matchmaker, J. 

643 bladder. v.n. 2 

1621 blacklead peucU B, 3 

bkokspaul, diseaao, J. 

610 bladder, v.a. 2, 3 

1644 bUeklead, adj. 2, 3 

blBckapiCB, black bcrrisa. 

bladders, amutted wheat, 

blacklead, peicil, C. 



IBlSblocMBg 3 

1611 blackspotted 2 

b adderond, J. 

blackleg, disease, J. 

black-stane, seat at exa- 

b adder-angling, C. 
b adder-kefp, W. 

mination, J. 

ISSlblacklet 3 

1840blafk-BWne 3 

b adder-like, C. 

1810 black]«t«r 3 

bliiuk-Btrap, ■wlno, W. 

bladder-nut, W. 

1830 blacklettered 3 

bkck-Blreaked, C. 

bladder-senna, W. 

1862blBckleCter-man 3 

black-atriped, C. 

bladder-akate, babbler, J. 

blacklie, Ul-colouied, J. 

blauk-sugar, Uquorico, J. 

bladder-tree, W. 

1591 blaok-Uddcd 2 

bladder up, N. 

black-Upped. C. 

blittk-tail, lish, W. 

bladder-wort, W. 

bloek-lilt c! 

1603 black-tailed 2 

bladdery, W. 

1790 blaoklock 3 

black -tan (gipsica), H. 

bladdv (of weather, un- 

blook-looking, C. 

aettled), J. 

18i7 blacklv 2, 3 

1496blnekthorn 1,2,3 

500 bladdjTth, grows? 1 

blackthom-chaU, H, 

390 blade, sb. ot sword 1,2,3 

176SblBokumi! 3 

1860 blacktbroated 3 

600 blade, man 1, 2, 3 

blacklin, H. 

783 blade {of gruBs) 3 

roU call, H. 


845 blade, rafter 3 

blaoknmrtin, W. 

840 grass-bUde 3 
829 koil-blade 3 

blaokmotph, W. 

black-tresaed, W. 

blackmill, J. 

black-tmtch (weed), W. 

shoDlder-blade 3 

S. blackmonday 3 

bkck-voined, C. 

810 blade, v.n. (of com) 2,3 

IfiOO black-monk 1 

black-Tictnal, peaa and 

bUde,v.a. trim hedges, H. 

beans, J. 

blade, v.a. W 

bhick-Tine, Phil. 

blade (bone), W. 

H.v. 2, 3 


blade (oar), W. 

blade, leaf of tree, J. ^ 

1673 black-moor-Boa 2 

hlack-waok ! 

1S66 blackmonth 2 

hlack-wad, H. 

blade-fisli, W. ^H 

1637 blaokmoutbed 3,3 

black-ward, service, J. 

bLule-aittal, W. ^M 

1862 biackmuggcd 3 

1861 black wash, T a 3 

592 blador, stabber 2 '^M 

blsok-maiSlBd, C. 

1861 black wash, ab 3 

bladea, shafts, H. ^M 

biockneb, crow, H. 

black watob, J 

bladea, yorne wyndlei ^H 

1829 Wackneb, domoonit 3 

black water, "W 

blacknebbfld, J. 

1647 black waved 2 

blodge, low woman, H. ^^1 

S. blackneaa 2,3 

bliLk weather rainy, J. 

blad hoet. nothing, J. ^M 



bladroch, babbler, J. 
bladrTi trumpuT, J. 
lAlSblad; 3 

blae, pule, J. 

look bloe. look blank, J, 
bUe, v.n. bloat, /. 
blM^^b. hlcii, J. 
Um, blue clajr, J. 
bUe, rough ouod, J. 
blut, lamina of rtone, J. 
1861 blaeberry 3 

blfw-. black ^-r,a»c It, 
btalfoonlv, sUmnivriT, H 

lUTblake 3 
irB4 bUMerj, boastii 


'id, .}', 
«.«se), I. 

iiucli. H. 

1=0, J 

bliimrfulncH, C. 
lSe2 l>l»inclcw 1. l. I 

hliimclt-Klr. W. 

bl.uiitl»>Dew, W. 
1440 blamiT. ^b. 1 

blmiiir. nilj. C. 
1B42 bUnifwonbintm S 
1360 blamcwortbj 1,3,3 
13S0 blamiiis 1 
1423 blamucbero, blaner 1 

bUn, lee blin 
1670 Ul»n.'. nS. i 

bluuou-.! (dotb), W. 

bbinc il'nrgonl. 0. 
lS44bbtnc<.'K.'rinK, objecliaE: 9 
ISll bbintli, v.n. avoid 2, 3 

ISTO bluwh, T.a. BatMr S, 3 
1697 blanch, T.n. grow [nle, 

white 2, 3 
1590 blanch of 2 
139S blanch, T.s.whiteo 1,2,1 
1S4S blanch, metaph. 3 
1649 bUnch, sb. olcen 2 

blanch, lb. a Huh, J. 

blancb, ore, H. 

blanchart, whits, J. 

blanche, mode of tenore. 

ITOS blain-worm 3 

blair, T.n. CTT aloud. J, 
blab, lb. looa aoaud, J. 

blair (orilBi}, J. 

blair, »,n. hwome drj, J. 

blairin, pliiFu for ilrviaz 
Hm, J. 

blaL8e(of«-™(i), J. 

blaieed. sourtul. 3. 

blaieter, blow viulently, J, 

blait, naked. J. 
loss blait, b]uhf(il 2 
IMS blaitl}', buhfutly 1 

blaiticbnm, Bimplelim, J. 

bluitmouit. bnsbful, J. 



e eye, apple of 

ISeO blake, voUaw ? 2 

bUke, cold, H. 

blako, T.n. cry, H. 

blakelini;. bunting, H. 

blnkes, FDwdun^, H. 

blakwuk, bittern, J. 

blalo, dark, H. 

blamnking, beating, J. 
12S8 bUme, Bb. 1, 2, 3 
1S90 blame, sb. injury 2 
1288 blame, r.a. 1, 3 
1330 tobliime(BeeN,) 1,2,3 

Uams for, C. 
1623 blame of I, 2 
1690 think blame 2 
1648 bUncabls 2, 3 
1840 uublameabls 3 
1840 uublamed 3 
1838 blaneablencH 8 

blameably, W. 
1390 blamefbl 1, 2, S 
1360 blamehlly 1 

leOO hianchiiie, ib. 2, 3 

blaiiuhing lic[uor, C. 
1636 blaocb-priwder 2 
1726 blancbt, ndj. whitf^ncd 3 

btancis. riruamentfl, J. 
1362 bbmcmangs, blanemao- 
Rer I, 3 

white U™i, II. 
1670 bland, adj. 2, S 


bland, lb. enj^Sfenwut, J. 

bland, sb. dnnk, J. 

bland, v. a. mix, J. 

blanded bear, mixed bar- 
ley, J. 

blunditmuiLt, n. 
16S6 blandiitlun. Hnttery 2 

bluudir. liitipeniu. J. 

Mandiloqueaco, ('. 
1616 bliuiiUloqunUB 2 

blandildciuoHtly, C. 
lfi48bbindiinEnt, W. 2 
13W blanding, lottery 1 
1390 blandish, v.a. 1, 2, 3 

bliindiBh, ab. flattery, J. 

blandiah, grain left nmnit, 

blandiiher, W. 
1306 bUndiBbing, W. 1 
1692 blandiihinent 2, 3 

blandieing, ib. H. 

btandit, flattered, J. 

blandrin, aEan^ diffo^ 

1300 Uane, mark of wound, '. 

blaaebok, antdope, C. 

hlanftiilli, coin, W. 
IISO blank, lb. ooiB 1, 2 
1726 bUnk, ttsW^ of 

16B9 blank, oarte blandw 3 
S. blank, mark aimed at ' 
1660 blank (lottery) 2 
1691 blank, Taoant ^ace 2, 

blank, blank puen, N. 
S. bUnk (Terw), N . 2, 3 
1616 blank, T.a. mako blani 

IdBO blank, adj. 3, S 
1666 look blank 3 
1676 point blank S 
1666 nnite blank 3 
1470 blank ntattyni 1 
1791 blank Ttsrse S 

hUuk-buc, W. 

blonk-ciutridKC, W. 

blank-Jwir, W. 

blanker, spark, S. 

blankin, white sanMSi 
1300 blanket 1, 3, S 
1838 piwvblBnket 3 

bbmkU colour, J. 
1634 Mnnket, T.a. 2 

blunkcteer, sb. C. 
1683 blttuket-fair 3 
1676 bUDkeCing, togsittg 3 

blimketin^ (stuff), C. 
1863 blaukctlMH, adj. 

bliuiket puddin?, H. 

bkiikrtt, bird, 1l. 
1659 blankly 3 

WanknMa, W. 

blaoka, blank papers, E 

blank* and pnzea, bea 
nrid bnton, H. 

blankaui-n- (dish), H. 

blHnk-wincl.,w, W. 

blanpiijD, white loiTes,] 

blatiquct, fear, Phil. 

Uanituttte (duh), C, 

btausciie, raiafortone, H 

hlapsipinia {of bees) , Ph 

bluptLHCcnla, blue bott! 

bUtdit, Bbort-wind«d, J 
1310 bbre, T.n. ory t, 3, 3 
1600 bloie out the toagae S 
1861 blare, *b. roar 8 

blarer, C, 
1840 blaiing, ib. S 
1869 blarney 3 
1833 blarney, T.a. S 

blarneying, ab. O. 

blamey-atoae, C. 

blart, ¥.n. Ml, J. 
1570 blase, T.a. oyole 2 

^r BUS 

^BC71 biased, blos^ 2, 3 

IGSSblastpuff 2 

blawp, T.n. belch. J. 

^K. blswd, ? embluzoned, N. 

IGSSblasty, adj. 2 
1 623 blasure, ttWon 1 

blaw-stiok (for bellows) J. 

^^HSI blaseD, T.n. intrigue 1,2 

blawun, ecuaured, H. ^m 

1620 blasr, adj. 1 

blawzc, bloseom, H. ^H 

^■861 blash, V.B. soak, J. 3 

1590 blatant 2,3 

blay, Sab, W. ^H 

■If MMhy, deluging, J. 

1619 hlaCfho, blotch I 

blay, bla^ii, U. ^H 

1500 hlate, silly 1, 2, 3 
hlate, bellow, H, 

1638 blaying, bleating 2 >^H 


bloanit, baro, J. 

1300blaio,lb. 1, !^3 

blaaon, v.a. blazon, J. 


1691 blaze (inst.) praise 2 


1677 blateral«, babble 3 

1856bhiao,niarfcontree«,etc. 3 


blatemtion, W. 

blasonr, flatterer, H. 

1647 blateroon 2 

H.' B . 

1640 blathe, cry out 2 

bluzo, pimple, H. 

1862 blather, noise 3 

blaze, ore, J. 

ISSOhlsaphemein 1 

1360 1382 hlaHpherae,Fb. t 

1800 blather, bladder 3 

1620 blaze, T.a. 1, 2 

blathrie, nonsansiral, J. 

1398 blaze, T.n. 1, 2, 3 

1360 hlasphiimcr 1, 2, 3 

blattJi. moth, Phil. 

1810 blaio, v.a. -vilify. J. 3 

15i8 blasphpmerc«!i 2 

blattaria, herb, PhH. 

1727 biased, with white mark 

ISUbospberoing 1,3 

1S56 1648 blatter, v.n. chotter 

(of a horse) 3 

1592 blaepbemona 3,3 


1779 blaio out 3 

1632 b aaphemouBly 2 

1829 blatter, sh. 3 

1840 onl-Ma^e 3 

blatteration, sb. 

1S09 blcue, blBlon 1, 2, 3 

ISeObkiphemy 1,2,3 

blatterer, "W". 

1569 1684 bhue, record 2,3 

b am, motion al Btata, H. 

blattering, W. 

1486 bla^ier, herald 1 

blasMn. illiraiine, H. 

blanches, blotches, N. 

1483 1583 blazinff, hUaoncy 

U94 blast, ab. bonat 1 

bkueht, pale, J. 


1500 bloat (of a horn) 1, 2, 3 
130fi blast of wind) 1,2,3 
S. blnat, breath S 

1786 bland, T.a maltreat 3 

1869 blazing, blaze S 

1785 bland, large pieee 3 
178S blandin, iiTing (of rain) 

1502 blazing-alar 1,2,3 

1840 blnzing-np, sb. 3 

1829 death-blaat 3 

8 "*v ' 

1350 blazon, eb. 1,2,3 H 

1840 Btorm-blaat S 

blaugh, bluish, J. 

S. blazon v.a. 2,3 M 

1840 winter-blast 3 

1307 hlaun, whit* 1 

blazon, v.n. W. H 

1300 blast, y.n. bin* 1 

binzou forth, C. H 

1002 blast, v.a. ntter 3 

blaunchmore, Air, H . 

1032 blnzoner 2, 3 • ^M 

1697 blast, -y.n, wither 2 

blaunohperreyB, a dish.II. 

1034 bkzonry 2, 3 

1G93 blut, T.a. wither 2, 3 

H30 blauner, fur I 

1330 ble, hue 1, 2, 3 

1840 bhut^ T.B. blow up 3 

IJ50 149* blaunderet, apple 1 

1350 1600 ble, face 1 

blmt, T.n. mise fire, H. 

blanteh, Eoiae, H. 

1585 1630 blea, r.ti. bleat 3 

1S41 blast out 3 

blauthT, bloated 

blea, yellow, H. 

1746 blastal, cui^ed 3 

hlonwbok, W. 

blea, wood. W. 

15B0 nnblaflted 2 

bUTer, cornflower, J. H. 

blea-berry, 0. 

"hlnst of my meat," 

blaring, blowing, J. 

1398 bleaeh. v.a. whiten 1, 3 

modest, H. 

1461 blaTorrd ) boasted 1 

1660 bleach, bUekeu 2 

blast, T.n. cast the eyes 

1420 blaw, T.a. 1, and n. blow, 

8. bleai'h, T.n. become white 

1430 to-blaw, swollen 1 

1611 bleacK sb, blacking 3 

blast, l»aat, H. 

blaw, 9b. blow, J. 

1S61 bleai'h. sb. bleaching 

1S83 blastboh 2 

bliiw, ttuat, J. 

blaflt™m W. 

blaw. a pull. J. 

bleauh, sb. a blow, J. 

blaslemal, W. 

blaw, blnaaom, J. 

bleach down, full flat, J. 


1786blaw, alie, 3 

bleacher, W. 

1SD9 blaster 2,3 

blaw luwn, make no noise, 

1863 bleacbery, sb. dyeinj 

blaster, boaster, J. 


1800 ble'^Held 3 ^1 

1683 blaateroua 2 

blaw out, publish, J. 

blast-fen, C. 

blaw tobacoo. smoke, 3. 

bleaching. W. ^M 

blast-furnace, W. 

blaw up, puff up, J. 

1829 bteoching-fleld 3 ^M 
bleachy.Vckiah H. -^H 

1787 blaatie, sb. 3 

blow-i'-my-lug, flattery. 

blastie, gusty, J. 


'b ead, fruit, H. ^^M 

IfiSD IGIS blasting, eb. falight- 

153S blawdit, smeared 2 

b ead, v.a. train, J. ^H 

i-ff 2 

hlaw fium, deraption, J. 

1630 b eak, town, N. 2 ^H 

ia02bhistingfofhom8l 3 

blawing, nrelUng, H. 

1496 b eak, lish 1, 3, 3 ^H 

blasting (gunpowder), J. 

hlawn eoi split wd, J. 

1678 bleak, pale 2 ^H 

bWdng U disease), J. 

1616 bleak, cold 2, 3 ^M 

hlawn drink, J. 

bleak, y.a. bleach, H. H 

hlawninf , white lead, H. 

1604 bleak-cheeked 2 ^M 

leiObleaking-honso 2 ^M 
1581 bleakiah 2, 3 ^H 

[46] ^m 

180! bWpipe 3 

blawort, blue bottle, J. 


12B0 blear, v.n. 1, 3 

blew, adj. C. 
1183 blear, T.B. 1, 2, S 
1307 blMT one'! ejo 1,2,3 
1017 IfiBS blear out the tongue 
8. blsued, dim 2, d 
1S60 blearedncu 2 
1A36 blear-eye 3 
1362 blear-eyed 1, 2, 3 
I61S3 blear-eycdaen 2 
1810 bleaiie, adj. 3 
1643 bleameaa 2 
1999 bleai-witted 2 

bleart, b> icold, H. 
131S bleat, T.a. 1,2,3 
8. bleat, eb. 2, 3 

bleater, mutton, H. 

bleal«r, cock snipe, J. 
159S bleaUng, ab. 3, 3 
14fiO bleating, adj. > I 

bleaont, doUi, H. 
leiO bleb, bubble 2, 3 

blab, T.n. spt, J. 

bleb, T.n. Bip, J, 

bltlibor, tippler, J. 

blebfail, blurred, /. 

bitbhy, W. 

bloch. tan wuler, H. 

blecke, blot, H. 
lS40blMbe, T.a. 1 
1340 1395 blBcho, adj. pale 1 
ISIO bleehing-pot 1 

blechnon, fern, PhU. 

blechuon, herb, Phil. 

bleek, i.a. puzzle, J. 

bleck, T.a. aurpnw, J. 

bleck, T.a. blacken, J. 

bleot ab. challen)^, J. 
1300 bled, binde of erosa 1 

bled, Bprung ? J, 
1320 bleddre, slipping 
lfi88 l)leddock,butter milk, J. 2 
14*7 bleddjr, bladder I 
1631 bledc, stulf Z 

bledc-wort, poppT, H. 

hledssnd, bloody, H. 

blee, T.n. be like, C. 
12B0 bleed, T.n. 1, 2, 3 
1280 bleed, T.a. 1, 2, 3 

bleed horMS on St, Ste- 
phen's Jav, N. 
1609 new-bleedins 3 
1780 blued. T.n. j-iald (of com), 

bleed, blood, J. 

Weeder (grain), J. 
1375 bleeding, sb, 1, 3 

bleeding-boist, eupping- 

bleeding-heart, wall- 
flower, H. 

ISS« bleet, ooU I 

bleerit, a blow, J. 
1S3S bleete, blaie 3,1 

bleoe (of windV t. 

bleeie, imart blow, J. 

bleeie, T , n , become wmr, J. 
1787 bleeie, t.o. bUis, J. ■ 

bleeie, T.a. flj off in 


IV. J, 

bldtuiHui.rv, vaiu il 
nation, J. 
1330 blehuid, blneidi 1 

bleib, puitute, J. 
1830 bleid, ab. blood I 


nej, J. 

1300 bleike, pale 1 


Tiloir, T.a. UBperse, J. 

blcmt, a lie, J. 

Ueirie, adj. weak, J. 

bleiric, porridge, J. 

bltiring-buta (adisenBe), J. 

lloirii. blpor. J. 

Tikifc hlme. J. 

blei» (n Rail), J. 

bleil, adj. W. 
153S blek, blama 3 
153S bleke, itain (met) 2 

bleke sloth, condido, P.P. 

blekkit, deceiTed, J. 
17Sfi bleUnm.talkatJTefeUow 3 

^^U■lu■:u^ Wilhi'lv, H. 

bleme, T.n. bloom, J. 

blemis, sb. bloom, J. 

blomeete, nuwtpoireifU,H 
1414 btemiah, T.a. 1, 3, 3 
14S0 blemiih, sb, 1, 2, 3 
1630 blcmiiiU (of hoon^} 3 

blcaiL<hiible, gilj. 
1609 bk'mishtr 2 

TjIemiBhlng, C. 
1S83 1666bleniiahles8 2 
1S90 blamishnient. W. 2 

blenuncre, plumber, H. 

blemmle. mil, li. 
18fil blemn, coverlet 3 
1300 bleach, T.n. aToid 1,2,3 
1300 bleach, T.a. Bhirk 1, 2, 3 
1350 bleni'li, v.a. blamish I 
1300 1S09 blijnch,sb,tHcltl,2 
1630 blenthor 2 

blench-holding, W. 

blouch-cane, quitrent, J. 

blenuh-lippcd, white- 
mouthed, J. 

blenehed-miik, J. 

blenching, Bb. C. 
1850 bleuehing, adj. 3 
1302 1600blend,T.a.blindI,2 

1792 Uend, T.D. 3 
1616 blendoim 3 
1850 blende, mHA. at am 

blender. W, 
1616 btendfoddcr 2 

bicndigo, cloudf. H. 
1830 liltuding, sb. 3 

blpndil-bcar [bariej), 3 

blend,.UB, W. 

hlcnd-wolcr, W 
1560 l,l,.ngo, ? flinch 3 
I37S l5;oblcnk,y.n.U)^ I, 
1535 bleak, ab. a t3t. J. 3 

bl,,nli^. afihcfl, H. 
1620bl£,Tikaril 1,3 
18S2 blenker, T.a. plunder ■ 
18B2 blenkeriani 8 
1381 blFQki't, nKite staff 1 

bleakiiig, ab. 0. 

blenk;, now a Ihtfe, I 

blouta, not, PtuL 

bleaoogeuoua, W, 

bleanoTTh(£a, W. 

blenuuf, a fiah, Phil. 

bleanj, W. 

bleoi, flih, H. 

blenschjne, darken, H. 

lilcaBhaw, a drink, J. 

'blent, gjaiioed, J. 

14B5 blent, OTercome I 

blent, hHt, 3. 


>. J. 

1394 blenyng, blistering 1 
blepharo, beetle-browe< 
blepharon, eyelid 
blepharaiyatum, tweeic 

1800 blernyed, ? blear eyed 
bleechyne, put oat fire, 
^leailoquent, C. 

16iei1cdome, t.b. tap 2 
bleaa, T.a. wave, braadii 

13501630 Ueas, T.a. wan 

1590 blen, shield 2 
1298 bleas, T.a. 1, 3, 3 
1500 pBper-bleasiii^ 3 
1587 161S bless on wOf 2 
1830 bless one's star 3 
13S2 bless to one 1 
1597 bins, sb. bliss 2, 8 

biMS-bok, W. 
1363 ble«ed 1, 2, 3 
1600 blessed fair 2 
1694 coiwd blessed S 
1500 unblessed 2, 3 
1860 blesseder 1 
1370 blessedest 1, 2 

Mo blecaedhede 1 
bloscdloker, H. 
360 1059 blesaedly 1, 2 
440 bteascdnesa 1, 2, 3 
57S 1030 Messed thistle 


■, W. 

13S0 bUhant, robo 1 
1300 blike, y.n. abine 1 
1350 blim, T.a. ! "furlh with 
. schnl him 


ISDO bli^9s bom (ghost, etc.) 2 
.687 lOlOhleasful, adj. 2 
600 btcssfuliiE«g 2 
298 blessing 1, 2, 3 

blessing fire, H. 
f U83 but, flock of sheop 1 
h- blet, piece, J. 
W blet, sb. blot, W. 
■ blet, T.Q. W. 

I blela, peat, Phil. 

hielch, black, H. 
1300 blate, foliage 1 
1300 blele, miaetablo I 
13S0 blethelicko 1 
1706 blether, r.n. speak indb- 
tiactljr, J. 3 

blether, r.a. J, 
1787 blether, nansense 3 

blotherand, boasting, J. 

blethorer, babbler 
1862 blethering, nonseneo 3 

blctin^, flaming, J. 

bltitoniam, W. 

blotoniat, W. 

blettiDE, W. 
1380bleTe,reninin 1 

bleving, remnant, H. 

blew, look blew, look dis- 
eonoertEd, J. 

blew-blow, cornflower, H. 
painted blewe" 

Wewing, bine paint, H. 
1861 blewitts, fongns 3 
1168 blewuane ? 1 

bleiter, man vbo blacks, 
1727 blejme, blister 3 

blejuasee, blindness, H. 
1390 bleynte, perf. of blench 1 

blejatare, bleacher, H. 

blezzin, v.a. pnbliah, J. 

bliake, bar pi wood, H. 

blibe, mark of blow, J. 

blico, lice, E 

blicham (contempt.) J. 
1303 blicbe, adj. weak 1 

blicben, pnny fellow, J, 

blicher, spare portion, J. 

blicht. flasb, 1. 

blid (an int«rjec(inn) H. 

blida, wretches, H. 

bliera, eye laahes, J. 
1727 bliesaom, adj. (ofaewe) 3 

biiffart, a aqnali, J. 

btigh, lonely, H, 
1680 blight, ah. 2, 3 
1727 blight, y.n. 3 
1727 blight, y.n. 3 

blighton, T.a. blight, J. 
1693 blighting, sb. 3 

blightingly, C. 

blimbinf;, W. 
1298 1898 blin, y.n. cease I, 2 
14*0 blin, y.n. 1 

blincb, keep off, H. 
1298 bUnd, adj. 1, 2, 3 
leSOblindeateamanyalljf 2,3 
1G92 bliad as beetles 2 
1633 blind aa a mole 3 
1533 blind in the sun 2 
1838 sand-blind 3 
1840 nnrblind 3 
1298 blind, Y.a. 1, 2, 3 
1046 blind, sb. dark lair 2 
1670 blind, sb. 2, 3 

1635 blind, sb. eprit-sail 2 

1859 blindage (fort.) 3 
blind atembic, Phil. 

1740blindation 3 

blind-ball, iiingus, W. 
1380 blind-bajatd 1 

blind-beetla, W. 

hlind-belt, game, J. 

blind-bilrh, miller's bag, 

1832 hlind-bom 2 

blind-broae, }. 

blind . buck - and - Dayy 
(game) H. 
1583 play blind biizMrds 2 

blind-cancer, Phil. 

1636 blind-chcekes 2 
blind-coal, W. 

1593 blinded, adj. dazzled 2 
1801 blinded, in&tnated 3 
1840 carth-blinded 3 

1860 blindera, blinkers 3 

1388 blindfold, y.a. I, 2,3 

1330 blindfold, adj. 1,2,3 

UOO "blindfold as a be" 1 

15S3 blindfolding 2 

1664 bUndfoldly 2 

1683 blind folke might judge 

of it by groping 2 
1608 hlindfn! 2 

blind-barie, blind man's 
hnff, J, 

blind-bob, H. 

blind-hooky, H. 

blind-Hugh, N. 
13G0 1449 blinding 1 
1840 self-blinding 3 

blinding-board, H. 
18G6 blindish 3 

blindit, blended, J. 
leOS hiindle 2 
1348 1670 blindlings, J. 2 
1370 blindly 1, 2, 3 
1840 half-blindly 3 
1325 lOOOblindman 1,2 

blind-man' s-balL puff- 
ball, J. 

blind-rann's-beQows, pv 
ball, J, 
leaObiind-man's-buir 2,3 

blind-man' s-boliday, H. 

bliud-marea, nonse- - ■■ 
1382 blindness 1, 2, 3 

1578 blind-nettle 2 
blind-palmie, b.m. bnS^. 

1860 blind-pathway 3 
IS30 blind-road 3 

blind-re ller, C. 

blinds (mining) H. 

blinds (osiers) Phil. 

blbids (a lish) J. 

blind-serpent, C. 
I7I0 blindside 3 

blind-sim, h. nL buff, H. 
1846 blind-story 3 

1579 blind-lavem 2 
blind-thann, bowel-gut, 

H. _ 

blind-reesel, C. J 

S. bliud-wonn 2 ■ 

bline, wood, H. ■ 

1303 blink, Y.n. 1, 2, 3 ^ 
1840bUnkBt 3 
1303 blink, T.a. mock 1 
1500 "blink his ble" 1 
1016 blink, V. a. (ale) 2 
ISSS blink, y.a. (a difficulty) 3 

blink, y.n, become sour, J, 

blink, T.a. jilt, J. 
1303 blink, sb. trick 1 
1303 blink, sb. glance 1, 3 
1829 BUn-blink 3 
1300 make blmks 1 

blink, sb. (gie the blink, 
Hip) J. 

blinked, stale (of beer) H. 
1583 blinkard, sb. " " 


blinker, blin 


1E90 1080 blink-eyed 2, 3 
1727 blinking, W. 3 

blinks, W, 

blinks, hindrance, H. 

blinnyng ? J. 

blint, v.n. shine feebly, J- 

bUnter, y.n. do. 

hlinter, sb. shining 

blintcr, y.n. rush 
1787 blipe, sb. patch 3 

blipe, blew, J. 
1692 blirt } " blirt to you both" 

1810 blirtie, adj. showery 
1S20 blis, wound I 

blish-blasb, dirt, H. 
1486 bliamer, scorn 1 
1557 blison? "blison beggar' 
1398bUB8, sb. 1, 2, 3 


IdQO GTOM-bliB*, adj. 2 

blijwne Irm. pi), U- 

bliiMy, t^Hie, II. 
ISOObliMful I, Z, 1 
18IS bliMfullj 1 
IMS 1593 bluafalnoi 3 
1330 14A8 bliMinz 1 

bluBlc**, W. 
lOM blinmakiiifc 3 

blusum (liipjiint; eve). II. 

Iiliuom. '.n. W. 

tliiMom, y.«. W. 

bliu-nroduoinr, 0. 

btinl. woumlciC W. 
1400 blkt, looked I 

iseo tsar Uut, *.». bto i,a 

ISeO bliBteBinr, bloung 1 
1376 blutei 1, 3, 3 
14SS btiitcr, T.n. 1, 2 
S. bliBter, T.a. 3, 8 

bliitcr-beetle, C. 

blistcrfly, W. 

bluterin?, W. 

blut«r-plut(!r, C. 

blister-atccl, W. 

bliaterr, W. 

blite (b%ht), H. 
1S7S bUu, Hb. pUitt 2, 3 
1393 blilha, >dj. I, 3, t 
143S hUtbe, adv. 1 
1400 16*7 blithe, t.o. I, 2 
1563 Uithe, v.n. be happy S 
1315bUthcful 1 
1300 Mitlirly 1, 2, 3 ft hirthl.J. 

Mitlii'ii. v.n, uipikcgbid, J. 
1375 lA35blithcDisa 1, 2 
1745 blithefioma 3 

btithesomelv, adv. 

hlitheaaraenVsa, W 
1794 bUtt«r, bittern 3 

blittcr-blatter, noiie, J. 
1578 blittPB, a lirab 2 
12BB 1590 liliiT, quirklj 1, 2 

hlUzen, y.a.paiih, wither, 

1860 1593 bio, bine 1,2 

bloach, tnmonr, H. 
1725 blonchcd-li'flved. adj. 3 

bloachsi, laree animali H. 
1621 bloat, T.a. IT 3. 

bloat, v.n. W. 
1S22 bloat-herring 3 
S. blimt, bloat(3 2, 3 
1796bloal«d 3 

bloatedneaa, W. 
18S2 bloater 3 
1S34 blob, pimpla S 

blobber, W. 

blobl>er-!ip. W. 

blobber-lipped, W. 

blobbil, blutlai J, 

blober, bubble, H. 

blobUpped, W. 

blob-mlli, H. 

blob-iUMG, W. 

blab-w«teli, a. 

1693 blob-tala I 

blocher, f .ti. coog^ J. 
1590 blorh 2, 3 
leiO "blocks for all heada" 
(hatWT-i) S 

1575 blnck. ohrtacto 3, 3 
ISlSblork. miKhiet 1 

S. blwk, headamau'a 3, 3 
l.t9l block, v.a. blockada 3 
1630 blork, ab. (at bowla) 3 
1861 block, sb. fcrickat) 3 
1840 bJock, lb. (naat.) 3 
1833 cat-block 3 
1833 tail-bluch 3 
1726 stop-block 3 
1810 block, duDce 3 
1881 block, T.a. crickat 3 
1860 block, atoppage in atnata 

1420 block, T.n. 
1570 block, ailj. woodan 3 
block, T.a. plan, bargain, 

1639 block up 2, 3 

1793 blnckHJo, ab. (blocni, 

rhil) 3 
1838 blockade, T.a. 3. 

blockader, W. 

block-comice, C. 

blocke, >b. a acbmna, J. 

blocker, a broker, J. 

blocker, broadaie, H. 

1576 blockhnm t " blookham 

feast" 2 
15B9 blockhead 2, 3 
1560 blockboadod 2, S 
1868 blockheadiam 3 

Hoekheadlr, W. 

bloekhorse, haadbamnr, 


1620 bl 



1538 HiickhnTno 2. 3 

bliH'k-Ptitk, ciidgtl, U. 

l.l<..k-wln.>.it, n. 

l>U., (timbOT),W. 

lilm'km-iik [ntbargnn), J. 
1846hl..L>kiiL;,--.'Ourse 3 
16S0M<<L-kidb 2, 3 
15ST blockiehest 2 
1594 blockisbly 3 
1680 1700 blockishnoa 2, 8 
1581 blocklike 2, S 

bli>pkiHncliine, W, 

bloclimak.T. W. 
1607 lilockpnte 2 

blockprinCing, C. 

blocktin, W. 
1618 blod, adj. (PapeUing) 2 

bio erje (bio ertheO P.P- 

blo^y, be sullen, H. 

blouc (bIock'|,aadieme, J. 

bloiscnt, red and swdIW, 

1484 bl^'adi. fiur 1, 1 
1754 blood, Bet « 
1857 blonda, ab. Um S 

blonds, lb. ^1 
1340M.iiii)iT. Hiil'torcr 1 
1340 III. tuding. lliittcry 

bbiiid-Wf. W 

bU.iiildn. v.n. toil. H. 
1360 .):<S bl<mk,sb. hoiH! 1,3 
1490 blonk, a<n. whit« t 

blonk, anilen, H. 

blanket, W. 

blonka, } Uooka, J. 
1298 blood, ab. 1, 2,S 
1430 Mood, ab. nok, kis, ale. 

1 350 blood, feUow 1. S.3 
1690 blood '. a 

1633 blood, T.S. let tdood 3,3 
1660 blood, Tju inapirit 3 
1635 get the &nt Uood of 

1600 let blood 1,S 

blood, adj. W. 
ISOO lirocd biul lilood 8 
1800 blood and boM 
1868 half-blood 3 
1360 hearfa-Uood 1,3 
IS83 gore-blood 3 
1788 m-blood 8 
1S40 life-blood 8 
1613 blood toma 2 
1663 Tei to the blood 3 


Ill mid- baptism, C. 
S. lilcxid-bctpotled 2 
1788 blood-bdS|iriTikled 3 
1867 blood-boltored 2. 3 
1847 bbio,i-!Bok 3 

blood-bonjht, W. 

blood-brother, O. 
1562 bb)0d-bnlk 3 
1840 blood-circniation 3 

bloocl-coloured, C. 
S. blond-conaumiag' 2 

111 (Kid- drenched, C. 
bloi>il -drier, C. 
8. bliiod-driiikine 2 
1590 lilo'id-ilrifl 2 
1796 blood-dyed 3 
1693 blooded 3 
1861 (Mid-blooded a 
1833 true-blooded 8 
1840 tar-blooded 3 

blood-extorting, W. 

blood-Ulm, chilUauud, 

1632 blood-fed 2 

: 1869 blood-fend 3 

1840 blood-filled 3 

bk>od-flo«er, W. 
1862b1ood-flf S 

blood-friend, a idatim, J. 

^blood-fro!«)n, W. 
blood-grass (a cliMssv), J 
Jl. bloa(%uikiiu«a 2, 3 
ISeO bloodguilty 2, 3 
blood-liBttt, W. 
blood-horBfl, W. 
blood-Lot, W. 
1550 btoodhoimd 2, 3 
1690 bloodinly 2 
1SS3 bloodiful 2 
1592 bloodUf 2, 3 

1 450 blooding, black-pudding 1 
1634 blooding, blecditjg(med^ 2 
1503 bloodlos 2. 3 
1857 bloodlesBlj 3 
1806 bloodlussness 3 

bloodlct, v.n. W. 
1840 bloodlotti'T 3 
1G36 bloodletting 3,3 
H20 blood-like t 
1501 bloodljr, 2 
1S30 blood-mate 3 

blood-matked, C. 
1590 blood-maH 2 
1540 blood-money 2 
1566 bloodmongec 2 

blood-moQth, C, 
1868 bloodnaroe 3 
1810 Moodnuiat 3 
1662 blood-offering 2 

blood-olph, bulfinch 
1730 blood-polluted 3 

blood-padding, W. 
U40 1626 blood-rtti 1,2 

blood-relation, W. 
1500 blood-rite 2 

blood-root, W. 
1590 blood-royal 2 

blood-running it«b, Pbil. 
8. blood-ssctifice 2 

14S0 blood-Bhed 1, 2, 3 
I630blood-shedder 2 
137S bloud-shedding 1, 2, 3 
1678 blood-aliot 2, 3 
1646 1632 blood-aliotten 2 

blood-Bhottennesa, W. 
1634 blood-Bbrunk 2 
1630 blood-aized 2 

blood-snake C. 

bl<iod-^piiTin, W. 
1829 blood-BpUler 3 
1829 blood-apilling 3 

blood-spitting, C 

blaod-apotle£ C. 

blood-Btain, W. 
S. blood-staiiied 2, 3 

blood-etick, H. 
1S26 blood-aCoDe 2 
1S78 blood-strange (heib) 

blood-Btrake, W. 
1543 blood-aucker 2, 3 

8. blood-sncking 2 
1G24 lS48blood-BDpper 2 

blnod-swoln, w. 
1670 blood-thirri, eb. 2 
1564 blood-thinlOT 2 

blood-thintilr, G. 
1602blw>d-tbir8tineB9 3 

blood-thiraling 3 
1540 blood-lbiraty 2, 3 

1829 blood-tit, ib. horse 3 
blood-Teasel, W. 

1727 blood-warm, W. 3 

1830 blood-wite, W. 3 
blood-won, W. 
blood-wood, C. 

1678 blood-root 2 
1538 blood-wort 3 
1280 bloody 1, 2, 3 
1362 bloody (of relationship) 1 
1611 bloody, T.B. 2, 3 
1650 1622blaodybDne(andraw 
bead) 2 

bloody-eyed. W. 
8. bloody-faced 2 
1601 bloody-fail, ehilbloin 2 

bloody-flux, W. 

bloody-fluied, W. 

bloody-hand (forest law) 
8. bloody-bunting 2 

bloodying, eb. C. 

8. bloody-minded 2, S' 

bloody-mindedneas, C. 

bloDdy-mindedly, C. 

bloody-nose, N. 
1860 bloody-nose, a beetle 3 

bloody-nosed, C. 

bloody-red, W. 

bloody-sceptred 2 

bloody-sweat, W. 

bloody-Thmsday, H. 

bloody-warrior, wall' 

blooth, blossom, H. 
14G0 bloro, puntule 1 
1611 blore, blast 3 

blore, T.n. wcop, P.P. 

bloring, sb. P.P. 

blort, T.n. snort, J. 
1430 blosle, blossom 1 

bloes, ruffled hair, H. 

blosB, young woman J 
1305 blosaom, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1362 bloaaom v.n. 1, 2,3 
loS3 blossomed, adj. 2, 3 

bloasomed, churned crea' 
1830 daisy-blossomed 8 
1660blos9Dm-lif'e, 2 
1827 blossoming, sb. 3 
1390 btoBsomy 1, 3 

blosBomless, C. 
1494 blot, v.a. 1, 2, 3 

blot, T.a. puzzle, J. 
1447 blot, T.o. 1, 2, 3 


. blot 01 

2, 3 

1300 b 

I, <i, 3 

blast in bloom 2 

1861 bloom (of grapes] 3 

1862 bloom (iron) J. 3 
bloom (on dried fish) J. 

1330 bear the bloom 1 
1316 bloom, Y,n. flower 1, 2, 3 

bloom, v.n. shine, U. 
1840 bloom up 3 
1592 bloom, v.s. 2 
1844 bloomed foliage 3 
1646 full bloomed 2 

blooinary, W. 
1833 bloom-bright 3 

bloomer, W. 

bloomer-like, C. 

bloom-fell, yellow clover, 

1869 blooming, sb. W. (of 

varnish) 3 
1646 blooming, adj. 2, 8 
1862 ever-btoommg 3 

bloomingly, W. 

bloomingncss, C. 
IBIS bloomless 3 

blooms, fevcr-flt, H, 
1601 bloomsmitby 2 
1620 bloomy 2,3 

bloomy, very hot, fi. 

1390 1670 blot, eb. I, 2 
1699 1700 blot (in game) 2, 3 
1769blotcb, eb. 3 
1770 blotch, ».a, 3 

blotchiness, C. 

blotcb -paper, H. 

blotchy, W. 
1300 blote, "W. v.a. dry by 
smoke, see "bloat" 1 

bloted, W. 

blolen, very fond, 11. 
1520 blotber (chatter) H. 1 

blothered, H. 

blothermeut, H. 
H60 blotleea 1 
1400 blotued, dry I 

blots, moths' eggs, H. 
lassblotler, sb. 3 
1656 blotter at 2_ 

blottesque, adj. Buskia 

blotting, W. 

blotting-book, C. 
1658 blottingly 2 

1861 blotting-pad 3 
1619 blotting-paper 1, 3 

blotty, adj. 
1628 blougbty, bnlky 2 

1862 blouse 3 
blouse, bonnet, H. 
blouat, ah. and v.n. brag, 

1613 blooC, forsaken, J. I 
1788 blout, storm 3 
1300bloute, swoUen? 1 

blouter, blast, J. 

1614 blunCh, eb. I bloom 2, 3 
1300 blow, v.a. 1, 2, 3 
1370 blow born 1,2,3 
1363 blow bis rnwet I 

S. blow, v.a. (of a By) 3 
1436 blow, v.n. (ofahorn) 1,2 
1300 blow, v.n.(ofwind) 1,2,3 
1500 it blows 1 
1360 blow, v.n. breathe 1, 2, 3 





M {of • gOMK) 

13BS blow, T.a. (nicl*l, etc.) 1 
IMS blow, b«nd ? " hys browj-a 

began to blowe" 1 
1S40 air-b1o«-n 3 
172a full-bloTH 3 
1848 over-hlawn 3 
blow about, C. 
blow away, C. 
leOO Mow a boast I 
IfOO blow boUa (of a drunkard) 

1S80 blow oenaone 1 
ISOe blow a cool 1 
1833 blow the gaff 3 
1890 blow bot and cold 2 

blow in, C. 
1655 "ill wind btowi none to 

good" 2 
1813 blew the nose 2 
8. blow off 2 
blow on, C. 
IMO blow out, breatbe hard 
t. 3 

ISli hlow the geek 2 

8. Mow through 2 

S. blow up 2, 3 
1S23 blow up (music) 1 
1628 blow up, moke destitute 

2, 3 
1624 blow up one^ decks, get 

with chUd 2 
1S46 blow upon 2, 3 
1300 blow, T,n. bloom 1, 2, 3 
lSt7 blow, lb. 1, 2, 3 
1710 blow, sb. flower 3 

bead 2, 3 

l)lo>v-biisti4-|, flPKffcil, N. 

blow-bellowB, H. 
1S67 blow-boll', lirunkani 2 
IfifiS blow-boUe, , dandelion 

blow-book, N. 
1637 blow-coal 2 
ISfl blowen, sb. 3 

blowen-meat, dried meat, 
1380 blower 1,2, 3 

blowEr, fissure in coal, H. 

blower, a whale, Phil. 
J8S8 blowfly 3 
ISSl blow-hole 3 
lS38bl.™huiifie-ini!' " """ 

IBSI blow-out, sb. 3 

18''>2hlow-pipe 3 

leiO 1602 blow.point 1, 1 

blown-, puMule, H. 

blowty, untidj, H. 
1694 blow-striking 3 
I862bloW3f, adj. 1 

1813 liLiw-ii]!, I'll. 3 

blow upon, erittdn, N. 

blow-TaWe, W. 

blowj, W. 
1S21 blowie, sb. watch 3 
1766blowi«d 3 
1647 blownlike 3 
IT53 blowting^adj. 3 

blowsj, W. 

bloiford, H. 
1688 blub, adj. 3 

blub, i.ft. W. 
1790 blubber, sb. 3 

blubber, bubble, H. 
1660 blubber, y.n. 2, 3 
1861 blubber, adj. 3 
1680 blabbered 2, 3 

btubbcrcr, C. 

blubber-grsss, B. 
16B0 blubbcrin? 2, 3 
1710blubbcr-lip J 
1766 blubber-lipped 3 

blubbit, bfubbend, J. 
1620 blub-bced 2 
183S blucher, boot 3 
"blndcat ? J. 

bladder, r.a. blot, J. 

bludder, v.n. gfrgle, J. 
1660 bluddering P 2 
1798 blmli^nn 3 

bludli-biillfl, foi-glOYO, J. 

1300 blue, adj. 1,2, S 
1 840 griin-bino 3 
1830 true-blue, adj. 3 
1617 blue, eb. 1, 2. 9 
1860 blue [a butterfl)') 3 
1862blae{"aregular1)lne") 3 
1808 blue, r.a. 2, 3 
1600 maletliGsuntookblm 1 
1721 blue-aprnn, adj H. 3 

blue-bag, C. 

blue-bannot, titmouse, J. 
1878 blue-bull 2, 3 

blup-btn7, W. 

1862 UoG-bottle, llr S 

". blne-bottla, adj. 3 

blue-breast, V 

8. blne-bottla, adj. 
1, W. 

8. I 


irk, C. 

1710 blowing t 

1G46 blowing-sanila 3 

blowing-macbine, W. 

TilowiDg-snake, W. 

bio wmauneOT, fat faced, ] 

ISOO blue-blade 1 

blue-blanket, craftsmau's 
banner, J. 
1678 blue-blaw 2 

1862 blue-Wood 3 
1829 blue-bonnet, W. 3 

blue -bonnet, eoin flower, J, 
1853 blue-book 3 

bltw-csp, cornflower, H. 

blue-cat, W. 
IStO blne-chequ«d 3 

blue-cloth, C. 
1699 bine-coat 3, 8 

bloe-eoat-bof, C. 
IB31 blae-eoat«d 3 

blue-colored, W. 
1M8 blue-crimson S 

Miie-dcTila, W. 

bliie-dTcd. C. 

blue-oSged, C. 
1660 lilne-eved 2, 3 

blue-(iah. W. 

blue-a?, J. 
1840 bloe-glaneing S 
1787 blue-gown 8 

llin*-griiBS, W. 

1862 MiK-tnim-tree 3 
Uluf-iulrfd. W. 
I.liuins. hb. (iron)C. 

hlM,'-l.nw. H. 

1726 blueish, adj. 3 
1600 blue-jacket 1, 3 

blue-John. W. 

bluc-lawa, W. 
1840 blae4ift, eb. 3 
1840 blue-light 3 
ITSebluel; S 

blue-mantle, pnranTaBt, 
13S8 blue-men, Ethion 1 

blue-milk, H. 

1863 btae-monld S 
1382 1600 btoenen 1, 3 

blue-nose, C. 

blue-ncsed, C. 

blue-ochre, C. 

blue-ointment, W. 

blue-peter, Vf. 
I8S1 blue-piU 8 
1830 blne-plDms S 

bine-ribbon, C. 
1S40 blue-ruin 3 

bines, sb. 0. 

blue-seggin (flower) J. 

blnt-apsld (iWnae) J, 

blue-spotted, C. 
lS43hlup-stocklng 3 
1868 liluc-stwkingism 3 

blue-stone, W. 

Wuc-Btriped, G. 

1727 bluet, a plant 3 
1845 blue-tit 3 
1693 blue-reined 2 

blue-nunied, oovevedwidi 
blue-motild, H. 

bIne-Titriol, W. 
1832 blue-water 8 
1800 bluer 3 
18-19 blulf, sb. 3 

r7e8 blnff, adj. 3 
bluff, T.a. blindfulil, U. 
"gut tba bluff," be 
bloff.bowed, W. 
bluff-hMiW, W. 
bluffer, lunillco'il, H. 
bluffert, T.n. blustor, J. 
b1uffett,Bb. ruugliwiad,J. 
bluffin, avaeear, J. 
bluffleheadod, J, 
bluffly, C. 
bluffnoM, W. 
bluff-off, W. 
bliff-SBokeu, C. 
bluffy, W. 

»blufuni, blinkers, H. 
bluiil, blood, J. 
blutd-run, bloodahot, J. 
blui J'Vuit (bluldvryte) liua 
for blood, J. 
I bluidy-flugo»,foigloT<i,J. 

1560 bluiah 2, 3 

blaish-grePii, C. 
bluubly, C, 
bluiebnoH, W. 
bluit4iT, dumiT fellow, J. 
blui tec, nunblmg noiie, J, 
bluiUr, T.n. blurt, J. 
bluiter, obliContte, J. 
bloiadunmesE, prunie, J. 
blume, v.n. bluesom, J. 
ISSO blame, eb. plume 2 
IH^ll) blumiite, ab. 3 
1400 blundtr, sb, 1, 2, 3 
1390 blunder, v.n. 1, 2, 3 
13)0 bluuder, v.a. 1, 3 
isa7 blundor forth 2 
167S blunder nut 3 
1460 blunder, sb. Confusion, S. 

blunder, stir, puddle. It, 
1664 bluiiderbuM 2, 3 
ISOO blunderer 3 

blunderhead, W. 
IS 20 blunduiingiib.disturbuilie 

Has blnndering, aij. 1, 3 
1830 blunderingly 3 

blunge, blend (potter's 

blunder, 11. 
16S6 blunk, v.n. nuaiJ 2 

blunli, Bqualij, H. 

btnolc, duiuo, W. 

binnk, v.a. spoil, J. 

blunk, »b. & dull fellow, J. 
1B29 blnnker, colioo printer 3 
Ifi^O 1668 blunket, gray 2 
1390 blunt, adj. 1, 2, 3 
1636 bluHt, stupid 2 
1609 blunt, T.a. 2, 3 
1656 blunt, v.a., sluinlc 2 
I8D6 blunt, t.b. grow blunt 3 

blUDt, eb. gvne, H. 

blnnl, eb. etnpid fellow, J. 

blunt, adj. bore, J. 
1S69 blunt, sb. monGf 3 

blunt-edged, C. 
1815 blunt™, T.u. a 
IHOO bluntvr, sb. 2 
17B4bluntie,Btnpidlallow,J. 3 

blunting, W. 
1578 bluntiab 2 
1378 bluntly, adv. abruptly 2,3 
IG41 bluntneoa 2,3 
1613 blunt^aighted 2 

blunt-apdken, C. 
8. blnut-wltled 2 

blunyierd, old gun, J. 

blnp, cIuinBT fellow, W. 

blup, a miaortune, W. 

blnpl, imfortunnte, W. 
1520 blur, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1460 bring on blur 1 
1592 blur, T.a. 2,3 
1690 eye-bluired 2 
16B0hlur, y.n. 3 
1632 blur-iiuper, eb. 2 
1610 blurring, ab. 2 
1621 ISoQ blurt, v.a. insult 2 

blurt M, S. 
1602 blurt on, out 2 
1380bliirt,Bb."giveilblurt" 1 
1608 blurt, adj. 3 

"blnit master constable," 


blurting, sb. C. 

bins, flood, J. 
1612 blush, sb. 2, 3 
1668 "at ablush" 2 
1570 1649 "at the firat blush" 

1375 blush, vji. 1, 2, 3 
1690 buauty -blushing S 
1828 blusb, v.n. 2 
1690 blush out 2 

blush, resemblance, U. 

blush, a blister, J. 

blush, v.a, to blister, J. 

blushin, sb, blister, J. 

1647 blush-coloiu 2 
162Tblii.<b-colourod 2 
1626 bluebet 2 

blushful, W. 
blushfuliy. a 

1648 blushpuildaew 2 
iS, blushing, adj. 2, 3 
S. blushing, ab. 2, 3 

1690 uu blushing, sb. 2 

unblushing, adj. 
inOOblusbingly 2 
1566 1649 blushlen 2 

blush-roK, C. 
1627blu9hy 2 
1362 bluster, T.n. 1,2, 3 
1648 bluster out 2 
1583 bluster, wind 2 
1670 bluster, sb."W. 2,3 

bluster, v.a. disfigure i 
writing, J, 

blustoratiaD, W. 
1624 blual«rer 2, 3 

bloetering, ab. S, 3 

1002 bluster-muster 3 
1583 blusterous 2 
1548 blu8t«rouely 3 
1858 blustery 3 

bluaterwood, H. 

blustren, wander, H. 
1620 blutch, eb. 2 

blute, action, J. 

blute, sudden noise, J. 
1600 bluCer ? 1 

blnther, v.a. blot, J. 

bluther, T Jt. make a noist^ 

bluthrie, porridge, J. 
bluthrie, phlegm, J. 
bluttei, eb. term of re- 
proach, J. 
btutter, speak uouseose, 

blyauve, v.n. blow, J, 
1130 blyde, adj. bUthe 1 

bljnk, to blind; H. 
14Ba blynne, v.n. cease 1 

biysched, started, H. 

blyste, f actively, H, 

btyte, blast, J. 

blyter, v.n. besmear, J. 
1726 blytb, sb. agrie. utensil 3 

blythti, appearanee, H, 

blyvare, I J. 
1447 blyve, quickly 

bijwest, b'-^ 




BgoDse 2 
1350 bo, both I 

bo, hobgoblin, H. 

bu, bu, boo, J. 
1847 buu (boas, Phil.} 3 
184Sbuu-Gonsti-ietor 3 
1637 boak, v.n. butt _ 2 

buakie, hobgoblin, J. 

boal, cupboard, J. 

hoallin ' ■ ' ■ 
1298 boar, s 

boar, v.n. W. 
1600 vild boar 1 
1727 boar-cat 3 
1300 hoard, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1590 painted board, pic 

] 859 bristol board 

1840 chess-boaid 3 

1810 ourresponding-boaid 3 

1840 cutting-board 3 

1860 draught-board 3 

1840 poste-boiird 3 ^m 

1840 shop-board 3 S 

board, shillmg, K. ^M 
1300 board, table 1, 2, 3 ^1 

board of eontml, ^H 
S. council board 2, 3 
1665 board of estato 2 
1630 nail biiard 2 

1611 board, 
2, X 

1 board, (bbip), 


1, 2 

1032 boaril. boarding tohMl 
1614 buanl hdA boud 3 
1430 dmw tlu tward I 
1641 on even board 3 
1621 f^loh bonrd;<, Uck 3 
1690 part b.mrd 2 
1630 1666 (triks bf the boud 


I660boutUM S 
130S boMtt I 
1330 boat 1,3,1 

■ilTiM boat, W. 
18» drcdKe-boat 3 
1839 fliher-boat 3 
1B33 nm-boat 3 

bMlth-boat, W. 

1863 ioll^-boiit 3 
1863 mA'et-boat S 


K-boat 3 

1390 1630 board,Tn.lodn 1,2 
1630 boMd, T.a. 3, 8 
1M6 boaid, T.B. aeooat 3, 3 
l«n botid, T.a. (a TCMel) 1, 

1030 board to and afain, tack 3 

boardable, W. 
1S98M70 board cloth 1 
1S» boardod tuts. lUta 2 
1B28 board-end 3 
1863 boarder (anilor) 3 

boarder, lodger, C, 
half-boorder, C. 

boarder, made of board, 

boaidinf , boardi, C. 
8. boarding 2 

boardtiig-bridgi?, 11. 

boardinj^-houB^, W, 
184D boordiag-nettin? 3 

boardicifr-piVi^, W. 
1790 boHrding school 3 
1776 boardt, sb. itase of a 

board-trees, Mer, 3. 
1500 board-iTBgea 2, 3 

boar hunt, C. 
8. boariab 3 

boarishly, C. 

boariehaese, C. 

boar-sfg, pig, H. 
IB2B hvai'B head 3 
1686 boar-apeai 2, 3 
1680 boar-etoff 3 

l>oar-itagg, pig, H. 
1839 bosc tref, the elder 3 

boar-tbiatle, W. 

boas, a diwaae, Phil. 
1298 boaat, ab. 1, 2, 3 

"great boast, small 
roast," N. 
1360 boast, t.b. 1 2, 3 
ISQO fore-boasted 2 
1300 boast, f.u. 1, 3, 3 

boast (boist), T.a. threaten. 

ITIS pieket-boat 1 

bob, a mark, bott, J. 
1280 bob, r.m. beat, nuxk, de- 
eein 1,2,3 
B. bob, T.a jark vp and 
down 3,8 
1794 bob, T.B. cnrtaj S 
bob^ Tju danoe, J. 
1620 bob into it, T.a. 3 
1583 bob out one's ej-ce 2 
. 13£0 lS34babaiice, pride 1,2 
1T2« bubb. sb, seed vessel 3 
bolibaut, romping, H, 

boastAillr. W. 

1649 boat, T.n. 2, 3 
1013 boated, embarked 3 
boat. bBirel, tub, J. 
beef-boat, J. 
butter-boat, J. 
jill-boat. ale barrel, J, 
boaUble, W. 
166^ boatage 2, S 
boatSill. W. 
boat-builder, W. 

1860 boat-building 8 
1830 boat-chain 3 
1830 boat-eloak 3 
ISeOboat-flT 3 
1464boa^bml 1 3 
l&49boathook 3 


boatie, small boat, J. 

boating, W. 

boat-in»ect, C. 

boation, W. 

boatUke, W. 

boat-load, C. 
16U boatman 1 
186! boatman (insect) 3 

boat-oar, C, 

boat-rope, W. 

boat-shape, W. 

boat-ehell, W. 

boatamau, W. 
1830 boat-soDg 3 
1460 boatawaiQ 1, 2, 3 

boatswain's mate, G. 

boat-tail, W. 
1420 boat-waid 1 

boatvoman, C. 
1660 bob, ab. nniHment 3, 3 
1460 bob of cherries I 
1G70 bob, blow, taunt 3 
1621) bob, trick 1, 3 
1496 bob, worm 1,2 
1838 bob, a rbythm 3 
1698 bob, wig 3 
1SI6 bob, "fine bobs i'hitb" 2 
1794 bob, dance 3 

1861 bob, sbilling 3 

1831 bobbery 8 
1663 bobbin 3, 8 

bobbin, aeed pod of lujch, 
wator-lily J. 

bohbinet, \f. 
11157 bobbing, ab. blow 2 
1981 bobbing, adj. 2 

bobbing-block, H. 

bobbing-joan, a dance, S. 

bobbin work, W. 
1869 bobbish 3 

bobble, slovenly fellow, 1. 

bobblii-cook, II. 

bobbs, clny, If. 

bobbjr, poucemnn, C. 

bobby, T.a. strike, H. 

bobby, adj. smart, H. 

bobbj-nTen, H. 

bob-cberrv, W. 

bobet. buffet, H. 
1430 bobttts, thick i>i«ce«,H. 1 
16g4bob-fbol 2 
1849 boblinooQ 3 
1898 bobling, noiee 1 
1S81 bobling, adj. 2 

bobolink, a bird, W. 
1S20 bobolpe, fool 1 

bob-sled, W. 
1861 bob-atajp (naat.] 3 
1620 bob-tail 3, 3 

bob-tail, an arrow, H. 
1676 bob-tail, T.a. dock 2, 3 

bob-tail-wig, W. 

14 SO bobyo, piece 
1044 boc««e, Aeld 

1936 bocaido, pi ' 

bocatorinm, llugfata^ 

^ 1« 


boccono, morsel, H. 
boco, sb. barrel, J. 
boce, see "boss," J, 
bocbort, forward ^rt, H. 
1550 bocher f butcher 1,2 
bociler (a fish) H. 
booberi I 
bocbia, glass Teasel, Pbii. 
bocbla, bushes, H. 
bocbonl, booJthoard, Phil. 
boohoUBO, library, H, 

10 1635 bott, T.». gush out 

booi, v.n. belch, H,, J. 
boct, sb. goblin, aee 

" bocker" 
bock, foar, H, 
bockblood, sb. blood-spit- 

i3 bockerol, bockcret hawk 2 
(2 bockcT, hobgoblin 3 

bockcry, buggery I 

bockoy, W, 

borking, W. 

bocking (stuff) W. 

bocknc, ttocli, H. 
rS bnck-wheat 2 

11 bocland 3 
^8 bocrame ? 2 

boetail, bad woman, H. 
bocur (a bird) H. 
bod, T.a. huek waliiuts, E. 
bod, sb. small pereon, J. 
bod, sb. invitatioD, J. 
bod, "now bod, new sbod," 

boday, ? flesh coloured, J. 

boddlo {a looi) H. 

boddum, bottom, J., H. 

boddura-Iyer, front, J. 
iO U30 bode, message, com- 
mand 1 
10 bode, offel 3 
>0 14S0 bode, detav 1 
tlbode, omen 2 
i3 bode, eb, warning 3 
10 bode (bodeu) T.a. foretell 

1,2, 3 
)1 death-boding 2 
)0 abodement 2 
iO bode(boden)T.ii.forbid 1,2 
iO bode, y,n. sliew 1, 3 
t8 bode, v.a. offer 3 
It bode, pret. bidii 2 

bodeable, markotabla, J, 

bodeclotb, tablecloth, H. 

boded, infatuated, H. 
14 bodeful a 
18 bodegon, eating-bouse 2 

bodelouse, body'louse, U. 
, bodement 2 

boden, preferred, J. 
17 boden, bidden 1 

boden, prepared, J. 

boder, sb. C. 

bodcting, skirt lining, H. 
-5 bodGWDcd, memage 1 

1630 bodge (of oats) 3, 3 
1593 bodge, badge 2 
^bodgel, litue man, J. 
'bodge, T.n. bndge, N. 
8. bodge, T.n. patch 2. 
1633 bodge in 2 
1677 bodger, oarriBr 2 
lOlS bodice 2,3 
S. bodied 2, 3 
1833 able-bodied 3 
1620 unbodied 2 

8. bodikin 2 
1687 bodiless 2, 3 
1687 1666 bodilinesB 2 
1340 bodily, adj. 1, 2, 3 
1360 bodily, adV. 1, 3 
1513 bodin, provided I 
1308 bodineaa 1 
1208 boding, sb. 1,3 
1603 boding, adj. 2, 3 

bodium, crypt, C. 
1390 bodkin, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1730 bodkin,middle passenger 3 
1501 bodkin, adj. 2 

bodkin (cloth) see " baud- 
yn," N. 

bodkin [printing) W. 
1693 bodkinwiae 2 
1828 bodkinwoik 3 
1787bodlo, coin 3 

bodloian, C. 
1595 bodrag, ab. 2 
1537 bodrate, raid, N, i 
1430 bodon, foreboded 1 
"330 1535 bodword (So, 


wart) m „ 
1280 body, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1840 Bpirit-body 3 
1280 body, corpse 1,2 

B, dead body 2 
1298 body, perBon 1, 2, 3 
1 603 body, number of men 
1 840 parliamentaiy body . 
1370 body, sobstauce 1, 2 
I860 body (of philosophy, etc.; 

2, 3 
1781 body (of wine) 3 
iaB2bodv(ofiron) 3 
1523 body to body 1 
1500 body and bmie 1 
1540 "naught of her body" 2 
1600 maidenhead taken &om 

1500 "by the faith of my 

body*' 1 
1828 body of me, N. 3 
1600 "by the truth of my 

1449 body, y.a. 1, 2, 3 
1840 embodj' 3 
1840 embodiment 3 

body, adj. W, 

body-botcrasse (battress) 

1S66 body-chamber 3 
body-clothes, W. 
body-clout, iron of wheel, 1 

body-coat, W. 
ISSe body-colour 3 
S, body-ourer 2 
1560 body-ease 2 
1450 body-faunt I 
1820 body forth, t.b. 
1646 body-free 2 
1T66 body-guard 3 
1697 body-horse 2 
1657 bodying 2 
S. bodykina 2 

body-like, J. 

body-maker, C. 
1678 body-politia 2,; 

S. bodv-publio 2 
1823 body-Boryant 3 



body-staff, I 
18*7 body-wuU 3 
1120 bodym ? womb, bosom 1 
1420 bodyn > prepared 1 
13!IOboef 1 
1820 bmotarch 3 
1693 biuotiim, adj. 2, 3 

bitotian, -■■ "' 


1862 tciidebmuf 3 
1460 bof (joint of meat) I ■ 

bof, quicklime, H. ^H 
1460 bofettes, stool 1 ■ 

1293 bofflng, puffing 1 ^ 

boiBe, hinder I 

1646 bog, v.a. hinder 2 
1603 bog, v.a. (in mire) 2, 3 

bog, T.n. J. 
163S take eotne bog, object 2 

1627 bog, lb. bugbour 2 
1614 bog, sb. mire 2, 3 

"as tender es a hog," 
Ififl7 bog, adj. sturdy, nrrogant 
I 2 

bogan, sb, a bail, J. m 
1820 bog-blitter, bittern 8 fl 

bog-baan, W. ■ 

bog-berry, W, 

bog-bumpor, bitlortl, J. 
1823 buU of tho bog, do. S 
1466 bogo i 1 

bog-earth, W, 
1548 bogot, budget 2 m 

1857 bogey, sb. 3 ^M 

1360 bogeyslv, boastfully 1 fl 

1628 boggard, cesspool 2 ^| 

1863 bo^art, ghost 3 ^f 
boggarty, apt to sturt, H. 
bogginess, C. 

1576 bugging, eh, 2 
1660 boggle, sb. 2, 3 
1610 boggle, v.n. boggle at 2, 

bog-gled, buizoid, J. ^H 

boggier 2 H 

:0 boggling, sb. 2, 3 ^H 

bon-Mbiit, abMMid, J. ISM boie, euoaiiaMr 1 

lamMi-Kr 'i. 3 I...1.1- <"ll.itii.n. H. 

I...- -;)v,. ipiljUu, U, 16U l>..;,.t. ln-rn.r 1 

l..>._';-.>lii\ .vi«HiuK,H. 1625 N.u».., W^'x 1 

1729 l..._i,:.ii-,., jiri.j 3 l.^ii^-).ruiir. (nuUuul ta 

ISOO .. 

-iir 3 

1621 lu^pll' "1')- BIH'tra 2 
bugUl-bu, frii''''Oi J- 
boiling, ftacakifl^, £!■ 
boir-iroii S 

1850 bog-iron on 3 

1004 boRuh, adj. P.P. 2 
bopshlv, P.P. 
boglanJ, W. 

ITao boglo, gohliu S 

1838 bogle (bogiU),* game 3 
bogle, T.B. tenitj, J. 

ISfla "ingle about the bndk," 

biiikiii, brUket, J. 

huikin, bodkin, J. 
1382 huil, lb. lore 1, S 
1727 boil, lb. Hale of boOiig 

bull (hole), tree tnink, J. 
1307 boil, v.a. 1, 2 
1360 boil, y-n. 1, !,•> 
1600 boil in ambitiiHi 3 
1627 boil to heigbt 2 
1610 1626 bull, T.>. betaf 3 

boiUrv, latt dtpovt 
1840 boiler 3 
1S40 boUcr, one wIm boik 3 

1S60 bogledom S 

boilerful. C. 

"boglo-rad," .&«id ot 

boilcr-maker, C. 

bogle., J. 

boiler-pbt«^ W. 


builcry. W. 

162Bbogmiro 3 

1643 builiug. ab, 3, 3«, C. 

boiliQB, dianoTcry, H. 

I860 bog-myrtle S 

boiling-boot, torture, N. 


1623 boiling Bimd 1 

bog-oak, C. 

1801 boUing tide 3 

boiling-hou«, eating-, W. 

hou«, N. 

1S30 bogohao ? 1 

1690 boiling mavr 3 

1831 bog-pit 3 

boilinttW, W. 

bog-pUnt 3 

1860 boUiiig-iHiirt 3 

bog-ra.h. W. 

IwilouQ, bubble, H. 

mi bogi^aYiii 1 

lS931«iiii.y-u. B»ell 2 

\m«, waaUinp-tub, J, 

1740 bog-trot, T.n. 3 

lH)ii.ful, tubful, J. 

1840 bog-trotter, 3 

boinani, luw jwraou, H. 


boine, swelling; 

boing, .b, lomag, J. 

1862bogn.CAmer.) 8 

1613 boii^ hoUow 1 

boil, wood, H. 


1S36 boiH, 8b. boi 3 

1614 bogj, fitt 

boiBt, throat, H., J. 


boiBt, T.a. threat, J. 

boiBt, BweUing, H. 

bo-hackr, donkejr, H. 

1390 14.50 k.«t,l),).i 1 

:711bohea 3 

1320 b^.isto ■ ■■ boisto wilh a 

8. bohomian, adj. 2,3 

scheld" 1 

1703 bobemiau, A. 3 

16S2boi8tea,?Boiton 2 

bobemian-tartar, S. 

1612bohemki 2 


1S63 bohomolot, Soesiaa pU- 

1811 b^^ a lane 3 

1390 1flOOtoij>lCTuuslr 1,2 

1603boiin> 2 

boietJicse, H. 

boiar, £iu«an officer of 

1300 i6Sl boietuus, rude. 

■tate, PhiL 

boittermiB 1,2 

1S91 boiareu, coimsollor 2 

boicb, T.n. oongh, J. 

boioh, Bb. J. 

boit, Bb. tub, J. 

boicbe, iieslilciicc, J. 

boit, boat, J. 

iMliohin, couRliinj;, J. 

boit, t.n. take boat, J. 

"boiciniugii, rattleanike, 



bold, sb. wave, J. 

13S0 boke, v.a. " tbe man that 

bolder, baEkel, H. 

bokedif 1 


1614 boke, T.& bdcb. Tomit, 
gmk out 1, 3, ■ 
boke, bulk, H. 

1130 b<.kc, ; bi«cU 1 

b-.kL. (miuing), H. 

boldd, learned. H. 

boks, cunier teeth. J. 
; bukv-botlomnl, Mift, H. 

1460 tralaee (ptaui) i 

bolary, \V. 
14M ir.31 b<>l-animomac 1, 2 
18S0 bcOaa, law> S 
lt7SbolbuBC 3 

bolbonath, a plmt, FhiL 

bolch, poach eg);i, H. 
1270 bold, boiiding 1 
1460 Mi^, oraaraent 1 
1298 IfM, idi. 1, L S 
1450 1688 bold, ime 1,3 

boh), mooUi (of grain}, 

1450 bold, lb. bold man 1 
1430 bold, T.n. 1 
1300 1564 bold, T^ 1,3 
B. bold beatiug 2 
boM-beuuchaiup, H. 
1666 boldon, V.3. 2 
1535 bolden (boldln) rji. awdl 

1593 boldened, adj. embaldwed 

bolder, land isport, H. 

I...ldtr,rusb, ir 

biildLTlng. Hdj. C. 

boldluu^ W. 
a. holdliicisl 2, 3 
1786 biild following 3 
1300 1^30 iHildbodo 1 
1306 1664 boldUer 1, 3 

boldloker, H. 
1298 boldly 1,3,3 
1450 boldmau 1 
1330 boldneai, eBcauraireiuenl 




"hold-ipiritod, W, 

loldjf boldly 

Ijoldyche, bowl, H. 
1360 bole, lr«i trunk 1, 2, 3 
1440bole.tower; 1 
1320 1520 throat bole 1, 1 

bole, »b. roll, N. 
1646 bole, powder 2, 8 
1660 bole, bowl 2 

bole, T.n. drink bowh, N. 
1329 bole, window, J. « 

bole, buU, J. 


in, H. 

bole-al, H, 
bole-dish, N. 
bole-bill, H. 
bole-holG, H. 
12 boleri 3 
boletic (chem.) W. 
boletoiia (hot.) W. 
boleweed, H. 
p485 boleyardc, eb. rack 1 
boleyn-de-gmco, H, 
bolgan, sb. BWDlUng, J. 
bolgaQ-leares, n betb, J. 
bolgcd, Biipy, H. 
bolgit, bulky P H. 
B. bolin, bowlino S 
holin, y.n. {qqhI.) J. 
boUa (meteor) W. 
bolisjne, appetito, H. 
1316 168S bolt, y.u. belch out 

toll out 
1362 bolk, lb. bekh I 

bolke, heap, H. 
1376 boll, sb. measure I, 2, 3 
1862 boll (of cotton), pod 3 
1487 1635 boll, bowl 1, 2 

boll, apparition, H. 

boU, li 


bolster (of a mill) J. 

bolster (mech.), W. 

bolster (uitBt.), W. 
1460 bolster, boaster 1 
1404 bob<t«r. v. a. 1, 2 
1609 1641 bulstor out 2 
1581 bolster up 2, 3 

bolstor-ooso, W. 
1623 1640 bolsterer 1, 2 
1649 1620 bolsturing 2 
1 360 bulntraught, prostrato 1 
1340 bolt, v.B.(llour)aifC 1,2,3 

1609 bolt out 1, 2 
1876 bolt forth 3 

1610 bolt, T.a. find, mako start, 

1820 bole, v.a. swallow 3 
1420 bolt, T.n. start I, 2, 3 
13S21>alt, v.a. fottor 1 
1829 fetter-bolt 3 
1840 fire-bolt 3 
1840 hammer-bolt 3 
1833 ring-bolt 3 
1600 thunder-bolt 2 
1840 bolt, thunder 3 
1463 bolt, sb. bar 1, 3 
1790 bolt, r.a. fastm 3 
1725 bolt, sb. bundb; (of oBiera) 

1630 boltropc 2, 3 
1829boltsprit 3 

boltster (tool) C. 
1390 bolt npri^t 1, 2, 3 
1721 bolt uprightnesg 3 
1727 bolus, sb. pill 3 
1592 boljehjme 2 

bolj'e, plmnmot 
170O bolymony (com) 3 
IS78 bolyn, knob 2 
146* bolypn, bullion? 1 

bom (a serpent), W. 

bomada, J, 
1632 boman, gallant fellow 

boman, hobgnblin 

bomarisqae, J, 
1460 bomb, sh. ' ~ ~ 



boll, power-loom manager, 
1490 boU P boU 1 
162B rainlioll 2 

bollard (oaut.) W, 
bollard-timbeiB, Vf. 
B. boiled, in seed 2 

1400 boiled, puffed up 1 
1400 bolted, buffeted 1 
1726 boUeeC, sb. kind of apple 

1694 bollen, sn-ollel! 2 
1510 boiler, bowler 1 

bowler, dmnkard, H. 
1678 bollette, bnllet 2 

bollewed, ball iteed, H. 

bolleyns, bullion, N. 
1578 boUien, knob 2 

bollimony, W. 
iS20 1576 boiling, drinking 

1362 1674 boiling, swelling 
I, 3 

boiling, lopped tree, W. 

boUmui, cottager, J. 
16S2 boUy, ewollen 2 

bolljme, to pack, H. 
1613bobrie, pole, J. 1 
1300 IflOObofaie, cwell 1, 2 
1699 bolne (of shot) 2 

bolnad (bolnit, J.) em- 
boldened, n. 
1380 1420 bobiing,Bb. J, 1 

bologna sausage Phil. 

bolognese, C. 

bologoian, C. 

bolonian stone, rhil. 
1300 bolster, sb. 1,2, 3 
1725 bolster, sb. pad of linen 3 

IRlOboltsbead 2,3 
1592 bolts of thunder 2, 3 
186B bolt, ab. atart 3 

bolt, narrow stuff, H. 

bolt, straw, M. 

bolt, iTowfoot, n. 

bolt fcnnvns W. 

bolt (of a sail) W, 

bolt, adj. (bolt bead) 3 

boll-auger, W. 
1560 boll-bag, (^ver 2 

1647 1630 

bolter, W. 
1 636 bolCer-clotli 2 
S. blood-boltcred 3 
1725 boltbead, sb. distilling 

vessel 3 
1330 bolthend 3 

bolting-, dispntation, H. 
S. bolting, sb. 2, 3 

bolting, meeting for dis- 
putation, N, 
bolting-clotb, W. 
bolting ciaya, N. 
bolting-bouse, W. 
1788 boliingbolfl S 
S, bolting-butch 2 
1846 bolting-machine 3 
1601 boltirg-onl, ah. 2 
bolting-tab, W, 
boltomta, W. 

tomb (shot) 2, 3 
volcanic Iwmb 

bomb, v.a. W. ' ■ 

bombaccsus, W. 
1307 bombanee, pride 1 
1396 bombard (mniic) 1 
1481 16D0 bombard, oaunon 

1, 2 
leafibombai^ leather pot 2,3 

1695 bombard, T- " 

carriea oat liquor, H. 
1620 bombard-phrase " 
1860 bombacder 3 
1623 bombardical S 

llombardier, W. 
1790 boTobarding 3 

bombardment. "B 

borabardo, W. 
1578 1620 bombasa ; 
1572 bombast, wadding 2, 3 
1620 bombast (fig.) 2, 3 
1603 bombast, adj. 2, 3 
15S3 1631 bombast, T.a. stuff 2 
1620 bombast, v.a. beat 2 


a. 3^^ 

17Q0 bombastic 3 
1831 bombastical ! 
1861 bombastically 

bomb-chest, W , 

bomber-nickel, W. 

bombiate, bombate, 

bombic (acid), W. 

bombilale, W, 

bombilation, W. 

bombilious, W. 

bombill, boBsling, 

bombita (rain.), (J, 
1763 bomb-ketch 3 

bombone, v.n. bum, I 
1600bomborte 2 

bomb-proof, W. 

bomb-slielL "W. 



bomb-ahip, G. 

bombtts, humming, Phil. 

borob-Tesael, W. 

bombycilla (ornith.), W. 

bombycinoBs, W. 

bombylis, silkwoim flrrab, 

bombylius, bee, Phil. 

bombyx, W. 

bome^>ar, timber, J. 

bomeswiih, helter-fkeltar, 

bomill, cooper's tool, J. 

homing, hanging down, 
1611 bomme, cheek 2 
I860 bommeree, forestaller 8 

liommle, T.n. work oon- 
fiuedl^, J. 
1307 bon, adj. good 1 
1380 bon, bane, death 1 
1440 bon, boun, ready 1 

bon, band (collier), H. 

bon, a debenture, bill, C. 

bon, borrowed, begged, 

bonable, strong, H. 
1860 bona, goods 3 

bonaccord, amity, J. 
1830 bona dea 3 
1600 bona fide 2, 3 

boni^ht, tax (Ireland), 

1430 1600 bonair, adj. 1, 2 
1380 bonaimess 1 
1390 bonairete 1 

bonalais (bonailie), 

friendly drink, J. 
bonanza, bonus, G. 
bonai)artean, W. 
bonaparte's ribs, a sweet- 
meat, C. 
bonapartism, W. 
1862 bonapartist 3 
bona peritura, W 
8. bona roba 2 
bonas noches, N. 
bona socias, good com- 
panions, H. 
bonasus, W. 
1520 bonaventure mizen, extra 
mast, Phil. 1 
bonbon, W. 
1862 bonbonniere 3 
1536 boncheer 2 
. 1360 1562 bonchief (cor. of 
"mischief") 1, 2 
bonce, marble, H. 
bonchen, beat, H. 
1693 boncretien (pear) 3 
1584 boncle, sb. goblin 2 
1300 bond, sb. covenant, vow 

1858 post obit bond 3 
1590 word as good as bond 2 

S. bond, union 2, 3 
1860 bond of manrent 3 
1310 bond, fetter, cord 1, 2, 3 


1602 1583 bond, bonod, limit 

1558 bonds of our lady 2 
1727 bond (masonry) 8 
1861 bond, v.a. (masonry), 3 

bond together, G. 
1330 1591 bond, adj. 1, 2 
1362 bond, pret "bind" 1 
1830 bondage, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1611 bondi^, T.a. 3, 3 

bondage, tenant's senrioe, 

bondagor, H. 

bonday warks, tenants 
service, J. 

bond-creditor, W. 
1858 bond-debt 8 

bonded debt, G. 
1609 strong -bonded 2 

bonded-warehouse, W. 
1845 bonder, binding stone, H. 

1390 bond-folk 1 

1860 bond-friend 3 
bonding, sb. G. 

1861 bondland 3 
1587 bondling 2 
1553 bondly 2 

8. bondmaid 2 
1298 1610 bondman 1, 2 
1460 bondon, bandon 1 
1861 bondpiece 3 

B. bondservant 2 
B. bondservice 2 
1592 bondslave 2, 3 
1816 bondsman 3 

bond-socome, Phil, 
bondstone, W. 
bond-street lounger, G. 
bond-timber, W. 
bonduc (bird), G. 
1647 bondwoman 2, 3 

bondy, simpleton, H. 
1298 1460 bone, prayor 1 
1435 1566 bone (boon), adj. 

- 1,2 
1298 bone, sb. 08 1, 2, 3 
1839 shackle-bone 3 
1839 whale's bone 3 
1678 napier's bones 3 
8. bone, bobbin 2 
bone (musical), W. 
bone of contention, W. 
1470 "two dogs and one 

bone" 1 
1535 " ryght hard it is, brinjg; 
fra the flesche that is 
bred in the bane" 2 
1620 "better at home with 
bone broken, than 
gadding " 2 
1609 "cast a bone" 2 
1520 "find no bones" 1 
1548 "make no bones" 2, 3 
1579 "bone to pick" 2,3 
1589 " without any bones" 2 
1605 "breed young bones" 2 


1430 boae and fell, Am aad 
bone 1 
bone in Bumth (of a A^), 

bone, YJL W. 
1725 bone, v.a. 3 

1829 high-boned 8 
1840 rawboned 3 

bone-aoe, W. 
8. bone-ache 2 

bone-ague, H. 

bone-bluk, W. 

bone-brown, G. 

bone-boiler, G. 
1550 bloody bone 2, 8 
1650 bone-breaker (an eagle, 
PhU.) 2 ^ ' ^^ 

bone-breaking, adj. G. 

bone-cart, body, M. 

bone-charcoal, G. 

bone-deaner, aenrant, H. 

bone-crusher, G. 
1298 boned, adj. having bones 

bone-dry, H. 
1848 bone-dust 8 

bone-earth, W. 

bone-eating, G. 
1590 bone-fleshM 2 

bone-flower, H. 

bone-grubber, O. 

bone-nandled, G. 
1620 bone-lace 2, 3 

bone-lazy, H. 
8. bone-less 2 

bonene (gen. plur.), H. 
1599 bone-picked 2 
1300 1 360 boner, bonair 1 
1303 boneryte, goodneaa 1 

bones, castanet player 

boneset (plant), W. 

boneset, v.a. W. 
1634 bonesetter 2, 3 

bonesetting, W. 

boneshave, sciatica, H. 

bone-sore, idle, H. 

bone-spavin, W". 

bone-spirit, W. 

bone-stainer, G. 
1450 bonet, saU 1, 2 
1839 bonetta 3 

bone-turner, G. 

bone-turning, G. 

boney, cart-nuire, H. 
1570 bonfire 2, 8 

bonfour, awry, N. 

bongait, to fasten, H. 
1560 bongrace, bonnet 2, 3 

bonhommea, monks, PhU. 

1830 bonhommie 3 
bonie, a blow, H. 
bonie, bonnie, J. 

1677 boniform, of good form 3 
1632 1678 bonify 2, 8 
1550 bonilass, "doxy** 2 

bonines (bonnyneea), J. 

boniness (bony), C. 

boning (masonry), W. 

1030 bonito (fish) 2, 3 

1610 1678 bonity.goodaesa 2,3 

1381 bonk, P bank 1 

banker, bench, J. 

bonker, large, E. 

bonkct, hnekle bone, H. 
1788 boa mot 3 

bonnttck o' knaeaUp, iatj 
paid at mill, J. (bon- 
naght, H.) 

bonaage, tenant Boivice, J. 

bonnage-heuk, do. J. 

honnage-peata, do. J. 
1396 bonnaglit (IrisUl > 2 

bonnar, ab. bond, J. 
1520 bonne, nurao 1 
1847 bonne, fattd to 3 

bonne-bouch, W. 
1185 bonnccb-ore, sb. 1 
1811 boiineca, ^oung pig 3 
1627 Bonnerin^ 2 

I for c. 

1802 bi 
1 375 bi 

le Bociete 3 
1,2, 3 

rive one's bonnet, excel 
one, J. 
1G7S 1597 veil the bonnet 3 
bonnet (fortifioation), F. 
1310 1614 boaDet,EaU 1,2 
bonnet, adj. C. 
bonnet, v.a. W. 
bonnet, v.n, W. 

8. bonneted 2, 3 

bomiet-fleuk, a flab, J 
1829 bonnet-laird 3 
1882 bonnetlesB 3 

bonnet-pepper, C, 
1330 boncct-piece, gold c 
J. 3 

bonnet-shape, C. 

bonnet-shop, C. 

bonnpt-ribbon, C. 

bonnet-rougB, C. 

bonnet-Gtring, 0. 
ISIO bonnibel 2 

bonnilass, C. 
1786bonnil; 3 

bonninees, "W. 

bonnivisa fboan), W. 

bonnivuchil (a bird), J. 
1785 bonnook 3 
1300 bonn; 1, 2, 3 

bonny, sb. (min.) W. 

bonny o't, smal! quantity, 

1S30 bonny clabGer, bonielatter, 

bonithlobber, H. 2, 3 

1829 bonny-die, toy, trinket 

1820 bonny -■waUiea, gewgaws 
bonny-go, spirited, n. 

leg, J. 

bono lardo, C. 
1599 bouomably, abominably 2 
1170 bonony, bologna 1 

honour, bond, J. 
ISOO bonpresent, boon 2 

honscbawe, ricknoss, P.P. 
1680 bonser-knota 2 

bonsour, vault, H. 

1829 booapel, match at archery, 

bont^, benefit, J. 

bonten (a atuff) C. 

bonting, binding, H. 

bon ton, W". 
1350 bonuro,dabonnabBUre 1 

bonum-magTiuio, W. 
1861 bonus 3 

bonua-hcuricua, a plant, 

bonu.'^-noches, good night 

1830 bonvivant 3 

1494 1601 bonvoyaga 1, 2 

bonwort, daisy, H. 

boni, beat np batter, H. 

boniie, gull, J. 
1683 bony, v.a. 3 

bony, sb. hnrt, P.P. 
S. bony, adj. 2, 3 
1756 bonzee 3 

boo (bow) manor house, J. 
1801 boo, noise 3 
1621 booby 2, 3 
1848 booby (bird) 3 
1730 boobv, adj. 3 

buoby-hut, W. 

booby ieh, W. 

boobyiem, C. 

booby-liutch (carriage) W. 

boodhism, W. 

boodle, eomflowor, H. 

boodie-bo, bugbear, J. 

bondiea, ghosls, J. 
1862 boodle, sb. booby 3 
1865 boody, besullty 3 

boody-bonao, H. 

boof, Etupid, H. 

booif, v.a. atiiko, J. 

booff, ab. stroke, J. 

booge, bulge, prov. 

boohao, ah. J, 

boohoo, v.n. show con- 
tempt, J. 

booing, raaring, H. 

booit, hand lanthom 
1293 book, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1330 book, bible 1, 2, 3 
1B6S book, covBDflnt 3 
1298 book, liteiatore 1 
1840 account-book 3 
1B60 anecdote-book 3 
1590 book of common prayer 2 
1820 book of hearen 3 

case-book 3 
chap-book 3 
class-book 3 
copy-book 3 

Euide-bouk 3 
om-book 3 
hand-book 3 
Dute-book 3 
old book trade 3 
peerage-book 3 
piav-book 3 
pocket-book 3 
psalm-book 3 
prayer-book 3 
shoit-hom-book, e 

atatute-book 3 
story-book 3 
book, part of poem, W. 
.469 book (for preserved fruit) 

be in bad book 
bring to book 
have his book, b 
of clergy 2 
562 book bell and oandle 2, S' ' 
by the book (awear on 

book) 1, 2 
common booked 2 
2 high in books, in favour 

in books, in debt 3 

9 out of one's book 1, 2 

4 toU-book 2 

1 toes and turn books 3 
nithout book 2 

S. book, v.a. 2, 3 

book, T.a. regiatei mar- 
riflge, J. 

book-acconnt, W. 
1839 book-Dmateni 3 
1809 book-auction 3 
1800 book-battle 3 
1510 1666 bookbinder 1, 3 

bookbiodary, W. 

bookbinding, W. 
1623 bookbcoeder 2 
1860 book-buyer, C. 3 
1824 book-career 3 
1647 book-case 2, 3 
1862 book-caterer 3 

1839 book-colleotor 3 
1860 book-collectiBg 3 
162! bnokcrafl 2. 3 

1840 booked. C, 3 
1830 bookdebt, W. 
1597 bookery 2 
1860 buok-funoier 3 
1320 bookfell, vellom 1, 

bookful, sb. C. 
1711 bookfnl, adj. 8 
1860 book-hennsm 3 

bookhoard (boohord) 
1600bookbo1dQr 2 
1310 bookbouEO 1 
1839 bookhunter 3 
1788 book-hunting 3 

bookins;, rceistiation, J, I 
[51] ■ 

booUag cOet, 0. 
bookiUf f mxiaisMf H. 

S. boouib 2. 3 

b.MkislilT, W 
ISIS b.->.<lu>.bii»> 2 
1620 lu,„k-k.'opor (?) illeg. % 
1M6 Iwik-kcfping I 
1S3B bouk-kDawladH S 
1790 book-land 3 
1381 book-lenmed 1 
IDA I book-leiiTiinlnoM 3 

Tjnik-lvarning, W. 
1800 booklcM 8 
ISMbooUet S 

■ ■ " «r, C. 

luin 1,3 

bookloiue, W. 

1590 book-loie a 

book-lDTinr, C. 

book-lDTinK, C 
booknud, C. 



1834 booknumia 3 
1860 book-market 3 
8. book-mate 3 
IMS book-matUr 3 



bookmualm, W. 
8. book-oath 3 
1840 book-package 3 
I860 book-pUta 3 
1839 book-praotitjooer 3 
ISDO book-printer 1 
1863 book-prop 3 
ISei book-read, adj. 3 
1860 bookMle, W. 3 
ISSe booksetln 3, S 
17S2 bookHUing 3 
IStO tmokshelf 3 
1860 bookibop, C. 3 

bookaman, E. 
1SZ4 book-apobation 3 

bookalall. W. 

bookatADd, W. 

bookatone, C. 

bookatore, W, 
1676booktBaght 3 
leOObookwar 2 
16ie bookwiH 3 
ISSl book-word 8 
1863 book-nrork 3 
1800 bookworm 3, 3 
1830 book-writer 3 
1830 book-writJng 3 

tool, f.D, weep, J., H, 

bool, Eb. niui, J. 

boo], eb. handle, J, 

boolofflkey, J. 

booU of a pot, J. 
lS9t boal, Irish, as to otttle 2 

boolie. paEturing- 3 

boolhoi'Ecd, pervpnp, J. 

boolk, T.a. bully, H, 

body, btlovt'd, H. 

1641 b . 

1667 boom, ab. apai 3, 1 
1833 jib-boom 3 
1833 main-boom S 
1833 ipanker-booa S 

b(v,!»rv. Mii. w. 

1T40 boom off S 
1SC7 boom out (aaili) 3 
1770 boom, note of UtUn 
1816 bi 


1863 boomerang 3 

boODii^rtui^, adj. C 

booming, s 

I, W. 

1833 b,»mi.mainBail 3 

1833 lHK>IU-9llL'.>t 3 

1383 boon, ab.pft 1,3,3 
1600 boon, adj. 3, 3 
1630 boon, T.n. Mul S 

boon of lint, J. 

boon of ihtiinin, J. 

boon companion, C. 

buon-ilay, t^naut'ssenice, 

boon-dinner (reapen), J. 

booner, upper, J. 

boonfnnaat, J. 
1882 booning, oMrying coal*, 

1300 boot, tmtttf, iutp, ad- 
rantac* 1, 3, 8 
8. boat,T.B. 3,3 

\ plonxh-baot 

1839 boot, A, api«miam 2 
1363 to boot 1, 3, 3 
1587 boot, TjL. 3,3 

1840 ti^booted 3 
1307 boot eb. 1. 2 

boot <rack), W 
8. OTer boots 3 
1706 Beotehpurofbooti 3 
ISOO dance in boot* 1 
1830 ehnm-boota, 3 
1839 mnd-boota 3 
1880 top-boola 3 
1820 boot (of a ooMh) 2 
1800 boot, T.n. 8 
1591 boot, bootr 3 
1447 boot, T.a. bita 1 

boot, ah. aiere, J. 

boot (bud, eto.), T.inp. 
behored, J. 
1863 boot-binder S 
1598 boot-oaionaa 2 

boonmoat, upperBioat, J. 
boona, fowla, H. 
boons, hiuliu'^T rate, H. 

b™-TO,J8,.. S. 

boonwnin, U. 

boopn (fish), -W. 
1508 boor, eb. 2, 3 

boor, parlonr, H. 
1611 board, j(st 3 
1634 boord, T.n. qoarrel 2 
18iabaardlT 3 

boorick, ebepherd'B but, J. 
1619 boorinn, boor fem. 2 
1840 booriah 2, 3 

booriahlj, W. 

boorishnesB, V. 
1662 boom, wort, boiled liquor 

boiitelups, linen, H. 
1T86 bixir-ti-u-, .^Ider tree 3 

boOSL', CRttlo EtUlJ, H. 

booaenw, cure by dip- 
ping, H. 
booaer, W. 
booaej cheese, prov. 
l".osh, Buro. n. 
lmc*inK-et»t,-, 11. 
1786 booat, needa muat 3 
booat, T.a. pnah np, C. 
booat, ab. box, J. 

1362 booten, T.a. mire 1 
1325 booteo, v.n. be ound 1 
1838 bootee 3 
1620 bootfnl 3 
1300 booth 1, 2, 3 
1633 toU-booth 3 

hoothfr, hardfltone 

boolhagL-, a toll, Phfl. 
1625 hoolhale, T.a. ravage 3,3 
1600 1630 bootbilor 2 
1600 163*> bootiiBling 2 

booth-keeper, W, 

boot-hook, 0. 
8. boot-hoae 3, S 
1359 booth; 8 

boothyr, ve«al, H. 

boodUn, W., J, 
1430 1633 liootinp, heoling 1.3 
16S1 huoting, pri^ying 2 

bwttiiig.eb. (torture), Phil. 

■biioliiig-corn, rent, H. 

bootiaue, ab. G, 

boot-jack, W. 
1828 boot-kebih, boot-iaok 3 

bootlace, C. 

bootlaat, W. 

bootleg, W. 
ISdObootkaa 1, 2, S 
1863 bootleaaly 8 
1838 bootmaker 3 
1718bootnail 3 
1850 "boota" a 

boota, a plant, Phn 

boot-top, C. 

w ^ 


r ast'7- 

1603 1012 bordeUo 2 

1395 bore-free, freebom 1 

14*0 border, y.a. 1, 2 

1112 bora!, adj. 1, 2, 3 

border, r.a. oat up a 

13B0borel,Bb. cloth I 

1633 booty, plunder 2, 3 

pasty, Pba. 

1727 borer, Bb. 3 

leao play booty, practiea 

ISSl border, T.n. 2, 8 

1727 boreson, badger 3 
1088 borespritsb. bowsprit 2 

artificaa 2,3 

1787 border an 3 

1532 booty-follow 2 

boretree, J, 

1623 free-booty 2 

1120 border, sb. 1,2,3 

borfreie, belfry, H. 

bootyer, gluttnn, J, 

border with, C. 

borgb, borgcht, auroty, J. 

1300 booze, lb. drink 1,3 

1510 border, vil^n,<]attier 1,3 

borebto, borough, H. 
borhame, a flounder, H. 

1590 booze, T.n. 2 

1828 border brute 3 

1633 booze, T.a, 2 

1830 border-castle 3 

1838 boring, sh. 3 

boozer, C. 

1831 border olan 3 

boring-bar, C. 

1800 boozay 3 

li94 borderer 1,2,3 

boring -bolt, C. 

boozine, el), C. 
boojy, iniBhy, J. 

1831 border haoilet 3 

boring-coUar, C. 

1861 bordering 3 

boring-lathe, C. 

bop, Y.a. dip, n. 

bordering soldier, N. 

boring-maohine, C, 

1S20 bopeep 1. 2, 3 

ISfiOborderleas 3 

1660 bopaep, adi. 2,3 
bor, bore, J, 

1828 borderman 3 

IS36 boring-BheU 3 

1830 border-pricker 3 

1550 borUb, adj. 2 

borable, W. 

1831 border-rider 3 

1590 baristbenes, J. 3 

IGlOboracbio 2 

1863 border-ruffian 3 

borith, herb, H. i 

1B46 borscic acid 3 

borders, C. 

IBlObarleraf elothierH 1 

boracite, W. 

1831 border-thief 3 

bom, burnish, Phil. 

boracoiu, W. 

1830 border-warden 3 

1310 bom, pp. 1, 2,3 
IBIO castle-bom 3 

1120 borage, borago, C. 1,2,3 

1829 border-warrant 3 

bordetti, cloth, C. 

1726 dead-bom 3 

baTae;inoiu, W. 
horal-bole, J. 

bordhalfpenny, W., H, 

1840 eMb-bom 3 

1636 hording, ab. aooosting 2 

1840 hesven-boro 3 

1350 bordia, tonrnoanenla 1 

1840 heU-bom 3 

boral-tree, handlo of 

bordUnds, W. 

1725 ioTO-bom 3 

wimble, J. 

1362bordlea,boardl6«5 1 

1726 loTe-bom 3 

boramci (bot.) W. 

bordlode (load), W. 

1725 new-born 3 

borate, C. 

bordman, W. 

1726 sea-bom 3 

boratoe, bombaim, H. 

1320 bordon,Bb. club 1 

1810 sky-bom 3 
1840 nnbora 3 

1380 borai, boras, C. 1,2,3 

bordour, amiosr, H. 

1861borboro3 3 


born, surety, J. 
bom-asa, C. 

borbDrygm, "W. 

1130 1630 bordure, sb. border, 

1470borbotf afiflb 1 

Phil. 1,2 


borcer (tool), C. 

1366 bordure, y.a. 1 

16S1 borne 2 

boreb, i.a. hkil. J. 

bordyon (drinking), H. 

bome, burnish, H. 

boreb, sb. flurety, J. 
1460 1603 bord, sb. jert 1, 2 

1310 bore, y.a. 1, 2, 3 

1150 homed ? burned 1 , 

1637 bora, y.a. (tftot.) weary 

bome-down, J. 

1*81 bord,y.n. joke 1 
1300 bord, border, J. 1 


bome-head, adj. head- 

1609 bore, v.n. 1 

long, J.^ 

1810 aea-bord 3 

bore, y.n. W. 

bome- mad, furious, J. 

bord, Bhip'g side, H. 

1380 bore, sb. holo 1, 2, 3 

bom-head, ady. headlong, 

less bold, sb. lack 3 

1725 bore, sb. inside of a tube 


IfiTO bord and eord (game) 2 

bom fool, H. 

1611 bord? "brazen pieoa of 

I860 bora, sb. (mat.) 3 
17^7 bore (of tho tide) 3 

bom-idiot, C. 

migbty bord" 2 

bomite, W. 

bore, sb. W. 

bomouse, W. 

montbig bord, mountain 

bore, cabbage, H. 

bore, mould for nails, H. 

bornsbet, blackmail, J. 

ridge, J. 

bom-slaye, C. 

1S7S boida (hqrb) 2 

1787 bore (in game of curUng) 

1816 boron 3 

bordage, sbip'a >ide, W. 


1298 borough, town 1,2.! 

bord^, »b W. 

1601 bore of the head 2 

borough, adj. 0. 

bore out, C. 

1609 borough, hole ,2 


bore through, C. 

borough elder. Phil. 

bordat (cloth), W. 

1460 bore ? knot 1 

1862 borough, Engtisb 3 
1594 bead-borough 2 

13B0 horde, table 1,2 

1470 boreal 1, 2, 3 

1460 borde, table corer 1 

ITBOboredU 8 

1830 third-borough 3 

1*73 bordecloth 1 

1320 153S bordel, brothel 1, 2 

S. boreas 2, 3 

1618 borough bead 2 

18G0 borecole 3 

1860 boredom 3 

bordeU; border 

1704boree,ada>>ce 3 

1380 bordellw, brotbeUer I 

1641 boreen, Isne 2 

1862 borough ship 3 

[58] . 






1692 boioiigfa tenure 8 

borough town 8 
1480 borow, hiU 1 
1685 borow, surety (see borrow) 

borow, a tithinf, H. 

borozall, pox, Phil. 

borra, borradh, stone cells, 

1683 borraoho, wine Teasel, 2, 3 

borral-tree, elder, J. 
1841 borrane, sie?e 3 

borrel, borer, J., H. 

borrelf clownish, C. 

borrehst, W. 

borret, bombasin, J. 

borrid, sow mam appetmi, 

borrier, anger, H. 
1739 Borromean librair 3 
1600 borrow, y.a. 1, 2, 3 
1861 borrow, T.n. 8 

borrow from, C. 

borrow one, nrge to drink, 

1800 1668 borrow, defend 1, 2 
1803 borrow, at, of 1, 2 
1660 " who goeth a borrow- 
ing, goeth a sorrow- 
ing" 2 
1298 1683 borrow, snroty i, 2 
1880 1648 <* Saint George to 

borrow" 1, 2 
1308 1677 borrowage (bor- 

gage) 1,2 
1691 borrowed adj. (pride) 2 
iS. borrower 2, 3 
1803 borrowgane, suretyship 1 
1600 borrowhood 1 
1840 borrowing (borzing), sal- 

yation 1 
1697 borrowing 2, 3 
1830 borrowing-days, J. 3 
borrowmail, tribute 
borrowpence, H. 
borrowstown, royal bo- 
rough, J. 
borrowstown, adj. J. 
borse, calf, H. 
1618 borsholder, baily 2 
borsella, W. 
borstal, hill side, H. 
borstax, pickaxe, H. 
1610borte? **satte borte 8 
stare horde." 1 
boryptes, a gem, Phil, 
borurct, salt of boron, C. 
bos, boss, bois, hollow, J. 
bos, a game, H. 
bosa, intoxicating drink, 
1362 bosard, buzzard, (met.) 1 
1742 boscaresque 3 
1657 bosce, proboscis 2 
1430 boschayle, sb. thicket 1 
1654 boscos, dewlap 2 
boscus, wood, Phil. 
1450 hose? wood 1 


1721 bodi (daahV W. 8 
1721 borii, T.a. flaunt 8 

bosh ^nonsense), W. 

bosh (a slope), W. 

boshes, furnace, H. 

boshbok, antelope, W. 
1570 bosholder, borshcdder 2 
1298 bosk, wood 1, 8 
1382 bosk-adder 1 
1400 boskage, thicket 1, 2, 8 
1828 bosket 3 

boskie, tipsy, J. 

boskill, fause-houBe, J. 
S. bosky 2, 3 
1362 bosom, sb. 1, 2, 3 

"to the bosom," N. 
1688 bosom, inlet of sea 2, 8 

1840 mother-bosom 3 
bosom, sb. wish, desire, N. 

8. bosom, adj. 2, 8 

1633 bosom, y.u. 2 
1620 bosom, v.a. 2, 8 

bosom, Y.n. eddy, H. 
1692 hand in bosomed 2 
1865 bosom-beat, sb. throb 3 
1617 bosom-book 2 
1666 bosom-doYil 2 
1820 bosom-eyed 8 
1860 bosom-foe 8 
1639 bosom-friend 2, 3 

bosoming, sb. C. 
1650 bosom-mischief 2 

1619 bosom-pieoe 2 
1626 bosom-prophe^ 2 

bosonfs lord, U. 

bosom-sermon, H. 

bosom-thought, C. 
1830 bosom-vesturo 3 
8. boson, boatswain 2 

bospreet, bowsprit N. 

bosquet (bosket) C. 
1460 boss, sb. 1, 2, 8 

1841 boss, hassock 3 
1862 boss, master 3 

boss (masonry), "W. 

boss, ox, W. 

boss, reserroir, H. 

boss, marble, H. 

boss, hod of mortar, H. 
1600 boss, fat woman 2 
1400 boss? *Uhat bosse was 
vnbounde" 1 

1634 boss, hollow 2 

boss of the side, hoUow, J. 
boss of the body, J. 
boss, boiss, small cask, J. 
1652 in boss, in relief 2 

1620 bossed 2, 3 
1590 embossed 2 

bossage, "W. 
boss-carpenter, C. 
bosset, W. 

boBsins, hollow in stack, J. 
bossive, W. 

bossness, hollowness, J. 
bossock, clumsy, H. 
boss out, game at marbles, 

1648 bo«y. adj. 2, 3 

bo«y, thick-eet, H. 

bo«y, calf, W. 

bossy -cal^ spoilt childy 
1830 host, adj. loudly 1 
1460 host, throat 1 
1636 host, sb. case 2 

bostal, steep way, H. 

boetanee, boasting, H. 
1717 boetangees,gnard,Turkiah 

1362 bosten, y.n. boast 1 
1362 boster, boaster 1 
1841 boethoon 3 

bostlye, boasting, H. 

bostock, sb. G. 
1702 boston, the town 8 

bostrychites, a gem, Phil. 
1806 bosty, boastful 1 

bosrell, crowfoot, W. 

boswdl, fire-grate, H. 

boswellian, W. 

boswellianisDi, C. 

bosweUism, W. 
1340 bosyne, trumpet 1 
1280 hot, unless (see J.) 1, 2 

hot, sword, H. 

hot, worm, G. 
1376 botand, moreoyer 1 

botand, except, JT. 
1423 hot if, except 1 
8. bots, disease 2 
1846 botanic 3 
1868 botanical 3 

botanically, W. 

botanies, w. 

botanic garden, 0. 
1791 botanist 3 
1727 botanism, botany 3 
1767 botanize 3 
1859 botanizing 3 

botano, Imen, J., H. 
1662 botanographist 2 

botanofogT', W, 

botanomancy, "W. 
1850 botany (botanies, Phil.) 3 

botarge, roawn, W. 
1633 botargo, diBinty 2, 3 

hot-bee, G. 

botcard, cannon, J. 
1362 botch, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1519 botch, hunap 1 

botch, sb. W. 
1862 botch, clumsy remedy 3 
1382 botch, Y.a. mend ill 1,2,3 

botchedly, W. 
1594 botcher 2, 3 

]i632 botcherly 2 
1624 botchery 2 

botchet, meady H. 

botchily, G. 
1615 botching 2 
1620 botchment 1 
S. botchy 2, 3 
1320 1680 bote, remedy 1, 2 



bote, a tool 1 
hedge-bote, ) 
fire-bote, J 
hooae-bote, ) 

theift-bote, J, 
boteler 1 
bolelBTage 1 
botellor 2 
botetess, bootlias 1 
boCell horse 1 
botemay, bitumen 1 
botea, T.n. be cured 1 

botener, beoler 1 
1390 batening, bealiiig I 
bote-pot, sb. If. 
bote-iail, borizontsl, H. 
boterel, tond 1 
bote-roU, W. 
botescart, boatswain, H. 
botews, boot (boothoBB ?) 

botfly, W. 
1300 botfqrfc 1 
129SbDth, adj. 1,2, 3 
1362 bothers 1 
1394 botben J (gen.) 1 
H47 botbena I 
IjSO bothia '' 
1636 your both 2 
1330 1614 "the both" 1,2 
1447 1587 " both two" 1, 2 

both, adv. also 1, 2, 3 
1440 both; 1330 beech (are)? I 

botbage [booths^, Fbil. 

bothan, tumour, II. 

botbem, water course, H. 

bothens, a barony, Phil, 
1862 bother, T.a. teeze 3 
1861 bother, eb. 8 

bother, T.n. chatter, J. 
1828 bothered, deaf 3 
1850 bother 3 
1861 botberatioa 3 

botborer, C. 

bathering, sb. Ecolding, B. 

botherment, proT. 
1861 bothie, oottaee 3 

bothie, booth, shop of 
boards, J. 

bothie-man, hind, J. 

bottuiB (bothene), park, J, 

bothnian, W. 

bothnic, W. 

bot-hole, C. 

bolhor, small poi, Phil. 

bothrioo, ulcer, Phil. 

bothniah, H. 

botbrenchjTna, W. 
1832 bothrodendron 1 

both sides, C, 

bolhul, cowslip, F. 
1380 bothnm, bud 1 
1630 botifeilow, companion 2 

1S78 boti!lago,adutyonwheat2 
1300 boting, recompense I 

botinge, buskins, J, 
1808 botion, botehing 3 

hotline, W. 
14G0 botooie, bittern 1 

botcr, bustard, H. 

bototoe (parrot), 0. 

botrace, frog, U. 
HSO batraille ? 1 
1669 botreaos 1 2 

botrychium, W. 

botiTO, bunoh of grapes, 

botryoid, 'W. 
1860 botryoidal 3 

botrjolite, W. 

botrys, cluster, Phil. 

bott, lace cnaliioo, W". 
1450 botle, club I 
1469 botte-bolt ? boat-bolt 1 

botteler, butler, N. 
1620 bottea, worms 1, 2 

bottine, buskiu, C. 
1461 bottle, ab. 1, 2, 3 
1798 botUe, T.a. 3 
1840 bottle, in, out, up 3 
S. bottled (spider) 2, 3 
1829 CHHe-bottle 3 
150O eraok botUe 1, 3 
1604 give the bottle 2 
1691 yeoman of bottles 2 
1390 bottle, sb. bundle 1, 2, 3 

bottle, v.a. make up 
bundles, J, 
1S21 1662 "needle in battle of 

hay" 2 
1616 bottle, eraaa seed 2 

bottle, bubble, H. 

bottle, msjulon, H. 

bottle, dug of oow, H. 

bottle, round moulding, H. 

bottle, pumpion, H. 
1721 bottle-acquaintance 3 
IS99 1614botUe-Ble 2 

bottle-bird (apple), H. 

bottla-bumb, bittern, H. 

bottle-companion, C. 

bottled-ale, C. 

bottled-beor, C. 

bottlcd-porfar, C. 
1683 bottle-drink 3 

boltle-flsh, W. 

bottle-flower, W, 

bottle- friend, C. 

hottleful, C. 

botlle-glase, W. 

bottle-goord, W. 
1840 bottle-green 3 
1654 bottle-head 2,3 
ISUbotUc-holder 3 
1471 bottlo-horse 1 

bottle-imp, C. 

bottlc-jacV, C. 
1510 boltlemakei 1 
1630 bottleman 2 

bottle-merchant, C. 

botlle-noae, a whale, J. 

1936 1052 bottle-nose 2 
1690 1634 bottle-nosed 2 

bottle-rack, C. 
1745 bottle-serew 3 
1830 bottle-slider 3 
1829 bottle-song 3 

bottle- warehouse, C. 

bottUng, W. 

1, eb. 1, 2, 3 


1340 b 


1806 stand on own bottom 2,3 

1609 bottom, sb. Tale 2, 3 
bottom, adj. in a yalley 2 

1726 bottom, sb. man's lap 3 

16S0 1636 bottfim, ship 2 

1770 bottuia, endurance 3 

bottom, breech, J. ^^B 
bottom, ball of thread, VH 
bottom, adj. W. ^1 

1646 bottom, T.a. 2, 3 ^M 
bottom, T.n. "W, ■ 

bDttomage,bottomrj, Fhil. 

1660 bottom-cake 2 

bottom captain (of mine), 

1683 bottomed 2, 3 



1716 full-bottomed 
1839 bottom-iringe 3 
1693 bottom-grass S 

bottom-glade, W, 

bottom-heat, C. 

bottoming- tool, H. 

bottom-land, W. 
1390 bottomless 1, 3 
1647 bottomlessly 2 
1628 botlomleseneaa 2 
1830 bottomless pit 3 

bottom-lift, C. 

bottom-rail, C. 

bottom-Toom, sitting, J 
1663 bottomry 2, 3 

bottomry bond, C. 

bottoms, C. 

bottom-wind, H. 

1670 bottomy, low lying 2 A 
bottony, adj. C, 
hotlry-tree, elder, B 
botty, proud, B. 

ISlOhoture? a dish 1 

boty, partner, H. 
1613 botyms, buskiu 1 
1830 botza 3 

houce-jane, dish, H. 

boQcbart, H. 
1380 15S3 honche, moufli , 
1411 bouch of court, board I, 

2, 3 
13S0 bouched 1 h 

bouchet (near), W. J 
1494 bouchier (lawrer) I M 

1671 boucher, butcher 2 ■ 
1398 boncbing, swelling I ^ 
1613 boucht, eheepfold 1,2 

boucht, a cuTTature, J. 
boucht, v.a. to fold down 




boaditing-timB, J. 
bought-kiut, TUIlDillg 
knot, J. 

i5Mi..,iui.', h..i,^..i.|j» ■; 

bead, WHCt, W. 

bonde, pout, H. 

boodge, T.D. biidgB, If. 
1S31 boudoir, lb. 3 
ISSOboos, good 1 
liSO boae«r, hmbudiua 1 
1077 boaerj, levdiwH 3 

boutf, v.B, heat J. 

bouff. r.n. htiik. J. 

boutr, eb. burking, 1, 

bouffe, belch in);, II. 
1TS8 booffun, buffoon 3 

lUalMWk, T.B. itNp UMB, J. 


bonk, * B. to bulk, J. 
bonk, T.B. tnm aok, C. 

bouk, milkpiil 
bonke, box of whaoL H. 
bonke, bolt, H. 
l«mlif, Bnliiudo, J. 
1300 boukcd, bulkj 1 
liltlc-boukit, J. 
Riucklc-boukit. J. 
boukd, cmokeJ. H. 
go^^d^ J. 
1S62 bouEen. buck okithea 1 
bijukinc. 'l^ a waslimB, J. 
18S0h.,»kii.L'-«i«hin(;. J J 

IMO booBMr, ba, W. 8 

batmerr, lain panon, W. 
1TT3 boaacbg, ■£ I 
1611 baanaag, a£. 2, 8 

> ■-- --plllag,H. 

13M Ix 

.nd. buunden, p 

1S3« bouKW, nfter, J. S 

bOUl, MT thilig CUTTod. 

bongar-swke., J. 

J., W. 

bou«ar-stick8. J. 

I4T0boa(.«of,-ourt,f<«d. 1,3 


leOObouRC, ImK.J. 2 

boDlangerita, W. 

1873 booge. bow ( 2 

boul-bul, W. 

HSi 1800 bouge, T.a. KtttUe 

boulden, iwelltd, J. 


1300 boulder 1, 2, 3 

bonge, etA, H. 

Vuldcr-bpiid. work 

1T2£ booge, knot 3 

aeuiiuteea, H. 

1862Uulder-Eteao 3 

mae a booge, blondM-, 

booldar-wall, C. 


boule, round, J. 

1U7 bonjteo, v.n. iwaU 3 

boule, opening in eloQdt, 

l>..%"ir, Boafowl, J. 


ISSOboDgaron 1 

1S40 1026 bougel, bndgat 3 

1330 boule, bale » 1. 

boulea, W. 

1300 bough 1.2,8 

1B3D orchard bough S 

ICOfi 1677 bnuM, ball 3,8 

1883 out bough 3 

houlcl (hora^, C. 

bough -house, inn, n. 

ISSl bougiiing. ndj. 2 

1808 bonlime, bunget 2,3 

1813 bouRh-p,.l 2 

1000 boulia, bowline 2 

boushrall, hawk, H. 

1666 boukter, ..a, 2 

1300 bl)^gll^ prct. pp. 1,2,3. 
1500 bought and Buff 2 

18B0 lefifi boult, ».a. Mft 1,2 

■boullell- rains, taidl(K 

bought, fishing line, J. 


1519 1663 bought, angle, bend. 


1.2 ^ 

1725 bonltor (of a plough) 8 
1470 boultor, dltiBg ^ 1, 

1616 bought-wiaa,vithaknol2 

boughl-bread, U. 

2.3 ^ 

18(10 bought«n a 

boulter, a racket, N. 

boughtiH, a twig, J. 

1490 boulter, ooewhonfla 1 


boultine, a moulding, C. 

bought)-, W. 

1861 boulting, adj. 3 

1810 boughy, adj. 2 

16ia boulliiig buteh 2 ^ 

bougiB, W. 

1670 boulting out, lb. 2 

bougie, ehMp-akin bag, J. 

1381 boumet, balmed 1 

bougour, cimEdua, H. 
1314 (US*) bougra, heretic 1 

1600 1600 boun, T.a. make 

read; 1, 2 

bougiiie, nosegay, J. 
1830 boub. v.n. go, pan 1 

1360 1S36 boun, T.n. make 

ready 1,2 

1888 bouillabiuBO 3 

1800 boun, adj. readj 1,3 

bouiUi, W. 

1S20 botmoo, lb. 1,2,3 

17M bonillon, breth 3 

1662 bonnee, T.a. 3 

bouillaua, picB, Ptil. 

1690 bounce, T.n. 2, 3 

18H boixilloite 3 

bounce about, C. 

1300 bouk, body 1,2.3 

beuk, sb. lie for washing. 

bonnee off, C. 


2. 3 
bound for, C. 
S. bnund to, going u> 2, 8 
lAlSbduud. big with child 1 

1636 bouni indobtod 3 
1890 "rilbcboond" 3 

txiund. bure, H. 
iei4baund,T.a. limit 3,3 
1838 bound in S 
1800 bounding apoa 2 

1690 bound on 3 

1800 bound, A. bonndaiT' 1,2,3 
1863 bound, bond 3 

bound, huiband, S. 
1862 raorooco-bouud S 
1880 richlj-bonnd 3 
1890 bound, ^.0. spring 2, 3 

buujid about, C. 
1880 "at bound" 3 
1840 bound forth 8 
1840 Bwift Inundlng B 
1802 lieuBJal, boundary S 
leSSheuadaij 2, 3 

tuundarj-line, C. 

bou]id.-ir)'-atone, C. 

liouniie ? J. 

bonnd-bailiff, W. 

1691 bonnden, p.ih. 2, 3 
boundenlT, W. 

1691 bounder, I>o<mdaiT 3, 3 
bounda", T.a. linuL J, 

1637 boundcnr 2 
1634 bonndanttme 2 
1636 boondier, boandary 3 
1808 bonndify 2 

1660 boundiiig-Btones [gaMa)2 
1660 buundlcM 2, 3 

boundlusBly, W. 

bouudleiisueM, W. 

boundline, C. 
1818 boundJy, seemly 3 
1623 boundmurk 2 

bouadrood, H. altar 
1690 bonnda, country 2, 3 
1602 boundgtone 2 

boung, purse, H. 
1300 bouning, making rca4f 1 

bount, v.n. spring, J. 

bounte, goodiieaa, J. 
1400 bounteous 1, 2, 3 
1800 bountcoualy 3 
1866 beunt^ouaiioaa 3 
1660 bountiful 2, 3 
1B89 bountifully 3 
1693 1016 bountifulneH 3 
1690 bountihood 2 
I82B bountith 3 

bouiitraiie, buttr(»e, H. 

bountree, eldar, J. 

bountrec-l>erriea, J. 
1380 bouDty 1. 2, S 


hSS bounty, premium a 

bountj-dayB, H. 
1633 bountr-liead ( -hods, 

-hood) 2 
1765 bountj-nioney 3 
1650 boitp, bump 2 
1717 bouquet 3 
13S0 hour, boner 1 

bourach, enclosard, J. 
IgOl bonraoli, y.a. crowd to- 
gethor, J. 3 

bouracli, band for dow'i 
legs, J. 

bouram, ainlc, H. 

bonibee (a flah), J. 
1962 bourbonist 3 

bonrbonic, C. 

bonrboiuBia, C. 
1303 1606 bourd, sb. jest 1. 2 
less bourd, r.a. 2 
1303 bourd. v.n. 1, 2, 3 
ISSSbourdeaux, vine 3 
leiebourdelais, vina 2 
1330 1523 bourder, joker 
1382 1571 

1602 bousei), v.d. drink 2 

bonaer, C. 
1590 1622 bousin?-cim, -ken 3 

booabtj, bed, J. 

ing I, 
boustor, bolster, J, 
boustcs? aee "bonatcousi" 
bouBtnur, a military 

engine, J. 
boustrophedon, W. 
bousum, bnxom, J. 
lOiebouBj 2,3 
1430 bout, Gb. turning 1. 2, 3 
•d, J., H. 

1622 bonC, about 2 

bontade, W. 

boutanl, W. 

baut-daitb, J. 

boiited, lioltcd 
1611 1740 boutefdu, incendiary 

bout-gate, circuitoaa load. 

1861 bourdon (organ stop) 3 
bourdon, atalF, H. 
bourdonaaao, staff, H. 
bourdeur, pensioner, H. 

1523bourgeP borougb 1 
1641 bourgeois 2 

1862 bourgeoisie 3 

1398 1616 bourgeon, T,n, bad 

li 2 
1320 bourgh, surety 1 
1616 baureuignon 2 

bouriiolm, burdock, H. 

boorie, rabbit hole, J. 
1716 bonrie, head dreas 3 
1725 bourlet 3 
1618 hourly, burly 2 

boormaidan, H. 
1£23 bourn, limit 1, 3, 3 
1362 1049 bourn, bum, stream 

1 S54 winter-bourne 3 
1570 bourn, wig 2 
1460 bonmed, burnished 1 

boumlEaa, W. 
1830 bourne-stone 3 

boumonite, W. 
1820 bonrock, hut 3 
IGDD bourrage, borage 2 
1697 boaraB, eichange 3, 3 

bourt, pretend, H. 

bourtree, elder, J. 
1830 bourtree-hnsh, I. 3 

bourtree-gun, J. 

boury, wreathed f N. 
1662 bona (mining term) 2 

boueelie (of a wheel), J. 
1820 house, T.a. hoist " 

^IW^ojjg »b. d 


1609 boutriaso, buttress 2 
1840 bouts rimea 3 
1486 iKJutto, beauty 1 

houvrage, dnnk, J. 

bouzy, woody, J. 

boiay-likej large, J. 

hovaU, W. 
1300 boie, adr. high 1 
1600 bove, aboTe 3 
1160 boTert, oi 1 
laSO boTery 2 

boTej;-coal. W. 

boricide, C. 

boTicula, heifer, Phil, 

bovid, C. 
1678 bosiform 3 
1856 bovine 3 

hoToli, snails, H. 
1298 1670 bow, arcui 1,2 
1663 bring to bow 2 
1600 draw bow 1 
1C31 K. Hood's bow 2 
IfiOO long bow 1 
1690 "by the string rather 
than by the bow" 3 
1862 "tBostringilobow" 3 
1500 yew bow 1 
1593 saddlebow 2 
1670 shoot in bow 2 
B. bow, rainbow 3, 3 
1339 r^bowed 3 

bow, bow's Icngtlt, H. 

1468 bow, arch 1 H 

bow (violin), W. H 

1660 haw, salutation 2, 3 

1630 bow (of a Teasel), 2, 3 

1862 bow-deck 3 

1 636 bow, herd of cattle 2 

bow (os-bow), yoke <^_ 

1513 bow, aheepfold 1 H 

1620 bow, gate of town I H 

1830 bow, boll, J. 3 ^ 

bow, boll, lintbow, flai- 

bow (of a bouae), J. 
bov, enrvo of a street, J. 
bow, bough 1, 2 
bow, T.a. bend 1, 2, S ■ 
.840 bow down, C. 3 J 

bow tJ], C. ■ 

.300 bow, vn. 1, 2, 3 ^ 
.486 bow, adj. 1 ■ 

.670 bowed, adj. bent 2, 3 
"-" bow, v,ii. go 1 

how, v.n. Baj-k 3 
861 bow, <.n. fiddle 3 
4O0 bow bow BO bese, but 

howsoever be 1 
.684 bowed, ? vowed 3 
.449 1586 bowable 1, 2 

bowolaiid, making t<i 

tato, J. 

bo wall, aperture, J. 

bow-anchor, PhU. 

bowand, crooked, J. 

bowat, hand lantern, J, 
1593 bonback, sb. 2 
1170 1576 bowbacked I, 2 
1613 bowbsTt, dastard 1 
1500 bowbearer 1. 2, 3 
1611 bowbell 2 
IS16 bowbent 3 

bowbert, buy, J. 

1608 howboy 2 
bowbng, J. 

1464 bowciife I 

1609 bowease-sleevo 2 
bowcer, bursar, H., N. 
bowoery, buttorp, N. 
bow-compass, W. 

1560 bowd, an insect 3 
1660 bowdeatea 3 

bowddumys, bottoms, J.. 
1376 1633 bowden, swollfls ' 

bow - die, v.a. diseulour, 

bowdin^, swelling, J. 

bowdikite, mischievous 
cbiia, H. 
1677 bowdled ben? 2 
1366 1420 bow-dntught 1 

bow-drill, W. 

bowedye, b dye, H. 
1300 bowel, ab. 1, 2, 8 
1330 bowel, V.B. gut 1,3,3-^ 
1687 howel-ga«er 2 
1587 bowel-gazing 2 
16e6hawalleBS 2, " 

ISM bOWBl-hiTfl, 

of boweli I 

bowell-hols, hols in btrn, 
1600 boweUprier 3 

boveo, a ralitian, H. 

bowen, broad diih, J. 
1300 bower, lb. 1, 2, 3 
1840 marriage-bower 3 
1166 16S0 bower, bowser 1. 3 
lASO bower, maker a( wreathi 

ir, young hai 

IT (anchor) 
T (miucle}, '^ 

bowOTio, lb. W. 

bowcri^ue, bomHcli, J. 
1(S0 bonorinK. ah. 1 

bowtrlv, hnQiisuratr, H. 
1SS2 bower^toiio -i 
1840 bowtr-window 3 
I43D bower-wonum 1, S 
1718 bowflrj 3 

bowesa, a hawk, C. 

bowet, do. C. 
1<(S6 bowet, lantern 3 

bowety, linaey wolaej, H, 

bow^ a rope (nauL), 

148S 1641 ' bowge, i.a. v.n. 

■cuttle t, 2 
IS2B bowgery (crime) 1 
1468 1S74 bowget 1, 3 

bowger, puffin, J. 
14» bowght, coil 1 

bowgle, buffalo, J, 

hoirgnoe, W. 
1602 bowhand 2, • 

bowhawler, drawing 

barges, H. 
1794 bovhoDghed, bow-legged 

bowlioiighs, J. 
1828 bonio, bideiII huml 3 

bowiefu', J. 

bowig&ame (toads), H. 
18fi3 bowie-knife 3 

bowik, carcase, J. 
1610 bowing, sb. t, 2, 3 
1862 bowing ocqiiEtintanco 3 
1676 bowingly " 

bowin (fa! 


16Mbowia 2 


bowit and ichafflt, J. 
1440 bowk, hold of a ahip I 
1460 bowk, bulk 1 
1S29 bowk, adj. bulky 3 

bowk, T.a. steep, waih 1 
lJ87boBkail 3 

bowkail, a^j. J 

bowk, -f.a. retch, J. 
break bowk, break bnlk, 


bow-knot, H. 
1262 bovl, tMcl 1. 1, S 
1B68 kiwi (f'jr ramc) 1, > 
\SS6 inwttT buwl 3 
1800 for nnPir) 3 
1800 boil, v.n.moYvraptdly 1 
1883 k>wl alonr, C. 

bowl oat, C. 

1839 bowl, T.a. 1, S 
1628 bowl alley 3 

1613 bowl booty 3 
bowl, v.n. to boo, J. 
!)owL, tee bool, J. 
1>awt, v.n. to cmok, 7. 
liowLimd, (rooked, J. 
bowlder-atane, J. 

1735 bowl dbh, eb. 3 
bowlid like, J. 

ISIO bowler 1, 2 

1861 bowler, adj. (hat) S 
bowler, kettle, J. 
bowlen, W. 

1617 bowletic, adj. 3 
1726 bowlful, 9b. 3 

bowlie, crooked, J. 

bowlie, bow legged, 1. 

1614 bow-like 3, 3 
1466 bow-tine I, 3 
1SS3 bowling, ab. 3 
1611 ICtit) l>onlins-a11ey 2 

bowlincr-bridle (naut.) 
1641 bowling-gr^n 2, 3 

bowliag-groiind, C, 

bowling-tnot, Phil. 

bowling-match, H. 

bowIn';, awolJen 

bowlteli, cloth, H. 

bowloclcs, ragweed. J. 

bowls (same, marblcB) J. 

bowIt, bolt, iirrow, N. 
12SS bowman I, 2, 3 

1840 bowman (of ahipj 3 
13621.^71 bown, ready 1, Z 

bown, T.a. J. 

bown, BivfUcd, H. 
1620 bowDce 1, 3 

bownche, iwelling, H. 
1420 bownda 1 

bownet, W. 
1420 bownte 1 

bow-oar, W, 

bow-pen, W. 

bow-piecB, W. 
1B63 bow-port 3 
1633 bow-pot 2, 3 
1623 bowrage, town 1 

bowrea, diih, H. 

1862 bowcock 3 
biiwrupio, burgesfls, J. 
bows, " tnkc one through 

ttm bowa," scold, J. 
bows, Eu^ tongs, J. 
bowsaw, W. 
bowH, hiirquebus 1 

1«30 bowaa, T.a. 1, S, S 
leOObowNning 3 
1867bi>wiaost I 
lSC7bi>wiv 3 
1300 bowihot 1. S 

bowBS^ crookod, J. 

bowne, sb. J. 

bowsis, a^j. largo, boahy, 

bawwic Qa htwkiiig) 
1460 bow^rU 1, 1 
161Sbaw*t»T« 2 
1677 bow-atealmtr S 

bowiMM, W. 
1636 boneter, sh. bolster 2 

botrsting. poleforabaw,J. 

bowilock, cabbage, J. 
1420 bowstowre, bolster 1 
1490 bowstring I, 3 

bowstring, Y.a, C. 
1430 bonsnm, buxom 1 
1360 boweomly I 
1420 bowBUmne* 1 

boway, swelled, H. 

'hovt, tipofnoafc H. 

howt, bo.t, shofl, J. 

bowt (of worsted), /. 
1440 bowls? 1 
lS86"bowW, turn 2 
1849 bowtell, moulding 3 

bowQie, booth, n. 

bowting-claith, J. 
1600 bow-tiee 1 

bow-weed, H. 
1603 bow-wide 2 
1768 bow-window 3 
1683 bow-wise 2 

boW-WODUU), C. 

bow-wow, YJU O. 
1866 bow-wow 1 

bow-wowing, ab. C. 
1863 bow-wowart S 

liov-yaiikee, &. 
1293 bowyor 1, 2, 3 
17*0 bovryar-god 3 
1460howynd, prepared t 
1690bowze 1,2 
1728 bowiy, adj. 3 
1298 box, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1840 ballot boi 3 
1S68 deed boi 3 

1839 pandora's box 8 
I860 punk-box 3 
1766 snuff-box 3 
1833 spittiag-box 3 
1690 tar-box 3 
1833 tobaoco-box 3 
1839 toy-box 8 
1549 " wrong bor" 
1339 witnen^boz S 
1568 box, trae 2, 3 
1310 box, blow I, 2, 8 
1632 box (at theatn) 3, S 


box, sedan etuur, N. 
1778 box, honae 3 
1669 box (coachmtn'a) 2, 8 

2 box [Ofartetmiie] .I 
box (pniup), w. 
bca (trooglii, W. 
box (wheul), W, 

11 bnx, T.n. Rtrike 2, 3 

5 box, v.a. 1, 2, 3 
10 boxed banes, leliques 2 

3 box, v.a. cup 2 
lO bon, v.a. (wheels) 1 

6 box, v.a. puCinaW 2,3 
box, v.a. (tbu omnpass), 

box and needle, i 

box and dic«, H. 
box-din nor, H. 
box-drain, J. 
box-elder, C. 

'^. 2,3 


boifeeding 3 
box tliG fox, rob orcburd 
boxful, C. 3 
box hruTT, dine with D. 
Humphrey, H. 

9 1509 boxing, cupping 1,2 
'7 boxing, ab. figbUng 3 
8 boxing, adj. 3 

boxing, sb. a case, W. 

boxing (flour), W. 

boxing, buxom, K. 

boxing-day, H. 

boxing-gloves, C. 

boiing-matcli, C. 

boiing-night, C. 

boxing-ring, C. 


box-keeper, C. 

boi-knot (carving}, N. 
;0 box-lobby 3 

box-maker, C. 

box -office, C. 

box-openor, C. 

box-order, C, 

box-seal, C. 

box-wood, W. 
Oboiy 3 

2 boy 1,2,3 

3 cabin-boy 3 
1 foot-boy 3 
girl-boy 2 

good-bny, adj. 3 

'3 nciva-bay 3 

peep-o'-day boy 3 
roming-boj, N. 
sbGep-bo)- 3 

leiO stable-boy 3 
IS62 street-buy 3 

S. boy. v.a. 2 
IBSS bayard 3 

boyau, W, 
1665 boy-hishop 3, 3 

boy-blind, W. 
1833 boy-cnisader 3 

boydekin, dagger, E. 

bayds, blackberries, J. 
1399 boye, be with ye 2 
1699 bo)-ea, J bodes 2 
1580 boyery, boyhood 2 

boy-girl, Loydon, 0. 
1670 hoy-barlot 2 
1805 boyhood 3 
1376 bojis, wood I 

boyia, fetter^, J. 
S. boyish 2, 3 

boyishly, W. 
1628 boyiabneES 2 

boyiam, ff. 

boykin, H. 

boy-king, C. 

boyles, uoo, H. 
1850 boyUke 3 

boylum, iion ore, H. 
1570 boyly, adj. burly 2 
1160 boymbjl, bramble J 1 

boyn (vat), "W". 
1398 boynu^ rascal 1 
HGO boyae, boon 1 
1775 boyout, wash 3 
S. hoy-quoller 2 

boys, voice, H. 

boy's-bailifi', H. 
1608 boyship 2 

boysid, swelled, H. 
1863boy'B-love 3 
1S47 boysplay 2 
1840 boy-spottse 3 
1366 boyat, box 1 

boystone, v.a. cup, H. 
1485 boystous, adj. I 
1460 boyle, help 1 

bojtour, bittern, J. 
1610 boytry, oitortion ? 2 

bovul (bothulo), Dowelip, 

boyuna, snake, C. 
1690 boy-wenclt 2 

bozKum (flower), H. 

bozzum-ubnclied, H, 

boze, to go, H. 

bra, v.a. bray, J. 

braal, sb. fr^meut, J. 

brab, a nail, E. 

brabanl«r, C. 
1760 brabanaoQ 3 

brabonaon, a^j- C. 

brabnntine, W, 

brabblacb, eb. refuse, J. 
1S7D brabble, eb. skirmish, 

braal 2, 3 
1648 1636 brabble, Tjt. 2 
1576brabbler 2 
1650 brabhlement 2 



1583 btftbUing 3, 3 
1564 brabblinglv 2 
brabe, sk Nares 
brabo, bravo i N. 

braocate, >■ . 

brooco, diligent, H. 

bracco, a dog, Pbil. 
1500 brace, v.a. embrace 
1590 embrace, v.a, 2 
1620 1666 brace, v.a. brsg 
1699 brace, r a. draw up ' 

bmce op, G. 
1366 1>race, sb. arm I 
1590 vambraoe 2 
1614 brace, ab. yard 2 
1727 brace, ab, rafter 3 
1845 crosB-bracB 3 
1630 brace, sb. a rope 2,f 
1833 fore-brace " 
1S33 bead-bioce 
1833 main-brace 3 
1430 brace, a couple t, 2, 3 

brace, sb. cbmuiey piece, J . 
1727 braced 3 

bracel, v.n. gallop, J. 

bracel, sb. bracer, N. 
1859 brocclesa 3 
I), bracelet 2, 3 
1801 bracelet-beU : 
1630 bracclettcd 2, 

bracemakcr, C. 

bracenarius, hunt 

bmco-piece, mantel-pie« 

1390 bracer, BrmoniforlJie arm. 

bracetus, beagle, Pbil, 
1621 brach, sb. bitch 2, 3 
brach, article of fiiiiiiture, 

N. "• -m 

1506 brach, ab. rift 2 ^ 

bracheU, sb. dog, J. H 

bracben, fern, J. ^M 

royal brachens, J. I 
1785 brachial 2,3 

brnchiole, the wriit, Phil. 

brachinte, W. 

brftchicourt, horse, H. 
1616 brachigraphy 2. 3 

brachiolum, sb. Phil. 

bracbinus, a beetle, C. J 

brucbinpod, W. 

brachiopoda, W. 
1620 bracbman 2, 3 

brach ycatalectio, W, 

brachy-diagonal, C. 

brachygraphcr, C. 

bracbygiaphic, W. 

brachjgraphy, ( 

<2 brachyogTapay : 

bracbylogy, w. 

tnkcbTttrochone, V- 

biMhjtyptu, C. 

brwhyiiroua. C. 

brachjKriu, C. 
IHl brsciDg, lb. S 

bncing-girdlo, II, 
IMO biHvIc, lb. brvuh, itui 

brucl, liarru*. H. 

bnek, lb. ti flood, J. 

bnck, diseaw of iheep, J. 

biBck-bnwd, tasted, Jl. 
I9t9 btukeo, lb. tern 2, 3 

brMkea-clock, fa««tle, II. 

bracket, ib. liqaoT, Ji, 
ntS bracket, >b. 3 
1800 bracket, v.a. 3 

bracket-rtaira, C. 

brackel-plummcr block, C. 

btactatiiig, W. 
ISW braokUh 2, 3 
1630 1662 bracktshncH 2 

brecklj, britUi!, U, 
ITOO brockmard, sword 3 
1571 brack up, bud 2 

brackwort, beor, II. 
ISti 1613 brucky, ringed, 
brackish 2 

br&oonior, hoimd'i t"*^ . 


bruted, C. 

braetaoUt*, W. 



brad, W. 

biad, roaited, H. 
1500 brad, doll? 1 

bradawl, W. 
1470 bnde, broad 1 

brads, T.a. roatt, J. 

brade, J.'ie« "braid" 

bnide, T.n. resemble, J. 

brads, to pretend, H. 

brade, to bray, H. 

brade, netklaco, H. 

bradad (nail). C. 

bradow, to sjirpad, H. 

brads, Money, H. 
1S48 1631 brBdvpi'lim 2 

bradypodj W, 

bradnins, C. 
1830 brae, (b. 3 

brae-&ce, ab. J. 

brae-hag, ab. bank of 

brae-baold, J. 
brae-head, J. 
brasL back of hawk, H. 
brae-laird, J. 

bras-thot, Milh biim 
from a itocp, J. 
1810 bnc-iide, J. 3 

bracio. adj. ilopinfr. J. 

liracngci, tb. rrowd, J. 

breffam, bufhame, H. 
1*00 IroK, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1138 brag, braggtr 2 
17M brag, nme at mdi 3 
lTOebrag{o'wsir)ib.? 8 
1333 brag, Tn. 1, 1, 3 
IMO MS hng, T.a. i, 3 
leoobncof I 
1300 16M brag, a^. I, 3 

*>^' ' ' 

fast a belter" 
ISOO braeeJorh 2 
IflM biagadocio 2, I 
1034 biBgaJocianiam 3 

brag^ble, H- 
1535 bniggiir, sb, 2 
1034 bianard, ib. 3, 3 
loos'- ^— " 

1859 brajtgatt, aiij. 3 
1370 1617 tiroeg-er 1, 2 

bragger, bratkct, H. 
1648braggBrj 2 
1890 1727 bracgct, wine I,J,3 
1630 bniEgcl, } " lomftl down 

the braggot" 2 
1390 bragginf; 1, 2, 3 

braggi ng-j ack , b^utar, H. 
1540 bragginu'l}' 2 

bragglcd, brindled, H. 

bragpr. broad leavoa of 
wnweed, J. 
8. biaglen 3 

braglj, adr. W. 

biagljr, adj. C. 
1600 btago, diink 3 
1592 bragont, p " pronounce 
wordi like a bragout" 2 

bracwart, mead, J. 

brahma, W. ; brama, W. 

brahmaic, V. 

brabmanic, W. 
minio, C. 
1840 brahmiiiical 3 
1S23 brahmin 3 

bmhuin-bull, C. 

brahuines, C. 


1 S4S brahmini 

1298 1571 braid, T.a. draw, 

wiie, draw a aword, 

poll down 1, 3 
13001571 braid, T.D.itart 1,2 
1450 braid with 1 
1398 1609 braid, ah. atrnggle, 

treacherr, aaaaolt 1, 3 
1330 1503 braid, ab. quick 

motion, moment, and- 

dsn atart 1, 2 
1460 braid, i image 1 
1400 1556 braid, T.a. upbraid 

IMO otnH > 

15M bnQ, A. aptea „ 

1400 Imid, T.B. mar 1 
1071)Kaid,ib-roai 3 
ISM braid, *b. nida 3 

S. braid, adj. dooeitfiil 3,8 
1530 biaid (tem in uiine) 1 
1494 braid, T.a. emlmuda 1, 
2. 3 

braid, to reiemble, Q. 
bnid, to nauseate, H. 
braid, to beat, H. 
braid, bgKOta, H. 
braid, to &de, H. 
braid, to net, II. 
braid, widely, J. 
braid up the board, J. 
biaid-bonil, cam laid oat 

for tying, J. 
braid-eaat, J. 
braider, C. 
braidsry, H. 
braiding, sb, C. 

Maida,icalM, H. 

braidf, fooliui, H. 
braid j'Baae, apuniahmeut, 

■braik, T.n. retch, J. 
braik, sb. a threat, J. 
braik, diaease of aheep, J. 
braikit, speckled, J. 
14S0 brail, ab. abip'a tackle 1 
brail, (for hawk's wing), 

1630 brail, T.n. haul npanil S 
1644 brail, T.n. clip "^Bgt 1 
Ue6farailed,fu]]. (nfawonn) 1 

liraa-feathor, H. 
1298 brain, ab. I, 2, S 
165S bruin, character 3 

brain, apirit, 3. 

brain, Toice, J. 
1635 biain, T.a. 2, 8 
8. brain, T.a, fbTsiahed witk 

1S93 bear a brain 3 
1576 1600 beat one'a bruu S 
183S blow out brains 3 
1090 break one's brain 3 
16SI confuse brain 2 

S, cndg«l ontf ■ haiM 3 
knock onB"* braiM out 

8. light of brain 3 
1638 put to one's brains 3 
1840 pnzzlo one's 'braioa 3 
1620 ■' to ^ve and to baTe, 
abniin doth crsrs" 
1829 crack-brained 8 
1609 deep-btained 3 
1590 dull-brained S 
1590 &t-braiaed 2 



1S29 hue-br^eJ 3 

1560 1600 brake, miUCary en- 

1517 1611 branch, v.a. «b. 

18fil lower-limned 3 

gine 2 

broider 1, Z 

IB90 dre-brain, ab. 2 

1663 brake, fence 2 

branch, v.n. W. 2 

1862 brain-ache 3 

1609 brake, mill, machine 2,3 

1766 branch out 3 

1630 brain-brat 2 

1468 brake, aomo plant 1 

branch off, C. 

1630 brain-bred 3 

1548 "stand in a atrait 

brancb(ofapUot), W, 
branch-candl^o^ C. 

1833 brain-fever 3 

brake" 2 

brainish 2 

brake, eneloBore, H. 

brancb-chuck, TT. 

brainleaf, H. 

brake, barrow, H. 

braneb-coal, H. 

I SOO brainless 1,2,3 

brake, kneading trough. 

1390 branched 1, 3, 3 

ISSObrainiit 3 

H. ■« 6 . 

1590 old-branobed 2 

1692 brain-mill 3 

brake, pump handle, H. 
brake, harrow, J. 

1620 brain-pan 1,2,3 

1618brain-puTKins 1 

lS16broke, adj. brittle 2 

1310 1686 branchor 1,3 

brain-racKng, W. 

16B9 brake, v.a. fis 2 

16S3brancher, hawk 2,3 

ISaOhraiiMok 1,2,3 

1616 brake, v.a. dress ia a 

1678 brancher, officer of mint 

8. braiiiBickly 2 

brake 2, 3 


1641 157Bbrainaicl[iie8a 2 

1727 brake, v.n. 3 

hrancbery, W. 

1690 brain-sphare 2 

brake, to best, H. 

branches, roof-ribe, H. 

1832 brainspun 3 

brake, to vomit, H. 

brancbim, W. 

1861brain-stago 3 

brakebush, fern, H. 

1834 branchial 3 

brain-stone, H. 

brake carriage, C. 

1856branchiferouB 3 

brain-throb, C. 

IBSlbrakeman, brakesman 3 


lGi7 brain-war 2 

brakewboel, "W. 

1850 1635 brain, brainwood, 

brake, pret. break 3 

1684 branching, sb. 3 

maci, furious 1, 2 

1810 braken eel 3 

lS46brainworin 2 

1480 braket, a drink 1 

17a7braindge, T.n. ruab for- 

braking, puking, J 

branchiopod, W, 

brakkins, remnants, J. 

braindgo, sb. haste, J. 

brakay, ab. C. 

brainy, adj. higb-mettled, 

1600 braky n, 3 


braler, straw, H. 

brMnyell, *.n, msh up 
and down, J. 

1620 tall, v.a. scold 1 

S, brancbleBs 2,3 

brsld, decked, drcsacd, J. 

1863 brauchiet S 

brainyell, sb. rqahing up 
and dovQ, J, 

brama, bream, C. 

branch-line, C. 

bramaee, cloth, H. 
bramah-loek, C. 

branch-offlco, C. 

1858 braird, sb. young grasa 3 

braird, C. 

1846 biamub'a press 3 

brench-ataad (hawking), 

brairdie, adj. sproudng, 

1699 bramberry 2 


1390 bramble 1,2,3 

branchua, hoarflenesa,PMl. 

brairds, coarsE flai, J. 

1647 bramble, v.b. obstruct 2 

branch-pilot, W. 

braia, T.a. embrace 

1727 bramble-beny S 

branoh-road, C. ( 

braia, ab. anares, J. 

bramble-bush, W. 

1855 brancb-work 3 ' 

braise, liTB coal, Pbil. 

bramble-finch, W. 

1490 branohy, adj. 1,3,3 i 
brancom, blight, H. ' 

braise, iiah, J. 

bramble-net, W. 

braisail, v. a. work hur- 

1769brambling 3 

1360 brand, v.a. 1, 2, 3 

riedly, J. 

1860brambly 3 

1690 brand, on, upon 3 

brBii8il,Bb. hurried work, 

brame, veiation, H. 

1400 brand, sb. eword 1, 2, 8 


1717 brarain 3 

1300 brand, sb. firebrand 1,3 

braiaait, enclosed, H. 

bramiah, flourish, H. 


brail, rough diamond, W. 

bramloy fall (stonej, 0. 
bramlin, salmon, C, 

1609 brand, mark 2, 3 

brait, garment, E. 

8. firebrand 2, 3 

braith, adj. yiolent, J. 

bramlin (brammel-worm), 

brand,sb. calfofleg, J. 
1632 brand, adj. ? upbraided 2 
branded, tordered, J. 

braithfu], adj. violent, J. 

a womi, J. 

bra thlie, adj. violent, J. 

bramline, chaffinch, H. 

bra tbly, adv. 

1390 bran, sb. 1, 3, 3 

1611 1727 branded (a coloui^, 

brak, T.n. break, J. 

bran, bark, H. 

H.J. 2,3 

brak bread, eat, J. 

bran, log, H. 

1664 brandce [bawd and bran- 

brak onl, cut out, J. 

bran, ore, H. 

dee) 2 

brak, y.n. weep 

1830 " if it be not bran it ia 

1307 brandeUet, aword belt J 

brak, sb. breaking up 

bran's brother" 3 

branden, grilled, J. 


1592braneard 2,3 

brander, prop of stack, W.i 

brak-back, haiveat moon 

H. ' 

1298 branch, sb. 1, 3, 3 

1860 brander, sb. one who 

1840 fttrte-brake 3 

1831 root and branch 3 

brands 3 

1560 brake, fern 2, S 

1611 branch, y.a. 2, 3 

182Bbrander,Bb,gridiron 2,3 

1520 1642 brake, trap, rack 

1633 branch, v.b, make a cuck- 

1830 brander, v-a? 3 


old 2 

brandcr-bannoclc, J. 




MlM, J. 


iraod-ftro-new, H. 
■bran-ipan-nnw, H. 
bran-apuidcr-n ow. u . 
brand- jtooM, W. * 
bruidiiif^t C ' 

IfiBS bnuding-lTon 1 

bruidU, I btandadoow 


1S83 bnndUi, T.>. I, t, 3 
13M 1MB bnndiih, t.d. 1, S 

brandiih, ib. W. 
ieS3 branditfa, sdj. bTudfUi 

IBSObranduher 3 

brandiihing, emt, H. 
16SI bnudle, T.a. eonftue 2 
16fiS brandlo, t.d. gJTe way, 

UM tamk, Umb r 1 
1M7 brank, Inidla I, S 

bnnk, bold op bgad, H. 

bnnk, btukwlmt H. 

bnnk, W. 

bnnk, T.L btldle, J. 
ie04 1>riiLk.Lt.J, .ilitlcr 3 

iirunkcn, pp. guy. J. 
17M bnnkM, prsncing 3 

bnnkea, Htmv eaddle, H. 

luiUikiii, Julj. nhijwj, J. 

briuiliil, vBin. J. 

brunV-n™. J. 

brankt. bridio, J., W. 

branks, ■ ««TeUiiw, J. 
ItTS !,rni>k un>;.ii', a herb 1 
1831 l.rKiV.dirj..' S 
Ifsa bronlie, adj. (of oolour) 3 

brandly, ibMrplr, 
1670 brandnew 2, 3 

bnndoo, 8 pi. " burnt," 

', C. 

brsnnock, umlet, J. 
IMSbrnmiT. nrti. 2, 8 
bm.L,i'v-lni!Qd. II. 
1S5S liiiinsliiius v,», plunJiT 2 
1553 Ijr.m.-ki.liii'.'. b<wly 2 
1590 \<r:<nyU: n ikncp 3 
nlm«a" 1 1S49 brant, gooss 8 

H20 1727 liriiiirirrlh. grilUron 1669 btunl, mildew 3 

1,3 IMfi brant, adj. ?st«ep 3 

brant. huTow, H. 

IBSl brandgtrops, " a Btont 
brandatropa" 2 

brandur, bordsr, J. 

brauduU (mill), H. 
leS) bnudr, lb. 8 
18S2 brandy, v. a. 8 

brandy-ball, H. 
1766 btandy-botUe, H. 3 
1S20 brandj-deTil 8 

brandj-fHced, C 
1840 brundy-fluk 3 

brandy-fruit, W. 

brandy-merchant, C. 
1839 bnmdj-pnnDh 3 

bmndy-snap, E. 
1839 brandy-stnup 3 
1862 brandy-ond-wfllBf 3 
1678 brandy-wine 8 

brandjing, ab. C. 
1612 brandvine 3 

brnne-'wood, nuoil for 
boming, J. 

branfipret. "brought," J, 

brangiU, a dance, J. 

branglant, brandubing, J, 
16001)TBng'1e, eb. 2,3 
ISIS brongla, Y.n. 1, 3 
ISS4 17110 branglc, v.a. 2,3 
170D bratglement 8 

brangler, W. 

brauing f „ ,. 

branit, brawned, J. 
1635 branit, perf. brained 2 
1310 brank, t.u. nranee 1, 3 

1678 brutitcumo, n grain 2 

branteu, bold, U. 

brant-toi, W. 
1666 brantlo, adance 3 
1867 branular, of the brain 8 

bnaand, embradng, J. 
1467 braiche, a dog 1 

braia Qaai), t.*. bind, 
tiB, J. 

bnue, T.a. prepan, H. 
1603braje,anannDfthBBea 1 

braaed (her.), FhiL 
1316 brand, made of bran 1 

braaell-bowl, N. 
1696 brawn, adj. 2 
1420 braier,annaiiT for arm 1 

brauy, aance, H. 
17B6brash,adiaeue, J. 3 
1638 braah, T.n. atlaok 2 

bmah, ab. anault, J, 

biaab, twigs, loppins, H. 

braab, prepare ore, H. 
1666 braah, adj. 3 

braahlock, oata and ne, J. 

braali-brcad, J. 

braaliy, rubbieliy, H. 

Tirnsliy, weakly, J. 

brashy, atonny, J. 


braaiaUn, braaiatrix, 
brewer, PbiL 
1611 brasier, dealerin bras 1 
1763 braaier (for charcoal) 8 

1S89 1<M InaO, • 
1670 1S70 braail, i 
1698 braail-bowl 



racing 3 

lt98 biM, «b. I, 3, S 
1794 braat, mnneT S 
1SS4 bnaa (memorial) 2 

B. bnaa, adj. S, S 
1611 bnai,*^ i, i 

braarart, hnMMt, a 

IStO ": [lJ 1 

bran button, C. 

bmao-butloned, C, 
1740 braaa-cfaeeked 3 

lirBH-edFed, G. 

bnua-fi^. 0. 
1840 hra»-b>iidled 3 

brius-biltad, C. 

hrsm-liooftd, W. 
1840 braaa^mith 3 

braanoa, W. 

bra««in, ofbraae, J. 

l.r,,A-iiiL-*s. W 
1774 bnuriah, adj. S 

branlah, brittle, H. 
1664br:iM-U'af 2 
1631 bnisa-lenved 2 

bra«3-au>unted, C. 

lifaaa-puTed, "W. 
1611 braaa-platted 3 
1690 InMbMialj 2 
1683 biM(-ahapad 2 

bra^a-tipped, C, 

■ ■ r, C. 

bnisa-visoged, W. 

bmsa-ware, C. 

braaa-wort, W. 
1699 broBsy 2, 3 
IS6S 1691 brsst, borat 1, 3 

liruHtIo, boast, 11. 

hraatiieas, rubbish, H. 

1680 bnt, lb. otuld 2, S 
1390 brat, ab. tHnafbra 1, S 
1636 brat, brotlt i % 
1666 brat, graaa a 

brMitorbot, H. 

brttl, BflUm, H.. 

hrst, clothing, J. 
I649hratcb, brBcIi 2 

■bmtchnrt, wlielp, J. 

brntchcl, huBke of ^f^ J, 

bratohet, miechisrona 
child, J. 
1310 brat«r, Tauittbcace 1 

brathe, flcrca, H. 
1310 brathcUe, vaiintbraco 1 

braUi, T.a. plait ntn* 

brathSa, oro« K^es, J. 


brattery, ohildrsn 8 
brattice 8 
bmttiaed 8 
brottidng 3 
brattln, fiiry, rece, H. 3 
brattU, v.n. H. 1, 3 
IBSZ brattle, v. a. 3 
brattish, shelf, H, 


I bratty, dirtj, H. 

I biaocli, straw, H. 

braacMi], horse collar, E. 

braoeliwbain, diab, E. 

braiu fbrawl), bisugle, 3. 
13S0 braunue ? (pnipoi asme] 1 

Iw^unite, W. 

braun^ng, pompooa, H. 

braoabie, stormy, J. 
1679 brayade, B, B 
1830 bratading, nAj. 3 
1600 bravado 2, 3 

bravation, ^ood Bpihts, H, 
1690 brave, eb. Bnenese 2 
1611 bmve, ab. biavo 2, 3 

fake-btftve, Phil. 
1600 1662 brave, sb. monacc 

1, 2 

1S16 brave, v.a. oppose, insult, 

2, 3 

1690 1632 brave, v.a. deck 2 
1649 1627 brave, v.n. brag 3 
brave out, C. 

1690 out-brave 2 

1691 brave, adj. splendid 2, 3 
1600 brave, courageoua 1, 2, 8 
teoO brave! bravo [ 2 

brare, tropby, H. 
" brave-baaainet, herb 2 
bravo-built 2 
bravo-celandioe 2 
brave-minded 2 
bravely, finely i, 2, 3 
bravely, courageously , 

S, 3 
brnvonesB, W. 3 
bravery, rich dress 1 , 2, 8 
bravery, gomotUing lo 

bravery, bravado 2, 3 
hravenes, eminent men 2 
braveur, bravado 3 
bravi, reward, E. 
1670 braving, ab. boast 2 
bravingly 2 
bravity, boaet 2 
bravity, courage, J. 
bravitj, pageant, J. 
brsro. ab. 2, 8 
bravo! W. 
braviuima, C. 
bravoora, fetuoity, J. 
bravura (muaio) " 
brair, fine 3 
brawdry, aculpti 





brawet, eel, H. 
1375 brawl, v.n. murmur 1,2,3 
1867 brawl, v.a. 3 
1693 brawl, sb. 2, 3 
1620 brawl, a dance 3, 3 

brawl, brat, H., N. 

brawl, v.n. run to confu- 

brawl, v.Q. gallop, J. 

1362 brawler 1, 2, 3 
17H6 brawlie, heartily 3 

1363 brawling, ab. 1, 2, 3 
1860 brawling, adi. (met.) 3 

brawUngly, W. 

brawlina, strawbotry, J. 

branlins, (brawileB], adv. 
bravely, J. 

brawlit, marbled P J. 
1362 brawn, sb. 1,3.8 
1601 1630 brawo, fat boar 2 
1382 I63S brawn, muscle 1, 2 
1800 brawn, v.a, make into 
brawn 3 

brawn, smut of com, H. 

brawn, atump, H, 

brawn, calf of log, J, 
S. brawn battock 2 
1683 16SG brawned, moicular, 
burdened 3 

brawuer, "W. 
1579 brawufalleu, tbin, H. 3 
1654 brawuineaa 2, 3 
mo brawnsheilen, branded 1 
1699 brawny 2, 3 

brawny, branded, brindled 

brawny-armed, C 
brawny-backed, C. 
1740 brawny-chined 3 
1795 braws, fine clothes 3 
brawtherer, embroiderer, 


brawwarld, showy 

1800 braiy, disonaod sheep 3 

1860 braxy, adj. flabby 3 

dry braiy, J. 

dumb braxy, J. 

watery brasy, J. 

1420 bray, v.a. pounil 1, 2, 3 

1633 bray, T.n, (of horses, etc.), 

1681 1670 bray, v.a. breathe 2 

8, brayont 3 
1670 bray, v.a. souad 3 
1300 bray, sb. loud noise 1,3,3 
1583 at a bray, unawares 3 
1375 bray, hill side, "brae" 
1, 2, 3 

false b[ay, N. 
bray, tower, fortiflcation, 

bray, good, H. 
bray, throw, H. 
bray, upbraid, E. 
bray, v.a. preaa, aqueMe, 

bray, ab. aqueeic, J. 


bray, hack-olouta for 
dren, rbii. 
1603 brajoil ware 2 

braycr, W. 
1571 braying, sb. 2 

braving-ropea (hi 

brayle, sb. W. 

brajraen, hiE men, 
1660 braysing, bruising 

brazars, armour foi 
1663 1647 braze, v.a. 

hrale, get ill taste> ... 

braze, be impudent, 

braze, sb. roach 

brazed, W., N. 
1360 brazen, adj. 1, 3. 

braien, v.a. W, 
1682 bralen-bcowed 3 
8. brazen Face 2 

1692 brazen-faced 3 
1624brazen-faoedly 2 

brazen- Haled, C. W. 
1731 brazen-hilted S 

1693 brazen-hoofed 
1840 brazenly 3 
1860 brazennixs 3 
1630 brazen nose 2 
1363 brazen out, v.a. 
1382 brazeny 1 
1610 brazier, hraa werker 

2, 3 
1636 brazil, adj. P brazil 

1680 brazil, aettingofaring 8 

brazil, aolpbate of iroa 

brazil etto, W. 

brazilian, sb. W. 

brazilian, a dj. W. 

brazU-nut, W. 

braaU-toa, W. 

brazil-wood, W. 
1663 brazing 3 

bro, V, I I. 
1430 bre, ab. broth 1 

bre (broel, eyebrow, J. 
1300 breach, ab. 1, 2, 3 
1620 breach (otiaw, etc,) !, 3 

breach of parola 

breach of peace 

broach at promiae of mor- 

1846 breach, v.a. S 

breach, piece of land, H. 
1690 breach of love 3 

breach, breaker (eea], J. 
1690 Btwuso-breach 2 

broach-coni, leguminous, 

hreachin^^fiin, C 
breaohy, W. 
breach y (cattle), H. 
brcachy, brackish, H. 
1298 broad, sb. I, 2, 3 

bread and buttor, adj. Oil 
[89] " 

' 8 


ba in Ud bmd, (b k 

leOO Unbraul 2 

8. bn*k bread 2 
1611 bread otmrj 3 



Utb b; bn«d I 

loaf-bread 8 

" none of hit brttad anil 

butter" S 
*'«liew bread in ona 

bnad of trita (tnat), 
hooashold bread, HuL 
I29S breadth 1, 3, 1 
ISSe bair-breadUi B 
1S40 haod-braadth 1 
1647 br.-a.ltlik'tfl 2 
ISdg brt'iiiJlbwUti 3 
1880 kn'ud-winner S 
1674 bruiul-wotshijipcr 3 
IBSO 11)21 brcadv 2 
1430 break, Bb. ffor b horw) 1 

B. break tafice, etc) 3 
lfi87 break, tneaoh, " * 

trita (tnat), iw, J. 

bnad, FhO. 1B40 bnA Uw 

« break the ica 3 
, breakin 3, 3 

break into, 0. 

Iveak in, hairow twice 

the other" 2 
B. ahewbread 3 
'B. itaff of bread 2 
1610 take bread and Mdt, 

"br bread and irine," 

B. nnlwTsned Ivead 2 
1838 gmserbrend 3 
1737 tread, brcadc, y.b. > 
1840 bread nnd wntei, a^j. 8 
1840 brcnd-attisl 3 
1791 breod-buket 8 

bread-berry, pap, J. 

bread-ohipper 2 
1898 bread-corn 1, 2 
1S40 bread-cnimb 3 
1888 bread-orust 3 
ISIS breaded (water, etc.) 

1670 16T7 braaden 3, 8 

1862 - 


breafngs, n 
brud-knife, C 

1361 breadlsM 1 

breoJlingis, with flat nde 
of sword, J. 

"bread-lQat H. 

bread-meal (ot peu and 
barley), J. 

liread-monung, J, 

"bread-nut, WT 

"bread-psn, C. 

lireiid-plate, C. 

tread-pudding, W. 

braad-rooiE, W. 

broad-coot, W. 
1883 bread^ ab. pi. kinds of 

bread 3 

break ofi 

1360 break, r.a. 1, 3, 8 

1300 break (a Uw, word, etc) 
1, 2, 3 

1666 breiak, T.a. introdnoa a 
robject 2 

1380 break, cot up a ■tas' I 

1474 break (a hone) 1, 3, S 

1617 break tbe daj 1 

1698 break a piieon 3 

1S60 break, T.a. make hank- 
rapt 2, 8 

1020 break, T.n. beoome bank- 
rupt 3 

1713 break, disaolTe parliament 

break, >b. fturow, J. 

break, T.a. dieaapoint, J. 

break, ib. hollow in a 
hill, J. 

break (for flai), J. 

break, ib. crowd, J. 

break, T.n. (coTer, etc), 
J., H. 
1690 heait-break, sb. 2 
1840 outbreak 3 
1713 "broken In tbooeht" 8 
1383 broka-leg^ 1 

break againit, C 

break away, C. 
1360 to-break I 

break a bottle, }, 
1690 break brain 8 

1599 bt«ak bread 3 
"break bread on bride's 

1600 broken bmom ' 3 
1666 break bnlk 3 

B. break 0( 

break i^ 
break wind ' 
break one'a wind 2 
break with 3, 8 
breakable, W. 
breakahlenen 3 

breakdown, sb. 8 
breaker, ab. one irin 
bronks 1, 2, 8 

glaaa-breakeE 3 

idol-breaker 8 
treaker-up 2 

coTeDEint-breaker 3 
breaker, firework 3 
breaker, oaak 8 
breaker, waTB S 
breakftat, ah. 1, 3, 8 
breakfkrt, v.n. 2, 8 

brad-ipaad, J. 
1840 bread-atudy 8 
1862 breod-ituff 8 

bread-«ward, broadnrood, 

bread-tax, C. 
bread-taier, C. 
bread-tray, C. 
bread-trencher, C. 

1436 1617 break on^a day 

1363 break down 1, 2, 3 
1869 break down ligbta 8 

8. break faith 3 
1500 break one'a feat I 
S. bre^ forth S 

1830 breakbit-time 8 

breakfaflting, ab, 
1761 breakfasting-place 8 
18A9 breokfnetLess 3 

brenJtfnst-service. 0. 

breakfast-tray, C. 
1316 breaking, ab. 1, ^ 8 

breaking niatbral^rog")* 

1840 Dut-bieaking 3 


breast-mUk, W. 

1830 bred, ab. board, J., n. 1 

1614 breast-mother 2 

pot-bred, cover, J. 1 

breast-pain, PUl. 

ISeObreiLkiDgia 3 

1460 bred, broad 1 

1330 bred i part, "men bred 

braakin^ of a note, PhU. 

braast-pin, W. 

for that iorne" 

1721 broaking up 3 

1398 breast-pit 1 

breddit,? wreathed, J. 

break^mt, ab. C. 

1390 breast-plate 1,2,3 

1398 brede, brink 1 

1320 1538 breda, breadth 1, Z 

Ifi83breakleague 2 


1683 breaklove 2 

1710 bredo, braid 3 

1S87 1626 breakneek, ah. 2 

breast-rope, W. 

1307 brede, v.a. cook 1 

1381 breakneck, adj. 2, 3 

1727 breast-summer, beam 3 

1609brede,y.a." braid" 1 

1830 break-oul, »b. 3 

breaat up, ir.a. C. 
breast-wheel, W. 

brede, abroad. H. 

B. breakpromise 2 

brede, knot, H. 

break share, W, 

1601 breast-wimble 2 

brodo, provision, J. 

breaksman, C. 

1620 breast-wise 2 

1T9S break up, breaking up, ab. 

breast-woodie (hanieBs),J. 
1646 breast-work 2, 3 

wynter-brcdo, J. 

IBSSbreakTOw 3 

1306 breath, sb. 1, 2, 3 

cheese, H,, P.P. 3 

1846 breakwater 3 

1840 Ufe-breath 3 

lesObreder, bredir, brothers, 

1390 bream, fiflb 1, 2, 3 

1370 giie one's breath 2 

J. 2 

1689 bream, eadfiy 2 

bream, v.a. W. (naut.) 

1602 breath-giying 2 

bredgen, abridge, H. 

S. outofbrBBth 2 

bredhitilhe, lump of broad 

bream, cold H. 

1628 ill-breathed 2 

bredia (inbredia). abroad 
breddore, breeder, whit- 

breaming, W. 

1829 lonc-brealbed 3 
breath, opinions, J. 
1862 bresthabte 3 

low, W. 

1660 brean (of foreign lands), ? 

bredwitc, a fine, PtiL , 

1470 breathe, v.n. 1, 2, 3 

1792 breo, brotb 3 1 

brean, pcnoiire, H. 

1659 breathe after 2,3 

bree, bank, H. | 

B. breathointfl 2 

bree, agitation, H., J. 

1567 breare, barlev 2 

breard, flrat aboot of grain, 

1590 breathe one's last 2 

bree, tighten, H. 

1590 over-breaths 2 

brcfl, ajabrow, n., J. 


1600 breathe out 2, 3 

1298 breech, rump 1,2,3 

brearda, flax, J. 

1306 breathe up 1 
1690 nnbreatbo 2 

1840 breech (of gun) 3 

1298 breast 1, 2, 3 

1300 1630brBech, breeches 1,3 

1B30 breatt, T.a. 3 

S. breathe upon 2 

1840breech, T.a. fenns) 3 

breast, ab. (mil) W. 
breast, voice, S., N. 

8. breathe, T.a. 2, 3 


breart, trim a hedge, H. 
breast, face of coal work. 

1430 breatbe, v.a. keep in wind 

S. breeched (of dnggeis) 2 

1, 3, 3 

169S breech, V.B. flog 2 


1726 breathe, open 3 

breech-band, C. 

178Tbreaat, springup, J. 3 
ISai make a clean "brsaat 3 

breech-oloth, C, 

1380 breather 1.2,3 

1382 breeches, sb. 1,2,3 

1590 knock one's breast 3 

1861 breather, (a gaJlop) 3 

1680 "wear the breeche*" 2 

1840 bre^ut backstay 3 

ISSSbreathfuiS^ '^' 

1362 breathing, sb. 1,2,3 

1840 breast beating 3 

1691 breathing, adj. 2 

1862 breeches-pocket 3 

brcaat-bone 3 

1840 fire-breathing 3 

1340 breech-girdle 1 

1725 breaet-board, of a plough 

3 "^ ^ 

1675 breathing place 3 


breast-bore, J. 

bruathing-pore, W. 

1310 breecbmaker 1 

breaat-cBsket, J. 

1687 breathing-time 2,3 

breeohmon, sailoia, H. 

breast-cloth, N. 

1393 breatbing-nhile 2, 3 

1727 breach-pin 3 

. 8. breast-deep 2 

1861 breeching, hamesa 3 

13fi0 1820farcastfid 1,2 

1840 breeching (naut.) 3 

1862 ringle-braasted 8 

1600 breectinE, Homing 2 

breastfast, sb. (nant.), W. 

1632 breatbseUer 2 

1843breast-MEb 8 

breath-sound, W. 

breast-hook, W. 

1632 breathy 2 

1300 breed, v.a. 1, 2, 3 

breasting, cuttiiig It hedge, 

breeca, breach, Phil. 

1300 1687 breed, T.n. 1,2 


1830 breccia 3 

S. breed, ab. 2 

breasting (meoh,), W. 

breccialcd, W. 

1840 bj breed 3 

1813 breast-kej 3 

1830 brecbame, horse collar, J. 

1690 fiend-breed 2 

breast-knees, 0. 


S. breed-bale 2 

1761 breast-knot, W. 3 

1376 1663 breck, stain 1, 2 

1670 bread fbrth 2 

1630 1692 breast-lap 2 

1796 brcckan, fern 3 

breed in and in, C. 

1671 breaaflet 2 

hreckshaw, braxj, J. 

1627 breed of 2 

IGIS breast-lock 2 

brecost, barbican, H. 

breed of, reaemble, J. 



1440 breed oBMelfiiok I 

1692 broad up 2 
1690 ftlr-bred 2, 8 
1831 court-bred 3 
1600 fen-brod 2 
1840 fog-bred 3 
1590 ereece-brcd 2 
1652 neart-brod 2 
1840 high-bred 8 

1693 home-bred 2 
1840 houM-bred 3 
1840 low-bred 3 
1690 moor-bred 2 


1662 breed-ram 2 
1611 brecd-rescnred 2 
1632 breed-youn|^, adj. 2 
1776 breed, afraid 3 

1698 breeder, sb. (pigeon, etc.) 

1590 breeder, tutor 2 
1860 dog-breoder 3 

bree£r, fine day, H. 
1687 breeding (lit.) 2 
8. breeding, sb. 2, 3 
1698 breeding, adj. 2 
1726 courser-breeding 3 
1716 good breeding 3 
1840 hi^h-breedin^ 3 

breeaing-in-and-in, H. 
1860 breeding-place 3 

breeding-sore, W. 

1663 breedling, natiye 2, 3 
1683 breedflleep 2 

breeds, brim of hat, H. 
breeghle, v.n. waddAe, J. 
hreeghlin (breohlin), sb. 

breek, breeks, breeches, 

breek, v.n. tuck up petti- 
coats, J. 

breek-brother, rival in 
love, J. 

breeklon, shabby, J. 

breekumtrullie, whose 
breeches don't fit, J. 

breel, T.n. move quickly, 

V * 

breel, adj. contentious, H. 
breels, spectacles, J. 
breem, adj. fierce, J. 
breem, Y.n. breemin, metria 

appeUre, J. 
1592 breemewort 2 
breen, eoblin, H. 
breer, so. briar, J. 
breer, sb. first shoot of 

grain, J. 
breer ^eard), y.n. J. 
breirding, sb. J. 
breerie, clever, J. 
breese, sb. quarrel, J. 
breese, pottage, J. 
breese, y.n. lean hard, p. 
1300 breese, gadfly 1, 2, 3 
breessil, y.n. come in a 

hurry, J. 


breeaiU, sb. luiRy, J. 
1004 breeze, sb. 2, 3 

breese, v.n. C. 

breese, ooal-dost, C. 

brcozclcss, W. 

breezcahaken, W. 
1740 breezy 3 
S. 1430 brcfi*, brief 1, 2 

breffet, ransack, H. 

brcger, sb. quarreller, J. 

brcfi^ma (forehead), Phil. 

brehan, beer, C. 
1600 brehon, adj. 2, 8 

brehon-lawB, C. 
1636 breid, sb. po^rtion 2 

breid, v.n. resemble, J. 

breid, bread, J. 

breid, breadth (of cbtii), 


breif (breve), v.a. write, 

breif (brief), spell, J. 
breife (breve), sb. writing, 

1360 breine, adj. ? <<breme" 
1671 breird, sb. sprouting 2 

broird, sb. surface, J. 
1636 breirdit, smeared 2 

breislakite, W. 

breith, adj. fervent, J. 

breithful, J. 

breive, sb. judfe, J. 

brek, sb. breaon, J. 

brek, uproar, J. 

brekane tynis, brigandines 

brekbenaoh, J. 
1607 brekekekex 2 

breket, pike, H. 
1460 brekyll, brittle 1 
1300 1618 breme, adj. eager 

1660 breme, v.a. 2 
1350 1460 bremely 1 

brench, brink, H. 

brende, make broad, H. 

brende, burnt, J. 
1381 brene, cuirass 1 

brennage, W. 
1350 1605 brenne, v.a. bum 

1350 1600 brenne, y.n« bum 

1300 brenne, sb. burning 1 
1470 brenne, v.a. bran, sift 1 
1450 brende ? *^as weel of ba- 
yard as of brende" 1 
1496 1676 brended, brindled 

1623 brendpest, Kent and 

Essex 1 
1527 brendreth, gridiron 2 
;1362 1485 brenning, sb. 1 

brenningly, H. 
1691 brent, pp. of bum 8 
1670 brent, goose 2 
1568 brent, adj. smooth, J. 2, 3 

brent, a^. W. 

bre^ adT. atndgtet, J. 

brent, sb. door jpost, J. 

brent-biowed, forward, J. 

brent-knoll, hill, J. 
1787 brent-new 8 

brent-torr, hill, J. 
1400 brenwater, qpirit 1 
1300 breny, cuirass 1 

brenvede, brave, H. 

brepnotrophy, C. 
1382 brme, sb. run, J. 1 
1360 Inere, sb. briar 1, 2, 3 

brere, y Ji. arenninate, J. 

breiewood, oriar, H. 

brem, man, H. 

bresche, sb. attack, J. 
1604 bresiU-wood 2 

bress, sb. chimney piece, 

bressj bristles, J. 

bressie, a fish, J. 
I860 bressumer, beam 3 
1671 brest, y.n. ? 2 
1360 1660 brest, bunt 1, 2 

brest, p.p. forcibly re- 
moved^ J . 

brest (arch.), W. 

bresure. Bote, H. 
1307 bresyd, bruised 1 
1390 1430 bret. ady. bodniful 1 
1600 bret, a fish 2 

l»et, fiide away, H. 

bretachisB, towers, C. 
1360 bretage 1 

bretaged, embattled, H. 
1430 bretoxed, with snillerieB, 

P.P. 1, 3 
1316 breth, sb. wrath 1 
1440 breth, adj. wrathful 1 
1463 brethell, worthless fellow 

1320 bretheUing, ? pilgrim 1 
1360 1608 brother (brethir, J j, 

brethren 1, 2 
B. men and brethren 2 

brettices, C. 
1400 brettise, gateway, J. 1 

brettis, law of mardieB) 
1330 breton, adj. 1 
1362 bretoner, oragger 1 

bretB, Britons, J. 

bretynyd, cat up, H. 

breuk, sb. a boi^ J. 

breuHe, beUows, J. 

breuvage, W. 
1450 1602 breve, T.a. write I 
1623 breve, sb. brief 1, 2, 3 
1460 1660 breye (in music) 

1470 brever, writer 1 
1470 breyemanty writing 1 
1362 brevet, sb. 1, 3 

brevet, adj. W. 

brevet, y^. "W. 

brevet, be inooisitiTe, E 

breyet-colone^ C. 
brevetcy, 'W, 

■ brcvetour, leltei' carrier, 

r H. 

bcevet miik, 0. 
1500 brcviaciuD 1 
1593 treviiiry, aflrvicfl book 2, 

1580 1677 breviary, epitome 
2, 3 

bcenall, breriiiry, H. 
1520 brfiriate, v.a, 1 
1590 sbreviaU 2 
1590 brevinte, ab. 2, 3 
1509 160O breviaCe, adj. 1, 2 
1623 breriatic 2 
1560 breriator 2 

breriature, W., H. 

brarioite, W. 
IB63 brerioi typo 3 

breviloquemio, W, 

breiiped, ab. W. 

breriped, adj. W, 

brsTipennate, W. 

breTipennts, W. 
1600 brerit, r.n. plunder 2 
1600 breTitm^, pillage 2 
1614 brevity 1, 2, 3 
1298 brew, v.a. 1, 2, 3 
1330 1500 brew bale 1 
H60brew, T.n. (balo) 1,2 
■ ' 6 " as he braivB be aliall 
drink" 2, 3 
9 bome-brewed 3 
1 brew, ab. 3 

brew, bird, H. 
8. brewage 2, 3 

breward, blade of C0Tn,H. 

brew-creeah, heriot, J. 
1300 brewer 1,2,3 

brewer's graini, 0. 

brewer's horBefofadmnk- 
ard, H,) 
1791 brewery 3 
ISBObrowbouae 1,2 
1636 brewing, ab. 2, 3 
1588 brewia, brotb 2, 3 
1460 brewet, broCb 1 

brewlede, cooling vessel, 
ISeZbrewater 1, 3 

brewaterita (min.), W, 
1526 browte, ftme 2 

brey, v.a, terriij, J. 

breydo, r.B. startle, H. 
131S brexo, gadily 1 

breae, terrify, H. 

bre/iline, W. 

bre/et, brealh, H. 

brian, keep fire in, II. 
1298 briar 1,2, 3 

" be in the briara," N. 
1027 hriar-eoal, «e "brian" 2 
1593 hriarean 2 
5. briareui 2 
1681 briary 2, 3 
1602 briaa, underwood 3 
1677 brihage 2 
1S90 bribe, ab. 1,2,3 
1380 1638 bribe, v.a. aleat I, 2 


a. bribe, v.a. 2, 3 
1858hriheable 3 
1790 bribe-broker 3 
S. bribe-baok 2 

brihe-devoimng, C. 
IB62 bribee 3 
1658 brihelesa, faithM 2 

bribo-pander, W. 
1677 bribe-pie 3 
1362 1599 briber, robber 1, 2 
1859 briber 3 

HOD 1578 bribery, robbery 
1. 2 

liribery-oath, 0. 
B. bribery 3, 3 
I790bribe-flervica 3 
1540 bribcatjiking 2 
1790 bribowortby 3 
1618 bribing, sb. 2 

bribouc, low fellow, J. 

bripco, brittle, H. 

1862 bric-a-brao 3 
1375brieh, birch I 
1303 brieho, adj. low ? I 

bricht, young woman, J. 
1466 brick, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1801 bric^ good fellow 3 
1691 brick, adj. 2 

brick, v.a, C. 
1794 brisk ap 3 

brick, loaf, J. 

brick. Saw, H. 

brick, break by pulling 
back, H. 

brick, ab. breach, J. 

brick of land, division, J. 

briok-aie, C. 
1570 brick-bat 2, 3 

brick-built, w. 
1510 brick-buTDer 1 

brick-clay, W. 

brick-duat, W, 
1667 brick-earth 2, 3 
1861 bricked, adj. 3 

bricken, adj. H. 

bricken, v.n, give oneself 
airs, Phil. 

brickattea ^nnonr), H. 

brickfield, W. 

1863 briekfieider, a storm 3 
brick-groin (arch.), C. 
brick-keel, brick Uln, H. 

HBO briek-ldln 1, 2, 3 
H96 bricklayer 1, 2, 3 

bricklayingj W. 

brick-machine, C. 
14C5 brickmaker 1, 8 
1851 brickmaUng 3 

brick-mason, W. 

brick-mould, C. 

brick-moulder, C. 

brick-Eogging, "W. 

briek-re4 C. 

brick-etone, brick, II. 

brick-lrimmer, W. 

brick- trowel, W. 

brick-wall, ab. W. 
1600 brick-wall, v.a, 2 

make brick walla, 1 
food, H. 
briuk-work, W. 
1696 1862 bricky 2, 3 
1494 1668 brickie, brittle,!] 

1653 brickleneas 2 
1694 bricole (at tennis) 
1626 1608 bricoU, mihtary q 

1362 1460 brid^ bird 
1300 bridal, ab. 1, 2, 
1696 bridal, adj. 2, 3 

bridal, ab. flight of cr 

1710 bridal-bed 3 
1648 bridal-cake 2 
I740bridal-fki[h 3 
1633 hridalt«e, bridaltv, C 

briddie, brood, U. 
1300 bride, ab. 1,2, 3 
1860 bride, a moth 3 
130O bride, bridle 1 
1662 bride, v.a. 2 
lfi76brido, v.n. "bryde 
birds" 2 

bride it, H. 

hride-ale, W. 
1623 bride-banquet 2 
1581 bride-bed 2, 3 
1630 bride-belt 2 
1630 bride-bowl 2 

1654 bride-bush 2 
16DD bride-cake 1, 2, 3 

S. bride-chamber 2 
1380 bride-clothes 1 
1630bride-cnp 2 

hrido-door, H. 

bride-father, U. 

bride-favour, C. 
1315 bridegroom I, 2, 3 
1628 bridegroomlike 2 
1660 1594 bridc-bonae 2 

bride-knot, N. 
1699 1633 bride-lace 2 
I593bridGly 2 
1851 bride-ring 3 
I85S brideahip 3 

brideman, W. 
1746 bridesmaid 3 

bride-mother, C. 
1 587 bride-song 2 
1633 bride-aquire 2 

brida-atake, W. 
1570 bridewell 2, 3 

bridewell-bird, C. 

bridtwell-keepor, C. 
16! 2 
1298 bridge, ah. 1,2,3 

bridge of boats, Phil. 

bridge of rushea, PhiL 

1599 bridge of nlvar 2 
1622 bridge of noae 2 

1 600 draw the bridge 


draw the bridge 1 ^H 
drawbridge ^^M 

flying-bndge. Phil. ^^M 
floadng-bndgi', Phil. ^^| 
akew-mdge 3 ^H 


ISM «atp«nnon-Wilga I 
1130 bridg«, T.B. abiidn I 
ISM *bMp) 2 
18TB liridffp, v.ti. crt-s 1, S 

bruUt^ioiird, W, 
IMS briJifL>-biiit(kr i 

briilKisi gntttr, C. 

bridge-l]e»d, C. 

bridge- liouEk', C'. 
1801 bndgeleai 3 
1MB bnd|emun 2 

bridge -master, C, 
1S49 bridgemcut 2 
ISSl bridge-pampet S 

bridge-alon*, W, 
1S30 bridge-ward 3 

bridge-wnrdeu, C. 

bridgea, tbresd, H. 

bridges ratiue, of Bruge*, 

1861 bridging, *b. 3 

bridging-floorinjr, C. 

bridging-jaiat, C. 

bridgiiw:piec«, C, 

bridgy, W. 
IfiSl briding, adj. 3 
ISSl bridin^, ib. 8 

bridland, drinking at bri- 
dal, J. 
1!«8 bridle, lb. 1, 3, 3 
ISeO "bite on bridle" 2 
IfiSO "give the bridle" 2 
1S83 "briJIeiunei-k" 2 

bridle, adj. C. 
13H bridle, v.a. 1, 2, 3 
IfiSO bridle in 2 
1747 bridle, T.n. 3 
1590 unbridled 2 

13S0 brief; »4i. 1,2,3 
ISM in brief S 
ISM lobebrief 1 
1470 brief. T.a. 1 

brief, adj. kem, J. 
brief, common, E, 
brief, boi«efl>, H. 
tB41bri«ae«« 3 
1343 briedeMneaa 3 
ISM htitfij 

1832 bridle, y,fl.Bi>a Hire 2,3 

bridle (of plough), J. 
tSlO bridlB'bittec 1 

liridlo-cuttei, W. 

Tlridle-hond, W. 
1420 ISeSbndlelees 1, 2 

bridlemalier, W. 

bridle-p-nrt, C. 

bridla-path, W. 

bridle-pOTt, W. 

bridler, W. 
1830 bridle-rein 3 

bridle -reia-paddng, W. 
1810 bridki-road 3 

bridle-wav, C. 

bridlegged, weak-legged, 
1390 1670 bridling, sb. I^ 

bridling (of a bitch), H. 
1361 bridling, sb. holding up 
head 3 

bridlii)g-caat,paiting tun, 

] 330 brie^ ab. letter, Bummarv 


1028 brier-bm7 2 

brierd, T.n. gmmMt, I. 

hnenA, W. 

briery, »b W. 
I8S1 briery, adj. 8 
lfil7brie*, } "tnjei brritled 

lyke a «.-«;■■ l' 
1823 brie*, gtdfl* 2 
1838 brig, a rewl, 3 
1424 bri^, bridge 1, 2, 3 

brig on 1 hair, MITOW 
bridge, J. 

brig, y.a. J. 

brig, brening utenMl, H. 

briga, (juarml Pbil. 
1609 brig-n-tnig 1 
1644 brigade, sb, 2, 3 
1868 briffiide, v.a. 3 

demi-brignde, C> 
IS62 brigadier 3 

hrigadier-geneml, 0. 
1830 brigadier wig 3 

"brigade-ID aj or, "W. 

brigaacie, robbery, J, 
I3l01)rigand 1, 2, 3 
1862'brigand, adj. 3 
1600 bricandnfTb 2,3 
14S4 l.^'ISbrigiindero.inail 1,2 
1460 1611 brigandine,mail 1,2 
1690 brigan^e, Teasel 2 
1609 brigandize, ab. 2 

brigandiam, G. 

brigandlike, C. 

briganer, robber, J. 

brigsDt, N. 

brigaatsyle (annour}, H. 
1 623 briganlee, irregular troops 

1680 hrignntiiLc, annour 2 
I660brigaiitine, ship 2, 3 
brig-bote (Tjridgo bote), 
contribution for build- 
ing bridge, Phil. 

1830 brightM. briglilness 
1AS6 brighiful 1 

bright' i-diBcase, AV. 

16M brighl-hcnded 

bright -bames&ed, >v. 

brigbt-butd, W. 
IMO brightiih 2 

8. brightly 2, 3 
I330brightnwa 1,2,3 

brighlnnian, C. 
1848 bright-ehine 2 

8. bright-Bhining 2 
IMO 1620 brightBoiae 2 
1648 hrightsomeaeaB 2 

brigbt- >plf ndent 


1390 brigue, strife 1 
1740 brigne, intriguo 3 
18ST briguing, intrieue 3 

brit, narrow, fi. 

brik, vtclatioQ, J. 

brikmiltyaea, brigan- 
dinei, J. 
1330 brike, T.n. ? pricV I 
1412 brike, sb. scrape 1 

bril, gb. merrythought of 
fowl, J, 
1490 brill, fish 1, S 

brillante, W. 
1760 brilled, dione 3 
1839 brilliance 3 
1746 brilliancy 3 
1746 briUiaat 3 

1796 brilliant, sb. pretdon 

stone 3 

brilliantly, W. 

brilliantneaa, W. 
1726 briUi, bone'a eyelubsa 1 
1260 brim, ib. 1, 2, 3 
1B93 brim (of hat) 2, 3 

1797 brim, ill-tempered woman 

brig-bnilt, C. 

ahaik. J. 


1340 bright, B 
S. bright-biuTiing 2 
bright- coloured, C. 
bright, celandine, H. 
1B70 brighten, T.a. 3, 3 
8. brighten, T.n. 2, 3 
1692 bright-eyed 2, 3 

1727 go to brim, ditto S 
1660 brun, T.a, fiU 2, 3 
1861 brim, T.n. flU 3 
1690 "better gpan at brin 
than at bottom" 

brim, sb. tralL J, 

brim, »ca. h7 

Iriiii-saiKl, soa Nod, H. 

brime, ab. picUe, J, 
1616hrimfiUed 2 
1688 brimful! 2, S 
8. brimfulnpss 3 
1620 brimlj, fiercely 1, 2 

briraleas, "W. 

brimme, puhlic, H, 
1332 brimmed 3 

brimmer, hat, &, 

t660 brimmer 2, 3 

1840 bringer back 3 

1628 bristle up 2,3 

1670 brimmiDg, adj. 2, 3 

1540 bringer in 2 

bristle-armed, W. 

brimmle, bramble, E. 

1840 light-bringer 3 

bristle-bearing, W. 

blimp, gadQj 2 

1680 bringer up 2 

bristled, C. 

1306 biimstone 1,2,3 

1300 bringhe ? 1 

bristle-fern, W. 

1860 brimstone (a batterilTl 3 
brinutone, lamaiirt, U. 

S. bringing forth 2 

bristle-like, "W. 

S. bringing home 2 

brialle-moss, W. 

S. bringing in 2 

8. bringing up 2 

brinBlo-branKle, sb. J, 

hrislle-tail, W. 

hrimBtoaa-woit, Phil. 

bristlinesa, W. 


1490 bristly 1,2,3 

1330 brra,? brains 1 

1681 leao hrinisb 2 

bristol-boacd, W. 

iseoiasebrin, V.1I. bam 1,2 

brisfol-boru, C' 

1330 brinie, cuirtisa I 

briatol-bred, C. 

ISoObnncbe, T.a. diink 2 

1862 brinjaU, a -vegetable 3 

1626 bristol-diamond 2 

S. brinded 2 

briniBrry, grain dealer, C. 
1260 brink, flb. 1, 2, 3 

1765 brindle, adj. 3 

bristol flower, C. 

lB62brindk, sb. 3 

brink (to brink), in- 

briatolian, C. 

brindle, eb. caeh, J. 

wardJy! J. 
16fi3brinkful 2 

1740 brindled, W. 3 

bristol-stone, W. 

1120 brine, eb. 1, 2, 3 

brinMl, bronzed ? J. 

bristol- ward, C. 

brine, T,a. W. 

brinye, colour (of dog), 

bristol water, C. 

brine-pan, W. 


brisure, W. 

S. brine-pit 2 

ISSabrinkless 2 

brit, a fisb, W. 

1860 brine-sbnmp 3 

brinknare, EiggoU, H. 

1656 1622 britain, briton 2 

brint, burnt 

1634britainer 2 

brine-water, Phil. 

brintalone, brinslane 

britain-crown (coin), St 
1816 britannia metal 3 

1298 bring, v.a. 1,2,3 

1880 briny, adj. 2, 3 

1690 cure-bringing 2 
1690 home-broagSt 2 

1864 brio 3 

1678briony 2,3 

naobritanaio 3 

1633 bring about 2 

ia40briony-TinB 3 

brilannica, a plant, PhiL 

1616 briae, sb. nntilled ground 

1440 bring again 1, 2 


1614 britanny, Britun 2 
1727brite (bright), Y.n. b« 

bring aciunBt, C. 
S. bring afleop 2 

1300briBe,T.a. bruise 

IGOO brisk, Ddi. 2,3 

overVip^W. 3 

S. bring awav 2 

1840 brisk-going 3 
briek, sb. N. 

iai9briteh,brBMh 2 _ 

S. bring back 2,3 

1600 brith, bright 1 1 

1578 bring to bed 2, 3 

1647 brisk, T.a. 2,3 

brith, wrath, H., J. 1 

bring before, C. 

1710 brisk up 3 
brisk-ale, n. 

1300 britholine, rascal 1 1 
1787 brither, brother 3 5 

1623 bring in belief 1 

164C bring ono Iiy 3 

1863 brisken, be Uvelv 3 

brither, T.a. to matoh, ff 

S. bringdown 2 

1^35 brisket (brisc^) 2, 3 

brither down, J. 1 

1840 bring BO far 3 

1850 briskly 3 

8. british 2,3 

1305 bring forth 1,2 

1727bri6kneM 3 

britishor, C. 

bring forward 3 

S. briskv 2 

britisb-gum, W. 
british-rion, C. 

1600 bring one in hate 2 

1303 brial, adj.? 1 

1831 bring home 3 

bi'isle-diie, H. 

british-plale, C. 

1370 bring in 1,2 

brismak, J. 

britisb-wine, C. 

bring into order, C. 

briss, rubbish, H. 

1500 hritle, v.a. out up 1 , 
britUng, worm, H. ■ 

129B bring Of 1 

brissal, adj. brittio, J. 

8. bring off 2, 3 

1861brissel,adj. (ofasbiff) 3 

briton, adj. W. ■ 

1436 bring on 1,2,3 

brissel-i?ock, J. 

8. briton 2 ■ 

bring on one's wajr, N. 

lS13brissilled, charred 1 

S. bring out 2, 3 

1636 brissin, bmised 2 

britonner, swaggerer, BT. 

1724 bring over 3 

brissle, T.a. broiL J. 

1862brit8ka 3 

bring round, C, 

1794 Brissotin 3 

1300 1513britten(bretjn),y.a. 

1B29 bring to (naut.) 3 

out up 1 

1576 bring to the bentofbow 5 

I 1440 brist, sb. t bruit I 

IflOO brittle, T.E. cut up 1 

bring to book, C. 

]535briBt,barat 2 

1340 brittle, adj. 1, 2, 3 

1624 bring to one's eelf 2 

laeibristed,? 2 

brittle, y.a. render friable, 

B. bring to pass 2 

bristbigh, violent, H. 


1523 bring to reason 1,2 

1300 bristle 1,2,3 

brittle-bratUe, J. 

1360 bring to witncaa 1 

1840 swine-bnstka 3 

bring under, C. 

1632 bristle (dice), adj. 2 

1390 1583 brinleness 1, 3 

1298 bring np 1,2,3 

1682 set up briiUes 2 

1638 brittldy, W. 2 

bring upon, C, 

1300 bristle, T.a. 1,2,3 

laeibrittlewort 3 

HOO bring word 1 

1617 bristle, v.n. 1,3,3 

lies brittling, sb. cutting np 1 

ISM bringer I, 2, 3 

18.57 brittle round 3 

brilurc, J. 

[7fi] ^ 



ISiabiitika 3 

broad-rool, W. 


1633 brlTiatia S 

biuad-IWintud, W. 

13«SieUhnoua 1,2 

bririon, loit«r«r 

bioml-KUUg", f. 

IcooBdOaw) J.,W. 
brocale, iRokm nctualB, 

briu {boU, W. 
laSO briie, K»Ur 3 
1S17 briifl, bTMie 3 

))i ijiiJ-^Tiri. 1'. 


1600 l,r-..ul l,„i 1 

lUBlnMatdli 3 

briie, T.t. pren 

ITOO briu. gone 3 

(SfoUix law). PhiL 

lS30bn>, brae 1 

hroccella. thicket. PhiL 

U30 1633 brouh, ipit 1, 2 

broadiih, W. 

1861 broccoli. 3 

1062 hrouh, ipire 2, 3 

1S90 broad -leaTsd 2 

b«*h. hnrtch, .U7, MP- 

1293bT<«ch, unuuncnt 1,2 

UOO broadly !> fbnrtbelT) 1 

1790 broadly 8 

pert, J. 

I3(0broach, V.B. Bpur 1 

brooha, awl, Phil. 

1S62 !■■ ,.■:... .> spit 1,2 

lefil bruidlyeat 3 

1839 brochau, iFTuel. J. S 

1699 ■■ -...1.^ ■ 2,3 

hrocbantite, W. 

1600 ).,:iri.l.i..i. " 1,2 

1699l......;r„hi,i,->l 3 

13631.rocl.e,lon;h 1 

lS4abroMh, T.L lough-hew 

l,t,n,.i-ni,,mJiLd, W. 

1440 1624 broi^o. ^ipit 1,3 
1G19 m^iki^sbnuVio 1 

J. 8 

1380 lutiS bi.Huli).» 1 2 

broMh to (ntiat.), C. 

broad fi^y. 

1613 <» broehc (bnaeh) 1 

bro»ch, .b. %o'n, J, 

1 foad nbbed W 

1440 1618 hroche, aieeple 1, 1 

bionch, brocbily, crooked 

b«ad-i4.1 V, 

1330 lS«6fart>eha,T.«.«piii 1.3 

tooth, H. 

1 I ol a W 

1630 broclie, embroider 

broach, deflawcr, H. 


16481fi77 broche, AMiiiiMaM 

Ur"irih. (iahhook. II. 

1838 broad-dieet 8 


1900 UtwiL-li ill lliiiilslley 2 
laOOIirwrl,..,- ■:l.3 

1 11 lir.J W. 
16801 11 1 p i 2, 3 

1557 broehe, T.«. nit 2 

ISIO broach-malu^r 1 

18B2 1 J ] Ij 

1677broeb« 3 

1300 bKMu), *di. 1. 2, 3 

ISSObroadide pamphlet 3 

Inwihet, brocket, H. 

1S90 inch-broHd 2 

18B2 broadside 3 

1864 brocbetelMrtoff) 3 

1390 16S0 broud (of >pe«cb) 

1830 1 1 1 1 3 


1 \ \ \ 

1848 broad ■■ long 3 

1 k a w 


S. broad wordj> 2 

1 i 

brochle, ad). U«t, J. 

I38I leOObro&d, "obrode" 1 

1600 1 ] t 


1300 1440 bn>ld,T.a. 1 

1666 b oad spoken 2 
broad-spread, a^. C. 

liiocht. sb. puiing, J, 

1721 broad, broad piecs 3 
broad, Hooded fen, H. 

S, hrninl-prtuiliiifr 3 

1382 brock 1,2,3 

1864hr,wl«ii.isiiiiarB S 

IS90 hoirt bmck I 3 

1S35 broada (of booka) 2 

ht,-,s,i.3tcr»crt. C. 

brock, oabbue, H. 

1S02 broads, cloth 1 

1788l'roa.L«ord 3 

brook, frag^nt, E. 

1800 broads, boarde 3 

Lroadswdrd-eiCTcise. C. 


1400 broBd-aiTow 1 

>rottd-tjiled, W. 


1600brwidlurpe(sLa1) 1 
Iiroad-lootbc/l, C. 

brook, brocket, H,,T.; 

1838 broad-backed 3 

1830br^Dd (broakit), blMi 

broad-bMked. C. 

1867 hcoad-waksn 2 

broad-ivaking, W. 

add white, J. 3 

hrond-beai), C. 

1613 broadwaj, Bb. 2 

brne of bnichit mna, 

brood-teBt (tliXlifsl. H. 
brood-biU, W. 

1801 broadwttvs. adv. 2 


■broadwaj -BWf 11, C. 

1560brock!Bh 2 

brofld-hlown, W, 

UaiTiroBd-wingcd 3 

brocklie, brittle, J, H. 

1603 broad-wisa 2 

1396bm>onr 1 

broitd-breBsted, W. 

1623 broad-woiing (hal) 2 

1613 1671 brod,T.ft.pri«k 1,1 

177«brond-brim 3 

1551 1665 brDad-v«rd 2 

1430 brod, 8b. priok 1 

nefiliriiiiii-brimmud 3 

broak, belch", H. 

bt*d, botid, J. 

Vonkit, aee brocked, J. 

brod. brood, /. 

broad-oast, sb. W. 

broakie, black and white, J 

broad-cart, v.a. W. 

broaUtneas, J. 

brod-hen, I. 

1830 broad-oherted, C. 3 

1700 broams, goblin 3 

1513brod-Tnaie.l>ri>ad, J. I 

Uee broad-cloth 1,2,3 

broan, Ctggot 

1861 broaden, t.b. 3 

brob, v.a. prick, H. 

1866 broaden, T.n. 3 

ISWhrabdignag 3 

broddit-ait, bearded, /. 

1840 brobdignagian 3 

broddle, make holes, H, 

1660 broad-eyod' 2 

hroble (ploughing), T. 

U20 brode, braid 1 

1460 brodeUe, blackguard 1 

broad-feced, W. 

1360 broo, rupture 1 

hrodelychB, fleroolj, H. 

1720 brocade, brocado 3 

14801»«ieW 1 " 


1746 brocaded, a<4j, 3 

bradbalpenj (law term), 

brodiiietnie, embroiderer, 

brodir, brother, J. 

brudir-dochter, niece, J. 
1700 brodkin 3 

brods, money, H. 
1300 bioerb, brittle P 1 

broe, broth, J. 
1830 brog, y " ' " 

1637 brog. 

;, sb. W. 
Bwampy place, H. 

T.n. oatoh eels, H. 
eh, (tetehiag eels, H, 
tiiek. H. 2, 3 
1, W. 


16U 16tl brogger, broker 1,3 

broggle, T.a. priek, W., J. 

broggle, Bb. attempt, J. 

broggler, J. 

brogn, surety, J. 

brogle, T.a. persist, J. 
Ifilo brogue, sb. shoe 2,3 
1634 brogue, sb. escheat 2 

brogue, fish for eels, Phil. 
1765 brogue, dialect 3 
ISIS brogue maker, C. 
I75S brogueneer 3 

brogwort, J. 2 

broice, leg, J. 

broicb, sb, fumo, J. 
1300 1581 broid, browd, r.a. 

wesTe 1, 2 
1 462 broider, brother, bKiwder, 
T.a. 1, 2, 3 
B. broidered work 2 
ISoO UTO broider, sb. brou- 

dcr, ombroidwy 1 
13BR 1510 broideri^r, broderer, 

browderar 1 
1827 broidereas 3 
13S2 broidery, brodery 1, 2, 3 
1 S90 embroidery 2 
1300 ie35brDidii^ 1,2 
1560 broidiiug 2 

broigh, v.n. J. 

broik (brouk) 1.0. poweti, 

1683 broil, sb. 2, 3 
1390 broil, Y.a. 1,2,3 
1676 "set Uiings in broil," 2 
1693 broil, T.n. fight 2 
1840 embroilment 3 

broi3, sb. fcookecy,) C. 

broil, sb. (mining), C. 

broiler, W. 
1628 broilery (broiUery, J.) 2 
1366 broilly 1 

broiljie, T.a. broil, J. 
1626 broine, brine 2 

broizlB (broosle) T.a. prees 

brok, sb. use, J. 

brok (broks), frngmenta 

brok (brock) T.iL, cut up, J. 

brok, sb. horse, E. 

brocVman, H. 

brok. an old sword, H. 
1687 1617 brokage, ab. 2 

brokar, sb. bawij. 

brokdol, britllo, H. 
1500 broke, sb. ! 1 
1440 broke, sb. deed,crime? 1 
1305 1599 broke, T.a. gain 1. 2 

broke, T.n. do businesa,H. 

broke, sb, luptura 

broke, T.n. bask 
1600 broke, T.a. enjoy 1 
1470 brokebacked 1 

broked, adj . Tariegated, J. 
1648 brokebeart 2 
1570 brokelet, scrap 2 

brokeleak, plnut, H. 

brokell, rubbish, H. 
IBOO broken, adj. ruined 2, 3 

broken, sb. brook, H. 
1620 broken, y.a. aaauage I 
1B3B broken-hacked, W. 3 

broken-boUied, W. 

broken-beer, H. 
1474 broken-bread I 
1830 broken clan 3 

1829 broken-dovn 3 
1573 broken-cndod 2 

1830 broken-heart 3 
1795 broken .hearted 3 
IROD broken-heaJl«dness 3 

1632 broken-hipt 2 
1600 brokenly 2, 3 

1570 broken-man, outlaw, J. 

2, 3 
1S77 broken-meat 3 
1690 broken-minded 2 

broken-money, H. 
1656 brokenness B, 3 

broken ray, Phil. 

broken up, C, 

brokea-vind, W. 
1622 brokan-wuided 2 
lassbrokeu-wiDged 3 
1303 broker, ab. I, 3, 3 
1840 clothes-broker 3 

exchange-broker, Phil, 

1633 stock-broker 3 
8. broker-between 2 

1466 brokerage 1, 3 
1533 biokerese 2 

broker-lackOT, W. 
1582 1610brokBrly 2 

broker'B-alley, C. 

brokor's-row, C. 

biokeiship, C. 

brokerahop, C. 
1507 1613 brokeW 8 
1538 broket, brook 2 
1630 broket, st^ 2 

broket, lark. H. 

broket, torch, H. 
1609 broking, ab. 3 
1592 1647 broking, adj. 2 

1390 bnikking ? crowing 1 

brokic-atarit, broken 

brokyll, britUe, J. 
1363 brol, brat 1 

broil, piece, H. 
1450 brom, burnt > 1 

broin, bit of bridle 
1849 broma, worm 3 

broma, food, W. 

broma!, W. 

bromaa, wild oats, . 

bromate, sb. C. 

bromatology, W, 

brome, WT 

brome-grosa. W. 

broraelitt, W. 
1S23 bromian 3 

brcmic, W. 
1846 bromic-acid 3 
1863 bromido 3 

bromidgban, BIrmingha 

1846 bromine, eb. 3 

bromize, T.a. G. 

bromizing, sb. C. 

bromlite, W, 

bromohydric, W. 

bromuiodize, T.a. C. 

bromoiodiiing, ab. C. 

bromus, bromegrass, C. 

bronehed. pierced ( i 
broched) J., H. 

bronchia, bronohiie, C, W, ■ 
1861 bronchial 3 aW 

broDchic, C ^H 

1861 broochitio 3 ^M 

1862 bronchitis 3 ■ 
bronchocele, W. 
bronchophony, W. 
bronckotoniy, W. 
■ nchns, T 

-ea, J. 
broUembc, a herb, E 

1, 2 

1360 1587 brand, sword 1, 3 

brondiron, sword, H. 

brondyn, branched, J. 

brangw, cormorant, J. 

bronee, y.a. OTerheat 
one's self, J. 
1 020 bronatrop, prostitute 2 
1430 bront, brunt 1 

brontera, W. 
1821 brontes, a aerrant 2 

brontias, precious atone, 

bronlolite, W. 

brontflli^, W. 

bronyg (brawnia)bTanohM, 

1617 bronze, sb. 2, 3 
1839 bronzo, at^. 3 
1645 broncB, y.a. 2, 8 
1851 branze-foreheaded 3 
IS60 bromion, adj. 3 

bronze-powder, "W. 

bronzer, sb, C. 

bronzing, W. 

broDiile, W. 
1787 broo, melting iDow I 

broo, broth, J. 
18S0 I hu DBS brooof them, 
no opiniun of them, 
J. 3 


1298 brood, sb. I, 2, 3 
1840 dcril'i brood 8 
ie90 brood, offipring 2 
lSfl2 brood, spawn S 
tSe8 go with brood 1 
1S90 brood, T.R. produce 
lS9a brood up 2 
1100 brood the wiii)(i 1 
161S brood, T.n. 2, 3 
1840 brood on S 
1850 brood oTer S 
1S92 brood, Bb. boHrd 2 

brood, ab. child, J. 
ISlfibnodful 1 
146d brood-BtMuc 1 

braod-hen-star, 11. 

broodie, prolific. J. 

bmniile, v.n. ciuidlc, H. 
1806 lirw„liri;r, ^l>. 3 
1670 bi. .o,lmp[«liailc, etc.) >dj. 

2, 3 

brflndioglj-, C. 
18fi2 brooding-ploca 3 
1820 broadmBre 3 
1388 broodnen 1 
1829 brood-BDW 3 

brood-itock, C. 
1890 btoodf, 2, 8 

broofle, v.n. be in a bnrrj', 

broofle, ib. harry, J. 
1298 brook, «b. 1,2,3 

8. freah-brook, adj. 2 
1485 brook, T.Bu eujoT, endure 

1S90 brook of, endurs 2 
1611 brook, t.u. thrive 2 

brook, y.B. digest, H. 
1470 brook, t.s. } 1 

brook, boil, H. 

brook up (of cloudi), H. 

brook, lb, toot, J. 

brook, T.a. loil with soot, 

bn>ok«ble, that ma; be 
endured, J. 
ISSl brook-bank 8 

brocket, adj. dirty 
IfBO brooket, brooklet 2 

brookia, adj., looty, J, 

brookie, eb. blacksmith, J, 
163S "brooking, eb. 2 

hriioUte (miu),C. 
1869 brooklet 3 
1878 brooklime (plant) 2, 3 

bcookmiot, w. 

btOOkWMd, W. 

18S4 brool. >b. mvnmiT 8 
1SS7 brooling, lb. S 
1300 broom, plant 1, 3, S • 
1412 brootn, bMom 1,3,1 

B. broom, adj. 3 
1S29 broom, met. warrant 3 

broom, T.a. W. 

i>r..,.Ti,-,-.rn. W. 

broom-dsaher, dealvr in 
brooms, IT. 

broom-dog. eb. mattock, J. 
1»3 broom-flower 3 

ewcrp broomSeld, take 

bronni-jrirl. t. 

brnom-glnrei, H. 

bronm-grasd, W. 

hroom-RTOve, W, 

brwm-hiuidlB. C. 

l.r.".TmnK (brBftminEl, a 

broom-land, W. 

broom -maker, C. 
1532 15S1 broom-man 2 
1B59 broom-paper 3 
1578 1614 broom-ntpe 2 
1510braom-wlleT 1 
nSSbroom-ahaft 3 
ISSO broom-shank S 

broom-staff 2 
1731 broom-stick 3 
1810 broom- wood 3 

broomy 2, 3 

brooie, (h. rsce, J. 

'broanu, bruiaed, Phil. 

brooat, ab. Bpring, J 

brooitle, T.n. be in a hurry, 

broozle, T.n. perspire, J. 
IBOO brosc, porridge 3 

broaeioy, pipe. H. 
1430 hrosed, bruised I 

broscn, bomt, C. 
brose-timp, J. 
1464 broaer. sb. bruise 1 
broscwort, henbane, H. 
broaier, bankrupt, H. 
broaie (brosj), adj. aenu- 

brofliiic, inoctiTely, J. 

bronimiim (Iwt.), W. 
1882 brosini;. licpl ruction 1 

broaneas, sb. semifluid, J. 
IfiOO browhiug, gathering sticks 

1300 broat, 1 prost, prie«t 1 
1400 broaten, burst 1, 2 
1382 1447 broenre, bi«aeh I 
brot (brotacb), sb. cloU^ 

brotch, T.a. plait straw 

brotohet, honey liqnor, H. 
brotekins, boots, J. 
brot«I, unsteady, H. 

brot.^rDund,noirly broken 
129S broth, lb. 1, 2, 3 
1829 heU-hroth 3 
1576 "mdka more of brotfa 
Ifaaafleahii worth" 2 

1883 brolli of u'iinv 3 
13S0bni1b. «rln<;;c;i 1 

brothe, ab petspiration, J. 

bnitbc, v.ii. perspire, J. 
S. br^jtliel, sb. !, 3 
1394 158.^ brothoi, wretch 1,2 
1808 brothel, r.n. 2 
1670 i 7 brofJiel-house 3 

brothel-keeper, O. 
1820 brotheller 2, S 
1666 brothelmonger 2 
1686 broUiellon 2 

1860 63.i br-ilhclrv 2 

1380 brolh*-v, iidj, fiut, fierce 1 
1280 brother, ab. 1, 2, 8 
1633br(,Tbcrs-in-i.rnis 2 

br,>lb(r, adi.C. 
1829 brolhcr beuu 3 
16BS makcavoungorlmrther 
of one a 
bcother-baim, conain, J. 
brother, T.a, admit to 
brotharhood, J. 
1847 brothaied, ad). 2 
1840 Kmld-brother 8 
1831 laT-brother 3 
1636 brother-gemun 2 
1340 brotberhede 1 
1360 brother-hood 1, 2, 3 
1740 brother-hero S 

8. br<.tl]c.r-in-k« 2 
17S3brotheriEe 8 
1840 brotherkin 3 
1740 brother-king 8 
1677 brother-law, H. 3 
1468 brolberlen I 

3. brotheriike 2, 3 
1530 OLBbrotbcrliiitsa 2 

8, brotber-loTC 2 

8. brotherly, 2, S 
1690 brotherly, adT. 2 
1801 brother-man 3 
1840 brother-soul S 
1847 bmtber-Ktcward S 

brolber-tmn, W 
1721 brolher-wriler 8 
1330 hrolliful, niiPry 1 
1280 brolhin ? 1 
1380 brothly, angry 1 
1614 brothrel (woman) 1 
1310 brotby, rough 1 

brotts, fragmenlj, H. 

brouage, ah. salt, J. 

broud, forehead, H. 

broiidatcr, embroiderer, J. 

brancttc, W. 
1638 brongb, halo 2 

1861 brougham 3 
broiigbwhara, diah, H. 

1360 brought, pret, I, i, 3 

1300 brown, v.u. 1, 3 

1862 browat, sb. a browing » 

boil brown, be rich (of 

1460 browater, brewer 1, 3 

1320 leiO brouke, v.a, keep, 

broth), J. 

browster-wife, J. 

enjoy 1 

1500 brown ale 1 

1447 browth, ? 1 

brnnkit {brooked), dirty, 

brown-bcss, C, 

brow-tranaom, C. 


1631 brown-besaaio 2 

broylly, broiled, H. 

1578 bronnewort 2 

1593 1676 brown-bill 2,3 

brnylery, luMult, 3. 

lS33broua,Bb. force 2 

brown-blaek, C. 

16Mbniage 2 

1816 broiiao, T.n. feed 2, 3 

1690 brown bread 2 

brub, y,a. cheek, J. 

brouae, bruabwood, H. 

brown-bodied, C. 

bnicca (bot.), W. 

1807 ride tbe brouse 3 

brown-bordered, C. 

brace, pottage, H. 

1727 brousiug, ab. 3 

brown-coal, W. 

1694 brache, brooch 2 

1632 brouBle, aboke 3 

brown-clock, oookehafer, 

bruchua, W. 

brouate, nourished, H. 



1620 bronstcd, ( "a Bciaieau 

brown-cloth, C. 

bruoine, W. 

brouated" 3 

brown-coloured. C. 

brucite, W. 

1460 1639 bront, sb. f mo- 

brown-day, H. 

bruckilneaa, brittloneas, J. 

ment, H. 1, 2 

bruckit, see brooked, 3. 

1300 brow, ab. 1,2,3 

brown-deep, H. 

hmckoled. dirty, H. 

1S40 eye-brow 3 

brown-edged, C. 

bruckle, brittle, J. 

1436 brow, f bough 1 

ITSObruckle, adj. unsettled 3 

brow, brittle, H. 

1740 brown ovening 3 
brown-eyod, C. 

bracUie, brittle, J, 

brow, y.B. W., J. 

1663 bructeiian 2 

brow, sb. opinion, J. 

brown-georgo, bread, H 

1689 bmdal, adj. " thebrudBlle 

brow, ab. naiug ground 

brown-gall, W. 
brown-haired, C. 

ISSSbrowage 2 

1535 brader, brother 2 

1623 btow-flutlcc 2 

1383 1609 brownie, adj. 2 

braderit, liateinize, J. 

. 16« brow-beat, v.B. 2,3 

1792 brownie, sb. 3 

braderraaiat, adi . affec- 

1800 btow-bealOT 3 

brownie-bny, J. 

tionate, J. 

brownie's-Btone, J. 

1376bmdery, Hndred I 

8. brow-bound 2 

browning, W. 

brudlo, v.u. lie awake, H, 

16B9 "true as akin between 

1634 browniah, adj. 2, 3 

brudy, proliflc, J. 

browa" 2 

1397 brownism 2. 3 

brue, Y.a. bruit 2 

1646 "acDUrtbrow" 3 

ISBGbrowniat 2,3 

1560 1599 bruc, y.a. ambnie 2 

of a Btrango brow 2 

brown jennet (ianet). 

1600 embrue, y.a. 

browcaldron, sb. brewing 


brue, »M bree, J. 

veaael, J. 

brown-leeoiers, nuta, H. 

brueria, bruab, t!ioniS,Phil 

163S browdeUjBnieiired, clotted. 

brown man of tbe muira. 

lG64bmeBBe. broth 3 

J. 2 

a dwarf 

bmff, britUe, H. 

browden, amions, H., J. 

brownie, J. 

bratf. joQf, H. 

browden (browdyne), ar- 
rayed, displayed, J. 

1840 brown mouse 3 

bruffle, y.n. toil, J, 

1350 1602 brag, bridge 1 

1635 browdyn, embroidered 2 

brown-oebre, C. 

brag satin, at Bnigea, J, 

1767 brown owl 3 

1786 bragh, burgh 3 


brown-pink, C. 

1830 bragh (burgh), eneamp- 

brawdinstersohip, ab. J, 

btown-ruBt, W. 

ment, J. 3 

1460 1520 browed 1 

brown-ehullcra, nuts, H. 

bragher, sb, (in cur- 

1867 black browed 3 

brown-skinned, C. 

ling), J. ^ 
brag(ile,y.n.Tooye quickly 

1829 low-browed 3 

brown-spar, W. 

1600 browcku, dresa 2 

brown-spotted, C. 


1460 brower, napkin 1 

brown-atone, C. 

braghlin-eake, J. 

1460 browes, cruata I 

brown-atout, W. 

bru&k (bruk) ab. a boil. 

browet, sb. PP. 


]535brawin, pp. brewed 2 

brown-flWOnl 1 


1650 browing, aoup, U. t 

brown-ware, C. 

1548 brum, broil 2 

1307 1601 browia, broth 1,2 

brownwort, W. 

bruilletufl, eopsc, Phil. 

139S browet do. 1 

1609 brawny 2 

1830 bruilyie (bruiyic) sb. 
figbt, J. 8 ' ' 

1694 brow-lid, eyo-Ud 2 
browleaa, W. 

brow-poet, W. 

B. browae, T.n. 3, 3 

btuilyie up, y.a. pnt in a 

brown, ab. (colour), C. 

S. browae on 2 


1208 brown, a^j. 1, 2, 3 

1603 browse, T.a. 3 

1799 bruin, bear 3 

1697 1633 brown, ab. brunotto 

1557 browse, sb. 2 

brain, y.n. emit ^arks, I, 


browsage, broimng, H. 

bruindin, ab. J. 

ISeObrown.abntteraT 3 

browse?, W. 

1380 braise, y.a. 1, 2, 3 

B. bniise the teata 2 •■ 

1863 brawn, y.a. 3 

browsick, W. 

1420 braise, Eh. 1,2 4 

1840 muff-brown 3 

browsinir, eb. W, 

1840 nm-bTowued 3 

1590 bruiser 2, 3 1 
[79] J 





bniuk, 1^. bifak, J. 
1460 bniiang, lb. 1,3 
ISSC brabinr-wiie 3 
1494 bnut, lb. Tsport, noiw 

2, 3 
1S30 bmit, T.«. 1, 3, S 
1S48 bruit abraad 3, 3 
1S48 less bmitar 3 
1130 brui terse 3 
1600 brnitful, OBl«>»«t«d 3 
leSTbniilirt 3 

braitiit, ^rnte, H. 
1S88 brak, g^-fty 1 
143S ISSt broke, T.a. mjo; 1,3 
ISTl bnike, t.«. mger f 3 
ISTl bmka, lb. eDJOTment 2 
1648 bnkellad 3 
1130 brakil, brittle 1, 3, 3 
1433 brakilneae I 
ItJS bnUing, ib. distnrbwiM 1 

bmlyie, t.s. broil, J. 

bralyie, T.n. be hot, J. 
1800 bndyie (bml"*) ■*>■ 

bnlyoment (bniUinitnt), 

bruDuire, C. 
1«S brumal, wintrj 3, 3 

brumnlia, W. 

bramble, v.n. make a 
zioim, J. 


brumi-, W, 
1S39 bmmentee, ebetrscta f 3 

bnntliti, tb-bwU moor, 

bruntUn, ulj. J. 

bnirc. briahirooij, 11. 

brua. lb. [uKe, J. 

brus (hniHh), T.e. bFai,J. 

bnuwh. •.!!. bonil fortM- 
lTff3 hraaan, nb. a irino 3 

bruscum, bunch, Phil, 

bnuciu. shrub. Fhtl. 
1441 brOBc. sb. breach I 

bru-'il, v.u. bmiio, n. 

bnisp (™li- Ibii 



brum mill' k, ki 
ISAO brumouf 3 

brump, lop trees, H. 

brnmrtouy, brimBtone, H, 

brnii, bran, brown, bonrn, 
bum, W. 
1360 brun, brown ju I 
ISOl brand 3 

brunda, v.a. iMrkle, J. 

brunds, branda, J. 
IMO brane, burning 1 
17M brnnette, sb. 3 

brungeon, brnt, H. 

brungle, sh. job, J, 
1380 U40 bnuiie, cuirass 1 

bnmion, W, 

brunonian, W, 

brunoaianisiii, C. 
178S brunetane, brimBtona 3 

brunstiine, adj. J. 

hrunatane-mstcb, J. 

brunswick, s. dance, H. 

hmiiBwiukec, C. 

bruiiBwick-grefln, W. 

brunBwvne, acal, H. 
14B4bmnl,eb. 1, 3, 3 
1690 brunt, T.a. 3 
1678 bmnt, burnt 3, S 

bnmt, keen, bitter, J., H. 


1, 3, 3 
1862 bnub, foitnl S 
16B7 bnuh, bead <Hrtme,imdeT- 
wood 3, 3 

brnih, gicu brush, bflti,). 
1690 bnub, atubbl^ II 2 

broah, noMgty, H. 

bruah, pUab hadra, &. 

bnuh, jump qaicUT, H. 
1638 brush, T.a. 3, 3 
1690 bnuh, T.n. 3 

bruah about, C. 

bnuh along, C. 

bnuh aside, C. 

bnuh agaiut, C 

bruah away, C. 
1827 bruah by 3 

bruah down, C. 
1861 bnuh-gold S 
1731 bruah off 3 

bnuh out, C. 
178 B bruah up 3 

bruahie, adi . apruoe, J . 

bruaher, W. 

braahet, W, 



brusblikf, W, 

bnisbmiiker, W. 

bruabmcnt, (mall wood, 
bnish, Phil. 

hnuh-tail, C. 

bnuh-wheel, W. 
1613 bnuhwood 3, 3 
1683 bruaby, W. 
1613 bmait. p.p. cmbroidGrcd, J. 
1601 168S hruak, bniaquc 2, 3 
1486 brusk, ? a colour in he- 
raldry, Phil. 1 
14Sa bruakle, ah. brirtle 1 

bnukly, C. 

bruaknen, ib. J. 
ie24bnuled 3 

1S46 bnislery 2 

1481 bnialy, hrusqnely 1 

1849 bniaqnely 3 

18S1 bnisqaerie 3 

1430 bniaahail, uudarwood 1 

bruaaoles, veal eteaka.Pbil. 

bnisB, proud, H. 

bniBB (of furae), H. 

bruaichet, buab, H. 

1S3S bnuBel&.carpet 3 

brumels-lace, C. 
1801 bntBwU-apmut 3 

bnuale, ab. buDtle, J. 
1380 broBt, briatle I 
1310 1629 bniat, bnuten, Imnt 
I, 2 

bnuting-Snturdny, H, 
ISBl bnutle, t.b. 1 

brnatle, crEckle, H. 
lOOObinrtleup 3 

bruftliiig, lb. C. 
1310 1606 bnuure, braiie 1, 3 

bru^ury, pnibroidery, J. 

bruay. begone ! U. 
UB8 brut, ? burnt 1 

brut, bratte (browse), W. 

bnita. clothee, H. 

bnrta (moLJ 
1671 brutal, a^. 3, 3 
1660 brntaL ib. 3 

1660 brutal)t7 2, S 

brutaliiatioii; C. 
1S16 brutaliie, T.a. 3 
1869 brutaliie, T.n. 8 

hrutaliier, C. 

bratally, W. 

bntalnen, C. 
1563 brute, ri>. 3, 3 
1404 brate, adj. 1, 2, 3 

brute, bniit, 3. 
1100 bnite, T.a. 2 
1S62 brat»-likfl 3 
11S8 lS!J2brulen(!ss 3 
1310 bnitai (brittcn}, T.a. de- 

ibOT 1 

brutely, W. 
1360 bruthen, fierce 1 
18P0 bratification 3 
1604 bmtiiy 2, 3 
1464 biutiati 1, 2, 3 
1604 bmtiably 2, 3 
1660 brutiafanev 2, 3 

brutiam, W. 

brutiat, W. 
1668 brutui^ T.n. Z 
ISSO bnitte ? pulled awav 1 

bmtting, W. 

bmttle, roriona, H. 

brattle, ib. bniwM, Hiil. 
1710 brntnm foltnen ,3 

htuzz, to blunt, I 
hnuzinB;, noise of bear,I. 
hruBzled, OTer-roaated, H. 
bruzzie, deface 
brwhs, sb. brus, J 
bry, a tart, H. 
brja, alirub, Phil. 
brycbo, low, H. 
brjde, bowod, H. 
1661 brye, gaiBy ? a 

lH7gannt;fB, robbcni, II. 

9 brygoui 

(111 ., , 
bryke, etraight, Vhil. 
bryla Cmimog), C. 
brjUync, "bme" 
brjlies, bearbernea, J. 
brylocka J. 
S3S brym, adj. fierce 2 
brymene (dish), H. 
brymlent, a (art, H. 
bryne, bnstlcB, H. 
brjHtstiine, brimstone, J. 
brjonine, W. 
1599 bryoTif 2, 3. 
bryozoa, W, 
bryozoan, W, 
bcyra, daft, J. 
brysto, wont, H. 
bryswQTt, daisy, H. 
1686 brytta, "boreorhrytle" 2 
1S90 bryze, gadfly 2 



1592 btlmikea ! 2 

1300 bo, buffiLla 1 

bn, v.n. to low, J. 

bo, T.n. to bond, H, 

boat, lantern, J, 

bnflta, crypt, C. 
lfil3 1S33hub, a atom 1, 2 
1B31 bub, pustule 2 
1S63 bub, T.n, bubHe 2 

bub {raalt liquor), W, 

bub, T.B. W. 

1480 huball, builork 1 

bubber, lubber ? N. 
IS99 bubble, sb. 2, 3 
167fi bubble, sb. g^U, foolish 

jiroject 8 
1598 babble, t.b. cover wilt 

bubbles 2 
iei4 bubble up 2 
1375 bubble, T.a. cheat 3 

S. bubble, T.n. 2, 3 
1721 bubble, adj. 3 

bubble, snot, J. 

babble company, C. 

bubble-blower, C. 

bubble, T.n. blubber, J. 

bubble and greet, blubber, 

1T97 bubble and aqucak 3 
IfiSl bubble-glass 2 

bubb!e-fio]«. H. 

bubbler, W. 

bubbler, flah, W. 

bvbble-Eholl 3 

bubbley-joek, turkey 3 

bubbling, sb. 3 


babbly, Bnotiy, J. 

bubby, breoat 3 

bubo, iwelHuff 2, 3 

bubo (oTOith,), W. 

bub-stichal, H. 
S. biibuUe, pimple 2 

buboa, W. 

bubonina, W, 

bubonocele, W. 

bubulcitate, y.q. C. 
16D9 bucalus, gazelle 2 

buoardia, a atoue, Pbil. 

buoca, almonry, C. 
1866 buccal, adj. 3 

buocan, sb. W. 

buocan, T.a. W. 
1813 bucdmeer, eb. 3 

buccaneer v.n. 
1849 buccaneering, sb. 3 
1793 buccaneering, adj. 3 

buccellana, morsel, Phil. 

buocellation, W. 

buocina, W, 

bucdnol, W, 

buccinnlity, W. 

bncoinftter, W. 
1760 buccinatory 3 

bnccinite, ^V. 

bnccioum, W. 

bucco, W. 

bucoonina, W. 
1S33 buccra, eb. 3 

buconla, W. 

buccnlent, C. 
1812 bucentaur 3 

bucentom, galley, Phil. 

bncephalos, C. 

hucerotida, W. 

buceroB, V" 





1840 bucban buller 3 
buchalzito (min.) C. 
bncht, 8b. fold, J., H. 
bucht, sb. 

ISlGbuck, sb. 1, 2, 3 
1303 buck, nmao 1, 3 
1727 buck, beeehmast, J. 3 
161B buck, y.a. 2 
1616 buck, v.n. (of rabbits, 

1388 buck, y.a. steep, waab 1, 

2, 3 
1648 buck, (for clothes), ab. 2 
1576 a buck of slotbes 2 
1618 drive a buck 2 

buck, carcass, J. 

buck, bod] ' 

buck, the 
1851 buck (of a weir) 3 

bock, v.n. Bwell out, fl. 

buck, T.n. butt, J, 

bnok out, gurgle, J. 

buck and crane, be solici- 

bucka, W. 
buckalee (a call), J. 
buckasie, buckram, J. 
buckaw, a game, J. 
S. buck-basket 2 
buck-bean, J,, W, 
buck-buck, a game, H, 

bucked, turned 
l&SSbuckeen, a wild fellow S 

buckeldiana, Fhil. < 

1662 buoker, mining term 9 

bucker, bent piece vt 
wood, H. f 

bucker, a whale, H. 

buckerdo, bocardo, H. 

buckerels, game, H. 
1382 bucket, sb. 1, 3, 3 I 
1810 kick the bucket 3 
1608 bucket, v.n. 2 
1619 bucket, v.B. 2 

bucket, pulley, H. 

buckets, squure piece o 
earth, H. 
1861 bucketful 3 

buketie, paste, J. 
1630 bueket-ropo 2 

bucket-TalTO, W. 

buckety, W. 

buck-eye, W". 

buck-eye belle, C 

buck-oyod, W. 

buck head, to lopi H. 
1571 buck hide 2 
1830 buckholmside cheese 3 
1616 buckhorn 2, 3 
1602 buckhom, dned haddoek, 

1578 buckhom plantain 2 
1790 buckbound 3 

backie, sb. alap, J. 

bnckie, bind quaclera of 

bnckie, & spiral shell, J. 
buckie-in^ram, crab, J. 
buckie-prms, periwinkle, 






1725 bucking, sb. wasbing 
1869 bucking, jibbing 3 

bucking, W. 
1362 buckmgiianiahire 1 

bucking-iron, W. 

buckii^-plate, W. 

baeking^tool, W, 

buefcise, ab, atroke, J. 

buckiae, T.a. beat, J. 
IGli buckiab, adj. 1, 2 

buckiably, C. 

bncldibneas, 0. 

buokiam, "W, 
1648 buckMni, sb. 2 
1830 buckksT fsmn»|ling) 

bueklandite, W. 
1500 buckle, ab. 1, 2, 8 
1735 buckle, curl 3 
1862 shoe-bucklo 3 

turn your buckle be- 
hind, be potipnt, N, 
1661 bnckie, v.n. bend, yield 2 
15B0 buckle, v.n. grappU " 
S. buckle is Z 
a. buckle on 2, 3 
1802 buckle out 3 



imintUata S, I 

UTO 18S1 tmoUg wltb 1,3 
IMl bneUa, v.a. 1. 2, S 

btusUs, T.n. qMrnI, H. 

boekle, T.D, marry, H. 
IT90 boekle, T.a. mun, 3 

bu,tu.-ti,o-i,..j,v.-M ■:•,{* 

rUnilBiUiie narriiifvj.J. 
buckla to, t.«. nuray, J. 

buckle- hunu, B. 
lUl Buckleiam 3 

bncldu-maker, C, 

buclde-mouthed, H. 
ISOO buckler, sb. 1,2,3 

pvn buckltre, jidd, N. 

buckler, B beam, H. 

buckler, one wlio bacUe*, 
1000 bnckler, t.>. protort 3 

1677 buckler-hund 3 
buckle t-beadpd, C. 

ItlD bucklcr-makcr 1 

buckler-piece (of b««f), N. 

bacUenbui;, K. 

buckler-thom, W. 
ISIO biickl»4iiiith 1 

baokle-tonene, C 
1670 lT3SbucUIiiK,ooDUatZ,S 

1861 backliuf, sb. futeniug 3 
bnck-mot, PhiL, W. 

lOBO bocknamB 3 

buck-qoaker, C, 
tSSObnckn S 
lAIO bnektam, ab. 1, 3, » 
11178 baoknm, sb. a plant, 3 
1840 buoknm, adj. 3 
1800 bncknun, t.s, protect 3 

bueknun-bag, K. 

buckshee. C. 

buDk'B-horu, W, 

buck's-haiti-plantiiiu, J. 
1S2S buckskin 3 
1490 backskiiu, breeclies 1, 3 
1593 bucksliin, ndj. 2, 3 
ISOO e4S bucksoma 2 
1620 bucksanieuoss 3 

bucksfick, game, H. 
18(1 buck-ataf-e 3 
1H8 161G bnckstiill 2 

bock-Btool C. 

bnckstuidie, obatinate, J. 

1678 backthom 2, 3 

1862 bnoktootli 3 
buekutnwood, C. 
buckwanbcr, H. 

18S0 buckvaahiug 2 
1S91 buckiray (grain) 2 

buck-weed, Pbil. 

buckwccl, net fur flah 
1609 buck-wheat 2, 3 
1760 bucolic, adj. 3 

bncolic, w. 
1830 bocolical 3 

buoniDe, oi-head, C. 

bocola, hsiftr, FUL 
1376 bud, >b. 1,2, I 
B. DMs-bud 3, 8 
ISSebud (of moUiuea) 3 
1717 bud, calf 8 
I6T6 bod, term of mibniiiiiiiil, 

1636 1671 bud, briba 3 

bud, T.a. bribe, J, 
1600 bud, t.n. 1, 3, 1 

bad. V n. lie .= S. 
1860 bad. «.a. 2, 3 
181S alreadT-biulditiff 3 
B. bndfortb 3 

bnd-hliil, bttlGucli, H. 
IBIB l.uiI-hliuhU'd 3 
1693 t>u<I-.'uti.T 3 

bud-taker, bribe-taker, J, 
1860 I.T,d, ..imp. !«,!».*« I 
169Sl,u,M.< ii^lj. in bud 3 
1829 boddel home, pot-ho«M 

ISIO budgrllinr 2 
169»bud^lv 2 

8. budgtr 2 
1790 budircrow 3 
1S63 Imd^t. sb. wallet 2, 3 
lT74bu%t,sb. (ofnewa) 3 

8. budi^'t: 2 
1S81 budget (psrliamentar;) 3 
1630 budget, i.a. 2 
1660 pete; budget 3 

budget-bearET, W. 
1S78 budget-maker 3 
1603 bad^tter 2 

budgr, W. 
1600l.udkin! 3 

1630badlima 3 
1676 bndUiig 2 

bndna, bdiored not, J. 

buddh., W. 
buddbiiro, W. 
I860 bnddhiit 3 

Im.l.llii,.!. a,lj, W. 

1840 buddiug, ah. 3 
1846 buddiiig-liiifo 8 
1840 out-buddin?. ib. 3 

buddiugncw, C. 
1636 buddh', a <^r(.wd a 
1663 buddle, mining term 2 

buddle, T.a. C. 

1869 buddle-W 3 

bnddlcii, tipsv, H. 
buddling rnifiiing), 0. 
buddv-bud, flower of burr, 


bade, gift, offer 3 
1671 bude ? '- Hesuenu not np 
liiaclnddiebude''^ 3 
bnde-ba, sb. act Ihut mut 
lie dune, J. 
1300 baric), missen^r 1 
184S budc-ti)rht 3 
1620 budge, lamb's wool I, 2, 

fim budge" 3 
1513 budge, bi™ I 
1800 budge, ndj. pompous 3 
1660 budge, v.n. 2, 3 
1680 budge, v.n. Bcattle 2 
budge, Bb. billjwe^on) 
budge, brisk, H. 
budgo, abridge, H. 
budgo, thief, H, 
hudge-haehelor, W, 
biidgc-barrel, W. 
1S63 budge-doctor 3 
1S99 budgD-foce 2 

but, fnir. n. 
hut'iiig, joint, n. 
buer, g:iuit, fi. 
huesa. stall, Q. 
1310 bueten. beaten 1 
buf, beef, H., J. 
buf (bat), phrase of e«a- 
tempt, J. 

B. bolf, Icather-culour 
1776 iu buff, naked 3 ' 
1740 stand buff 3 
1614 1668 bus; bofislo 2 
ISSO 16O0 buff, beaver of helmet 

1786huff, T.a. boffet 8 

1608 huff, T.n. 2 
1649 boff nor baff 2 

buff^ T.n, resomxd, J. 

buff, sb. dnll Bound, H. 
rebound, H. 


■, H. 

r, tuft H. 

buff, T.a. [b)^ com, half 

thraah), J. 
buff out, T.n. laugh tload, 

boff, sb. fooliah talk, J, 
boffnoTBtre, J. 
bnff (mod.), V. 
bnff, (meoh.), W. 
1614 buffall, buffalo 3, 3 

o{»kin), W. 

1866 budblo-ba 
1861 b " " 

buffalo-robe, W. 
1460 buffard, dotard 1 
1880 bulF-belt 3 
1641 buff-coat 2, a 

buff-ooloured, O. 

bnffel, W. 

buffel-duck, 0. 

buffel-headed-dnek, 0. 

buffen, adj. nude of tnf, 

1860 buffer 3 

lake hug, take offence. 

buik rbuke), pret, baked, 

buffer-head, W. 



1862bufrer-^pringa 3 
13*0 buffet, fib. 1, 2, 3 

bug, bailt, J. 

buik (bok, bnke, beuk] 

1858 bugaboo 3 

book, J. 

loOO bear a buffet 1 

bugan. devil, H. 

buikar, Dietk, J. 

1600 plnok-buffet, sb. 1 
1362 buffet, T.a. 1, 2, 3 

bugaotine, a ship, N. 

buik-lare, book-lore, J. 

bugHsine, buckram, J., H. 

buik-leared, learned, J. 

S. buffet, y.n. 2 

1687 bugbear, T.a. 3 

bull, sheep-fold, J. 
huil {build), T.a. drive 
sheep to /old, J. 

16B2 bugbeaF 2, 3 

1620 buffotjuit, boxer 2 

1740 bugbear, adi. 3 

S. buffotin?, sb. 2, 3 

1838 bug-bite 3 

1298 build, T.a. 1,2,3 

buifeter, \V. 

bug-bitWn, C. 

B. huilded,pp. 2,3 

buffets, iwelling in throat, 

1383 1613 bugc, lamb's fur I 

1440 build, T.n. 1,2,3 


IBSObugelut. bugle 3 

1840 built, adj. 3 

buffet-stool, J., H. 

1S66 buggard, bugbear 2 
1362 bugge, T.a. Eny 1 

1B40 air-built 3 

buir-faced, N. 

1840 nltar-huUding 3 
1840 constitution-building 3 

buff-fiah. C. 

buggen, built, J. 

1668 buff-hard, adj. 2 

bureer, cheat, H. 
1689 16S1 bi^gerer 2 

1725 heaven-built 3 

182B buff-bide 3 

1840 new-built 3 

buffian, buffoon, N. 

16-16 boggerly 2,3 

1716 old-built 3 

buHie, Teat hole, H. 

1330 1692 buggery 1, 2 

1840 ready-buUt 3 
1594 ricb-Wt 2,3 

bntfie (baffle), fat, J, 

buffil, adj. of leather, J. 
161)0 163-2 huffin, ab. a stuff 2 

lS83bageiah 2 

1840 roek-bmlt 3 

bugglo, a bog, J. 

1840 square-built 3 

1626 boggleboo 2 

1840 strong-built 3 

bufEng-knife, H. 

bugL {of bread), J. 

1691 weak-built 2 

bnlfiiig-spring, C. 
I620buff-ierHn 2,3 

1627 build on eand 2 
B. build up 2, 3 

1611 I664bulliE,OK 2 

bugbaomo, buiom, C, 

1624 build upon 2 
1840 build, 91). 3 

bulHu, handle dumsUv.H, 

bughl, pen in which ewea 

bulBe. W. 

Sre milked, J. 

UlObuOdor 1,2,3 

buffle-head, sb. fool, N. 

1792 bughting-tiwe 3 

1840 city builder 3 

166ibuffle-hcaded 2,3 

1692 bugiard 3 

1677 buffle-bide 2 

bu^ bugia bora, J. 

It. muster-builder 2 

bufflec, buffalo, N. 

1791 bng-killer 3 

1843 rebuilder 3 

buffiiti, WTing, unsettled, 

1860 buffo, adi. 3 

opera buffa, C. 
buffon (omilh.). W. 

bugiard, bogle, P.P. 
1694 bug-law. sb. 3 
1350 bugle, instrument 1,2,3 

building, ab.foldingsheep, 
1440 building,' sb. 1,2,3 

13001670 bugle. wUdoi 1, 2 
1578 buglo, a plant 2 

1868 building-ground 3 
1858 building-lease 3 

buffone, pantomimic dan- 

1679 bugle, glass bead 2 

buillen, boil, n. 

ces, J. 

a. bugle, adj. 2 

16H built, sb, build 2 

160Q buffoon 2,3. 

1639 bugle-bow 2 


buffoon, T.n. 

bugle-hrowed, N. 

dants, J. 

1672 buffoon, T.a. 2,3 

1390 1600 bugle-hora 1 

builyie, ab. perplexity, J. 

buffoon. W. 

bugle-lace, J. 

buir ?, J. 

1745 buffoonery 3 

1869 bugle-man 3 

1671 buird, board, table 2 

1660 buffooning 2 

1863 bugler 3 

lB30bmrdJy 3 

bugle-rod, crosier, H. 

buire, pret. bore, J. 

1838 buglet 3 

btlise, tree, galJows, J. 

bugle-weed, W. 

1830 buist, ab. brand 3 

buffoanliko, W. 

1678 buglosa, a plant 2, 3 

i396buiBt,boi 1,3 

buffoonlv, W. 

16B1 bugawords 2,3 

buisl, stays, J. 

bug-trap, C. 

buist, gross object, J. 

buffstieks, W. 

bugula, a plant, Phil, 
bugwort, W. 

buist up, T.a. enclose, J. 

baffy, W. 
huffy-ooat, W, 

buist, T.imp. behoved, J. 

lS40buM'T^ ' 

buist, v,a. mark sheep, J. 

1130 bufo, toad 1 

buisting iron, J. 

bufonite, W. 

bub!, adj. C. 

bufoniuA lapis, toad stone. 

buhl-cutter, C. 

buisly, a bod, J. 


1864 buhl-work 3 

builh, a shop, J. 

baft, knea joint, H. 

bubl-worker. C. 

buithhBYBr, shop-keeper. 

mo bug, bug bear 2.3 

buhl-working, C. 

J. 'ft™' 

1622 bug. inaect 2,3 

buiting, booty, J. 

1862 bug, bird 3 

buick, > ™™a, J. 

buits, matches for fire- 

1776 bug, v.a. terriiy 3 
bug, adj prou^, H. 

huick, pret. eurlflied, J, 

locks, J. 

buige, v.n. bow, J. 

buittle (boetlo), v.n. walk. 

hug, to bend. H. 

buick, the body, ]. 

" 1 

■mu. - 

bnkUT (bukkctj), 
huclmiTii, J. 
lUO bnke, book 1, 3 

bukeiutdc, digh, H, 

buk-hul, B game, J. 

bukk, T.IU uiciU. J. 
1400 bukko, > balk 1 

buk-shou, W. 

bnl, W. 

inli, W. 

172S bolb, lb. tabor 1 

bulb, T.n. W. 

bulb out, 0. 

btlbaoeoiu, W. 

bulbed, W. 

bulbiferonii W. 
ISTSbnlbuw 2 

bulbine, bolbiiM, W. 

bulbtng, a^. C. 

bulbo castumm, Phil. 

bulbo-tuber, W. 
16I6b<ilboiu,balb(Me,W. 3,3 
ISiObnl'bul 3 

bulbole, W. 

bolbi, tonsik, H. 

1600 bulu1i,ab. bunch 3 
1622 leSSbulch, bull calf 2 

bulch, bUgi] a ship, U. 
1330 bulclun, bull culf 1, 2, ) 

bulcbt, butleii, H. 

bulderrtone, H, 

"buldrie, sb- buildlngi J- 
U81 bulo, Eh, boil 1 

butc, bundle of pan, n., J. 

1627 bulHuch 3, 3 

Udga, poitmaalcau, Fhil, 
1S83 bulge, T.a. 2, 3 
1611 butgc, T.n. 2, 3 

bulge out, C. 
1M9 bulge, Bb. 3 

bulgct, eb. pouch, J. 
164S bulging, sb. 2 

1S94 bulk, body 3 
l»6bulk 2,3 
1634 bulk, bulkhead 2, 3 
1667 bulk, T.n. 3 

break bulk, C. 

bulk, Btall of ehop, H. 

bulk, to beat, H. 

bulkc^ bekb, H. 

bulker, night iralker, B. 

bulker, beam, H. 
1S40 bulkhead 3 
1726 bnlkinees 8 
1663 bulk out 2 
1779 bulky 3 
1298 bull, fib. 1, 2, 3 
1298 buU (Pope's) 1,2 3 
1690 imbulW 2 
1S90 pope-bulled 2 
'630 bull (Irish) 2, 3 

I iUlbidl,habbk I 
1680 bull, lapmMn I 
1720 boU (on Stock Bx^up) 

John BbU ■ 
1S14 bull, adj. 3 
ItSe boll, T.Q. t tippU a 

bttll,v.n. (ofoowV J. 

bull, v.n. ipeeslato to 

1330 1662 buil,T.a.iaHamb* 
boU 1, 3 

bull,!- ...uaruphcilfltH. 
1600 boll,*. a.. ..mute 2 

bull,* tool, H. 

bull, ohicf honMMMlata, 


V.J-." J. 

bull in, f.a. iWBllow 
haittlr, J. 
1634 hamwbuU 3 
1611 bnU of bran 3 

bulla, W. 
1840 ebuUition 3 
1860bu!la('u 1.2,3 

butluce-orciuinl, C. 

buliaee-]jLO, C. 

■, W. 

1679 bullarj, 

Pope'Bbulli 3 
bullory, placa fbf boiling 

1S91 bullate, t metal 3 

bullate, T.n. bubUc^ H. 
ISOO bull-bock 1 

bnll-bait, C. 

bull-baiter. C. 
1683 1660 boll-baiting 3 
1592bQU-bear 2 
S. buU-beaiing, ^, 3 

boll-bee, C. 
S. bull-beef 3,3 
1699 boll-begiraT 3,3 
1692 buU-be^nr 2 
1829 boll-o'-the-bof, bittas 

bull-bitch, C. 
1682 bull'a-blood 3 
S. bull-calf 3 

U70bdbt,TA 2 

baHst-haadad, C. 
1660biiUalin 3, 8 

bnUel-mould, O. 

buQet-pRio^ W, 

buUa-eUae, J. 

bdllL't-wood, W. 

bull-fiwts, tufta, H. 

buU-fwed, W. 

buU-iMM, W. 
bull.fui.^1, iiuil-ball, H. 
1788 bull-lit'ht 3 
buU- lighter, C. 

uuji-iiuca, Qupe 

buU-fiflh, W. 

bull-list, W. 

bull-til, a martin, J. 

buU-fly, bull-bee, W. 
1678 bull-foot, a plunt 2 

bull-frcnch, bulfinch, J. 
iB16buU-frog 3 
1«6S bnll-heiul 2, 3 
1830 bnU-hokled S 

bull-head, curia, H. 
17SS bull'a-hido 3 

buIlicB. pebblce, H. 

bultihculcj a ganM^ J. 

buUihcuiilie, .- '■' 

bulk', an <h1 meai 
1835 liull.'J (ii„s,->r(iy) 

bulled, swolk-n, h. 
1727 bullen, hemp 3 

bnllesger, boat, Phil. 

bullen-noll, W. 
1790 buller, ab. roar 3 
1830 buller, T.n. roar, J, 3 

buller, deceiTer, H, 

buUeiaad, E. 
1678 bullet 2, 3 

bullet, Ullet, N. 

buUet, W.; T.a. hamper 

1680 hulliniong, fiuTago 1, 3, 

bull-in-the-pM'k, a gmw, 

bulling (of a cow), H. 

bulling {speculntioo), C, 
1602 bullion 1, 2, 3 
1620 bullion, boM, oiumunl 

bulliini, the pndcoda, J. 
1670 buUio... aJj. 3 

huiliipn-broTior, C. 

bullIon-de.i)er, C. 

bulliim-denling, C\ 

buliiun epaulc'tg, C. 
13 bullion-heretio 3 
1800 bullion-Lo»e 2 

buUionist, W. 

bullion -Diarket, C. 

bullion-offico, C. 


bollingKle, « qnainL J. 
1660 ISSl baDiih 3 
1800 bulliahlT 3 

1663 b> 

bullition, W, 
bnll-jub, a fiah, H. 
bnll-jmnpingi, porndg*, 

1869 bun-like a 

bull-knob, a fiah, H. 

bull-uL-ck (tumblo >j, H. 
1829 bull-npoked 3 

S. bulloiA 3, 3 
1690 bullock (pcme*! boll) 3 
1760 bullock, v.a, bully I 

bullook, adj. C, 
1860 bulloek-cnrt 3 
1SG2 bullock-dnver 3 

fhullock-bad, C. 
bullock's-eye, W. 
builook-tninV, C. 
bullock-woggoQ, C. 
bullosv, ab. N. 
bull-pup, C. 
1802 bull-riuj; 3 

bolls, hedge, thorn, E. 
bnlls, bam of burrow, J. 
bnU's-bags. orchu, J. 
1B30 bnU-seg 3 

bull-aegg. El plant, J. 
IBflObuU's-eye 3 

bull's-feather (of a ouck- 

oU), H. 
bull's forehead, groat, n. 
buH's-bead, a sign of ton- 

UOObull-Bkin 1 

biill'B neck, grud^, H, 

bull's noDii, niidnight, H. 

bull-Bpeaking, eb. W. 

buU's-pink, thaffinoh, H. 
1647 1664 buU'a piazie 2 

bull-stug, W, 

biill-stang, dragon fly, H, 

bull-etone, H. 

bull theatre, C. 
1830 bull-trout, W. 3 

bullum, bullnce, C. 
16H bull-wnrrt 2 

buD-wefd, W. 

bull-we«k, H. 

bull-wbale, C. 

bull-works, boieteroua- 

bull-wort, W. 
S. bully, sb. 2, 3 
1710 bully, y.B. 3 
1B40 bully, T.n. 3 

bully, paibui, H. 

bully, pobble, C. 

bully, Ifl boil, H. 

1862 soup and bully tin 3 
1721 bully-Wk 3 

buUy-bottom, eonrteMn, 
1829 buUy-boy 3 
1721 bully-cocked fhat) adj. 3 
lfl20buU,yfcnt 1 
1829bnUyhuff 3 
1864 bullyiDg, ab. 3 
S. bolly-moustor 2 
bullying, swelling, H. 
bullyoos, > pistol, N. 
S. bolly-Took 2, 3 
1848 bolly-mfflsn 3 

bully'fl-noea (angler), C. 
bully-troe, 0, 
1S35 bulrand, weltering 2 

B. bulrush 2, 3 
1677 bulrush bed 3 

bulruBh bridgo, Pbli. 
bulrusby, W, 

1863 buJsfl (of diamonds) 3 

I, 2 

>. bolt o< 

bult, sifting cloth, H. 
bulting-urk, S. 
bulte-poke (bulatmre], II. 
bultel, W. 
bultle, bnm, H. 
bultow, W. 
1560 bultre, houltar 2 
bully, adj. large, J. 

BiZL-,'H.' ' 

bulivand, a plant, J. 
1430 bulwark, sb. 1,2, 3 
IS45 bulwark, v.a. 2, 3 

bulworks, arraonr, H. 

bom, Bb. 2 

1620 bum, T. 
1581 bum, y, 
1599 bum, y, 
1362 bum, y. 

.boat 2 
. 2 

1, spin a lop, I 
. 1. dun, H. 
1, bumbailiif, n , 
bum, sb. drink, H. 
bum, sb. slut, J, 
bum, sb, humming noi 

bumb, game of bandy, I 
1633 biuubaililf 2, 3 
15G8 bumbard, masLCHl imtn 
mfcut 2 
S. bumbard, yessel for nine, 
bumbard, lazy, J. 
bumbard, tit, H. 
bombart, drone, J. 
1700 bumbast, cotton 3 
1399 bumbast, adj. Rtuffed 2 
1681 bnmbaat, y,a. stuff " 
1616 1G87 bninbast, y.a 

bumble-fool, H. 

bumble-puppy, H. 

bumbter, bumble-bee, H. 

bumbles, ntsbca, H. 

bumbles, blinkors, H. 
1862 bumblc-skites, black-ber- 
ries 3 

bumble-staff, thick stick, 
1833 bumboat 3 
1840 bumboat woman 3 

bumbulation, U. 

bumby, Elth, H. 
1593 1631 bum-card 2 
1786 bumolock, cockcbaier 3 

bnmdagger, sb. N, 

bnnielia, W. 
1689 bmnfeg, v.a. beat 2 
1589 bumfegging, ab. beating 2 
1620 1632 bumaddle, y.a. 2 

bnmfidJledumdiek, H. 

bumfodder, J. 

bumkin, rump, K. 

bumkin, a beam, C. 

bumlack,atumblmg atone. 

bumling, sb. humming, J. 
bumniiiek, ab. a dinner, 

bummed, drunk, H. 
bunimeler (bumlor), blnn* 

bummer, sb. buzzei 3 
bummer, sb. toy, J, 
bunmiie, sb. stupid teUolTf 


1829 bumbazed 3 
1610 bumbeating, sb. 2 
ia62bumbee, humble bee, J. 

bumbolo, W. 
1390 bumble, v.n. 1 
1696 1830 bumble, adj. 2 

bumble, mtifflc hell, H. 

bumblu, enull tolUUlBtone, 

bumble, heap, E. 

bumble, y.n. start off, H. 
16G1 bumble-arsed 2 

bumble-bee 1 

bumble-broth, H. 

bumble-eater, C. 

ISOObummlo (bummil, J.), 
blunderer 3 
bumnile (bombell), irild 

bummle (bummil, J.), v.n. 

blunder, H. 
bunimle, y.n. ride, E 
bummlo, sb. splash, J, 
bump, sb, 3, 3 

1681 h 


bum, boom, nol 
of bittern, C. 
1765 bump, T.a. 3 
1721 bumper 3 
1S30 bumper-draiB 3 

bumper-toast, C. 

bumping, large, E. 

bumping, sb. C. 
1600 bumpkin 1, 2, 3 
1801 bumpkinlsh 3 

bumpkinlike, C. 
1697 bniBpkinly 3 

bnmple feist, sb. sulkiiie* 

bumpologist, 0. 

bumpotogy, G. 
1611 1630 bumpeis, tipsy 
1727 bumpstiok 3 



1404 bun, ab. cake I, 2, « 

banhouM;. C 

bunihop, C. 
ISOlbud, bunkTTds, alalk of 

flai, P.P 2, > 
1480 lliSS bun, bound I, 2 

bun, tail of hare, J., U. 

bun (bunnj), rabbit 

bun, >b, oaak in cart, J. 

bun, tena of endearmeat, 

banco I xibool phraH, J. 
IMS bonoh, ib. 2, 3 

liunrli, V..,, tlmmji, N. 
buncliHtKFiil.holi bkaboot, 
IMS bunch forth 3 
I63S bunch out 2 
1601 btuioh round 2 

mother bunch, C. 
boDob, pack of carda, H. 
bunch, wortblea* wonuui, 

1018 1652 bunch-back 2 
ldl9 ISIS bunch-backed 1,3 

bunch- btrrits 

buntb-cloJ, clown, N. 
Ifil9 bunched 1^ 

bunchiaesa, W. 
1H3 bunchj 2, 3 

buncombe S 

l.un-crow, bird, H. 

bnncni^ crowd, H. 

huncui, donkey, H. 
ISei bund, dyke 3 
16SS bund, bond-eUTc 3 

bund, T.a. raise a bund, C. 

bondation, plenty, H. 
HBO bundle, sb. 1, 2, 8 

bundle, low womui, H. 

bundle, t.a, W. 
ITST bundle, v.n. go 3 
ISSS bundle off f 

bundle-pillar, W. 

bundler. C. 

bundler-pillar, C, 
1633 bundk ap 2, 3 

bundling, «b. W 

"bunds, Gcubious, H. 

bund-sack, engaged pw- 

bnne, promptlj, H. 
boner, adi. upper, I. 
bunewand, sb. painup, J. 
bun-feaat, tea diinkijig, 

itUne, J. 

bung, pickpockit. If. 
1726 bung, cluater.bniidln S 
1010 bung, T.«. (mp) 3 

bung, adj. tip*f, J. 

bang, lb. hum at top, J. 

bung, r.a. throw, J. 

bung, lb. a buff, J, 

bung, won 
1801 bunnlow;.iv-pl,iy. H, 

biiitK-diili. fUtMil, H. 

bunR-dniwrr, C, 

bmilTw-, wjuat. H. 
U7fl li)l8buQe<rly 3 

hunRtminio, tlnnuy, H. 

bun^rfu'i lull to bung, J. 
8. bun^>-liul(i 2, 3 

hiiTJirif. fuddlui, J. 
leil hungje-bird 2 
1678 bungle, ib. 3. 
1611 bungle, T.n. 2,3 
1580 1618 bungle, T.a. 3 

S. bungle up 2 
ltS9 bungler 2, 3 
1662 bungling 2, 3 

bunglinglr, W. S 

bungD, W. 

bung-lap, boouiing-top,